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  • DRK Amazing videos
    DRK Amazing videos 27 seconds ago

    Average how much experience...????? To got job in companies like Google, Microsoft...??????

  • Just simple
    Just simple 10 minutes ago

    Naruto is shocked

  • Ranil Dissanayake
    Ranil Dissanayake 51 minute ago

    Use the lru_cache decorator in functools package to memoize. reference: fluent python

  • tech t
    tech t 3 hours ago

    Google Interviewer : We have a problem try to find an answer. Me : First solution ...DoS attack Sir. This will make sure the problem doesn't exist at all. I hate problems. You know ?

  • Yodies Vagito
    Yodies Vagito 4 hours ago

    Makasih kk

  • Linda Yang
    Linda Yang 4 hours ago

    I do same thing as you for the standing table lol.

  • Kübra Güzel
    Kübra Güzel 8 hours ago

    Thank you for this, really. I have an interview with Google in 4 days and I don't know if they will accept me as a software engineer. But I will try again, again and again!

  • Bakar Ali
    Bakar Ali 8 hours ago

    #include <iostream> using namespace std; int fib(int n) { if(n==1) return 0; else if(n==2 || n==3) return 1; else return fib(n-1)+fib(n-2); } int main() { int x; cout<<"Enter the Position of the Number in FabOnic Series:: "; cin>>x; cout<<"Numer is:: "<<fib(x); }

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner 9 hours ago

    Hope your feeling better buddy😎✨🤙

  • Anna Kudriavtseva
    Anna Kudriavtseva 10 hours ago

    wrote iterative way for js, although not satisfied with complexity function countWaysToDecode(data){ if(parseInt(data[0]) === 0 || data.length === 0) return 0; var count = 1; var countTemp = 0; var countLeft = 1; for(i = data.length-2; i >= 0; i--){ console.log("i = " + i ); if(parseInt(data[i]) === 0 && parseInt(data[i+1]) === 0 ) return 0; if(parseInt(data.substring(i, i+2)) > 27 && parseInt(data[i+1]) === 0) return 0; if(i === data.length-2 && parseInt(data[i+1]) === 0) i--; else if(parseInt(data.substring(i, i+2)) < 27) { countTemp = count; count += countLeft; countLeft = countTemp; } else { countTemp = count; countLeft = countTemp; } } return count; }

  • jay2daone
    jay2daone 11 hours ago

    is the answer 2633?

  • k Dot
    k Dot 12 hours ago

    Then why every college and institutions teach c programming language first?

  • Elakkiyaa Sre
    Elakkiyaa Sre 12 hours ago

    Hi jo vuku !! Elakkiyaa here!! I hope you remember me ?? Get well soon!! Eagerly waiting for your reply....

  • Baluni Sarita
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  • Jesse Gonzales
    Jesse Gonzales 13 hours ago

    I understand everything you said. But i need more logical applications represented besides making variables equal others.

  • Randy Evered
    Randy Evered 13 hours ago

    Hi Five, CS Dojo!! Already after two or three videos I am your friend. Thank you, brother in code. :)

  • 李木子
    李木子 14 hours ago

    just Googled mille fisher,its bad hope u will be ok

  • Dipayan Manna
    Dipayan Manna 14 hours ago

    I want to ask only one question, to be hired by the largest n most popular it companies like,Google, Microsoft, amazon,Facebook n others to name a lot,does it count to have prior experiences of working at any other companies?is it not possible that someone has the skillset n expertise that is desired by these companies but the person has been working in any other domain than information technology?need help on this

  • Praful Bhise
    Praful Bhise 15 hours ago

    If you have a right logic, then any programming language can solve this problem. Just in interest of time I solved the same using shell scripting :) ------------------------------------------------------- praful_bigdata@spidey-m:~$ cat print_dup.sh #bin/bash #Author: Praful Bhise ################################### print_dup(){ echo "Enter the input string" read value max_val=`echo "$value" | wc| awk {'print $NF'}` for i in $(seq 1 $max_val);do string_val=`echo $value|cut -c${i}-${i}` l=`expr ${i} + 1` for k in $(seq $l $max_val);do string_val2=`echo $value|cut -c${k}-${k}` if [ "$string_val" != "$string_val2" ];then val=1 else echo "THE FIRST REOCCURING CHARATER IN THE STRING IS : $string_val" val=2 exit 0 fi done done if [ "$val" != 2 ];then echo "" echo "Nooo! THERE IS NO REOCCURING CHARACTERS FOUND" fi } print_dup ###########The end################### OUTPUT. ======= praful_bigdata@spidey-m:~$ sh print_dup.sh Enter the input string ABCA THE FIRST REOCCURING CHARATER IN THE STRING IS : A praful_bigdata@spidey-m:~$ sh print_dup.sh Enter the input string BCABA THE FIRST REOCCURING CHARATER IN THE STRING IS : B praful_bigdata@spidey-m:~$ sh print_dup.sh Enter the input string ABC Nooo! THERE IS NO REOCCURING CHARACTERS FOUND

  • Jeya Kumar
    Jeya Kumar 15 hours ago

    Not interested very bored

  • Anushka Khare
    Anushka Khare 16 hours ago

    Thanku very much such a nice explanitaion ..day after tomorrow is my exam and now the concept are getting clear 😀😀😄😃🤟🏻

  • chris mau
    chris mau 16 hours ago

    something is wrong with jupyter i try to go to the web site and it says that it is not safe and there is no web site

  • Dranko Nalo
    Dranko Nalo 16 hours ago

    3:22 lmafo Google shows a pic of Taylor swift instead of the language

  • J T
    J T 18 hours ago


  • Hein Htet Naing
    Hein Htet Naing 19 hours ago

    Love you and your videos 3000

  • janica alexandra
    janica alexandra 20 hours ago

    The next video you should make is how to use visual basic and dev c+++and other programming languages

  • Jonathan P
    Jonathan P 23 hours ago

    The one thing that i love from google is the free food

  • Vanshi Mathur
    Vanshi Mathur 23 hours ago

    Bro you taught so well along with the examples, but return is not clear in my mind.... I solely request you to please explain it again... 😀

  • silen era
    silen era Day ago

    Yeah, we know why you are using your left hand for the mouse :>

  • raven fyhre
    raven fyhre Day ago

    The first question anyone should ask before thinking about buying a laptop is... What type of language and environment are you going to code for... But I guess most people tend to gravitate towards web applications and not stuff like mcu development so my point is probably useless....

  • Linkario86
    Linkario86 Day ago

    I failed my degree at the last Semester. I have to put those years on my CV otherwise they think I didn't do anything. And even in low level jobs to which I have to go back now at first, they don't like gaps in the CV

  • Sofia Gildo
    Sofia Gildo Day ago

    Thank you so much 😊 this is super helpful as I’m about to graduate from computer science engineering and making a resume feels daunting

  • yvette077
    yvette077 Day ago

    Hope you get better soon!

  • Louis Boursier

    To understand at 3:56, he used the lcs on words as a whole instead of using it on characters. A word is then equivalent to a char, and is delimited with a space. Java implementation: hastebin.com/mokubewite.js

  • faruk ahmad
    faruk ahmad Day ago

    v1 ="first string" v2="second string" v1="first string" v2="second string" temp=v1 v1=v2 v2=temp print(v1) second string print(v2) first string really nice i am impress

  • Alano Moris
    Alano Moris Day ago

    Why did you call that array 2D when it contained 3 arrays? Isn't that supposed to be 3D? Sorry for the noob question...

    • Cullen Phillips
      Cullen Phillips Day ago

      Alano Moris look up multidimensional arrays. It’ll make it more clear

    • Alano Moris
      Alano Moris Day ago

      @Cullen Phillips We had 3 rows and 3 columns

    • Cullen Phillips
      Cullen Phillips Day ago

      It's a 2D array because it is organized by rows and columns.

  • Mohamed Simon
    Mohamed Simon Day ago

    13:40 JavaScript : "not me"

  • Rajesh Raut
    Rajesh Raut Day ago

    Make videos on mahine learning and artificial intelligence

    ADAM GOMAEV Day ago

    Create a while-loop that calculates the factorial number for 5, 5!. The # factorial of a number is the number multiplied by all smaller integers > 1. # The factorial of 5 is `5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1`. Answer with the result.

  • Srividya Sharma

    I think 011 should give 2 .. a and k

  • sachin /sachin

    Hey friend , I want to get a job at google .So, i do i prepare for this.please explain.. Detailly

  • Siducifer Pubg

    Is that eye patch part of the setup?

  • Piyush Konher
    Piyush Konher Day ago

    interviews like this are way more beneficial than Kofee with Karan

  • ConsistentRange3

    Awesome video YK! You answer basically all questions a beginner might have and give additional insights that are really useful (for me that was the point about the possibilities for making connections). Thanks a lot! :)

  • Enosh Subba
    Enosh Subba Day ago


  • Shivam Singh
    Shivam Singh Day ago

    You are awesome ❤️

  • teimoor bahrami

    Hey, how can i contact with you? i have a problem with data visualization please answer me

  • Aanill Nayak
    Aanill Nayak 2 days ago

    Can we get a job at Google without degree

  • Devamps
    Devamps 2 days ago

    Help me fix java.lang.nullpointerexception pls

  • Orange
    Orange 2 days ago

    did you steal that cheeky "class of its own" line from Socratica?

  • SolidSnake
    SolidSnake 2 days ago

    My first attempt to solve this with javascript (ps I didn't see the solution yet): function commonSequence(str1, str2) { var obj = {}; var string = ''; var arr1 = str1.split(''); var arr2 = str2.split(''); var shortLen = arr1.length < arr2.length ? arr1.length : arr2.length; var longLen = arr1.length > arr2.length ? arr1.length : arr2.length; //cache long string characters for(var j=0; j<longLen; j++) { var lChar = arr1.length > arr2.length ? arr1[j] : arr2[j]; obj[lChar] = 0; } for(var i=0; i<shortLen; i++) { var sChar = arr1.length < arr2.length ? arr1[i] : arr2[i]; if(obj[sChar] === 0) { string += sChar; obj[sChar]++; } } return string; } console.log(commonSequence("BAZDCTD", "ABACD"))

    • SolidSnake
      SolidSnake 2 days ago

      PS: I'm using the shortest string to build the sequence. In this case "ABACD" is the shortest therefore the result would be ABCD

  • SolidSnake
    SolidSnake 2 days ago

    My attempt with javascript (ps I didn't look at the solution yet): function consecutive(str) { var arr = str.split(''); var object = {}; var pChar = ''; var baseCount = 0; var maxCount = 0; for(var i=0; i<=arr.length; i++) { if(baseCount > maxCount) { maxCount = baseCount; object = {}; object[pChar] = maxCount; } var char = arr[i]; if(pChar !== '' && char != pChar) { baseCount = 0; } baseCount++; pChar = char; } return object; } console.log(consecutive("AABCDDBBBEEEEA"))

  • Khin Maung Htay
    Khin Maung Htay 2 days ago

    #Covnert miles to km with user input miles_input = input("Enter miles: ") miles_num = int(miles_input) print(miles_num) def convert(miles): km = 1.6 * miles print("Kilometer: ", km) convert(miles_num)

  • Khin Maung Htay
    Khin Maung Htay 2 days ago

    #BMI CALCULATOR WITH USER INPUT name_string = input("Enter your name: ") print(name_string) height_text = input("Enter your height: ") height_num = float(height_text) print(height_num) weight_text = input("Enter your weight: ") weight_num = float(weight_text) print(weight_num) def bmicalculator1(name, height_m, weight_kg): bmi = weight_kg / (height_m **2) print("bmi: ", bmi) if bmi > 25: return name + " is overweight!" else: return name + " is not overweight!" result = bmicalculator1(name_string, height_num, weight_num) print(result)

  • SolidSnake
    SolidSnake 2 days ago

    Here's javascript solution (ps I didn't see the solution so it might be bad): function random(arr) { var rands = {}; for(var i=0; i<arr.length; i++) {rands[Math.random()] = arr[i];} arr = []; //sort object by keys, then refill the array with elements Object.keys(rands).sort().forEach(function(key) { arr.push(rands[key]); }); return arr; } var arr = [1,0,3,9,2]; console.log(random(arr))

  • SolidSnake
    SolidSnake 2 days ago

    Here's is a javascript solution (ps I didn't see his solutions): function isHopable(towers, startIndex) { var isHop = false; var steps = towers[startIndex]; //base condition if(steps === 0) return isHop; for(var i=startIndex+1; i<=startIndex + steps; i++) { if(towers[i + towers[i]] === undefined) { return true; } else if(towers[i] > 0) { isHop = isHopable(towers, i); } } return isHop; } var towers = [4,2,0,0,2,0]; console.log(isHopable(towers, 0))

  • SolidSnake
    SolidSnake 2 days ago

    A javascript solution (ps I didn't look at his solution): function findClosest(closestPoints, points) { var closest = []; for(var i=0; i<points.length; i++) { var total = Math.abs(points[i][0]) + Math.abs(points[i][1]); closest.push({"points": points[i], "total": total}); } closest.sort(function(a,b) {return a.total - b.total;}); return closest.slice(0, closestPoints); } var points = [[-2,4], [0,-2], [-1,0], [2,5], [-2,-3], [3,2]]; console.log(findClosest(3, points))

  • Genie
    Genie 2 days ago

    damn that was good didn't realise it was 24 mins

  • Rakotai
    Rakotai 2 days ago

    i would not call debugging a waste of time.

  • 壮良ProShqipeZ
    壮良ProShqipeZ 2 days ago

    bro i just wanna be a hacker and this guy gave me 5 other softwares XD

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    Get better soon! :)))) and thx for everything!

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    Iam big fan of u ....from india

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    I wasted my tuition fees.

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    Damnnn.. these rents in USA are sick, you can live with money like a king in southern europe through seaside, and still do youtubing..

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    Good Words Brother....! I'm going to start a coding...! I think your steps may used for me......! Thank You......!

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    So you think out the whole solution before you start coding?

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    Thank you DOJO ........bro.......

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    good work done, CS Dojo. keep it up

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    Hey, what software do you use to create these videos? As in the writing part

  • Muhammad Salman Khan

    Yk's brother should do diet

  • Anna Kudriavtseva
    Anna Kudriavtseva 2 days ago

    wouldn't it be better to return the new array as soon as the sum is not 10 instead of going the whole cycle?

  • Genie
    Genie 2 days ago

    Thank you,your explanation was so clear

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    Nice 👍 Now I need to pass high school

    • Dark Byte
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      @Ben Congrats 💯 I'm all set to for software engineering. Mind giving me a few pointers??

    • Ben
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      😂 I already passed. Doing software engineering now

  • Tawngdonphom Hongsha

    Mr. YK sugi could you pls. make a video on how to install Pygame, run, and create a simple game?

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    solve decode ways 2 as well

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    Listening friendly voice tone

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    really useful since my professor didn't really teach us about the syntax

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    Excellent tutorial on Python thanks for sharing CS Dojo

  • Soumalya Dutta
    Soumalya Dutta 2 days ago

    Hey hi.. this video is really great. I am learning python and tableau for data visualization. Can you (or anyone) suggest me some projects or ideas, what can I do for practice to enhance my learning and apply what i am learning. Thank you.

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    Machine learning please

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    google is EVIL

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    I code in c# but have to learn a tiny bit of python for school

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    Who else thought the last step was going to be a mention of a Sponsor such as Wix or Skill Share

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    This is helpful. Thank you!

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    6:45 7:13 C

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    you're a blessing. you really helped my confused programming career. Thanks a lot, God bless you. Love from Nigeria

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    I am doing an Arduino project, I am making a Rover for science fair. I didn’t learn Arduino, I am new to it, so do you think it is right to copy the code from the internet?

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