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  • Yahwehs Blue boy
    Yahwehs Blue boy 6 hours ago

    so stack these in a circle formation where they stack in a spiral pattern upwards.

  • stormout XD
    stormout XD 6 hours ago

    It's looks like there stuck on a math question lmaoo

  • austin jardine
    austin jardine 6 hours ago

    Canananananananananda <3

  • austin jardine
    austin jardine 6 hours ago

    And detergent is laundry sauce

  • austin jardine
    austin jardine 6 hours ago


  • Lexi M.
    Lexi M. 6 hours ago

    The way link counts down with his fingers is unique 😂

  • Alex Shih Mendez
    Alex Shih Mendez 6 hours ago

    4:10 Cardi b

  • Dakota Kelley
    Dakota Kelley 6 hours ago

    Hey guys would you please watch my cousin Carley hozian she’s just getting started please and thanks

  • Awesomely Hooked
    Awesomely Hooked 6 hours ago

    🤣🤣 bacon and Extenze

  • Liam Stoulil
    Liam Stoulil 6 hours ago

    That’s was, in fact, an incredible chest pass

  • Josh Solares
    Josh Solares 6 hours ago

    Happy birthday to xxxtentacion one of the greatest of the decade

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom 6 hours ago

    Honestly, Rhett is aging like fine wine. But also, don’t understand the concept of this video

  • Kimberley W
    Kimberley W 6 hours ago


  • Erik Esposito
    Erik Esposito 6 hours ago

    Cave man 1:00

  • Claugustus
    Claugustus 7 hours ago

    Blasphemy, everyone knows Eugene Zuckerberg invented the frisbee. He would throw it to Edna, and she would throw it back to him, and he would throw it to Edna, and she would throw it back to him, and he would throw it to Edna, and she would throw it back to him, and he would throw it to Edna...

  • tatiana cee
    tatiana cee 7 hours ago

    Mythical chef Josh you know you gotta make a bacon and viagra ranch now

  • Broken_turtle _girl
    Broken_turtle _girl 7 hours ago

    Link doing the "Rock on" sign each time he counts down... I love it!

  • ITsJustPain
    ITsJustPain 7 hours ago

    Not worth it. I lost everything already.

  • Broken_turtle _girl
    Broken_turtle _girl 7 hours ago

    "Ranch, Bacon and Arousal" -Link 2020

  • Triple L Nails LadyLongLegz

    Bacon and Extenze...

  • josh mc
    josh mc 7 hours ago

    There is ot in soccer btw

  • Tisha Hayes
    Tisha Hayes 7 hours ago

    It would be sausage and viagra.. not bacon and viagra.

  • Bill Whitley
    Bill Whitley 7 hours ago

    Do you offer a scholarship for 3rd degree Mythical Society?

  • Angela M
    Angela M 7 hours ago

    Watch Rhett dab twice at 9:23!!

  • LillerThatIsMe
    LillerThatIsMe 7 hours ago

    That defeated “no” from behind the scenes.... lol

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Rhett: ahhh yes finally, cheddar bacon habanero ranch.

  • Myah R. Zana
    Myah R. Zana 7 hours ago

    My brain cant concentrate on the separate conversations these two have all the time lol.

  • dany. beez
    dany. beez 7 hours ago

    This episode is hilarious

  • Troy Wood
    Troy Wood 7 hours ago

    I think they should end every more with Link saying “See ya tomorrow.” That made me feel good.

  • R. Earl
    R. Earl 7 hours ago

    Clilantro/Lime is my wife's favorite! She puts it on everything!

  • Anthony Armstrong
    Anthony Armstrong 7 hours ago

    When he said I never touched you... it wasn’t interference? It was an attempted interception😂😂😂

  • Rocky Lewis
    Rocky Lewis 7 hours ago

    I saw a documentary about the guy that invented the frisbee the other day, and one of the 3 (i think) frisbees that they put his ashes in was thrown and "lost on the roof" of the national frisbee museum... if i remember correctly.

  • Yannick Correia
    Yannick Correia 7 hours ago

    Rhett it taste bad dips the spoon in again 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Christopher Cadotte Ortiz

    😂😂😂 9:22 😂😂😂 and that's why I can relate to Link

  • Audge Modge
    Audge Modge 7 hours ago

    The chaos & the talking over each other that insues at 3:30 😂😂

  • lxxv
    lxxv 7 hours ago

    Why does link say Cilantro is from "under the sea," and no one corrects him?

    • Ashley Nicole
      Ashley Nicole 7 hours ago

      I think he said "under the sink" which also doesn't make sense lmao

  • abslol1
    abslol1 7 hours ago

    IMPORTANT if I have the yearly 3rd tier will it automatically renew? I need the viewmaster

    • Anna B
      Anna B 7 hours ago

      It automatically renews unless you go to the site and actually cancel

  • abslol1
    abslol1 7 hours ago

    The chest pass kid deserves the scholarship because he was obviously smarter than all other contestants

  • Mslovelyshot Mrs. Dawn

    I came to the comments to reiterate that Link said he wears socks at the beach. 🤔

  • Mevrouw Cactus
    Mevrouw Cactus 7 hours ago

    8:56 Link clearly touched the bottle, but immediately forgets about it, and denies interfering.... Typical Link 🤣

    • Jake M
      Jake M 7 hours ago

      Mevrouw Cactus it was an attempted interception lmao

  • BigB000117
    BigB000117 7 hours ago

    So much double dipping...

  • Ra'Chelle Banks
    Ra'Chelle Banks 7 hours ago

    @ 7:15 (in a patronizing tone) "That's because avocado tastes like lipstick."

  • Wentzlet
    Wentzlet 7 hours ago

    was lowkey hoping chase would say: *“I like your boots”*

  • Sally Otley
    Sally Otley 7 hours ago

    "Surely they threw him.." 😂😂

  • Corey Somers
    Corey Somers 7 hours ago

    This is so weird but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rhett sneeze

  • JustMy2Cents
    JustMy2Cents 8 hours ago

    Ironic how link mention rhett not trying to spoil his story by asking questions when that's all link does during ear bisquits

  • Kesiana Zh
    Kesiana Zh 8 hours ago

    This is how aliens would talk

  • Henry Thomas
    Henry Thomas 8 hours ago

    I was an Areobie guy for a while too. It got stuck on a lot of roof tops.

  • Armando Matias
    Armando Matias 8 hours ago


  • aSinisterKiid
    aSinisterKiid 8 hours ago

    Yeahhhh look at it..........(Buff Man Thought)

  • Rendra Bagas
    Rendra Bagas 8 hours ago

    "Meesa be woman!"

  • scott visakowitz
    scott visakowitz 8 hours ago

    i love avocado ranch on my salad. not sure about as a dip

  • Aaron Tabuchi
    Aaron Tabuchi 8 hours ago

    I self identify as a dermoid and I’m offended

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep 8 hours ago

    Actually, a "See you tomorrow" for an GMMore outro is so chill and fits so well for some reason.

    • Momma JiBi
      Momma JiBi 6 hours ago

      @InWeCome I think that's why they bring it up. I was coming here to say the same thing about it being Saturday but liking the "See you tomorrow." But then I realized, they DO have the Vlog channel and other stuff they do on Saturdays, so we actually WILL see them tomorrow. xD

    • InWeCome
      InWeCome 6 hours ago

      but tomorrow is Saturday

  • Faze Jweed
    Faze Jweed 8 hours ago

    Who else keeps scrolling past videos to get to the comment section because they’re not used to clicking on the comments button feature

  • Random By Design
    Random By Design 8 hours ago

    If I got the mythical society badge tattooed on me what would you both say because I really like that design. Kind Regards Gary/Random By Design

  • Valerie Kramer
    Valerie Kramer 8 hours ago

    Rhett, let Link talk damn!

  • jennifer Wilks
    jennifer Wilks 8 hours ago

    how are these guys so darn happy it’s amazing to see it makes my day❤️❤️❤️

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny 8 hours ago


  • shirley thomas
    shirley thomas 8 hours ago

    That's not the sister daddy been cheating on mommie for years is it. Lord have mercy on there soul's

  • All Videos
    All Videos 8 hours ago

    Jalapeño automatic wins

  • Wildheart Razorfang
    Wildheart Razorfang 8 hours ago

    They should've got Melissa McCarthy for this episode. "I'm garlic ranch blasting it."

  • Blank Stares
    Blank Stares 8 hours ago

    Better not be a naked Chase in that view-master....

  • Anishia Lawson
    Anishia Lawson 8 hours ago

    Rhett is really sassy today lol

  • allisworld1isme
    allisworld1isme 8 hours ago

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen Rhett sneeze. And I was here for it.

  • Rex amillion
    Rex amillion 8 hours ago

    More beautiful Nicole on screen... please and thank you!

  • Onyx Hades
    Onyx Hades 8 hours ago

    They probably threw the inventor of the Frisbee on the roof.

  • lucifers butcrust
    lucifers butcrust 8 hours ago

    I love this channel as much as the cecil show

  • Wild Tales Of An American Jungle Boy

    I never noticed how pointy Rhetts elbows are till today!! Dang dude!

    • Elizabeth Larson
      Elizabeth Larson 7 hours ago

      Remember the gummy bear climbing the knee thing? Rhett is made of pointy.

  • Zain Khaled
    Zain Khaled 8 hours ago

    This episode is funnier than the main episode

  • GoSpell- GoSpel
    GoSpell- GoSpel 9 hours ago

    ListeN Nets iL, World Wide Web, Spi👀Der web, makes sense ¿ 🐟

  • Platoon Goon
    Platoon Goon 9 hours ago

    They made him into a frisbee to play catch one more time

  • JustinPayton
    JustinPayton 9 hours ago

    Link threw away his Queen Sweep for Bacon and Viagra.....

    • Barbara Danley
      Barbara Danley 7 hours ago

      He didn't get the cheddar or the lime, so not really.

  • Lauriti
    Lauriti 9 hours ago

    So Link is that type of person who tastes cilantro as soap

  • Bobby Ruiz
    Bobby Ruiz 9 hours ago

    Cucumber ranch is my favorite

  • Michael Bullard
    Michael Bullard 9 hours ago

    Nicole has a very sardonic delivery and I like it

  • Kitchen Footsteps
    Kitchen Footsteps 9 hours ago

    Any bolgarian here?

  • Leonard Hernandez
    Leonard Hernandez 9 hours ago

    I love how they're both in their own little world and just keep talking over each other it's hilarious

  • h7opolo
    h7opolo 9 hours ago


  • steven Lehmann
    steven Lehmann 9 hours ago

    I like to mix ranch with western dressing and use that for a lot of things.

  • Sosozanyway
    Sosozanyway 9 hours ago

    Do I see tension between Link and Rhett? Hmm.

  • rainbow flowerstun
    rainbow flowerstun 9 hours ago

    I like your boots.

  • The Showcase
    The Showcase 9 hours ago

    Best content on earth

  • Ollie Foxx
    Ollie Foxx 9 hours ago

    Ok guys talking about their hair for the first 5 minutes....later.

  • Mattdel907
    Mattdel907 9 hours ago

    HOLD UP. If Cilantro tastes like soap to Link, he might be a super taster. Which would explain why everything is so offensive to him.

  • shadow77153
    shadow77153 9 hours ago

    Why do I get the feeling the View Master's... ahem.. surprise is from Christmas..?

  • MomLifewithKay
    MomLifewithKay 9 hours ago

    Your videos are always super entertaining!!! 💗💗😍

  • Hayley
    Hayley 9 hours ago might have just exposed yourself...

  • davenz000
    davenz000 9 hours ago

    Rhett has the asian flu.

  • Captain Jo
    Captain Jo 9 hours ago

    You should call this can you understand Yoda

    FooFoo ANIMATIONS 9 hours ago

    Mix them all together

  • Will MakeContentOneDay

    They already did that fact? I know I know it from somewhere

  • d9ser Garcia
    d9ser Garcia 10 hours ago

    no vlog teaserrr :((

  • Vytautė Kvasaitė
    Vytautė Kvasaitė 10 hours ago

    Josh is perfect

  • crayzee501
    crayzee501 10 hours ago

    sorry i couldn't watch this it messed with my Misophonia

  • Riana B
    Riana B 10 hours ago

    Took me the whole episode to realize rhett was saying chest pass and not chess pass

  • hurtighansen1
    hurtighansen1 10 hours ago

    She throw chicken in the pot everyday

  • Stefan Lopuszanski
    Stefan Lopuszanski 10 hours ago

    Rhett is really "feisty" in these videos. Must have been filmed on the same day as the previous one with melted products. Good for Link for keeping his cool though. As Link says, it is a "power play."

    • Nilesh Goel
      Nilesh Goel 6 hours ago

      Yups, seemed like that the vibe from yesterday's episode continued here too

  • Chuck B
    Chuck B 10 hours ago

    Also, Random disturbing fact was on Ripley's Believe it or Not when Dean Cain was it wasn't too disturbing