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Exhaust #76: Joey Savatgy
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  • Jon Metivier
    Jon Metivier 2 minutes ago

    Man id give anything to see what all swinkster stuff he has

  • mike mcpoyle
    mike mcpoyle 8 minutes ago

    need another hour of this tour!!

  • Cody Siler
    Cody Siler 9 minutes ago

    The knowledge is amazing! Awesome video of behind the scenes!

  • Jack Of All Trades Master Of None

    FMF hit the only thumbs down

  • Blaze Ficco
    Blaze Ficco 18 minutes ago

    That is so awesome I wanna look through it all

    DAVID GEE 31 minute ago

    At 18:46 Mitch got the name wrong on the first rider he named in that group picture. It's not Adolf Weil it's Suzuki's Dutch Gerrit Wolsink.:) The only 5 Time USGP Carlsbad Winner the Dentist. 2016 Supercross interview with Jim Holly thexvid.com/video/KA9G9pU4klQ/video.html

  • Patrick Carroll
    Patrick Carroll 35 minutes ago

    Awesome video, what a treasure trove!

  • Hill Diesel
    Hill Diesel Hour ago

    Christophe Pourcel wore UFO gear in 2007.

    JHNBLKBRN Hour ago


  • The Borden Asylum

    He wouldn't even part with a single Peak Honda jersey, even though he had 700 of them new in shrink wrap still....lol

  • The Borden Asylum

    It's a literal GOLD MINE in what's essentially the attic equivalent of the PC HQ...Good God. Anyone who ever wanted to pull the perfect heist, this is the motherload right here. I don't even think Mitch can truly appreciate this stuff the way other people can/do. He's jaded, and to think much of this stuff hasn't seen the light of day since it was packed up in boxes...SMH

  • Doug Derby
    Doug Derby Hour ago

    There is only one Mitch and he is the coolest bar none.

  • Brap Chapel
    Brap Chapel Hour ago

    My god.... Mich's spank bank has a few years worth of wet dreams in it!

  • Eric D.
    Eric D. Hour ago

    Hell if Mitch opened that place up like a museum it would be like my visit to Paisley Park!😉

  • Destination Unknown
    Destination Unknown 2 hours ago

    Mitch is such a rad dude!

  • Debbie Hipsher
    Debbie Hipsher 2 hours ago

    That was awesome. So much money and history. He knows what hes doing

  • chris Vozza
    chris Vozza 2 hours ago

    So much awsome memoribilia!

  • Sun is Shining
    Sun is Shining 2 hours ago

    wegee and his typical BS clowny mouth.. "1990 the most exciting SX season ever"... It was exciting yes (I was a big fan of Stanton #1, Bradshaw #8 & Larry Ward #17, O'Mara, Cooper #4, Tichenor, etc) but with RJ not at his best anymore something was missing here (so a lot of racers emerged) ... 1985 was The Year, 8 top factory (and legendary) racers on true factory bikes (at least Honda & Kawi) get at least one overall win (two main events by round except Daytona) and there were 2 or 3 points between the top 3 before the last round (Wardy, Glover, Lechien) and at the end of the series there were maybe only 20 points between Wardy (the champ) and the 5th , and I still remember the two #1 of Johnny O' & Bailey on their RC250 factory Honda, Bailey with a blue plate & yellow #1..

  • tampabay jay
    tampabay jay 3 hours ago

    Mitch has some cool old stuff to talk about and all Matthes and Weege want to do is ebay everything!

  • Andy Street
    Andy Street 3 hours ago

    I have the same 94 Pro Circuit and Stanton Pennet hanging on my wall I’m a 90s kid so a lot of the stuff is taking me down memory lane

  • Colin Burton
    Colin Burton 3 hours ago

    Holy Shit this is epic.

  • Jason Procai
    Jason Procai 3 hours ago

    What an awesome blast from the past, I could spend an entire month going through that room!!!! That is freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Todd  Dooley
    Todd Dooley 3 hours ago

    Steve looking slim, good job man! Fun vid, thanks for sharing!

  • mike golden
    mike golden 3 hours ago

    So nice I had to watch twice.

  • William Wyn
    William Wyn 3 hours ago

    Can I move in !!

  • kernplace37
    kernplace37 4 hours ago

    This is so sick. Mitch is an icon.

  • craig hills
    craig hills 4 hours ago

    Thank you, what a loverly humble personality Mitch is, well done in Australia ThanK YOU

  • Dom #
    Dom # 4 hours ago

    So rad. To have all Mitch’s knowledge would be amazing.

  • BOSFallen
    BOSFallen 4 hours ago

    Not one thing has changed its place since I cleaned that place up years ago

  • Jordan Fisher
    Jordan Fisher 4 hours ago

    The coolest warehouse collection EVER

  • Michael Grubbs
    Michael Grubbs 4 hours ago

    Quite impressive

  • Michael Grubbs
    Michael Grubbs 4 hours ago

    Mitch collects the same way I do, earned something special for being special, getting an award for it and just letting it collect dust on a Shelf that's the way pal. I don't know why that is

  • Paul Wood
    Paul Wood 5 hours ago

    Wow my Racing memories in one

  • fox1nz
    fox1nz 5 hours ago

    Matthes is looking good, keep it up bro!!

    • The Borden Asylum
      The Borden Asylum Hour ago

      I'd hope so seeing how he bikes over 100 miles a week...I was starting to wonder but didn't have the courage to ask him WTF he rode that much for if it wasn't starting to pay off LOL.

  • Chadd Leix
    Chadd Leix 5 hours ago

    Something about you reminds me of Ronnie Mac lol. I know it’s a random comment, but I had to say it, sorry I’ll piss off now

  • ryanlester30
    ryanlester30 5 hours ago

    I have one of those original 1993 Hotwheels graphics kits @17:35... That makes two of us! Lol.

  • ryanlester30
    ryanlester30 5 hours ago

    15:13 Matthes trying to work a warranty deal on a ripped jersey from '91. Mitch says, "Uh, we're gonna hold onto that one." Hahahaha!

  • Wergin Racing
    Wergin Racing 5 hours ago

    Super cool that Mitch has all that. Should turn that upstairs into the pro circuit museum/lounge. 🤘 🍻. So much history there.

    • Dan Arnets
      Dan Arnets 4 hours ago

      He literally has too much stuff to make a museum on that place.

  • bwhaskell
    bwhaskell 5 hours ago

    Wow, Mitch's collection is a motocross gold mine!

  • Rob W
    Rob W 5 hours ago

    That's awesome way cool and that lion picture I had one in my apartment in the 80s😁

  • Steven Day
    Steven Day 5 hours ago

    HOLY SHIT. I dont know what I would do just to spend one day in those first two rooms. Just to look at that stuff. I would literally OD in a matter of moments. Good lord that brings me back to when I was a kid, and what it was like to see those bikes, those riders, the box trucks, the team gear, mechanic's team shirts. AWESOME Video Weege. I know I sound like a creeper right now, but I dont give a fuck. That would be like Disney land on steroid.

    • Steven Day
      Steven Day 4 hours ago

      @ryanlester30 HELL YES

    • ryanlester30
      ryanlester30 4 hours ago

      @Steven Day hahaha! Oh, I molested every piece of history I could while I was there. I ended up with the Peak and Hotwheels graphics, eventually- along with some '95 MC Honda team graphics and seat cover and a few other odds and ends. My buddy got the LaRocco seat and some other things. We are both lucky SOBs. Lol.

    • Steven Day
      Steven Day 4 hours ago

      @ryanlester30 you hush your dirty hore mouth right now. I'm jealous as hell. That's killer. Did you hug the seat against you face. You did didn't you. You motor boating SOB. Big motor boat or small motor boat, come on tell me the truth. Dammit that AWESOME.

    • ryanlester30
      ryanlester30 5 hours ago

      This reminds me of some stuff at Works Connection. The manager took me upstairs to look through some boxes of goodies. I was pretty much sweating with excitement when it was all over. Lol. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a 1992 LaRocco factory KX seat, On The Line Racing graphics and seat cover, Original Peak "91 and "92 graphics kits, #1 plates and riders' jerseys among other amazing things. The most impressive was the AMA Tech sheets from the 1986 Daytona Supercross. There was every one of the riders who raced that day and signed off their bikes. There was David Bailey, Ricky Johnson, Ricky Ryan, Jeff Ward to name a few. It was amazing.

  • Isaac Jarrett
    Isaac Jarrett 6 hours ago

    I feel like this is a bad idea to let people know this stuff is up there....

    • ryanlester30
      ryanlester30 5 hours ago

      People will be all over this stuff... buggin' from the showroom floor.

  • See Eye
    See Eye 6 hours ago

    Ask Mitch where I can find one of those Monster energy PC train driver cap that RV wore on the podium at glen helen when he wrapped his first outdoor title.

  • doug148877
    doug148877 6 hours ago

    MATTHES IS SKINNY! Great job on the vid and great job slimming down, Steve.

    • Dan Arnets
      Dan Arnets 4 hours ago

      Now I can only call him "The Douchebag formerly known as Fatthes"...

    JEFF GAVID 6 hours ago

    15:51 digging that lion painting.

    • Rob W
      Rob W 5 hours ago

      Totally i had one in my apartment 1983

  • scrubbin627
    scrubbin627 6 hours ago

    That's a bad ass collection!

  • Monster KXF
    Monster KXF 6 hours ago

    ‘Kids can’t read anymore’ 😂😂 Awesome, wow!! 🤘🤘

  • Daca Mc
    Daca Mc 6 hours ago

    AME are doing a awesome job for the sport of SX in Australia and Asia Pacific, I hope they achieve there goals in getting a 3 to 5 Rnd pre season races and team up with the Euro premotors and make it something great. #passion

  • Brett
    Brett 6 hours ago

    The pro circuit museum

  • Kevin Gorzny
    Kevin Gorzny 6 hours ago


  • Eli Carter
    Eli Carter 8 hours ago

    how do i get the ernesto fonseca woody woodpecker bike?

  • Tarz Thomas
    Tarz Thomas 8 hours ago

    Your the Best Weege

  • Jordy Emede
    Jordy Emede 9 hours ago

    Mason looks like he got scalped! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • MX Union
    MX Union 13 hours ago

    Like this!

  • Damage, Inc.
    Damage, Inc. 18 hours ago

    Why would you buy an old bike and want it to look like a modern bike? Would you buy a 67 Camaro and start putting modern junk all over it?

  • Ty Nagle
    Ty Nagle 21 hour ago

    Yep, I've done a video on the RM updated plastic kit from Polisport!!..

  • Josh Doyle
    Josh Doyle 22 hours ago

    Jay, were you jealous of Nics bike at decal works?

  • Nicolas Farias

    i have a 04 rm250, 13hrs the whole bike, like new. is a monster. thinking of selling the bike, to much for me hahaha. that bike looks sick.

  • Terry Rasor
    Terry Rasor Day ago

    Did you have to modify the foot pegs or are they a bolt on item??

  • shenaniganz krew 22

    Shame on y'all! You know you can't share pronogaphy on YT! 😂 She's GORGEOUS

  • Mark Pool
    Mark Pool Day ago

    They absolutely make an updated kit for that bike

  • Sam Nazloomian

    I really like this podcast learned a lot from it. All information I can use for my instagram page madmoto_cross

    • Luke Nesler
      Luke Nesler 6 hours ago

      @LA FLAMA BLANCA :) No harm no foul lol

    • Luke Nesler
      Luke Nesler 6 hours ago

      Soild, Sam. Glad to hear it. Hit me up on IG and I'll check out your page.

      LA FLAMA BLANCA 21 hour ago

      Sam Nazloomian shameless self promo 😂

  • Erik Newman
    Erik Newman Day ago

    The RM's always have the beautiful 2 stroke snarl to em

  • Floridajames04

    Wrong, Polisport makes a restyle kit for plastics so you don’t have to cut them... cmon guys! How do I know that and y’all don’t?

  • crash burn
    crash burn Day ago

    Hold your head high because you are the strongest a man can be!

  • Brian Andrew
    Brian Andrew Day ago

    What does Jay Clark do with all the bikes he builds for Racer X, Rocky Mountain etc??? Do they ever go up for sale? And if so, just locally in CA?

  • Hunter Roberts

    When are the supercross preshows coming out?

  • weirdshibainu
    weirdshibainu Day ago

    2 strokes are the best

  • Jacob Superjet Jet SKI

    The bike was in mint shape...... so we stripped it down and painted and redid everything.

  • Sleepy .Time
    Sleepy .Time 2 days ago

    nice to hear you guys are working with Tom Morgan, he rebuilt my KX500 motor and did a fantastic job

  • MXTV125
    MXTV125 2 days ago

    As a retired MX’er who happens to work in TV it’s interesting to me to hear about what goes into advertising. I would agree with you, you need TV, radio, print and TheXvid type videos. I heard the podcast and liked it.

    • MXTV125
      MXTV125 2 hours ago

      I haven’t missed a podcast yet👍👍👍 My goal in school was to bring Motocross to TV, produce/direct. By the time I graduated Motocross and Supercross was already on TV. To this day I don’t think I ever put a race on TV.

    • Luke Nesler
      Luke Nesler 6 hours ago

      Appreciate you listening

  • Timothy Mckern
    Timothy Mckern 2 days ago

    Nice work with the podcast it's very interesting to learn how marketing site works

  • Benjamin Gallegos
    Benjamin Gallegos 2 days ago


  • Defaulty Boi
    Defaulty Boi 2 days ago

    I want it

    ZDENĚK ALT 2 days ago



    I’m wondering if that guy thinks they gave it a really cool look?

  • Tim Turner
    Tim Turner 2 days ago

    Go check out my 2004 RM125 I redid but not quite all the way done with it check it out on my channel And leave comments down below and let me know what you guys think

  • Dirt Bike TV
    Dirt Bike TV 2 days ago


  • Ace Johnson
    Ace Johnson 2 days ago

    Need a better rider that will push the bike to its best potential and not just in areas where the camera is

  • Torosus Horneri
    Torosus Horneri 2 days ago

    Ah the good old Suzuki rm 250. Remember it very Well when RC twisted the living thing out of that 05 factory rm. Damn you AMA / FIM for ruin the two strokes at the highest level wich basically took 3 major brands of the two stroke market.

    LA FLAMA BLANCA 3 days ago

    For everyone commenting that Polisport makes a kit for it... It has to do with only wanting to use sponsored companies’ products. These builds are just aiming at selling junk to people. Wrench Rabbit, TUSK, Decal Works, etc on every single one of Jay’s builds. It’s literally copy paste every time.

    • MX 200
      MX 200 10 hours ago

      @david pingree Watch your tongue. Did you learn this education at the fire dept? He is only partially wrong.

    • david pingree
      david pingree 2 days ago

      Wrong, idiot. This was shot almost a year ago. That kit only recently came out.

  • Nick Defreitas
    Nick Defreitas 3 days ago

    Amazing content and showcasing. Would take any of these bikes.

  • lozadazx14
    lozadazx14 3 days ago

    Mine looks better than this one !! 😉😂

  • Chris Gleis
    Chris Gleis 3 days ago

    I thought. Ping went to Vital.

    • Taylor Waenga
      Taylor Waenga 2 days ago

      Same!!! Unless this is an older video that only just been uploaded

  • Cam Andrews
    Cam Andrews 3 days ago

    What was the cost of this project

  • chris Vozza
    chris Vozza 3 days ago

    Sounds amazing! Really liked those late year rm250s love the way they looked and felt like a 125

  • Schwifty
    Schwifty 3 days ago

    Doesnt seem that long ago this came out, always wanted a 05. Nice build!

  • Maverick224
    Maverick224 3 days ago

    Sick bike guys, another 2 stroke master peace from JC, pity thats not going to be your bike Ping, you and an RM a true RM (2t) seem to be a perfect fit, best riding you have shown for ages. The 250 fits you like a glove, slaying those berms, cheers for the bringing us these bikes and builds. 🤙🔥

  • Suzukirider 649
    Suzukirider 649 3 days ago

    Love my 03 rm still a great bike. Keep it retro, I don't like the "new" plastic kits anyway. Two stroke smoke is the best dope.

    • Fred C
      Fred C 12 seconds ago

      truest comment ever!!

  • Bruno Botelho
    Bruno Botelho 3 days ago

    Here is the link to the Polisport plastics with a new and updated look: www.polisport.com/en/off-road/news/rm-125/250---restyling-kit/?id=258&idn=152

  • TwinZ AmericA
    TwinZ AmericA 3 days ago

    You guys mention nothing on the Hinson compents. Did y'all get the complete set - basket, inner hub, pressure plate ? Reason being I'm got it all for my 04 RM250 but the pressure plate and would give my left nut to complete my Hinson clutch. :)

  • Bruno Botelho
    Bruno Botelho 3 days ago

    I believe Polisport plastics makes plastics with a new and updated look for Suzuki 2 strokes. Look for it.

  • Mr Smitherz
    Mr Smitherz 3 days ago

    Lookin good! That machine looks great with Jay overlooking the build. Who wouldn't want that sucker in the back of their truck. Very nice to see and hear some Suzuki 2stroke action.

  • Aaron Martin TV
    Aaron Martin TV 3 days ago

    Great looking bike It's crazy to think a bike that is over 15 years old can look that good.

  • Keith Tarrier
    Keith Tarrier 3 days ago


  • Travis Urbanski
    Travis Urbanski 3 days ago

    Which rock are you guys living under?? Polisport makes a RM Restyle kit.

  • Geno Olsavick
    Geno Olsavick 3 days ago

    Always appreciated my Zooks. Nice job fellas...

  • lil hydrant
    lil hydrant 3 days ago

    Crazy that nico izzy was Suzuki's boy for years! I couldn't read a magazine without seeing him on an ad! Then he goes pro does alright but injuries get him addicted to opiates and then he got hooked in heroin with a bad crowd of friends... Sad how talent goes to waste



    • Nick Andrews
      Nick Andrews 21 hour ago

      Rod duster u are talking out your ass

    • Pedro Gomes
      Pedro Gomes 2 days ago

      @Rod Duster u stupid lol

    • Rod Duster
      Rod Duster 3 days ago

      Suzuki 2 stroke gearboxes were made from chocolate and tin, when a company does not rectify their mistakes they lose respect and customers! They wanted to charge silly money for heat treated gears for 2 meeting old bikes instead of doing a call back! Sad really as they were there or there about's in the 80's, now they are the gay bike, yep constantly up the back end....... PS, They are rare because they all broke and got scrapped

    • Mr Smitherz
      Mr Smitherz 3 days ago

      I agree. It's SO sad to see how behind their moto machines are these days. I restored my neighbors 92 RM250 to keep the ol yellow going and people love seeing it being ridden every time we take it out.

    • halfasheep
      halfasheep 3 days ago

      Same.....Suzuki have dropped the ball.

  • Edwin Lomonaco
    Edwin Lomonaco 3 days ago

    I agree with the rookie discussion. But I wonder what Brian Deegan will do with Haiden.

    • chris jerome
      chris jerome 2 days ago

      Deegan has already said he doesnt want Haiden going pro until hes 18

    • Edwin Lomonaco
      Edwin Lomonaco 3 days ago

      @Cooksey Media I would expect that from Brian. Since he's lived that life already.

    • Cooksey Media
      Cooksey Media 3 days ago

      I bet he plays it smart, don’t look for him to rush his career.