World's Strictest Parents
World's Strictest Parents
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  • Lynette Lima
    Lynette Lima 9 minutes ago

    He looks good with Cut hair. Well done young Chris.

  • Erica Lockaby
    Erica Lockaby 14 minutes ago

    Ross rams as in Ross Ohio?

  • Emily Fuller
    Emily Fuller 17 minutes ago

    Her name is Karen what does she except

  • edo 99
    edo 99 30 minutes ago

    they’re so childish

  • Lilly Quinn
    Lilly Quinn 35 minutes ago

    I think that it is disrespectful for them to force them to go to Church or believe in god, but the kids should have at least just went in and not argued

  • Unknown Master
    Unknown Master 37 minutes ago

    The daughter was totally eyebanging Eden

  • Rebecca Cucumber
    Rebecca Cucumber 47 minutes ago

    this is where the pick up line "are you from Tennessee because you're the only ten I see" comes in handy those boys omg

  • Sam da Silva
    Sam da Silva 51 minute ago

    Wow British teenage girls must have low standards if they think Pete is hot. Who tells him he is???

  • Lotta Love
    Lotta Love 58 minutes ago

    The daughter was so stunning tho

  • Grace McAuliffe
    Grace McAuliffe Hour ago

    The mom looks like tira banks

  • Sam da Silva
    Sam da Silva Hour ago

    Nice episode, kids at first midly annoying, but that is the point of the show. However, they actually we're ready good kids. The couple were wonderful.

  • Gina Star
    Gina Star Hour ago

    Wow these parents are really really nice, warm, kind, loving, respectful, good pure genuine hearted & soul ppl💗💕

  • EdGe_ Lar2D2
    EdGe_ Lar2D2 Hour ago

    I’ve been doing thiiiis! ArE YoU GoInG To BaLkTaLk?

  • Stoopid Bish
    Stoopid Bish Hour ago

    Reality checckkk!

  • Swetha Saravanan

    RiSe and sHinEeE xD

  • • Colors & Scribbles •

    I mean, I get it but you can’t force someone to believe in god

  • solid organ
    solid organ Hour ago

    The boys hair looks better now than before

  • Afro Kat
    Afro Kat Hour ago

    I personally feel as if they shouldn’t be forced to go into church if they don’t believe. It’s a right to have your own opinions and beliefs I’m Christian tho praise the lord

  • Sarah sankey
    Sarah sankey Hour ago

    So proud of Riley doing that jump. 😆💕

  • little soul
    little soul Hour ago

    Welcome to singapore

  • Tyhesia jodie
    Tyhesia jodie Hour ago

    I thought marijuana calmed people down. It doesn’t make them violent 🤦‍♀️😂

  • genaee __
    genaee __ Hour ago

    hey julie hears u got that drip drip drip drip...

  • Creeper Aw man!!!!

    Them before:🤬 Them after: 😁

  • lil leezy
    lil leezy 2 hours ago

    Dirty nails tho. Scrub ur hair n wash them in the shower. Or cut them off.

  • Nicola Guerin
    Nicola Guerin 2 hours ago


  • Nicola Guerin
    Nicola Guerin 2 hours ago


  • genaee __
    genaee __ 2 hours ago

    Roxanne Roxanne all she want to do is chores all night godamm roxanne

  • H C
    H C 2 hours ago

    honestly you can tell she likes him too much

  • Leah Rollo
    Leah Rollo 2 hours ago

    The truth hurts 🤭

  • Carry
    Carry 2 hours ago

    Is this the real ned Flanders from the Simpsons

  • Lausanne van Heerden

    Does anybody know what Chris's surname is? 😉

  • Bridget Chieng
    Bridget Chieng 2 hours ago

    4:31 I'm sorry Liam, but you have no rhythm whatsoever!

  • ZHANIA Hernandez
    ZHANIA Hernandez 2 hours ago

    Deep inside Liam and Rylee are both two beautiful kids.👼💞😊😍

  • Jade Bruce
    Jade Bruce 2 hours ago

    I’m 20 mins in and I just realized that me and her have the same name... I kept reading her name but it wasn’t clicking.

  • D.O.A
    D.O.A 2 hours ago

    In fact ok for the boy but Tyler didn’t do anything

  • Kirsty Brown
    Kirsty Brown 2 hours ago

    Wow what’s going on with her eye brows 😮 😯 🤣 😂 she’s annoying the life out of me I’m changing the program that accent goes through me 🤣 👊🏼

  • D.O.A
    D.O.A 2 hours ago


  • freezy f
    freezy f 2 hours ago

    Why is it always the ones from the UK 😂

  • freezy f
    freezy f 3 hours ago

    Loose the attitude Bieber😂

  • Janice Dickens
    Janice Dickens 3 hours ago

    8AM is not early. Anything before 6AM is early.

  • Tsunami
    Tsunami 3 hours ago

    That poor dog :(

  • Anderson Santucci
    Anderson Santucci 3 hours ago

    All things resolve with conversation and good senses,nice family,I would like visit South Africa some day,greetings from Brazil

  • Thea Eubanks
    Thea Eubanks 3 hours ago

    Karen of all karens

    KING MARS 3 hours ago

    i rlly don’t like that girl , but y’all chris rlly immersed himself w that family .

  • SatanicUnicornGod
    SatanicUnicornGod 3 hours ago

    Full episode dudes

  • itzcorrosive
    itzcorrosive 3 hours ago

    Ayy I live in Durban

  • nope not me
    nope not me 3 hours ago

    the girl has beautiful eyes.

  • freezy f
    freezy f 3 hours ago

    I could really hear the Ugandan in the mum's accent 😂

  • Sam da Silva
    Sam da Silva 4 hours ago

    What??? No bikinis unless they are under your clothes? Does that apply to the Dad too?

  • Jamie Alexander
    Jamie Alexander 4 hours ago

    ------- Get it The brow Unibrow

  • sadkremmit
    sadkremmit 4 hours ago

    Yeah, tackling an exhausted, hormonal, and severely pissed off teenager to get her to do what she's told and be compliant......that'll work Edit: I mean Bri is pretty far gone and horrible to deal with but I don't think making her angry or using force is going to solve anything. Unfortunately, bratty, relentlessly stubborn and aggressive teenage girls must be bribed and negotiated with carefully, because from what I see in this video, physical force absolutely does not work. What did work, however, is when they started telling her that they believed in her, and that they wanted her to reach her potential (when they got her to go to school). That's what she needed. All throughout this episode Bri was scared, angry, lonely and extremely sad. So she lashes out in an effort to protect herself, especially from someone trying to physically force her into something she is not comfortable with or doesn't want to do. It seems strange, but sometimes the worst undisciplined kids just need to know that they're loved and worth it, because they often times have given up on themselves.

  • rjtaku
    rjtaku 4 hours ago

    You have to love the Christian way.. If u don’t do what I say u r not eating and your sleeping outside.. But if u do what I say your life has meaning.. And of course 30% of your wages please😂😂

  • Nathan Iopu
    Nathan Iopu 4 hours ago

    Be interesting too see where these kids are now

  • KGK vlogs
    KGK vlogs 4 hours ago

    Thts poor family has no idee wht to do

  • Loober
    Loober 4 hours ago

    Do that not relies that the kids are jett lagged they are tired

  • KGK vlogs
    KGK vlogs 4 hours ago

    Im from south africa and we dont life like this

  • Jamison Fawkes
    Jamison Fawkes 4 hours ago

    He looks like Mark Zucburg

  • Emma Goodband
    Emma Goodband 5 hours ago

    Poor joey was drunk

  • Emma Knox
    Emma Knox 5 hours ago

    is it just me or does Memphis look like Trisha Paytas😂😶

  • Anne Furner
    Anne Furner 5 hours ago

    The Father is so cool.

  • Vix 30
    Vix 30 5 hours ago

    All these parents whining about their badly behaved kids are the reason their kids are like this! The parents have allowed the behaviour to be gotten away with! They’ve not set boundaries or limitations and they just sit there while their own child bad mounts them and disrespects them! 🙄🙄🙄

  • Wihan Gelderblom
    Wihan Gelderblom 5 hours ago

    South Africa is really richer than what she think it is Alexandria isn’t that rich no offense tho

  • Zara Hugs
    Zara Hugs 6 hours ago

    The Irish family were so good but I wouldn’t want to live with them 😂

  • Jesse Joe Thijssen
    Jesse Joe Thijssen 6 hours ago

    This madlad said April Fools after he walked away from school and came back.

  • David Munson
    David Munson 6 hours ago

    Smoking is an addictive habit. What? You expect him to quit cold turkey just like that and not expect bad withdrawal symptoms? Come on! Get real!!

  • Jack Matheson
    Jack Matheson 6 hours ago

    That snitch tho

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 6 hours ago

    cristans mum looks like the uniform natzi at any school

  • EMILY Foskett
    EMILY Foskett 6 hours ago

    You can tell they are from Australia

  • Trouble Kiddd
    Trouble Kiddd 7 hours ago

    What’s rylee’s @ she pretty cute haha

  • zoey
    zoey 7 hours ago

    18:30 what? What the hell did she just say?

  • Monkeydateyoo 1
    Monkeydateyoo 1 7 hours ago

    I don’t think it’s the people that change the teens it’s the letters from their parents.

  • L D
    L D 7 hours ago

    Micah looks like stevewilldoit

  • Jean-Mari van der Westhuÿzen

    This is probably the most intense episode I've seen of this

  • skrrt skrrt
    skrrt skrrt 7 hours ago

    That's that innit.

  • Jamie Alexander
    Jamie Alexander 8 hours ago

    18:35 : baby tie

  • Asmr Masters
    Asmr Masters 8 hours ago

    This is an embarrassment to Australia

    YKTFV YUH 8 hours ago

    girls like this are so annoying ffs

  • EliotOS
    EliotOS 8 hours ago

    No one : Absolutely no one: Comments: ThAt CaMeRa MaN tHoUgH

  • Kaitykait loves fluff

    I got soooo mad because they kept on forcing their beliefs on the teens a I thought that was wrong cause if someone forced there beliefs on me I wouldn’t take it I would actually hurt them

  • stranger baby
    stranger baby 8 hours ago

    Even when you clean your gauges the stench is kinda hard to get rid of. It also depends on the type material the gauges are made out of.

  • Epeli
    Epeli 8 hours ago

    Going to school through no traffic? What's this??

  • stranger baby
    stranger baby 8 hours ago

    They are treating their kids like mini adults. They're children, they should be allowed to experience childish things. It's wrong. Also "instructional control" is pissing me off. Stop talking please.

  • Mayang
    Mayang 9 hours ago

    So lucky we are not like this in Philippines

  • Mercedes Briones
    Mercedes Briones 9 hours ago

    Im dying

  • brody welyki
    brody welyki 9 hours ago

    Why does it say posted 6 days ago but it looks like it was filmed I’m 2015

  • Samreen Bal
    Samreen Bal 9 hours ago

    Finally parents that understand that smoking is an addiction.😊

  • ITSBanana YT
    ITSBanana YT 9 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about how Chloe and Jojo Siwa are the same age and they are completes opposites

  • YungBreezi
    YungBreezi 10 hours ago

    These kids really smoke cigarettes 😭😭😭

    BLIИK 10 hours ago

    The thing is, their parents do not punish their kids, not physically, just ground them and don't give them what they want every time Don't give them the leading wheel

  • RobloxVlogs
    RobloxVlogs 10 hours ago

    Can’t even call them mum or dad these parents are dipsticks

  • Veggie muncher
    Veggie muncher 10 hours ago

    That school looks like the reaping in the hunger games

  • mstoya B
    mstoya B 10 hours ago

    She never changed at all ....she just called our 🇿🇦 life gross

  • Emma xo' LilMissMindless

    Shola... sounds Nigerian

  • Nicksterv Hater
    Nicksterv Hater 10 hours ago

    It’s obsessive when you make your own biological children address you as sir and ma’am Edit: this just seems like Labour

  • Mariah Villa
    Mariah Villa 10 hours ago

    12:05 my 2 moods

  • Syed Amir
    Syed Amir 10 hours ago

    Useless & arrogant teenager🙄🙄😒

  • Jamey Jones
    Jamey Jones 10 hours ago

    He was probably mad she didn't smoke with him

  • Graz3rr On Instagram
    Graz3rr On Instagram 11 hours ago

    Is it weird that I'm surprised the first girl wasn't pregnant?

  • John Cenaa
    John Cenaa 11 hours ago

    I stopped getting homesick when i was 8