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  • Faruk Özel
    Faruk Özel Minute ago

    TURKİYE Definitely the best cuisine in the world.You can always eat healthy and very high quality food. Especially the breakfast is incredible.You're not going to find such delicious food anywhere in the world.

  • Tommy Mai
    Tommy Mai Minute ago

    Pad Thai is for quite people.....

  • Chandan G
    Chandan G 2 minutes ago

    I..would ask for double devil level... i'm Indian... 😈

  • Helawi Solomon
    Helawi Solomon 2 minutes ago

    U will die from eating. Too excess. Check ur cholesterol and diabetes

  • 댕라댕
    댕라댕 3 minutes ago

    Dear Wiens, I am not familiar with English. So I can't express it enough. But I want to express a lot of gratitude to you. I'm South Korean. I travel to Japan twice in a year, and sometimes travel to Thailand or near countries(Actually I lived in Chiang Mai for six months, That period was one of the best experience in my life).These days I'm watching your videos. Your videos are high quality and your reactions as well. Please be careful and keep healthy. And... have fun!

  • Zainul Zainul
    Zainul Zainul 4 minutes ago

    Besides the fantastic food , the people here have that uniquely dignified look about them , without meaning to belittle other peoples . Just got love them . This video has aroused a desire to visit Peshawar . Seriously .

  • Hemant Paikrao
    Hemant Paikrao 6 minutes ago

    This guy sees positive in everything...Respect🙌

  • khadeeja tahera
    khadeeja tahera 6 minutes ago

    20:02 i here the beautiful AZAAN

  • Putochingarkabron A
    Putochingarkabron A 7 minutes ago

    Lots of meat

  • Wild Boar
    Wild Boar 7 minutes ago

    Thank you for ur video..I was planning to take a trip there.

  • Yoni Barlev
    Yoni Barlev 12 minutes ago

    Seems amazing, Which side of Lumpini is it???

  • jimi aguirre
    jimi aguirre 15 minutes ago

    Hey you want a Chile, no I needed to drive. hey how about some alcohol, give me as much as you possibly can before I get on the road

  • YN NY
    YN NY 17 minutes ago

    Go to Kazakhstan

  • Micheal Wolfe
    Micheal Wolfe 21 minute ago

    Travelling to Thailand on a budget ?? Well , here’s your spot !!!! Lol 😂

  • Mira Wira
    Mira Wira 22 minutes ago

    Wowowo your like food jawah. Very.nice👍

  • Joey LMAO
    Joey LMAO 27 minutes ago

    * takes a bite * 👀👀👀

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 29 minutes ago

    Go to Congo kinshasa pls

    OKAYYYY 36 minutes ago

    85? damn honor

  • Sandip Sah
    Sandip Sah 40 minutes ago

    pakstani kutta ne anglo pahlebar dakha h

  • One_who_watches_you_at_night

    Is it a charity? Lol

  • Sue Sharma
    Sue Sharma 43 minutes ago

    when u coming to india

  • Sue Sharma
    Sue Sharma 43 minutes ago

    when u coming to india

  • Peter Kanage
    Peter Kanage 43 minutes ago

    The amount of love and good food in this one video guys, wow... This is actually my favourite Mark Weins episode so far. I want to start travelling for food too😋 much love❤️

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  • wilhelmus lemin helmus
    wilhelmus lemin helmus 50 minutes ago

    Indonesia yes

  • Jeon Jungkookie
    Jeon Jungkookie Hour ago

    I'm from lebanon🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧

  • Raphael Tovar
    Raphael Tovar Hour ago

    Love the vids but omg his faces and reactions bother me lol

  • Ishan Kango
    Ishan Kango Hour ago

    Your wife is so pretty 😊

  • Sompoch Bunnag
    Sompoch Bunnag Hour ago

    Some people are very depraved. They kill cruel animals without mercy. The mind is like hell animals.

  • Tyrell Simanu
    Tyrell Simanu Hour ago

    How often do you need to poo after u eat all that chilli topped with a nice warm coffee

  • Janine Butler
    Janine Butler Hour ago

    Hey mark I watch you literally every day. I luv watching you but omg I love Mika so much. If you ever come to Australia I would so luv to meet you and give Mika a big cuddle.

  • Lars WCMC
    Lars WCMC Hour ago


  • Blu Quiachon
    Blu Quiachon Hour ago

    pork not pig sir mark......

  • Lily
    Lily Hour ago

    I’m legit jealous

  • Hanoi Tripper
    Hanoi Tripper Hour ago

    I feel as though im right there at the table! 😃

  • Keith R
    Keith R Hour ago

    I eat about anything. Hell grew up on silk worms. With blessing at end of world, I'd eat human. But I'm not eating no balls or penis :P. Lol that man so happy putting balls in everyones mouth. You gave it the mark wiens face, guess I'll try it 0.o

  • muflihun sihombing
    muflihun sihombing 2 hours ago

    Seems like The weather so hot over there

  • Ash Jan
    Ash Jan 2 hours ago


  • Fee k
    Fee k 2 hours ago

    This was amazing to watch! I found myself ducking from water at times!!! Lol!!!

  • kousiik adavikolanu
    kousiik adavikolanu 2 hours ago

    Once upon a time Mayanmar part of India (Bharat)

  • Mohit Arora
    Mohit Arora 2 hours ago

    Pakistan is beautiful. why we are fighting each other. we should have borders USA & Canada.

  • Ash Jan
    Ash Jan 2 hours ago

    HOPE U left a gr8 big TIP Mark

  • Ash Jan
    Ash Jan 2 hours ago

    gr8 yup soooo goood grass roots food in BKK NICE THANKU

  • No Name
    No Name 2 hours ago

    چه احوالت؟ خشش یا نه؟

  • Mira Wira
    Mira Wira 2 hours ago

    Wowowo very look for your nice 👍

  • Cristin Waldren
    Cristin Waldren 2 hours ago

    We moved here about 6 months ago and are excited to find the best “unknowns” so thanks for this video

  • Fakhri Bagus Pratama

    You have to react gordon ramsay's food

  • nick prince
    nick prince 2 hours ago

    where the silverware?lol

  • 08missEE
    08missEE 2 hours ago

    Can not believe I’m watching this in the middle of the night. I’m so hungry now!!

  • Bruno Chung
    Bruno Chung 2 hours ago

    keep your elbows down and closer to your body as you eat.

  • WTF Philippines Dota 2

    how come youre always eating and you are not fat

  • Ned Jackson
    Ned Jackson 2 hours ago

    The drink's name is so funny lol

  • Henry Tran
    Henry Tran 2 hours ago

    I see he was eating vietnamese sandwiche in Vietnam I want coming back.because sandwiches in Vietnam are different from sandwiches of vietnamese people sell here.They were delicious sandwiches

  • Thanunya Kaewpaithoon

    Want thoes nuts at 41.22

  • dekeama
    dekeama 2 hours ago

    His vocabulary usage on the spot is on point. Smart dude and highly appreciated by me.

  • TheIneedtopee
    TheIneedtopee 2 hours ago

    you are a fking cheapo..

  • Darwish Salam
    Darwish Salam 2 hours ago

    Food looks great stop talking about how sweet it is 4/5 times... geez

  • Myherkue Kue
    Myherkue Kue 2 hours ago


  • Aaron K
    Aaron K 2 hours ago

    But it doesn't look that sanitary and clean.. I'm gonna not buy it..

    • Donaciano Ernesto
      Donaciano Ernesto 46 minutes ago

      This don't look clean becoz use antique charcoal stove. But actaully Padthai if use antique charcoal stove it yummy more than use electric stove ir gus stove. Actaully process is clean. you can reliable.^^

  • Healthy DailyDr
    Healthy DailyDr 2 hours ago

    Which country was you born?

  • Jan Grueter
    Jan Grueter 2 hours ago

    How awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! I am 75yrs old and will never travel to see any of the places you go to. Thank you for taking me along!

  • Senn Lens🇲🇾
    Senn Lens🇲🇾 2 hours ago

    This Pad Thai looks more authentic than other place I ever seen in Thailand.

  • yui BiBi
    yui BiBi 3 hours ago

    It’s not cheap for us.

  • ga.by_x Sanchez.z.z
    ga.by_x Sanchez.z.z 3 hours ago

    Love from California to Lebanon 🙏✌️✌️

  • CIRCC - Revisão em Cardiologia Clínica


  • Leslie Aguirre
    Leslie Aguirre 3 hours ago

    Street food in different countries look wayy better than here in the U.S.

  • Pinoy Chio
    Pinoy Chio 3 hours ago

    I'll go there if I can!

  • ME ME
    ME ME 3 hours ago you know u have a plate for that piece of 5 kg monster...please...

  • Bjorn Lundeen
    Bjorn Lundeen 3 hours ago

    Damn I wish I had food like that where I live.

  • Goldenstate21
    Goldenstate21 3 hours ago

    18:02 “he was very as well” lol wth does that mean 😂

  • rockymango
    rockymango 3 hours ago

    She doesn't make pad thai at 85 years old because she's committed to ritual foods of her rich culture, Mark. She makes pad thai at 85 because she has no social security in her country.

  • Diana Artemis
    Diana Artemis 3 hours ago

    Food in west Jerusalem is pricy compare to the food in east Jerusalem

  • Gigi Guzman
    Gigi Guzman 3 hours ago

    That Brazilian food looks good I am puerto Rican and we cook about the same.delicious

  • Peeraya jib
    Peeraya jib 3 hours ago


  • teus jakha
    teus jakha 3 hours ago

    Mark come to India in a state called Nagaland

  • Dean Rezvan Ghobadi
    Dean Rezvan Ghobadi 3 hours ago

    Luke Martin appears to be more genuine in his food assessments than Mark. While Mark Weins seems like a really lovely guy, which I am sure he is, he undoubtedly overreacts to what in many cases must be some pretty average tasting food. If Mark’s eyes were popping out of his head over eating a $1.29 all you can eat street buffet in Bankok, how would he guy react in a top Michelin Star restaurant? It would be an endless stream of “wow’s” with his eyeballs hanging from their sockets... Mark Weins needs to stop overselling everything and become more sincere/honest in his assessments. Enthusiasm is great, but you also need to be sincere.

  • ME ME
    ME ME 3 hours ago

    Nobody in whole world understand meat like Brazilian do... Respect....

  • msbrownbeast
    msbrownbeast 3 hours ago

    That's not firewood that she's using, but discarded wood from demolition (see the paint on the piece of wood). The paint on the old piece of wood could very well contain lead, and then it's burned.

  • Arunava Das
    Arunava Das 3 hours ago

    Thanks Mark from Sydney. You are good.

  • Panou Thao
    Panou Thao 3 hours ago

    I was there 6 months ago!!

  • Hyun jung Kim
    Hyun jung Kim 3 hours ago

    I dont think this guy is genuine.He always says that foods he tried are tasty. Along with his cliches and phony smiles

  • Dhernandez0007
    Dhernandez0007 3 hours ago

    Love your videos man!

  • Dumb Football
    Dumb Football 3 hours ago

    True is I’m eating in n out right now

  • Quentin Cooper
    Quentin Cooper 3 hours ago

    I only watch bc I can't wait till his eyes pop tf out his head

  • Wilson Gatungay
    Wilson Gatungay 3 hours ago

    Kudos to the family soo welcoming 🎉🎉🎉🎉💐💐💐👪👪love from PH 🇵🇭

  • Thamer abd
    Thamer abd 3 hours ago

    Thank u mark u r amazing person..

    YIZHUO CAO 3 hours ago

    Those 10 k dislikes must be all poor NGERS who eats pizza and jack in the box all day lol

  • Victor Lewis
    Victor Lewis 3 hours ago

    He didn't like it that much

  • Victor Lewis
    Victor Lewis 3 hours ago

    That lobster roll was weak!!!!!

  • TheFreddking
    TheFreddking 3 hours ago

    Great video but please stop making that idiotic face after he eats anything

    YIZHUO CAO 3 hours ago

    Those 2 k dislikes must be all niggas who eats pizza and jack in box everyday. Lol

  • Azaz Ali
    Azaz Ali 3 hours ago

    Guest is god in pakistan. Welcome to pakistan

  • Rauwinia Wycliffe
    Rauwinia Wycliffe 3 hours ago

    Mark when I watch you it feels like I’m there in person. Thank you

  • Ali Ishtiaq
    Ali Ishtiaq 4 hours ago

    Bhosri k khaa khaa k mar hi na jaio 😑

  • Josep Sankhill
    Josep Sankhill 4 hours ago

    Good video but y you eat raw meat.

  • Cjango Freeman
    Cjango Freeman 4 hours ago

    The older you are, doesn't equate the better your cooking.

  • JennyWinters
    JennyWinters 4 hours ago

    I am sure that is fab, I just want to boil it up in cajun spices and eat it with garlic and butter.

  • Carol Woolsey
    Carol Woolsey 4 hours ago

    How lucky you are to have such a great adventure. Mole is phenomenal and it is rare that I ever get to eat some of it. I have been aware of its mystique, with having many, many, ingredients....but most of all the chocolate! It truly is a work of love to have someone make it for you home made. Lucky You!

  • Fair Scale
    Fair Scale 4 hours ago

    I would like to get the address of this place in Thailand.

  • Paris Rongmei
    Paris Rongmei 4 hours ago

    Mark wiens dont drink too much.. coz.. Your hand shakes.. Like savering people think......