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[MP3] 최성용 - 약속해
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  • Laura Firanza
    Laura Firanza 5 hours ago


  • ryanzinho sad
    ryanzinho sad 6 hours ago

    Desejo muita fama e sucesso amo vcs busters😘😍💓💘🇧🇷🇰🇷💞💕

  • matteo sun
    matteo sun 6 hours ago

    Son realmente hermodas. ¡!♡

  • ONCEaFan,TWICEtheFUn

    here after seeing the news about that angel 😔😔 being treated bad and wanted to respectfully show my love and support for her and her group i dont know much about the group but ill do my homework. #togetherwestand #staystrongchaeyeon #respectchaeyeon

  • Lâm Nguyên
    Lâm Nguyên 7 hours ago

    Hay quá 😍😍😍😍😍

  • In Somnia Forever
    In Somnia Forever 8 hours ago


  • Xxmoises14xX
    Xxmoises14xX 8 hours ago

    POOR CHAEYEON but they have much future

  • Rośes Bee
    Rośes Bee 8 hours ago

    Can i know which scene is minute 0.59 ? I didnt remember that one~

  • 피싱걸스[fishingirls Official]


  • Sweet•Toxic•Love

    Who is at 1:06

  • hoesucktoes
    hoesucktoes 9 hours ago

    I miss this show so much :(

  • mai mai
    mai mai 9 hours ago


  • Cinthia Sosa
    Cinthia Sosa 9 hours ago


    BTS KAWAI 10 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me what mystic messenger is? :)

    HUN HOON 10 hours ago


  • Vyktor D. Maciéis
    Vyktor D. Maciéis 10 hours ago


  • Cinthia Sosa
    Cinthia Sosa 10 hours ago

    #RespectChaeyeon :(❤️❤️

  • Claravian
    Claravian 10 hours ago

    Hope the best for Chaeyeon, hope the agency took her safety as the most important from now on and seriously protect her and the group. This song slaps btw. Busters fighting!

  • Blue Kiwi
    Blue Kiwi 11 hours ago

    Fighting!! We will support you from now on!! much love <3

  • emma rahma
    emma rahma 11 hours ago

    Fave part: 00:30

  • Chiaki AwA
    Chiaki AwA 11 hours ago

    I've read the issue about Chayeon and i hope she'll be okay! This group is really great and not bad at all uwu i luv it

    MRKARAFOREVER 11 hours ago

    12월 21일 에이프릴 행사에서 feeling 무대 최초 공개 예정!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brandon amador mendez
    brandon amador mendez 11 hours ago

    #respectchaeyeon busters fighting

  • Auralia aini
    Auralia aini 11 hours ago

    baek kyung🥺

  • ChouGucci TzuyuMama
    ChouGucci TzuyuMama 11 hours ago


    LOONATIC 12 hours ago

    STAN BUSTERS❤💕❤💕❤💕💕

  • vivi kaway
    vivi kaway 12 hours ago

    *Maravilhosas* ♥️🇧🇷

  • - ᴍᴜᴊɪ sub
    - ᴍᴜᴊɪ sub 12 hours ago


  • Angelica Benavidez
    Angelica Benavidez 12 hours ago

    Chaeyeon fighting!!!!! I wish many great and successful things for you and the group!

  • 서동윤
    서동윤 13 hours ago

    셀 수도 없이 널 생각해 그리운 마음 마저도 잊혀질 만큼 시린 바람이 날 스치면 쓰라린 아픔에 다시 너를 떠올려 지나간 기억에 매달려봐도 멀어진 너를 가슴에 품을 수 없다는 걸 또 한번 깨달아 듣고 있니 쏟아지는 눈물을 듣고 있니 버텨 낼 수 없는 내 맘 또 다시 하루를 견뎌내보려 매일 사랑이 울어 같은 하늘 아래 네가 있다면 지금 듣고 있니 가슴에 맺혀진 작은 한숨이 어느새 흘러 참았던 슬픔에 쏟아내려 한없이 소리쳐 듣고 있니 쏟아지는 눈물을 듣고 있니 버텨 낼 수 없는 내 맘 또 다시 하루를 견뎌내보려 매일 사랑이 울어 같은 하늘 아래 네가 있다면 지금 듣고 있니 죽을 만큼 힘들어 너를 놓으려 해도 맘은 아직 그게 안 되나 봐 듣고 있니 너를 향한 그리움 듣고 있니 눈물에 가득 찬 내 사랑 이렇게 라도 너를 떠올려 사랑 할 수 있다면 아픈 눈물 모두 행복해할게 내 맘 듣고 있니

  • l Jaafar
    l Jaafar 13 hours ago

    That guy useless guy. No ball. Using girl for his own benefit. 1st wife from rich family and 2nd girl the vice president daughter. Take him down...let him suffer

  • the Movie
    the Movie 13 hours ago


  • Zan Choudhury
    Zan Choudhury 13 hours ago

    omg busters slap???

  • 소낙
    소낙 14 hours ago

    오늘부터 내 등교곡이다...(종강임)

  • Natalia Sarabia
    Natalia Sarabia 14 hours ago


  • TFVids
    TFVids 14 hours ago

    I am way too old for them but they are a talented bunch, I hope they continue growing ❤️

  • Camila Córdova
    Camila Córdova 14 hours ago

    #RespectChaeyeon ❤️

  • vante_ idk
    vante_ idk 14 hours ago

    Que bellas son , apoyos desde colombia ♥️

  • alejandro garcia
    alejandro garcia 15 hours ago

    Chaeyeon Fithing Love from Colombia

    IGOTA.R.M.YGASE7 17 hours ago

    I came here to support after I saw that video of that psycho man hitting the 15 years old girl. They are good, they need more attention and appreciation

  • ᴡᴀɴᴅᴇʀɪɴɢ ɪɴ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀʟᴀɴᴅ

    They're so good! ♡.♡

  • Stylish Loser
    Stylish Loser 17 hours ago

    I was wondering where she was 😍 i miss gain so much ❤️

  • Vision Manhunter
    Vision Manhunter 17 hours ago


  • Febyola Mega D
    Febyola Mega D 17 hours ago

    there is an underage in this group and i think their costumes are too short.

  • vio lavuli
    vio lavuli 17 hours ago

    So talented and pretty

  • MekiMun :D
    MekiMun :D 17 hours ago


  • Ferliya Fer
    Ferliya Fer 18 hours ago

    who come here from twitter ?

    • Ferliya Fer
      Ferliya Fer 18 hours ago

      No regret ...the song is a bop !

  • Rodrigo Asbun
    Rodrigo Asbun 18 hours ago

    They are so cute 💛🙌

  • Bhavana Nelakuditi
    Bhavana Nelakuditi 18 hours ago

    They deserve so much better

  • Raka Arsi
    Raka Arsi 19 hours ago

    Oh yg ini yg ada chaeyeonnya

  • ABf 25
    ABf 25 19 hours ago

    Here for Chaeyeon:)

  • Micaely R S Tomaz
    Micaely R S Tomaz 19 hours ago


  • Jennifer Perez
    Jennifer Perez 19 hours ago

    Son súper lindas estas chicas, chaeyoung eres mi bias aun que seas menor que yo🌈😅❤

  • Luci Vargas
    Luci Vargas 20 hours ago

    Hola nueva gente! Si te ha gustado busters porfavor ayúdanos a apoyarlas, a seguir reproduciendo porque podrían disolverse. Busters y yo contamos contigo! ♡ Nos vemos. Olá novas pessoas! Se você gostou de busters por favor, ajude-nos a apoiá-los, continue reproduzindo porque eles poderiam dissolver. Busters e eu estamos contando com você! ♡ Até mais. Hello new people! If you liked busters please help us support them, keep reproducing because they could dissolve. Busters and I are counting on you! ♡ See you. 안녕하세요 새로운 사람들! 당신이 버스터를 좋아한다면 우리가 그들을 지원 할 수 있도록하시기 바랍니다, 그들은 용해 할 수 있기 때문에 재생 을 유지. 버스터와 나는 당신을 믿고있다! ♡ 나중에 봐요.

  • Khusnia Umi Amiroh
    Khusnia Umi Amiroh 20 hours ago

    I come here because of the scandal of chaeyon today😂

    • carmslopez
      carmslopez 19 hours ago

      How is it funny? There’s nothing “😂” about a grown ass man assaulting a minor🙄

  • 김은영
    김은영 20 hours ago

    불륜드라마 ...

  • fatimah azzahra
    fatimah azzahra 20 hours ago

    Ketika nonton awal2 episode gue mikir dia adalah pemeran utama yg direbutkan 3 pria tampan di sekolah itu eehhh gatau nya ini kisah gadis sakit jantung yg menginginkan perubahan dalam ceritanya yg ternyata dalam kisah komik 🤣 setelah itu gue makin penasaran nungguin tiap2 episode kepoin satu persatu artisnya, kepoin semua ost nya, 😂😂 dabesstt just extraordinary you can make me feel like this 😍 ok now i reallyy miss this drama, hoping that they can make and meet in the other drama again later or soon 😍

  • damaris brito
    damaris brito 20 hours ago

    The best , extrordinary you , i love you Haru and Dan Oh

  • Nina Gonzáles
    Nina Gonzáles 20 hours ago

    I love so much ♥️

  • 가을
    가을 21 hour ago

    종현아, 아프지 말고 행복하고 맛있는 거 많이 먹고 괴롭지 않았으면 하고 우울한 날이 하루라도 없었으면 하고. 이 모든 것도 욕심이 될까 봐 미안해. 하지만 그 마음보다 더 크고 넓은 마음으로 너 하나만을 아직까지도 보고 싶어 하고 또 사랑해.

  • ingrid Jelsa
    ingrid Jelsa 21 hour ago

    Son muy lindas ❤️

  • Silvana Mendoza
    Silvana Mendoza 21 hour ago

    Be strong!!!

  • chaejun
    chaejun 21 hour ago

    orbits here to support busters and chaeyeon! #RespectChaeyeon

  • chaejun
    chaejun 21 hour ago

    orbits here to support busters and chaeyeon! #RespectChaeyeon

  • Kim Yeontan
    Kim Yeontan 21 hour ago

    Alv me encanta este grupo 😍😍😍

  • Lucero Scar
    Lucero Scar 21 hour ago

    Son super talentosas y lindas

  • argy oreng
    argy oreng 22 hours ago


  • romınα rojαs
    romınα rojαs 22 hours ago


  • pastel stans girlgroups

    Also this is a bop

  • pastel stans girlgroups


  • 효정
    효정 23 hours ago

    저는 이 노래 들으면 건주님 생각나던뎅

  • คนอะไร มีลูกเป็นหมา

    1:31 like a mv happiness red velvet 2:12

  • Magesh Kumar
    Magesh Kumar 23 hours ago

    This song has become my favourite 😍i love this drama ♥️all characters are so cool.

  • [:
    [: 23 hours ago


  • [:
    [: 23 hours ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that this song is sang by Verivery? I mean this song is BEAUTIFUL

  • [:
    [: 23 hours ago


  • Moon child
    Moon child Day ago

    Must Stan VeriVery!!!!!

    Nik Z ARMYBOY Day ago


  • Jemo Buddy
    Jemo Buddy Day ago

    Buddy here to support Chaeyeon 😍😍😍 Who the f*ck that guy that mistreated here in a children show 😠😠😠

  • MikuLeekz
    MikuLeekz Day ago

    Support! <3

  • Shasya Bear
    Shasya Bear Day ago

    Love this Song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Minbe_ 360
    Minbe_ 360 Day ago

    Wow Korean animation

  • 무눅
    무눅 Day ago

    아티스트 보호해라. 낮에 기사로 내보낸 변명문 안 잊었다. 니 새끼들이 미성년자 상대로 '안 맞았다고 해라'라며 윽박질렀을게 눈에 훤히 보인다. 소속사 구실 제대로 하려면 책임지고 두 놈 고소해

  • Anastya Putri
    Anastya Putri Day ago

    Carat here to support, you are girls deserve all in the world yasss 🙋🤘🤘

  • Devia Nashira
    Devia Nashira Day ago

    i legit think they're using indonesian highschool uniform dkhdkshd

    CARPE DIEM Day ago


  • loemoetblueholic

    kirain yg nyanyi Jessica ex snsd

  • Diana Osazenaye

    Wow a song called this it funny and irony !!

  • 오덕운
    오덕운 Day ago

    채연 완전 애기같아 완죤귀엽네ㅋㅋ

  • Mavie Sales
    Mavie Sales Day ago

    I'm so excited about this 😍

  • Soo Hyun Ali
    Soo Hyun Ali Day ago

    Dan Oh’s Haru 💕

  • 김도연
    김도연 Day ago

    너무 기대된다ㅜㅜㅜ 산드라 기다릴껭

  • Wattanadda Gajaseni

    Fighting 💕💕💕💕💕

  • PRI Videos
    PRI Videos Day ago

    Br's e aí ?!

  • Gail Osayan
    Gail Osayan Day ago

    Is there an English version of this song?

  • 뽀글뽀글
    뽀글뽀글 Day ago

    리메이크 보다는 원곡이 낫네요...완전체로 다시 활동하시는것 자체만으로도 너무 좋아요.

  • That XX
    That XX Day ago

    That white and grey uniform look like senior high school uniform in Indonesia

  • 어쩌다 하준

    ㅇㄴ 일찍좀 볼껄 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ㄹㅇ 내가 사랑하는 배우님들 ㅠㅠㅠ 한명도 미워할수없는 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • //러브
    //러브 Day ago

    this song is so good !! i'll support you girls you're all so talented ❤