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Opie & Anthony - Hoveround
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  • Vincent Gross
    Vincent Gross 43 minutes ago

    That nicole whore is agitating.

  • Jamie Walsh
    Jamie Walsh 3 hours ago

    " This show is like that box of choclates forrest's mother was talking about " lmao oh jimmy

  • Brandon Turney
    Brandon Turney 16 hours ago

    Ant talking about the Scientologist thugs sounds an awful lot like liberals of today.....

  • j fitz
    j fitz Day ago

    Classic show, Jimmy busting on bobo and ant laughing in the background.

  • Charles Copeland
    Charles Copeland 3 days ago

    Hmmm i wonder if opie likes Trading Places. Damn' too bad they broke up now i might never find out.

  • Lays Nomad
    Lays Nomad 4 days ago

    Otto rips on Opie, gold

  • Leo
    Leo 5 days ago

    What exactly is this series supposed to be? Edited out or whaf

  • Paul Bellini
    Paul Bellini 6 days ago

    26:55 They're hot on the legs.

  • Mike Cappadocia
    Mike Cappadocia 6 days ago

    "I'm dumb. I don't know anything. " - Jim Norton

  • jlp613
    jlp613 8 days ago

    Why is the music taken out?

    • Calmer573
      Calmer573 8 days ago

      copyrite strikes.. youtube removes/mutes the music. not me , peace

  • shadyshawn trismegistus


  • shadyshawn trismegistus

    Xaaaalled our im r et yin nalld

  • Englewood Frank21
    Englewood Frank21 18 days ago

    I wish Opie had died instead of Patrice or Steve C. Opie is the one who should've killed himself.

  • The Great Watubi
    The Great Watubi 23 days ago

    Sam ruins everything

    • Charles Copeland
      Charles Copeland 3 days ago

      I liked him back then when he was like 4th mic but he is so much worse nowadays. He really is a sneaky little weasel.

  • Turds McGillicuddy
    Turds McGillicuddy 24 days ago

    Holy shit I was not expecting the Steve C song at 1:02:15, I fell out of my chair at work in laughter.

  • Uni vlogs
    Uni vlogs 25 days ago

    1:40:20 Opie says ... It's just a matter of time before we're podcasting like the rest of these assholes....

  • Turds McGillicuddy
    Turds McGillicuddy 25 days ago

    Tom cruise is a big nosed cunt face.

  • Turds McGillicuddy
    Turds McGillicuddy 27 days ago

    How nice, no one blithering about how they’ve DONE RADIO SINCE THEY WERE EIGHTEEN.

  • Turds McGillicuddy
    Turds McGillicuddy 27 days ago

    Jim absolutely would’ve blown Harvey to get into a movie. He’s almost unbearable in that interview, but to his credit, he wouldn’t have cried me too.

  • shadyshawn trismegistus

    Stupid fucking robert kelly chewing gum the whole show

  • Jacob McGregor
    Jacob McGregor 28 days ago

    how is this considered entertaining?

    • Calmer573
      Calmer573 28 days ago

      Right, who woulda thunk? ..

  • Jared Watt
    Jared Watt Month ago

    Sooo boring. Where are the useless phone calls or a semi retarded, chesty man interrupting two comedic fellas

  • Manuel Gonzalez
    Manuel Gonzalez Month ago

    I really hate how they indulged Sam and his bullshit fascination with wrestling.

  • Leet Skeet
    Leet Skeet Month ago

    This really has all Opies autism in one clip. The co dependant whiney needy girl behavior about not going to Ant's house, 0 funny lines, shitty redundant phone calls, constant burps into the mic..

    NINO SKILLZ Month ago

    138 ice T

  • really annoying guy right here

    As long as Chip likes Bobo. Jimmy is so mean, correct but mean.

    WANK WANK Month ago

    Opie is a cunt

  • Manson Mason
    Manson Mason Month ago

    why the fuck can i hear man boobs,from the pedro and man boobs show in the background...????

  • MrR1D3R
    MrR1D3R Month ago

    Tipi Tom sounds like Al Pacino

  • Jake Doran
    Jake Doran Month ago

    41:21 - 45:00 fucking amazing

  • frank rizzo
    frank rizzo Month ago

    The steve c gay things song... comedy gold, of course it was jim and ant

  • Steve Bohm
    Steve Bohm Month ago

    I love that Dopie is there for most of these and just doesn’t talk. What a fucking loser

  • Paul-E G'z
    Paul-E G'z Month ago

    norton isn't funny at all, throwing out heda nussbaum references, what a piece of shit lil fuckin midget short dick cocksucker

  • Paul-E G'z
    Paul-E G'z Month ago

    And here all this time I thought comedy crackhead was the hardest working genius on TheXvid... congrats Calmer!!! U DA MAN NEGRO!!!!!

    • Calmer573
      Calmer573 Month ago

      thanks man.. i appreciate that.. ill have to check out that crackhead shit. peace homie

  • nacetroy
    nacetroy Month ago

    Interesting that this would eventually usher in the Jim and Sam Show and at 15:29 the Chip Chipperson Podacast.

  • Hay
    Hay Month ago

    How funny would it have been if opies kid does of SIDS lol

  • Cohaagen90
    Cohaagen90 Month ago

    I'll still never understand how a grown man can be into wrestling.

  • J Lesh
    J Lesh Month ago

    opie is absolute shit. just horrible

  • Bryan Gleason
    Bryan Gleason Month ago

    We get it Jimmy, he's Anthony.

  • Mistrkevin
    Mistrkevin Month ago

    Fuck reddit.

  • Salpsan
    Salpsan Month ago

    8:10 favorite bit?

  • Pogo The Bear
    Pogo The Bear Month ago

    1:43:30 Ant and Jim start tearing into Bobby with fat Happy Days references. It's amazing.


    skip start-0:30, 1:29-end to avoid god awful unfunny cringeworthy hack Colon Queef aka Colin Queer and Paul's talentless hideous slut wife aka retarded nutrag aka miserable menstrual maggot aka worthless axe wound aka useless annoying whiny hideous talentless trash pussy STD riddled attention whoring goldigging dumbfuck cum dumpster who should be beaten gangraped shot and decapitated instead of ruining shows with horrific ear bleed causing hoe babble 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    skip 0:10-0:27, 1:29-1:40 to avoid retarded nutrag aka miserable menstrual maggot aka worthless axe wound aka useless annoying whiny hideous talentless trash pussy STD riddled attention whoring goldigging dumbfuck cum dumpster who should be beaten gangraped shot and decapitated instead of ruining shows with horrific ear bleed causing hoe babble 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • rxp56
    rxp56 Month ago

    This is good, wholesome fun

  • Jut Moe
    Jut Moe Month ago

    I always wished there where more in studio full show video from old school Nopie shows.

  • grimey 5.56
    grimey 5.56 Month ago

    Maybe a little blood...... At first.... Everyone bleeds, don't let that upset you. Freaking creepy uncle Paul! Lol.

  • Andy Broberg
    Andy Broberg Month ago

    Bobo is funnier than jimmy for real. Him mocking bobo is mediocre at best

    • j fitz
      j fitz Day ago

      Kinda not really

  • Dak Rose
    Dak Rose Month ago

    Rich Vos is such a dumbass comedian yet I love when he interacts with people

  • Maynard Grey
    Maynard Grey Month ago

    Even without Opie, Anthony makes this just as annoying with talking over everyone and his stupid cackling laugh. He seriously gives every joke a 10 and then repeats the punchline...

  • RanThaMan
    RanThaMan Month ago

    Glad Opie isn’t chiming in “whudda you taulking about!?”

  • MrByrl
    MrByrl Month ago

    At 1:28:55 Jim says it must be freeing to kill someone in prison, then literally seconds later, Opie says the EXACT same thing, and runs with it. Dunno why jimmy didn't call that dope out.

  • Englewood Frank21

    "This broad.." "She is.." Bobby is in some massive denial the fucking fat bald faggot.

  • tylerao
    tylerao Month ago

    I love Uncle Paul

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    The Nasdaq is for faggots!

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    They certainly do Gregory

  • Scott Stir
    Scott Stir Month ago

    37:00 to skip the gay boys chit chatting

  • Andy Broberg
    Andy Broberg Month ago

    Kelley sounds so retarded talking about his fishing shit

  • Macintosh Plus
    Macintosh Plus Month ago

    2019 and black flash mobs are still all the rage

  • Andy Broberg
    Andy Broberg Month ago

    Drink every time jimmy makes a sex joke out of nowhere

  • Mike Cappadocia
    Mike Cappadocia 2 months ago

    These three have the worst taste in music and movies

  • Evan's Gate
    Evan's Gate 2 months ago

    damn if this lineup is accurate this might be a worthy contender for GOAT

  • Ryan_n
    Ryan_n 2 months ago

    The fact that Nopie shows exist show how much nobody liked Opie.

  • Buffalo Cody
    Buffalo Cody 2 months ago

    What was the date of this?

  • Alt-ered Beast
    Alt-ered Beast 2 months ago

    How at 23:14 that never made it to one of the O & A Jim Norton laugh compilations I'll never know.

  • Michael Montero
    Michael Montero 2 months ago

    @13:42 HAHAHAHAHA God damn Bobo has some gems in between the mindless babbling.

  • LaraCazarts
    LaraCazarts 2 months ago

    20:26 Oh jimmy lmao exactly

  • NikoLetsGoBowling
    NikoLetsGoBowling 2 months ago

    In this video the likes and dislikes are the total opposite lol the more dislikes, the better. Perfectly describes Opie

  • David Karlsson
    David Karlsson 2 months ago

    Are there any Opie and nonthony show clips? Where the humor without Cumia is headlined?

  • Lynaugh1211
    Lynaugh1211 2 months ago

    Jeeeez Steve had a kid too... sad

  • jaredk748
    jaredk748 2 months ago

    Jesus, opie really is the fucking worst. Theres not one bit of funny in that man's entire body. Douche chills every time

  • Daniel Celli
    Daniel Celli 2 months ago

    Love Opie and Anthony. Grateful for everyone who uploads and preserves the audio. Thanks

  • dorpth
    dorpth 2 months ago

    These Nopie clips are ruining the regular show for me. Even their best old bits, I'm finding it harder and harder to stomach them because of Opie anymore, even if he's just in the background.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    Anyone who does chip impressions is a total cunt!

  • sir rom
    sir rom 2 months ago

    You've cured my nopie-oid addiction. tssss...

  • imeverywhere
    imeverywhere 2 months ago

    Just want to say seen your ups out here in San Bernarghetto..seen the one on the 215 freeway on a billboard next to a bar..

    • Calmer573
      Calmer573 2 months ago

      @imeverywhere dope vids on ur channel by the way homie,

    • Calmer573
      Calmer573 2 months ago

      word.. , yea ive been going back and forth from ie to la alot this year for various reasons. i try to stay active , or atleast semi-active in the game as the decades pass. man good shit..

    • imeverywhere
      imeverywhere 2 months ago

      Calmer573 I just remembered to I seen ur CALMER tags before u exit on Barton road on cement blocks in red..I’m glad u are hitting up the inland empire I seen u up in Los Angeles also

  • Blaine Burns
    Blaine Burns 2 months ago

    ....see how much the flow and ebb is without that tall redheaded dink....

  • Sock Cucka
    Sock Cucka 2 months ago

    And Opie says that Anthony takes a lot of days off..

  • Andy Broberg
    Andy Broberg 2 months ago

    That latex sandwich thing is horrifying, as someone with claustrophobia.

  • Andy Broberg
    Andy Broberg 2 months ago

    Who is this guy in the joe/vos segment? He’s a dumbass buzzkill. Also, Minnesota and Minneapolis is an amazing city

  • Andy Broberg
    Andy Broberg 2 months ago

    Hilarious hearing nerdy ant girlfriend stories. Now he’s killing it

  • Denny Moe80
    Denny Moe80 2 months ago

    One of my favorite channels thank you sir

  • D. Peluso
    D. Peluso 2 months ago

    Dying laughing. Thanks poster.

  • Stoogs
    Stoogs 2 months ago

    4:48 holy shit jimmy unironically tried to sound like colin and immediately realized it. *shut ya face!*

  • bob sendek
    bob sendek 2 months ago

    Nopie shows are such an exciting thing, until you realize it just means you have to listen to more Sam.

  • Robert Hubert
    Robert Hubert 2 months ago

    3:07:15 they dont a paya nobody 😂😂

  • Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson 2 months ago

    Anthony is on Fire this whole show!

  • tyler0896
    tyler0896 2 months ago

    I don't think there has ever been a more satisfying portmanteau ever created than "Nopie".

  • vedderisbetter29
    vedderisbetter29 2 months ago

    Ron low key comedy genius. How he set that bit up was freaking amazing.

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 2 months ago

    8:10:18 aww look at the poor white men, crimes against them being ignored and not reported on .. feeling real black all of a sudden huh? sucks when society treats you as less

    • Andrew Dice Clay
      Andrew Dice Clay 8 days ago

      dreaded360 thank you. you just debunked racism. I guess we are treated like shit just not equally

    • Andy Broberg
      Andy Broberg Month ago

      Don’t worry maybe I’m your next life you’ll like yourself more. Racist faggot

    • dreaded360
      dreaded360 2 months ago

      8:14:00 ant is a stupid stupid fuck... crater faced tranny fucker

  • PGH
    PGH 2 months ago


  • clarkpatrick88
    clarkpatrick88 2 months ago

    2:34:38 "he fucked her in a ball of smoke" hahaha good old Bobby

  • BeastFromTheMiddleEast

    Ther sound Jim makes when chewing food sounds like he's sucking a fucking cock. Sick faggot

  • dorpth
    dorpth 3 months ago

    Ya know, why SHOULDN'T Bobo get lots of free shit? The kid gave so much great radio gold, and the only thing they ever paid him back with was a pair of Jim Norton tickets.

  • Branflakes 4547
    Branflakes 4547 3 months ago

    "I don't remember Tony Danza ever being on our show." Wasn't that literally the day before this show? Hahaba

  • dorpth
    dorpth 3 months ago

    1:54:00 ha ha, Jimmy bashing Ant

  • L B
    L B 3 months ago

    Ozzy leaving Jimmys books was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂😂

  • M CJ
    M CJ 3 months ago

    3:03:20 leprechaun crackhead

  • M CJ
    M CJ 3 months ago

    2:56:40 😂 Po on some matrix shit