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  • Rick Evans
    Rick Evans 3 hours ago

    He was amazing in this role. Looks like he lost a significant amount of body mass for this character too, even for someone with his build. Pause that first frame and you can see it on him; that is some serious physical dedication to his craft along the same lines as Bale (though less extreme) in The Machinist. Kudos to him.

  • Nicholas Pizzo

    I’m an Historian, a XVIII century Historian and I can tell you that Catherine The Great is probably the best historical person

  • Kevin Morales
    Kevin Morales Day ago

    7:25 AWWWWW❤

  • Fanofmanythings
    Fanofmanythings 2 days ago

    I love the Doctor Donna

  • adri voss
    adri voss 3 days ago

    why did i get "may be inappropriate" warning before the launch of this video?

  • Echo Jimenez
    Echo Jimenez 4 days ago

    He still speaks scarily hahaha

  • Mike
    Mike 4 days ago

    “Jesus Christ!”-Jesus Christ

  • The Fox Review
    The Fox Review 4 days ago

    Hahahah super

  • Quadratic4mula
    Quadratic4mula 6 days ago

    So is this going to be on Amazon?

  • joker hannibal
    joker hannibal 6 days ago

    Top la serie

  • TheDoonzman
    TheDoonzman 8 days ago

    His voice is so. I don't know how you put it. Enchanting? Powerful? Resonating? Either way. He needs to make a whole album like this

  • - Mʀs.Dᴀᴡɴ87
    - Mʀs.Dᴀᴡɴ87 8 days ago


  • Mike T West
    Mike T West 9 days ago


  • kingpest13
    kingpest13 9 days ago

    I'm thinking Ben got the transplant because someone wanted THEIR hospital to have the first transplant NOT because he was the best to do it.

  • Thats Just Prime
    Thats Just Prime 9 days ago

    Utter, rubbish.

  • nave
    nave 10 days ago

    I've been waiting for this season for 2 years...

  • Picking With Dick
    Picking With Dick 10 days ago

    "It is gay only if the balls touch" -Gandhi

  • Mr O
    Mr O 11 days ago

    World War III

    • nave
      nave 10 days ago

      Westworld 3

  • Mathematical Weeb
    Mathematical Weeb 11 days ago

    Can't wait!

  • Partha MakOthna
    Partha MakOthna 12 days ago

    Fuckin boring as hell.

  • Daniela Babette
    Daniela Babette 12 days ago

    Malkovich at his best... Unforgettable

  • Angie Mets
    Angie Mets 13 days ago


  • Angie Mets
    Angie Mets 13 days ago


  • Jordan Whisson
    Jordan Whisson 13 days ago

    Favourite show of the past 2 years

  • maegan hill
    maegan hill 13 days ago

    Pope = Antichrist. Truth. Research.

  • Andres Galeano
    Andres Galeano 13 days ago


  • Kiyoko
    Kiyoko 14 days ago

    I remember watching season and loving season 1 but I don’t actually remember what happened...

  • Sapphiresenthiss
    Sapphiresenthiss 16 days ago

    Even when Ramsay is nice, I can tell he's a psychopath XD Iwan did an exceptional job!

  • Quiet Wolf Gaming
    Quiet Wolf Gaming 16 days ago

    Even the actors and actresses were excited at that point, but Season 4 was the last good season, after that it was meh and season 7 and 8 were a pile of sheep dung.

  • Joelle meaning Jehovah is God

    About the antichrist etc... very satanic. Be very watchful. This movie is not to be glorified in any way. You need to study and watch carefully. It carries a message. A very important message.

  • Subhamoy Sengupta
    Subhamoy Sengupta 18 days ago

    More like a power bank.

  • Arcanine-Espeon
    Arcanine-Espeon 18 days ago

    I was kind of disappointed but the limited number of quotes on the website...maybe it would have been a good idea to let users add their own quotes and historical figures to the database. What's the worst that could happen? (This should get some interesting replies.)

  • Sophie Charlotte
    Sophie Charlotte 18 days ago

    0:10 i cried😂😂 Heegghhaaaheeghaa

  • GoonerKIRK
    GoonerKIRK 18 days ago

    How can we watch this in Merica??

  • kityumcashco kityumcashco

    Ben Carson's an actual doctor? He's effing stupid.

  • Butterfly_Queen 2987

    She’s such a darling! She needs to be protected at all costs

  • Butterfly_Queen 2987

    He’s going to look like that when he’s 80

  • Clara Oswald
    Clara Oswald 20 days ago

    wonderful Rachel Parris and Rory McCann ❤️ it was a lovely interview

  • William1234567890123 Cook

    Reminds me of a Lincoln quote, "Don't trust everything you read on the internet"

  • Nicholas McNamara
    Nicholas McNamara 20 days ago

    my friends wife said if you want you're life to get shorter have an affair

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore 21 day ago

    I love bird Raymond.

    • Michael Kennedy
      Michael Kennedy 14 days ago

      I do so hope that no cloacal jousting be the knightly point to your avian admiration dear sir. Bird Raymond is a creature welcome of spiritual devotion, not earthly delights.

  • alan taylor
    alan taylor 21 day ago

    either dol and em have written a very funny interview sketch or the yanks are really dumb

  • ici ou ailleurs ici ou ailleurs

    0:31 so in love

  • LangkahKanan
    LangkahKanan 23 days ago

    is this the prequel to The New Pope in HBO?

  • Troma
    Troma 23 days ago

    When the hell is Amazon going to play season 2? Been waiting forever!

    • Mrbonkers8
      Mrbonkers8 20 days ago

      Apparently they're not going to. I canceled my Prime Video because they didn't release it.

  • broken
    broken 24 days ago


  • Idiotic Tirades
    Idiotic Tirades 24 days ago

    When does the US get a chance to watch this show?

  • Mind your business
    Mind your business 24 days ago

    For gods sake you and Amazon need to hurry up and put season 2 up for US viewers. Not a word from Amazon whether it will be a Prime Original like season 1. If not at least sell the damn Blu-rays to the US market.

  • Anthony Appleyard
    Anthony Appleyard 25 days ago

    Is that the original Iron Throne movie set that you are sitting in?

  • Santino angelo Oville

    0:39 Pope Pius VIII Is Coming Back

    • Santino angelo Oville
      Santino angelo Oville 13 days ago

      @big brother Sorry Im Wrong Because I Thought The name of the pope in 1940's is Pope Pius VII But Im Wrong Big Brother Sorry About That Im Wrong

    • big brother
      big brother 14 days ago

      Pope Pius XIII Not VIII

  • chipo ndlovu
    chipo ndlovu 26 days ago

    John malkovich is th maestro He is th art he is one of th best actors of all time .

  • Iconic Messiah
    Iconic Messiah 26 days ago

    H. Mirren ... 25 years to old for this part !

  • Leo Decoy
    Leo Decoy 27 days ago

    that got the blood pumping! exciting! hadnt heard of it till today! YAY 😊👍👌

  • 1822 Imilac
    1822 Imilac 27 days ago

    何も知らないんだね、ジョン・スノウ の人?

  • A M
    A M 27 days ago

    Interviewer: So what was it like to play the role of Tywin Lannister? Charles: Charles: Charles:THEY HAVE MY SON!! Get out now

  • Ellerwind
    Ellerwind 28 days ago

    I do t know if if it’s right or wrong that quote 2 was about Amelia Earhart having a Cabbage Patch doll glued to her penis 🤔

  • Felice Graziano
    Felice Graziano 28 days ago

    She is very womanly. Yet youthful at the same time. Serious stuff gents

  • Duncan Sands
    Duncan Sands 28 days ago

    Ygrette is from Yorkshire; not bloody Coronation Street daft bugger!

  • John A
    John A 29 days ago

    Ha ha ha! Higher, Papa, toss me higher! Wheeeeeeee! I’m Papa’s little flying fairy!” -Aristotle

  • Corey Holloway
    Corey Holloway Month ago

    Jeremy corbyn in a nutshell

  • Sam Simpson
    Sam Simpson Month ago

    No one made any justice to that awesome piece of music!

  • Nadeem Khan
    Nadeem Khan Month ago

    So what did he say Rob when you met him?

  • William Venner Gaming // WVG

    Cinematic masterpiece

  • xtscarface M
    xtscarface M Month ago

    "Grab 'em by the pussy" -Donald Trump

  • Tricia Roy
    Tricia Roy Month ago

    Does anyone know when this will be available in the U.S.? I’m dying over here.

    • Tricia Roy
      Tricia Roy 3 days ago

      Joe Mack NOOOOO! Booo!

    • Joe Mack
      Joe Mack 5 days ago

      tovar26 amazon prime said their not streaming season 2 😓😓

    • tovar26
      tovar26 12 days ago

      So am I!

  • Yngve Balmsteen
    Yngve Balmsteen Month ago

    There'd better not be pop music in the show.

  • Bob Costas
    Bob Costas Month ago

    He is brilliant

  • Gabriela Curieses

    Both are brilliant ,but change the music please!!! Is aberrant modern styles !!!

  • kramercapriati
    kramercapriati Month ago

    I want more JINSY!!!

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson Month ago

    the rich people with their fake working class accents trying to be hip

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson Month ago

    is this really a comedy is eastenders a documentary about the working class as the useless labour party leader thinks so

  • Valdineide Queiroz

    Assisti todos e não tem final

  • Chris Giraffe
    Chris Giraffe Month ago

    this would not survive the modern day P.C. interview standard

  • Fall Out Josie
    Fall Out Josie Month ago

    quite possibly the best performance in the entire show

  • ilhan yaman
    ilhan yaman Month ago

    He looks and sounds like Tom ellis....

  • TheGenkim
    TheGenkim Month ago

    1:37 song name please

  • De Sleo
    De Sleo Month ago

    Who's the pope now?

  • David Lance
    David Lance Month ago

    0:11 roll credits

  • Míša Nováková

    This was much better then season 1

  • Santino angelo Oville

    0:53 Pope Pius XIII Waked Up

  • Preston Jones
    Preston Jones Month ago


  • m g
    m g Month ago

    I am in love with her voice ❤️

  • Peter S
    Peter S Month ago

    Looks like an excellent adaption of the book, bring it on!

  • Efe Aydal
    Efe Aydal Month ago

    Oops wrong trailer. I was looking for the john foo movie.

  • Andy Howell
    Andy Howell Month ago

    one of the best shows I ve ever seen

  • Elvira Florence
    Elvira Florence Month ago

    I ask a famous actor why they didnt read the book, they say they will end up not copying whatever book said and they wont be creative and surprass the original character from the book, that's how i respect them

  • josh aramendi
    josh aramendi Month ago

    Song name?

  • MR Supersaiyajin
    MR Supersaiyajin Month ago

    Sorry but this show is sooo fucking bad. It trys to copy from so many other much better shows. Its on a Level of Knight fall or Da Vincis Demons and Blacksails. It comes not even close to Game of Thrones or Rome. And the Soundtrack oh my God is it bad.

  • Caroline Reese
    Caroline Reese Month ago

    I love this show, I hope there will be more seasons!!!! love the humour , the superb acting, and writing

    THE CLV Month ago

    Never the last!

  • Nezυкo
    Nezυкo Month ago

    cuuuuteeee ಥ⌣ಥ💖💖

  • welpo hund
    welpo hund Month ago

    Greetings from Germany!!!!!!!!!! Best Show ever !!!!!!!!!

  • banjo mcgrooder
    banjo mcgrooder Month ago

    Mad as box of it.

  • queenn
    queenn Month ago

    Jude Law is very very great

  • Daniel Sebald
    Daniel Sebald Month ago

    Seeing these two chilling on a couch together seems very strange to me after my most recent game of Crusader Kings 2.

  • Lucas Burghardt
    Lucas Burghardt Month ago

    Just ended season 2 and I loved it all this is the best show like ever better than vikings or game of thrones so can anyone pls tell me about season 3 will there be one? I really need it pls pls pls answer me guys and help me.

  • Julen Villalba
    Julen Villalba Month ago

    first song name?

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Month ago

    With all due respect to Marty and Rust, the case would have been solved faster if they'd invited Lester Freamon to join them.

  • Nyar 23
    Nyar 23 Month ago

    this is the best damn thing on TV