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  • BlackPage#3
    BlackPage#3 2 hours ago

    They tried to rip Andrews legs off too but all the sweat washed them away.

  • Faux Shizle
    Faux Shizle 2 hours ago

    The "watchout" monkey has a Haircut & a RUBBER BAND in his hair. These BBC videos are so damn FAKE. @1:35

  • Isahaq Yusuf
    Isahaq Yusuf 2 hours ago

    Beautiful looking birds

  • Red Ninja1915
    Red Ninja1915 2 hours ago

    2:12 Haven't heard that before.. 😢😂

  • lightrocket2
    lightrocket2 2 hours ago


  • Marcin Kuleta
    Marcin Kuleta 2 hours ago

    Or not.

  • Cronchy Boi
    Cronchy Boi 2 hours ago

    I bet if we give the crow species generations to thrive if still around at the time; maybe we will get bird men and women with years of evolution.

  • Land Before Time 75
    Land Before Time 75 2 hours ago

    That’s a excellent question and beautiful as well.

  • Alexander Estrada Garcia

    i know right

  • Pretty Prudent
    Pretty Prudent 2 hours ago

    Somehow, I never think of flamingos as “flying birds”. It’s weird to see them fly.

  • gift kahmi
    gift kahmi 2 hours ago

    1:34 that just look nasty

  • The Opinionist
    The Opinionist 2 hours ago

    People say pigeons are from the FBI, but today I think Lyre birds come from them.

  • Swathi Raj ri
    Swathi Raj ri 2 hours ago


  • Meh Rin
    Meh Rin 2 hours ago

    Omg yesterday in our city quetta, Here was a lot of grasshopper it was the first time that I saw like many grasshopper im really scared of this things n we call it ملخ

  • Parker Haines
    Parker Haines 2 hours ago

    What’s this song doe it be fire

  • DND SKipper
    DND SKipper 2 hours ago

    0:20 everyone in WWII watching Germany

  • GrumpetteJV
    GrumpetteJV 2 hours ago

    We Dutchies have red squirrels. My mum has them in her garden, so cute.

  • Akhiro Ilaali
    Akhiro Ilaali 2 hours ago

    If in kenya lions must go asylum seekers to neighboring countries Tanzania before sunrise

  • Zoom Boi
    Zoom Boi 2 hours ago

    *when ants eat tissues on december 1st*

  • Ravi Shankar
    Ravi Shankar 2 hours ago

    Random blip or the almighty evolution ?!

  • Cronchy Boi
    Cronchy Boi 2 hours ago

    girls locker room: not a single female. Boys locker room: "lyre bird imitations"

  • Akhiro Ilaali
    Akhiro Ilaali 3 hours ago

    I feel sorry for the lions they don't know what they are doing, dealing humans

  • Dizzle without an R
    Dizzle without an R 3 hours ago

    "The champion has beaten off the challenger" c'mon now

  • Rachel Hanna
    Rachel Hanna 3 hours ago

    Listen to Elton John's Funeral for a Friend while watching. You're welcome

  • Subwoofer
    Subwoofer 3 hours ago

    How many shrimp do they have to eat, before they make their skin turn pink?

  • Yohanes Montol
    Yohanes Montol 3 hours ago

    that narrator's voice tho. epic

  • CD Freak
    CD Freak 3 hours ago

    Short time video, it is a pity.... 🧐😎

  • PKMKB Nahi Hai
    PKMKB Nahi Hai 3 hours ago

    Food for the wolves

  • h Chandra
    h Chandra 3 hours ago

    Video idea *TheXvid* CREATORS make a video on using 🐈 s *whiskers* as guitar strings `~`

    NRIMO ING PANDUM 3 hours ago


  • h Chandra
    h Chandra 3 hours ago

    Why the f* i m watching a *Cat* move his dang whiskers @ 2 in the morning

  • Jude UK
    Jude UK 3 hours ago

    Yo David where u at

  • Mya G
    Mya G 3 hours ago

    my question is, how do they know who’s who? they’re all the same.. and it’s not like they’re wearing team shirts.. 🤔

  • Neilton Farias Filho

    Thank you BBC I love Flamingos 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 muito obrigado !

  • Finn Niggemann
    Finn Niggemann 3 hours ago

    Hum🤪 Didn't know what to comment because of BAUM

  • Ph Ha
    Ph Ha 3 hours ago


  • Thriller
    Thriller 3 hours ago

    Трогательно! 👍

  • Lashar Kahy
    Lashar Kahy 3 hours ago

    🌓🌚🔒🔇 باستگن 💊💉➗➕🗺کنگیین 🌎 وتی

  • dutty red
    dutty red 3 hours ago

    So,are they born pink,?

  • K Boodhun
    K Boodhun 3 hours ago

    Anyone else wanna know with what camera this was filmed?

  • N.C Linklater
    N.C Linklater 3 hours ago

    Held on the rack the queen is drawn and quartered 😎✌️

  • Antonia Desormeaux
    Antonia Desormeaux 3 hours ago

    They're obvs dying to chew on that rubber boot, and I'd let them

  • Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan

    Sebab tak kuning/hijau atupun warna lain, sebab itulah warna pink...kan?..hahaha,next...ada lagi warna lain yang belum ditemui,jenis ni pun banyak...kaji la...

  • Navaliden N
    Navaliden N 3 hours ago

    Everyone’s ignoring the fact that the camera guy is obviously ant-man. How else would he film in the nest? HMMMM

  • panfriedd
    panfriedd 3 hours ago

    so a flamingo raised on a commercial diet would lose its pink colouration?

  • This Channel
    This Channel 3 hours ago

    Controversial view: I think the film crew are stalking the bears

  • Christa Q
    Christa Q 3 hours ago


  • mister_chlour
    mister_chlour 3 hours ago

    why she does not wear kilt?

  • Mzu5000 Mzu
    Mzu5000 Mzu 3 hours ago

    Because they like some bloodbath literally😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤔🤔🙀😅😢😟😟😐🤨

  • yan li
    yan li 3 hours ago

    Bugs vs humans bug ;-;

  • Abdullah Ibrahim Habhab

    Because God created them like they are.

  • Didaka D
    Didaka D 3 hours ago

    That last frame when one one of the penguins fell was pretty funny.

  • lord_xyloz doom's day

    Isn't he that dude that yeeted a sloth into the mouth of a cheetah thingy? Like i think he straight up killed a sloth

  • Affiliatemarketingcourses

    Its a bit like an evolved tree Bat,that cant fly

  • Latika Wagh
    Latika Wagh 3 hours ago

    wait...did they mention asia???

  • asha bright
    asha bright 3 hours ago

    7 !?

  • Reday
    Reday 3 hours ago

    its getting closer to hoverboards and flying cars :D

  • DJ D
    DJ D 3 hours ago

    Allah o Akbar 💜

  • Mike Clampitt
    Mike Clampitt 3 hours ago

    Really wonderful.....the bbc making some decent content.....and no climate alarmism for once

  • Reday
    Reday 3 hours ago

    slug : *exists* driver ants : its free real estate

  • Ricky Cantu
    Ricky Cantu 3 hours ago

    Wow, praise God!! Even wildlife reflects the order of God's system for servitude and helping eachother!

  • Sim Roysten
    Sim Roysten 3 hours ago

    Steve can speak indonesian well.

  • Elernation
    Elernation 3 hours ago

    oh, how pleasant. now i have spider and ant phobias

  • Ethius Eximius
    Ethius Eximius 3 hours ago

    Tasty bacon 🥓🥓🥓😜

  • The Script Writer
    The Script Writer 3 hours ago

    Wonderful footage, tho in truth I was hoping for a little more scientific detail. Flamingos are beautiful.

  • exorientelux
    exorientelux 3 hours ago

    The white cutie just needs somebody to play with. I am realy concerned about the bear. If you want to eat fresh food, you don't take it out of a can ;-)

  • Sucking the Slurpee
    Sucking the Slurpee 3 hours ago

    Time to yeet them into the water where they should actually belong

  • Global Citizen
    Global Citizen 3 hours ago

    Wow!! Just wow!!

  • Dr Ram Banerjee
    Dr Ram Banerjee 3 hours ago

    Physical mind always attracted by nature

  • Katherine Uribe
    Katherine Uribe 3 hours ago

    The red squirrel is a beautiful species! I love the tufts on their ears! So freaking cute!💕🐿💕

  • Strong Black Panther

    Man that’s gotta be the Fastest Alliance Team on the African Savannah!!!! No one can get away from them.

  • HarlemGirlLost87
    HarlemGirlLost87 4 hours ago

    Now I have to watch The Lion King! Look what yahll done did 😭

  • Anis Junior
    Anis Junior 4 hours ago

    Poor chick 😞

  • snakesandsticks
    snakesandsticks 4 hours ago

    Two endangered species, both persecuted to the brink of extinction for no other reason than humans wanting to take more.

  • HarlemGirlLost87
    HarlemGirlLost87 4 hours ago


  • Only Death Decides
    Only Death Decides 4 hours ago

    I just ordered 2 books by Stephen L. Brusatte and can't wait to read them, it's amazing imaging Earth once had such an wonderful life forms!

  • Patrik
    Patrik 4 hours ago

    Lizard: Go away flies, this fat seal is under my protection! Sea Lion: I love this tiny lizard

  • Hyraladen T
    Hyraladen T 4 hours ago

    Will this series soon come to Netflix

    • OOF
      OOF 3 hours ago

      Hyraladen T no probs not

  • Anis Junior
    Anis Junior 4 hours ago

    Thank you ducks

  • Sen Ben
    Sen Ben 4 hours ago

    Also they got beautiful faces

  • Angelo Loki
    Angelo Loki 4 hours ago

    parece meus amigos quando bebem ;-;

  • Gel Kelly
    Gel Kelly 4 hours ago


  • Darius Carter
    Darius Carter 4 hours ago

    Yea someone definitely tipped them off

  • Linda M
    Linda M 4 hours ago

    Such beautiful majestic creatures. Love flamingos. Nice information I was curious about it. Ty

  • Positive Echo
    Positive Echo 4 hours ago

    Is this David Tennant? This is David Tennant, isn’t it.

    BONGANI SYANDA 4 hours ago

    I hunt like this but using dogs whole day from South African kwanyuswa kowosiyane

  • Danny Sullivan edmonton12345

    eps 7 is great

  • iplyrunescape305
    iplyrunescape305 4 hours ago

    This is like real life with war and shit.. but the caves thinh also reminds me of Fallout. The Vaults.

  • kiwi fitz
    kiwi fitz 4 hours ago

    That bear is *beautiful*

  • Demond Smith
    Demond Smith 4 hours ago

    I’m getting Hunter X Hunter vibes 😭😂

  • Chela Huera
    Chela Huera 4 hours ago

    This is just too adorable ❤

  • Glenn
    Glenn 4 hours ago

    Did I search for this? No. Did I stay and watch the entire thing? Absolutely.

  • Father Gabriel Stokes

    Where do I sign?

  • Toastie
    Toastie 4 hours ago

    Oh shit bro i dare you go charge that human bro

  • Matt
    Matt 4 hours ago

    What made him that that was a good idea. Good thing natural selection didn't take its course.

  • Positive Echo
    Positive Echo 4 hours ago

    Damn it BBC! Go clean up your mess. Don’t trust BBC Earth. BBC Earth is a$$hole.

  • ridhwan abdul sathar

    See how beautifully God has created everything??😍🥰👍 Exciting..! And truly captivating!!

    • dalethefarmer
      dalethefarmer 4 hours ago

      @Picohan He misspelled Earth

    • Picohan
      Picohan 4 hours ago

      *Evolution rather than god

  • Giancarlo Spizzirri
    Giancarlo Spizzirri 4 hours ago

    Was I the only one who thought flamingos can't fly??

  • Cintrón Productions

    🎶Go go flamingo! Go go flamingo! Go go flamingo! Go go GOOOO!!!!🎶