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Worlds Largest Beach Ball
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Bad Hair Day - Merrell Twins
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We're Being Haunted...AGAIN!
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Merrell Twins Channel
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  • Luis Castrejon
    Luis Castrejon 4 minutes ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue Like this comment If you stan them too

  • crystal .
    crystal . 6 minutes ago

    i love the merell twins 🥺 btw im a small youtuber💕💕

  • Faizan Mohiuddin
    Faizan Mohiuddin 9 minutes ago

    You still look like twins

  • Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia 11 minutes ago

    The Google Pixel4 phone looks like a lot of fun, thanks Google for making it hands free

  • Minkyy
    Minkyy 13 minutes ago

    Is vanessas plaid hoodie for girls only? Cuz I want one. Also I’m a mix of Filipino and Spanish! (So close to u guys... sort of)

  • Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia 15 minutes ago

    You girls got me shoocketh 😍

  • Dinithi Bamunusinghe
    Dinithi Bamunusinghe 18 minutes ago

    omg there hair looks fab!

  • Emma Shurtz
    Emma Shurtz 19 minutes ago

    It it just me or does Nessa sound British? 9:35

  • Can you give me 10 secs and sub

    How is there no Nora a in the world

  • Balong Tan
    Balong Tan 21 minute ago

    Hi crush❤️

  • Shawna Fritzsche
    Shawna Fritzsche 23 minutes ago


  • Reactive Girl
    Reactive Girl 24 minutes ago

    I'm hungry NESSA!!!!

  • Aarna Gupta
    Aarna Gupta 28 minutes ago

    I think Vanessa won!

  • Cadyn Laudeman
    Cadyn Laudeman 35 minutes ago

    3:46 me when I look at myself in the mirror

  • Mary_rosa Yup
    Mary_rosa Yup 35 minutes ago

    How do u join the very important poatatos on ur guys channel like to get to the top

  • avery maya
    avery maya 36 minutes ago

    You are so clever these are really good ps I love your vids

  • Crab Queen
    Crab Queen 38 minutes ago

    Don't listen to them there just trying to be funny

  • Kamila Hernandez
    Kamila Hernandez 39 minutes ago


  • Kamila Hernandez
    Kamila Hernandez 41 minute ago


  • carl boje
    carl boje 42 minutes ago

    Love the cake!!! 🍰

  • Shawna Fritzsche
    Shawna Fritzsche 43 minutes ago

    omg 0:17 i can't even tell them apart there o_O and i have watched them for over 2 years now lol Edit:well i can im just saying they look very similar there (i can easily tell them apart,they just look like sisters to me now)

  • Kamila Hernandez
    Kamila Hernandez 43 minutes ago


  • daniel joesph livelife
    daniel joesph livelife 44 minutes ago

    you guys are annoying lol

  • Caitlin Farell
    Caitlin Farell 45 minutes ago

    why they put tape over the great value baking soda tho 👀

  • Kamila Hernandez
    Kamila Hernandez 46 minutes ago


  • Jen Luba
    Jen Luba 46 minutes ago


  • Giron Rutaquio
    Giron Rutaquio 46 minutes ago

    Nice vlog... Hehe love you two sister.... Hehehe frme.. Philippines.. GIROn rutaquio

  • Esmeralda Herrera
    Esmeralda Herrera 47 minutes ago

    I tell them apart by there dimples

  • Joseph Nepomuceno
    Joseph Nepomuceno 48 minutes ago

    The last

  • Kamila Hernandez
    Kamila Hernandez 48 minutes ago


  • Brianna Deseray
    Brianna Deseray 48 minutes ago

    Vanessa outfit theme is parissssss And Roni looks like she’s going to church

  • Kamila Hernandez
    Kamila Hernandez 51 minute ago


  • shawnxd bruh
    shawnxd bruh Hour ago

    I loved the haunted house one when rhino just dipped out on "please don't" part it was funny😂

  • Mari Ross
    Mari Ross Hour ago

    Omg my middle name is Jo!

  • Camilas bean
    Camilas bean Hour ago

    wHaTs hEr pRoBlEm 😂 Lmfaooo

  • Azul Gonzalez
    Azul Gonzalez Hour ago

    Can You jump in water



  • frances
    frances Hour ago

    Wait, omg Is Paul the one saying PUN ????

  • Helen mel
    Helen mel Hour ago

    Roni says " wow......I'm happy" everyone In the background "wow....... Roni is happy

  • Mackenzie Crider

    5:12 thank me later

  • De Leon
    De Leon Hour ago

    Why is Vanessa so gorgeous...

  • purple panda
    purple panda Hour ago

    Team rony veronica

  • { pink }
    { pink } Hour ago

    This made me SOOOOOOO hungry Now I want pizza and s’mores 😩😩😩

  • Oakley Verse
    Oakley Verse Hour ago

    Vanessa is 2 inches taller than me lol and im 10

  • rojetel tangharo

    Iloveyou roniiii💕😍

  • Cecilia E thomas

    He do more with the alex wasabi

  • Sahl Ustad
    Sahl Ustad Hour ago

    Twin my heart EP 1

  • frances
    frances Hour ago

    This quality is just 😍👌🏻

  • Sofia Stitch
    Sofia Stitch Hour ago

    2019 anyone??????

  • Bri Ford
    Bri Ford Hour ago

    That’s why I’m glad I’m not lactose intolerant

  • Ninja Donkey
    Ninja Donkey Hour ago

    Your below

  • MummkeyGirl
    MummkeyGirl Hour ago

    When they say "hey Google" my phone went crazy. I enjoy your channel and can't wait to see who you were matched with on awesomeness tv. 😄

  • Shawna Fritzsche

    when they said they started their channel in 2009! i was like "i was born in 2009 (now they are almost at 5m subs waaaa what

  • Natalie Ewing
    Natalie Ewing Hour ago

    Guys, they are FERTERNAL TWINS. I can easily tell them apart! Is this true? If it isn't please let me know.

  • FROSTED 77
    FROSTED 77 Hour ago

    7:52 Noah bee lol I cant stop laughing

  • Zombie Licious
    Zombie Licious Hour ago

    At 5:04 what kind of pose is that.....the What to do Squat??

  • Moon Puppy
    Moon Puppy Hour ago

    It’s easy to tell you two apart

  • Yara Abdulsatttar
    Yara Abdulsatttar 2 hours ago

    I did the hairbrush one I heard it myself

  • Janna M
    Janna M 2 hours ago

    if you guys know about the show on Awesomeness TV, please don't let go of Brandon!!

  • Linsay Narvaez
    Linsay Narvaez 2 hours ago

    This is for your sketch idea... James is Peter Pan and Veronica or Vanessa (Whoever wants to) is Wendy and Tiger is Stinkerbell. Aaron or your dad is Captain Cook. James: Come to Cleverland with me, Wendy! Wendy: Wait! But... I must put my shoes on! James: Ok, but think happy thoughts too! Wendy: Like putting on my shoes? James: Yeah, sure. By the way, this is my friend Stinkerbell! James motions to Tiger James: Stinkerbell likes to be called Tiger ‘cause that’s his actual name and this is all a skit! Wendy: Ok, no problem! But what about the lost boys? James: What are you talking about? There are no lost boys! Only lost toys! See? Teddy bears and stuffed animals are in corner Wendy: Cool! Can we go now? James: Yes, but first we’ll need some dog bone dust! James takes Dog bone James: Here we gooooooo!!!! They are in Cleverland ( Woods or animated place on green screen) Wendy: So, is there like some sort of villain after you? Like Captain Hook? James: Who is that? The villain’s name is Captain Cook, and he is mad at me for knocking his alarm clock to a crocodile! A flashback in black and white is shown of James bumping into Captain Cook. Captain Cook: Nooooo! My alarm clock! I’ll get you for this! James: It was a difficult time back then. We had no free refills... Wendy: That’s it? Why can’t you just buy him a new one? James: An alarm clock or a drink refill? Wendy: Both! James: One or the other! I’m not made of money! Narrator: Later on... Wendy: Here is the great Peter Pan, here to give a speech about peace and stuff and an alarm clock! James: Sorry, man. Captain Cook: It’s OK, dude! Don’t worry about it! But you did come with a drink refill too, right? I tipped mine over when you bumped into me! I have’nt had a good Rootbeer in ages! James: Uh... Er... No? Captain Cook: Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!! THE END

  • Jazzy Jacob
    Jazzy Jacob 2 hours ago

    Rhino is cute

  • Gisele Frederic
    Gisele Frederic 2 hours ago


  • MonicaWalters
    MonicaWalters 2 hours ago

    Ok look here Vanessa. Do not go for Brandon. Here’s my reasoning... Brandon is a bad guy and not just the bad boy look but he won’t treat you right. Ik you like the bad boy look so here’s my proposition. JAY PARK🙂 Hes a bad boy, he’s sexy, he’s loyal, he’s sexy, he’s perfect for youuuu. Thank you for your time🙂

    LUIS LARIOS 2 hours ago

    You should do rice with bannan just cut bannan and put it on the rice

  • t e p h i i u
    t e p h i i u 2 hours ago

    9:26 mood everyday in the morning

  • Afifa Amra
    Afifa Amra 2 hours ago

    How much did you guys laugh after doing these😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kary's sweet creations

    Im the lorax and i speak for the pumpkins

  • Oscar Ramo
    Oscar Ramo 2 hours ago

    9:57 high key Paul is laughing in the background and has been there the whole time

  • Oscar Ramo
    Oscar Ramo 2 hours ago

    8:49 but you could say that it's a beautiful disaster

  • Scarlets Asmr
    Scarlets Asmr 2 hours ago

    Torteya and peanut butter also banana

  • t e p h i i u
    t e p h i i u 2 hours ago

    The 1k dislikes are the salty fishermen who didn't catch a mermaid.

  • Laisa Moce
    Laisa Moce 2 hours ago

    Fake laugh is what you guys are good @

  • Manha Khan
    Manha Khan 2 hours ago


  • Sabrina Johns
    Sabrina Johns 2 hours ago the camera quality on this video is.......*drools*

  • Trevyn Lockhart
    Trevyn Lockhart 2 hours ago

    I vote for Vanessa

  • Talia Tenyah
    Talia Tenyah 2 hours ago

    she said set an ALARM not a TIMER but no hate. i still love you merrell twins

  • Dhruthi the Unicorn
    Dhruthi the Unicorn 2 hours ago

    Play 5:34 and 3:34 continuously after each other.

  • Maizy Barelmann
    Maizy Barelmann 2 hours ago

    Who elses phone went off when the said "haey google" 🤣

  • goku Johnson
    goku Johnson 2 hours ago

    Me:make it stop plz!!!!! Noooooo

  • Gaming With Bree
    Gaming With Bree 2 hours ago

    y’all look so different 😂 I really don’t understand how people confuse y’all

  • Leighton Dean
    Leighton Dean 2 hours ago

    the bring a pencil to school one cracked me up

    I LOVE PIGS AND PIE 2 hours ago

    Ok Vanessa listen I know you might be into bad guys...BUT BRANDON IS RUDE TO A LOT OF THE OTHER BOYS HES JUST PLAIN OUT SELF CENTERED

  • Hannah Stroh
    Hannah Stroh 2 hours ago

    OMG the never ind thing happens to be all the time because i have a deformed ear so i cat hear out of it and people will talk to me and i say "what" and they just say never mind

  • Charlize Lemusu
    Charlize Lemusu 2 hours ago


  • billie eilish fan Roblox

    The song should be called "wrong twin" lmao

  • Joslin Baxter
    Joslin Baxter 3 hours ago

    It's a Beautiful Disaster!!!!

  • Joslin Baxter
    Joslin Baxter 3 hours ago

    The marshmallow looks like a pillow.

  • zye che
    zye che 3 hours ago

    Go back to get thier reactions and to know if they notice that u switched or not🤣💕

  • minecraft 101
    minecraft 101 3 hours ago


  • Mary jaen Tanudra
    Mary jaen Tanudra 3 hours ago

    Ilike you two 😍😍

  • Savannah Oney
    Savannah Oney 3 hours ago

    21:00 “yours is so good”. “no it’s not”. “look at mine” the painting: boo. nessa: nohh

  • Happy Life
    Happy Life 3 hours ago

    What about iPhone exaviar

  • angel fam
    angel fam 3 hours ago

    I stared watching them1 year ago AAron new her for 3 and I don't get them mixed up

  • Mala Pravong
    Mala Pravong 3 hours ago

    Pomme de terre means potato in french

  • Hannah Stromberg
    Hannah Stromberg 3 hours ago

    Who else saw at the very beginning she looked at her wrist like there was a watch

  • Angela Domingo
    Angela Domingo 3 hours ago

    LOL! So going to be one of these for Halloween... ( Great Ideas tho... )

  • Yasmeen Saleh
    Yasmeen Saleh 3 hours ago

    Everyone: I love s’mores Me: Um... Never had any before 😢

  • rachel park
    rachel park 3 hours ago

    Message is going to win

  • Turan Hoque
    Turan Hoque 3 hours ago

    They broke up. Sad

  • Tatyana Blanchard
    Tatyana Blanchard 3 hours ago

    This was amazing 😀😀😁😁💖💖😊😉💕💙💙