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Having a Baby.
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  • Ammu Vava
    Ammu Vava Hour ago

    Heyyy... I'm dating an American too.. I'm an Indian😍

  • Adriel Natasha
    Adriel Natasha 3 hours ago

    My friend had gastric surgery and went on a low carb journey. Within 6 months she conceived at age 40!

  • Ahmed Tushar
    Ahmed Tushar 3 hours ago

    Nabela Noor apu apni ki Bangladeshi I mean Nabela Noor sis are you Bangladeshi

  • Sunaida Islam
    Sunaida Islam 4 hours ago

    You’re such an inspiration Nabela! Everyday I wonder how a person can be this beautiful inside and out. Love you so much 💓 you go girllll

  • Jessica Apodaca
    Jessica Apodaca 4 hours ago

    Love you guys Praline ❤❤❤🍦

  • amina kcm
    amina kcm 5 hours ago

    German Rap for the win!!!

  • L A
    L A 6 hours ago

    can someone please tell me what "gee ko bor" (what she says in the beginning of all her videos) means!!!

    • Auritri Tazin
      Auritri Tazin Hour ago

      It's 'Ki Khobor?' meaning What's up? in Bengali...

  • imariahkhan
    imariahkhan 7 hours ago

    Noone: Nabela: Mama noor: Mama noor agaiin here.. How adorable she is MASHALLAH...!🌸🌸🌸🌸💖💖😳😉

  • Sabreen P
    Sabreen P 7 hours ago

    I needed this. 😭

  • Mahida Ismailjee
    Mahida Ismailjee 7 hours ago

    He looks like Mr.Beast

  • Shammm Alym
    Shammm Alym 7 hours ago

    She be talking in hindi like she is speaking it for the first time lol.

  • Zarina Mujadedy
    Zarina Mujadedy 8 hours ago

    "Yes, this is my dream for me. But what is God's dream for me? That's what I am going trust." Love this. I felt this!!! So beautifully said <3 chocolate and/or mint chocolate chip!

  • Imani Kalefa
    Imani Kalefa 8 hours ago

    I absolutely love you, your marriage and your whole life. I’m praying that God delivers you all the blessings He has intended for you and your life with Seth, even if they may look different than what you have inside your head 💗 Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Sakshi Sheoran
    Sakshi Sheoran 9 hours ago

    My favourite icecream flavour is TENDER COCONUT.

  • Alyssa Mclean
    Alyssa Mclean 9 hours ago

    Hahaha! Went to school with a guy named Noah Martin. SO glad y’all aren’t using that name 😂

  • Yolanda Ybarra-Rodriguez

    Binge watching ur videos i love u both

  • benrhannou imane
    benrhannou imane 11 hours ago

    My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla and caramel, i love youu

  • Amina Rahman
    Amina Rahman 11 hours ago

    Ur hair is beautiful what do u use?

  • LaVonda S
    LaVonda S 13 hours ago

    I love that you guys are being so open. I will keep praying for yall with the child situation and adoption in the future.

  • Google ruined Youtube
    Google ruined Youtube 13 hours ago

    There are already too many people on the planet

  • Yasmin Quiroz
    Yasmin Quiroz 14 hours ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Favorite ice cream is Rocky Road 🤗

  • Osman Hossain
    Osman Hossain 17 hours ago

    nabela girls love girls

  • Osman Hossain
    Osman Hossain 17 hours ago

    nabela girls love girls

  • Norlijah Dai
    Norlijah Dai 17 hours ago

    I can't stop😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄

  • Nahian Fariha
    Nahian Fariha 18 hours ago

    Nabela, If your parents are Bangladeshi citizens, doesn’t that automatically make you and your 5 other siblings Bangladeshi citizens too?

  • Rimsha Farooqui
    Rimsha Farooqui 18 hours ago

    Aww you guys are so cute and Seth was crying a little right no okay but amazing really always the reaction of parents will be so precious

  • Rimsha Farooqui
    Rimsha Farooqui 18 hours ago

    Wow 😳 that is so beautiful omg it’s amazing I loved this the reaction is precious

  • Sana Inam
    Sana Inam 19 hours ago

    Awww you guys are the cutest! By the way what camera are you using to film this?

  • sssadhj dsafsfv
    sssadhj dsafsfv 19 hours ago

    Your short is too short for you to be sitting like this. You should be more focused on your deen and not be so westernised.

    • tara
      tara 19 hours ago

      When did she ask u for ur opinion? R u God?

  • Desire Robertson
    Desire Robertson 20 hours ago


  • Ashton D.
    Ashton D. 21 hour ago

    You should make your voice over more energetic! Just a little tip. <3

  • sWaZe Fay
    sWaZe Fay 22 hours ago

    Why Seth remind me of MrBeast?

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light 23 hours ago

    Have you tried going vegan? I read a lot of testimonials that it helped them with their pcos

  • R b
    R b 23 hours ago

    Lol. At first I thought you forgot to wear your pants.

  • Zainab Ali
    Zainab Ali 23 hours ago

    Where do I find a Seth ? 🥺❤️

  • dua Imran
    dua Imran Day ago

    Nabela you are super cuteew

  • Zarin Tasnim Maysha

    I love you two sm oh my God😭😭❤❤

  • Fatima Begum
    Fatima Begum Day ago


  • Kritika Pamu
    Kritika Pamu Day ago

    I love you guys, more power to you for just being positive 😍

  • Selee Marcos
    Selee Marcos Day ago

    You are so underrated you need more subs asap

  • Afsana Choudhury

    You gave your husband an immense amount of love, a family who loves him a beautiful friend, partner, soulmate, so you're right you're not a 'normal' woman you're an AMAZING woman!

  • Sayda Olimpia
    Sayda Olimpia Day ago

    I love you guyssss ❤️❤️❤️ Butter Pecan

  • Tanzeela Zafar

    My daughter name is INAAYA also 😀

  • pradakill1
    pradakill1 Day ago

    Your gorgeous 😩❤️

  • Mo
    Mo Day ago

    My fave apu and dhula bhai!!!

  • Maha Alhammadi

    1:44 your welcome

  • Daisy Hernandez

    My favorite ice cream flavor would be Rocky Road but I also love strawberry cheesecake so is in between.

  • Jaxbak
    Jaxbak Day ago

    IM SO PROUD OF YOU. REGARDING ADOPTION. WHY do peiple make it so hard to love. ♡ COFFEE ICECREAM..

  • Rodolfo Medina

    I am a boy but that hit me hard so GO GIRL POWER

  • Princess Panda

    So lovely couple 🥺 Chocolate flavor is my fav 😋

  • B A
    B A Day ago

    That’s ALOT of fruit for one person

  • Danielle Martinez

    I had to have a major surgery and one of the consequences was that I might never be able to have kids. I’ve always loved the idea of adoption but it’s hard living with the idea I may never hold a child that is part of me. Especially at such a young age, thank you so much for sharing your story. It gives me relief and hope for my future

  • BLA BLA Bla
    BLA BLA Bla Day ago

    One of the UGLIEST creature I’ve seen

  • Rimsha Farooqui

    Oh my god I enjoy this video a lot lot of fun amazing

  • R.B Channel
    R.B Channel Day ago

    ভালো খবর , আপনি বাংলা বলতে পারেন, খুশি হলাম, India West Bengal

  • Sylvie Sellathurai

    Vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor 🍦 You two inspire me so much, i love you!😩♥️

  • Laura joshi
    Laura joshi Day ago


  • K S
    K S Day ago

    Seth sounds Canadian.

  • nafeesa inaaya Iqbal

    why did i hear PJ masks😂 p.s please give me tips on hair nabelaaaaaaa youre hair is 😍 mashallah

  • Nasreen
    Nasreen Day ago

    Yes please make part two, thoroughly enjoyed part one as I am on a similar journey to yours. My favourite ice cream flavour is mango/passion fruit sorbet 😘😘

  • Steve The Rapper

    Kid named ladesh:

  • Julie Rajan
    Julie Rajan Day ago

    You both are truly amazing. I wish the best for you both!

  • jme
    jme Day ago

    My favorite ice cream flavor doesn’t exist because I don’t like ice cream 😝 but give me Doritos all day and I’m happy!

  • Lina.S X
    Lina.S X Day ago

    The last girl is so precious omg. I hope she realises how adorable and pretty she really is.🥺

  • kawshi
    kawshi Day ago

    Yay you answered my question!! Do a part 2😍❤️

  • Dr. Krypton
    Dr. Krypton Day ago

    I have the same dark pigments on my face. U r so cute

  • Nyemba Tembo
    Nyemba Tembo Day ago

    You guys have the same wedding anniversary date as my parents! How cute❤️

  • Ratna Fernandez

    If its ice cream.... chocolate will always be my ultimate fav no matter what other flavour i have ❤

  • Amanda Hirschfeld

    The two of you are too cute❤

  • Tasmia Jamil
    Tasmia Jamil Day ago

    Find someone who looks at you the way Seth looks at Nabela every time she answers a question 😍

  • Noah Ali
    Noah Ali Day ago

    I love it when your dad says tantana so cute and your mum so cool

  • Ellie Pearl
    Ellie Pearl Day ago

    Dual citizenship I’ve read x

  • Halimah Zamahari

    thet so sad 😭

  • Sungmin Louie Jang


  • Maheen Sultan
    Maheen Sultan Day ago

    The people were crying so much thT they pressed the wrong button

  • Zeinab Bibi
    Zeinab Bibi Day ago

    💕 it sure will 💕 Ben n Jerry’s cookie dough mmmm

  • Lolipop Candy Girl

    "dab on accents" Me: *DABS*

  • Rose Blue
    Rose Blue Day ago

    I am just a teen now,but I feel like I can relate. You see,I just LOVE babies.It's a bit wired but I always dream to have a baby in my life.Someone who is truly mine.I think that's the best miracle that could happen to me. Now,I don’t think women are obliged to have a baby or you can't be happy without babies.It's a choice...but it is a desperation for me. So I'm afraid...very afraid.Afraid that I might not be able to have one.When u want something so desperately, it Just makes u afraid of losing it.I'm still a long way from marriage, but I'm so scared my dream will not be true. And my fear is not poinless.I already have hormonal problems that might not allow me to.......

  • kunjidee
    kunjidee Day ago

    Did you marry a millionaire?

  • Love Life7
    Love Life7 Day ago

    Nabela, you will get preggers this year. Mark my comment. You will get pregnant in 2020.

  • Samiyah Shohid

    Hay just wording why dont ware clothes that cover all your body and do you pary and follow the religion properly

  • Love Life7
    Love Life7 Day ago

    What a beautiful home 💖💖💖.

  • Love Life7
    Love Life7 Day ago


  • Faria Islam
    Faria Islam Day ago

    I've always wanted to adopt from BD. I'm in a mixed race marriage and I'm also 🇧🇩 deshi but not a citizen. Love hearing you go through this journey as it's what I want to do as well. Please share with others who are wanting to do two sams. I wish circumstances were different and I wish you both luck in this admirable endeavor🙋🎉♥️


    This made me crying omg this video was so deep I can’t🥺

  • Mohana Bhattacharya

    I recently started watching you and I am loving it

  • Simran Kaur
    Simran Kaur Day ago

    I loved this video, you guys inspire 🥺❤️

  • Etan Patz
    Etan Patz 2 days ago

    Why is there a dislike button on this video?

  • Lily_ Sings
    Lily_ Sings 2 days ago


  • wanna_ hanz
    wanna_ hanz 2 days ago


  • Sandra Castro
    Sandra Castro 2 days ago

    Lo primero que salga la traducción a español Mucho maquillaje es mejor verse más natural Se ve mucho desorden en la parte de atrás es mala presentación da a entender que no le interesa que se le vea ese desorden,, eso deja mucho que decir

  • anisah khan
    anisah khan 2 days ago

    Love u both so much u make my day ur positivety. My fav is vanilla Cornish ice cream x

  • Signature Style By Arna

    I do the lip thing too

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 2 days ago

    This is just the cutest video I've ever seen on TheXvid 😍 mA

  • Ayesha Martin
    Ayesha Martin 2 days ago

    Seth is just the cutest,I love you guys❤

  • Blue Clouds
    Blue Clouds 2 days ago

    It's actually quite amazing how they let us into their lives, the amount of trust that must of been built

  • Brenda V.
    Brenda V. 2 days ago

    my favorite ice cream flavors are vanilla and coffee! but im lactose intolerant so its really hard to find coffee flavors in a dairy free option 😭

  • Yaritza Martinez
    Yaritza Martinez 2 days ago

    So sweet!!! Love his reaction, tears of joy!!! 💜💜

  • liza Piza
    liza Piza 2 days ago

    how cute!

  • Mellough
    Mellough 2 days ago

    I just love their positivity. They look like wonderful, kind people. Just awesome