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  • • Berezyn •
    • Berezyn • 2 hours ago

    This song is called: "The Armed Man"

  • phyroxin
    phyroxin 2 hours ago

    Hahahaha hahaha stupid liberals. I'm going to savour the many liberal meltdown compilation videos that will emerge. I might go back and watch a few Trump 2016 meltdown videos too.

  • Eppur Si Muove
    Eppur Si Muove 2 hours ago

    One positive thing about being Boris’ sister is that you get to be an aunt many times over! Except you might find it hard tracking the nephews down 😂😜😜😜

  • Linda Hoffman
    Linda Hoffman 2 hours ago

    I live in the Netherlands with no Channel 4. 😭😭😭

    YAMMY DODGER 1 2 hours ago

    She looks all emotional and gummy like! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • J T
    J T 2 hours ago

    Give us series 19 already!

  • Gord Leonard
    Gord Leonard 2 hours ago

    It takes a real talent to play 'chaos' as well as Johnny does.

  • Zion 185
    Zion 185 2 hours ago

    As black people we never ever legitimised homosexuality. Homosexuality is a result of sexual violations towards young boys and girls.

  • ky yin
    ky yin 2 hours ago

    its mad for Brits believed in the alternative fact that they will be better off leaving the EU, but they cant handle the Scots do the same believed in independence will make them better off and BTW, the choice is given(to referendum)? that doesnt sounds democratic at all

  • Bakut Kuan
    Bakut Kuan 2 hours ago

    Athletic soldier

  • Ich Eben
    Ich Eben 2 hours ago

    This is SO cute I'm crying Look at their SMILES OMG

  • TimC Cambridge
    TimC Cambridge 2 hours ago

    The Soul of comedy ! Right there ! 😊

  • K
    K 2 hours ago

    It's those damn Russians again XD

  • Andy Jones
    Andy Jones 3 hours ago

    Cats does Countdown is a stroke of pure genius, and getting.Jimmy to host is the icing on the cake. Whoever thought up this combination deserves a substantial amount props.

  • Simon Tide
    Simon Tide 3 hours ago

    Look at these fucking losers clapping. They are still in denial. They think they are superior intellectuals. Imagine you are so woke you deny reality like Transgenderism. Get fucked you London elitist out of touch jealous middle class SJWs. You get what you fooking deserves for trying to ignore 17.4 millions to overturn democratic result. Can't wait for libtard meltdown like back in 2016 when Trump beat Hilary.

  • 1346crecy
    1346crecy 3 hours ago

    Have you noticed how Neo Liberals say they are scared or really worried about anyone who holds a different political opinion from them. It's called ruling through fear and it's what the Neo Liberals in our political class and media have being doing for years. Well maybe now they realise it may work on children but not on the electorate.

  • Ian Graham
    Ian Graham 3 hours ago

    Seeing Shami practically crying is just wonderful. I would also like to say that without the lecturing that the C4 news and the guardian newspaper have been giving us for thr last few years about our stupidity, racism and intolerance together with their clear feeling of superiority over the rest of us this result could never have been achieved.

  • HTZ Stingray
    HTZ Stingray 3 hours ago


  • Brown Pants
    Brown Pants 3 hours ago

    Lefty globalist your time is up

  • Lukrin
    Lukrin 3 hours ago

    That is okay Scotland you can leave but we will be taking our Nuclear deterrent away since you are no longer part of the UK, oh and you wont be Using the GBP and since you don't qualify for EU entry good luck supporting your economy...

  • poobutt ass
    poobutt ass 3 hours ago


  • Tim Comley
    Tim Comley 3 hours ago

    Look on Shami's face ....priceless. (Back in your box)

  • Norfolkc
    Norfolkc 3 hours ago

    Nish Kumar just another one who makes their living as professional race baiting the man is a complete non-event why is he on here the British public are paying for this crap

  • Norfolkc
    Norfolkc 3 hours ago

    The British public are funding this rubbish who are these people this crap needs to go

  • whyemceeay
    whyemceeay 3 hours ago

    Jimmy took this way better than most of the celebrities I've seen, props to him.

  • boondoggle6
    boondoggle6 3 hours ago

    perhaps now you will finally get the message, listen to the people dear.

  • Sandra Naylor
    Sandra Naylor 3 hours ago

    These are the best thing on the TV at the moment

  • Norfolkc
    Norfolkc 3 hours ago

    Shami Chakrabarti because Boris did not have a interview with Andrew Neil he should be called out over this is this the best they can do as a excuse for loseing what about Corbyn and his momentum cult leftist or his support for terrorism and blatant lie's about the NHS and lack of position on Brexit which most of his heartland voters supported look at the fact's you fool it is stairing you in the face the UK population don't want a commie government simple

  • Sean Whitmore
    Sean Whitmore 4 hours ago

    Without a single doubt

  • ferzy09
    ferzy09 4 hours ago

    Scotland can negotiate assurances from EU, & then declare independence.

    • looes74 looes74
      looes74 looes74 3 hours ago

      Declare independence and then apply for entry into EU

  • Sancho G
    Sancho G 4 hours ago

    This was a car crash of a results show.

  • Axel Richardson
    Axel Richardson 4 hours ago

    I've enjoyed watching the reactions it so good to see the tears

  • Jintaro Kensei
    Jintaro Kensei 4 hours ago

    How the hell are you gonna untangle these 2 countries at this stage? It's ez for NI.

  • numbersix100
    numbersix100 4 hours ago

    The usual bias London audience

  • Spirit Animal Al Davis

    Watching the fat chick try and cry for sympathy is the highlight so far of my tour of salt from leftists.

  • Matias
    Matias 5 hours ago

    His paws are bigger than my head....I cannot imagine what kind of power he has

  • Toraguchi Toraguchi
    Toraguchi Toraguchi 5 hours ago

    All the liberal tears made it worthwhile.

  • Mohammed Younas
    Mohammed Younas 5 hours ago

    Plz labour make jess your new leader so that the conservatives can be in power for another decade

    WATSON DOVE 5 hours ago

    Hilarious, stay divisive leftys

  • JDM Dillon
    JDM Dillon 5 hours ago

    I’m really enjoying this. Finally they are getting what they deserve.

  • GNerdful
    GNerdful 5 hours ago

    Miles Jupp is my Spirit Guide

  • snoopybird
    snoopybird 5 hours ago

    To save some of yall tears, hes alive

  • Roger Doger
    Roger Doger 5 hours ago

    What an obnoxious woman.

  • Geoffrey Baker
    Geoffrey Baker 5 hours ago

    Why? is it could a moon cup. sounds like a red flag to me..

  • P Can
    P Can 5 hours ago

    The people keep rejecting totalitarian Marxism, they must be facists. Let's arrange a riot for Boris Johnson's return to Downing Street. Socialist (against the) Worker have printed the placards and the herd of sheep are waiting. I thought Shami was good as the director of Liberty though, pity she went to the dark side.

  • Kerrie Cain
    Kerrie Cain 5 hours ago

    Spot on Jimmy!

  • Kerrie Cain
    Kerrie Cain 5 hours ago

    Exactly 10 years of austerity and the country STILL voted Tory. British can not be bought!

  • Любимая женщина механика Гаврилова

    Концептуальненько однако

  • Utkarsh Bhargav
    Utkarsh Bhargav 5 hours ago

    Ultra left and jihadi sympathisers are in shock... Well done UK...!!

  • TheDarkKnight
    TheDarkKnight 5 hours ago

    Needed 10 seasons of this.😂

  • down under
    down under 5 hours ago


  • Korana Ashleigh
    Korana Ashleigh 5 hours ago

    Jacob doesn't usually put his foot in his mouth, but when he does - he suggests to people a very dangerous reaction to being in a block of flats on fire and gives idiots ammo to say he sneered at people who died very tragically. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Speaking of idiots, no fucks are given about the fact that morons who support Jeremy Corbyn think JRM is a bellend of the year. Where Jacob made a mistake of being human and fallible, lefty shithead are using tragic death of these people to push their political agenda ans propaganda. Truly evil.

  • Dermot O'Logical
    Dermot O'Logical 5 hours ago

    Last night on "Question Time Election Special" The SNP speaker went on one minute about their success in the election and why they must now be given the referendum vote to leave the UK (or basically England), then moaned and got angry about the indignity of someone like Johnson (when told he wouldn't consider a Scottish referendum) refusing to be given one, all this immediately after an election giving the LEAVE majority a single chance now to actually get out of this wretched EU shite party, they then start another round of being immediate bastards (Get all Scots speaking twats off our media and TV programmes and let them have their independence, is what I say) to NOT honour the referendum, but harp on about "Scotland not voting for it and therefor it shouldn't be allowed". My point though is THIS: He wanted "Scottish independence" due to the SNP's showing in the election, wanted it NOW and wanted it ASAP. Then when going on about the UK's (as a whole) decision to leave the EU in OUR referendum 3.5 years ago, said that shouldn't go ahead as the Scots didn't vote for it (well only 52% didn't in Scotland that is, the other 48% did). BUT can he not see we can see the incongruity here? The Scots had a referendum it was democratically voted for and followed through with in 2014. Then we had our vote over the EU and it wasn't. Otherwise I would be typing this having already left 3.5 years ago and his argument would be mute. AND NOW the Scots want another referendum as with their overwhelming majority it would be (wait for it) UNDEMOCRATIC for them NOT to have one. Is it me? Do these utter cunts (and Scottish ones at that) not realise they contradict themselves in the space of 2-3 sentences on NATIONAL TV to demand one thing for their own party and policies and to be fairly heard and still refusing to allow the MAJORITY to have their successful vote to leave adhered to? Sturgeon, you are a divisive, ugly faced two-faced mare and so are your cohorts in the SNP. Fcuk you all and your dopey Scotland independance ideology, you moronic twats. And fcuk Billy Connolly too!

  • Piratedom
    Piratedom 5 hours ago

    Ok boomers

  • Garafraxis
    Garafraxis 6 hours ago

    Could they get a more left leaning audience if they’d used the Labour voters roll.

  • Your daily uploader
    Your daily uploader 6 hours ago

    Nobody: Me watching this: grabbing my head saying oh no

  • Mason Mount
    Mason Mount 6 hours ago

    Grown men talking about stabbing each other. Jesus. They should be discussing how they run a business or buy a house. The conversation is so low level.

  • mattanthony0814
    mattanthony0814 6 hours ago

    I'm impressed at how lifelike that bear is

  • Savvygamblers
    Savvygamblers 6 hours ago

    Fair play to Scotland if they want to leave the U.K. good luck to them. But I hope it gets made crystal clear that if things don’t go as expected, there won’t be a way back into the U.K. for them. Choose the EU at your peril.

  • Liamsz Ediits
    Liamsz Ediits 6 hours ago

    The meat is S T I N K Y

  • Jack Bruce
    Jack Bruce 6 hours ago

    Save Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 we don’t want tories

    • Charlie McKie
      Charlie McKie 2 hours ago

      Jack Bruce we also don’t want independence

  • hfredydl
    hfredydl 6 hours ago

    But they do look like letterboxes

  • Nickson Torio
    Nickson Torio 6 hours ago

    I cried so much😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • hfredydl
    hfredydl 6 hours ago

    Independence is something you TAKE you don’t ask for it - that’s what the Irish did in 1922 and that’s what the States did in 1776

    • looes74 looes74
      looes74 looes74 3 hours ago

      I love scots pillaging english properties before they leave

    • Caratacus
      Caratacus 5 hours ago

      The second a bomb goes off in the name of Scottish independence, they are finished. They are not dumb, they will not mess it all up so close to victory.

  • England Expects
    England Expects 6 hours ago

    That Nish Kumar is the most talentless obnoxious cry bully I have ever had the misfortune To countenance!

  • Denni Gonzalez
    Denni Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    Incluso sin actuar son perfectos :3

  • Thomas Heath
    Thomas Heath 7 hours ago

    I prey if they have kids the kid won’t get this syndrome

  • Thomas Heath
    Thomas Heath 7 hours ago

    Ima he Tourettes guy proposing lol

  • England Expects
    England Expects 7 hours ago

    unbelievable this channel gets public funding!! so Biased and the elites in the media Industry are now fringe lunatics! with whom the vast majority of people in the UK utterly disagree with ! Time to end them Boris!

  • randyrios78
    randyrios78 7 hours ago

    She sounds like Hillary Clinton the people voted for the conservative party. It's just nobody wanted a socialist party. Now get over it

  • Neil Keeping it real

    I have just spent the last 2 weeks binge watching man down and game face and I actually think I love this woman......she's a proper bird.....

  • Jonny Sevent
    Jonny Sevent 7 hours ago

    If there is any hope for the UK they will have to find some way to get out of Brexit, which seems unlikely. If Brexit goes through then Britain is fucked for at least a couple of generations. How the once mighty has fallen.

  • Where Am Iii????
    Where Am Iii???? 7 hours ago

    Where am I @!1?

  • John Aaron Greenslade

    Lol an echo chamber of Labour supporters reeeing and unable to fathom what they're seeing. Fantastic.

  • banana aya playa
    banana aya playa 7 hours ago

    Ah yes. The Iranian funded Channel 4, are "really devastated" over a fuh.king liberal democracy lol go eat a chode.

  • JRGProjects
    JRGProjects 7 hours ago

    This is WORSE then Kitchen Nightmares!

  • Fatty Smurf
    Fatty Smurf 7 hours ago

    That’s one of the most intelligent things Carr has said. Now add MASS immigration not immigration to that and your a winner. I didn’t see everything Boris did to campaign but that tells a lot. So again Carr is right.

  • Veronica Pho
    Veronica Pho 7 hours ago

    I literally can’t stop smiling omfg

  • LohnS
    LohnS 7 hours ago

    1:47 made me laugh "I thought everyone thought like I did, how strange"

  • Josh
    Josh 7 hours ago

    No you shouldn’t go prison unless you use it

  • Olly Court
    Olly Court 7 hours ago

    The result of the 'Channel 4's Alternative Election Night' audience exit poll is in....... Labour landslide.

  • trf12567
    trf12567 7 hours ago

    The girl is a mathematical genius, and she's hot as fuck

  • Shibli Sohan
    Shibli Sohan 7 hours ago

    Jess is too imotional and very excited she is not right person at all

  • 1LaOriental
    1LaOriental 7 hours ago

    Being against Israel is not the same as being anti Semitic. This is getting old, enough already.

  • Shibli Sohan
    Shibli Sohan 8 hours ago

    We need real person who has feel of real life rupa haq is best in lanour

  • Shibli Sohan
    Shibli Sohan 8 hours ago

    Rups haq acton win she can try leader of labour.

  • Shibli Sohan
    Shibli Sohan 8 hours ago

    You will be big shame if you labour leader

  • Elliot Swift
    Elliot Swift 8 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Netrammac Mac
    Netrammac Mac 8 hours ago

    Control our borders Jimmy, then we can consider triple locking the publicly funded service which is currently open to all of Europe and Half of India and Africa.

    • Diesel Saf
      Diesel Saf 6 hours ago

      Netrammac Mac you’re deluded lol, the nhs staff, well at least 50% of them are foreigners and people from other countries. Sooooo controlling your borders ain’t gonna do shit but fuck u in ur ass as most of the top surgeons are from other countries lmao you’re too small minded and probably on a minimum wage job crying that too many people are coming into the country whilst sat on your arse and doing nothing but being a nonce

  • PhatHead
    PhatHead 8 hours ago

    "My name is precious, and I'm a stripp- I mean model!"

  • Brendan
    Brendan 8 hours ago

    Building hospitals and MRIs I didn't want to yourself, pay for them.

    • Jonny Sevent
      Jonny Sevent 7 hours ago

      Erm. That makes no sense. You built an MRI you didn't want and want me to pay for it? What exactly are you saying?

  • Jay Blair
    Jay Blair 8 hours ago

    The pc freak show carnival has come crashing down

  • Elliot Swift
    Elliot Swift 8 hours ago

    I hate this country. The people who voted to leave the EU are a joke and the people who voted for the conservatives are a joke.

    • Alibobs Marland
      Alibobs Marland 3 hours ago

      Its called democracy. If you think the British people want a Prime Minister who is a terrorist sympathiser and an anti Semite who always supports this countries enemies then just check the election result.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 8 hours ago

    Kate is so hot...

  • John Smith
    John Smith 8 hours ago

    HAHAHAHA feels good to win

  • Henk van der Laak
    Henk van der Laak 8 hours ago

    I can sort of understand the wish for independence. But why ffs do you then want to throw it all out and voluntarily submit to the unelected bolsheviks in Brussels?