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  • Angelo Ambita
    Angelo Ambita 3 hours ago

    Williams "KAMOTE"

  • Michael De Jesus Rosario

    Que bien por mi paisano....¡¡viva la republica dominicana!!

  • Chris Rom
    Chris Rom 3 hours ago

    lol they deadass brought him there just to clown him the whole time

  • Romel Alonzo Taban
    Romel Alonzo Taban 4 hours ago

    Damn... Roach disease is taking it's toll on him. I wish him good health and long life.

  • Jerry Phillips
    Jerry Phillips 4 hours ago

    Wow this Rosario kid might hold onto the belt for a while he has the total package that scares guys. Height, speed and power.....and a good chin. Who can beat him? 😏

  • Jefferson Tentia
    Jefferson Tentia 4 hours ago

    Kawawang kawawa mga to pag kinalaban ni pacman papangit nang galaw 🤦‍♂️

  • kratos
    kratos 4 hours ago

    Is it me , or everytime i see that reporters face i get annoyed lol

    C_JACKSON93 4 hours ago

    I'm gonna need to see a vid of wilder saying he's gonna "baptise" someone. Because I think he just stole that from Jorge masvidal.

  • CyberIllusions
    CyberIllusions 5 hours ago

    Is Deontay Wilder now the saint of boxing...??

  • Damnom
    Damnom 5 hours ago

    There are people who like Manny and there are people who are wrong.

  • Colin Hutchinson
    Colin Hutchinson 5 hours ago

    Liquorice Man will eat the dust this time.

  • Angela Reele
    Angela Reele 5 hours ago

    Anthony Joshua.........

  • not-not iPhones Ka MaNsanas

    I thought manny was small but mares small than pacman

  • Kari Rika
    Kari Rika 5 hours ago

    So those people who picked ad are the HOOD?😂👎

  • Gerardo Fierro
    Gerardo Fierro 5 hours ago

    that interpreter sucks

  • Soshy Fun
    Soshy Fun 6 hours ago

    That Referee is Totally Useless!!!

  • Neliza Morgal
    Neliza Morgal 6 hours ago

    Run broner run 🏃🏃🏃

  • Josar Gor
    Josar Gor 6 hours ago

    i will never understand this culture you see a lot in the black community about being flashy. it really does show why a lot black athletes and rappers go broke.

  • Master King Lee
    Master King Lee 6 hours ago

    All the muthafakas that picked Broner are jealous of Manny’s success and career!

  • Jonathan kelly
    Jonathan kelly 6 hours ago

    as a boxer u should know that when u take a big punch and get rattled to just go ahead and take a knee, they WILL stop the fight if u don’t go down and are out on your feet

  • Kamaal Crumpton
    Kamaal Crumpton 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one who believes this fight was thrown???

  • masther2794
    masther2794 6 hours ago

    Congratulations to rosario... He deserve it...

  • Lecock Zuita
    Lecock Zuita 6 hours ago

    So no one is going to mention that Errol Spence got two votes??

  • MLP Shawn
    MLP Shawn 6 hours ago

    This made me hate Wilder even more

  • Alessandro Silvestri

    It is incredible how this huge boys, Hurd included, can stay in the division... Weight means a lot in this sport, even chavez jr looked like a boxer until he remained in the middle weight

  • Vy Tran
    Vy Tran 6 hours ago

    Công nhận qacpuiao giỏi quá

  • Sober Truth
    Sober Truth 7 hours ago

    I'm not saying broner would win but Spence just said what all of us been saying...if broner let his hands go and start throwing and listen to his coach he probably could upset pacman.

  • john amelic
    john amelic 7 hours ago

    when thurman fighting pacquiao thurman is a super welterweight champion, i didnt understand,can anyone xplain me about this.

  • JonBernard41
    JonBernard41 7 hours ago

    One thing is clear, JRock has vision issues: He simply does not see the uppercut coming - EVER! That is his fatal flaw. And that ALONE will end his career amongst the elites. He will become a gatekeeper.

  • riccardo dell'acqua
    riccardo dell'acqua 7 hours ago

    Ruiz sitting on the right

  • Don Pingui 056
    Don Pingui 056 7 hours ago

    Arriba República Dominicana 🇩🇴

  • Radhames Zaya
    Radhames Zaya 7 hours ago

    🇩🇴 Dominican republic jjjjj

  • Detris Efendi
    Detris Efendi 7 hours ago

    Many good

  • sultan zlatan
    sultan zlatan 7 hours ago

    Power pounch many to win

  • Alaina Celestine Sta. Maria

    Poor stopage.. The second knockdown looks convincing

  • O T E P A L F A R O
    O T E P A L F A R O 7 hours ago

    Hambog kc Broner 👎

  • entalla piedra
    entalla piedra 8 hours ago


  • Juud Chimaoge
    Juud Chimaoge 8 hours ago

    Wow! Kudos to 🍌 Banana!

  • Dipanshu Chauhan
    Dipanshu Chauhan 8 hours ago

    Wilder is the Jon Jones of Boxin'!!

    • God of War Slayer
      God of War Slayer 7 hours ago

      The blackJew with his Reptillian Slavemaster Winkle Fury to rescue the WBC belt he Duckontay holds hostage And Dillian whyte to put him on life support it will be his body that will be getting served.

  • Elbert 1234
    Elbert 1234 9 hours ago

    Close fight

  • This Asian Dude
    This Asian Dude 9 hours ago

    That dodge at 6:43

  • Rammel Ceri
    Rammel Ceri 9 hours ago


  • The Zelly Show
    The Zelly Show 9 hours ago

    Cuzz dropped him, then helped him up 🤣💯💯💯

  • Joe
    Joe 9 hours ago

    Comes straight at em. Will the giants Wilder or Fury jab, jab, jab? and, then club him to submission. AJ took a come from below whipping from the Brawler RUIZ. Can KOWNACI do better?

  • Dr Anxiety
    Dr Anxiety 9 hours ago

    Rosario makes the weirdest movements

  • Joseph JoeJoe
    Joseph JoeJoe 9 hours ago

    The statue @ 00:46 depicts the sport Pankration, the first form of fistic sport combat. It was brutal and you could literally dip your wraps into glue and then pick up nails and whatever else would stick to the gloves.

  • Cezannie Melchor
    Cezannie Melchor 9 hours ago

    Hahahahahaha, that was funnyyyyyyyyy.

  • Estevan Martinez
    Estevan Martinez 10 hours ago

    Legend. one of the GOATs ever. Just happy for him

  • Xian Lucas Bardonido
    Xian Lucas Bardonido 11 hours ago

    Your an Arrogant boxer, , id love to see you sleeping in the canvass,🤣🤣🤣

  • Mana pukana
    Mana pukana 11 hours ago

    That fucken referee he's already up

  • pris rumah batam
    pris rumah batam 11 hours ago

    Turman banyak bacot. Lawan Pacman keok. Lamban Lo turman

  • Check Hook
    Check Hook 11 hours ago

    That's a money grab.... Rematch will be different.

  • Bryan Fher Dela Cruz
    Bryan Fher Dela Cruz 11 hours ago

    Errol spence is just too slow for manny. Manny will eat him alive.

  • Robert Griffin
    Robert Griffin 11 hours ago

    Great fight. Congrats champ

  • JoMark Antonio B Soriano III

    2 points for Spencer? Kidding me lol!!

  • Lee Moua
    Lee Moua 12 hours ago

    Errol Spence cant beat pac man

  • Chi town Sports Fan
    Chi town Sports Fan 12 hours ago

    If broner let his hands go he would have a chance

  • jacky pilongo
    jacky pilongo 12 hours ago

    what f pacquiao fight.

  • Sean Jayson
    Sean Jayson 12 hours ago


  • james white
    james white 12 hours ago

    No rematch when you get stopped or k.o

  • Lucas Eero
    Lucas Eero 12 hours ago

    referees never give Ortiz a chance (first fight gave Wilder extra time and wave it out with no count for the KO)

  • Josue Melena
    Josue Melena 12 hours ago

    Why he wearing a Mexican charro hat?

  • Lucian Blackreign
    Lucian Blackreign 13 hours ago

    You really gain a lot of fans in philippines thurman, you show that you are a american champ and a warrior in the ring

  • Travotski
    Travotski 14 hours ago

    Thirman choses broner Pacquiao: So youve chosen death

  • Simple Gaming
    Simple Gaming 14 hours ago

    how to trashtalk pacman? first: don't.

  • Jason Gillow
    Jason Gillow 14 hours ago

    Canelo don’t want my man Caleb Plant at 168lbs! He don’t want it! Caleb Plant so smooth and powerful he would mess up Canelo!

  • Charlie Horse
    Charlie Horse 14 hours ago

    Wilder is a straight up pro black just like them LDBC😂🖕

  • Johny Almanac
    Johny Almanac 15 hours ago

    you'll see that right hook featured in comercials, documentals, bios... you name it.

  • Daniel Opher
    Daniel Opher 15 hours ago

    Wilder cam out to that Face the world ! Respect !

  • Isaac Brewton
    Isaac Brewton 15 hours ago

    Rosario vs Spence @ 154 in the next two years maybe middleweight. Banana look like he got the goods.

  • Paul Cruz
    Paul Cruz 16 hours ago

    J Rock didn’t prepare Hurd way better than this dude. Rematch and he can outclass. Never take any opponent lightly. Even if you feel like you can win still prepare. #jrock

  • Young Juzu
    Young Juzu 16 hours ago

    Who's here after Floyd school'd Pacquiao

  • Jones Dongla
    Jones Dongla 16 hours ago

    rosario is powered by his humbleness well i just hope he retains his title against big names

  • JhielClassRD
    JhielClassRD 16 hours ago

    Arriba la República Dominicana representad la bandera por lo mas alto

  • Vinny DeVille
    Vinny DeVille 16 hours ago

    Boxing gotta do better figure this out cause J rock woulda been better taking a 10 however many times it took to get out that round nd then regroup. But you don’t want nothing like that becoming a strategy.

  • Iron Physique
    Iron Physique 17 hours ago

    7:25 Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are standing face-to-face in a freestyle rap battle🎵🎶

  • Sareth Ou
    Sareth Ou 17 hours ago

    Well leave the trash talk, after the fight Turman really Show the respect for PAC Man, that is nice of him Who really learn how accept the respectfully for each other from their hearts. Congrats Many from Canada.

  • Ray Hernandez
    Ray Hernandez 17 hours ago

    Big guy

  • Norman Samijon
    Norman Samijon 17 hours ago

    Lol Lennon didnt introduce IBO.

  • Boom Boom Videos
    Boom Boom Videos 18 hours ago

    The boi hit hard

  • A-Side
    A-Side 18 hours ago

    We Boxing fans want more of this

  • John Carlo Jayme
    John Carlo Jayme 18 hours ago

    Latinos got Pac's respect 🙌

  • Will Givens
    Will Givens 18 hours ago

    No time bum Keith Thurman had been out of the ring for over 2 years with injuries that's why the Mad get picked in play shame on Thurman for not stepping up to the task and put this guy who is past its expiration date adjust living off other people's names out to pasture as far as I'm concerned I wouldn't pay to dead flies to see Thurman on a piece of paper

  • juniormania tico
    juniormania tico 18 hours ago

    Latino power PAPÁ 💪

  • Oscar Capellan
    Oscar Capellan 18 hours ago

    JRock team shouldn’t have pick this guy, everybody know he can go bananas

  • putang ina mo hayop ka

    GGG would send this guy to heaven.

  • Marco Antonio Molina Morales

    Lo vi con una cabeza de león, no ocupa hacer tanto barullo, es un buen boxeador, a ver cómo le va con Canelo, bueno si e es que ese encuentro se da...saludos

  • Stuart Jeffries
    Stuart Jeffries 19 hours ago

    J rock was on fire

  • szilard gabor
    szilard gabor 19 hours ago

    please,no more women interviewing boxers.Please.I am not sexist,but,please,give us a break.

  • ArmelTheHero
    ArmelTheHero 19 hours ago

    Ma like: does't it obvius? 8 times world champion vs ahmmm nothing but a talkative child😂

  • Poplo Sand
    Poplo Sand 19 hours ago

    Respect to the American boxer..he didn't running back..instead he still keep standing..hope you learn from the Goat..DO NOT UNDERESTAMATE.HUMBLE AND BRING THE RING FIRE.

  • J star1
    J star1 19 hours ago

    Wilder could do a eulogy at tyson furys burial

  • Natacha Echavarria
    Natacha Echavarria 19 hours ago

    Jeison el mejor 🇩🇴

  • Bryan
    Bryan 19 hours ago

    Sometimes it better to take a knee and gather your self.

  • Tyler Nichols
    Tyler Nichols 19 hours ago


  • Ronaldo Dela Cruz
    Ronaldo Dela Cruz 19 hours ago

    The problem keith one time is you talk too much🙄

  • Travis the chimp
    Travis the chimp 19 hours ago

    Poor J Rock.. he caught the 'Barbershop Conversations Jinx' then slipped on a Banana.

  • Yamil Munzon
    Yamil Munzon 20 hours ago

    Jorge cota gets rob at the fight with the Rosario

  • Yamil Munzon
    Yamil Munzon 20 hours ago

    Jorge cota fights better than both of them just cuz the corruption in box he is not the champ

  • beargrizly67
    beargrizly67 21 hour ago

    !Vival la RD!