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10 rare F1 car liveries
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  • ap2pat
    ap2pat 18 minutes ago

    Seems like F1 is going further and further away from the cutting edge.... Kinda sad really....

  • RikterZilla
    RikterZilla Hour ago

    These kinds of comment are expected when they come from an entitled, trust fund baby who has been groomed from the womb to be an F1 driver. Always told he's the most wonderful, bestest, glorious boy the world could ever have. Too bad folks are snickering behind his back and calling him "Vercrashen"

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young Hour ago

    If more people was even a little more like you, this world would be a peaceful and beautiful place.

  • Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear 2 hours ago

    oh hell yeah! they should add dollar sign spinners while they're at it. neons and a bassy sound system too.

    MDINX 2 hours ago

    Mercedes was always consistent.. I liked that

  • headztempleheadz
    headztempleheadz 3 hours ago

    I'd get rid of Hamilton. He loves his country so so much that he slags it off, lives in a tax free Haven (to escape the press of course) and just does nothing for us apart from make us want to punch him in the face and yank at his stupid looking braided head. Us Brits had more respect for his team mates than him and Nico Rosberg well he's a German!!! Says it all I think!

  • Matt Hofmann
    Matt Hofmann 3 hours ago

    This is overkill 2019 Regs are the best in the V6 era

  • Mike van Dartel
    Mike van Dartel 4 hours ago

    The halo has a safety issue when the car has flipped upside down. The driver cannot get out of the car when it is on fire.

  • kully singh
    kully singh 5 hours ago

    Mercedes and Mclaren are pretty much like Ferrari and Alpha Romeo isn’t it ? What I’m asking is about the ownership

  • QuackDiNg
    QuackDiNg 6 hours ago

    I think the halo makes the f1 cars look cooler

  • 22k203902
    22k203902 7 hours ago


  • Francisco
    Francisco 7 hours ago

    Either way they're all rich they'll be fine

  • debendra gurung
    debendra gurung 7 hours ago

    I know where you got i yourself that logo

  • Miha Štoka
    Miha Štoka 7 hours ago


  • Adarsh Raj
    Adarsh Raj 9 hours ago

    Someone stop this f1 hype train. It's boring and noone watch it anymore.

  • Starbuck
    Starbuck 10 hours ago

    Mika hakkinen , legend.

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    I like that program because they are using several styles of cars,and that is smart because u never know who mite just do super well in a particular type...very smart... Anyone who races can't help but love a Formula car and adapt to it quickly because they are so responsive and rewarding to drive....

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Pretty awsum a good group it looks like we got some receptive drivers....I think its a good prep because there's so much that's gonna come at them fast as far as info and learning an application this should really help with anticipation of what's next so they are tuned in beans.....sorry I hate that

  • Tj930
    Tj930 11 hours ago

    Test comprises Physical Fitness, Driving Skill, and Communication Skills... But attaches most value to communication (and none to speed)?.. Don't be surprised if the female driver "wins"

  • Syahir 9T
    Syahir 9T 12 hours ago

    if i were running a F1 Team, 2021 would be my final season. Done and Done. If I want a "spec" series, F2 would be more interesting. Also I do not wish to see fat heavy F1 cars

  • Borat
    Borat 12 hours ago

    There are no transgender or black drivers.... this is outrageous.

  • B007
    B007 12 hours ago

    Chadwick is bae.

  • Guidin Javier
    Guidin Javier 13 hours ago

    Name of the song?

  • 1212goose
    1212goose 13 hours ago

    How is Jamie considered for anything? She is average at best and is just going to be the Danica of F1.

  • Aditya Sagraha
    Aditya Sagraha 14 hours ago

    1. Hyundai's Tanak & Neuville vs Toyota's Ogier & Evans Looks like it's time to oil up 3. Hulkenberg doesn't want to be hit by Ericsson in IndyCar? 4. Macau 2019: Year of the Rookies (new cars, Verschoor, Sargeant)

  • Ritvik Vaishnav
    Ritvik Vaishnav 14 hours ago

    Vijay Mallya was a madlad

  • Wes Coombs Racing
    Wes Coombs Racing 14 hours ago

    Good looking car, not yet convinced my the low profile tyres

  • ben-jam-in
    ben-jam-in 14 hours ago

    The amount of drama they are making over two guys playing like they wanna fight each other (if they really had WANTED to fight then they would have) after getting out of cars that go like rockets and can kill you in an instant is hilarious to me. What they do and we love is deadly and they push each other and your 😟 worried? Kids don't need to see that and think its ok to do after a race bla bla bla... Thats what parents are for. "Hey.. you shouldn't act that way" Have you ever let a child watch tv for 5 minutes anytime of day or night? If you have then you also have to teach them they can't shoot people or really become flying super heroes one day. If kids really acted out everything "stars" do then OMG.... Sadly its become more of a reality because parents think entities like the FIA or Formula 1 should make sure drivers act right instead of teaching their children how to act themselves.

  • Vince de Simone
    Vince de Simone 16 hours ago

    Are they in demand by collectors? Oh there aren't any surviving examples.

  • Sard Engineering
    Sard Engineering 16 hours ago

    Obviously there’s more to this story than a missing lead driver, but, it is what it is and they were comfortable enough to give that public announcement. It’s an untimely blow to the WRC championship, having said this, the business model which M-Sport had adopted might be insightful to others at this point.

  • What The
    What The 16 hours ago

    Sounds more like corruption than anything, this is advertising for the brand the luxury car companies aren’t going anywhere.

  • exscythed
    exscythed 16 hours ago

    his titles were won when also not driving the best car... that's why he'll always be one of the greatest (you don't have to love him for his personality, but in terms of skills, you have to give him respect)

  • Werner Barnard
    Werner Barnard 17 hours ago

    Dunno why but this reminds me of Breaking Bad..

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 17 hours ago

    Massive torque made up for a ill handling chassis

  • Fred rombaft
    Fred rombaft 17 hours ago

    is this for next season of season afterwards ?

  • auang
    auang 17 hours ago

    I hope the formula 1 disappears, gasoline-powered sports should be banned. enough is enough, p... off

  • nikolay8000
    nikolay8000 18 hours ago

    Sure, pretend that switching one pair of world class drivers for another will somehow magically put your car on the podium.

  • Matt Mountain
    Matt Mountain 18 hours ago

    Lil bitch Cyril: I want to leave my 32 year old partner who I've broken my promise to, for a hungry 22 year old who's desperate and will not give me any lip. Definitely a recipe for success... 😂

  • The Gamer Grind
    The Gamer Grind 18 hours ago

    Let's go Chadwick

  • Randy Gravel
    Randy Gravel 18 hours ago

    Indycar 👍

  • Randy Gravel
    Randy Gravel 18 hours ago


  • MrYoungHegelian
    MrYoungHegelian 19 hours ago

    I wish Chadwick replaced Kubica midway through the F1 season. Williams are last anyway and it would have been a great story to get a female racing in F1 again.

    • Bahamuttiamat
      Bahamuttiamat 3 hours ago

      I hate the fact people want a woman racer for no reason other than it being a novelty.

    • MrYoungHegelian
      MrYoungHegelian 3 hours ago

      @Bahamuttiamat Yeah it was a great story back in 2007. But I know your bait already "mixed race" am I right? Kubica, Stroll and Giovonazzi they're not really good enough but they're there.

    • Bahamuttiamat
      Bahamuttiamat 3 hours ago

      Wouldn't it be great to have a black driver on the grid too. If chadwick is good enough, she deserves the seat.

    • Lewis Levy
      Lewis Levy 19 hours ago

      His sponsors wouldn't like that, but I agree

  • Kalsonic
    Kalsonic 21 hour ago

    I keep forgetting that Aston Martin is somehow in this. Usually it's just Redbull/Honda.

    • Kalsonic
      Kalsonic 3 hours ago

      @1212goose oh I don't know, other than the fact that the F1 team gets mentioned as Red Bull and Honda primarily?

    • 1212goose
      1212goose 10 hours ago

      @Adnan Chokhandiwala i stand corrected.

    • Adnan Chokhandiwala
      Adnan Chokhandiwala 10 hours ago

      1212goose I’m pretty sure red bull own the team and Aston Martin are a partner/sponsor

    • 1212goose
      1212goose 13 hours ago

      AM owns the team, Honda supplies the drivetrain and RedBull is the primary sponsor. Whats hard to get about that?

    • Kevin Laguna
      Kevin Laguna 20 hours ago

      It's Ashton Martin racing, they've been Renault and Honda but ashton never changed

  • TheRacoonGhost
    TheRacoonGhost 21 hour ago

    Don't get me wrong, id love for her to win but isn't bringing chadwick to RBRacing a conflict of interest/corporate riskfactor since she's allready signed for williams as a development driver?

    • TheRacoonGhost
      TheRacoonGhost 13 hours ago

      @1212goose 1. the video is about AMA BRDC Awards and not specifically F1. 2. Id say anyone who gets a seat in F1 is way above "average", wether she gets one or not we'll just have to wait and se.

    • 1212goose
      1212goose 13 hours ago

      She's average. She'll never see a podium in F1.

    • RundiF1
      RundiF1 21 hour ago

      TheRacoonGhost i think it’s just that theyre sponsoring the award

  • Trance 9
    Trance 9 21 hour ago

    Looking forward to the awards.

  • Wizz Fizz
    Wizz Fizz 21 hour ago

    Lmao gg

  • SeanKo
    SeanKo 21 hour ago


  • LabGorilla
    LabGorilla 21 hour ago

    Can Ferrari have a big donkey hat?

  • MrDoctorPaco
    MrDoctorPaco 22 hours ago

    Hope to never see it happen again?? That's the only reason why I watch cars driving in circles.

  • CARS and potato gamez
    CARS and potato gamez 22 hours ago

    Welcome to clr flights, we do not guarantee survival

  • CARS and potato gamez
    CARS and potato gamez 22 hours ago


  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero 23 hours ago

    Brawn Mercedes ............ Yeah car but.......... ahem.... * *24 Months more ADVANCED than the other teams* >>> Legend your ass.....i say.

  • S1L3NT51
    S1L3NT51 23 hours ago

    This is a classy man respect


    Damn Germans! They really know how to make an

  • Emilio Daf
    Emilio Daf Day ago

    certainly one of the best in formula 1 . He won 3 championships and he deserves all this recognition and honor.

  • Silindokuhle Jay Ores Sithole

    Ferrari with all that money but still can't bag a championship

  • ForgedCarbon
    ForgedCarbon Day ago

    Mercedes should grab Lando With a bit of boost from the Mercedes drive, he is basically Hamilton 2.0

  • 508MASS378
    508MASS378 Day ago

    Confucius say, "don't use cannon to kill mosquito"

  • Alfonso Verdugo

    Because USA always do the opposite

  • WalkingOnWater86

    What i love about Max and my country we speak our minds! And it will never create enemies, it exposes the one's you secretly already had! The people with real caracter will forgive you for it! And the italians are always keeping up appearances meanwhile they killed christ, invented the mafia and joint hitlers side in ww2. so yeah.

  • batch2448
    batch2448 Day ago

    Wasn't rally Australia already cancelled when this video came put?

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy Day ago

    SAINZ P3 :)

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    At some point or another, F1s will be powered by a 3 cyl engine with turbo... because of well... RULES! And eventually Road cars will be faster and more powerful while also sound better than F1s that used to have back in its day

  • Michelle Schu-blacka

    #Get rid of DRS or have it as something you can use anywhere except when within one second of another car or the lead car, which will bring back that Murrayism; 'catching is one thing, passing is another'. #Get rid of the array of buttons and knobs on the steering wheel. The only things you need are drink, radio (between the driver and race control only), pit call wheel to select the tyre you want and tell the pits you're coming in for it, pit speed limiter and a three level power setting (economy/normal/overspeed). #Make Q1 and Q2 single laps from a standing start with the slowest being eliminated and Q3 being the same as it is now, meaning starting grid could be anything. #All of the newer tracks should be reprofiled so that a car can come in, make a 2.5 second stop and come out in exactly the same place. #If you want to be environmentally-friendly, run any size engine you like, but you must run ERS(s) that have a mass and volume greater than, or equal to the combustion parts of the engine ... And engine manufacturers can only supply one team. All this would return F1 to being unpredictable and leave drivers with no other option than to pedal as fast as they can until their tyres give out or they see the chequered flag.

  • Chris Bourassa

    I LOVE the idea of prescribed parts/features. It makes it harder for teams to throw tons of money at tweaks and "non specified" parts or features to get a leg up. Many major motor sports around the world have been doing this for years. As we have seen from the 80's- early 2000's, teams will bend the rules if they can. Can't blame them really.

    PROTECTION Day ago

    March 711 with the very weird front wing design nicknamed the tea-tray, almost as they had just stuck one on the front. Despite the strange design it was actually a decent car, picking up several podiums in its first season in the hands of Ronnie Peterson.

  • Daniel Spence
    Daniel Spence Day ago

    Ogier in a Toyota, that's the news I've wanted to hear since Tanak announced his departure. Seb's still the most complete driver in the field and stands to regain the title with last seasons winner in his hands.

  • jenesuispasbavard

    I'd go watch Hulkenberg at Indy ;_;

  • Ned Boase
    Ned Boase Day ago

    Poor mads ostberg

  • Matteo Tommasi

    Blly Monger joining Extreme E... seems like both parts needed more advertisement.

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez Day ago

    how is McLaren a b team

  • Am Nah
    Am Nah Day ago

    Of course it's not good Citreon are gone but part of me is happy that ugly thing doesn't have to return. But overall not good news and a shite excuse.

    KFURRY TV Day ago

    Is citroen is going be f1 team

    • metalmike04
      metalmike04 Day ago

      WEC and a new LMP/Hypercar are much more likly

      KFURRY TV Day ago

      @Holdmybeer not that I mean I wish citroen have f1 team in 2021

    • Holdmybeer
      Holdmybeer Day ago

      KFURRY TV no! F1 cars are not made from the spit, used kleenex and polystyrene that Citroen specialises in!

  • James Hoad
    James Hoad Day ago

    "were going ballistic mav!" top gun!

  • foreva young
    foreva young Day ago

    poor excuse and a disgrace citroen, what about building a new upcoming talent??

    • Daniel Spence
      Daniel Spence Day ago

      Shame for Lappi. Hopefully M-Sport pick him up. Citroen blaming Ogier for a sport they were going to be leaving soon anyway is laughable.

    • L.GH. Djoetma
      L.GH. Djoetma Day ago

      I'm sure there are good guys in regional/national classes as well. And how did Toyota come back? It seems like Citroën just took the chance to cut some costs.

  • Yautah
    Yautah Day ago

    Welp, that sucks.

  • Dane Ricardo
    Dane Ricardo Day ago

    Citroen: Let's play blame game

  • max27stoner
    max27stoner Day ago

    Ogier boo!!!

  • tupu tamadre
    tupu tamadre Day ago

    I think that the 1996 Ferrari with the low nose it's beautiful... or at least not as ugly as other cars on this list.

  • MCL 22
    MCL 22 Day ago


  • Cannons
    Cannons Day ago

    Citroen not a fan of their own back stabbing medicine?

    • cloudman18
      cloudman18 Day ago

      Do tell, sounds interesting

    • Paulo Marinho
      Paulo Marinho Day ago

      @Cannons What exactly you mean with "their own back stabbing medicine"?

  • HumbledGod
    HumbledGod Day ago

    lmao its the best friends program you just had to stay around

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson Day ago

    Can someone clarify. When they say commercially available materials are they talking average consumer or just available? Like carbon fiber could be considered commercially available. But to get true carbon fiber in a car youd be looking at a super car price range.

  • GD Zanna83
    GD Zanna83 Day ago

    Where is the Sf14T

  • SD-Bassist
    SD-Bassist Day ago

    It's interesting to watch this in november. At this time, 8 of the current 10 teams kept both their drivers, and the other two kept one of them, one replacement is confirmed, making only one seat available (at backmarker Williams). Probably the least silly Silly Season in a long time.

  • Planet Danimal

    Alan Jones, the 1981 world champion?...

  • Rodrigo Melotto

    Dont forget that this is capitalism. If anyone here wants a equal share, well, go live under communism. Its decades of negotiation and strategy that build that money division. Its the same thing on all sports. Ultimately its the team responsibility to find sponsors and engineers to their success. Those who give a hell of a show to this sport are the ones that get better shares.

  • cryptout
    cryptout Day ago

    why not remove all external coolers and attachments. A car should perform on it’s own and no relying on stuff that is externally attached. Maybe even get rid of tire warmers.

  • Cameron
    Cameron Day ago

    Bitten & Hisses was the best 😂

  • bluF0X
    bluF0X Day ago

    imagine if Senna won in Monaco 82. Insta 1.

  • NC_29 North
    NC_29 North Day ago

    If there was any doubt iRacing is legit.

  • Veo 16
    Veo 16 Day ago

    Very easy to fix. New league, new execs. This nepotism is a disease to any industry. And for the fans, makes for a boring sport.

  • Pepper Talks
    Pepper Talks Day ago

    Favoritism at work

  • KrisRaps
    KrisRaps Day ago

    This Is Soo Stupid, WOW !

  • Muhammad Ilhan Mikhail Mohd Nasir

    i mean......hes fernando alonso

  • Tarzan Superman

    i need that thud sound every time i get money in the bank

  • James Shimwell

    If you remade this video Alonso needs to be on this list

  • Si Dog Ducati
    Si Dog Ducati 2 days ago

    Lewis looks like hes a crazed sex pest on the thumbnail. That lady is going straight to HR

  • William Ng
    William Ng 2 days ago

    New model, winner takes all.