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  • Teshauna Johnson
    Teshauna Johnson 40 seconds ago

    I'm somewhat loud person , overload aggressive person

  • LJ Mutongwiza
    LJ Mutongwiza 42 seconds ago

    In the intro I thought Rob was Timothy Green for a second I was like wow they really are two separate people

  • Gabriel Van Brunt
    Gabriel Van Brunt Minute ago

    Proverbs 3:16 talks about wisdom

  • Have Fun
    Have Fun 2 minutes ago

    So that's why they stopped making vids 4 a while

  • Yuex_Pellitants
    Yuex_Pellitants 2 minutes ago

    *WELL HOW AM I GONNA PAY RENT?!?!??* my question everyday🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bethel Kebede
    Bethel Kebede 3 minutes ago

    Noah got the annoying voice lmfao not Ryan

  • Bruin-Booch
    Bruin-Booch 3 minutes ago

    this guy fits in with always wants to you one up you trust me

  • NRL cowboys Live
    NRL cowboys Live 4 minutes ago

    I love Ireland boys

  • Wondrous Tea
    Wondrous Tea 4 minutes ago

    13:00 mayonnaise lololololololol 😂😂

  • NRL cowboys Live
    NRL cowboys Live 4 minutes ago

    ye ye

  • alex morales
    alex morales 5 minutes ago

    He had recorded HARD before he was in jail. No Jumper has just added BlockBoy to Tay K’s first verse.

  • Jonah Heddings
    Jonah Heddings 5 minutes ago

    Fireee low key slaps🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Wolf Ninja
    Wolf Ninja 6 minutes ago

    I'm all of them

  • microin 123
    microin 123 6 minutes ago

    Where the frick have I been I remember this man having 1mill subs and now he has 5mill wtf????

  • RIOT iNfiNiTy
    RIOT iNfiNiTy 6 minutes ago

    good luck with traffic

  • A mouse with 1000 Subs
    A mouse with 1000 Subs 6 minutes ago

    This shit lowkey heat

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 7 minutes ago

    The one with mom jokes 😤

  • Noah Swann
    Noah Swann 7 minutes ago

    Where’s tuffy tho

  • Paquette Family
    Paquette Family 7 minutes ago


  • K Dawg
    K Dawg 7 minutes ago

    the dude that was eating the pear slices nonchalantly

  • Chhappitoo Chhappitoo
    Chhappitoo Chhappitoo 8 minutes ago

    When u get everyone at your school to suscribe 🤠🙃😃

  • Fiery raven
    Fiery raven 8 minutes ago

    No offense but my ears died when u put on baby shark

    HOOP CONTROL 8 minutes ago

    No no no what about tuffy

  • TianoPCGamer
    TianoPCGamer 11 minutes ago

    Damn! I lived near Maryland and I loved going to your meet and greets

  • Kwaevon Hudson
    Kwaevon Hudson 12 minutes ago

    Where's tuffy

  • Connor Farrell
    Connor Farrell 12 minutes ago

    Whos Rob?

    XGN TRIPIX 13 minutes ago

    Im the “well actually” guy. Have to admit it 😂.

  • Red X Eve
    Red X Eve 13 minutes ago

    Out of this world lol

  • la Fantazma
    la Fantazma 13 minutes ago

    سبحان ؟؟ 😂💔

  • Supreme Kidd
    Supreme Kidd 14 minutes ago

    Ok I’ll say it, The thumbnail on the left looks kind of fruit to me. Bcuz I’m dirty minded😂

  • Dezlx Tord
    Dezlx Tord 14 minutes ago

    DAM Noah look tuff af when he fight ooo

  • Goku108Black _
    Goku108Black _ 14 minutes ago

    I could watch this just over and over and over and still cry laughing 💀💀 💀💀 💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    LIL-ZENNY 15 minutes ago

    where my OGS at?

  • Gucci gang Gosh dang
    Gucci gang Gosh dang 15 minutes ago

    What about tuffy

  • Yusuf Kurtpinar
    Yusuf Kurtpinar 17 minutes ago

    3:19 family friendly :)

  • Serenity X
    Serenity X 17 minutes ago

    That’s voicemail at 4:00 if from tuffy girl coz they took him off the videos

    BOBBY-BOEYT g 17 minutes ago

    Was any one thinking tuffy was going to moving in like wowww

      BOBBY-BOEYT g 16 minutes ago

      Move*** Leave me alone😂😂😂😭

  • Seeker Kitty_240
    Seeker Kitty_240 17 minutes ago

    Ryan you're growing a beard and a mustache congrats!!!!!

  • DTA2
    DTA2 17 minutes ago

    All the skit ones are people that I've had to deal with especially the one called "people who know better than you". ALL annoying! ALSO PEOPLE WHO RIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WAKING EVERY GOD DAMN PERSON UP IN THE CITY WITH THEIR LOUD ASS MOTORCYCLES >:(

  • V Beast
    V Beast 17 minutes ago

    The pple that look in ur phone over you shoulder

  • Steezy’s World
    Steezy’s World 17 minutes ago

    Where’s tuffy?

  • ally_gachagirl lovly
    ally_gachagirl lovly 18 minutes ago

    I am kinda a nerd WE STAND

  • ツSlayer
    ツSlayer 18 minutes ago

    the hand raiser was deff me

  • Lil ehnry Fucii
    Lil ehnry Fucii 18 minutes ago

    Am subscribed to rob a long time ago

  • Mimi BeatZ
    Mimi BeatZ 19 minutes ago

    I'm white white but i like darkskin way better than lightskin... and no hate for lightskin

  • Pure Insanity
    Pure Insanity 19 minutes ago

    Bring back my boy tuff! The models were cool I guess

  • Vicci Zedven
    Vicci Zedven 20 minutes ago

    wh...whaaa...wait duh...did noah say that homo-sexuals are annoying.

  • Talmage Trapp
    Talmage Trapp 20 minutes ago

    whats the song on 2 minutes

  • The Joker
    The Joker 21 minute ago

    Noah boats face got me dead

  • Tracy Bekridakis
    Tracy Bekridakis 21 minute ago

    i just subscribed!

  • Jessie Hutchinson
    Jessie Hutchinson 21 minute ago

    7:15 bitch is scared

  • SkittlesFN
    SkittlesFN 22 minutes ago


  • Antonyo Davis
    Antonyo Davis 22 minutes ago

    Ayeee nice vid

  • IDhGamer 456
    IDhGamer 456 23 minutes ago

    10:06 preach my guy

  • Bridget Broncales
    Bridget Broncales 23 minutes ago


  • BonelessApplesauce
    BonelessApplesauce 24 minutes ago


  • JustCJay
    JustCJay 25 minutes ago

    Rip Fans From MD like me looking forward to a meet and greet

  • Youel Yonatan
    Youel Yonatan 25 minutes ago

    We want tuffy

  • Alon Ziskis
    Alon Ziskis 26 minutes ago

    whats aux chord? we use Bluetooth.

  • Frantic J
    Frantic J 27 minutes ago

    wheres my boi tuffy

  • MrGrimlocke
    MrGrimlocke 27 minutes ago

    That first beat was too funny

  • Vincent Jr.
    Vincent Jr. 28 minutes ago

    OMG there is one kid named Abiel in my class who is known for this. One day the whole class, said "well actually" before every sentence they said. 2:50

  • Gavin White
    Gavin White 29 minutes ago

    I actually want to see the LLS and TMG collaboration.

    HGG GANG 29 minutes ago

    8:49 thats gonna be me if i see yall

  • Jayden Dotson
    Jayden Dotson 29 minutes ago

    3:18 😂😂😂

  • Chantz Mcelrath
    Chantz Mcelrath 29 minutes ago

    🤣🤣🤣 when he got a call from that girl

  • samuel 214
    samuel 214 30 minutes ago

    No more tuffy nooooooooooo

  • K Drizzy
    K Drizzy 31 minute ago

    No more ashley and cheyenne :((

  • Cainen Houston
    Cainen Houston 31 minute ago

    Where timothy

  • MX Camikazie
    MX Camikazie 31 minute ago

    All 3 of them should make a YT channel together

  • SwageBea
    SwageBea 31 minute ago

    Lowkey slaps

  • I felt that.
    I felt that. 31 minute ago

    RIP tuffy

  • Noah Brazil
    Noah Brazil 32 minutes ago

    Really be like that though

  • K Drizzy
    K Drizzy 32 minutes ago

    *people who show off their cars 24/7 on snapchat*

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 32 minutes ago

    One ups are annoying af

  • Abraham P
    Abraham P 33 minutes ago

    Is it just me but I'm at least one of the types of annoying people

  • Mariah C
    Mariah C 34 minutes ago

    What did Julia say at the end? I will definitely have what ?

  • alex dancer
    alex dancer 34 minutes ago

    Lil Tecca in your class

  • ToxicGreen
    ToxicGreen 35 minutes ago

    This guy looks as same as lil nas x but a little white

  • AxcivW
    AxcivW 35 minutes ago

    This comment section literally proves their points about sexism. What a lot of insecure, creepy virgins.

  • Mr Goku
    Mr Goku 36 minutes ago

    RIP Tuffy

  • xLinkskii YT _
    xLinkskii YT _ 36 minutes ago

    Rip tuffy

  • Exeltez
    Exeltez 37 minutes ago

    People who say their under rated

  • Itz_ Leland
    Itz_ Leland 37 minutes ago

    At 3:21 this is many time she said bitch 👇

  • K Dawg
    K Dawg 38 minutes ago

    4:14 J. cole in college now lol

  • Ranky Banky10
    Ranky Banky10 38 minutes ago

    What the heck is that background😳😳😂😂

  • rauljustdoit
    rauljustdoit 38 minutes ago

    Are you guys from the dmv

  • K Dawg
    K Dawg 38 minutes ago

    what university is this lmbo!!

  • ShobbyRoblox
    ShobbyRoblox 39 minutes ago

    Can I just say happy birthday here to Noah because I don’t have an Instagram!

  • Bryce Glover
    Bryce Glover 39 minutes ago

    LeBroN JaMes

  • P.E. Expert - The Savage MC Master

    What’s the title of the teen drinking rap

  • Connor Flattery
    Connor Flattery 42 minutes ago


  • Hector Eves
    Hector Eves 43 minutes ago

    Oh she bad bad

  • Ligma balls fagot
    Ligma balls fagot 44 minutes ago


    HGG GANG 44 minutes ago

    They need to get king bach destorm power deshae frost all of them

  • darko radul
    darko radul 44 minutes ago

    I'm definitely the loud person

  • Mr .Beast
    Mr .Beast 44 minutes ago

    Thanks you just made my day 10000x better. I was ready to just cry for the rest of my life

  • One Don
    One Don 44 minutes ago

    Where's tuffy

  • Addison DaMan
    Addison DaMan 45 minutes ago

    It's wired seeing rhino and a girl twerking next to him

  • Little Kiddo
    Little Kiddo 45 minutes ago

    2:25 my god everytime I go to the movie I stamp