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Trisha: My Thoughts
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  • Ethany Yeah
    Ethany Yeah Hour ago

    when she said 🤠 i felt that

  • Korro
    Korro 2 hours ago

    Girl..All those stuffs in that Orange Bag???

  • Reg Tlives
    Reg Tlives 3 hours ago

    No one is doing this to be an expert obviously but what she should have done was cut the hair short with scissors... because she was dragging your hair and the clippers couldn't catch it fast enough. Thats why it hurt

  • Roman King
    Roman King 4 hours ago

    so easy for you to say "its not about how you look" lol gtfo gigi

  • Maraya Estilo
    Maraya Estilo 4 hours ago

    You’re hot hot hot

  • Alexxx
    Alexxx 5 hours ago

    Gigi totally cheated and was looking at the strawberry yogurt lol

  • Travis Lynd
    Travis Lynd 6 hours ago

    It took me until the wig part to realize this was just like jeffrees joking birkin what’s in my bag video

  • Hali Tsotetsi
    Hali Tsotetsi 6 hours ago

    What beautiful words!

  • Krystal Quinto
    Krystal Quinto 7 hours ago


  • Nya Boyle
    Nya Boyle 7 hours ago

    i thought she was identified as a chicken nugget 😳

  • Anne Cook
    Anne Cook 7 hours ago

    Neither of those blood pressures was ok. Gigi yours was high and you are so young.....see a doctor

  • Kathryn Whitbeck
    Kathryn Whitbeck 7 hours ago

    I miss this kind of Gigi videos.

  • big mood
    big mood 8 hours ago

    Why would anyone queer go to Dubai or ANYWHERE legally transphobic/homophobic, but especially the middle east. WHY.

  • vambi100
    vambi100 8 hours ago

    Hermione Grangers purse

  • teheiloveyoumuch
    teheiloveyoumuch 9 hours ago

    Gigi, we love you lol. You are a joy!

  • Jona Saracho
    Jona Saracho 9 hours ago

    Contrapoints brought me here

  • mtndew33725
    mtndew33725 9 hours ago

    She probably keeps the tampon for nats! Which is actually kinda thoughtful! Or maybe she was trolling lol

  • Tulsa Fox
    Tulsa Fox 10 hours ago

    Try Cato's

  • Skyedem
    Skyedem 10 hours ago

    It doesn't matter what we think we know about Trisha, or what we think of Trisha's content. We have no right to decide for someone else that they are or are not trans. You can choose to have an "opinion" on it, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. If someone identifies one way, that's them, weather or not it is believed, that is who they are. And no one can change that. Also, labels aren't permanent. They can change and change until you find one that fits you, or dont. It's all just a label, be who you are. That's all.

  • Isabella Mendes
    Isabella Mendes 11 hours ago

    It's not knowledge is common sense, I support the community but I'm not apart of it specifically and I understand simple common sense and respect concerning these topics

  • Codi Brooks
    Codi Brooks 12 hours ago

    GIGI YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE LAUNCH!!!!! Jeffrey and Shane soon to have a launch!!!

  • Candy Rain
    Candy Rain 12 hours ago

    Damn gigi not expecting this ....

  • Lexi Taylor
    Lexi Taylor 12 hours ago

    A tampon?

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 13 hours ago

    Yeah ok you try to ignore drama but then yet you making this nonsense video😑 ugh!

  • Lexi Taylor
    Lexi Taylor 13 hours ago

    Jeffree star approved!

  • ali Martinez19
    ali Martinez19 13 hours ago

    Omg GG look so beautiful stunning beautiful 💚💙💜❤️♥️😍😘💛💙 bae god bless you my love 😍

  • YaGirl_ Royalty
    YaGirl_ Royalty 13 hours ago

    Why would you be offended

  • tylerfrump15
    tylerfrump15 13 hours ago

    She literally started her TheXvid career being a troll and making offensive videos to get attention. You shouldn't take ANYTHING she says seriously tbh

  • Leah Brandman
    Leah Brandman 13 hours ago

    Great video, you beautiful soul (meaning your insides). You get so many compliments (rightly so!) on your physical appearance, but I want to tell you about what truly makes you stunning, a knockout: your heart of gold. Pax et bonum (heard you were Catholic)! 🥰🥰😘😘😘👼👼👼👼👼👼👼🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻🍪🍪🍪🍪❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • BeautifulLife
    BeautifulLife 13 hours ago

    I am SO HERE for your hair. ♥️!!!

  • Justin Arnstein
    Justin Arnstein 14 hours ago

    I just hope Trisha figures it all out.

  • Patrícia Alexandra
    Patrícia Alexandra 14 hours ago

    A tampon(????) 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sarah Hathorn
    Sarah Hathorn 14 hours ago

    Lmaoooo. This was amazing.

  • Kristine Lamonday
    Kristine Lamonday 15 hours ago

    I’ll do a “What’s in my Roots purse (that was actually bought from Winners because it’s just SO much cheaper there)” video next week. 😉🇨🇦💕 Love from Canada!

  • daisy rose
    daisy rose 15 hours ago

    *listens to joanne once*

  • Luca Gonzalez
    Luca Gonzalez 16 hours ago

    Could not be a true Gigi WIMB vídeo without a bit of trolling. Loves it.

  • Caitt Louise
    Caitt Louise 17 hours ago

    Love yhis

  • louiseee
    louiseee 17 hours ago

    Future video full workout routine

  • Rickie Westwood
    Rickie Westwood 17 hours ago

    Oh GG uploaded. She must have something else to sell us again 😒

  • blondiexx137
    blondiexx137 17 hours ago

    I hate how Gigi just throws her stuff.

  • amylynnbill35
    amylynnbill35 17 hours ago

    She also said she was black.. and a chicken nugget. I suppose you believe that too?. c'mon Gigi I thought you were smarter than that... Sad

  • Sarah Love
    Sarah Love 18 hours ago

    why does someone need to tell anyone they are transgender or anything really if it’s who they are inside, surely the outside doesn’t change who you are inside. Apologies if this sounds ignorant I just wondered is all

  • ItsSarah
    ItsSarah 18 hours ago

    This made me think.. have jeffree Star and Gigi ever collabed?? That needs to happen

  • Papa Dinero
    Papa Dinero 18 hours ago

    Marrying a billionaire isn't enough?

  • Papa Dinero
    Papa Dinero 18 hours ago

    More overly marketed crap makeup nobody needs just to steal money from people who support you.

  • honeyglow
    honeyglow 18 hours ago

    So Trisha is transgender 🤣😂🤣😂 I would love to know what Jason thinks🤣😂🤣😂

  • emily m
    emily m 18 hours ago

    but i promise you tmr she finna be a egg or a cat.

  • Jasveen K Gill
    Jasveen K Gill 18 hours ago

    Wow Just wow.

  • Harper Ciha
    Harper Ciha 18 hours ago

    Love you Gigi!

  • Nicolee Magnusson
    Nicolee Magnusson 18 hours ago

    Yeeeaaah she is not transgender, i call bullshit.

  • Nadav Rodas
    Nadav Rodas 18 hours ago

    Thank you Gigi for being a great example to our community and the world .. let’s stop the hate ! let’s help an make our community strong ! for all the future children.. adults .. anyone who is to come !

  • sophia ramalho
    sophia ramalho 19 hours ago

    I AM DYING!!!!!

  • sophia ramalho
    sophia ramalho 19 hours ago

    You speak so eloquently and kindly!!! 💕

  • Heidi Cameron
    Heidi Cameron 19 hours ago

    Throws lip gloss love it!!!

  • Heidi Cameron
    Heidi Cameron 19 hours ago

    You are too cute!!!!

  • bea69uty69
    bea69uty69 19 hours ago

    FINALLY as a trans person myself , YOU have been the only other transgender woman who has supported T

  • Chloe H
    Chloe H 19 hours ago

    Gigi, how could you be SO DENSE?!? Really?!?!?

  • Klara Ekman
    Klara Ekman 20 hours ago

    I feel like this is such a great way of responding to trishas video, i feel like there were A LOT of hate in ts’ comments because ofc a lot of people in the lgbtq+ communtiy, wich is understandable, trisha made have said some things that were offensive, some words that might have triggered someone. But i struggle a lot with my ”label” in sexuality (i am comfortable in my gender so i can not speak on behalf of transgender people) but i know that a lot is confusing, and even tho im sure what i am and what i wanna label myself, i feel like im afraid because of other lgbtq+ people will be mad at me. But i do believe that u dont HAVE to label yourself, and the way trisha explained this in the video might have come of wrong, but i think if trisha wants to identify as whatever, she is able to. I truly dont think the intention was to hurt anyone. I just know from my own experience that things u plan to say sounds right and makes sense in your head, but it might come out different saying it out loud. There can be things that u say that the other person will think of in another way then u meant it. Wich is something very hard to realise at first. I just think trisha was trying to say what trisha thought but didnt think about how other people could see it. It happens. And im sorry to anyone offended, and this is just my opinion. Trisha has done a lot of mistakes and scandalous things and said things that have been offensive and/or wrong, controversial etc. but i dont think the intention was to hurt anyone else. And im so glad gigi as a transgender woman could give this ”constructive critisism” in a very supportive way and bring up things she didnt agree with but in a very sincere and mature way.

  • Senpais favorite
    Senpais favorite 20 hours ago

    Mines just tissues 🤷‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G 21 hour ago

    😂😂😂💀💀💀⚰️⚰️ I died

  • Hiba Khan
    Hiba Khan 21 hour ago

    Gosh those sunglasses 😍

  • Maria-Josee Martinez

    I feel like that rainbow top is from Michael Kors

  • Kait Taisma
    Kait Taisma 21 hour ago

    This is my video always makes me cackle

  • Angela Deschamps
    Angela Deschamps 22 hours ago

    Trisha is so confusing she said she and her pronouns were still okay and that she identifies with her “born gender 1000%”

  • Carmen Sandiego
    Carmen Sandiego 23 hours ago

    Is trolling on its way back in?!?

  • filis mixail
    filis mixail 23 hours ago

    WOW HOW much i love your shirt Gigi

  • Lenny Beauty
    Lenny Beauty 23 hours ago

    "Hair is everything".... yeah,if you lack substance, dept, and character as a person. 🤔

  • Kylee Sinclair
    Kylee Sinclair 23 hours ago

    Love it 😍

  • Joel Riddles
    Joel Riddles 23 hours ago

    i took me until the roses to realize

  • Sherri Baby
    Sherri Baby Day ago

    The audio!! Are you filming in a closet?

  • winky wink
    winky wink Day ago

    I was like..wait a tampon 🤔😂😘

  • Arcadian Bloom


  • Julian Germany

    Who else is getting some serious Carrie-Anne Moss vibes from Nats? Love it!

  • Khadija Aweys
    Khadija Aweys Day ago

    *DISLIKED* 🤮🤮🐶

  • grace harris
    grace harris Day ago

    Oh my god why does every star think they need a makeup line

    • grace harris
      grace harris 5 hours ago

      CMarie McC I guess the better question is why are people buying them all 😭 we all need do to some self reflecting

    • CMarie McC
      CMarie McC 15 hours ago

      Because that's where the money's at and they want more money. I mean obviously millions isn't enough.

  • Womens Whork
    Womens Whork Day ago

    Okay so the secret compartments are why Birkins so expensive!! Thanks for sharing Gigi

  • MelodiieYo
    MelodiieYo Day ago

    Trish needs an intervention forreal shes all about money and mental manipulation to get money ......

  • ihatemorgan
    ihatemorgan Day ago

    wasn't til 6:39 that i realized she was trolling

  • Duane Scremin
    Duane Scremin Day ago

    That is funny , you funny girl

  • sorry_sundays
    sorry_sundays Day ago

    Like you said, the ignorant need to be educated. I think Trisha needs to research more on what makes a person transgender person and what body dysmorphia is. She needs to see a therapists specialized in this field, because it could turn out that she isn’t trans and instead could be unhappy with some other aspect of her life, which may have led her to come to this sudden conclusion

  • Jazmine S
    Jazmine S Day ago

    Hey guys it's gigi and I'm still a rich ignorant idiot.

  • Violet Jean Garcia

    We miss your lux hauls ...

  • Polynerdeia
    Polynerdeia Day ago

    Here from ContraPoints

  • Adrienne Wright

    Lord. Gigi does not know what she is doing.

  • Chilli con Carter

    You’re lovely you i’m well proud of you as is everyone else ❤️x

  • RealBeautiful Beauty

    Did the roses get dusty?

  • Anthony Martines

    Where’d you get that shirt?!?!

  • n.s
    n.s Day ago

    Your body is fricking HOT!!!🔥😍😍👌

  • Tammy James
    Tammy James Day ago

    One Hall's and I'll have a heart attack. Artificial sweeteners are nonjoke.

  • Raquel dsfa
    Raquel dsfa Day ago

    I want that shirt

  • Preggo Jess
    Preggo Jess Day ago

    Is she high ?

  • Bárbara Carvalho

    You’re showing your brand next to big names. This way you brand will be associated to them, subconsciously, by your followers. Smart marketing move 🤔

  • Quantum Physics

    Was waiting for you to pull your cats out of the bag. 😹🐾

  • Fellicia 6_26
    Fellicia 6_26 Day ago

    Is that birkin so big to fit shoes, wigs , the roses etc etc ..????

  • Stephen Bailey

    Lmfao. The way you acted so seriously during the whole video is hilarious

  • rugbyplayer9100

    Of course Trisha isn’t transgender. She’s a huge troll and everyone knows that 😂

  • BaNter Entertainment: DIY with @fancienanc

    Gigi I'm only laughing because in my everyday noir 30cm Epsom leather BIrkin w gold hardware I carry 1-10th of what you put in yours! I limit my BIrkin contents to minimum & it looks like you pulled the kitchen sink out of yours! Congrats again & birk birk BIrkin 👜🍒👜🍒👜🍒👜🍒👜🍒👜🍒👜🍒