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  • Mohammed Thabet
    Mohammed Thabet 10 minutes ago

    Hi Mexican vs Russian will see hard time 😇😇

  • Bryant Mungo
    Bryant Mungo 12 minutes ago

    MIKE TYSON's #1 Hater

  • Bryant Mungo
    Bryant Mungo 13 minutes ago

    I KNOW we all get OLD eventually, but i pray to GOD my Throat area dont ever get like TEDDY's dammit !!!! :(

  • Grindmode Florida
    Grindmode Florida 25 minutes ago

    I can see a upset fuck that spence too big to strong talk he aint walk through mikey damn sure aint gone walk through porter

  • Westside of Corpus Christi


  • Westside of Corpus Christi


  • Aldrin Peralta
    Aldrin Peralta 39 minutes ago


  • Dre Ticivism
    Dre Ticivism 40 minutes ago

    TKO 8th round bye shawn

  • Aldrin Peralta
    Aldrin Peralta 41 minute ago


  • Nate HIggers
    Nate HIggers 42 minutes ago

    Canelo wins by bodyshot Tko you heard here first

  • Gilmore Adventures
    Gilmore Adventures 42 minutes ago

    Easy Work for Bud this one.

  • Alonso Valdez
    Alonso Valdez 44 minutes ago

    Does eneybody know the name of the song that starts at 5:36

  • Abu Kayooyo
    Abu Kayooyo 51 minute ago

    Wow i can the Professor Azumah Nelson

  • Joshua Marquez
    Joshua Marquez 57 minutes ago

    Bad move for both canelo and ryan garcia

  • Carol Tagle
    Carol Tagle Hour ago

    So slow for pacman...

  • armand acosta
    armand acosta Hour ago

    Porter looked horrible against Ugas no way he will beat Spence


    Alot of snowflake boxing fans .. this was obviously banter ... these men know and respect each other.. 2019 men have become real bitchy .. who actually believe Gary has I'll intent to the mans father . Smh

  • WorkHard PlayHard

    Hey Gary i like u but Leo Santa Cruz gone fuck u up for this. Hes already a bad man in the ring now u wanna piss him off smh #YouKnowYouDoneFuckedUpRight

  • marlonious76
    marlonious76 Hour ago

    Action fighters dont need to say much. I'm expecting a FOTY candidate with Spence Vs Porter.

  • Ryan Koster
    Ryan Koster Hour ago

    Logan is too sure of himself Connor will kill him

  • Albert Oliver
    Albert Oliver Hour ago

    Another fool that thinks cuz he's black he can get away with anything

  • midnight17 daydreamer

    This guy is overrated

  • reality bites
    reality bites Hour ago

    You can tell Mike Tyson is on medication

    MrSQUMP Hour ago

    I worry for Miller - It looks like the kid is still suffering from roid rage

  • icecreaman2010
    icecreaman2010 Hour ago

    canelo has to take his steroids. And canelo please dont give us the business about you having some bad bad meat. I'll never pay to see Canelo fight. I dont like that kind of cheating he has done.

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen Hour ago

    Has everyone lost their minds or is everyone pretending that Conor was never a fookin fighter? Yeah he lost his last two fights, but to go around thinking everyone and their grandma can beat Conor is fucking stupid. He is a real fighter and athlete at the end of the day. So can all these jabronis stop calling out Conor. Go back and look at all his fights and stop this madness.

  • Albert Oliver
    Albert Oliver Hour ago

    That a******* was so disrespectful

  • Hogan Incredible

    Fight to our another pride Mark Magsayo 🇵🇭

  • Phil Newhouse
    Phil Newhouse Hour ago

    All these dumb haters “DC cheated!!! He poked his eye!!!!” Seriously? When DC man handles Stipe in the trilogy what are you losers gonna say? I’m from Cleveland and am a huge Stile fan btw.

  • tony ceron
    tony ceron Hour ago

    No puedo creer k este señor entrenava a triple G, y apostaba a canelo k le ganara. Solo la jente traidora puede ser esto. Desde k canelo se vendio con Mayweather, eso ase k no sea un gran campeon mexicano

  • Anthony Webster
    Anthony Webster Hour ago

    Boxing fans are the worst for this type of shit. Someone is going to get seriously hurt one day.

  • A M
    A M Hour ago

    am I the only one who thinks Canelo is fighting out of his weight class. I mean come on kovalev is way taller but nobody sees that 🤔

  • jaquaime battie
    jaquaime battie Hour ago

    Bruh I know y’all saw the Kell brook fight stop playing with Spence bro , we coming for Canelo ass next y’all think this shit sweet we want everybody fuck u mean! Y’all just some haters

  • Itsthemuscledad
    Itsthemuscledad 2 hours ago

    bon thought pac would resign with him when they robbed him. same thing happened when they ronned pac in the first bradley fight. pacs cpntract was about to expire to they robbed pac so pac wpuld resign for the rematch. om glad pac realised that

    DEADLOCK GAMING 2 hours ago

    The end of Logan Paul is near. RIP in advance ☹

  • Isa J
    Isa J 2 hours ago

    Leo ain't fighting you anymore.

  • Blickey
    Blickey 2 hours ago

    Typical fucking low IQ inbred mentality. This guy is a fucking deluded fuck. Can't stand the cunt. LOMA ENDED YOU

  • Reg Rangihuna
    Reg Rangihuna 2 hours ago

    Disrespectful person must of been drunk or had a gun stashed in his stockings, Jarrel Miller's a good fighter admits his mistakes, that lardass fan needs to get in the ring with him, get a slap lmao

  • Dan R
    Dan R 2 hours ago

    Finished? He just knocked out a Knock out sensation 18 -0 with 17 KO'S . Don't look finish to me.

  • konpoy
    konpoy 2 hours ago

    Shut the fuck up! You should go teach Physical Education in Middle School, you old fart!!! Golovkin was just as good before he ever met you thanks to natural ability and Soviet boxing fundamentals and Kovalev never gave a fuck about any of his trainers boozing during his training camps before McGirt got'em!.... And you gonna talk about yourself developing killers like that??? Who have you taught how to box??? NOBODY!!!! CAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT BOXING!!! And that's coming from a russian boxing fan...

  • Angrut
    Angrut 2 hours ago

    They're like little kids

  • Mrcheesehead B
    Mrcheesehead B 2 hours ago

    Pbc ( Haymon) has been neglecting this fighter for a looooong time , sad that he has to get attention in this matter. And we have these pbc man fans on YT saying how great the Pbc is and how Crawford has to join them to get what he wants . Russell a clear example of reality in the pbc . As for Russell taking a video with Leo dad as disrespect y’all gay straight up . Russell has to turn to these tactics to get attention. Y’all gay ignorant fans out here beta “males” .

  • Jimmel Moreyno
    Jimmel Moreyno 2 hours ago

    Don't waste your time interviewing Teddy Atlas because it is already a well known fact that all his analysis has no credibility. He's a fucking shit and has no place in the boxing world😁

  • Ri Ph
    Ri Ph 2 hours ago


  • Jimmel Moreyno
    Jimmel Moreyno 2 hours ago

    Nobody believes in Teddy Atlas anymore. He has no credibility. He was always wrong with his boxing analysis whenever he is being interviewed. Why is it Mr. Marcus, that you are still giving so much attention with this IDIOT Atlas. Don't give him time anymore. He's fucking bullshit😡😁

  • Eden Alcantara
    Eden Alcantara 2 hours ago

    Beat Mayweather? He got knocked out twice! Hahaha. Fake News. Real World alright.

  • Rjsal 24
    Rjsal 24 2 hours ago

    Ggg was 36 and still in his prime when he fought canelo, so what difference does that make here with kovalev?

  • VeRsSaTiLe BEATZ
    VeRsSaTiLe BEATZ 2 hours ago

    Nah.. ion like how Errol throw da jab #V

  • Eden Alcantara
    Eden Alcantara 2 hours ago

    His 0? Is Jeff Horn kidding? He can't even beat Zerafa a second rated boxer in Australia. Hahaha

  • Love 8 Hate
    Love 8 Hate 2 hours ago

    Porter is a top 5 fighter.. Considering his resume, hes top 3 out there, next to Canelo n Pacquiao..

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams 2 hours ago

    WTF?? Where is the English LOL.

  • Mamun Rashid
    Mamun Rashid 2 hours ago

    Bernard always gives a intelligent boxing analysis.

  • Love 8 Hate
    Love 8 Hate 2 hours ago

    Porters so underrated.. One of the best resumes ever.. If he beats spence hes def top 3 p4p.. Canelo-Pacquiao-Porter

  • Music Music
    Music Music 2 hours ago

    Ward's real bias with crawford. Gamboa was an over rated fighter all this compared to floyd mayweather crap is ridiculous and very far fetched.

  • Adam Lees
    Adam Lees 3 hours ago

    Have respect?.where was millers respect for boxing or Joshua's health when he was pumping ped's into his system?.yeh we all make mistakes but there's some things you can't just brush over.He knew cheating is cheating.he knew going in more energised and enhanced puts greater risk on his opponent.there was no mistake there and because he's a good talker he's worming his way back into the spotlight as if all's been forgotten. He should have a 3 year ban and kept out of the picture to send the right message out.He lost his right to fame,privilege and media attention when he went down the cheats path.

  • Jepoy Mejico
    Jepoy Mejico 3 hours ago

    Teddy is a bear of mr.bean hahahaha

  • benshirlz Miller
    benshirlz Miller 3 hours ago

    Shawn drilling sharp. However you can't take the dog out of him. His style is forward with all guns blazing. I really dont think that's going to change once he's in the heat of it. He'll resort back to what he knows. All his precise jabs and timed counters are going out the window I guarantee. Spence will turn the heat up and pressure Porter into fighting out of instinct.

  • OsamaBin Butt
    OsamaBin Butt 3 hours ago

    Yes the fan could have been more respectful and careful since this is a trained fighter on top of that a heavyweight and on top of that us taken performance enhancers. But like I just typed he took performance enhancers not one but THREE different ones such as EPO which can only be taken through and injection this man is a hypocrite because he obviously thinks it’s better to cheat than win fairly and he is competing in a sport that people DIE in let that just sink in he’s a prick and obviously he will receive backlash for his actions

  • dmitriy pak
    dmitriy pak 3 hours ago

    loma schooled you.

  • Regiment Darkside
    Regiment Darkside 3 hours ago

    Porter Did enough to beat Thurman actually or it could of been a draw at least but I had Porter by split and he beat Danny And Danny isn't A Pushover ... BUT He Lost To AB Tho in my opinion this fight will be good and I see him hurting Spence. This will be a classic

    • Regiment Darkside
      Regiment Darkside Hour ago

      @Golden Child Respected Response. We will see tho, Even tho Noone Saw Ruiz Beating Anthony. To Me When Someone Shows Up To Fight That's What It Is A Fight. Tyson Also Got Beaten By Evander Twice Also Buster Beat Him Which Tyson Was Supposed to K.O Him As The Critics Thought, I Think Shawn Deserves More Credit In This Fight. If Spence Beat Him That Means He Was More Skilled I'm not Taken Anything away From Spence I Admire His Power.

    • Golden Child
      Golden Child Hour ago

      Hell naw brudda porter out worked AB and that Thurman vs porter fight should of been a draw hell of uh fight and the garcia fight was close also. Porter lost to Ugas but they gave it to porter. Spence vs porter will be interesting but I got man down

  • Blackelly 5
    Blackelly 5 3 hours ago

    This reminds me of the delusion you showed when Lomo beat you. Brother, you are the ignorant one if you can't see that what you did was at minimum, distasteful. 💯

  • Gregory Larry
    Gregory Larry 3 hours ago

    The Krusher. Best jab in boxing.

  • ps4 buhay
    ps4 buhay 3 hours ago

    this guys is better than teddy atlas

  • Jimmy florez
    Jimmy florez 3 hours ago

    Ruiz history hes a good boxer good puncher good Combinations and moves better than Joshua .. Lets be real

  • Lupus Noctis
    Lupus Noctis 3 hours ago

    Gvozdyk by TKO

  • clint45
    clint45 3 hours ago

    Congo looked like he had too much muscle in the Cain fight but he also did not look out of shape either. It didn't matter if Kongo was in shape because he didn't know how to handle the takedowns of Cain.

  • ps4 buhay
    ps4 buhay 3 hours ago

    teddy atlas predicts again nice man like pacman vs thurman very talkative guy

  • yeri Yalpi
    yeri Yalpi 3 hours ago

    i hate when clowns start to speak facts.

  • dallaskyd
    dallaskyd 3 hours ago

    Fight hub really trying to give kovalev tips

  • Tsal Eman
    Tsal Eman 3 hours ago

    I REALLY wonder if Canelo is intentionally restricting himself from learning English!)

  • Halfmoon Hill
    Halfmoon Hill 3 hours ago

    *Teddy you always give wrong predictions. Keith beats **#Manny**. Catch him coming in. Catch him coming in. Lol*

  • la calacacaca
    la calacacaca 3 hours ago

    Hey Jeff Mayweather,shoe polish is not a moisturizer!

  • Jafar Martin
    Jafar Martin 3 hours ago

    SP is the kind of athlete who looks better in training than he does in the actual contest.. .

    • Jafar Martin
      Jafar Martin 3 hours ago

      He looks good here. & I actually believe he has a strong casrto win this fight. His footspeed is superior to Errol's. He's fought the higher quality comp. He's fought bigger men all his career. His work-rate is very good. I also like what he did vs Ugas. I thought he fought a very big, strong, & crafty guy & was able to outbox him at distance & outwork him. What I've noticed up to the Ugas fight was it seems like Porter begins his attack from too far away rather than working his way into preferred range. When he fights sharp counter punchers like Thurman & Brook & Garcia & Ugas & Now ESJ...It is a big negative. Hopefully, he doesn't get overeager and aggressive & launch in from deep. But he can definitely push Spence into the deep end & disarm him. Perhaps this will be a signature fight. We'll see.

  • alexander usyk
    alexander usyk 3 hours ago

    kovalev is ko canelo and then no more the juice for ginger bustard

  • Bill Sye
    Bill Sye 3 hours ago

    Give me a break Or that’s what Conor would Do to you break every bone in your face you nobody

  • Ray Anthony Villamero

    Mahirap talonin ang interview..

  • Ea Sa HaSeeb
    Ea Sa HaSeeb 3 hours ago

    Did anyone else spotted Shane Fazen of Fighttips!

  • jake pascual
    jake pascual 3 hours ago

    Lol, for freddy seing manny get mad is so funny. Hahaha

  • rocket queen
    rocket queen 3 hours ago

    What a fuckin dope

  • diligent boxing
    diligent boxing 3 hours ago

    Loma whooped that ass already

  • jake pascual
    jake pascual 3 hours ago

    Boxing is full of surprises. Dont be surprise if porter, knock errol out cold.

    • Y Petersen
      Y Petersen 2 hours ago

      jake pascual lol tell me the last time porter knocked someone out cold? I’m waiting 🤔

  • Coach Carter
    Coach Carter 3 hours ago

    We need that 5th or 6th round KO or TKO. If Shawn gets stopped in the 7th I'll take it too though

  • Popeta M
    Popeta M 3 hours ago

    I don't understand why media always seek for Ted Atlas opinion... He's a dumb ass OA.

  • Juan Humberto Neira Saldivia

    Sin equivocarme ,gana Canelo Álvarez,por Nocaut en el cuarto asalto , espero se recuerde este falso Gringo EEUU.que tiene una cara de Charro , que no se la puede.

  • Jorge Macias
    Jorge Macias 4 hours ago

    Que payasada del canela y su equipo.. eso no se hace es un deporte... el equipo GGG más edeuçados ni los pelearon campeón GGG

  • RealTalk NY
    RealTalk NY 4 hours ago

    Shawn looked like shit against Ugas! That fight was so close. That fight style that Shawn did was one of the ugliest styles I’ve seen! I bet that was Kenny’s idea! Ugas wanted to break Shawn’s face. Kenny talks too much!

  • Sernie David Naungayan

    Kovalev has really grown mature not only in the sport but also in being a man. Such a great disposition showed in this interview.

  • RealTalk NY
    RealTalk NY 4 hours ago

    Kenny needs to sit his ugly ass down! He’s always talking some off the wall stuff! He knows that Errol is a bad man and that Shawn is going to have trouble on his hands!

    LANDONS POV 4 hours ago

    All that work and he knows he's gonna get knocked out

  • gg
    gg 4 hours ago

    He is fighting a bum.

  • serialchiler
    serialchiler 4 hours ago

    If that fan knew anything he should know that 90% of elite boxers are juiced.

  • Mixing
    Mixing 4 hours ago

    viva mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽

    LANDONS POV 4 hours ago

    He's going to knock your son out

  • Oneil Williams
    Oneil Williams 4 hours ago

    This is a guy that only Floyd can beat Spence is the real deal no broner

  • BlackanTV
    BlackanTV 4 hours ago

    Y'all keep saying Spence, Spence, Spence. Porter is a freaking badass fighter. Hes no wash over guys. He has beaten tough tough fighters in the past. There a reason hes been world champion twice. Yes Spence is a versatile fighter, but he's never been in the ring with a fighter like Porter ( maybe Kell Brooks yes ) . I think Spence is going to get a rude awakening that night. Lets pray theres not cuts from headbutt that will slow or taint the fight.

  • Ray Meras
    Ray Meras 4 hours ago

    It was ignorant what you did and your mind was clearly in the gutter when you made that video ....

  • AL Winston Cruz
    AL Winston Cruz 4 hours ago

    I see incoming lucky punches ,those overrated punches everywhere😂😂😂

  • Big Gucci Soulja Mike

    he’s good. But beatable

  • TheBine5150
    TheBine5150 4 hours ago

    Teddy on dat good shit....that turn around

  • Akdjanzzz
    Akdjanzzz 4 hours ago

    Loma fought nobody