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  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 7 seconds ago

    Jeremy, the type of guy who likes to break the ice at -rehab for saddos- UFO conventions by saying: “Does anyone know what color panties I’m wearing?”

  • Ed T
    Ed T 34 seconds ago


  • Paul Brimm
    Paul Brimm Minute ago

    I miss Randell telling young Jamie, to go to slide #10748459 in this podcast.

  • Ali Nabavi
    Ali Nabavi 2 minutes ago

    I consider this to be more of a public service, a harkening to the days of equal time, where we provide airtime to people who have ideas that might be interesting to listen to, regardless of their merit. Because . . . no. I don't need to say anything else.

  • LORDE 2729
    LORDE 2729 2 minutes ago

    this a type of a women who fucks people like trump and grandpas

  • G M
    G M 2 minutes ago

    sorry, i don't believe a fucking word that guy lazar says.

  • Pauly Metesh
    Pauly Metesh 2 minutes ago

    🎾 anyone ?

  • Pauly Metesh
    Pauly Metesh 3 minutes ago

    Raise your hand if this is the first time you've seen & heard about this dude.😮 🎅

    • Bird
      Bird 2 minutes ago

      Last time. ;)

  • Destiny MGTOW
    Destiny MGTOW 3 minutes ago

    LSD is great

  • Keane Morrissey
    Keane Morrissey 3 minutes ago

    This guy needs his own spin off!

  • Andale Pizzi
    Andale Pizzi 3 minutes ago

    DM's? 1:56:25 😂😂 subscribe to my channel

  • 808 Robins
    808 Robins 4 minutes ago

    2:49:01 lunch break done right.😎

  • David Anastasio
    David Anastasio 4 minutes ago

    Neil has to have a drinking game here you go every time he says SO you take a shot you will be drunk in know time ...lol I love him So

  • Stark_Syndrome
    Stark_Syndrome 5 minutes ago

    Let’s get a Trevor Eric debate and Tyson and Eric debate. Do it, do it, do it

  • Brand Gadfly
    Brand Gadfly 5 minutes ago

    We want bravo

    • Brand Gadfly
      Brand Gadfly 16 seconds ago

      @Bird ever since he started his weed company in Boston he's been busy but making $$ 💰💰 Boston Hempire

    • Bird
      Bird 2 minutes ago

      We do.

  • simonanthony81
    simonanthony81 5 minutes ago

    Joe, your work is sublime yet you have some ways to go before you hit the heights of this guy, Chris Morris thexvid.com/video/sC3c2a4dbcI/video.html

  • fire2box
    fire2box 5 minutes ago

    The food at the vaticant is good. Italian? No Chinese.

  • Andrew Proskurovski
    Andrew Proskurovski 5 minutes ago

    can't wait for Kojima, Ed Boon and JohnTobias here

  • JJB S
    JJB S 6 minutes ago

    2:28:00 Lil: I didn't want to go to far out for ppl to say I'm really tripping

  • nvalid werdz
    nvalid werdz 7 minutes ago

    One of the best debates I've watched in a long time. Both guests are great, and Joe is absolutely top form here.

  • Gerald of Riveria
    Gerald of Riveria 7 minutes ago

    Australia is almost constantly burning somewhere it's a big part of our ecosystem in fact some of the native flora only germinate when they're burnt

    • Bird
      Bird Minute ago

      You know it's Geralt, right?

    • Bird
      Bird Minute ago

      Fuckin' oath, mate!

    • Gerald of Riveria
      Gerald of Riveria 7 minutes ago

      But yeah this season is fucking bonkers

  • joeyTminus
    joeyTminus 9 minutes ago

    Putting that girl on time magazine is another brilliant way to keep dividing us as a country...

  • Luke Martinez
    Luke Martinez 9 minutes ago

    Lil Duval smokes a shitload of bud lol

  • Stark_Syndrome
    Stark_Syndrome 9 minutes ago

    Joe can keep bringing Eric up and talk shit and bash on him but he was willing to come on and debate anyone and joe wouldn’t have him And I also think weather Tyson got scared, I smell a brand new debate and it sounds like this guy really wants it maybe becuase unlike Tyson he’s not an actor and really got his doctorate in this crap

  • Johnny Romper
    Johnny Romper 10 minutes ago

    Joey I love ya , but fuck Jersey! Jaws was filmed in Cape Cod MA , I believe Edgartown specifically

  • The Order of Chaos
    The Order of Chaos 10 minutes ago

    non-science people suck at big numbers

    • Bird
      Bird Minute ago

      Chaos of order - order of chaos

  • Josh S.
    Josh S. 11 minutes ago

    Didn’t like joe in this

  • JJ
    JJ 11 minutes ago

    CIA 7 a building not involved with the 9/11 attacks. Collapsed simultaneously and it was where all the records for the CIA.

  • Alex Gates
    Alex Gates 12 minutes ago

    Joe wouldnt shut the fuck up long enough for Tony to say anything

  • Lawn Care Brewer
    Lawn Care Brewer 13 minutes ago

    False memory. . .A made up story. . .A lie

  • Xerberus86
    Xerberus86 13 minutes ago

    how desperately does wilks want to sell supplements? people in the third world or fringe worlds wont buy supplements, no money for that. the farmers eat meat (chickens, cow and fish) and plants. there are no vegetarians in the lower developed countries. arguing that supplements is the best route is moronic, it is unnatural and when there are ways to get the things naturally with food (meat) then people should take it till they develop deficiencies. he also says that "people in 3rd world cant pay the 60 USD we pay for blood check" ... who says they pay 60 USD? how stupid is this guy? 3rd world countries have other currencies and prices, they dont pay for a blood test. i live in europe and i dont pay anything for a blood test, older people take one regularly to determine their health status and they dont pay a dime.

  • Lecia Forster
    Lecia Forster 13 minutes ago

    Respectfully, Greta did not seek out person of the year. Also, she travelled across the Atlantic Ocean on a sailboat to address the States with climate concerns. No carbon footprint there. She and the younger generations have inherited a planet in crisis from overpopulation, greed and corruption. She is not the flavour of the month but in fact is a passionate girl dealing with an existential, empirical and global crisis that will not be forgotten or will not go away. Joe, this is the first time you have appeared to me to be insensitive. Apparently your due diligence regarding this topic is lacking. The fact is Greta is a “girl” on the autism spectrum who has “woke” the planet. Pretty amazing accomplishment that was not done for self aggrandizement.

  • Gerald of Riveria
    Gerald of Riveria 13 minutes ago

    Koalas aren't bears lmao

  • Angry Yordle
    Angry Yordle 14 minutes ago

    Let's not neglect third wave feminism that is very sex positive and thinks toxic masculinity is oppressing both men and women. I think that is much more reasonable and it's not anti men.

  • Ocemed Johnson
    Ocemed Johnson 14 minutes ago

    That's all I need rite there, just to talk shit and stunt. U ain't Neva did DIS doe !!!!

  • Jonathan Ayala
    Jonathan Ayala 14 minutes ago

    Joe "Life is throwing you another extra puzzle" Rogan

  • Newyorkdavinci
    Newyorkdavinci 14 minutes ago

    mighty ducks made the missing line in that song ...

  • Nathan Dionne
    Nathan Dionne 15 minutes ago

    The weed woke this man up imagine if he started a long time ago

  • Jopoe
    Jopoe 15 minutes ago

    larry flynt is my fam

    SGTxSCUBA92 16 minutes ago

    33mins Alex starts seeming like just a HUGE CONSPIRACY THEORIST SKIP FORWARD doubting him a lil bit juss too much shit lol

  • Omega Giraffe
    Omega Giraffe 16 minutes ago

    Need more episodes like this!!!

  • Seth Mann
    Seth Mann 16 minutes ago

    Dude mentioned weatherford. Dope

  • Omega Giraffe
    Omega Giraffe 17 minutes ago

    Super thankful for Joe Rogan!!!!

  • Black Peace
    Black Peace 17 minutes ago

    Wow this was SO much better than a Fight Companion show with Three UFC title fights one of which is a grudge match and the other two with arguably the two greatest UFC fighters in their division. Thanks Joe.

  • r g
    r g 17 minutes ago

    This guy looks just like Freeway Rick Ross the real one not the cop.

  • gerrade71278
    gerrade71278 17 minutes ago

    Rags on a 16 year old for being person of the year. Then talks about how hard it is to be famous young because of unfair standards people put on young stars. A real douche bag move. Hope he acknowledges it.

  • goodboyz chedda
    goodboyz chedda 18 minutes ago

    Yo so when that Lil B episode gon drop tho

  • TJ Yates
    TJ Yates 18 minutes ago

    A koala isn't an actual bear lmfao

  • Newyorkdavinci
    Newyorkdavinci 19 minutes ago

    hesrussel has never truly been hungry.......js

  • say less
    say less 19 minutes ago

    YO ! This guy is a character🤣🤣🤣. He running da convo by the end of this podcast

  • Jon Witten
    Jon Witten 19 minutes ago

    This million trillion shit has me fucking crying trying to grasp the concept of how much money that is and they are high as fuck Someone needs to make a clip of this and title it joe and Tony struggle with numbers for 5 mins

  • Xerberus86
    Xerberus86 21 minute ago

    1:30:58 ... yes of course...if i take supplements i have higher values ... wilks is attacking kresser in person constantly and this is his argument? i am a meat eater and i take some supplements, thanks for confirmiing to me that this is a good choice. there is no reason why i shouldnt stop eating this delicious meat. die piggies die and come in my belly hahaha :D

  • UniBeastBeats - Beats & Instrumentals

    best things to do when you high is look up conspiracy theories and animal videos

  • The_Big_B_man
    The_Big_B_man 22 minutes ago

    Another one of Joe's guest where he can fit In his propaganda bullshit! JOE: Trillions missing but our government didn't do it. Just a good event to hide it......

  • Hdhdjajfj Jsonrofn3hg8
    Hdhdjajfj Jsonrofn3hg8 22 minutes ago

    Joe "broprah" rogan

  • Tom Ju
    Tom Ju 24 minutes ago

    I’ll put my left testicle on the line, that the guy that eats protein from animals will make the vegan sit down when he pee’s

  • Somaliah Krah
    Somaliah Krah 25 minutes ago

    Get him on again please

  • Xerberus86
    Xerberus86 25 minutes ago

    1:30:00 h ...this is why mr. wilks is a nutjob .... 92% of vegans and 77% of vegetarians are b12 depleted compared to 11 % of omnivores ..mr. nutjob-wilks: "yeah when they dont take vitamins!" ... yes dumbo .... if i want to test a diet in terms of nutrition values i would get a wrong result when i would give the participants supplements. i never saw someone grasping for straw so badly, i feel sad for mr. kresser and why he lets the nutjob fall all over him. wilks is constantly attacking the person instead of the argument and kresser doesnt reply harshly to it. i would always point out his lack of argument and personal attacks .... "attack the facts and not the person you nutjob!".

  • Kabir Bariana
    Kabir Bariana 25 minutes ago

    2:35:27 Joe goes 🦧

  • mp7925
    mp7925 25 minutes ago


  • Kris Peterson
    Kris Peterson 26 minutes ago

    This dude... Has a smooth kind. Of wisdom.. He's cool as AF .... He's 3 steps above educated... Great interview ..

  • GFC JR
    GFC JR 27 minutes ago

    9:50 Mexico is apart of North America

    DKLONGHORN 28 minutes ago

    The both of yoy need some Woodford Reserve.

  • Kabir Bariana
    Kabir Bariana 28 minutes ago

    I would love to see some of Joe’s favourite sports athletes, like MLB, NHL, NFL or NBA players he is a fan of or enjoyed watching

  • AstralTranzient
    AstralTranzient 28 minutes ago

    I want to hear Pavel say, "This is the way." Such a BMF.

  • Tom Ju
    Tom Ju 28 minutes ago

    So the basis of this so called study, it’s to bring two generic freaks and see what their dietary intake is.

  • HIF1alpha
    HIF1alpha 29 minutes ago

    2:12:42 just randomly knows so many facts about horses

  • William Balk
    William Balk 29 minutes ago

    Please have Dr Greger from Nutritionfacts.org on!!

  • Alejandro Barrera
    Alejandro Barrera 29 minutes ago

    I love the dead air whenever Joe starts the William Randolph Hearst shtick

  • PleaseStayTuned
    PleaseStayTuned 29 minutes ago

    Still lots of Peyote meetings around L.A. Joe. Check out Peyotism in California by Omer C Stewart. Happened right in your backyard practically. :)

  • Brandon Higson
    Brandon Higson 30 minutes ago

    This guy is way more interesting then any "celebrity" and I would watch this guys show 100% heck I would drop my life to film this guy just so we could all learn what we should be learning

  • Michael Grimm
    Michael Grimm 31 minute ago

    Does anyone else not like this guy? Sounds gay, but not gay. Not funny but pretends to be. I'm not sure why he is part of the group. Is he the son of a club owner?

  • TheLogical Lowdown
    TheLogical Lowdown 31 minute ago

    Joe, what you said about life being finite and psychedelics being a way to take a pause and look at the machine, that is exactly why it's illegal. One good look at the machine from the outside and you don't want to be a part of it anymore.

  • Elixer
    Elixer 31 minute ago

    Tony seemed so uninterested in the convo

    • Bird
      Bird 32 seconds ago

      I think that's (just) Tony.

  • ogadl ogadl
    ogadl ogadl 31 minute ago

    Every one keeps commenting “Get Alex back!!” Well maybe he did go to the @1:57:03 UFC fight and maybe Brian did bring porn stars and maybe just maybe something not cool happened that weekend and now Joe CANT get him back on the show....just a wild theory.

  • No No
    No No 31 minute ago

    Cutest gay couple 2019

  • Ryan Costa
    Ryan Costa 31 minute ago

    i think people did only limited buffalo hunting on the plains before the horse got here. The small pox population decimation affected the plains less than the woodlands.

  • Merlin Emryys
    Merlin Emryys 32 minutes ago

    Clock spring motors in old 16mm cameras. I had 8mm Kodak that had a wind up motor in the 50's.

  • Michael Ledford
    Michael Ledford 33 minutes ago

    In the words of Mr Spock ,Fascinating !

  • The Kids Nice
    The Kids Nice 34 minutes ago

    “My favorite warm liquid is zest from lemons, Italians make it”

  • K P
    K P 34 minutes ago

    11k dislikes lol Trumper's still mad about that correspondent's dinner huh?

  • 420 420
    420 420 35 minutes ago

    trump is the american dream, speaks his mind and loves benefiting from hard work

  • Salty96
    Salty96 36 minutes ago

    This dude annoys the shit out of me

    • Bird
      Bird 20 seconds ago

      Don't tell me it's the voice...?

  • thespACEchannel
    thespACEchannel 36 minutes ago

    All I can say is I've been following Jones for the last 13 years, the beard suits him and he's learning what the game really is costing and how it'll be played against him... anything else I say will go to Google's A.I. in China where soon it will be used against me and I'll either be on a hitlist or I won't be allowed to have the incoming Social Credit System... So, I'll just leave it at that.

  • Happyradish18
    Happyradish18 36 minutes ago

    Lmao, if those undefined pronouns are anywhere or nowhere on the spectrum it's not a spectrum is it. It's a lump group. I'm done with the internet for today.

  • The Kids Nice
    The Kids Nice 37 minutes ago

    Joe-“How do you feel about CrossFit?” Pavel- “Joe how about we take one minute and I get myself another tea, and then I’ll address that, sound good?” Joe- “sure” Pavel- “It’s a good question man, very good question, excellent question” Joe- “Lol he’s gonna go get another tea... do you know how do it?” Pavel- “No, no idea” 54:55 ... def was not expecting that. That was the funniest, most random, most alpha move of all time.

  • anup Kr
    anup Kr 37 minutes ago

    Joe you never bring up Indian masterminds from India to your podcasts. We are 1/3rd of the world population, I am sure you will find a few of the 100,000s choices you narrow down to. Imagine the level of change that can bring to this Indian dominated world. Do you know how many of us are listening to your podcast right now?

  • Om Karki
    Om Karki 37 minutes ago

    What is difference between American system and Nazi ?? People are focusing how nice he is ....but what if he was not nice ... would that be justification for system to treat another human like that.!? He is out now .....I dont think he is only one who suffered from American system.

  • anup Kr
    anup Kr 38 minutes ago

    Joe you never bring up Indian masterminds from India to your podcasts. We are 1/3rd of the world population, I am sure you will find a few of the 100,000s choices you narrow down to. Imagine the level of change that can bring to this Indian dominated world. Do you know how many of us are listening to your podcast right now?

  • Christoffer Kjellman
    Christoffer Kjellman 39 minutes ago

    Who the fuck dislikes these?? Jesus almighty

  • The Devil
    The Devil 39 minutes ago

    The ritual they are performing at Bohemian Grove is called "the Cremation of Care". It's nifty. Moloch is PLEASED.

  • Just Mordecai
    Just Mordecai 41 minute ago

    The number-guessing podcast.

  • The Happy Cats Tail
    The Happy Cats Tail 41 minute ago

    "he put it in raw" "so did bill cosby" im dead.

  • Nolan Moore
    Nolan Moore 41 minute ago

    The podcast begins at 6:20

    AMERICAN WATCHDOGS 41 minute ago

    That beautiful jfk speech and look at us now god damn was he on the right track

  • Pat Pat
    Pat Pat 42 minutes ago

    44:00 earth would eventually be 'fine' after a nuclear holocaust? joe is so thoughtless sometimes. sure, the radiation would dissipate over millions of years. things would become more livable again. but the planet would not bounce back. it would be changed forever. it took 4 billion years for the biosphere to reach this level of complexity, and yes, on the rebound things would have a jump start (already at multi-cellular organisms), but you can't just get back all the rest of that evolution in a few hundred millions years. it would probably take around a billion years to get back to something like we have now. the film around the earth is so impossibly complex that our brains can't even come close to comprehending it. it's like trying to imagine the size of the intergalactic filaments. this world is more precious than anything in the known universe. and we're burning it down.

  • patacorn
    patacorn 42 minutes ago

    Ofgs, you never heard how CIA controlled early music scene! MK ultra. We didn't have vhs in 70s , but they did ffs. Stop with the naivety, please.

  • TexasRebelOne
    TexasRebelOne 42 minutes ago

    Let’s not forget the Kiowa. They were the Comanches closet ally

  • Vic 2.0
    Vic 2.0 43 minutes ago

    Candace puts the "Dark" in "Intellectual Dark Web"... you know... because of her outfit.

  • Robby D
    Robby D 43 minutes ago

    They both bring out the little kid inside one another .