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  • Leviticuss
    Leviticuss 4 months ago

    From Lyrical Hip Hop Soul music to Boom Bap/Jazz Rap is what you can find on my Channel of me rapping.

  • pikante dmob
    pikante dmob 5 months ago

    aya mi hermanito,usted eh duro oyo

  • Delightful Travellers
    Delightful Travellers 7 months ago

    Truly love your channel. Keep up the great work and awesome vids!

  • Save Hope
    Save Hope 7 months ago

    Please film Kevin McCloud on Vancouver Island at Woodwynn Farms building housing for their wonderful volunteers, thank you💚

  • Clifton Bradley
    Clifton Bradley 7 months ago

    I added your youtube website to my youtube. and something people can be directed to on my website Can you add my website to your youtube site too. I enjoyed your website. Thank you, USA, Chicago, IL. This is the website link

  • Flight Of Spice Blog
    Flight Of Spice Blog 8 months ago

    Awesome vid

  • Brian McNeill
    Brian McNeill 8 months ago

    any chance of putting up some shows you wont repeat like say the corner house or dream stuffing?

  • Lorraine Hickling
    Lorraine Hickling 8 months ago

    Channel 4's documentary my week as a Muslim...interesting...could we now see the roles reversed and the Asian lady in the programme 'white' up as a British woman walking along the streets of Rochdale, Blackburn, Bolton and see the abuse from the Muslim community?

  • annabodhi38
    annabodhi38 8 months ago

    Had to block you so that your stuff does not show up in my feed. So tired of "The user has blocked this in your country"

  • McGuires Tutorials
    McGuires Tutorials 9 months ago

    entertaining show...

  • 00fting
    00fting 9 months ago

    Channel 4 vs Ofcom. FIGHT

  • Alan Berger
    Alan Berger 9 months ago

    Why are you still using Flash on You could add value by simpling streaming to TheXvid. Why Aren't you doing it? Unbelievable! Sort It Out!

  • lofocky
    lofocky 10 months ago

    Why videos are not availiable for East Europe??!

    CLASSIC 10 months ago

    Naked attraction Has steadily, conspicuously and creepily almost turned into an all male show, NOT FUCKING FAIR.

  • eXplorer
    eXplorer 10 months ago

    Nice vids! I like observing nature, explore and decompress...

  • untojoconfused About
    untojoconfused About 10 months ago

    23Aug’17: 6yrs ago this month, a black-on-black state kill operation was launched against me to test new technologies & new delivery means (of hard-/& direct-to-mind read ‘n’ feed/feed ‘n’ read) for existing techniques of ‘menticide/Zersetzung/psychological corrosion/’brainwashing’/indoctrination/a new & improved ‘5-techniques’ scheme to erase my existing & autonomous identity for purpose a) to piss all over a blank new tabula rasa b) to make of me what they wanted - a sheep-dipped, silver bullet bio-hybrid, to steep into a false creed of organised crime (as per a mule) & then an Islamofascist doctrine, & when this didn’t work, c) to literally torture to death via wifi & a torture implant to the right side of my head. When the Twin Towers fell, so did every civilised western value as ‘you’ know it & a miasma rose. Watching BBC4’s ‘The Brain with David Eagleman’ last night again; to the part on Alvaro(sp) & changing/commanding ppl’s ‘free will’ with TMS, all the usual refs that I always get thru’ any sort of informative program (to disrupt) & particularly one such as this - all those usual refs that I had last time I watched it, ‘cos there’s nowt like repetition with the schitehounds: I remember about 2-2.5yrs ago, I got a very short in time (perhaps an hour, perhaps a couple of days) spate of refs to the likes of “We’re pleased we met/found you”, & other’s that I seem to remember being more ‘pointy’, like ‘plz’ed we found you to use/experiment upon’, but I don’t remember the actual wording (it’ll be in my notes); this was also around the time I had a couple like “unique”, which, like when the CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse I was happy to have a few meetings with to demonstrate my autonomy - the scheme is about destroying your autonomy, & you kinda have to be careful what you say - “I’m hearing voices in my head” etc doesn’t sound great, but I’m full-on with their shit schemes now & I’m happy to tell all, but she’d said I was an “enigma” - which tickles me pink & I’m happy with sussing these scum, who they are (more or less), what they do & how they do it (more or less), but the point is, that this was coincident to the time that the biofeedback ‘training’ started: The schitehounds, obviously state sponsored ‘black’ ‘scientists’ or more likely lab tech-types using what’s been created, are ‘there’ to work their shit to the max, to stress-test in a sense, the capabilities of their technologies & techniques, & I’m the bunny in this terminal human experimentation scheme, to be stressed to destruction - this statement is obvious from where I’m sitting & is backed-up by their refs which for once, except for when they’re saying they’re “sophisticated” & “noble” (just last night I got that one again), their reference to an hour ago, sitting on the crapper leafing thru’ a book on Auschwitz, the annotated plan matched to a PR ‘photo of the place, I track ‘F - pit for mass executions’ - instant >click< to my left ear - THAT’s schitehoundery. So, as per all they do, via the ‘frog-boiling’ slow onset of the ‘heat’, the cardiac arrhythmias, intended to viscerally ‘train-in’ by repetition & conditioning-in those responses that would over-dose a polygraph started proper (they’d done a lot of single & double heart-shots before this, all very primitive & brutal stuff, & other muscles), but that full-on ‘Miller’ type well-defined & specific scheme only started soon after this, so c.mid2015. Soon after this, in the same way, the muscle twitches & ripples & in fact initially, the single strong very quick contractions, that felt exactly like a ‘tap’ (usually to rear lower & front, left thigh) started, in exactly the same manner as kinaesthetic anchoring in neuro-linguistic programming. The refs all thru’ a prog like this say something; in the same way as when I read some scholarly article on ‘psychology’ (a good example being when I read thru’ a doc on the right temporal lobe & it’s excitation causing directly ‘feelings of spirituality’ & gods presence & double consciousness-), when I read thru’ the notes at the end, names pop-out as having been previously referenced; usually or often names which can have other meanings, such as ‘miller’ - as part of the ‘confusatory’ schiz- ‘training’ of ambiguous stimuli, but not limited to these - ordinary & common names are fine too as ‘you’ve’ met in past & ordinary life ppl with these, & that adds to the shite. But what they’re doing, is ref’ing their knowledge base, they’re flaunting themselves & very much in their bubble of circle-jerks & ego-centric mania, they’re flaunting & gloating & in fact underlining themselves as “right” & never “wrong” - they’re flaunting their “absolute”-ism, their “arrogant”-ce, & their hubris. Misdirection is extremely important in this scheme, so they tune-in to the likes of 4chan & feed them info to /pol/ to bolster the ‘group’ & make them an unwitting arm of the Totenkopfverbande, when the ordinary member/users think they’re cocking a snoop at orthodox power structures of state - their egos fellated with epithets of “weaponised autism”. 3:40am today, "You're on your own" - instant top right front ear muscle slow twitch. Irony not included.

  • Alex A. Studios
    Alex A. Studios 10 months ago

    Here some Channel 4 idents of my own.

    CLASSIC Year ago

    Women's football trailer, boys want to be her ? don't think so, boys want to be the likes of Harry Kane or Steven Gerrard, so stop with the fucking agenda already, this is the only country that have to make it a feminist agenda, I was proud of England in the last world cup, especially Stef Houghton, but I'm being turned off women's football with constant imaginary barriers that keep getting talked about, the virtue signalling leftie press that the mention of women's football have to bring up the myths and agenda instead of anything about the players, people who at the end of the day would rather watch the soaps, the only barriers were women, the female trainers who are now talking about the barriers, where were they 15/20 years ago ? sitting on their arse watching soaps ? look at the term soccer mom in America, this goes back to the 70's, women in this country were to lazy to start a female league then, now they jump on the band wagon, stop the fucking agenda and get on with it, women's football will be the better for it.

    • Shawn Bechard
      Shawn Bechard 11 months ago

      Agreed, they are hiding a divisional agenda, with the intentions of gender empowerment. This creates a weak childish ego and feeds into sociopathic symptoms, to dominate and control. I call it alpha syndrome.

  • Oasis Syco
    Oasis Syco Year ago

    Sub to me I subbed to you

  • mark wright
    mark wright Year ago

    may v corbyn

  • PartyWolf
    PartyWolf Year ago

    wow everyones ranting LOL

  • untojoconfused About

    6May’17: “..a bold accusation”: This morning at 1:10am, I got a microwave auditory reference (>click< to the right ear) when this was said on RT, of the Brexit negotiations & Theresa’s comments on same. Right or wrong, I took it to be comment (as far as ‘comment’ goes with a click, but this is the nature really shit on-going conversation with the shitehounds), on what I posted here yesterday - that the British state is oh-so enthusiastically engaged in torture-murder-schiz-‘training’ schemes & terminal human experimentation, or maybe it was the allusion (I say ‘allusion, but this is something I can pick-up an’ run with) that the CIA, loosely - in the sense that it’ll be multi-, or fractured-, ownership, runs so-called ‘Anonymous’ (big caveat on that, ‘course, but still…). ‘You’ don’t get a lot from a >click<, which ever ear it’s to; this’ll be in part deliberately ambiguous, in part, gardening, & in part, I haven’t had a synthetic telepathy since Nov2013 when I got a snide & sneering “Poowerrrr!”, exactly as tho’ by a spotty, pallid, teenage Ritalin-starved shit-for-brains, to the ‘P’ in a circle on the first British jet, the Gloster 28/39 (I think), on tv - this is at the moment that my eye alighted on it - I’ve had 10,000 & more of that, especially to the likes of “which” when I’m reading - ‘witch’ y’see?; that ‘P’ actually is ‘Prototype’, but it’s nice that the “malevolent gods/devils/witches/etc.,” feel the need to reference of themselves “Powerrr”, as tho’ it’s not inherently & abundantly clear without feeling the over-inflation of a fragile ego that needs self-stroking with digital advertising. I’m ambivalent about accusing seedy, sordid, gutless, witless, spineless, skulking cocksuckers in my country of being the same level of historical skidmark as any other Irma Grese-y Ilsa Koch that history vomits sporadically, I simply don’t recognise these 6ft droppers at Nuremberg2 to be British or English at all, despite the masses of pretensions & referencing to that delusion. It’s not something I plumb for lightly either. It’s the obvious & logical deduction. There are many ‘lines’ & likely misdirections trailing-off from the central facts, like broken spiders legs - very early on, I got masses of “Chicago” refs & I’ve had & get lots of “America/Bobama/CIA/FBI” refs, but I think this is all very ordinary to the ‘program’. Of the contradictions that came with the referencing, a couple of years ago I got a ref to the effect that it’s a consequence of the referencers/’influence technicians’ being disparate, which is neat - what they’re saying, is that ‘Anonymous’ are disparate. I tend to think this is all very convenient & that whatever/whoever I’d chose to finger as to the operation of this torture-murder-poison-electrocution-break-in & schiz-‘train’‘Monarch’-type traumatising mind control-gangstalking-& ‘heavy on the sirens’ scheme is, the’d like to conceal the fact, & the police are very very closely involved in a definite & active way, & I just don’t see that happening in ‘Britain’, unless there’s something slightly fishy going-on. Plus, I’ve a mass of instances where it has to be a state operated affair - self-sticking stamps missing from mail (so u have to go & get it at an additional cost from wherever the office is, or when the requests I’d made & paid for from the Northumbria cops, as to my calls to them about the torture & being followed ‘round my flat from above were handed to my mum in the middle of town - franked ‘cops’, of course, as part of a manoeuvre to embarrass/cause awkward questions/shut it down - that’s not ‘Anonymous’ as much as it’s not “Putin”, and many other things, like ‘Ben’ pretending to be another fella called ‘frog’, where, when some of those shitehounds were putting “Jedi” on their Census form under ‘Religion’, I’d put “Frog-sexer”. Shitloads of this; the way the scheme is following very very closely, Chapter4, book ‘Cruel Britannia’ - far too similar to be coincidence). I’ll type-up a list. Today, many many sirens as I wake & in the next hour or so. I’ve mentioned what I’m labelling as ‘Zeit’ - new very recent (under one month) ‘tweaks’ that are part of the referenceing/’ideas of reference’/apophenics scheme - 2 more: that rather than foreign countries with an emphasis on “Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan/ISIL” being ref’ed, it’s now focusing strongly on “France/Spain/Italy/Germany/Holland” etc. Spot the difference. Also, “What do you want/where do you want/we’ll help/etc.,” - I’ve had all these before, but they’re concentrating strongly as of very recently/currently. Another ‘Zeit’ is the likes of “collapsed suddenly” [strong twitch upper inner right calf muscle there, just below the knee - this is their ‘Parkinsons disease’ research] - just today that one, from BBC txt, the mudslide in Shenzhen, but it’s again, very much a current theme. Another, which I’ve mentioned, is the “murdered in his/her sleep in an aggravated burglary in his own home” - when I was getting-up today, I noticed that my dressing gown had slipped-off the back of the door - instant >click< right ear, to ‘claim’ it as one of theirs - it’s not for no reason that they’re ‘klepto-reference-whores’, they’ll take anything, particularly any glitch to anything ‘techy’, tv mainly, & very much so if I can't find something - they'll make like they've nicked it with clicks, stamps, thumps & cardiac arrhythmias.

  • Jackalofdeath
    Jackalofdeath Year ago

    how do i permanently block this channels videos from ever popping up? everytime i see that complete scumbag interviewer im reminded how awful humanity can be. seriously, stop that shit.

  • untojoconfused About

    26Ap’17: “Quicksilver!”, my schiz- friend blurted-out one night, “-they inject you with quicksilver - that’s how they get into your head”. I assume that’s a ‘Virtuosity’ reference from the shitehounds, dropping it into his head. I’m aware that that sounds like I’m a delusional science-fiction victim, ‘cept that I don’t ‘do’ sci-fi, not interested, but it’s still the case. The air is being pumped-up with energy, it’s got to go somewhere. I always liken it to reading the signals from ‘Voyager’ when the energy of half a 40watt bulb was hitting the entire earth from it’s comms systems. Many sirens before, during & when I’ve woken recently; as I predicted they’ll drop-off in a day or two (a couple of days ago), & they will, but they’re being spanned-out a bit as per the ‘Marys’ (everything they say is a-/in-, contradiction - it’s a basic element of the ‘program’, hence ‘contrary Marys’; [oooh, slight neuralgic there to hi-mid right side; for some reason this ALWAYS gets an adult baby tantrum of a neuralgic response]; b) they’re demonstrating the “It’ll go-on forever” & from 2days ago, paraphrase, “We’ll never be caught/brought to account”. As I’ve said before, I don’t know if these are ‘real’ sirens, ie., are they sirens or MP3’s; is it a cop car, or ambulance, or fire engine (they use all of these anyway, so that’s a much of a muchness; if it’s a cop car, is it a cop in the “car”; if it’s a siren, is it a cop car; is the cop U-bent, or orthodox & law-abiding; is he/she “only obeying orders” & “It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it” (the gurning, drooling, spittle-chinned maniacs suggest it’s not SUCH a dirty job that it’s done anything like reluctantly - thing is, I’ve got them taped, the means, the scheme, the tech, & most amusingly, the psychology, so they throw stuff out their prams in fits of churlish pique in response). The best guess I can make, is that its ‘fake Police Constable Quack, with a kazoo stuck up ‘is crack’. Awful lot of “politics” refs a short while ago; the ‘program’ is dust around their ankles & refs come & go, but the “politics” was an insight, almost as tho’ the mufti rozzers’re playing tonsil hockey with ‘anonymous’ - “We’ve a lot to thank-/be grateful to-, them for”, which contrasts with my own feelings that they should hang their heads in shame as they’re not a jot better than Dirlewanger’s stridulating fartleberries (that’s matted, compacted, hairy, dangling shitballs & Oskar Dirlewanger). “Don’t mock us” from tv got an auditory or neuralgic reference a couple of days ago to something on tv, after I’d taken the piss at an earlier ref I’d had, paraphrase, “We know you better than you know yourself” - this was a wall knock from my neighbour, No.18 (it’s in my logbook from 2 or 3yrs ago); my pisstake was along the lines of “you fucking idiots. Presumably, in the 3yrs u were setting this up, presumably did some sort of a study, one of your “psychological profiles”, had it all down pat, with yer tick-boxes fabricated & the etes-on & the rest of it, an’ u say u know me better than I know myself? - u execrable cocksuckers - you idiot scum an’ ridiculous, pathetic tools. 6 fucking years of THE PROGRAM, an’ here I am, telling u to go fuck yourselves - you know me better than I know myself, huh? You wankers”. ….. “Don’t mock me”, 5 or 10minutes later, so off I go again. “You soppy wankers…” etc. But I can do this, ‘cos I’m just this guy in his own home, having a conversation with no-one at all, except the “walls”. (that’s klepto-reference-whoreing it up - I call ‘them, loosely, “the walls” (it’s sarcastic really), an’ then the aptly-trained monkeys, after a year or two, finally pick-up on it, & run. Usually they’re better trained at klepto-monkey-see-monkey-do than that, but it DID make me chuckle, I mean, wtf are they ‘goon’a do? - torture-murder-schiz-‘train’-traumatise-mind-control-implant-electrocute-&-poison me or something? - >bah< And then there was the phishing attack where my exe’s (games) stopped working so they got bank details ‘cos I’m stupid (over the ‘phone line, not into my computer) & then they buy themselves stuff from Steam: #UKcopsRbankfraudsters . Blow it out yer arse. Loads more of this, an’ I’d go to the highest court in the land & say all & exactly the same, a thousand times over, & not one jot of it a lie or fabrication or exaggeration: beat that, shitehounds.

  • untojoconfused About

    I'm whistle-blowing on how ppl are mudered by hard-/direct-to-mind weapons in Britain; lots of posts to "US Army Intelligence Officer, Julianne McKinney, on Targeted Individuals, & GangStalking Crimes". "An Englishman's home his torture chamber".

  • untojoconfused About

    25Ap’17: c.3:30pm, just walked past 2 lads one of whom had in big white letters on black, “Abandon Ship” on his ganzee; both of these are extremely frequent references - I’ve been “abandoned”, & consequently I should take-up my life on a “ship”. I’d give that a 70% probability of being Zersetzung, on the particular basis of things getting more ‘dynamic’ on shitehound front atm, due to my posts here largely. Three weeks ago, I woke to some similar aged lad shouting “Jump!” just outside my window, & just this morning, a similar ref by siren: Set alarm for 7hrs as usual, woke early to 2x siren ‘whoos’ then 2minutes of siren immediately following this as I’d vocalised in my own bed & room, “Copraphage”; in those 2minutes, the siren didn’t get either nearer or further. I’d give that a 99% probability (I think it’s been something of a gig to synch sirens with my alarm clock, badly, but this was within a minute or two). An hour or so after this, another siren to Top Gear (very fertile territory for refs due to the massive concentration on “car/driving” [ooooh - neuralgic sets-in to top mid right side there - I was getting “car” ref-seeding several yrs before the ‘program’ started -Monarch/trauma-based mind control seems a likely candidate, such as that YT Newfoundland accent “Carrr” clip, ‘Ben’ sent me in 2009] - “Do I get a wet lap?” - “Yeah-yeah, no question it was wet”- “water/sea/ship/boat” etc etc , it’s all the same - even when I pour a cup of tea - with the added tickle of ‘in hot water’ I suppose. Shortly after this, the 3rd neuralgic pain in my head to Sky News “a new kind of immigration policy”. The other two had been to a breakfast cereal advert with “honey” I think. Between these, a 30second left shoulder tremor to “Would you like some cannabis?”, another pat ref. That the incidence of referencing should go up with regard to my postings & publicising of the ways & means of shitehoundery, I consider to be a “He shoots he scores” response. Speaking of which - ‘retinue response’; those two lads were very ‘hacker’-looking type ‘grungy’ individuals; this is a fairly pat theme - they admire other hackers & ‘Matrix’ acolytes, therefore the ‘retinue response’ figures big; I’ve been referring to this as the ‘adoration of the maggots’, due to seeing the mechanism, but not knowing the orthodox terminology. I’ve seen a lot of this, the easily-led, nose-ringed, delusionally ‘empowered’, “Legion” of Dostoyevsky’s grunting gypsies, basking in the reflected adoration of the mirror. There’s a fella I know from school, very old-time pal, who’s fully schiz-; the shitehounds use the mentally ill as sport & training, of this I’m absolutely certain, because no-one will belive them. I was at his one night (& bear in mind, that on many occasions there, I’d be having conversations with the shitehounds, engaged in hard-/direct to his mind; a notable occasion (of sorts), this fella I know suddenly blurted-out “Chelsea smile” & giggled to himself. An hour later, on the way home, a lad, with the usual odd mixture of facial expressions, walked past me, in a ‘Chelsea smile’ t-shirt. Another lad had also walked past me with something of a stony face on, but who’d betrayed himself by boxing/circling ‘round me, with all the all-but actually aggression on his face, & that, on a 3ft wide pavement. It’s not difficult to espy these people. These things are supposed to subsume me, but I just think these are a deranged, degenerate bunch of idiots, drunken & intoxicated, fat & corpulent. [Just mentioned a “Number3” to someone, & the usual siren has just gone-off, 4:07pm; “3” is a very common ref, as I’d made the point many moons ago that if someone pisses me off 3 times, I tend to go-off them. This is the “personalised attack” again, working to a template that an aptly-trained monkey can follow]. An interesting aside to this, is that I’d signed-up for an appointment to have a health check. It was hi-jacked & I’d been ‘offered’ an appointment with a shrink, which I’d eagerly accepted in order to demonstrate my cogence 7 autonomy. This went on for a while (initially I’d had the chat with a [cough to “chat” there, another frequent ref - they can either do it theselves, or pass-on the cough cue to the throat - an irritating radio-frequency gig, I suppose, to someone else, to do the apophenic referencving for them; this is something that has already happened several times today, & happens all the time, here in the local library - note that ‘coincidental’ siren - again, 99% rating I’d give it. Sneezing’s another one which can be quite funny - they seemed to start doing it themselves, as it’s something I’ve had a lot of - it gives the impression that you’re referencing to stuff yourself, but it’s just the same gig; sometimes, there’ll be a ‘coincidental’ sneeze that they’ve induced in someone near me, & u can hear the genuine surprise in the intonation - this is how u can tell the realworld from the Matrixhorseshit). So, I’d had this ‘chat’, (originally, a ‘chat’ was lice, so, in the “trenches”, Tommies would get together to ‘off’ there lice, and have a ‘chat’ at the same time, so I get Chat” & “lice”, especially as my cats have fleas, which itself has been played-on with “freckles” - in the newspaper of all places, & that only took a couple of days (it was about predicting lifespan by the number of freckles, I think, the freckles on arms an’ that, not the usual ‘freckles’ [hehehe- a deep cough there as I’m waffling, snigger, that too happens a lot, like a really shit one-way conversation]) the CPN community psychiatric nurse had suggested I come back and bring a parent “and we can talk about your symptoms”, to which I’d replied “Fuck that”; the point is, that this is how it’s done. I then arranged much later for another ‘chat’ with one of these CPN’s, & it turned-out I really liked this one, a great rapport (the object was whistle-blowing). So I had several with her as I thoroughly enjoyed these chats. In one, she’d said she’d had a letter from the Home Office concerning me. Being slow, I didn’t ask any more ‘til next we met, when I’d enquired further, with her replying that she’d not actually read it >bullshitbullshit<. Then there was a gap of a year or two, when I’d more solidly reverse engineered ‘the program’, and given her a load of docs. We had another (the last, so far) chat, & this one was interesting+; I talked about the science - the technology & the techniques, then she suddenly reverted/remembered her role, & came-out with “Take a psychotropic as a filter to these effects”. I was taken aback, replying “How is a psychotropic going to ‘filter’ microwave auditory effect, for instance? - you’re being (‘disingenuous’, or similar)” She repeated herself. I repeated myself. She sat/slumped-back in her chair, sighed, & said “Yes. I know that they can do these things. So what do u think is happening? You Think it’s a scheme gone wrong & that someone’s behind all this?” “Clearly-”, I replied; “I know what’s being done, & I’m fairly sure about how it’s being done, & it’s fairly obvious by whom, but it’s fine - I’m on top of it. I’m fine”. And that more-or-less ended that conversation.

  • untojoconfused About

    20Ap’17: I get most my tech news from BBC txt; I’m noticing accumulatively many mind-related news items recently, particularly F/B. There’s a new one - “Facebook is developing a way to read your mind- Seriously.” - BY APRIL GLASER AND KURT WAGNER APR 19, 2017, 3:42PM EDT. They usually say that they don’t need implants to work, but never mention headset EEG’s. This has been happening to me since approx. Aug2010, at some level (dream choreographies & hard-/direct-to-mind play; I didn’t know this was the case at the time, but with the concerted actions from Aug2011 to the present day, it’s became obvious long ago). In late 2011, I woke to a smear of blood, horizontal at shoulder height across my matress, one morning. Later, I started getting “MASH” ref’ed, by auditories & by wall-thumps/floor-stamps from No.18. This would tally - ‘mobile army surgical hospital’, plus the one-time extremely frequent “doctors” & everything associated with that (the ‘extreme authoritarian’ gig of ‘clinical necessity’). I assume, & have done for yrs, that the strong hissing sound (very much like the sound of water rushing thru’ a pipe at a high level) is radio-frequency reception (I’ve had a lot of “Bluetooth”) to what I assume to be filaments/stentrode/micro-device/material(s) inside my head (about 18months ago, some 16months before I heard about this ‘Sky’? tv series, I got “He has an i-Phone6 inside his head”, from tv - bear in mind that the shitehounds can put on to your tv whatever they like, whenever-). Additionally, I’ve had a lot of “on screen - we’re all watching/soap opera/we enjoy messing with (ruining) peoples lives/We’re all watching/Truman Show/Reality tv/live broadcast/ online/etc etc. It’s almost as tho’ - very similar to the effects of - , the “Hope for turning off 'red-hot poker' headaches: Almond-sized implant that could improve the lives of thousands” from the Daily Mail a while ago - there are many references that I’ve had for yrs in this article. This would explain the location of both the hissing/tinnitus, the synthetic trigeminal neuralgia being caused, & the location of the ‘godbluff’ ‘spiritual’ excitation of the right temporal lobe, causing that ‘heads-up’, as tho’ something were very very specifically being directed at me - msgs/accusations/as they’d have it, ‘the word of god’, plus the ‘double consciousness’. This is only a (good) working theory, an ‘all-in-one’ cause & effect. I went to my GP about the tinnitus & neuralgia (which I’ve always known to be artificial), & had a 15min MRI scan. A few days later, the specialist had called me in to have another as he/she wasn’t happy with the first for some reason; in this follow-up, I had 3x separate scans, about 5mins each, the last with a ‘tracer’ injection. The interesting thing about these last, were that unlike the first, they were all very very focused at the mid right side (very quick, local passes of the scanner). Apparently, nothing was found, but there exists the possibility, that something had been found in the first scan by someone who was not involved in a Nazi-black-on-black state scheme of terminal human experimentations & torture-murder, & that after the scans, they were either nobbled, or swapped for someone else, or the scans were fixed. I assume that some of what can be done hard-/direct-to-mind can be done implant-free; my mum had a lot of attention from these cyber-choades, by way of; nasal congestion (I think this is a by-product of RF ‘irradiation’ (radio-frequency) - they have their “mouth breather” pisstake; she had dream choreographies - she insisted on telling me one, one day, when I fully assumed it was shitehoundery at play - that she’d dreamt she had a baby elephant and that as much as she loved it, it had to go, & she was devastated by it - this is the film ‘Inception’ & hints at the psychological cess-pit. Another she had, was very very similar to what Alexander Kennedy (the originator of causing artificial stress & anxiety to manipulate it to cause artificial neuroses, that she kept waking-up in a strange place & didn’t know where she was & was consequently confused & afraid - they did sufficient of these to affect her peace of mind at bedtime, plus e-caffeine games; she also had neuralgics on many occasions when we were chatting, both at junctures & whenever I’d moved closer to her, plus when No.18 would wall-thump to demonstrate ears-on. One day I had what I assume to be ‘augmented reality’ (I’m fully aware that they can ‘project’ direct to the ‘minds eye’, day/night/conscious/asleep (these are in large part the dream choreographies), which was a fractal-like ‘scintilating scotoma’ effect in the colours of oil-on-water. A few days later, she’d come home with a cushion for the settee, very much NOT her taste (black with gold embroidery), in, by just a short stretch of the imagination, a very similar pattern, I get many “world/sea/leave”-type refs (“We’ll turn it off when you leave”), so that she should come home on other occaisions with a compass & a plastic globe (again, ‘cheap’ & tatty - very much NOT her taste), I wasn’t at all surprised. There were many individual games of this type, by number, words & themes that the shitehounds want to propagate, plus, she suddenly became very aggressive at times, verbally & physically, & suddenly, many arguments. Along with these, I got many “The boy who killed his mother” & those other refs-to, such as “messing with ppl’s lives”. The point being tho’, that they seem to be dismissing/misdirecting from the idea of implants (I don’t trust what I get on my tv, particularly the BBC txt - I’d be an insanely slow learner to assume they’re pukka), so that idea of “without implants” for the mind gigs, whilst it may well be true often, I just don’t buy that that’s the case with me. A further gig they’d played some 3-4yrs ago, is the idea that I’ve been implanted with some sort of IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) transponder/emitter; this plays to my knowledge of WW2 stuff (which is an element in their “personalised attack”), but that I should get several of these ‘notions’, then a copper walks passed & ‘beeps’ once, plays to the ‘influencing’. Also, notions of Pokemon & Google Glass (“Glows in the dark”, etc.). ‘i-Phones’ are played-on (& there’s that “zombies” quote from the fella in the NSA. Speaking of which, after watching a prog last night on frauds, fleecing women of money, I was minded that ‘Ben’/Lockmat(666) had said that he worked for the “NSA” too, tho’ this waslater). There’s something in the news atm also, about: “Police cannot continue to fill gaps left by mental health cuts, report says Chief inspector of constabulary says forces increasingly used as service of first resort and face ‘unacceptable drain’ on resources”, the Guardian. “ : this is a good one, as I’d make the direct accusation that elements of British policing are directly involved in Zersetzung, for that direct purpose of psychological corrosion, schiz- ‘training’, traumatising, & enslavement. Certainly, Northumbria police & Durham police (not just the ‘doctored’ & skewed Log reports, but also by apophenic sirens & an ‘afearing’-type scheme of that same “Going to your own funeral” - WHOOOWHOOOWHOOO I mentioned yesterday, plus the waking to direct-to-mind with a complimentary siren the next second (Mon16Ap’17, 3x sirens as I was waking, 2:45pm, almost a Chaz ‘n’ Dave-type voice to “Now, ship me down” - >siren goes-off instantly< - I have hundreds of these logged precisely (I’m sleeping late & waking to extremely strong sound & sensation of ‘hissing’ to the right side of my head, as of starting to post to YT, tho’ I’ve had a helluva lot of it beforehand - there’s been something of a lull, on & off, as of the last couple of yrs - but don’t let that distract from the idea of ingraining the symptoms of synthetic schizophrenia, as regards having psychopaths literally connected to your life & your mind, in real-time, constantly - constantly).

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    What the fuck.stevo s magic youtube.

  • pauline hukin
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    why has channel 4 stopped broadcasting French Collection series 3 after only one show and Tv listings advertising more shows for each day of this week?

  • untojoconfused About

    On 12March;14, I got copies of Northumbria police’s records of contacts I’d made with them from March2011 when I moved into a new flat in a fully refurbished block. As an existing tenant, I could choose the flat I wanted, & chose the 1st floor (2nd in US-speak) so that I could see & feed stray cats, like I’d been doing for 12yrs in my old flat. I was given the 4th floor. I’ll bet money that this was part of the ‘program’, as the 1st floor had been knocked thru to a double height foyer with the corner flats then not having side neighbours, just the one in front - I think I’m using their terminioligy, when I say, surrounding the ‘victim/subject’ is SOP for referencing & apophenics; this is their “bubble”. Plus, this meant that I was too near ordinary people, & not ‘sealed-off/in’. My flat, I’m absolutely positive, had been ‘doctored’ for the purpose - sound inducing devices scattered around & built-in to the fabric of that flat, skirting boards, window frames, & a device under the bath which could (& did) emit an electrical discharge sound when I was in it one night - this would be part of what they call the “personalised attack” - I’d had an electrical shock [neuralgic sets-in to the hi-mid right side of my head]when I was maybe 10yrs old which had grabbed me & carbonised some skin on my hands, traumatising stuff & a close call, but they knew this & so it was obviously something they thought they could - & did, run with - many such refs for a time in N-u-T, plus they’d almost certainly shorted my toaster which with the shock, tripped the mains which doubles & triples-up the gig - this being the pat-canvas of ratcheting-up all the influencing effects to get the end effect of a paranoid schizo- ‘trained’ traumatised cabbage that they then apparently use as a drugs mule, to indoctrinate into a false creed - ISIL (tho’ it’s shady this lot - a cabbage isn’t much use to man nor beast),-many of these slaves that are to be found in Britain are products of the far-right arm of dysfunctional policing (when I hit on that,3yrs ago, everything went quiet for about 18hrs) - they’ve self-referred as “Totenkopf” (“as they’re made-up of ex-policemen”), to which I’d accurately add ‘-verbande’. They also get a real kick out their torture-murder victims death, all tuning-in to the hang, draw & quartermasters surveillance feeds for the circle-jerking fest. Weirdly, one of the earliest ‘msg’s I got, was “Mr. Big, the cocaine dealer/importer from Bournemouth, is very angry with you”. -Well, “fuck him then”. So, anyway, the main thing they’re after is to kill your mind & then the body will follow. To propagate this, they ‘paint’ any contacts that u have with them. My first contact with Northumbria Police on being followed around my flat by my neighbour (-u don’t mention the cortical modem effects [neuralgic to right temple starts] & u don’t mention the voices in your head; these are diagnostic symptoms of profound mental illness & quite deliberately so): “Log451 081112 (8thNov’12 there), (I) Attended (Mkt St, NuT) to report strange things happening to him with regards to his neighbours spying on him. He is a strange character (no fullstop there, next line redacted) He stated his neighbours have control of his computer intercom system; fire alarm etc. “, this is from the brief ‘IS Record - Intelligence Data’ sheet; the actual incident log is fully 40% redacted, leaving not much more than “Very strange in his mannerism.” What happened, was that I’d gone to Mkt St (main city copshop) & reported some of the things that were happening, with an emphasis on the flat above, No.23, a lass (of 2) who looked like Reeta Chakrabarty from the BBC & who one time came down to complain about me complaining about the noise she was making, & had suddenly taken-up a Spanish accent along with the smell of booze (I’ve seen this type of ‘confusatory/wrong-footing’ tactic on Derren Brown, the first time, on a program where he’d convinced a fella that he’d committed a murder). So, from perhaps 6minutes in the interview room, the copper had said that he’d go & check on the identity of my neighbour - all was good at that point. Maybe 10minutes later, he came back, stood at the door of the interview room, beckoned me out, gave me a scrap of paper with a Log/No. on it, told me to go to the more local copshop to my address (ie., to Westgate), turned on his heal, & hopped-it. This protecting of ‘operators’ who watch & listen & comment & act as a hub for the ‘program’ of traumatising, schiz- ‘training’ & indoctrinating, is exactly what’s also happening with the people who moved-in beside my new address, ie., No.18, who wall-knock and laugh sneeringly to the likes of “protected by the law” from tv, & “partnership”, & about whom the local fuzz has indeed been ‘round, railing about yellow streaks of piss, & with exactly the same, weird facial expressions I saw on some Newcastle coppers faces, & quite aggressive. So, cheers for that, 3426. More of this to come - &, on ‘shitehound’ front, it’s getting very quiet, except for the threats.

  • untojoconfused About

    Again, from ‘The Psychology of Military Incompetence’, Dixon. N, on Extremes of Authoritarianism, within which, of only 8pages, there are 23 specific points that are made, which I can wax lyrical on, from my experiences of the last <6yrs; “One underlying problem of such personalities is that they are forced to renounce, & then denounce, that part of themselves most in need. As one of them remarked, ‘It was much better to be thought of as a hardened Nazi & brutal murderer than a cissy. “In a word, they were like people who, when they are dying of starvation, come to despise evidence of hunger, for to do otherwise would be to admit (to themselves) the parlousness of their plight. It was this seemingly impossible state of affairs which found resolution by the process of paranoid projection. They hated in others what could not tolerate in themselves. Hence it was that the weak, the old, the underprivileged, the cowed & later the starving millions of the concentration camps suffered their fearful attentions. “By the same token, it was not an entirely conscious rationalisation, nor entirely their need for justification, which led them to aver that their entirely helpless victims were dangerous enemies, Jewish terrorists, etc., who had to be eliminated. For in a sense they were enemies, not of the State, but of their own precariously poised egos.” There’s quite a lot in this which I’d sussed well before I got this book; in mid2012, I’d accused the ‘shitehounds’ - ie., spoken out loud to the walls in my home when I was otherwise alone, accusing them of ‘hypocrisy’, as I was being accused/identified not with any factor to which I’m ‘guilty’ or responsible for, but for precisely the things that the detached voices in my head & by synthetic apophenic & the Zersetzung was doing - they were self-referencing their own behaviour onto me; the response to that accusation/observation was simply a light, wifi cacophony of sneering laughter & stamps on my ceiling. That curious, ‘envictimised’ justification of “revenge” & “it’s personal” & “get you back” & “has to pay” mentality that I get often (just last night, a wall-thump/tap ‘reference’ from my neighbour at (paraphrasing, ‘cos I didn’t make an immediate note of it, as it’s virtually a daily occurrence), “This is just the start of the revenge”, from tv. The thing about the extreme authoritarian ego, is that when they issue ‘orders’ which meet with non-compliance, apoplexy is the result, so, far from me being a dish to served-up & consumed at leisure & with pleasure, their “controlled aggression” is become corrosive unto themselves, which is nice; “We need you” is a distinct & clear ‘msg’ I’ve had several times, as well as “We’ve has too many ppl spending too long on this to let it drop now”, by synthetic telepathy, some 3 or 4yrs ago, & I’d agree that that’s probably precisely the case, because they were reference seeding & actually direct-/hard-to-mind’ing me from at least 1yr before this began - this I’m absolutely & totally aware of, from the weird, over-vivid & colourful dream choreography, to the “Boat5” thing. I get a lot of “education” & “to send a message”; in c.2009 I was sent a scan from a book I think, of Gen. Pershing in the Philippines, were 10-20 insurgents (Muslim) were being executed by firing squad; a pig was slaughtered first, the bullets dipped in the blood, graves dug & the viscera chucked-in, then all but one was shot, with the other released to ‘send the message’ - this has been EXACTLY the tenor of the psychological & physical attack - including psyche torture, but more ‘accessibly’, the 180days/nights straight, of synthetic trigeminal/migrainous neuralgia, at 6-12hrs a time, & an insanely self-indulgent (sado-narcissistic) basket-case of other things that have been done, stemming from an overt & sarcastic, “bullying”, 24/7/52/6 eyes- & ears-on: they laugh & taunt ‘you’ when they’re subjecting you to excruciating pain: the ‘TN’ is rated by the NHS as “severe pain, lasting up to 2minutes at a time”. It felt something like this; that the right side of the face/head was being very slowly ground-out by a very jagged drill, ice cold & on hammer-action, the pain level was stupefyingly bad, & this was after a short year of everything else that they could cuck at me, regards multifold & constant (including during sleep) psychological attacks, designed to grind me down for the suicide ‘excitation potential/behavioural set’ kill, again, on ‘camera’, with a mocking, taunting & gloating audience. Last night, there was a dull thump neighbour-side at around 4:30am to “Use the raft” on the ‘Crystal Maze’, tv prog, an old reference. Before that, at 3:15am, my doorbell had gone twice with no-one there when I looked. More or less standard fare - makes a change from the umpteen ‘Sky’ salesmen, to create another avenue of ‘ideas of reference’ to the ‘phone hacking News International theme, they used to play strongly to. Now, it’s all “Trump-” this, & “Trump-” that, as I rasp-out a guffry in their general direction, with a “Sub-vocalise THAT, yer cnut”.

  • untojoconfused About

    Constant past & present reference themes - these are individual words, but they’re expanded into themes, so “sea” becomes all things related to-, & peripheral to, “sea”: a lot of these are deliberately ‘amgiguous stimuli’ & ‘synthetic conflict’ (I’m not Nazi. Far-right, racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic, etc.): they’re referencing/identifying ‘hymn sheet’ is far more important to them than it is to me - I get referencing effects (auditory/wall knock (my neighbours were very busy last night thru’ BBC Richard Dimbleby Lecture with John o Brennan last night), muscle spasm/twitch, neuralgic pains etc etc ), & I have to do a double-take to ‘see’ what they’re on about [top of the head sudden pain there - see? - this is exactly what I mean, they’re like petulant adult babies chucking a constant tantrum: ISIL, technology (as in threatening), death, injury & disease (& all the means by which they may be inflicted & suffered), hot/cold (includes ‘ICE’), Trump/Obama, FBI/CIA, limbloss, blindness, paralysed, dementia (is popular, probably based on the effects of what I presume to be 24/7/52/6 of having effectively a mobile ‘phone inside my head, perhaps with higher than usual power reception/the number of log-ons), brain tumours, cancer, isolation/loneliness, husband/wife/family/marriage, gaol/jail, trial/no trial, law & justice (these are old ones that I don’t get, now that they’ve ditched that avenue of attack, these days I get “murdered/murderers/tortured/torturers/corrupt/Nazis” etc.), Germany/France/Holland/etc etc Iraq/ Syria/Russia/Burma/etc etc, Muslim/Glaswegian devil worshippers (-‘Glasgow-fuck-yourselves’), Hindu etc etc., Nazi/Hitler etc., lost, no posessions/all gone, treasure/gold/great opportunity/put-on a clean shirt, beheaded, tent/cave/ditch/forest/tree house/mud, log/wood, evil (“the most evil man in the universe”…), right/left, up/down, black/white, doctors/nurses (-rarely), disease, snipers, dragons, Star Wars themes, pirates, “there are only 2 types of people - hunters & farmers”, “Truman Syndrome”, car/drive, Snowden/whistleblower/Assange/Julian/WikiLeaks etc., anti-Semitic/racist/sexist/misogynist/etc., far-right, hate speech, Matrix, “dreams”, Napoleon ( & syndrome), gold/money/bank, trapped/run/walk/escape/”nowhere to run/hide”, & a couple of hundred more specific others. There’s a distinct line of referencing where they self-refer as “doctors” & the rest of it {siren suddenly goes-off there, as they do], where they claim for themselves a ‘clinical necessity’ to “cure”, ie., me, by which they actually mean to [stronger neuralgic sets-in to my right temple - in exactly the way they always do at this sort of a juncture] “drive” me out of my own mind, literally by trespassing inside my mind (I have a notion that I had a reference a few days ago to ‘The Man With Two Brains’, which is an interesting one; this is all about terminal human experimentations of new technologies & the new implementations of existing techniques that that provides for - I’m thinking of the human brain project here; the ultimate development of which seems to be for autonomous ‘Terminator’ drones/robots, & I’ve long suspected that along with the human element of the constant eyes- & ears-on & -in, that AI is a prominent element in the traumatising/schiz- ‘training’ & indoctrination scheme). This ‘clinical necessity’ is very much a part of the psychology of ‘extreme authoritarianism’: from ‘On the Psychology of Military Incompetence’, N. Dixon, “The frequent employment by the SS & indeed, other military organisations of such euphemisms as ‘disinfecting’, ‘cleansing’ & ‘mopping-up’ [all of which I’ve had in super-abundance, over 5++yrs] to describe their work is not without significance in the context of the anal origins of organised aggression. The use of such phrases contrives to cloak even the most flagrant act of murderous destruction with the mantle of clinical necessity.” There’s much more to this chapter, & it’s all absolutely pat for the psycho-cadre. I’ve just picked-up a copy of ‘The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5’, C. Andrew, which, on first glance, seems to be brimming-over with longstanding references I’ve had for years, one which has just caught my eye & which I had an entirely unrelated and yet closely synchronous left inside knee muscle spasm to¬ - is, of ‘Tin Eye’ Stephens, “the interrogator must treat each spy as a very individual case… a very personal enemy”. I’ve had “personal/it’s personal/We/I know you better than you know yourself” many times in the last few years, when their veil began to drop & I began to see thru’ the 90% referencing dross, & piecing together the rest into the obvious & only conclusion: that MI5, by opportunity & convenience, uses British people, in Britain, as a playground/battleground (same thing to these dickheads) by which they’re the subject of an extremely wholistic & focused attention of technologies & techniques, as practice for fake news/’othering’/PR campaigns, for psyche & physical torture practice, training & sado-narcissistic pleasure, & as involuntary human “guinea pigs” for implantation & materials technologies, electro-magnetic & radio-frequency attacks, the testing of indoctrination techniques, poisons, black bag training, the resurrection of the ‘Five Techniques’ in a new wifi guise, and to tune-in and observe in great detail, both eyes- & ears-on, but also via the cortical modem, as they watch (and giggle excitedly) to the spectacle of seeing the people they’ve ‘chosen’ die by suicide-murder, for the shits n kicks of it. And they call themselves “superdooper’eroes”, the hoary 6foot droppers.

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    What are we going to do.The world as gone mad..

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    I have spent most of the day going through 3 laptops, a pc, and a server ( iwork in tech support so have loads of stuff at home) using everything from linux to windows 7 and windows 10 with firefox, chrome and edge and not got one program to play on 4od, the worst service ever, not had any problems streaming other stuff and channels but 4od is the worst piece of crap going. Most i got was windows 10 and edge and got the adverts to start then just a blank screen or the whole machine locked upped when it came to the actual program i wanted to see. Now on my 4th laptop a higher spec one to see how that does with W10 and Chrome or Edge.

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    Channel Four are a good example of a FAKE NEWS outlet, along with the BBC and Sky.

  • Jeremy Bentham
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    Cannel 4 having a series on fake news. I imagine this will be fantastic as they have a huge history of creating it.

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    Thank you also to all our Paralympics and GOOD LUCK also. Our National lottery have now added me to 7 videos 2 now with the Paralympics saying thank you to me so proud of .

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    Lynne Heal Year ago The National Lottery ‏@TNLUK · Aug 28 @lynnie_heal Thanks for being part of #IAmTeamGB. You backed them & now they are backing you 👊

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    Very proud of . I am also proud of our UK National lottery for adding me to 5 videos to say thank you to me from TeamGB on twitter to me .

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    Can you not block programmes you don't even put up on youtube yourself? I was watching that and you blocked it! At least put them all up!

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    Nothing 'superhuman' about you att all - NO ONE is 'superhuman'. My friend, who has MS, is sick and tired of seeing this rubbish, pretending that disabled people are the same as everyone else, as regards physical capability. They are not, simple as that. My friend realises the true agenda of the Paralympics, which is to pretend that everyone is the same, with equal opportunities. We already have the gay marriage bullshit and promoting women or blacks in jobs, just to tick boxes. Now they want the disabled to slave away in a job, so they pay tax. The Paralympics is to justify that point. Women are next for the frontline in war, which when it happens and conscription is brought in, will mean your girlfriend, wife or daughter having to fight and perhaps be killed. Welcome to the New World Order of 'equality and fairness'.

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    You can't disable comments for the funniest video on YT ... The people in it are already disabled xD

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    hi am Brazilian and I found fantastic video of the Paralympics . But I want to see the the end of the jump with wheelchair, has this video ?

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    Transgenderism is a Cruel Lie

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    I was very much enjoying Rush Hour on E4 but it has been cancelled partway through without warning. No reason, no warning, no clue as to if it's coming back. Not available on 4OD. This has also happened before with The Big Bang Theory where it disappears for a random period of time without warning, and we're not sure when the new series will come back. I am sick of it! I see you like to brag about how you have the rights to american shows such as Rush Hour, Containment, etc. But what is the point if you can't show the whole series?! It's nothing to brag about at all if you can only show the first few episodes. Try and secure the whole series before giving us a taster. I am now going to have to try and find Rush Hour online somewhere (probably illegally) and I'm sure many other fans will too. Sort yourselves out and stop airing american shows when you don't have the rights to every episode. It's a disgrace!

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    Why are there currently no subtitles on Channel 4?

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    Hello. Can you please upload the episodes from the T.V. series "Streetmate" featuring Davina Mccall? Also, Do I have to be in the UK in order to view episodes on main website? If that is the case, I would really appreciate it if you could upload the Streetmate episodes to youtube so I can see them. It was my favorite show back in the day. Thank you!

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    OK....I live in the Hinterland of Canada and watched channel 4, while visiting raised by wolves....can you post some of the 1st season shows for us poor colonials

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    Can you please train lots of black men to Hijack and Crash all Qantas Airways Airbus A380 planes some in Australia and some in the United Kingdom. Sorry

  • Andrew Haylor
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    Can you please train 2 black people to kill 23 black men in Togo 32 in Benin and 62 in Ghana. Sorry

  • Andrew Haylor
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    Can you please train 42 black men as hijacks. 1st can you please train 6 to hijack and crash a ryanair boeing 737-800 plane in to the one canada square. 2nd can you please train 6 to hijack and crash a Thomson Airways Boeing 757 plane in to the 8 canada square. 3rd can you please train 7 to hijack and crash a British Airways Airbus A380 plane in the 25 Canada Square in London. 4th can you please train 6 to hijack and crash the Flybe Dash 8 aeroplane into a building in Scotland. 5th can you please train 6 to hijack and crash a 2nd flybe Dash 8 aeroplane into a building in Wales. 6th can you please train 6 to hijack and crash a 2nd Ryanair Boeing 737-800 plane into an office building in Wiltshire while departing the UK. Last can you please train 6 to hijack and crash an Air France Airbus A380 plane into The Blade Reading in Reading in Berkshire after taking off from Charles de Gaulle Airport together on 11th August 2016. Sorry

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    Can you please kill lots of black people at Gatwick Airport and shoot down an Emirates Airbus A380 at the start of the Summer Holidays. Sorry

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    I want "Come DIne WIth Me"

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    Why don't you put "Come Dine WIth Me" on here so that people in the USA, Canada, and other countriies can enjoy it. It would be an advantage for your advertisers too.

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    Hello! I live in Brazil and I would like to watch "The Greatest Shows on Earth" complete. I liked this documentary series. Where I can watch the 4 episodes complete? Thaks!

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    scumfuck channel 4 used tybe good before the govermentr took it over were fucking not stupid ya cunts

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    I have a programme idea for you: follow one of the Lorry drivers who is trying to make a living as they face a barrage of violence going through Calais. No, thought not; your channel would rather focus on the 'suffering' that the economic migrants are supposedly going through as they turn their noses up at asylum in a rich country like France.

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    Well Goodluck With F1 in 2016.. p.s. Bring Coulthard, Eddie Jordan, Lee Mckenzie and Ben Edwards.. Please... Just do it

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    It's really sad that people felt they needed to give a thumbs down to that girl who transitioned into a man. Transgender people are people. Transphobia is as ignorant as homophobia. Shame on you. All of you who spread hate are helping kill LGBTQ youths by casting them out of society, beating them up and telling them they are evil and sick in the head only to leave them suicidal. Anyone who tries to make someone feel that way for being who they are need mental help. You are the ones who are sick. You really are.

    • K A.M
      K A.M 2 years ago

      +blobvision To be honest, a lot of trans people are giving it thumbs down as well. Channel 4 isn't exactly the best at writing about trans people. They are very invasive and will portray the person in ways that they didn't want to be portrayed as.

  • Mr. Soad
    Mr. Soad 2 years ago

    Transgenders are not people and no one gives a shit about your fucking queer video. Fuck off and stop spamming that shit in the recommendations!

    • Orange Sec
      Orange Sec Year ago

      yeah because if you look at history it was NEVER a thing until the media was like "oh what would happen if kids wanted a sex change? We should program their minds and force them to do it." An idea so good it's mandatory.

    • randomguyodst46
      randomguyodst46 2 years ago

      +TheMofos32X transgender is a mental illness.

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 2 years ago

    29.09.15....that was nice. a little brain candy with The Idents.....we should do this again sometime....

  • eclairlumiere1
    eclairlumiere1 2 years ago

    I am no longer watching the series Gogglebox. You've introduced yet another pair of newbies nobody asked for. You insist on including depressing news stories into the mix even though it is meant to be light hearted entertainment. But the worst thing is the various family's reaction to the "Syrian Crisis". So much for unbiased. You only showed people supporting the idea of letting more migrants in, and I bet they were told to say that. I won't be watching that propaganda anymore.

  • WWLions1
    WWLions1 2 years ago

    Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar is also Jesus.

  • MsKTMvalley
    MsKTMvalley 2 years ago

    What's with your short shorts photo on your TheXvid channel here? Is there news coverage on it or something cause there's not much coverage there.

  • SannaGNR
    SannaGNR 3 years ago

    Would love to see Skeg Vegas, as I am planning on moving to Skegness end of this year, but can't find it anywhere and obviously don't get Channel 4 in Finland :(

  • Tiffany Summerfield
    Tiffany Summerfield 3 years ago

    Hi, just wanted to ask, on the 'kids in crisis' program that was on TV today (01/07/15) what is the music that is played at the beginning of this program?

  • Tosh Lubek
    Tosh Lubek 3 years ago

    Good stuff but not enough time to watch.

  • Transport & Simulation Hub

    I just want to let you know just how much respect you have lost from me Channel 4. Your channel used to be a neutral and an impartial unbiased network. But now you appear to be on a UKIP smashing rampage these days judging by your recent programming which I find despicable. I could only watch 10 minutes of the "UKIP: The First 100 Days" before switching over and I am quite disgusted to see that you can cook up such nonsense in a pitiful attempt to insight fear and hatred for UKIP into those that cannot think for themselves and to control their minds. Well I am sorry to say this, but a lot of people are intelligent enough to think for themselves and your negative campaign against UKIP will fail miserably. Well just incase you have forgotten, I would like to inform you that UKIP is not a racist right wing party, unlike the other far right wing parties of which the media have managed to successfully defeat in the past. People will make up their own minds on May 7th and they will vote for who they want in power.

    • marcus pick
      marcus pick 3 years ago

      +Mushr88m 8 Thnx pal..!

    • Thomas Holland
      Thomas Holland 3 years ago

      +Channel 4 I would just like to say THANK YOU! You have helped so much when it comes to helping people vote UKIP. Even the '100 days to UKIP' programme was brilliant. If you watch the reactions of the people to it on Gogglebox you will see you really are helping us UKIP voters. Keep doing what you are doing UKIP thanks you :D Highly anticipating 'Immigrant street'. Should surge the votes for us UKIP supporters also.

    • Transport & Simulation Hub
      Transport & Simulation Hub 3 years ago

      Well I can certainly say that. I will never take the mainstream media seriously ever again. I think a lot of people also now feel the same the same way about the media.

    • Damo8
      Damo8 3 years ago

      +marcus pick Good Work Mate.

    • marcus pick
      marcus pick 3 years ago

      +Mushr88m 8 just emailed this pathetic lefty a few questions on why they were not on the show....??....

  • giwrgos
    giwrgos 3 years ago


  • Enikő Tóth
    Enikő Tóth 3 years ago

    Hello, ich interessiere mich über Extra (deutsch)!M ir interessiert die nächste Serie. Können Sie mir sagen, wo ich das sehen kann?

  • Natalie Rogers
    Natalie Rogers 3 years ago

    I want to have access to watch the full episodes of kid criminals

  • Oops Hi
    Oops Hi 3 years ago

    You are literally shit. Why the heck is this channel still on TheXvid?agh

  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 3 years ago

    Yo there! Greetings from SG =P

  • OLGA SHVETS StyleLaser

    dear channel 4 let me know when would be a FILM ABOUT MODELS FROM Russia

  • Roux
    Roux 3 years ago

    Is there any chance to renew the utopia show? it was damn epic and i dont want another american remake....

  • Labyrinthman
    Labyrinthman 3 years ago

    Hello, Channel 4 ! Will you be so kind and make season 3 of Utopia ? Seriously, that was the best show on television ever !

  • Wing Wong
    Wing Wong 3 years ago

    It's all very well saying you're putting everything on your own app but your app is actually just your advertising channel. It looks like it has a lot of content then you spend ages trying to get something to play including watching your ads several times then finally giving up on it. Your app doesn't work on my tablet, on my smart TV and not even on my computer browser! Absolutely pointless.

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble 3 years ago

    Your crappy Channel 4 OD service keeps freezing my playstation, I am sick of your incompetence, i hope your channel gets shut down.

  • Mario Quesada
    Mario Quesada 3 years ago

    Why don't you display some of your interesting documentaries here? There is Drugs Live for example that I would like to see on TheXvid.

  • DocLarsen44
    DocLarsen44 3 years ago

    I just saw a short video of a man describing his bigfoot encounter. While it was a super condensed version (I have seen the full version), it was done very "matter of fact" manner: with no snickering, poking fun, etc. So I decided to check out the channel. After reading these comments, which were remarkably consistent, no thank you; I have decided not to waste my time.

  • profi tv
    profi tv 3 years ago

    гнида сука пидарская

  • cheyne15
    cheyne15 4 years ago

    Seriously wondering just what is the point of 4od. The player is bad enough but now on YT there is no content. I nearly always watch (or try to) Dispatches, one of the best documentary series on TV anywhere. I used to be able to catch up or watch again on YT but no longer it seems. There's acres of other rubbish, reality shows - whatever - but something that is actually intelligent and is a renowned public service isn't available. The most recent "Faith Schools Undercover: No Clapping in Class" is probably not going to appear or will be a 2 minute trailer. And yet it's content is extremely important. Seriously guys, what IS the point of a trailer if you can't see the show! Has someone been at the Kool Aid in your offices?

  • Matthew Brough
    Matthew Brough 4 years ago

    This is the worst channel on TheXvid. Where are the episodes? No videos of anything longer than 3 mins. Why don't you upload full episodes? You would have a successful channel that competes with the illegal ones if you uploaded your programs to TheXvid, instead I have to find a pirate copy on random websites. I always find what I need have nothing on your channel but adverts for programs that have already aired, and no upload for the adverts. IF I WANTED TO WATCH ADVERTS, I WOULD WATCH TV.

  • Sam's Review
    Sam's Review 4 years ago

    your channel is a Fucking disgrace... promoting dog fighting to gain profit & ratings... what's next Channel 4? a show following pedos around whilst they fuck & kill kids & instead of calling the police you just film it?!?! YOU'VE GOT BLOOD ON YOU HANDS!!!!

  • Lightotronic
    Lightotronic 4 years ago

    air lock and so on ¬/

  • WILD Ti-Woodvivor
    WILD Ti-Woodvivor 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your magnificent knowledge, my channel is often inspired by your explanations and ideas. If you find it or find interested ...;-) Greetings subscribe

  • Alexander Mateev
    Alexander Mateev 4 years ago

    What happend to kofi in 24 hours a&e

  • USER67
    USER67 4 years ago

    Please make 999 What's your Emergency Series 1 available in the UK!

  • Captainegg
    Captainegg 4 years ago

    When i saw ITN production after C4 news, i relised that no news channel is now worth watching. The NHS comparison with the US private health care system was shameful.

  • Karolina Ch.
    Karolina Ch. 4 years ago

    Hey! Why didn't you allow viewers from Poland to see "Drowned in Space: Houston We Have a..." video? It must be super interesting, we want to see it as well... I would be really thankful if you would fix this. Thanks in advance!

    • Channel 4
      Channel 4 4 years ago

      Hi - we aren't permitted the rights to show this particular clip outside of the UK and ROI. National Geographic has the rights for this internationally and you may want to check their channel. Good luck and sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Jennifer Figler
    Jennifer Figler 4 years ago

    Can't view Sunday Brunch because I'm on an iPad. Can you all upload your content from your main site to youtube, please? I'm certain you'd get many views of it.

    • randomguyodst46
      randomguyodst46 2 years ago


    • Channel 4
      Channel 4 4 years ago

      We no longer have longform content on TheXvid, Jennifer.

  • Hoodoo
    Hoodoo 4 years ago

    Benefits Street, lets turn people against the poor and turn them into a freak show, what a disaster this country is now in 2014, we are no better than the Victorians and their concept of the "deserving and NON deserving " poor. Whats so sad is that people will watch this and feel is a fair representation, and not question the BENEFITS rich politicians get and call "expenses" and the BENEFITS rich farmers get(25k a year) and call "subsidies" not lets pick on the most vulnerable. I USED to be proud to be British...

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 years ago

    Yet they keep Benefits Street trailers on no problems despite the recent uproar over it.

  • PenilePapulesRemoved

    Lots of very interesting videos can be found right here

  • MrNobody808
    MrNobody808 4 years ago

    Nice one! Removing all the content that's worth watching and keeping the nonsense that no one wants to watch is the way forward! Why even bother with a TheXvid presence if you aren't going to take the platform seriously? You are just patronising your TheXvid viewers.

    • Channel 4
      Channel 4 4 years ago

      +MrNobody808 This is very true, however we don't own the rights to all programmes that have been broadcast on Channel 4 and that includes TheXvid rights. Hope this helps.

    • MrNobody808
      MrNobody808 4 years ago

      +Channel 4 Nice one! ;) Anyway, since you asked, full episodes of TV shows. Channel 4 must have a catalogue of thousands of shows, which will probably never be seen on TV again, that could be put on TheXvid.

    • Channel 4
      Channel 4 4 years ago

      What would you like to see, MrNobody808?

  • Naveed Aslam
    Naveed Aslam 4 years ago

    Kindly, can you upload the videos of "Six Experiments that Changed the World" program which was presented by the late Ken Campbell and was made for your Channel 4 and first broadcast in 2000.

  • stevens37y
    stevens37y 4 years ago

    Great stuff but no Snowden. Great.

  • 김동현
    김동현 4 years ago

    @the greatest shows on earth 104 on Channel 4 makes me realize how manipulating now a days this "news" can be. You can not judge what you do not know and what you see is not necessarily the truth. Scenes are cut and pasted with some other images that will make you believe that everything got "lost in translation". Its a real shame that as a country we get tag as something we are not. Our inheritance is not something that can just "create" or "frame" Please do not get fool by the fabrications of this video. the fact is that any person would feel offended if a situation like this occurs to you, and what is fair is fair and what is true should not be manipulated. And sarcasm brings nothing but bad "self calling journalism". In a society and time where information is abundant we have to be more careful with what we choose to believe in. True should not be altered for rating, true should be spoken for the common good of knowledge.

  • Justin Wimmer
    Justin Wimmer 4 years ago

    I cant watch the new episode because i live in the US can you please please please post it on youtube or something?! Im begging you! ;^;

  • kaixo Xen
    kaixo Xen 4 years ago

    Wow.... That's pretty neat. XD How fun.

  • NlDavissim
    NlDavissim 4 years ago

    I wish Jo Frost is crowned "London's new Queen"

  • best
    best 4 years ago

    Do you want a new group in the video Subscribe to my channel

  • Dela Tova
    Dela Tova 4 years ago

    Pregnant Man. PREGNANT. MAN. Next time on Maury Povich--A woman who sprung a penis and man hair when she took much Viagra to please her transsexual boyfriend!

  • Camryn L
    Camryn L 4 years ago

    Stupid Channel.

  • Paula Collins
    Paula Collins 4 years ago

    srlsy? rlly? we're not crazy, that's totally NOT US, you should get better informed before to make 'documentals' like that. it's a shame that your 'channel' doesnt have anything else to do that creat stupid kind of 'documentals' Just wanna attention right? cool you got it, and you know what else did you got? HATE, bc yeahh #the hate is for real, you just can't come make 'documnetals' like that and be like nothings wrong, like no-.- and well there's no need to keep writing to this shit of channel. k bye xxxx

  • Emilyanna Constable
    Emilyanna Constable 4 years ago

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! That video,"Crazy About One Direction," That was THE WORST VIDEO EVER!!! 1. To the lady who narrating, if you were a Directioner you would know EXACTLY how,and why we act like we do! We may seem crazy in some peoples eyes, but in our own, we are perfectly normal....and, In our eyes, that's the ONLY perspective that matters! and the boys' of course, and they, ALL THE TIME say that they Love Us, and that even if they haven't met us _YET_ they STILL LOVE US!!, They say that we have gotten them to where they are now, and if we wouldn't have been there from the start, they wouldn't be here today....WE LOVE ONE DIRECTION! WE ARE DIRECTIONERS! I AM A DIRECTIONER! AND WE/I LOVE OUR/MY BOYS!!!! TIL THE VERY END!!!! Got it!?

  • haya abutayeh
    haya abutayeh 4 years ago

    channel 4 r u happy 90+ have committed suicide....all those mothers that are hurt for losing their girls are because of u u suckkkkkkk so bad...hope ur happy

  • hazegurll
    hazegurll 4 years ago


  • Evan Leigh
    Evan Leigh 4 years ago


  • LO0SER95
    LO0SER95 4 years ago

    i was told from facebook and some ones post on twitter that u paid them to do like i seid i know the one girl did not meet them 64 times and we are not dogs and you are horribal pepole

  • azticia bernardo
    azticia bernardo 4 years ago

    you made 90+ of my friends die! are you happy , did you celebrate!>:( we're not "breeds" we are fandom that is one whole freaking family! you think all Directioners are like that!?! we'll we're not. I so hate you channel 4! (oh and get this through your thick stupid skull we Directioners also have feelings, just as much as you!) >:(

  • Izmah Usman
    Izmah Usman 4 years ago

    you have hurt soo many family's(not mine)BUT my fellow directioners! btw we arnet a new breed were humans with feelings and heart wer arnet robots!

  • Malikgirldiariesxx
    Malikgirldiariesxx 4 years ago

    You killed 90+ people! You guys ARE murderers! My sisters died, because of you! Directioners are a FAMILY, and you killed 90+ of my sisters! I will forever hate channel 4!

  • 1DMTloveyouall
    1DMTloveyouall 4 years ago

    You fucking douches GTFO please you've killed 90+ directioners you load of bullshit

  • Mira
    Mira 4 years ago

    You really needed to make a documentary we are not a breed we are HUMANS alot of us already get enough hate from school teachers and even friends so for you guys to make a bloody documentary about this is FUCKING stupid have fun trying to sleep at night after SO many larry shippers have commited suicide

  • Mira
    Mira 4 years ago

    Happy??? over 90+ directioners have committed suicide what a load of shit and we are not a rare breed we have proper lives unlike you people disgusting load of rubbish

  • Joanna Baozi
    Joanna Baozi 4 years ago

    Are you happy now? Now that you broken up our fandom and killed 91 beautiful people. And FYI we aren't a breed, we are humans with feelings and hearts. How dare you!

  • We are Diana
    We are Diana 4 years ago

    These people don't understand that they practically just killed themselves, too because there are enough of us....I'll just shut up now...But seriously..this is bullshit. Was a documentary really that important? You ignorant fuckers!

  • Stephanie K Lee
    Stephanie K Lee 4 years ago

    I hope you think about how you murdered 90+ people. Think about it real fucking nice and long. I hope you're fucking happy, because you're nothing but a twisted, cruel, fucking sickass monster. That's right, you don't have the motherfucking right to be called a motherfucking human.

  • LO0SER95
    LO0SER95 4 years ago

    ok im a directioner we are not dogs we are not a breed we are fans and i know that the one girl probaly did not meat them 64 times and ya so this this is what is jaking up our fandome and im going to screeem it to the hevens and like thats messed up and now your gonna get hate

  • Destiny
    Destiny 4 years ago

    I hope your happy channel 4 you stupid fucking docmentary has caused over 20 suicides.HEARTLESS ASS HOLES THATS WHAT YOU ALL ARE

  • Eve Virgin
    Eve Virgin 4 years ago

    You people acted like were crazy and nuts... we didn't all meet them 64 fucking times... this is BS because srsly, 14 directioners took their life, killed themself because of what you people, who don't know a thing, you probably upset 1D so thanks for that, i'm a proud directioner, and like srsly tho, we didn't all get upset about "LARRY IS REAL" and "HARRY'S GAY" "Eleanor is just a cover-up" I'm not saying that we didn't get upset tho either, but we don't tweet them every fucking day and ask for a follow... we tweet them love and support... so get your facts straight... so before you put something up, like that, think, because you assholes made 14 girls... who had so much more ahead of them, kill themselves, really... thats bullshit

  • Yasserstain Yasserstain

    like this, listen to me now all! Do not know how much will I need to write this, but don't matter.i Fu*k everyone mom whoever set that shit about us on Channel 4 .. So our sisters own life! Nas In family 50 less .. These morons on that channel are so retarded as no one .. What do they think we are we feel, how I feel our parents sesatara, that only seem most guys? HOW? Many are irritated me, I to even cry just because of my sister, just because of them .. why did they do?: I can not believe, no, no and no, there is no chance that it happened .. they're gone, there is no, why are they doing? Izvredjao am them on Twitter and so, as I should, because my intention .. it was my and your sisters are no more, and in this way we want to thank you with fingers crossed we adhered to our guys and we are all together succeeded! SISTERS, we are proud on you! RIP I miss you so much! You are kill my sisters! :(

  • caitlindance13
    caitlindance13 4 years ago

    #RIPLarryShippers Are you happy with yourself? Are you proud that you took 90+ innocent lives? Was the documentary really worth all this??

  • Angie de Fátima Morales Novoa

    Why you just did that to us? You are killer! 14 innocent girls died because of you and your shit! Hope you will be happy now. Can you please apologise at least ?.It's not fair what you have done! I'm feeling like SHIT! Literally...

  • irene hansel
    irene hansel 4 years ago


  • nina ninča
    nina ninča 4 years ago

    fuck you!!! you killer

  • Alexandra Horan
    Alexandra Horan 4 years ago

    Channel 4 if you have children or you don't have but you will i hope all of ur children be Directioner....I hope you are proud because 42 Directioners kill themself because of you!We aren't crazy!And nobody said that Louis and Harry are gays!You just made a fucking video where you put some fans who were acting for you and your video just to have all of the atencion on you on your group!Maybe the more fans will kill themselfs and you will literally kill them because you lie!Now pack yourself (all of you),stick yourself in little bag,put postcard and sticker on bag and send yourself in your mothers vi*ana !Because you didn't even need to be born...Nobody needs all of you!FUCK YOURSELF YOU KILLERS!

  • derrick3131
    derrick3131 4 years ago

    So One Direction what's the latest body count from the hoax that you're stupid enough to believe: 14? 24? 40? 100?

  • derrick3131
    derrick3131 4 years ago

    I think One Direction fans need to spend a little less time on Twitter and a little more time on a treadmill.

  • Olivia Horan
    Olivia Horan 4 years ago


  • Delilah Winchester
    Delilah Winchester 4 years ago

    I hope you know that you killed over 40 girls.

  • Mona itani
    Mona itani 4 years ago


  • ednoni2000
    ednoni2000 4 years ago

    I hate this channel I fuking hate you Channel 4 You Ruined My Life stupid bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YOU!!!

  • Abigail Tomlinson
    Abigail Tomlinson 4 years ago


  • IdiotProdigy
    IdiotProdigy 4 years ago

    Wow just looking at the discussion for this channel really backs up how batshit insane 1D fans are. If it's true, it's not this channel's fault that these girls killed themselves--they were just documenting the truth. Jesus. You can't blame someone else for someone taking their own life because ultimately, it is THEIR decision, not something you can pin on anyone else. Were they pointing a gun at these girl's heads and demanding they go kill themselves? No they weren't. Girls, you all sound like you're 12. Please. Grow up, do something productive with your lives, and stop blaming the world because you're obsessed over a few guys (which is what they are--a few regular guys).

  • abby styles
    abby styles 4 years ago

    this is fucking ridiculous. dont judge the 1D fandom as a whole assuming we're all invading the boy's privacy. some girls commited suicide over that video.ihope your reading all these damn comments until it sinks into your brain that your so called "documentary" was a load of bull shit. only a small portion of the fandom are crazy obsessed like you judged us all about you get information before making a lame excuse for a documentary like you did. you frigging jacked up the fandom and put everyone into an uproar, maybe thats what you intended to do. get attention. idk. but just so you know,1D fandom might be "crazy","overly obsessed",etc.but we have been known to find phone numbers, addresses and more. ask rucka rucka ali, we got his zayn malik hate song tooken off of itunes, got his youtube deleted and found his personal information. have a nice day, your channel sucks just like you. xoxo

  • Isa Bluelephantt
    Isa Bluelephantt 4 years ago


  • Jenn Covarrubias
    Jenn Covarrubias 4 years ago


  • cvlliper
    cvlliper 4 years ago

    channel 4 disgusts me. You're cruel you're horrible. Go to hell

  • Alyx
    Alyx 4 years ago


  • Sema Cilingir
    Sema Cilingir 4 years ago

    42 people you killed !! and this because you talk just shitt

  • Luna Velevski
    Luna Velevski 4 years ago

    You have killed 42 people! This is sad...

  • xoxoxoxo chantal
    xoxoxoxo chantal 4 years ago

    Fuck you! Channel 4 we aren't all like that! Because of you how many people have committed suicide! You should be ashamed!!! Also the art you showed you didn't even give any CREDIT. Did you ever think of that? Also it was very offensive to us directioners. I HATE YOU ALL. I HOPE YOUR T.V SHOW GOES DOWN THE DRAIN!!!! I HATE YOU ALL AND I REALLY HOPE YOUR SHOW GETS TAKEN DOWN. I JUST FOUND OUT THE NUMBER OF DIRECTIONERS KILLED AND 42! 42!!! IGNORANT PEOPLE TERRIBLE! I HATE YOU I HATE EVERYONE ON THIS CHANNEL!!! UGHHHHH FUCK YOU!

  • Verica Djordjevic
    Verica Djordjevic 4 years ago

    The documentary didn't show us it showed mental girls and we are not obssesed we are dedicated and you KILLED 42 DIRECTIONERS? go and fuck yourselfs with a cactus you don't deserve anything ! real directioners are not like that and the boys know that! I'm finnished being upset because of you,not every directioner is a fucking Larry shipper,you are mental and you have some problems in your head.Did you fall on your head when you were born? holy carrots you guys are just DISGUSTING!

  • alema436
    alema436 4 years ago

    U people are sick.Do u know how many Directioners have u killed?U are the one who have mental problems.Kisses from Bosnia :*

  • Jihen Jerbi
    Jihen Jerbi 4 years ago

    fuck you all ! we're not like that !! absolutely not !! you guys suck you know ! why isn't this documentary about girls sitting behind their screens crying and wishing they were in 1D concerts ! how about girls that spend the whole night voting for their idols to make sure they win !! that's totally bullshit you know !!

  • cheyanne nolan
    cheyanne nolan 4 years ago


  • Ksenija Styles.
    Ksenija Styles. 4 years ago

    Do you realize what you've done?! THE DOCUMENTARY THAT U DID...IS SIMPLY DISGUSTING! You should be proud, Satan is jealous of you.Do you know why you write this? Because we, Directioners, family. And always will be. Expect me every year 19 August, so I write to you. I will treasure and I will by holding all what I think of you.You've killed a lot of Directioners last night, it's that what you wanted?Good. BUT WHYY?!We are not all like those few directioners from video. We are family. We are special family. We are not like Beliebers, Selenators, Arianators...NO.WE AREN'T DIRECTIONERS.WE ARE FAMILY.AND WE LOVE OUR SISTERS. U KNOW?! Loves from Serbia, die on the way. KISSES :-****

  • Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

    Every single on of you posting here is an idiot. I hope Channel 4 slanders your precious fandom to the best of their ability. Ignorant, hindering, fucking scum.

  • Milena Kostadinovic
    Milena Kostadinovic 4 years ago

    Because of u 42 directioners/larrry shippers died!!!! ur just one ugly rat who doesn't deserve to live on this planet!!

  • Ana Carvalho
    Ana Carvalho 4 years ago

    The documentary that you did .. is simply disgusting! You only showed a small part of what our family have! The shameful part!! You didnt show the love and dedication that we give them.. More than 100 people committed suicide because of SHIT you showed. Think about it!

  • Irma Banda
    Irma Banda 4 years ago

    Why would do something like this? Did you know that 42 Directioners died? It's terrible what you did, it really is, It's really heartbreaking what happend to them </3 but why would you do that? Why?

  • Dunja Mihić
    Dunja Mihić 4 years ago


  • Irina Jankovic
    Irina Jankovic 4 years ago


  • Porto Portocala
    Porto Portocala 4 years ago

    Because of you more then 100 directioner killed themselves . You should be proud , Satan is jealous of you . FUCK THIS SHIT!

  • Irina Jankovic
    Irina Jankovic 4 years ago

    I can't believe what u say about us. Evryone Directioners aren't same. We don't think same, we don't do same thnig but WE ALL LOVE THEM NO MATTER WHAT ! Do u know how many Directioner never met them? Its only about 10% of us who met them. Did u ever had an idol or somebady who u realy love? I don't think so, 'couse if u have u would never say something like that about us. You don't know us, so don't judge us! Do u now how many Directioners kill yourself about all shits that u say about us. Live your life leave and Directioners alone! THIS IS NOT US!!!

  • Kylie Cormier
    Kylie Cormier 4 years ago

    are you fucking insane ?! do you really fucking think directioners are like the shit you posted? if you do youre are fucking wrong. we are not like that. how about you get some real directioners instead of some paid fucking ugly skanky ass gypsies? was it really worth taking all those lives?! you guys are one fucked up channel, how about you guys all kill YOURSELVES, if not us directioners will find you and skin you to SHIT. 89 girls killed themselves. they were that upset. that's how god damn dedicated we are. were nothing like the shit you describeb us as. ive been bawling my eyes out because of the poor 89 girls that got theyre lives taken away by you faggots.. that's NO OK. I just hope I wake up and all this shit is fake, pretend, a joke, because this is a fucking tradgedy, thanks to 'channel 4' how about 89 of youre workings kill themselves, how would you guys feel? ffs, think before you do shit, because this was not ok. at all.

  • Georgina Ivanova
    Georgina Ivanova 4 years ago

    Are you OK? Because alot of us think you are not! Then delete the video about Directioners. This is not us! From: Bulgarian directioner! ;)

  • Paula Vuksan-Cusa
    Paula Vuksan-Cusa 4 years ago

    We hate you Channel 4! are you happy now? ARE YOU? You've killed a lot of Directioners last night, it's that what you wanted? Oh, I hate you. How could you do something like that? We are not all like those few directioners from video. A lot of us didn't have chance to meet them, to see them performing live. I'm from Croatia and they've never come here. DON'T FUCKIN TALK ABOUT SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! are you happy now? ARE YOU??!

  • Ella Horan
    Ella Horan 4 years ago

    Everyone hates Channel 4. You've killed 28 people last night because of your documentary. REMOVE IT AND APOLOGISE! We all f****** hate you

  • Lujain Almutairi
    Lujain Almutairi 4 years ago

    This was the dumbest shit I've ever watched in my whole life. I'm not directioner I'm a belieber but seriously wtf is wrong with u!!? more that 80 killed themselves because of ur video.. I hope u feel so bad for the rest of ur life. fuck u.

  • Graciela Morales
    Graciela Morales 4 years ago


  • Kay Mint
    Kay Mint 4 years ago

    Young girls committed suicide because of that video. Y'all took it way to far. You can't just talk that way about a large number of people without expecting feedback like this. I hope it was worth it. I really do because those girls are dead and "Sorry" isn't going to bring them back.

  • Name less
    Name less 4 years ago

    You know what you were done? You have brought 89 people to kill themselves. Yes I understand that one direction is often in center point, they get a lot of attention. And you are jealous. Jealous because one direction is often the centerpiece. Because it's all about one direction. But to make the fans bad? SORRY BUT THIS DOESN'T GO. You made us bad. Not all are like that. AND YOU KNOW EXACTLY

  • Tumblrsw
    Tumblrsw 4 years ago

    Okay so um, Your gonna talk about directioners thats fine because we know were crazy but you had to talk about '' Larry''? No, You didn't actually have to talk about larry its something we ship and 80+ girls killed themselves because they thought they were ''dumb,stupid,crazy'' for shipping Larry. Its something our fandom likes if you didnt like it you didnt have to make a freaking video about it. You caused suicides of girls all over the world it started off with 42 girls, and now there is atleast 150+ girls out there DEAD! DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU GUYS!!!!! You also led us to get hate and they now they thing were ''pyschos and some scum under the earth.'' We directioners and we support them. One Direction inspires me to live and have hope!

  • Ivy Reed
    Ivy Reed 4 years ago


  • Ivy Reed
    Ivy Reed 4 years ago

    We don't stalk the boys. We support them from behind a screen so what? Now you gotta twist everything up and make us look like FREAKS. Those girls you filmed probably weren't even real directioners. How come you didn't try the other 95% of this fandom that is NORMAL? Instead you get crazy fans just to make us look bad. That documentary was 99.9% lies. The only truth is that we deeply support them. You made this fandom fall apart. Directioners are suppose to be family not enemies. Yes we defend them when it comes to hate. BUT we don't say those kind of thing!!! How could you make it seem like we did. You guys deserve to get a slap in the face.. With a brick. You basically only showed the crazy people. Not the other calm people. -.-"

  • Ivy Reed
    Ivy Reed 4 years ago

    You should be so fucking ashame of your self. You made 80+ Directioners kill them selves due to this "Directioner" Documentary.You made them seem like they made this fandom a total disgrace. They gotten so much hate them came to the point in there lives that they needed the feel to commit suicide. Are you happy about that? Are you happy YOU basically MURDERED them by making them seem bad? Getting hate and killing them selves? Huh? What if this was a daughter of yours who was a directioner and Larry shipper that killed herself due to your Documentary? I think all of us Direction wants that video remove ASAP! You broke our fandom. You probably make the boys look at us in disgust. Is that what your were aiming for? Girls to kill them selves and the boys to look at us in such a way? That Documentary you made is a total LIE.

  • Joshua Regalado
    Joshua Regalado 4 years ago

    Simplemente Valen verga Su Estúpido Programa!

  • MegaDrama11
    MegaDrama11 4 years ago

    one direction fucking saved my life if it wasnt for them i would cut and do other things they have helped me through so much. Your Disgusting.

  • MegaDrama11
    MegaDrama11 4 years ago

    you made 80 innocient beautiful larry shippers die. They never deserved this. Your filth. I for one ship larry 100% but i dont tell people who dont they make the fandom look stupid. No directioners are like the way you acted. I hope your happy channel 4 i hope your happy. All the directioners hate you and always will.

  • Lawlipop_thenightmare

    Way to make fucking innocent girls die. I hope you feel proud for hurting the hearts of many more. I swear to god I wish you never did this. Did they deserve this really? You described them horribly wrong. I hope you feel the pain of the fathers and mothers who lost their little girls or boys because of filth like you.

  • Julie Anne
    Julie Anne 4 years ago

    You guys made 89 girls die, they killed themselves from being told that they make the fandom look stupid saying that they should kill themselves. I ship Larry, I was told to kill myself. It hurts being told you kill yourself. You made One Direction's fandom fall apart, It's a bloody mess. You guys are sick! Fucking delete this channel, you don't deserve it. You made us look like total lunatics! Almost every diretioner is at you guys. Fuck you guys! t(-.-t)

  • Camryn L
    Camryn L 4 years ago

    Hardly any of us are like that!!

  • Camryn L
    Camryn L 4 years ago

    You guys are revolting and a disgrace. You have 13 million directioners mad. I don't know what you thought you were doing with your dumb documentary. But you made a HUGE mistake. You should have shown the real directioners. Your just money hungry, are you happy now with your money? You should be ashamed.

  • Rose V
    Rose V 4 years ago

    fuck you u fucktrards 89 girls died because of u are u happy now u sickfucks

  • megan h.
    megan h. 4 years ago

    we r nothing like that!

  • AssassinPandaGaming
    AssassinPandaGaming 4 years ago

    Fuck you guys, so I heard a total of 89 Directioners died because of your bullshit. They killed themselves...about 14 of which shipped Larry and the rest were fed up with being told to kill themselves all because they love 1D. I hope the boys are successful in suing your asses.

  • pixelcyrille
    pixelcyrille 4 years ago

    the whole directioner fandom is done with you guys. you made 42 directioners take their lives! this is absolutely horrible.

  • Mûśtåçhę Mādñéśš


  • Fernanda Rodrigo
    Fernanda Rodrigo 4 years ago

    Ojala cancelara su maldito programa, inventan cosas para atraer mas audiencia? es encerio, que asco con ustedes, por su culpa las directioners estamos tienen problemas, nos estan tomando como locas desquisiadas, todo lo que dice su documental es un gran mentira, dejen e inventar sonseras! Mueranse ._.' Malditos imbeciles!

  • SlayingAlien
    SlayingAlien 4 years ago


  • ikkdjfh
    ikkdjfh 4 years ago

    We dont drive around the world to hope to see them. We stay in our rooms and listen to there songs over and over again. And yes we may write fanfictions but we do it for the directioners and no one else. I know i write them and there not weird like that. there based on what i hope would happen , just my imagination because i know im real life i may never get the chance to meet them so that why i write them to imagain what would happen if i didWe may not like who they date or the chocies they make but the real fans wouldnt send hate to the girls they date because those girls make the boys happy. because of them i stoped letting people bully me, i came out of my shell and made some amazing friends which changed my life for the better. So how about u do a documentry on the real fans because the 95% of directioners that werent on the documentry were the real ones and would have showed you what really happens, sure it may have been boring but it would have represented them right.

  • ikkdjfh
    ikkdjfh 4 years ago

    first off you didnt even represent the whole fandom.Now sure some of us may act like that, only some. The rest dont go and stalk them, the rest dont meet them 64 times, the rest are probly just dreaming to go to a concert and see there idols in real life.My cousin is a larry shpper and u made them out to be sick people. Now everyone is gonna base larry shippers off that one girl. My cousin (Whos a larry shipper along with my self) tried to kill herself thanks god she didnt but nows shes in the hospital.

  • Sara Naiser
    Sara Naiser 4 years ago

    can i just say that yall DISGUST me!!! like less than 1% of our fandom is like that! yall are giving directioners a bad name! yall didnt show the real directioners! people killed themselves because of this! yall are preserving us like we are sicko, which we are not! f*ck you! gosh! there is nothing you could say or do to make this better, nothing can replace the life's lots!

  • PatCas1D
    PatCas1D 4 years ago

    fuck you! you made 42 girls commit suicide!!!

  • Mikayla
    Mikayla 4 years ago

    Really? I'm so disappointed. You make this fandom look like lunatics, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Upstairs Downtown
    Upstairs Downtown 4 years ago

    You guys are absolutley disgusting! How will you sleep at night knowing that you caused a TON of teenage girls to commit suicide?! I suggest you delete this fucking channel off of youtube and on TV right now and while you are at it, go to hell. I hate you. My friends hate you. My family hates you. WE ALL FUCKING HATE YOUR GOD DAMN GUTS!!! If management does sue you, I hope it leaves you all fucking broke, begging for money and dying on the streets. Honestly, I think sueing you is too nice of a punishment. You are a disgrace to the human race! You caused directioners to turn on one another and it caused deaths! Are you happy with yourselves?!?! If I were you, I wouldnt post another video EVER again. Or speak to anybody again.

  • Synnamin Finley
    Synnamin Finley 4 years ago

    You should be ashamed >.< Guys , Tweet #Channel4Apologize . Not that an apology can get back all of the precious lives lost. Rest in Peace to those affected by this channel.

  • What Is up bruh
    What Is up bruh 4 years ago

    why are you guys only showing the crazy fans? 5% of directioners are like that when 95% are actually quite chill.

  • eruuris
    eruuris 4 years ago


  • Jesse M
    Jesse M 4 years ago

    28 angels in heaven today, how do you feel?

  • Kenzie Shea
    Kenzie Shea 4 years ago

    Why did you chose all the crazy directioners? Why? You made the rest of us look like shit. You should be fucking ashamed. So many people have taken their lives because of that documentary. Especially Larry shippers. I am so disappointed... Don't expect me to watch any thing else you guys air. Because that respect I once had is GONE!

  • Shanice Pinson
    Shanice Pinson 4 years ago

    You should be ashamed.

  • Maria Alejandra Garcia Raiola