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I'm Coming Out.
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We need to talk about...
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  • Emma R.
    Emma R. Minute ago

    I use the same sound for my alarm (duck quaking) I had a triggering moment when it went off 😭

  • Tori Clarke
    Tori Clarke 4 minutes ago

    omg how am I so late to this 😱

  • Shannon Monger
    Shannon Monger 7 minutes ago

    It's a shame you felt the need to reiterate that this information changes nothing about who you are, of course it doesn't, this isn't a new development. It's just who you are, anyone who sees differently can sit on it and spin.

  • Phil Cantu
    Phil Cantu 12 minutes ago

    Her hands look so feminine and she even has female digit ratio (pointer finger longer than index finger)! I think that's why she loves showing them off so much! Hi Nikkie if you're reading this! 🖐 (doubt it)

  • Amanda Whitley
    Amanda Whitley 12 minutes ago

    Do you mean God made a mistake mistake? Hmm

  • Hannah Salsberry
    Hannah Salsberry 15 minutes ago

    “I think every girl...or boy loves to wear mascara to school” awh imma cry :,))))

  • alley rizzo
    alley rizzo 15 minutes ago

    At like 14:23 you can clearly hear footsteps and the walkie freaking out omg this is giving me anxiety lmao

  • Lua Domingues
    Lua Domingues 18 minutes ago

    oh my god nikkie you r soooo good it is absurd!!! I love ittttt

  • Pien Zwart
    Pien Zwart 19 minutes ago

    nikki in de klas vroegen ze wie is mijn idool. ik zei: nikkie jij bennt mijn idool!😘😘

  • Forough Tajvar
    Forough Tajvar 20 minutes ago

    Well honey, NOTHING changes you for us! You are an amazing human being. An amazing vrouw! And we all are your glow babies and you are our glow mama! Love you amazing vrouw ❤😘

  • A I
    A I 20 minutes ago

    Frankly, this is disgusting.

  • Melrose
    Melrose 21 minute ago

    Hearing Nikkie saying “trust me, it gets better” really hit me in my soul. I needed that tonight.

  • Keri Devine
    Keri Devine 27 minutes ago

    I feel for nikkie and think she’s amazing and brave however I do think her boyfriend should have been informed before getting sexually involved with him

  • Kim Ki Yong
    Kim Ki Yong 29 minutes ago

    Nikkie can you try indonesia local make up, like wardah, madame gie, emina, and purbasari. And review how do you think after using local Indonesian makeup? I want to see you try Asian makeup especially Indonesia because in Indonesia tutorials make up a lot of interest

  • Annabel en Kiwi de baardagaam

    Zoooo grappig

  • wassupolo
    wassupolo 30 minutes ago


  • Floof
    Floof 32 minutes ago

    Hey sisters

  • Roosje Smit
    Roosje Smit 33 minutes ago

    Hoe oud ben je en ik heb echt respect voor je met het uit de kast komen ❤❤

  • Jasmine Northington
    Jasmine Northington 33 minutes ago

    We stand by you! We support you and are so proud of you!

  • oct0pus__
    oct0pus__ 34 minutes ago

    Her accent has changed so much!

  • Justine van der Weijden
    Justine van der Weijden 34 minutes ago

    Nikkie wil je alsjeblieft een tutorial in de trein opnemen. Heel veel mensen (waaronder ikzelf) maken zich sochtends op in de trein (efficiënt). Maar het lijkt me geweldig als jij je hele ding gaat doen in de trein😂 Wel een lange rit nemen denk😂👌🏻

  • Gina Gonzalez
    Gina Gonzalez 35 minutes ago

    You are AMAZING!! 💕💕💕💕

  • Xha dovv
    Xha dovv 35 minutes ago

    U r what u luv girl n we luv what u r💕

  • Анна Болдырева

    What if she won't get female hormones injection,what will happen with her body? Will she look masculine again,kind of castrate man?

  • lauriea999
    lauriea999 38 minutes ago

    Did Nikki transition before 14 ?

  • Ridvan Üstündag
    Ridvan Üstündag 39 minutes ago


  • justinjamesgames
    justinjamesgames 39 minutes ago

    I think this about anyone, who cares about sexuality or gender? I don’t feel like anyone needs to feel obligated to come out, you are you, you don’t have to be seen as whatever you don’t want to be seen as, I’m so sorry that you were blackmailed and I can say happily that I will never see you differently you will always just be Nikkie. And guess what you still SLAY this industry and I STAN you no matter what, Ily <3

  • Zuri West
    Zuri West 41 minute ago

    TheXvid I know what your doing don’t do it your gonna get yourself in trouble but Nikki I love you so much ❤️😊

  • Jamie-Lee September
    Jamie-Lee September 43 minutes ago

    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  • Mandarina * La vie est fit

    You don’t have to be “accepted”, you deserve just to be loved as all humans being.

  • annel cris
    annel cris 48 minutes ago

    Wow! Quedaste hermosa, toda una reina 👸👸👸

  • Tu Madre
    Tu Madre 48 minutes ago

    “ I was born male” yet doesn’t have an Adam’s apple 🤔🤔

  • Evie 412
    Evie 412 50 minutes ago

    2020 anyone ?

  • gewoon lilly
    gewoon lilly 50 minutes ago

    Hey nikkie💓👋 ik vind het echt knap van je dat je dit durft!!😨 Ik had het niet verwacht!😯💓 Dat je dit ook al heel lang geheim hebt gehouden! GO GIRL!

  • B•tch Please
    B•tch Please 50 minutes ago

    Nikkie is Nikkie.

  • Roos Elisa
    Roos Elisa 53 minutes ago


  • April May
    April May 53 minutes ago

    Y’all so messy

  • Diana Antunes
    Diana Antunes 57 minutes ago

    I literally don't care what you identify as (nor should anyone else , for that matter) but I just wanted to say that I am so happy watching this video. For the simple reason that you can see and feel the relief on your expression. You have been carrying on your shoulders a burden that is not yours to carry. I am happy for you and I wish you all the best :)

  • Auto Pilot
    Auto Pilot 59 minutes ago

    I See Kim ... Or sikim... Kardas 😅

  • Melissa Louise Madden

    Im unhappy with the circumstances surrounding the decision for Nikkie to come out but since seeing her video I am now a new subscriber (I knew about her but was never subscribed and hadn’t seen any full videos) and will be an avid watcher moving forward. I think despite this being deemed as some power move by the blackmailer to ruin her career, it has in fact opened up her fanbase to a wider audience, gains her more subs, views and just pushing her status up in the beauty community all round. The reason for that? Regardless of her label... her soul and being is pure and beautiful to watch. Making many people including me drawn in to watch her. She is a rare find! Much love to Nik and her army ♥️

  • Anne Sophie
    Anne Sophie Hour ago


  • Molly Korosu
    Molly Korosu Hour ago


  • Krista Star
    Krista Star Hour ago

    Anyone with half a brain should have no problem with this

  • Tierra TV
    Tierra TV Hour ago

    I love how she asked “can I start” just the smallest thing

  • Sakeena Alia
    Sakeena Alia Hour ago

    1. A good person would never blackmail a sweet “Vrouw” like yourself 🥺❤️ 2. I am a 20 year old “Vrouw” who looks up to you and loves you dearly, Nikkie ❤️❤️ 3. You are an extremely beautiful “Vrouw” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aiden HD
    Aiden HD Hour ago

    8:00 And I oop-

  • Soufian Oueslati

    eindelijk een nederlands video voor mij is het beter om te verstaan maar je engelse vids zijn ook super leuk

  • Nam Tiddies
    Nam Tiddies Hour ago

    thats it. Snoop come be my dad

  • Kinney Kolah
    Kinney Kolah Hour ago

    Nikkie is from the Netherlands, speaks Dutch, but had a southern accent? Lmao

  • Anne
    Anne Hour ago

    Vrouw. You are an inspiring example of the best of us, regardless of how you got here. Never change ❤

  • Logan Bohlinger
    Logan Bohlinger Hour ago

    It takes a gutsy woman to be trans on the Internet. This video is going to be an inspiration to many, you rock!

  • Nestor Troost
    Nestor Troost Hour ago


  • lkbmotion
    lkbmotion Hour ago

    Green is my favorite color. I didn’t realize how many people hated it 😂

  • Ayesha Jones
    Ayesha Jones Hour ago

    damn her accent changed a lot

  • Anime Cosplay Lovers

    Do I believe in signs like that he’ll yes I do spirits like to mess with loved ones or show that they are there watching over you

  • Tell Meg
    Tell Meg Hour ago

    Only Snoop could narrate the application of cosmetics and make it sound sexy! Damn I always thought there was nothing hotter than a man running the vacuum or doing a load of dishes for me but my cheap ass is REALLY wanting some Marc Jacobs! @Snoop! If I buy this stuff, can I get a naughty narration too? 😉😘

  • Midnight Toker
    Midnight Toker Hour ago

    Omg it’s too much 🤩🥰 love her sweet little outfit.

  • Beatriz Villanueva

    Nikki it's nikki, you are so brave, and a beautiful woman! You are who you are, nikki, the makeup goddess. I'm still admiring you as always.

  • Gypsy Mellefont
    Gypsy Mellefont Hour ago

    Eyeshadow does not start with I

  • Kc P
    Kc P Hour ago


  • Meghna Khati
    Meghna Khati Hour ago

    We love you nikki....❤❤❤❤💜💜💜🦄

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child Hour ago

    I'm stressing when she stops to talk and time is running out

  • Saraemily.Raee
    Saraemily.Raee Hour ago

    Now that I’m thinking about it she kind of does sound like a guy but you can’t even notice that’s crazy !

  • xEmpty.Abyssx
    xEmpty.Abyssx Hour ago

    Ugh you guys are so cute together!!! He seems soo kind too!!! Wish you both a great wedding!!!

  • This Life
    This Life Hour ago

    Nikkie doing her eyebrows is just innuendo after innuendo

  • Lisha
    Lisha Hour ago

    When you're afrikaans, you kinda understand what shes trying to say

  • sally domael
    sally domael Hour ago


  • Libia Bravo
    Libia Bravo Hour ago


  • Brie Tube
    Brie Tube Hour ago

    How is her hair so long?? Is it a wig then😳

    • Gmaz Tarili
      Gmaz Tarili 18 minutes ago

      i saw your other comments - nikki is a woman

    • Sade Bethel
      Sade Bethel 55 minutes ago

      Men's hair grow very long as well 😅

  • Ana_Vocado
    Ana_Vocado Hour ago

    I woke up my roomate from laughing so hard 3:40

  • Umbran Roses
    Umbran Roses Hour ago

    They were probably just tryna watch the tutorial upclose

  • Sarah
    Sarah Hour ago

    Oh, I thought she was going to come out as a lesbian lol. You do you, girl ❤️ screw the haters

  • B Pizzolato
    B Pizzolato Hour ago

    You can tell from just four years ago her accent is so much thicker.

  • Kayla Stacy
    Kayla Stacy Hour ago

    u cant close it off because your still a man

    • Abbytheboss
      Abbytheboss 56 minutes ago

      Kayla Stacy stop, you gain nothing from hating on her.

  • KING K4l
    KING K4l Hour ago

    We love you Nikkie

  • iheartbeingalive

    This is spooky!

  • MrGuyGoneGamer
    MrGuyGoneGamer Hour ago


    • chding zuure
      chding zuure Hour ago

      I love you Nikkie 💕 You are always welcome in Curaçao 🇨🇼

  • Mirthe ekers
    Mirthe ekers Hour ago

    Respect !!!!!!💕

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure Hour ago

      Y'all should not hate because what if you were in that position you would feel scared as well to

  • Korey Smith
    Korey Smith Hour ago

    Well done honey we’re all proud

  • William Hung
    William Hung Hour ago

    Coming out of the doughnut shop 🍩

  • emma
    emma Hour ago

    precious baby!! we all love you nonetheless 🥺

  • Darylle Pedrosa
    Darylle Pedrosa Hour ago

    This was surprisingly wow

  • Ciara Conejo
    Ciara Conejo Hour ago

    I ❤️ this! 😂😂

  • Zoie Somers
    Zoie Somers Hour ago

    I can’t believe I’m only now seeing this video 😂

  • Banzi the Outlaw

    Without the brows she reminded me of that girl from 10 things i hate about you..❤️

  • PuprleFox
    PuprleFox Hour ago

    Super inspiring video! (sincerely, a mex american trans guy )

  • Tulsa Fox
    Tulsa Fox 2 hours ago

    I was a tomboy my mom was a single mom when I was in puberty so getting makeup was like, so ya might as well get it from somebody who didn't want what they had

  • MemelisSa Jissa
    MemelisSa Jissa 2 hours ago

    Bro, Nikkie reminds me of Kim ChungHa, ahhhhhhh.

  • duiven1990
    duiven1990 2 hours ago

    There is nothing unique👎🏻👎🏻 it is a gay with a lots of makeup 💄😂😂😂😂😂

  • La Rosa Savage
    La Rosa Savage 2 hours ago

    WHAAAT? Stop 😱

  • Rishita Das
    Rishita Das 2 hours ago

    The first thing u should apply is a base, alphabetically this comes first

  • NikiNeedsA Life
    NikiNeedsA Life 2 hours ago


  • Diamantis XIII
    Diamantis XIII 2 hours ago


  • kenetic182nd
    kenetic182nd 2 hours ago

    Still hot!

  • Nymphadora Tonks
    Nymphadora Tonks 2 hours ago

    The people who blackmailed her need a good smack upside the head. I’m not trying to insight violence, I’m just saying they need to realize that that’s not okay. I honestly never doubted for a second that Niki is a woman, and she is a beautiful woman. So shame on you if you are transphobic. Shame on you if you blackmailed her. She is a human being and deserves the respect of one. You have no right to invade her privacy, or anyone else’s privacy like that.

  • Nino Browns
    Nino Browns 2 hours ago

    Yo Dylan son do you know she is a dude

  • Urso Polar
    Urso Polar 2 hours ago

    omg, i love so much blackpink ♡♡

  • ryat
    ryat 2 hours ago

    *jealous trans noises Bc you didn’t get acceptance as a child*

  • Nino Browns
    Nino Browns 2 hours ago

    Do you get the period ? Can you have a kid your a dude son

    • Gmaz Tarili
      Gmaz Tarili 16 minutes ago

      newsflash: women with pcos and women who had a hysterectomy are men now

  • Nino Browns
    Nino Browns 2 hours ago

    So she is a dude ? Wow hahahahahah man the world is fucked