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  • Joe Nobody
    Joe Nobody 4 hours ago

    That suspension looks better than what hrc had then.

  • NateDogMXtv
    NateDogMXtv 6 hours ago

    The fork works really well on the second line.Tweak the rebound front and rear to balance the bike and you won't go back

  • Nuculear TV
    Nuculear TV 6 hours ago

    We need Ronnie Mac on next episode!! I agree with you Thomas Rowan.

    • Thomas Rowan
      Thomas Rowan 2 hours ago

      Cause it's needed in life. 2 in two stroke means 2 strokes.

  • Nitro rc / motocross

    Some bike for one bike โ˜๏ธ

  • Thomas Rowan
    Thomas Rowan 12 hours ago

    Episode 69 we need Ronnie Mac.

  • Rotary Junkie
    Rotary Junkie 15 hours ago

    Handguards XD

  • dlrarmy
    dlrarmy 19 hours ago

    check out the radiator shrouds..they have big open spaces behind the radiator...to let more air pass thru...keeps it cooler i think...

  • Dani P
    Dani P 20 hours ago

    Very nice to see him in Red Bull SR !!!


    Would it Be better to plug that front suspension in kx450 2020? Would it be the answer of the problem of his big brother?

  • Tommy smf
    Tommy smf Day ago

    You could use a syringe and put oil from bottom upwards, that way you don't have to bleed it because the air will go out on it's own...

  • Chris Wesney
    Chris Wesney Day ago

    This bike is so badass...


    Those poor valves...

  • Aaron Pugh
    Aaron Pugh Day ago

    Itโ€™s actually pretty amazing he can still ride so well with the condition of his body!

  • jake schemmel
    jake schemmel Day ago

    I would bet all of my money that if travis went back to supercross he would win. The dude is a fucking GOON ON THE BIKE and the way he just flows is still amazing

  • xxnrossixx
    xxnrossixx Day ago

    Damn, talk about bringing style to the mx track!

  • AeroR
    AeroR Day ago

    Thanks for the suspension setup tips! Will try it this weekend ๐Ÿ™Œ Enjoy the bike life Cheers

  • Slim Pickens
    Slim Pickens Day ago

    Joey doing what he does! Looked like pretty rough track conditions. Youโ€™re either out of the groove and in the soft shit or following a rut to stay up on speed. Nice Rip bro!!

  • hd339
    hd339 Day ago

    I love how you soaked up that jump while kinda doing a turn up. Great style !

  • Elis
    Elis Day ago

    He went pro 10 years ago

  • Res Tania
    Res Tania Day ago

    bacot anjinggg

  • Todd  Dooley
    Todd Dooley Day ago

    I thought the 2020 was unchanged

  • Forrest Jones
    Forrest Jones Day ago

    Love the video, and I have a new channel with some riding videos if anyone here likes woods racing, informational videos, and motocross you should check it out. ๐Ÿ˜โœŒ๏ธ

  • Travis The truth hurts

    That sound tho

  • Paulo Nobre
    Paulo Nobre Day ago


  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Day ago

    dude names all the great parts and companies that helped him build this then says its abit slow and sluggish..... dam

  • Science Militia1

    Just another gay 250f. Disposable junk. Skip all these mods and just buy a STOCK 250 2 stroke for cheaper that rips harder than these ear-shattering fart-noise sluggish beta male bitch blow up machines. No time for this retard shit.

  • Keagan Pergar
    Keagan Pergar 2 days ago

    What ever happened to this team?

  • Grace Cagle
    Grace Cagle 2 days ago

    she broke in now lol

  • FMX211AL
    FMX211AL 2 days ago

    Donโ€™t like 125โ€™s or Suzuki but that is a beautiful bike and sounds amazing

  • cross frank
    cross frank 2 days ago

    My son coming of 125 cant find a good Suspension set up

    • cross frank
      cross frank Day ago

      I'm try 6 clicks out than over the winter I send it out thanks great video

    • yz125rider209
      yz125rider209 2 days ago

      cross frank get it revalved by a local shop or send it out

  • Pete Austin
    Pete Austin 2 days ago

    Sickest race ever. I like the style and track set up. My kinda shit!

  • Chad Sugden
    Chad Sugden 2 days ago

    black coupler is good if you have a young kid coming off a 85. thats why its there

    • Chad Sugden
      Chad Sugden 2 days ago

      p.s. i love these dialed in videos ive missed them.. honda next please :)

  • DavT 86
    DavT 86 2 days ago

    Travis is a legend, and that little RM looks top class

  • La Flama Blanca
    La Flama Blanca 2 days ago

    Needs 20mm offset triple clamps. You can tell shit is goofy lookin on the stand.

  • SuMoMiKe2F4u
    SuMoMiKe2F4u 2 days ago

    Bike looks awesome ๐Ÿค˜ Go 199! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Samir Hernandez
    Samir Hernandez 2 days ago

    Cr the fucking best 2 STROKE

  • Brett Butler
    Brett Butler 2 days ago

    whats his big ass doing on a 125?

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 2 days ago

    every racer x project build is always ruined with terible graphics

  • james spikes
    james spikes 2 days ago

    Let someone race this at straight rhythm

  • Nick Fitzgerald
    Nick Fitzgerald 3 days ago

    Crap just bought tpi 300 two stroke but I know what Iโ€™m buying in 6 months... a 125 just to scream it and bring back old memories!!! Gotta hide it from the wife tho

  • Dominic Redders
    Dominic Redders 3 days ago

    To the 93 people who gave this a thumbs down ๐Ÿ‘Ž ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป

  • Ammar Auzaie
    Ammar Auzaie 3 days ago

    Feels like playing MTX mototrax xd

  • Sinister Veritas
    Sinister Veritas 3 days ago

    Clearly the 2 stroke from 30 years ago is better.

  • Tanner Banks
    Tanner Banks 3 days ago

    That bike is sooooo sick

  • Jason C
    Jason C 3 days ago

    First timer here๐Ÿ™‹ That was fun, cheers๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ–

  • Igor Bogdanel
    Igor Bogdanel 3 days ago

    What bike is that

  • johnpaul. art
    johnpaul. art 3 days ago

    karma on that million tho....he was pulling his pants up at A1

  • The RePo Channel
    The RePo Channel 3 days ago

    Let Ron ride !!!

  • Nilla Waffer
    Nilla Waffer 3 days ago

    Is this the mx factory guy

  • Corbett Corbett
    Corbett Corbett 3 days ago

    Road to a champion

  • T-Benz
    T-Benz 3 days ago


  • jack bruce
    jack bruce 3 days ago

    He is still quick. Love TP an absolute champion

  • Carlos y ysac jajajaja

    Suscrรญbanse al canal Carlos Isaac

  • mountain dude
    mountain dude 4 days ago

    Hes an asshole

  • arborist460
    arborist460 4 days ago

    Mixin gas and kickin ass....oh the memories...wire tie the throttle and hope for the best

  • Tyson Boser
    Tyson Boser 4 days ago

    Bring back two stroke moto!!!!

  • Kevin Kinney
    Kevin Kinney 4 days ago

    Graphics are sick

    MARKSON FERREIRA 4 days ago


  • Augie H
    Augie H 4 days ago

    Ruined it with the 04 fenders

    • Augie H
      Augie H 4 days ago

      Actually itโ€™s growing on me

  • Brandon Garrett
    Brandon Garrett 4 days ago

    Travis is the one dude who we will never see swing a leg over a 4 stroke

  • MOTOX33V
    MOTOX33V 4 days ago


  • Hans Zuerner
    Hans Zuerner 4 days ago

    Legend on one hell of a 125

  • Brandon Strong
    Brandon Strong 4 days ago

    Damn... look at the angle of his pegs! Dude means business. Canโ€™t wait for straight rhythm.

  • maxime schelambre
    maxime schelambre 4 days ago

    scalvini exhaust the best

  • Middletown Valley Beef

    With all these recent two stroke videos, the All-Star series, and the general consensus that 2t's are more fun and exciting to ride/watch I seriously hope they start to make a comeback!

  • kimwedding1964
    kimwedding1964 4 days ago

    The next time some loser tell's u big dudes can't ride a 125 fast. Punch them in the mouth and show em this video.

  • MikaZukii PH
    MikaZukii PH 4 days ago

    Good Old Legend Pastrana + 2 stroke = Perfection๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Richard Upyurass
    Richard Upyurass 4 days ago

    Bring back two bangers to supercross

  • My My09
    My My09 4 days ago

    Can he race that thing in the open class for Des Nations? It would be pinned 24/7 in the sand

  • Anthony Scapin
    Anthony Scapin 5 days ago

    125 all stars?

  • Stratten 45
    Stratten 45 5 days ago

    Us Americans think this stuff is so cool and that all the Japanese manufactures need to start making 2 strokes again but just think how Kawasaki Honda and Suzuki feel now that thereโ€™s a pro toured 125 class in mxgp

  • macedhx
    macedhx 5 days ago

    Travis is gnarly


    The sound of this RM Is the best of every bikes

  • David Lear
    David Lear 5 days ago

    Thank you. .

  • Aaron Troutman
    Aaron Troutman 5 days ago

    My 480 and 500 that my father left me were stolen. Iโ€™ll never be able to afford another bike I sure would do anything for one of these bikes!!! ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • Riccardo Quattrini #307

    Pure a te te scappano e Marcie?

  • chipper442
    chipper442 5 days ago


  • Joe Anthony
    Joe Anthony 5 days ago

    those are badass bike"s.

  • Bowie Jeffries
    Bowie Jeffries 5 days ago

    I thought he wasnโ€™t sponsored by Red Bull anymore? He left to go full time sponsored by Nitro Circus.

  • George Jeavons
    George Jeavons 5 days ago

    Rm 125s were the real deal

  • john mealtone
    john mealtone 5 days ago

    This svartpilen looks great like that ! Love the wheels. What are you saying about akrapovic system ? I dont really understand cause im french and i would like to increase power of mine then i need this information ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Thanks for your answer

  • Paul Learn
    Paul Learn 5 days ago

    Bike looked sick! TP always a pleasure to see you! Thanks for having vision!

  • Kenn Vu
    Kenn Vu 5 days ago

    Brin bak 2strk dammit!

  • Oscar Flyer
    Oscar Flyer 5 days ago

    TP needs some torque, give him a 250 2 stroke cross bike.

  • Enrique Morfin Macouzet

    No matter how you ride ... Every time we ride it feels like that bc you are pushing as hard as you can

  • Caverneras.
    Caverneras. 5 days ago

    Como suena la Rm con ese scalvini๐Ÿ˜

  • shooter7a
    shooter7a 5 days ago

    Mitch Payton is a good man. What else can you say.

  • HoofedGaming
    HoofedGaming 5 days ago

    Flexing that red bull helmet

  • MX Union
    MX Union 5 days ago

    Love that RMZ ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’จ

  • Dan278
    Dan278 6 days ago

    got a rm125 from 2003 just because of him and his bike sounds exactly the same, oh the feelings.

  • Xander Sease
    Xander Sease 6 days ago

    Poor bike ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Josephโ€™s Quest

    This bikes handled so freaking well man, hard to beat with a bib bore on them.

  • Dixie Hooligans
    Dixie Hooligans 6 days ago

    I read about the build in the description. I can build a bike like that in a couple of weeks and I'm just a regular guy with very few industry hookups and no Suzuki sponsorship. Why did it take them an entire year to build that bike? Not hating at all. Just curios.

  • caseysniper308
    caseysniper308 6 days ago

    best cr250 engine series, mechanical power valve engines will last forever easy build.

  • chance Damron
    chance Damron 6 days ago

    should have entered this in real moto 2019!

  • By His Holy Cross
    By His Holy Cross 6 days ago

    Why he always on a 125 get a 500 2 smoker

  • Jason Wellenreiter
    Jason Wellenreiter 6 days ago

    Who picked these scrubs? Maybe next year USA.

  • Austin Silva
    Austin Silva 6 days ago

    I really wanna see the 97-00 era of Suzuki restored and him riding it. Iโ€™d build one myself if I was rich . Lol

  • howard preston
    howard preston 6 days ago

    bike looks nice .... its no yz

  • kai glembocki
    kai glembocki 6 days ago

    Bike without grip tape?