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Mowgs - Birds | Link Up TV
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  • [P] Ahmed Abdullahi
    [P] Ahmed Abdullahi 54 seconds ago

    why does my man have a handbag on smh

  • Kevin K
    Kevin K 2 minutes ago

    This is too hard Bonkaz needs to finally blow

  • Honest Skateboards
    Honest Skateboards 4 minutes ago

    Big 💥

  • Bartholemue Trumpington

    Is this guy tpl

  • TitanCaster
    TitanCaster 32 minutes ago

    Haters no matter where u go

  • akua Sam
    akua Sam 34 minutes ago

    This is shit bunch of wallads

  • Essex Still
    Essex Still 44 minutes ago

    Everyone check out Charlie P another guy with a Rasta” flow - geezas got like millions of views and from Essex

  • kausar choudhury
    kausar choudhury 53 minutes ago

    Fam wheres part 4 this shit is sick

  • Midyawn Beats
    Midyawn Beats 55 minutes ago


  • Montrell Brown
    Montrell Brown 55 minutes ago

    Preaching to the choir, it will never change

  • Grizza Leng
    Grizza Leng 55 minutes ago


  • wayne Marsh
    wayne Marsh Hour ago

    Over years of reviewing video footage of kb while he's in his element and having a good time, his true personality comes out. My man is a true psychopath you know... A true savage.

  • Dr Drew
    Dr Drew Hour ago

    There are deeper agendas behind all this nonsense. I don't vote nor will I ever. It's all BS. Just mind games fidem. Don't even bother, it's all fixed.

  • nspacetime
    nspacetime Hour ago

    This makes me want to eat Indian food. To the moon!

  • MuBritish
    MuBritish Hour ago

    Brandy belly

  • T Productions
    T Productions Hour ago

    Whos here in 2019 vybing to this underated legend

  • Ay ub
    Ay ub Hour ago

    Session with dbe

  • UkDrillLDN
    UkDrillLDN Hour ago

    Cmon soon blow 💥💥

  • EEHI
    EEHI Hour ago

    Fucking ard

  • Sam Bennett
    Sam Bennett Hour ago

    I don’t like her... I just don’t

  • Dec
    Dec Hour ago

    Any more tunes lad??

  • B 1
    B 1 Hour ago

    She loves not wearing a bra 🤣🤣 I mean I ain’t complaining 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Mh0123
    Mh0123 Hour ago


  • Shooters Shoot Podcast

    video is sick

  • BattlingPhoenix
    BattlingPhoenix Hour ago

    Man said 400 views this is some shit don’t why did u even upload this

  • Jassytk
    Jassytk 2 hours ago

    This track is crazyyy

  • Dec
    Dec 2 hours ago

    Yer re-edit der lad, love it lad! Tune, it goes perrrrfect wida phat stenky kush 1 anz gettin scoused of utube now for me stoner playlist on me fone haha, fuckin love it laad!

  • Ty Emerson
    Ty Emerson 2 hours ago

    Big Tune

  • Tyler Richardson ll
    Tyler Richardson ll 2 hours ago


  • Tyler Richardson ll
    Tyler Richardson ll 2 hours ago


  • johnnie sixx
    johnnie sixx 2 hours ago

    Gang gang bad man choon

  • Ty Emerson
    Ty Emerson 2 hours ago


  • Ty Emerson
    Ty Emerson 2 hours ago

    #CT is cold. Need Tel Money & Saviest on one.

  • Y. Trapz
    Y. Trapz 2 hours ago

    Is man from clapham junction

  • Tichmatic Music
    Tichmatic Music 2 hours ago


  • Ty Emerson
    Ty Emerson 2 hours ago

    Tune is Certi Lowe it

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 hours ago

    Now he's sat in a cell eating a pot noodle and won't have a shag for at least 26 years 😂😂 I did it on my own!! Well done mate, sure the old bill will have a good Xmas party with all that shit they took off you.

  • Biggs Biggs
    Biggs Biggs 2 hours ago

    M dot Merced it

  • Jason Mcdaid
    Jason Mcdaid 2 hours ago

    2019 people still be listening 10 years from now sick lyrics r.i.p big man

  • john musgrave
    john musgrave 2 hours ago


  • agnes latter
    agnes latter 2 hours ago

    This is coldss

  • Stephen Tiwade
    Stephen Tiwade 3 hours ago

    Is anyone hearing a Dave hangman rhythm in the background?😂

  • Mckenzie Mitchell
    Mckenzie Mitchell 3 hours ago

    "When I was doing music I was doing music I farted" Nah jokes but he's mad ngl that's a popper

  • L P
    L P 3 hours ago

    What you talking about a 9 to 5 I’m 24 hours b 🥶

  • Tru Art
    Tru Art 3 hours ago

    Fresh banger 💥 💥 💥

  • Dec
    Dec 3 hours ago

    Utter poo

  • Yalene arulsivan
    Yalene arulsivan 3 hours ago

    marnies bestie 1:06

  • shakeel shh
    shakeel shh 3 hours ago

    Fam I thought it was young rev

  • Tru Art
    Tru Art 3 hours ago

    What a beat!! This is a banger for real 💥 💥 💥

  • alex hoe
    alex hoe 3 hours ago


  • Oluwafemi Oguntimehintimehin

    I like this..... ,.....

  • Harriet Schroeder
    Harriet Schroeder 3 hours ago

    Fam ur so sick hope u blow for real keep this style please





  • Humayun Rashid
    Humayun Rashid 3 hours ago

    1 year I didn't know why they all sounded the same, now I found out there all bros RIP Showkey 2k19

  • Oluwafemi Oguntimehintimehin


  • Oluwafemi Oguntimehintimehin

    Who is this ivorian, dollll.....

  • J1
    J1 3 hours ago

    1:24 Fact he coulda said tekken bothering me

  • Garvin Boateng
    Garvin Boateng 3 hours ago


  • Marc Hurst
    Marc Hurst 3 hours ago

    Call me killa sweet one

  • Michael Daphaah
    Michael Daphaah 3 hours ago


  • Yenzo
    Yenzo 4 hours ago

    Rap game UK anyone?

  • luke baumber
    luke baumber 4 hours ago

    November 2019??? Still bangs to this day

  • Corey Brown
    Corey Brown 4 hours ago


  • Slifer The Dragon
    Slifer The Dragon 4 hours ago

    Bare man using the Greenwich foot tunnel kmt

  • mwood341
    mwood341 4 hours ago

    The way Da Boi came out in the all white creme amongst a sea of black was too crisp 🔥

  • Kab Machina
    Kab Machina 4 hours ago


  • Jake Furbz-
    Jake Furbz- 4 hours ago

    tunee my g.. keep doin what you doin fam. Nuff love

  • LastOnexX
    LastOnexX 4 hours ago

    *B1 Has a mad future 🗣*

  • Stacey Odonnell
    Stacey Odonnell 4 hours ago

    MaaaaaaD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    CILLIAN HOPE 4 hours ago

    YUP YUP 😎😎😎😎😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😆

  • Gemini Raskolnikov
    Gemini Raskolnikov 4 hours ago

    man went from juju bop to bible my wap whole joketing

  • boywonderx
    boywonderx 4 hours ago

    a con that always existed now the kids found the book.

  • Cameron Morrison
    Cameron Morrison 4 hours ago

    This yute ain’t bad lol 😂😂 how many times has this don been pressured in his own ends

  • hussnain imran
    hussnain imran 4 hours ago

    Still bangs fam my man tune

  • hussnain imran
    hussnain imran 4 hours ago

    2019/2020 anyone

  • Antonia Speariett
    Antonia Speariett 4 hours ago

    im sorry but I actually rate this guy if his complexion was different you would all be chillin just because he doesn't suit his voice yall buggin

  • LifeWithTee
    LifeWithTee 5 hours ago


  • Mike Seeye
    Mike Seeye 5 hours ago

    Come give lip to my foreskin

  • Brumlife Brum
    Brumlife Brum 5 hours ago

    Who else thought this was ksi

  • Ted Loco
    Ted Loco 5 hours ago

    JIMI 😤😤😤🐏🐏

  • SocaDon TV
    SocaDon TV 5 hours ago


  • Brumlife Brum
    Brumlife Brum 5 hours ago

    What is the tracksuit called quezgo is wearing in this video

  • Jay Baller
    Jay Baller 5 hours ago

    What’s the best called

  • Serial Killa
    Serial Killa 5 hours ago

    Whoever produced this, the main vocal line is too loud in the mix.

    • ZCBeats
      ZCBeats 2 hours ago

      I didn’t mix the vocals, dunno who did.

  • Waveyyung Walker
    Waveyyung Walker 5 hours ago

    My fuckin niggas ❤🥶

  • Yusuf Yussuf
    Yusuf Yussuf 5 hours ago

    RIP my nigga CADET JOhnson see you later brooo:(

  • Joshua Holmes
    Joshua Holmes 5 hours ago


  • Yusuf Yussuf
    Yusuf Yussuf 5 hours ago

    RIP blaine cadet Cadet cadet Johnson Rest up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zuman snipe
    Zuman snipe 5 hours ago


  • Mani Madi
    Mani Madi 5 hours ago

    hello #Keke i am #mani .

  • Kyoto
    Kyoto 5 hours ago

    10:49 someone needs to come pick up their dad

  • P Daily
    P Daily 5 hours ago

    Yh mate plz change ur name the real YR is the ANTI/GMG one

  • Truefull TV
    Truefull TV 5 hours ago

    Jordan is Real 👊 Ard adz verse 💣bang bang

  • Krissy Bousquet
    Krissy Bousquet 5 hours ago

  • DJ 2X
    DJ 2X 6 hours ago

    Bruddas dem

  • david rogers
    david rogers 6 hours ago


  • Krissy Bousquet
    Krissy Bousquet 6 hours ago


  • B B
    B B 6 hours ago

    Like a btec slowthai

  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai 6 hours ago

    I'm gonna say it now, he's coming up fr. ❄💥