World's Strictest Parents
World's Strictest Parents
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  • Mirren Gaffney
    Mirren Gaffney 8 minutes ago

    *Mom and dad thinks I’m a virgin* well.

  • Brown Pants
    Brown Pants 15 minutes ago

    Keep her safe from thr sudanese crimewave

  • Mitch Makin7
    Mitch Makin7 17 minutes ago

    She is the wisest woman ever

  • Vaxeinated
    Vaxeinated 20 minutes ago

    21:36 me when monday and have no coffee yet

  • Annie Heritage
    Annie Heritage 25 minutes ago

    I’d love to know if these two changed long-term. Two of the worst kids I can remember seeing and I’m not convinced they would have made any realistic progress.

  • sweeta 17 k
    sweeta 17 k 27 minutes ago

    pattie said maybe no 1 has listen to them but when parents try and talk to any of them they all walk away swearing and shouting because they dont want to be spoken to

  • Parikshit singh
    Parikshit singh 32 minutes ago

    SA sucks

  • angel ickes
    angel ickes 33 minutes ago

    Atleast this family didn't make them take put their piercing like ive seen in some other episodes... The parents using the horse to help the kids connect is great...

  • Jeongguk's Choker
    Jeongguk's Choker 37 minutes ago

    This is so grim😹

  • Aruna Murphy
    Aruna Murphy 41 minute ago

    Is anyone else wondering how they got alcohol into the country

  • Eliza BMD
    Eliza BMD 44 minutes ago

    I feel like each time I was these, I learn something from the parents.

  • Mr. BlueMan!
    Mr. BlueMan! 45 minutes ago

    Contracts with minors aren't legally binding tho?

  • Leonardo Avocado69
    Leonardo Avocado69 47 minutes ago

    11:00 nO No nO No

  • jaih curtis
    jaih curtis 56 minutes ago

    You expect an Australian to stop swearing. BOI

  • sweeta 17 k
    sweeta 17 k Hour ago

    this proves once again ...that it is not only and always the parents fault as so many say ... that parents put no rules ... no matter how they ask and tell they just dont listen and both sets of parents seem nice and understanding and they are together

    • sweeta 17 k
      sweeta 17 k Hour ago

      and again the same when its single parents . what can any1 do when their kids dont behave no matter what is said to them

  • Yoyo Mars
    Yoyo Mars Hour ago

    camerman stands there and doesnt do anything

  • Callum Tucker
    Callum Tucker Hour ago

    How have they not ran away

  • RipAngel Xxxtentacion

    *It's to hard...*

  • Fxame
    Fxame Hour ago


    NASTY EGG Hour ago

    13:39 no one gonna talk about the fact the mug holder thingy is broken

  • Avacado
    Avacado Hour ago

    "Self-pity isn't the answer." "Yes it is! It's great." Well if that ain't a mood then I don't know what is.

  • Fawnia Caulford
    Fawnia Caulford Hour ago

    Brat camp or something like that.

  • Fawnia Caulford
    Fawnia Caulford Hour ago

    Weren't the parents on another episode or series?

  • R Lee
    R Lee Hour ago

    idk who annoys me more, the "bad kids", or the "strict parents" :/

  • DarcyIsLame
    DarcyIsLame Hour ago

    When he’s 20 he’s gonna sound like Fred 😂

  • Angryish Crayons
    Angryish Crayons 2 hours ago

    Have you noticed how it’s mostly the girls that rebel more against the strict parents.

  • [ Sasserk ]
    [ Sasserk ] 2 hours ago

    This video shows the different Australian accents you will see when travelling Australia

  • Frankie Carrel
    Frankie Carrel 2 hours ago

    I would like to say to the Western family I think it's amazing what you did with those to get They realized that there was more to life than just drinkin and party God God-bless you for the work that you do and really changers

  • dannooooooo
    dannooooooo 2 hours ago

    the last episode of this i watched was way worse. these guys did an amazing job getting through to these kids

  • BERLINailArts by Dana

    When he flipped the mattress😂

  • Domo Poo
    Domo Poo 3 hours ago

    They are the least bad children on the show

  • James Bond
    James Bond 3 hours ago

    I bet their son and his gf get jiggy with it on dates. They have to have “friends” with them. Fiends could cover for them so I mean

  • Joanna Valladares
    Joanna Valladares 3 hours ago

    His ear looks lowkey nasty

  • McKeea Painter
    McKeea Painter 3 hours ago

    If you close your eyes, the dad is Patrick Warburton

  • McKeea Painter
    McKeea Painter 3 hours ago

    The mom is an angel.

  • Katherine Ruppelius
    Katherine Ruppelius 3 hours ago

    That dog is so cute❤

  • Elizabeth Roush
    Elizabeth Roush 3 hours ago

    Some people in these comments are really dumb💀

  • Ashton Staggs
    Ashton Staggs 3 hours ago

    John and Mary, husband and wife..

  • gymnast_lilly13
    gymnast_lilly13 4 hours ago

    "yo where are we going we're gonna get in so much trouble" ahehe yayy😂

  • Jerry Sandro Pereira

    I Swear alot

  • just random things
    just random things 4 hours ago

    Can we appreciate the camera man for going through all this?

  • Salazar
    Salazar 4 hours ago

    Nadia's not so bad. I thought she was going to be super spoiled and bratty.

  • Veko The Saiyan
    Veko The Saiyan 4 hours ago

    Natalie is 13 but she acting like 69

  • Vivica Ophelia
    Vivica Ophelia 4 hours ago

    "Are you withdrawaling from something we should know about?" *Sleep!*

  • DonutShoeBox
    DonutShoeBox 4 hours ago

    2:23 "I use my legs"

  • Beverly Frost
    Beverly Frost 4 hours ago

    He's cute

  • Starving child
    Starving child 4 hours ago

    Hey kid pick up that pvc pipe and carry it around my baseball field.

  • Fabihan Lewis
    Fabihan Lewis 4 hours ago

    Big green truck😂

  • Pyrrhic Actions
    Pyrrhic Actions 4 hours ago

    I mean are these parents really strict seems like what children are supposed to do

  • Lluvia Roman
    Lluvia Roman 4 hours ago

    I like her hair

  • Blake-baby soon doing roblox sorry I do guchalife


  • Mukbang and asmr
    Mukbang and asmr 4 hours ago

    Mom: Ur not listening to me 😐 kid: .... (as listening)

  • Eliya Geary
    Eliya Geary 5 hours ago

    unpopular opinion: lip and eyebrow piercings r so unattractive

  • S Haddan
    S Haddan 5 hours ago

    These are some of the most stubborn and rude kids that I've ever seen

  • Tanner Burgess
    Tanner Burgess 5 hours ago

    I lived in Montana for. There

  • ʙɪɢ ᴘᴏᴘᴘᴀ

    Next to him, I'm basically an angel 😇

  • Younglilmeow Meow
    Younglilmeow Meow 5 hours ago

    When she said its her mom’s fault for giving birth to her alexs face😂😂😂pause on 21:33

  • Marilyn Simmons
    Marilyn Simmons 5 hours ago

    I love how this strict mom chases after Chloe hilarious 🤣

  • Marilyn Simmons
    Marilyn Simmons 5 hours ago

    Obviously Chloe isn’t a nature outside girl lol 😂

  • Xxchickenmanxx Xxchickenman08

    I feel like the parents are just lazy because there making their kids do everything for them

  • Adrian Wilson
    Adrian Wilson 5 hours ago

    450 kids? Damn my school has 6000

  • Bily Ray
    Bily Ray 6 hours ago

    Why do all the teens on this show look like they were taken straight out of the series skins

  • Bily Ray
    Bily Ray 6 hours ago

    Still to this day the cameraman ain’t snitching

  • PsychoSocial
    PsychoSocial 6 hours ago

    May eyebrows your computer?

  • Raymond Grover
    Raymond Grover 6 hours ago


  • Sully Clowson
    Sully Clowson 6 hours ago

    She walks up to him and tells him to go away yeah this I big brain time

  • troah miller
    troah miller 6 hours ago

    I meannnnnn technically he didn't lie

  • Ball Pythons are da best

    That’s a lot of confidence to be handling the earpiece like it’s food

  • Aryel Rodriguez
    Aryel Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Camera man ain't no snitch

  • The flying cat
    The flying cat 6 hours ago

    Imagine at your house your parents say YOU EARN YOU BED AND ONE PAIR OF CLOTHES BACK

  • i like clips 1000 get some saltyness

    He has skinny arms

  • Raymond Grover
    Raymond Grover 6 hours ago

    What family did they go to

  • Raymond Grover
    Raymond Grover 6 hours ago

    what family is this???

  • Cinthya El-Ali
    Cinthya El-Ali 6 hours ago

    He is dumped:stupid+dumb.

  • Pssax
    Pssax 6 hours ago

    Why doesn't he just say no??

  • The Hippo Master
    The Hippo Master 6 hours ago

    10:43 his fetus got yetused

  • christian fail
    christian fail 6 hours ago

    I’d make her my girl 😂🤷🏼‍♂️🤤

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 6 hours ago

    Can you please bring back the episode with Nathan in Queensland

  • Ava B
    Ava B 6 hours ago

    7 am is too early? That's when I have to be walking to school!

  • Zarria Peterson
    Zarria Peterson 6 hours ago

    imagine smoking cigarettes 😬

  • Mason
    Mason 6 hours ago

    They can’t do anything to me. It’s not like they can put their hands on me that’s illegal. If they’re being dumb I’d just not do what they say.

  • _R.N.04_ Bluefaceb
    _R.N.04_ Bluefaceb 7 hours ago

    Bruh that kid shouldn't be videod he just getting attention he ain't even bad parents didn't bring him up properly

  • JordanAnimates
    JordanAnimates 7 hours ago

    "Go buy your own vegatables there like 69 cents" Every Adult "HA!! YOU WISH"

  • _R.N.04_ Bluefaceb
    _R.N.04_ Bluefaceb 7 hours ago

    0:16 add in physical discipline you can make them do anything

  • Faith Wright
    Faith Wright 7 hours ago

    They should’ve prepared the kids better before letting them trot or out of the arena.

  • Marvin the Maniac
    Marvin the Maniac 7 hours ago

    I can understand why Pat got upset about the cigarettes because he's a firefighter, and cigarettes are one of the lead causes of house fires.

  • Katie Truman
    Katie Truman 7 hours ago

    im 11 years old and i can do so much more then her. every morning I wake up get my cowboy boots on and go to my BACKYARD creek

  • Kalinda Clare Gallagher

    How rude these teens are

    • Sahal E. M. Patel
      Sahal E. M. Patel 7 hours ago

      Kalinda Clare Gallagher they were however hopefully not anymore

  • Stan Valentine
    Stan Valentine 7 hours ago

    Nayomi cute af

  • mason
    mason 7 hours ago

    this one killed me lol

  • Nicholas Hartsock
    Nicholas Hartsock 7 hours ago

    I'm sorry dude, but it is life, you have to work hard and do things that you don't want to.

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan 7 hours ago

    Kid really said this is salvery the guy made u pick up like 4 pieces of wood

    • Bily Ray
      Bily Ray 5 hours ago

      Ali Khan he said Its like slavery because of how they were blackmailed to work for food

  • Scope X
    Scope X 7 hours ago

    5:48 8 never knew we were in 1960 those phones lol

  • SexyVixen1011
    SexyVixen1011 7 hours ago

    I bet natalie has no friends

  • Ordinary Audrey
    Ordinary Audrey 7 hours ago

    Is it just me or does the dad look like Freddie Mercury

  • Llama Lady
    Llama Lady 7 hours ago

    He acts like he’s the boss but he looks like a 6 year old .....

  • Danny Yeet
    Danny Yeet 7 hours ago

    jeeeez these kids are crazy

  • Music for madmen
    Music for madmen 7 hours ago

    Those parents did it the right way They didnt fight fire with fire and they actually tried to use reason

  • Macy el khoury
    Macy el khoury 7 hours ago

    Why do the step parents have to be so mean

  • OriginalSpaz Animations

    Pirates hat 🤮🤮🤮 Go Phillies!