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Dark Secrets | Chicago P.D.
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Phantom Pain | Chicago Med
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The Lady Trap | Chicago P.D.
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Snatch Up | Chicago P.D.
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2 for 1 | Chicago Fire
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  • Anime freak
    Anime freak 12 minutes ago

    Sexton seriously i can't take this episode seriously because of the name

  • Nicole B
    Nicole B 19 minutes ago

    Fuck ICE

  • Dale Bob
    Dale Bob 43 minutes ago

    5:20 “I heard you struck two fellow firefighters.” “Yes sir I did.” “May I ask why?” “Yea well cause they lost my guinea pig officer and uh .... let it die.” “Oh”

  • Peedgaj Junior
    Peedgaj Junior 48 minutes ago

    Me as a Pharmacist: So Sertraline causes nausea and U give Zofran? Thats' stupid!!!! Change to Wellbutrin or Effexor or TCA's!!!!

  • Emily Makay
    Emily Makay Hour ago

    I hate how blatantly anti lawyer these cops are. Never talk. Always have a lawyer present. They will trick you into whatever they can manage.

  • Zin Thin
    Zin Thin Hour ago

    What kind of dad gets disappointed because his son is a heart surgeon ?

  • Kermit's Underwear

    Bruh the daughter is over acting it’s kinda cringe

  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Artist Hour ago

    I didn’t expect jackpower to be here :0

  • Brian Kee
    Brian Kee Hour ago

    Is because jimmy fault

  • pao
    pao Hour ago

    why does this ex-viner have a gun up his ass?

  • Ira Williams
    Ira Williams Hour ago

    The father should have been reported to the police and thrown in jail to rot. How can he do that to his own flesh and blood? It's just downright disgusting!

  • Furdy dur Turdy
    Furdy dur Turdy 2 hours ago

    Thats some good looking chandelier tho

  • Nycot
    Nycot 2 hours ago

    Bodan: Why the hell does this shit happen when I'm wearing a suit?!

  • Tasha M
    Tasha M 2 hours ago

    petition for Chicago med to be on Netflix 👇🏽

  • Keziah Yates
    Keziah Yates 2 hours ago

    Doctor Mike 🙊 you need to watch this

  • Hoo Young Wong
    Hoo Young Wong 2 hours ago


  • Nycot
    Nycot 2 hours ago

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the sign above the door that says "Everything must go, now!" O_o

  • Nycot
    Nycot 2 hours ago

    You know shit is about to happen when the music suddenly dies down, and when the radio's start producing static

  • Hoo Young Wong
    Hoo Young Wong 2 hours ago

    A black kid, a white kid, a Asian kid I know this is not funny but I couldn’t help and laughed

  • MC BENDY Tran
    MC BENDY Tran 2 hours ago

    Is this real

  • Beautie Lips
    Beautie Lips 3 hours ago

    She just copying Marilyn Monroe

  • m1dge
    m1dge 3 hours ago

    Yet another episode destroyed by some lovers

  • Google User
    Google User 3 hours ago

    I think I remember this case coming up in Chicago Med

  • m1dge
    m1dge 3 hours ago

    Can we talk about how ducked this episode is

  • Catkid
    Catkid 3 hours ago

    She should chat with that woman from House who poisoned her husband with gold

  • Nycot
    Nycot 3 hours ago

    Alas ... Mr Sprinkles was found <:(

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 4 hours ago

    Hope it's not a hair trigger, one fart and he'll have a new asshole.

  • Nogs Galogs
    Nogs Galogs 4 hours ago

    I really dislike Dr Sexton. April is awesome though.

  • Mae Al Issawi
    Mae Al Issawi 4 hours ago

    That little smile at the end 😊

  • m1dge
    m1dge 4 hours ago

    No one is going to point out the fact that he was paralysed before picking the girl up

  • Alyy
    Alyy 4 hours ago

    Ok boomer...

  • Carly G
    Carly G 4 hours ago

    Just goes to show doesn’t that mental Illnesses can effect anyone Even Dr Reece and Dr Charles didn’t even pick it up over the months/years that there was something wrong People can mask it pretty well I think the longer you feel that way the easier it is to hide more time to master it That just makes it more sad To know he might have felt this way for months or even years and he just couldn’t take anymore Takes one last glimpse at the city to process what he’s about to do and within 10secs he’s gone That’s why more needs to be don’t in regards to the mental health system Even a psychologist can cost 150/200 aust dollars an hour which is ridiculous that’s what tax should pay at least pay a partial amount so people can pay like 80 dollars instead it’s ridiculous

  • sarah kim
    sarah kim 4 hours ago

    when i heard the gunshot i jumped

  • Lizzie Bartolo
    Lizzie Bartolo 4 hours ago

    Is no one going to talk about how he was a rev!

  • Sophia Brenes
    Sophia Brenes 4 hours ago


  • L3GO_master
    L3GO_master 5 hours ago

    These kind of infections are actually real. They are known as “Nosocomial” infections, meaning that they are transmitted between hospital patients.

  • Lizzie Bartolo
    Lizzie Bartolo 5 hours ago

    For anyone wondering the main difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is a sociopath has a conscience, even if it’s small. They’ll know stealing is wrong and might feel some guilt but they won’t stop themselves.

  • Lisa13245
    Lisa13245 5 hours ago

    sis the man been on scene for like 20 seconds and she's like 'whats wrong with him' lmaooo

  • Abigail Deeks
    Abigail Deeks 5 hours ago

    You cannot get an overdose of fentanyl by brushing against some......but its television

    • fei hong
      fei hong 2 hours ago

      @Ikajo fentanyl absorption thru the skin takes awhile. Brushing against it wont lead to an overdose.

    • Ikajo
      Ikajo 3 hours ago

      He might inhaled it or absorbed through the skin. Being elderly made him vulnerable.

  • Katrin Iurian
    Katrin Iurian 5 hours ago

    Even if the baby survived he would have struggled whit his health for the few moths he would have lived so it was for the best...

  • Sunishtha Nangal
    Sunishtha Nangal 5 hours ago

    Was there anybody else nodding their head up and down while Sarah was giving the CPR?

  • Katrin Iurian
    Katrin Iurian 5 hours ago

    Woman : *my water broke* Dr Manning : *When* Woman : *2 days ago* Me a 14 year old child that know nothing about having a baby : *WHAT THE HELL WOMAN*

  • Katrin Iurian
    Katrin Iurian 5 hours ago


  • Cianna 2866
    Cianna 2866 5 hours ago

    this need to be on netflix

  • Cianna 2866
    Cianna 2866 5 hours ago

    this need to be on netflix

  • Ryan Chamandy
    Ryan Chamandy 5 hours ago

    When are they going to do an episode where a keren is trying te save her son with essential oils

    • Teah Perkovic 2007
      Teah Perkovic 2007 56 minutes ago


    • GodDiggetyDoodle
      GodDiggetyDoodle 3 hours ago

      They already do, it's in latest season and Dr manning has to treat their son

    • GodDiggetyDoodle
      GodDiggetyDoodle 3 hours ago

      They already do, it's in latest season and Dr manning has to treat their son

    • Glipglobs
      Glipglobs 4 hours ago

      Damn that will be a great episode

  • Vince Uy
    Vince Uy 6 hours ago

    For some reason, I don't like Dr. Manning for no apparent reason. And for the same reason, I like Dr. Charles with no apparent good reason 🤔

  • Shaylynn K
    Shaylynn K 6 hours ago

    It was red

  • All The Other Names Were Taken

    as soon as I saw the title I just though of lil peep :'(

  • Gacha LN
    Gacha LN 6 hours ago

    Let me get this straight: the girl got raped by a dentist

  • Ziya Hurşit
    Ziya Hurşit 6 hours ago

    What a girl. Hot

  • Daniel Hase
    Daniel Hase 6 hours ago

    The problem is castration itself will not change his urges he will just find other ways to act on them reducing testosterone would have helped though

  • Harvey Boy
    Harvey Boy 6 hours ago

    I went to fucking med school shut the fuck upcountry spoiled brat

  • Harvey Boy
    Harvey Boy 6 hours ago

    I know my dad

  • Google User
    Google User 6 hours ago

    Isn’t heroin illegal? Drug addicts shouldn’t be given a choice on whether to take help or not, it should be mandatory or face criminal charges.

  • אריאל גולני


  • Positive EnergyAngel

    I love Herman lmaoo

  • Maud Meijer
    Maud Meijer 6 hours ago

    NETFLIX ❤❤❤

  • Google User
    Google User 6 hours ago

    What a surprise, the parents of the patient in Chicago med are complete idiots, didn’t see that one coming

  • Matthew V
    Matthew V 6 hours ago

    Bang bang

  • Matthew V
    Matthew V 6 hours ago

    Dirty cop ahh fuck 101101 shots fucking fierd

  • Richard Kennedy-Walker

    And to think America actually let's these old washed out creeps marry young girls. That is fucking disgusting.

  • Sunfeier CHEN
    Sunfeier CHEN 7 hours ago

    “he tried to commit suicide Sharon” that got me

  • TheRandomYoYo
    TheRandomYoYo 7 hours ago

    It's a scary place. I'm not scared. That's why it's scary.

  • Katerine Rodriguez
    Katerine Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    Shes beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  • WebeatGuns
    WebeatGuns 7 hours ago

    First time the death wasn't something 21

  • roseystorm
    roseystorm 7 hours ago

    Why does dr sexton (did i spell that right) look not bothered by the situation??

  • Lee Know
    Lee Know 7 hours ago

    Why do patients relatives always think they know it all. If I was a doctor I would just fling the clipboard at them and tell them to do my job instead.

    • The Book Night
      The Book Night 2 hours ago

      As a chronically ill patient, I can definitively say that doctors can make mistakes and aren't always right. They're human beings, so always ask questions, keep your own records and research. If a doctor isnt okay with that, that's a big red flag. There have been many unfortunate cases of mistakes made, or doctors making bad judgment calls. But they're alot of doctors out there who will patiently work with you and be open to teaching and learning with you.

    • amor cunag
      amor cunag 2 hours ago

      You cant do that to a patients relative if you are a doctor you should be patient at them thay are going to different stages of greif and that is denial if your a doctor or even just a regular student you should know that cause they are just human beings we are not perfect but we are beautiful

    • Filip Gasic
      Filip Gasic 7 hours ago

      Well that's why you aren't a doctor

    • Hannah Langford
      Hannah Langford 7 hours ago

      yes it is a common thing that patients realitives think they are right a fair bit, the only reason that happens is because they have studied in the medical field before so they have an idea, or they have noticed something due to the behavoir of the patient,. the most common one is that thye don't want to believe what they doctor is saying is true so they are in denial and try to find something to say opposing the situation currently. yes i am a 15 year old girl but my mother is a nurse so i also know most of this stuff thanks to her.

  • Lee Know
    Lee Know 7 hours ago

    When you are up at 1 am binge watching the show and all of a sudden a new video is uploaded. Life is Goooooooddddd

  • MaskedZ Mz
    MaskedZ Mz 7 hours ago

    I have the same pants as that kid

  • Bigdingdong John
    Bigdingdong John 7 hours ago

    How did the daughter get there the same time as the ambulance

    • Mia Taleb
      Mia Taleb 5 hours ago

      @Bigdingdong John that makes sense

    • Purge Elixir
      Purge Elixir 6 hours ago

      Bigdingdong John going into the ambulance with him

    • Bigdingdong John
      Bigdingdong John 7 hours ago

      Mia Taleb didn’t go with him cause she would have came in the same way as him

    • Mia Taleb
      Mia Taleb 7 hours ago

      She probably went with him . I'm actually not sure 🤷‍♀️thinking about it

    • felicity rolle
      felicity rolle 7 hours ago

      She could have followed the ambulance🚑 etc

  • Eleanor Williams
    Eleanor Williams 7 hours ago

    Anyone know where I can watch Chicago med in England ❤️

  • michelle calvo
    michelle calvo 7 hours ago

    wow i’m early

  • Cassy Hay
    Cassy Hay 7 hours ago

    Good work

  • Carmen
    Carmen 7 hours ago

    well the patient didn't suffer from general thoughts to murder someone but his wife. the doctor wasn't his target.

  • Kate Watts
    Kate Watts 8 hours ago

    My Daughter a Police Sergeant in Real Life, got an overdose of Fentanyl. She had been off work with PTSD. She said its was Very Awful , she still has FLASHBACKS of Terrible Things. I PRAY Everyday for Her RECOVERY!!

    • it's whatever
      it's whatever 3 hours ago

      @FaZe REHAAN stay away from drugs kid it will ruin your life

    • Kate Watts
      Kate Watts 7 hours ago

      @FaZe REHAAN Thank U!!!

    • FaZe REHAAN
      FaZe REHAAN 7 hours ago

      Kate Watts Oh well I hope she feels better I’m 8 btw and I do not understand a thing

  • Floral Gemini
    Floral Gemini 8 hours ago This show just keeps getting better, but sadder...and even more intense.

  • Leah K. Chanda
    Leah K. Chanda 8 hours ago

    This movie is so edifying❤

  • Your girl cc 242
    Your girl cc 242 8 hours ago

    Why do they touch the head

  • Linda K
    Linda K 8 hours ago


  • Akash Dezoysa
    Akash Dezoysa 8 hours ago


  • max stern
    max stern 8 hours ago


  • Sander en Mariska Pronk

    Jezus wat slecht..

  • Young_ Spud
    Young_ Spud 8 hours ago

    Ikr doctors are right doctors are right doctors are right

  • AggroSzn
    AggroSzn 8 hours ago

    Finally watching the vid early for once, I love Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago Pd

  • iiAdrixl
    iiAdrixl 8 hours ago

    The person who Disliked is Racist to the two African American patients

  • charlotte wylie
    charlotte wylie 8 hours ago


  • Ria Beharry
    Ria Beharry 8 hours ago

    Early😁❤ love this ....full episodes need to be on TheXvid 😩😩

  • Mimi Esconosa
    Mimi Esconosa 8 hours ago

    I hate how all the patients think their right No, the doctors study this for years. Obviously their right

    • Emily Queen_Anime
      Emily Queen_Anime Hour ago

      not always, doctors are humans and humans sometimes makes mistakes, also occasionally there are false positives

    • amor cunag
      amor cunag 2 hours ago

      I agree but they are going through denial and they are human beings we are imperfect but we are beautiful..

    • Honey Comb
      Honey Comb 4 hours ago

      It’s because people deny things to hope for another answer this is normal admit it some of y’all would do the same you can’t imagine that this would happen it’s unpredictable

    • Band VENOM
      Band VENOM 5 hours ago

      SpunKinEye oh stfu

    • Adam Flexen
      Adam Flexen 6 hours ago

      Because doctors can't make mistakes? Their mistakes cost my mother her life, try telling her the doctor was right

  • K B
    K B 8 hours ago


    DST_SLAYER 8 hours ago

    This is re uploaded but idc I love this show

  • Japan Lover
    Japan Lover 8 hours ago

    This video just made my day ❤️

  • Asha Whitfield
    Asha Whitfield 8 hours ago


  • Mimi Esconosa
    Mimi Esconosa 8 hours ago

    3rd! Wow I’m too early

  • Athena Li
    Athena Li 8 hours ago

    1 view? 37 likes? TheXvid, focus. -_-

  • Mitchell Ridgwell
    Mitchell Ridgwell 8 hours ago

    Oh shit we FINALY got a part one to the second part

  • Adriana G
    Adriana G 8 hours ago

    This needs to go on Netflix 😫😫

  • Carrie Gregory
    Carrie Gregory 8 hours ago

    Wow I've never been this early

  • Serena Martens-Mullaly

    This needs to be on Netflix

  • gilmourjezza730
    gilmourjezza730 8 hours ago