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MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer
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  • ellah Bansuan
    ellah Bansuan 7 hours ago

    Im searching for full movie but sad to say I can't. Find it😭😭😭 someone can help me where can I find it??

  • Bundle of Nonsense
    Bundle of Nonsense 8 hours ago

    The jokes in this movie is amazing

  • Purple Cabbage
    Purple Cabbage 8 hours ago

    This looks really good but they give too much away in the trailer

  • Bundle of Nonsense
    Bundle of Nonsense 8 hours ago

    “we’re gonna die?” “We did die” “Are we in hell?” “I knew it” DAM I LOVE THAT

  • Fox Makeba
    Fox Makeba 8 hours ago

    The old drills... Latinos where you at? Tell us more about this!

  • Nipun Katariya
    Nipun Katariya 8 hours ago

    Finally a Spider-Man villain not related in some way to Peter Parker

  • Jose Gabriel
    Jose Gabriel 8 hours ago

    will he turn into a pure villain in the end or he will just stay as an anti hero like venom?

  • Ash Raider
    Ash Raider 8 hours ago

    0:45 lmaoooo

  • Jake Simonetti
    Jake Simonetti 8 hours ago


  • Reham Draws
    Reham Draws 8 hours ago

    Its Wabbit Season!

  • kaza blancas
    kaza blancas 8 hours ago

    So is it gonna be r rated?

  • Marlene Schultz
    Marlene Schultz 8 hours ago

    I hope it is a Bad Boys 4.

  • body & yoyo challenge

    I am gust bad man

  • HELP ME GET 100 SUBS with no videos?

    Cant wait to see this!!!

  • Schumer
    Schumer 9 hours ago

    Тупое американское говно, дешёвое! Американцы, вы такие дебилы....

  • Bear Mean
    Bear Mean 9 hours ago

    Бэй Бойс бэд Бойс вач ю гонна ду

  • Abdi Essa
    Abdi Essa 9 hours ago

    Jay Shetty!!!

  • Moonlight Man
    Moonlight Man 9 hours ago

    Watched it yesterday and now I'm a bad boy

  • J-Eazy
    J-Eazy 9 hours ago

    Anyone else came here cause you saw a add on TikTok

  • Jim Hendricks
    Jim Hendricks 9 hours ago

    I’m manbat.

  • Fire Fly Rancher
    Fire Fly Rancher 9 hours ago

    If you can’t beat them, join them.

  • Karen Whymark
    Karen Whymark 9 hours ago

    Ohh goodie yet more shit with bloody Will Smith just retire already PLEASE

  • DRAG0
    DRAG0 9 hours ago

    Old sonic movie was better than this....

    • TioG9ba
      TioG9ba 8 hours ago


  • Louis Vermette
    Louis Vermette 9 hours ago


  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 9 hours ago

    Why didn't we get Vin Diesel playing the T 3000 role in Terminator Genisys film instead ???

  • shivam pal
    shivam pal 9 hours ago

    why Sony's vfx is always better than mcu

  • marvel and dc should be friends

    Finally a vampire without a love triangle lol

  • Akbar Hashemi
    Akbar Hashemi 9 hours ago

    I wonder who will be the villain for this movie. Any guesses guys?

  • willy rakhmadan
    willy rakhmadan 10 hours ago

    the film go slowdown.

  • Dasean William
    Dasean William 10 hours ago

    TUFTALK PODCAST @tuftalk tv

  • mala sharma
    mala sharma 10 hours ago

    Fur Elise in background?

  • Pele Arambur
    Pele Arambur 10 hours ago

    Bad boys for life

  • Chndresh Maurya
    Chndresh Maurya 10 hours ago

    Please dubbed Hindi language peter rebbit 1/2

  • Chndresh Maurya
    Chndresh Maurya 10 hours ago

    Please Peter robbit upload Hindi language dubbed

  • D- Sean
    D- Sean 10 hours ago

    C-list celebrities equals a cliche boring movie

  • MonstaX 54
    MonstaX 54 10 hours ago

    Stranger things: *steals costumes* Ghostbusters: steal our costumes we steal your actors


    I love this movie❤️

  • edit11
    edit11 10 hours ago

    Yoel Romero brought me here.

  • Mugunthon Megon
    Mugunthon Megon 10 hours ago

    Ta ra re re re re rum piano music, what is it

  • Desperedeux
    Desperedeux 10 hours ago

    Plot twist: 2016 does exist, theres a multiverse and its merging with the original which is why there are earth quakes.

  • Muhammad Waseem
    Muhammad Waseem 10 hours ago

    No hindi or Urdu Dub?

  • ismael EVOLUTION
    ismael EVOLUTION 10 hours ago

    Oh my God! Can someone make this film worse?

  • Alperen Demir
    Alperen Demir 10 hours ago

    2:40 Chris Hemsworth?

  • James Handley
    James Handley 10 hours ago

    Incredible acting Leo still the goat. I wish this was in the movie

  • BBpoopdeck
    BBpoopdeck 10 hours ago

    Congrats you where in watchmojos top 10 worst horror movies of the last decade

  • drangon slayer gamer
    drangon slayer gamer 10 hours ago

    Man this trailer and the god damn music has me hyped and also look forward to see how they connect these movies with the mcu

  • mjolnir
    mjolnir 10 hours ago

    i'm not joking when i say i cried during the entirety of this video

  • Gab Angelo
    Gab Angelo 10 hours ago

    this + rumored blade movie, finally age of new vampires is coming and not that shiny twilight

  • Jose Mejias
    Jose Mejias 10 hours ago

    How dare they, that not the fantasy island I know and love.

  • Keddie
    Keddie 10 hours ago

    This trailer makes it seem like Kevin Feige wasn't the main reason the latest Spiderman movies were so successful.

  • stranger studio
    stranger studio 10 hours ago

    Morbius will beat black widow in ratings how else think that

  • Vivek Malhotra
    Vivek Malhotra 10 hours ago

    Spiderman is not murderer you vampire. He will web your all teeth noob

  • Textra1
    Textra1 10 hours ago

    "...there hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years..." Oh damn. Shots fired.

    F. B. I. OFFICIAL 10 hours ago


  • Furor Frisii
    Furor Frisii 10 hours ago

    They must have stopped the unlike option. There should have been MANY MILLIONS by now. Cheaters. AND NOW PAUL FEIG-THE FEMBOY WANTS A CROSSOVER TO THE PROBABLY SUCCESSFUL NEW GHOSTBUSTERS 'AFTERLIFE'. Will not happen, little cuck. It is YOUR femnazism that killed G.B. 2016. ANd those barely mediocre actresses did not help either.

  • Anita Karale
    Anita Karale 11 hours ago

    It's like Raone movie

  • Movie 2045
    Movie 2045 11 hours ago

    Love this movie

  • Jaron Talotta
    Jaron Talotta 11 hours ago

    2nd movie: Carnage 3rd: Symbiote Invasion

  • S R K
    S R K 11 hours ago

    Who came to see the trailer after watching "Bad Boys for life"

  • Ogi Tugi
    Ogi Tugi 11 hours ago


  • Reemon Soro
    Reemon Soro 11 hours ago

    Does anyone know the song that plays just before the last fight scene? Thanks.

  • Bảo Dz
    Bảo Dz 11 hours ago

    phim hay + tau hai vcc =))

  • Magic And Literature
    Magic And Literature 11 hours ago

    It's gonna be a great anti hero movie

  • vince ng
    vince ng 11 hours ago

    trailer is really cool but the movie was meh

  • Jimmie Julion
    Jimmie Julion 11 hours ago

    RIP Cap.

  • Tobu bolta hai
    Tobu bolta hai 11 hours ago

    Where is logan😊

  • Novia Syafitri
    Novia Syafitri 11 hours ago

    it's like the person in Zayn Malik's video clip, Dusk Till Dawn🤘🏻😂

  • Egg walter
    Egg walter 11 hours ago

    0:45 why did they show the north tower with it’s antenna? It didn’t get one until after the guy made the walk lol

  • pavel rahman
    pavel rahman 11 hours ago

    when tattooing "damaged" to your forehead didn't give you a oscar , so you damaged your legs to get a nobel prize

  • Pinoy Pixels
    Pinoy Pixels 12 hours ago

    Damn! Bethany being a boy

  • Trebled85
    Trebled85 12 hours ago


  • Ruben Correia
    Ruben Correia 12 hours ago

    So this means we watching it on Netflix

  • denwo1982
    denwo1982 12 hours ago

    Looks absolute rubbish

  • MyGun4hire
    MyGun4hire 12 hours ago

    And isn't that ilhan omars brother or husband or both?

  • MyGun4hire
    MyGun4hire 12 hours ago

    Just gun those skinny's down. Sharks love dark meat.

  • Jasmine Vuong
    Jasmine Vuong 12 hours ago

    Looked up the trailer because I wanted to see more of Jimmy’s character in the trailer. Guess not 🤣

  • ToLegitt2Quit
    ToLegitt2Quit 12 hours ago

    Sooooo it’s like the end of Fate Zero, but less entertaining

  • wino sumopawiro
    wino sumopawiro 12 hours ago

    De Plane ! De Plane ! (upz!)

  • George Salgado
    George Salgado 12 hours ago

    0:14 LOL! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • L MS
    L MS 12 hours ago

    He was born for this role.

  • Sebastián Varela
    Sebastián Varela 12 hours ago


  • Ramona Clawson
    Ramona Clawson 12 hours ago

    I used to watch the series Fantasy Island. This is definitely NOT that

  • thedisneylandfreak
    thedisneylandfreak 12 hours ago

    Damn it Disney! Now you're gonna have to release the first Zootopia 2 trailer! I wanna see Nick and Judy take down some criminals! 💪

  • RekhArt DawN
    RekhArt DawN 12 hours ago

    i havn't read the book but now i remember where rachel said one of the girls will die. -_-'

  • FutureCloud
    FutureCloud 12 hours ago

    This movie is gonna suck.

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 12 hours ago

    Should have won an Academy Award. ☕ In my book, Alpha (2018) did. 🏆 _c.

  • stupid boy
    stupid boy 12 hours ago

    Who is here because of WahBanana

  • Chuck Ealey
    Chuck Ealey 13 hours ago


    BRUCE WAYNE 13 hours ago


  • James Amick
    James Amick 13 hours ago

    This trailer gives the film kind of an arachnophobia vibe but with bats.

  • Addy IceAngel
    Addy IceAngel 13 hours ago

    Words can not describe all the levels of tingly this trailer gave me. Can't wait to see it, can't believe I missed 2 of the many "easter eggs" in my first dozen or so viewings, lol. And two itty bitty Egons... what a wonderful homage to the late great Harold Ramis. Plus, if you saw McKenna Grace with Chris Evans in "Gifted"... well, she's phenomenal, she'll rock the part.

  • Maxim Zholdak
    Maxim Zholdak 13 hours ago


  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 13 hours ago

    Gonna say this has to be in another spider verse and The vulture is the same because he is the same person in this universe. Simple as that.

  • suebob16
    suebob16 13 hours ago

    For those familiar with LIFE special edition magazines that you can often find at your local magazine racks, there is now one on Little Women. It talks about Louisa May Alcott, the book, and the various adaptations in film, TV, and even one opera. I found my copy at Walmart, so I don't think you'll have trouble finding it.

  • StevieRayPhoto
    StevieRayPhoto 13 hours ago

    Michael Bay is pointlessly in this, motorcycle scene was the worst. You cant stop bullets with a thin wooden table. Common sense ish was not included.

  • StevieRayPhoto
    StevieRayPhoto 13 hours ago

    Just saw this. Wasnt great. Give it a 5.5 out of 10

  • AnimexFanxP
    AnimexFanxP 13 hours ago


  • TT TT
    TT TT 13 hours ago

    ‘You have dogs’