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SOL - Supercars of London
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  • Holyman430
    Holyman430 24 minutes ago

    I’m sorry to say but this is the Worse looking Lamborghini on TheXvid

  • Nico
    Nico 43 minutes ago

    Been searching for that N cap online but can't find it, where did you get it from ?. Any know

  • biocybernaut
    biocybernaut 47 minutes ago

    Rolling with the batmobile killer.

  • Gianfranco Cage Laratta

    This man has understand very well what means the lp640.great

  • Seth Albright
    Seth Albright 10 hours ago

    Hey didn’t he just take the balaclava off during the intro?

  • Nioh
    Nioh 13 hours ago

    What an abomination of a car... Novitec usually makes a car look like it was designed by 12 year old playing Need for Speed.

  • Stefan Edmeades
    Stefan Edmeades 15 hours ago

    How to treat a McLaren press car, stand in the pouring rain with both doors open doing a piece to camera!! and still get invited back🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Dankeller69
    Dankeller69 15 hours ago

    I went from a BMW g650 gs to Aprilia Tuono V4 1100. Its all in the wrist is to how fast you go. Also Most sports bikes come with Quickshifter and auto blipper so it negates the DCT gearbox.

  • zeyad f
    zeyad f 15 hours ago

    I expected I couldn't find a better exhaust sound than the Aventador and the Murcielago, but this car stunned me.

  • Yassine Gme
    Yassine Gme 15 hours ago

    Good men😲

  • Juan José Cabrera Moguel 2019

    Y si se choca que pasa si te chocas con ese coche?

  • Mark Arts
    Mark Arts 18 hours ago

    The Alfa is not a "QV" as you mentioned more than one time. "QV" used to be the name for fast Alfa's. It actually is an abbreviation for "Quadrafoglio Verde", which in English means "Green Cloverleaf". The current models are just named "Quadrafoglio", without the "V" of "Verde"... So just Cloverleaf... Just to let you know... ;-)

  • Christopher Berg
    Christopher Berg 18 hours ago

    Click bait

  • Anis Igharben
    Anis Igharben 21 hour ago


  • House Guest
    House Guest 21 hour ago

    Totally amazing just wish I had a chance to go for a drive with you would make my year

  • AB4D_XD 11432
    AB4D_XD 11432 22 hours ago

    It’s yazzid al rajhy He and me from Saudi Arabia

  • d.hadifhj Haji juraini

    Someone drive the car

  • TheDonBarracuda

    Y'all forgot about the original F1 and it's luggage capacity. Pretty crazy to think that car was a GT of sorts in the 90s

  • Doxie
    Doxie Day ago

    @Ferrari ...good choice of person to loan a car too. Normal everyday lad not a toffee nosed git at least you'll get a proper review with Paul & an honest review as he's a full on Lambo fanboy. Note, he also has 789k followers.

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  • David Herridge

    Got to be the Alfa for me by a mile

  • Roger K
    Roger K Day ago

    Wow looks like Maclaren are treating car enthusiasts to helicopter rides and fancy hotels just to get a positive review of their cars lol. Bribery at its finest

  • Masked
    Masked Day ago

    Paul I need your help and the viewers please!!! I can get a car allowance from work for 650 pounds a month. This has to include my insurance for the car and road tax. It needs to be a car which will pay off in 5 years not be a convertible less than 40k miles basically somthing which I can get with 650 a month for 5 years probably around a 35k car I don't mind paying 1k for the insurance. Fuel and congestion charge are company paid so not a factor. I really don't mind any car the range rover velar or somthing would be nice. Or a bmw 530e What would you recommend

  • Dan
    Dan Day ago

    Not sure about the looks - I think it looks like an older generation 570S to me

  • MotoUk
    MotoUk Day ago

    Honda if you would like to sponsor a few bikes for some loaners on my channel please take a look and get back to me contact details in my video descriptions. Thanks MotoUK

  • TSW13 Haque
    TSW13 Haque Day ago

    Why don't you get in touch with Royal Jordanian the biker to put you straight on a bike Paul?

  • Barry Makariou

    This could well be the equivalent of the Ferrari California ‘ yes sir buy this one and I’ll make sure you 1st in line for our next LT series ‘ Although this is s good price’s exactly the same a lightly used 720s though 🤷‍♂️£160k

  • Barry Makariou

    A very obvious observation but no rear seats so no real competitor to the others unfortunately

  • Team Shmo
    Team Shmo Day ago

    lol loved how it started saying how nice it was and how you got screwed by weather last time and the scene right after is pouring rain

  • Yep Yep Yep
    Yep Yep Yep Day ago


  • w210source
    w210source Day ago

    Tony is a muppet

  • TinyTom
    TinyTom Day ago

    Welcome to the biker family Paul! Life on two wheels is the best life!

  • Spoutnik Azerty

    To drive alone, i'd choose a 600LT or a 720s, but to drive with a girlfriend/wife or friends besides me... i'd take the GT, 100% :) It's sporty yet classy, beautiful, and the interior is simple but still very cosy (from what i can see). That and the fact that the 600LT or 720s's sounds don't thrill me AT ALL, well... i'd take the GT and get a more hardcore car from another brand!

    NAKIB SAYYED Day ago

    This somehow showed up in my TheXvid recommendations 3 years later....I'm glad that it did cause I had almost forgotten how a REAL F1 car sounded and it's breathtaking...

    • der Fuchs
      der Fuchs 13 hours ago

      love the sound of the downshifts!

  • mrbluraytv oj
    mrbluraytv oj Day ago

    great choice

  • Owen Wint
    Owen Wint Day ago

    Sell your lamborghini to get the car

  • Benaantje 93
    Benaantje 93 Day ago

    Take the 650 you'll get bored with the 500 whiting 6 months

  • Ian Cris Ellajah Victoria

    Try some Yamahas

    REVAN ARGA 2 days ago

    we ngerti yotobe

  • jonathan Beck
    jonathan Beck 2 days ago

    How is your drifting carreer going???

  • Peter Buckley
    Peter Buckley 2 days ago

    Maybe third time lucky ?

  • Ryan Wanningen
    Ryan Wanningen 2 days ago

    Many people said: what if the ps4 coltroller lost connection to the car. That why they used an ps4 controller instead of an Xbox controller.

  • lightning9
    lightning9 2 days ago

    Is London owned by the Arabs now? 😮

  • Tiepvoud
    Tiepvoud 2 days ago

    oh no its the batmobile destroyer, disliked and didnt watch the video bye

  • Salvador Salvador
    Salvador Salvador 2 days ago

    Holly shits you dont show the cars never

  • Noomi Olsson
    Noomi Olsson 2 days ago

    Yes another 3 person McLaren. 😉

  • CD Arthur
    CD Arthur 2 days ago

    Pleasure to see you collaborating with Seb. He brings out the smarts in car talk and makes you Paul deliver your best! Nice review!

    VLADIMER PUTIN 2 days ago

    Looks boring

  • Asif Moghul
    Asif Moghul 2 days ago

    Stands for about 5 mins in the hard rain with the car doors open.

  • Grant
    Grant 2 days ago

    Good vid, nice car and great collab.

  • yucheng cui
    yucheng cui 2 days ago

    Hi, bro, is that worth to buy a 2009 Nissan GTR (17000km) with $45000

  • Chris M T
    Chris M T 2 days ago

    How weird- it’s French Strad man! Ha Seb’s a dopplganger for him!

  • Ryan Hoffmann
    Ryan Hoffmann 2 days ago


    • Guus Lombarts
      Guus Lombarts 2 days ago

      Ryan Hoffmann Surely, but by saying it’s a clone you say McLaren copied GM’s work. How, by corporate espionage? Pretty unlikely no..

    • Ryan Hoffmann
      Ryan Hoffmann 2 days ago

      @Guus Lombarts I am fairly certain that GM has been working on the C8 significantly longer than McLaren has been making cars. Not literally but surely before the GT.

    • Guus Lombarts
      Guus Lombarts 2 days ago

      Ryan Hoffmann it would be the other way around since this got introduced 2 months prior to the Corvette (May vs July)..

  • pumping iron
    pumping iron 2 days ago

    British made it's a NO for me

  • محمد الغافري

    اللي عربي لايك

  • Joshua Neils
    Joshua Neils 2 days ago

    Your pants matches your top from the ford ranger video😂

  • Kashawn Leslie
    Kashawn Leslie 2 days ago


  • tedtheturbot
    tedtheturbot 2 days ago

    reliability?? Yes Seb love the Turbo S in black.. Not as practical but that's the car for me

  • J Blogs
    J Blogs 2 days ago

    I just don’t get it. Instead of buying lambs etc. buy some proper film production kit. That’s what will keep people in the long run the quality.

  • Charlie Black
    Charlie Black 2 days ago

    *Bmw s1000rr*

  • SC&DC Sports cars and diecast Channel

    This colour in rain looks EPIC

  • e Rider
    e Rider 2 days ago

    500x for until your confident, then more powerful Africa twin 👍

  • Tom Day
    Tom Day 2 days ago

    Sam reminds me of C-3PO

  • Breezzey
    Breezzey 2 days ago

    F1 car v bluebird on salt flats who wins unfair challenge

  • Breezzey
    Breezzey 2 days ago

    But could Lewis ride a bike that fast ?

  • brent powell
    brent powell 2 days ago

    I agree with some of the comments, however must of you on here haven’t been in the passenger seat of a Mclaren , let alone-driven one. So make comments it’s got not heart and soul is just rubbish, looks are subjective, however the McLaren are incredible driver focused cars and for me that is everything, the combined performance, agility are outstanding, driven and owned must car brands , they offer probably the best value super car as a 2nd hand buy.

  • Jacobn923
    Jacobn923 2 days ago

    I like that car but I don't like the color.

  • Adam Scott
    Adam Scott 2 days ago

    really nice video

  • Musa Sanyang
    Musa Sanyang 2 days ago

    It looks so much nicer in dark colours... The orange launch spec make it look awkward

  • Mighty Mal
    Mighty Mal 2 days ago

    The rain makes it look better! It sets the mood for this luxury super car

  • Michael Hipperson
    Michael Hipperson 2 days ago

    Nice car but looks too similar to a Ferrari to me Paul. Perhaps when they start importing them you could get hold of the new mid engined Corvette. Seems to be just as much fun for one third of the cost and it doesn't look bad either!

  • david long
    david long 2 days ago

    the steering wheel in the F1 car costs more than the entire superbike.......cant compare them. Superbike win for the most bang for the buck!

    • david long
      david long Day ago

      @john smith if you actually read what it says, its comparing apples to oranges, you would probably compare a lamborghini to a honda civic also LOL LOL !!!!! of course you are totally ignoring any price difference between the two of them also LOL LOL LOL

    • john smith
      john smith 2 days ago

      so youre saying that a very expensive bike could win against the F1 lol :):):)

  • Shari
    Shari 2 days ago

    Wait till you get on to the blade. You'll think the rest are rubbish lol

  • Richard Fern
    Richard Fern 2 days ago

    D'ya reckon you'd fit a MountainBike in the back.......That'll be cool..!

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 2 days ago

    As soon as I saw seb i turned over

  • Richard Fern
    Richard Fern 2 days ago

    I have to say....I'm only watching this because of you presenting It ,as I've seen a few reviews already....But none of them started off with an awesome Helicopter Ha Ha ...!!Nice..

  • Raymond Starr
    Raymond Starr 2 days ago

    Nice car I think I will go and rob a bank tomorrow too get me one lol

  • Kanwarjot Gill
    Kanwarjot Gill 2 days ago


  • Munraaj Mangat
    Munraaj Mangat 2 days ago

    CBR 650 is the best by far

  • sugarsaint
    sugarsaint 2 days ago

    Paul speaking of deprecation I've read and heard that due to political morons and or the impending financial depression that the political morons and banks have been staving off, that the "bottom" of the supercar market has fallen out I haven't got a scooby what that means but the gist must be cars aren't shifting (all brands) ramping up deprecation even more. I was just wondering how this is effecting super car owners like your self, albeit your lambo is more resistant than most, But all the new stuff and high volume models? Have you noticed a difference yet?

  • Munraaj Mangat
    Munraaj Mangat 2 days ago

    Awesome seeing some new and different stuff

  • Rodney Betz
    Rodney Betz 2 days ago

    That sucks about having another rainy day on a McLaren press day.

  • Lewis D
    Lewis D 2 days ago

    There are so many people in the comments that know next to nothing about cars but have massive opinions, so funny.

  • Watches&Cars
    Watches&Cars 2 days ago

    For the price get a slightly used witch is a gt and and destroys anything on the road

  • CG4165 YT
    CG4165 YT 2 days ago

    I’m really sad you sold it

  • Aaron Sommerville
    Aaron Sommerville 2 days ago

    Always a pleasure to watch You, Sam, Shmee and Seb. So many automotive these days, great to see familiar faces!

  • S2000Y
    S2000Y 2 days ago

    Another week and still no MOT on the Murci. What are you playing at man.

    • NR
      NR 2 days ago

      @Allen Saunders He has done 5,000mi in this car. Why would you bother always putting him down? don't you have better things to do with your time?

    • Allen Saunders
      Allen Saunders 2 days ago

      @NR not driving basically never has

    • NR
      NR 2 days ago

      S2000Y He already addressed this. About to undergo paint and be taken away for awhile so hence not driving it.

    • S2000Y
      S2000Y 2 days ago

      @Morgan Morris Works for all plates

    • Morgan Morris
      Morgan Morris 2 days ago

      @S2000Y it's a private plate though isn't it, or does it work for private plates aswell

  • Dope Soldier
    Dope Soldier 2 days ago

    SOL + SEB + McLaren = Rainy day !!

  • Lee Cooper
    Lee Cooper 2 days ago

    haha no way. it's like tradition now that it rains when both of you test drive a McLaren. I bet if you was to do it hear in england it will be the hottest day of the year........ or snowing

  • Ingvar Törmä
    Ingvar Törmä 2 days ago

    Everything to know about McLaren at all. Their models are ugly both inside and out and the sound is poor. Then another ugly McLaren GT. This video is nothing to watch. McLaren is an over-advertised sports car.

    • Ingvar Törmä
      Ingvar Törmä 2 days ago

      You think the car should be fast and you are happy. I'm new to these super sports cars, before, I just liked old American cars from the 40s to the 50s, with its beautiful shapes and beautiful interiors. So now even these super sports cars, but they must have beautiful shapes that appeal to me and so too decor. I study shapes very well, so you can see that these McLaren look the same on the outside regardless of the numbers they have been given. I think they have not succeeded with the molds at all. Since the interior, it looks terrible with this big screen on the right it's like they've put a tablet there. Since then the engine noise, it sounds awful and when nothing is in harmony, it is just awful .. Fun with speed but for me the rest is most important. I enjoy everything on a car and McLaren has not succeeded at all.

    • brent powell
      brent powell 2 days ago

      Ingvar Törmä Have you driven , do you own one, looks are subjective, I have owned most duper brands , I can tell you know , the are full on super cars very dynamic to drive , very quick, I agree they don’t sound great

  • Liam Deegan
    Liam Deegan 2 days ago

    ☘️☘️ its nice but the front is pants looks outdated same on all the models they really need to spice up the fronts it's the biggest selling point on a sports car ☘️☘️

  • AE777
    AE777 2 days ago

    It’ll be worth £50k in 5 years time of its not caught fire by then

  • Roschta Watah
    Roschta Watah 2 days ago

    Having the doors open in the rain when the car aint even yours. Donut...

  • Cj Vaans
    Cj Vaans 2 days ago

    You need to have a daily supercar. Either you buy a used Maclaren GT or a used Ferrari FF. And hopefully you don't sell your Murci because that's your weekend warrior. Or you can sell it first and buy another one again in the future.

  • jonleigh1001
    jonleigh1001 2 days ago

    How many Sebs is the boot ?

  • Avinash Kademani
    Avinash Kademani 2 days ago

    best choice !!! big congrats paul !

  • Gazza Brownhigh
    Gazza Brownhigh 2 days ago

    Would get it more if it was a 2 + 2 but who would buy this new when you can have a nearly new delivery mileage 720S for less

  • Patrick Weir
    Patrick Weir 2 days ago

    Why, oh why would anybody buy this over a Bentley Continental GT? Try again.

    • Allen Saunders
      Allen Saunders 2 days ago

      The Bentley is front engineered wouldn't handle as well as this and weighs about 5000 lbs. I would buy this over that

    • Mohanad Hossam
      Mohanad Hossam 2 days ago

      The doors go up

  • Gazza Brownhigh
    Gazza Brownhigh 2 days ago

    McLaren 675LT Spider is the SUPERcar to have !

    • Joe Cooper
      Joe Cooper Day ago

      Gazza Brownhigh, I completely agree, not sure the 675lt can ever really be replaced and I just think it looks so good

    • Gazza Brownhigh
      Gazza Brownhigh Day ago

      You have great taste my man. Its a mini P1 without the electrics and more Fun. McLaren really hit the sweet spot with the 675LT and I guess they really went to town and overboard with the car to establish the LT brand. The unlimited SPORTS series 600LT is an epic car but no where near to the same extent as the 675LT. The banned F1 technology of active aero and hydraulic suspension sets the SUPER series LT apart. Be interesting to see what the new 765LT in Q4 2020 is like but TBH I find the 720S a little fugly in a hypercar way even though its performance is amazing

    • Joe Cooper
      Joe Cooper Day ago

      Gazza Brownhigh, totally agree, my favourite car

  • Ian Mowbray
    Ian Mowbray 2 days ago

    Not worth £160.000 when you buy a new one the second you drive it away from the Dealership you lose £25.000 which is crazy !!!!!!

    • Barry Makariou
      Barry Makariou Day ago

      Ian Mowbray and the rest 😂

    • FuzzyLogic66
      FuzzyLogic66 2 days ago

      Some think that being the first owner and getting to spec the car to your preferring and getting the delivery experience is worth 25k.