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  • Hamka
    Hamka 14 seconds ago

    Don't know why but something about sean lock screams racist 😂

  • patricia murillo
    patricia murillo 9 minutes ago

    No, he was not lucky he was blessed God has a purpose in his life. Glory to God.

  • Mixed Curlyhead
    Mixed Curlyhead 15 minutes ago

    That hurts my heart😭💜

    YVNG TYTY 18 minutes ago

    Cringe low-key but sad

  • Leapord Beast
    Leapord Beast 26 minutes ago

    My mom asked me why I am sobbing and I showed her this and she crying to

  • coco
    coco 31 minute ago

    This made me cry so much 😔💔💔😢

  • Elena Dobreva
    Elena Dobreva 31 minute ago

    Fuck I want to hit him. Please do Sam so I can see him wrap you up you little sausage

  • Jesse Bashiri
    Jesse Bashiri 35 minutes ago

    I think I like this guy cause I’m high 🍃

  • Wei Xin Yuan
    Wei Xin Yuan 39 minutes ago

    I find it so relaxing to listen to all this after a long day.

  • That guy the blue
    That guy the blue 43 minutes ago

    Meanwhile everyone on that street sprints in the other direction yelling "bomb"!

  • pomegranate fruit
    pomegranate fruit 47 minutes ago

    My man Bruce just vibing

  • Griff Cook
    Griff Cook 48 minutes ago

    I didn't watch this. This is a big problem in gay-male drama, pornography and print. It's profoundly insensitive to (and a relefection of) the deep and often subconscious self-hate in gay men. Straight men (or bi/gay men pretending to be "straight" to be favoured), should never embody gay men. It rubs salt in our wounds. I denounce the idea of this with every fibre of my being and I am disappointed (but not suprised) in channel 4 for condoning it.

  • Erik Monahan
    Erik Monahan 55 minutes ago

    Those people who dislike this are going to hell lowkey

  • cassispie
    cassispie Hour ago

    Omg Sean is nuts 😂😂

  • TrueEnglishman
    TrueEnglishman Hour ago

    Wonder if they would have offered a white English school kid this opportunity. Probably not because the school wouldn’t have been “diverse” enough

  • Harvey Cank
    Harvey Cank Hour ago

    I have never cringed so hard

  • Zadenbolt Torres

    i wish this never happened. 1 like= 1 lived saved

  • Emerald Maldonado

    I was so glad he survived 😩💙😭!!

  • Peter Wickendon
    Peter Wickendon Hour ago

    Still cant understand Lorraine.

  • Tyler Todd
    Tyler Todd Hour ago

    5:15 i haven’t seen one comment about Jon saying what sounds like “neither am i you fucking ni**er”

  • Marie B
    Marie B Hour ago

    I had to do this with my family the night before they removed a tumour from my spinal cord in ann8 hu our operation. It is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Thankfully I came through it.

  • Zunaira Ahmer
    Zunaira Ahmer Hour ago

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me but if somebody starts crying I start crying

  • Zunaira Ahmer
    Zunaira Ahmer Hour ago

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me but if somebody starts crying I start crying

  • Alex Stearn
    Alex Stearn Hour ago

    My God that poem by Joe was fucking great, almost made Kathryns botox burst out cuz of laughter 🤣

  • Shanice Callender

    My heart 😩💔this poor boy

  • Hasan Besiso
    Hasan Besiso Hour ago

    How does a fight do this i am so confused

  • kawaii bish
    kawaii bish Hour ago

    This Got Me, Well Because... My Brother Had A Brain Tumor And Was Risking His Life At 3 Days Old. Luckily He Survived But Those Days He Had Surgery I Cried My Eyes Out. "What If I Don't Wake Up?" That Reminded Me Of My 7 Year Old Brother In His Bedroom Talking To Friends, And If He Died During The Surgery He Wouldn't Be In That Room.

  • Lili Lilian
    Lili Lilian Hour ago

    He made me cry but nothing is impossible in presence of God. Thanks be to God

  • Bianca Turok
    Bianca Turok 2 hours ago

    This should be private not for the whole world to see.

  • thicc boi
    thicc boi 2 hours ago

    Gordon is the equivalent of when your mom goes under your bed and she's all the stuff you have under it

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 2 hours ago

    this made me cry

  • Tre_m9
    Tre_m9 2 hours ago

    I’m a person who doesn’t cry at all really but this got me when he started crying

  • Kitty Cute girle
    Kitty Cute girle 2 hours ago

    It gave me memories of wen I got my dog bite on the cheek i was lucky too

  • Wegdn
    Wegdn 2 hours ago

    Charlie was sooo liddle and smol 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Nalin Ferdinandez
    Nalin Ferdinandez 2 hours ago

    This was just sad, I couldn't watch it without crying

  • magic bubble
    magic bubble 2 hours ago

    I started crying.Who else too!!😭😭💔 . . ⬇️

  • Noah Lee
    Noah Lee 2 hours ago

    I was eating while watching this and almost threw up right in my bowl.

  • Scherfee Dark
    Scherfee Dark 2 hours ago


  • Lancer Spade
    Lancer Spade 2 hours ago


  • Tara Theus
    Tara Theus 2 hours ago

    It's very hard for a parent to keep it together when your child is crying but also saying his goodbyes. As a parent, u have to stay strong because u don't want that child to be more scared if they see u crying.

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie 2 hours ago

    Darn when he called his Grandma I was a wreck

    J VIP NEWS 3 hours ago


  • Danita Westbrook
    Danita Westbrook 3 hours ago

    i cried for a hour when i watch this

  • Gfresh844
    Gfresh844 3 hours ago

    She may look good but her personality is irritating.

  • Caleb Vale
    Caleb Vale 3 hours ago

    I’ve never seen anyone enjoy being roasted as much as Greg Davies did. 😂

  • Virtual Kitten
    Virtual Kitten 3 hours ago

    “You will wake up stupid” a lot of people might think that’s mean but believe it or not it’s actually very comforting. It’s like joking around in CERTAIN situations actual makes things a little less tense..

  • Kayden Ingler
    Kayden Ingler 3 hours ago

    All the dislikes are penguins and seals 😂

  • Aj Jones
    Aj Jones 3 hours ago

    Okay but Katherine Ryan isn't funny in all seriousness..Secondly Channel 4 give us Longer seasons Of Derry Girls dammit!

  • Can we get 5000 subs ?

    Category: Entertainment This is NOT entertaining. Not at all.

  • Gaming Toast
    Gaming Toast 3 hours ago

    I burst into tears as soon as he did 💔

  • B
    B 3 hours ago

    Its 3am and I dont know why but the bear eating at the table is the funniest shit I have ever seen

  • Frisky
    Frisky 3 hours ago

    ”what if i don’t wake up?”

  • frost bite
    frost bite 3 hours ago

    I was crying well I watched this

  • Evie Maexx
    Evie Maexx 3 hours ago

    I cried when he was on the phone to his mum

  • Patrick Henderson
    Patrick Henderson 3 hours ago

    Peters “I don’t think that’s any of your business” gets me every time, remember crying the first time I heard it

  • JJ elite in JT Sports

    I cried😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • The Meaning
    The Meaning 4 hours ago

    Scaramooch scaramooch stephen its clem fandago

  • Chloe C Chloe
    Chloe C Chloe 4 hours ago

    He’s so cute 🥺🥺🥺

  • echoes222
    echoes222 4 hours ago

    Whi's that dude in the armor? 🤣

  • Max Evans
    Max Evans 4 hours ago


  • leelalew
    leelalew 4 hours ago

    Had me heart broken

  • RedBB
    RedBB 4 hours ago

    Looks are irrelevant if you don’t have a good personality The woman has a voice like a cat being stabbed

  • David Rees
    David Rees 4 hours ago

    Her IQ is the same as her dress size, she couldn't charm a rattle snake! What a Fecking imbecile and couldn't stimulate bacteria nevermind a mind! She's a C**T end of

    CHAOTIC 4 hours ago

    This what u get for ruining school dinners 👍

  • Jaj Raw
    Jaj Raw 4 hours ago

    People have a look, anyone could be there any time. Nothing is certain and permanent.

    KYL3MYERS 4 hours ago

    Very good table manner; for a bear

  • Qŵēēn Bängtāñėd

    'PrImArK' LiStEn bOi- AmAnDa hOLdEn sHoPs tHeRe sO- I mEan sHe iS wHiTe


    i started crying when he said what if i don’t wake up because i could see he was terrified and didn’t want to go though but he had to fight

  • Bassil Rouadi
    Bassil Rouadi 5 hours ago

    You made it buddy. Enjoy life with your family and friends.

  • JustinSeagull
    JustinSeagull 5 hours ago

    I'm on a bus this is the worst place to cry😥😥😥😥

  • lorofcb3
    lorofcb3 5 hours ago

    Miles is cute normally, but when he laughs he's beyond adorable.

  • Tracey Deblasio
    Tracey Deblasio 5 hours ago

    Poor teen😢

  • Ajay Parmar
    Ajay Parmar 5 hours ago

    Why his (Ross from friends) in the title 😂😂

  • Pipe Tunes
    Pipe Tunes 5 hours ago

    Washcloths are called flannels? Fucking freaks.

  • yvette Lawrence
    yvette Lawrence 5 hours ago

    I hate to see people in pain

  • Aqaba 2019
    Aqaba 2019 5 hours ago

    Me if I was his mom: NO I'MMA COME *already here on 1 min*

  • Jakub Jankovic
    Jakub Jankovic 6 hours ago

    I know how it feels Stephen..... I lost my mom to a very rare form of cancer when I was 13 and lost my Dad to intestinal cancer just 2 weeks ago, I was 17. Praying for you my friend 👍💪💪 :) Losing both of my parents to cancer in the space of less than 4 years broke my heart with grief....

  • AllAussieReviews
    AllAussieReviews 6 hours ago

    Feel sorry for the guy all he wanted is to make people eat healthier and live a better life style and people had to be assholes about it. He’s too nice for his own good people don’t deserve his help

  • specialunit 042
    specialunit 042 6 hours ago

    I came here for a debate on Shamima Begum, not to hear anti-Trump and anti-British crap. Then again, this is channel 4.

  • Laaaa
    Laaaa 6 hours ago

    They look good together, I hope something comes of it

  • Swish Swoosh
    Swish Swoosh 6 hours ago

    Mmmm theirs a whole bunch on liquids coming out my... m my eye I think it’s called.. CRYING IM CRYING SO BAD jk I’m a boi not one drip came out, but I’m still sad

  • El Guenfo
    El Guenfo 6 hours ago

    Imagine this guy call this bear to play with visitors

  • moosefactory133
    moosefactory133 6 hours ago

    The Queen's mother would be turning over in her grave if she could watch this

  • MrEvansUK
    MrEvansUK 6 hours ago

    Idk if it’s just me, but I think the Sean Bean guy is the shittest, most unfunny “comedian” I’ve ever heard of

  • Calina Mullins
    Calina Mullins 6 hours ago

    I'm crying so hard right now

  • Dharam ko mano maat Samjho. Jaano

    Nice very

  • Tiddler HD
    Tiddler HD 6 hours ago

    8:01 Wong?

  • abbie loughlin
    abbie loughlin 6 hours ago

    The only thing faker then Jimmys teeth is Katherine’s laugh

  • Vera Vera
    Vera Vera 6 hours ago


  • Josh Whipkey
    Josh Whipkey 6 hours ago

    Still took it really well, especially for 16..... I'm 30 and being told those risks i would have been a mess

  • snatched lmao jks
    snatched lmao jks 6 hours ago

    i’m not crying you are 😭

  • Kezo
    Kezo 6 hours ago

    2:05 fuck this fucking doctor man saying to a childe that he can die i wold be so fkn scarde fier him plz

  • Muhammad Janneh
    Muhammad Janneh 7 hours ago

    I cried

  • Lance Washington
    Lance Washington 7 hours ago

    That doc could have done it a lot better you tell the kid coma and surgery i would be shitting my pants to. This kids reminds me of when I was saying goodbye to my mom idk if she could even hear me

  • אנדראה פינטו אנדראה פינטו

    She is missing 82( lower left tooth)

  • Mark Gallagher
    Mark Gallagher 7 hours ago

    I have been caught by Green Motion before at the Gatwick branch for damage to a vehicle. The car was old and dirty when I picked it up and they charged me for a dent which you could not actually see :(

  • Jack Hubball
    Jack Hubball 7 hours ago


  • Jack Hubball
    Jack Hubball 7 hours ago


  • Jack Hubball
    Jack Hubball 7 hours ago


  • Jack Hubball
    Jack Hubball 7 hours ago