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Bondi gets happy!
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  • Kári Pálsson
    Kári Pálsson 23 minutes ago

    Im from Iceland so where can i wach full eps?

  • Happy Dabbz
    Happy Dabbz 30 minutes ago

    They drown just cuss they wana look cool in that buggie and take there time getting in that dam buggie

  • Harry Clayts
    Harry Clayts 43 minutes ago

    This is like real life bay watch

  • JackCarregan
    JackCarregan 44 minutes ago

    What shall we call this rocky point? It’s flat right? I mean not really Well just call it flat rock.

  • Hello There
    Hello There 58 minutes ago

    My biggest fear is that I do something like this and then I’m too heavy for them to lift.

  • NotMegsy ii
    NotMegsy ii Hour ago

    pffft thats nothing once i stubbed my toe

  • Scott Price
    Scott Price Hour ago

    Can I just say that Jethros girlfriend is absolute fire🔥🔥

  • Albin Ording
    Albin Ording Hour ago

    The green stick that they are sucking on, what is it and what does it contain?

  • charlie robinson
    charlie robinson 2 hours ago

    Irish people

  • charlie robinson
    charlie robinson 2 hours ago

    WE don't always do it

  • Aimee Johnson
    Aimee Johnson 2 hours ago

    People have to find the people in danger and help and I can’t even find then tv remote 😕

  • ridethepuppetz
    ridethepuppetz 2 hours ago

    if I was ever drowning, I’d like to be rescued by Jethro😂

  • ridethepuppetz
    ridethepuppetz 2 hours ago

    he’s like really fucking cute

  • King Emi
    King Emi 2 hours ago

    Thongs in the uk are knickers that go up your bottom!

  • Boss comments
    Boss comments 3 hours ago

    Sorry just to ask when the Lifeguards paddle out on that board thing what is it called? Is it just a surf board but they are paddling???

  • Dan Astor
    Dan Astor 3 hours ago

    It's Asian culture in general. Have you seen Filipinos? Earthquake, typhoons, whole area is flooded and they're sleeping om their tin roofs and they're still laughing, dancing, but it doesn't mean they're not taking their lives seriously. That's just how they are.

  • Sj Cob
    Sj Cob 3 hours ago

    Pretty fit for a metal detector guy ayyy

  • Mike Hickman
    Mike Hickman 4 hours ago

    Good on ya!!!!

  • Chelsea Nguyen
    Chelsea Nguyen 4 hours ago

    The Bondi lifeguards just hit different

  • Minoe
    Minoe 4 hours ago

    Great video. Cool to see how they handle these situations.

  • x t e d d y b e a r b u t t o n s x

    I feel so bad for Kobi Imagine breaking your neck and not allowed to come back to what you love. 💔

  • x t e d d y b e a r b u t t o n s x

    “Aye yatzey! Do you want the whistle of truth?”

  • Lucas Blyth
    Lucas Blyth 4 hours ago


  • Zekgangster
    Zekgangster 5 hours ago


  • Grace Roberts
    Grace Roberts 5 hours ago

    Love taco wish he could of stayed 😢

  • hylandxd _
    hylandxd _ 5 hours ago

    Jeff’s girlfriend is on frenchys youtube

  • BustDaFatboy
    BustDaFatboy 5 hours ago


  • Ryan Bird
    Ryan Bird 6 hours ago


  • Bretherene Luck
    Bretherene Luck 6 hours ago

    Dont fucking ever describe someone by there fucking skin u fucking scumbag

  • Nycot
    Nycot 6 hours ago

    I don't blame the producers and director for not showing the full rescue on screen, that sort of thing can be very upsetting, and also, the family may not have wanted it to be shown.

    THE HACK SMITH 999 7 hours ago

    Ut is in our blood to dig holes we made trenches in the war

  • Alfiano Damanik
    Alfiano Damanik 7 hours ago

    AWWW so cute, he was blushing

  • Koby Rennie
    Koby Rennie 7 hours ago

    How aussies swim:🏊‍♂️ How asians swim:

  • Joseph Solomon
    Joseph Solomon 7 hours ago

    Imma be real Asian’s give these men jobs

  • Rohan Luke
    Rohan Luke 7 hours ago

    Fuck off, were full.

  • Luca’s Random Videos

    This episode should be called “Flying Rat”

  • Susann
    Susann 7 hours ago

    Why does Reidy and Harries look the same?

  • Chimmy Chonga
    Chimmy Chonga 8 hours ago

    How can you hit a reef hard enough to break your neck and have absolutely no swelling and only a scratch on the nose!!!?!

  • L. Roberts
    L. Roberts 8 hours ago

    Is there not any visual warnings for hard of hearing/deaf people to know of any dangers or signals from the lifeguard?

  • steven flynn the ghost

    Man that would suck so much

  • steven flynn the ghost

    Poor guy

  • steven flynn the ghost

    That's the best theme song ever

  • Jethro K
    Jethro K 8 hours ago


  • Pacy Aidan
    Pacy Aidan 9 hours ago

    Steve Irwin Lost but not forgiven 😔😔😖😖

  • Lyle richardson
    Lyle richardson 9 hours ago


  • Tee Bell
    Tee Bell 10 hours ago

    Moral of the story is don't go surfing next to a reef

  • Obama Care
    Obama Care 10 hours ago

    Poor guy

  • Abbey with an E !
    Abbey with an E ! 10 hours ago

    I got a blue bottle sting right across my legs on holidays and had a boiling water shower, lovely experience

  • Luca’s Random Videos

    The lifeguards impression at 2.06

  • steven flynn the ghost

    I love it u obviously don't talk to girls lol

  • Mitchell Window
    Mitchell Window 11 hours ago

    Did anyone else find Harry’s face at the start super funny

  • Shocksta22
    Shocksta22 11 hours ago

    sometimes I get scared of the water, now I'm petrified permanently.

  • Amanda Panda
    Amanda Panda 11 hours ago

    I feel bad for the man

  • emlyn _
    emlyn _ 11 hours ago

    If you gave any injuries let me tell you this dont look at it cause you’ll feel more hurt

  • Ian Alicea
    Ian Alicea 11 hours ago

    When he dumbed it back in i saw ppl swimming where the shark was lmao

  • Ben Rooney
    Ben Rooney 11 hours ago

    Jackson I was the kid that took a photo with you when i went to bondi beach 22 January 2020

  • Chris Trudell
    Chris Trudell 12 hours ago

    They wanted the guys to save them

  • Ben Rooney
    Ben Rooney 12 hours ago

    Jackson I took a photo with him when I went too bondi beach 22 January 2020

  • Lilly.Rosita
    Lilly.Rosita 12 hours ago

    Ok, but why do people need to scream and touch their favourite celebrities? It’s so weird 🤦‍♀️

  • MrGingerJez
    MrGingerJez 12 hours ago

    Snoops "bodyguards" both look 2 seconds away from a heart attack!

  • annabelle mcdonald
    annabelle mcdonald 12 hours ago

    ok story time when i was in the 4th grade this kid went to the beach with the whole grade for a party and he choked some other kid idk why but yeah and he tried to fight a lifeguard and everyone was like holy shit so yaaaa

  • Beando Birbdon Official

    I got my left thumb crushed in a fire safe door which is those heavy wooden ones and idiot me opened the door a bit and ripped my thumb out. I went to the Red Cross and got x-rays and they said I had fractured my thumb in 2 places.

  • Jacey YT
    Jacey YT 12 hours ago

    Can't swim just go to a public swimming pool rather than going to the beach smh

  • Ninja Doge
    Ninja Doge 12 hours ago


  • Scarlett Thomas
    Scarlett Thomas 13 hours ago

    Yeahhh Chch!!!! Im from christchurch mu older bro used to do Surf Life saving with harrison i think.

  • Skidy popp
    Skidy popp 13 hours ago

    So sad my sister was crying

  • amanda schilling
    amanda schilling 13 hours ago

    Whats the green thing? That they are like suckin on or whatever LOL

  • Jake Campbell
    Jake Campbell 13 hours ago

    Should’ve charged them

  • Kookie TaeChim
    Kookie TaeChim 13 hours ago

    Why tf does a crowd of people surround the poor dude. He's trying to fucking breathe like?? Go clap somewhere else, the life guards are just trying to fucking save him bruh 💀

  • Jess Taylor
    Jess Taylor 14 hours ago

    what episode is this from

  • Hilary Benoit
    Hilary Benoit 14 hours ago

    Even professional swimmers get in trouble on beaches.

  • Open Sesame
    Open Sesame 14 hours ago

    they can tell the difference between nz and australian accent? lol

  • Poppy Cuthbertson
    Poppy Cuthbertson 14 hours ago

    Bondi is a great Aussie show (I’m an Aussie)

  • William Ward
    William Ward 15 hours ago

    Do they not teach swimming in any asian countries?

  • Evelyn Rangel
    Evelyn Rangel 15 hours ago

    i'm use to dislocating my right shoulder and left and right wrist i dislocated my right shoulder one time, my right wrist 4 times and my left wrist 2

    • Sun Set
      Sun Set 10 hours ago

      Then what's next?

  • Rachael McInnes
    Rachael McInnes 15 hours ago

    I'm amazed he wasn't at least paralyzed in some way. Lucky man, fair play to him giving credit where it's due to the emergency services.

  • Gabby K
    Gabby K 15 hours ago

    At 0:20 they all have their mouths wide open in the same position LMAO

  • Me Name
    Me Name 15 hours ago

    He sounds a bit like chewbacca when they put him on the spine Board (no offence)

  • Neecibaby
    Neecibaby 15 hours ago

    they can’t go to jail for attempted manslaughter? they almost made him drown!

  • OrboCam
    OrboCam 16 hours ago

    These guys should be paid more every time they save someone.. they’re truly underrated

  • Atomic Goat
    Atomic Goat 16 hours ago

    That first one is just 😣😣😣🤢🤢🤢

  • Tracy
    Tracy 16 hours ago

    He could hear them screaming from up there but the people I the water nearby couldnt?

  • Mystic FN
    Mystic FN 16 hours ago

    I thought that was a lightsaber

  • Zinc Mysticz
    Zinc Mysticz 16 hours ago

    Or a sea snake

  • Zinc Mysticz
    Zinc Mysticz 16 hours ago

    Could it be a black mamba

  • Josh McNulty
    Josh McNulty 17 hours ago

    Nice that he’s shy and humble about it instead of cocky and arrogant like most guys

  • paige Sharp
    paige Sharp 17 hours ago

    Haha thongs are underwear

  • Raven Connell
    Raven Connell 17 hours ago

    I remember I broke my wrist at a job in the states and they fired me. Im glad that the guy with the broken back can still get work.

  • Calming Dandelions
    Calming Dandelions 17 hours ago

    They even played the bee song 😄

  • # GrowZie’s
    # GrowZie’s 18 hours ago

    I feel so bad for Jethro tho !!! I felt like it was happening to me !

  • That Girl With The Coffee

    In Ireland, only 2% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests make it into hospital, and of them, 2% survive 24 hours. I don't know the stats for Austrailia, but ye did your job, and did it the best you could, all that could be asked of ye.

  • spin lads
    spin lads 18 hours ago

    these lifeguards are acting dumb putting the mask on his face when he was clearly throwing up sand and water. what idiots

  • Connor Mccracken
    Connor Mccracken 18 hours ago

    I love Australian accents🥺so soft and calming

  • Brooke Wyeth
    Brooke Wyeth 18 hours ago

    Sleep it off slutty dummy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Josepi beans
    Josepi beans 19 hours ago

    These lifeguards are elite the pace and stamina they have is insane. mouse left that clubbie in the dust 😂

  • Yvette Milner
    Yvette Milner 19 hours ago

    They are bloody drunk

  • Steven Booth
    Steven Booth 19 hours ago

    Very satisfying when your efforts are they tell me.😉

  • ii_ caxtus
    ii_ caxtus 19 hours ago

    Did anybody see his butcrack at the start

  • Emily Bruh
    Emily Bruh 20 hours ago

    8:05 meanwhile...someone was drowning

  • Victor Da Silva
    Victor Da Silva 20 hours ago

    Two puppies in a sack....daimmmm