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Joe Pasquale Gets Roasted
Views 3.4K2 years ago
Gordon Ramsay Tasting Prank
Views 235K2 years ago
Gordon Ramsay's Swear Jar!
Views 85K2 years ago


  • Mathew
    Mathew 24 minutes ago

    What a fucking donat is my new curse word

  • Jesse Ellis
    Jesse Ellis Hour ago


  • Hilton
    Hilton 5 hours ago

    He had me in tears by the end.

  • Nova142
    Nova142 8 hours ago

    Antone know who the band was

  • 7Seven7
    7Seven7 8 hours ago

    I still struggle to find out how anyone could actually laugh when shes on stage... oh wait, lmao

  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones 8 hours ago

    MP is overrated full stop!

  • angel brown
    angel brown 9 hours ago

    omg if i meet him i would scream ..i mean ever since i watch his videos he is just so inspiring🌹🌹❤❤❤❤

  • Danish state serf.
    Danish state serf. 12 hours ago

    What an arrogant POS.

  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider 13 hours ago

    she is so

  • NoobAlike
    NoobAlike 14 hours ago

    I'm surprised he didn't accidentally get punched

  • Autistic f#ck
    Autistic f#ck 15 hours ago

    well it goes on some type of pizza like why would you eat a pizza with only like meat and shit bruh dry ass like man wtf pineapple goes on some pizza now shut up

  • jesuisjulie
    jesuisjulie 15 hours ago

    'they've had dick before' lmfaooooooo

  • Kay Levy
    Kay Levy 16 hours ago


  • Silent Hill Warrior 5
    Silent Hill Warrior 5 16 hours ago

    That's one way to scare the caca outta someone.

  • Shadow
    Shadow 17 hours ago

    Lady: there’s old lady’s there Gordon: they hade d before

  • pintus 14
    pintus 14 19 hours ago

    Sembrano delle cazzo di pinse non delle pizze

  • Nate Perales
    Nate Perales 19 hours ago

    'No more cussing' 10 seconds later fuck fuck shit fuck shit

  • Jam Jam Plays
    Jam Jam Plays 21 hour ago

    5:41-- I'm sorry- the guy's laugh- I'm sor- 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • FAH 26
    FAH 26 22 hours ago


  • andrew mac gregor

    as a englishman living in the usa i am embarrassed to listen to this tripe. you pop over to get paid off your dem supporting audience and then some how think you are justified to spread hate speech. i am sickened to here you judge over half of america voting population as dumb based on the way the vote went. you sir is what is wrong with the world today. you are ignorant and intolerant, and just belittle people because they dont happen to believe in your perfect world view. but i did think it was funny that you said it was easy to make money in america yet you just insulted over half of the american voting population. great move, lets hope it bites you in your saggy old ass.

  • nicolas kaneakua

    Bucket list meet n cook with him. Come to my home lets cook real hawaiian food

  • Nicholas Crossan

    Just been to see David last night in letterkenny whet a laugh

  • brian macC
    brian macC Day ago

    i watched plenty of python and ddnt laugh ironic ete etc, yes but very few belly laughs the comics who were inspired by python were funnier

  • Trev and Shun
    Trev and Shun Day ago

    They’ve had dick before”

  • LazyArt 1
    LazyArt 1 Day ago

    who cares

  • lokominks vazquez

    2:45 now fuck off!😂 I love this man.

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia Day ago

    Scared dude straight outta his jacket

  • Stop Clickbait

    Gordon: spotted ____ Dude: dick Gordon: can't hear you Dude: *_D I C K_*

  • Gandhi AR
    Gandhi AR Day ago

    3:44 Su mano dio la impresión de estar cortada totalmente.

  • Link Link
    Link Link Day ago

    Women: there’s an old lady here Gordon: they’ve had dick before Women: 😂

  • Rafael Andres
    Rafael Andres Day ago

    ¿ Aun hay gente que escucha a este hijo de puta. ?

  • Emma West
    Emma West Day ago

    Where is the most sauce

  • Anik Dey
    Anik Dey Day ago

    There is a reason why he's a national treasure.

  • Tom Knot
    Tom Knot Day ago

    Bye John! Thanks for all the laughs. Rest easy knowing you'll go down in history :D

  • Michael Passarini

    Never knew Audrey Hepburn was Pakistani.

  • cherry darling

    Still miss him so so much. Watching this brought tears to my eyes it was very touching.

  • Judgy Judgerton

    On second thought, this is a silly video...

  • Tim Keeley
    Tim Keeley Day ago

    Funny in his day. Idiot now

  • TheBoringPotato 10

    Other people :Being insulted by Gordon Ramsay is amazing!! Me:Seems legit

  • Eric Braaten
    Eric Braaten Day ago

    ┏━━╮┏┓╭━┓┏━┓ ┃┏╮┃┃┃┃╭┛┃┗┓ ┃┃┃┃┃┃┃╰┓┃┗┓ ┗┛╰┛┗┛╰━┛┗━┛

  • FRAB __
    FRAB __ 2 days ago

    it just feels like a compilation of gordon selling out

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 2 days ago

    Im not a poof but George was an amazing artist as was Kemp . Im still shocked hes dead tbh

  • jim morgan
    jim morgan 2 days ago

    Robs Pacino just kills me off.

  • life is pain
    life is pain 2 days ago

    Me: * having a good day * anxiety: 8:27

  • lsunationalchamps08

    “There’s old ladies over there”...”They’ve has dick before!” Lmfao 😂

  • maricarri1991
    maricarri1991 2 days ago


    DI3NASTY I KILLER 2 days ago

    At 5:47 Gordon scared him out of his jacket , LMAO

  • Good People
    Good People 2 days ago

    The black lady is so hot.... Her posture and her voice

  • Mikaela Garcia
    Mikaela Garcia 2 days ago

    In Sweden, it is really common to have pineapple on pizza

  • D C
    D C 2 days ago

    the overwhelming majority of men talk about sex as locker room talk.......Bill he's another story. He never talks about I mean this is MR ACTION......he rapes, smears and assaults women!!!!

  • U2WB
    U2WB 2 days ago

    Tha sad thing is that entertainers feel they have a special right to use the media to tell us their political opinions.

    • Lise Dolen
      Lise Dolen 2 days ago

      No more than your right to spout your opinions...... and its my right to listen to their views.... or not!

  • Music Boy
    Music Boy 2 days ago

    “What are you drinking?” “Water...” “It’s dry you FUCKIN DONKEY!”

  • Asani Wasabi
    Asani Wasabi 3 days ago

    4:54 "IT'S FUCKEN RAW!!"

  • jakehands
    jakehands 3 days ago

    Next they should put a wax model of Gordon in a kitchen and watch people’s reaction.

  • youtube employees suck

    Definitely going to save this video

  • Jorge Sotelo
    Jorge Sotelo 3 days ago

    He’s right pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza

  • Anna Mae Sabanal
    Anna Mae Sabanal 3 days ago

    Girl: * needs to shout dick * there's an old lady over there Gordon: they have dicks before Me: * dead * true tho

  • RadiantLobster
    RadiantLobster 3 days ago

    Look gordon, pineapple on pizza is not half bad

  • Daruwu
    Daruwu 3 days ago

    There's more olive oil on this than Popeyes dick LMFAO

  • Azeruth
    Azeruth 3 days ago

    those cameras are noticeable as fuck

  • KnightX
    KnightX 3 days ago

    somebody: punches gordon gordon: "TOO DRY"

  • Lorenit Veseli
    Lorenit Veseli 3 days ago

    "Get back to School" lmao😂😂

  • Mog Films
    Mog Films 3 days ago

    Ill get you more pumpkin.... he sings this soooooooo goood! xD

  • Jason Regan
    Jason Regan 3 days ago

    I'm old but i still got it

  • chip599XX
    chip599XX 4 days ago

    I eat Pizza 🍕 with Pineapple 🍍

    • Walterinios
      Walterinios 2 days ago

      we need a bishop to cure you from that curse

  • MaxChronos
    MaxChronos 4 days ago

    0:42 My face when I stopping my Laugh at something.

  • Fabio Mocas
    Fabio Mocas 4 days ago

    DICK. There’s old ladies there. Gordon Ramsay: they’ve had dick before. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan Bonner
    Ryan Bonner 4 days ago

    Why use actors??

  • 38entamitc
    38entamitc 4 days ago

    I'm buying this shit

  • Debbie Stephens
    Debbie Stephens 4 days ago


  • The Amazing Teddy BASTARDHEAD

    In the thumbnail Ramsay looks like my profile picture lol .

  • Street Deacon
    Street Deacon 4 days ago

    Come on Vanderbeek. Making American's look stupid amd you're not cool enough to make a Johnny Lyndon ass of your self.

  • Jack Parker
    Jack Parker 4 days ago

    Excuse forgot...”YOU F*CKING DONUT!”

  • TornadoHyenyaku
    TornadoHyenyaku 4 days ago

    Gordon: *walking on the street* Delivery guys: "Holy shhh we'd better off before he yells that our boxes are raw" =)) :v

  • Rebekah Coy
    Rebekah Coy 4 days ago

    Gosh I love her! 😆

  • StickmanStudios
    StickmanStudios 4 days ago

    "Some of you think this is a joke* *F*CK*

  • Vanish
    Vanish 4 days ago

    am i the only one who knows the commentator from great big story?

  • Gréëñ Tēå
    Gréëñ Tēå 4 days ago

    Not only is gordan ramsgey a whole ass dad. He has a sense of humor.

  • Molly Spencer
    Molly Spencer 4 days ago


  • Conor Read
    Conor Read 4 days ago

    Legend has it that Gordon named his son after the pizza delivery man

  • ῖ αϻ ϣεῖrδ

    Just imagine hearing someone yell DICK

    • ivy something
      ivy something 3 days ago

      ῖ αϻ ϣεῖrδ you obviously havent been in a middle school

  • Jelte Hoekstra
    Jelte Hoekstra 5 days ago

    chees in a hot dog is popular in sweden

  • Mauro Yañez
    Mauro Yañez 5 days ago

    George Harrison was The Best Beatle and an honorary Python too. That makes him the best un history! ♥️

  • Mahmuda Kabir Moni
    Mahmuda Kabir Moni 5 days ago

    noakhaillahs are born used to it..

  • Andre Onesimus
    Andre Onesimus 5 days ago

    this video do have many unappropriate words😂

  • CryDoll
    CryDoll 5 days ago

    Lmfao i like how that bald headed fuck felt stupid and walked off when he should know damn well gorden is meant to be "rUdE"💀

  • Sky Net
    Sky Net 5 days ago

    Wtf. The host on the show didnt even say call 911. He just sat there like nothing.

  • Ghostgamerthepro
    Ghostgamerthepro 5 days ago

    Where it's fucking rawwwwwwww

  • YoyoEthan 11
    YoyoEthan 11 5 days ago

    4:18 I thought he would say "First of all, do not put your f***ing hand in mother****ing blender" because no video with Gordon Ramsey is complete with the usual "f*** off!!!"

  • Kaustubh Kamlakar
    Kaustubh Kamlakar 5 days ago

    Gordon John ramsay legend? Huh?

  • iconoclast
    iconoclast 5 days ago

    Only an ignorant trumpoid moron like George Carini would claim that the Dems "got their asses handed to them" despite the three million more voters casting the ballot for them and only about 80,000 votes in three states giving the Douchebag in Chief the Electoral College victory. The issue here is not that the Dems lost the election but who won it - the lest fit and the most criminal American President in history. If any other of the Republican candidates had won the nomination and the Presidency, we wouldn't have been happy, but we wouldn't be so incensed that over 60 million morons like yourself live in America and are able to possibly cause its dissolution through electing a piece-of-shit traitor and autocrat for the highest office.

  • Mooshy berry
    Mooshy berry 5 days ago


  • Pamela B
    Pamela B 5 days ago

    That was awesome! 😆😂👍❤️

  • MrWedge72
    MrWedge72 5 days ago


  • Angelo Denwill Petate

    The last prank could be a way to know how hard Chef Gordon’s job as a judge is

  • LadyCake ASMR Mukbang

    gordon enjoy scaring people 😁

  • NickPaulsen
    NickPaulsen 6 days ago

    Host should have said after Gordon had his fingers in the blender. Now you only need a slice of bread on both ears. Then you know what you are xD

  • Patrick McLaughlin
    Patrick McLaughlin 6 days ago

    Most refreshing and deserved comment to the dear ole prick. "Fuck you!" Brilliant.

  • rajat kumar
    rajat kumar 6 days ago

    U forgot the " the fucking donkey" 🤣😂

  • Ye weix
    Ye weix 6 days ago

    fuck you