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  • Jenny Jenny
    Jenny Jenny 7 hours ago

    This is my home Budadiri help us persons responsible

  • Cathy Vickie
    Cathy Vickie 7 hours ago

    I think important in a relationship is to be your self, open and honest. If unable to apply above it’s better to lead a single life than one full of lies!

  • Herman
    Herman 7 hours ago

    Twagala Bobbie ssi Besigye!!

  • tuforu4
    tuforu4 8 hours ago


  • Oloya Xavier
    Oloya Xavier 9 hours ago


  • Arinda Allen
    Arinda Allen 9 hours ago

    H/m wow

  • okoth charles
    okoth charles 9 hours ago

    Well be back thank you c

  • Amaholo Daine
    Amaholo Daine 9 hours ago

    Congrats 🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬

  • prossy Nakamyuka
    prossy Nakamyuka 9 hours ago

    Please mrs kadaga take action not only words thanks though

  • Samuel Mujuni
    Samuel Mujuni 10 hours ago

    This is a challenge to the youth. 26 years of poultry farming. Kudos🕵🏽

  • tuforu4
    tuforu4 10 hours ago


  • Nampa Mackie
    Nampa Mackie 11 hours ago

    Wawo nice voice, happy Christmas and happy new year 2020 thou miss my home.

  • Harriet Bridget
    Harriet Bridget 11 hours ago

    Happy to see u again GNL

  • Mubiru Shanam
    Mubiru Shanam 12 hours ago

    Panda big up

  • Omutsyaba Ndi
    Omutsyaba Ndi 13 hours ago

    Thet fought and lost to togikwatako. Next time they will pay in good kind. tukagikwatoho bachura emikira bagibinda.

  • Desmond James
    Desmond James 13 hours ago

    Beautiful and natural African race!!! I love it!

  • Kinungu Brian Robert
    Kinungu Brian Robert 14 hours ago

    Am sorry to say this, whoever is allowing this to go on has lost some sense. Some people just make decisions in bid to make money. If Murchison falls goes the whole park wil be useless because at the moment its boring. The falls have been one thing that kills boredom. Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu i wish you could remember the words you used to tell us as young ones. Please grandpa wake up and leave for us something natural. Mr Kiwanda where is the strong smile you gave me as you told me alot on Tulambule? FOR GOD'S SAKE IAM FAILING TO UNDERSTAND YOU. Karuma is soon going, now if Murchison falls goes what are we really left with? some of you make decisions for money but you forget the future. You only start crying foul when you loose. Iam watching.

  • Janet Okero
    Janet Okero 14 hours ago

    national or regional?

  • Wzley Jcks
    Wzley Jcks 14 hours ago

    Look at this stupid Akena. His own wife, that fat Amongin, minister for lands is one of the most corrupt people. He's a beneficiary of her corruption therefore he should piss off.

  • Alex Amanya
    Alex Amanya 15 hours ago

    Manuella,can you do also one on Mwasuze mutya in Luganda

  • Daikbah Daoudos
    Daikbah Daoudos 15 hours ago


  • tawanda masumbika ncube

    I, as a young man bright and talented in both the academic and sporting aspects. during my exam period, i, believe i lacked a father figure to give direction. i was all over doing this and that- why not start make money with a gurantee of you track record of performance. i had calculate my eggs before 'ey hatched, although, i don't regret.

  • Kampala Take Away
    Kampala Take Away 17 hours ago

    1:50 a soldier is stopped by police from damaging besigyes Car🤔 thank you Police , your say was heard, to me thats alittle progress, Kati why dont you let him go to where he wants to go🤔 he is not armed, not violet 🤔 i wish you explain this kind of actions. Journalist lwaki you dont Show how besigyes Garden was destroyed🤔

  • Joyce Carthy
    Joyce Carthy 17 hours ago

    This corruption has gone too deep that having the young replace the prior may not work. Actually the younger generation think that it’s just another form of governance. He’s grown up giving something or being given something in order to do for you something. It’s actually deep rooted and this process could take two other generations to curb it. What is important is to start fighting it now, our great grand children will read it somewhere that it once existed, the fight against it was started and now we benefit .....

  • Alec Muhoho
    Alec Muhoho 17 hours ago

    General Tumwine you are an inspirational leader keep it up. Happy to watch your life story 2019

  • tawanda masumbika ncube

    a wedding is just a celebration, as a man i wouldn't mind a lady financing it . however, the pride price is another to pay for. in other words , traditionally, the ability of man to pay for bride price creates a picture- on the ability for a man to take care of his wife. great engaging show that is informing us as future man & husband(s) in society...

  • Ainebyoona Jill
    Ainebyoona Jill 18 hours ago

    Joseph Kabuleta's arguments are subjective. Am connecting the dots to Zoe and him kissing the prophet's feet.

  • Moses Ogenyi TV
    Moses Ogenyi TV 19 hours ago


  • Oloya Xavier
    Oloya Xavier 19 hours ago

    Hibiscus 'Malakwang' is it Chef, YOU NAILED IT.

  • Wasswa Peterson
    Wasswa Peterson 20 hours ago

    Stop lying u have enough evidence to arrest corrupt officials but instead u protect them

  • Kevin Tsepo
    Kevin Tsepo 20 hours ago

    Their poor at heart

  • Kevin Tsepo
    Kevin Tsepo 20 hours ago

    Indians are not investers no no those guys their will never develop the country only to milk up our country i see them here in South African

  • Kevin Tsepo
    Kevin Tsepo 20 hours ago

    Chinese are like indians its bullshit

  • abcd xyz
    abcd xyz 21 hour ago

    Rip bambi

  • Sedi Shaka
    Sedi Shaka 21 hour ago

    Joshua cheptegei, thank you Sir

  • Vincent RweryaC
    Vincent RweryaC 23 hours ago

    Thank u Ssabarwanyi okakoze people are behind u The turn up is big

  • alexandre da silva
    alexandre da silva 23 hours ago

    Confusion of da highes Orda!

  • Bereket Gde
    Bereket Gde 23 hours ago

    As much as I love and respect Uganda and ugandans, I'm afraid the cancer of corruption is in it's late stage in Uganda. Having lived in Uganda b/n 2010-14, I have developed a deep affection to Uganda and Ugandans call it my second home. Corruption, however, is deeply ingrained in the culture and is not shame anymore. Having said that I wish you success in your effort! Your Eritrean brother from the USA.

  • THE UPDATE sure deal

    I hear no take photos ... idiot 🖕🖕

  • Okello Okello
    Okello Okello Day ago


  • Nkonge Mohamed

    This muzeyi has for 34yrs talked about the challenges of Africa but has provided no solutions. Kyewunyisa

  • Superior Vena
    Superior Vena Day ago

    this tiny dinka lookin donkey doodoo, the clip shows zaake going viral all over nawangwa's face, he looks like an illiterate thief

  • kisegerwa micheal

    We really miss you

  • daniel outa
    daniel outa Day ago

    Watching live from Newton

  • kakumba bovian

    True legend

  • Deus Atuzariirwe

    John is good and real

  • Prince
    Prince Day ago

    Definitely he was poisoned stop hitting around the Bush we all know who did this to him its Sevo,they poisoned him on a microphone in some radio station...we are tired of killing our pple 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Lola Femme fatale

    She is so beautiful she has flawless skin and beautiful teeth beautiful cheekbones

  • niwarinda Dennis

    Please ladies are two many thus we need to balance them through marrying one another.

  • Samuel Ssozi
    Samuel Ssozi Day ago

    Why can't the president send orders from above to arrest, & imprison corrupt officials who are well known to him. They should lose their offices because they have turned him into an inefficient leader. A pinch of salt can make milk to cuddle. He is the head of the house, & should know where the house is leaking.

  • community Based Rehabilitation Network TL CBRN-TL

    He is one of right men in Uganda

  • Irene Nabitaka

    Uganda must train many people on the health sector. You know the peoblem. People must have health insurance.

  • Cyrus Kisitu
    Cyrus Kisitu Day ago

    Omu bwati haters hang up

  • G
    G Day ago

    for goodness sake get those european wigs off

  • alex tunak
    alex tunak Day ago

    VOTE BOBI 2021

  • Tyra Mirembe
    Tyra Mirembe Day ago

    Am watching

  • Take That
    Take That Day ago

    Deforestation right!!?

  • Treasure Jennah

    Kibadeki kino ki bosco

  • kabuubi hamuran

    Age is eating mr president..walai he should indeed rest ..yena akoze nokukoga

  • Mboowa Abdu
    Mboowa Abdu Day ago

    Once and forever he talks the truth

  • Kevin Tsepo
    Kevin Tsepo Day ago

    Thats my president

  • Mark Atuhaire
    Mark Atuhaire Day ago

    it was a walk of shame!!!!! fellow Ugandans let us own our redemption

  • Stephen kabya
    Stephen kabya Day ago

    Lawd, we have come a long way considering that fourth years ago you could hardly see a female trainer on a field training men!!

  • Umar Khayam
    Umar Khayam Day ago

    Sukhitu Hottu sahabat Sedhamma Uganda... Amitabha..

  • Eritrea first
    Eritrea first Day ago


  • kirabo israel
    kirabo israel Day ago

    This issue should not be zerode to a matter of two people. In fact parliament has given a useless issue time that it gave to a public issue. Parliament wake up work for the people not a person.

  • Rockelectronic Tech

    So funny

  • Rockelectronic Tech


  • Awobe Lamera
    Awobe Lamera Day ago

    My goodness!!!! Where did you learn your interview skills? Let the man tell the story you brought him in the show to tell? Are you the Spanish inquisition? It is like you are finding out information for the enemy! Let the man talk. Keep you awe to yourself and let the man talk. Jeez Ugandan interviewers !!!! You totally diverted him. This man is a trumpet!!!! Let him sound out. So disgusted.

  • martin mugula
    martin mugula Day ago

    I give respect where's due! Mr. GNL you deserve respect man!

  • Kiggundu Rebecca

    Wama Gnl thnx for selling our lunganda and Eddy Kenzo was telling us mbu wa wesitusiza luganda😂😂

  • Darcia Mbaye
    Darcia Mbaye Day ago

    Excellent, thanks for being here. Stay blessed.

  • Mugabo Hudson
    Mugabo Hudson Day ago

    Look at this guy mbu nae hes an mp gwe u soon fallin down ,respect people thy wil respect u too

    • kirabo israel
      kirabo israel Day ago

      Some of you I think you even don't understand the cuase of struggling. Just because you have never reached makerere like the minister and her children doesn't mean that you go on spreading your ignorance. You being a musoga doesn't mean you stop thinking. Start reasoning don't pull out your ignorance

  • Gozfin Gozfinee

    May God have mercy

  • Lukisa Joram
    Lukisa Joram Day ago

    God bless her

  • Davi Oliveira
    Davi Oliveira Day ago

    Tem que traduzir para o português 🇧🇷

  • Josephine Beibz


  • Olivia Tamale
    Olivia Tamale Day ago

    Zake oli musilu nyo please respect people you need to leave Parliament with immediate effect.

  • Kampala Take Away

    When are we holding moments of silence to remember those who innocently died at the hands of guns, slaverly, violence, HIV victims, Ebola, the entebbe girls, when, why do we forget our own vulnerables🤔🤔 Each time a service is held, money rains in church but they dont pay taxes. That money is from no one but people


    Uganda u wait u will see what happens next....these guys are creaminals...... Uganda shall not shade blood in Jesus's name.....

  • Kharol
    Kharol Day ago

    I don't think this walk is necessary because we are all aware that corruption heavily exists in our country. Only harsh punishments like ☠ can save Uganda from corruption

  • Mawale Kiwajji

    the best

  • Aisha Prossy
    Aisha Prossy Day ago

    so sad 😢😢

  • Christopher Bukko

    Hon.Zaake is right as the matter in Parliament should focus on Tuition increament. However,as always there is a scape goat to decept the public.


    Congs to the fourth Estate, Where's the Uganda Breweries LTD Corporate affairs Officer Onapito 🙌🤙

  • tawanda masumbika ncube

    communication is very vital in intercourse, knowing how to use your gun effectively is very important (be it a propeller or 9mm). of course a bigger gun comes with greater power, but equally a 9mm can be a suicide bomb if rightfully used...

  • Alamad Alamad
    Alamad Alamad Day ago


  • becky brenda
    becky brenda Day ago

    I really like this Manuela, keep on going my dia.

  • espanyovest junipapa

    This boy has no respect and he will soon fall

  • becky brenda
    becky brenda Day ago

    I really like this Manuela, keep on going my dia.

  • becky brenda
    becky brenda Day ago

    I really like this Manuela, keep on going my dia.

  • Ochola Ismail
    Ochola Ismail Day ago

    So sorry guys in silonko

    AFRICAN LADY Day ago

    🤔🤔🤔 police

  • Ssekate Henry
    Ssekate Henry Day ago


  • tash kiby
    tash kiby Day ago

    Please officer we want to know who ordered for the killing and why. We can’t always fear to go back to our homes because of such cases. And how will these two get justice

  • Ssekate Henry
    Ssekate Henry Day ago

    She's having Uganda accent

  • megayega
    megayega Day ago

    This happens every year! If obvious people need to move from there enough is enough

  • Fazy Barm
    Fazy Barm Day ago

    Oooh God have mercy upon my village pipo......May they souls rest in peace........

  • nantale aminah

    Very nice big up John black

  • Reality platform

    The corrupt mafia are freezing the entire suffering economy with a walk of shame? How shameful They should be walking collecting money they themselves have stolen.