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  • Augustus Berg
    Augustus Berg 2 hours ago

    Ellerbe 100%, only haters would say otherwise.

  • H C
    H C 2 hours ago

    The black yes man with the dodgy nostrils

  • dwan robinson
    dwan robinson 2 hours ago

    I guess he's taking Wards advice. I guess Spence would be the GGG in this story. I can't wait to see how this all plays out. Because GGG ain't shit without Canelo. Will the same happen to Spence. Like when Ggg ducked Ward.

  • FlameOn24
    FlameOn24 2 hours ago

    It's good for Floyd those .....Ellerbee dont NOSE shyt about boxing

  • roccerboyx15
    roccerboyx15 2 hours ago

    Kind of fun to watch this now after Andy actually was fatter 😂

  • Robin Francis
    Robin Francis 2 hours ago

    What happened was the guy who skipped college just gave the the guy who went through it all an education haha

  • Ryan Hopkins
    Ryan Hopkins 2 hours ago

    Guys wanting a part in peaky blinders!!!!!

  • Abdi Hirsi
    Abdi Hirsi 2 hours ago


  • Niv Ram
    Niv Ram 2 hours ago

    Oh man please stop oh shit please quit man

  • jay lee
    jay lee 2 hours ago

    When you get money man.. shit different. Another ✔️ for moneymay

  • Niv Ram
    Niv Ram 2 hours ago

    Please stop jeff the super garbage horn

  • Little Bear
    Little Bear 2 hours ago

    Bud is the unicorn of the division

  • IG: _itsjustmario
    IG: _itsjustmario 2 hours ago

    Background Song?

  • Nour yero
    Nour yero 2 hours ago

    Andy is big hamburger.

  • N Solano
    N Solano 3 hours ago

    Porter beats bud

  • Terry Spencer
    Terry Spencer 3 hours ago

    Retarded peaky blinders

  • mr system
    mr system 3 hours ago

    We should pull back the fighters and let the team members fight

  • Stevo mane
    Stevo mane 3 hours ago

    He right nobody in America think Joshua is good enough he just a big guy who talks the queen’s English

  • David Parker
    David Parker 3 hours ago

    Terrence been smoking that good shit

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 3 hours ago

    Loma isnt ducking, his promoters and contract just doesnt allow him to fight haney

  • CharlesTron108
    CharlesTron108 3 hours ago

    Uglie sob

    G MONEY 3 hours ago

    AJ took a page straight outta Mayweather’s book and Ruiz chose to go to Burger King instead of training his butt off🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Lemon26
    Lemon26 3 hours ago

    More like what casuals don’t want to see he outboxed Ruiz only dumb asses who don’t know shit about boxing and never been inside the boxing ring or a dumb ass mma fan will say it’s boxing

  • Vincent Roofe
    Vincent Roofe 3 hours ago

    If fighters aren’t willing to fight the best, that’s on them.. And I’m cool with that!.. Just don’t go around & say you think u p4p when ur not getting in the ring with the best!... Bud is my p4p because he’s willing to fight anybody!..

  • TrueGolden BoyChamp
    TrueGolden BoyChamp 3 hours ago

    Tyson fury needs knockouts

  • Elias Vergessen
    Elias Vergessen 3 hours ago

    Biggest slimiest yes man in the game

  • giovanie mendez
    giovanie mendez 3 hours ago

    Nigga got a VW beetle nose

  • Elias Vergessen
    Elias Vergessen 3 hours ago

    Look at the numbers bud. He clearly is

  • Damian Rodriguez
    Damian Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Crawford will be lunch at 160, hes too small

    DJ KID FRESH 3 hours ago

    This nigga is fighting a mf called Eliigis Kavaliuskas next 🤣!!!!!!!! Fuck outta here

  • The Invincible
    The Invincible 3 hours ago

    No one in this earth can naturally have a nose like that. That’s a crime.

  • Acidni Sensimelia
    Acidni Sensimelia 3 hours ago

    Guarantee no one is as disappointed as Andy. Shame he didn't take it as seriously as the first but he will learn and get better from this hopefully

  • Hidee TV
    Hidee TV 3 hours ago

    His brain is inside his nose 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

  • Jeremy Sean Hector
    Jeremy Sean Hector 3 hours ago

    He should stick to promoting or whatever else he does and stop making himself look silly. No one needs his amateurish commentary on boxing technique.

  • Allah Ali
    Allah Ali 3 hours ago

    The ppv numbers say AJ is the boxer fans wanna see...

  • Coiwin Sampson
    Coiwin Sampson 3 hours ago

    This a lame ass dude who don’t know about boxing

  • Jazz Man
    Jazz Man 3 hours ago

    It would have been better if they'd let him come out to the sound of nothing, then applause, I believe he would have retain his title had he trained after seeing this

  • boxing Fan
    boxing Fan 3 hours ago

    He's saying Aj didn't win new fans but he sold over 1.6 mil pay per view buys. He's got enough fans as it is. And lets not forget that Aj has one of the best knock out percentages in the current heavyweight division

  • Paulino Martinez
    Paulino Martinez 3 hours ago

    Bas por la otra .pelea andy..mas feriesita ay pedo..en la ke sige partrle la madre...asi lo asen todos...

  • Ghost 1
    Ghost 1 3 hours ago

    A true boxing fan would appreciate good boxing skills who doesn’t like a KO we all do even if we saw a random fight a dude knocked the other guy out its captivating, but this is a sport of hit and not getting hit at the end of the day I hope boxing fans appreciate AJ a man that has done a lot through out his short career and were still yet too see a lot more!

  • Randy C
    Randy C 3 hours ago

    If ellerbe sneeze around Amir Khan, he getting a KO

  • Mexlycan Lobo
    Mexlycan Lobo 3 hours ago

    Abel is not Salty, he just says what many don't THE FUCKING TRUTH.

  • Faisal Kayani
    Faisal Kayani 3 hours ago

    That nose 👃 tho 🥊

  • Rakim362
    Rakim362 3 hours ago

    1:30 he is talking about the guy on the right

  • Rotimi Oshinmade
    Rotimi Oshinmade 3 hours ago

    He is disappointed Ruiz didn't win, no wilder Ruiz fixed match

  • Rotimi Oshinmade
    Rotimi Oshinmade 3 hours ago

    Joshua's boxing is not what you fucking idiot want to see

  • Sir Escaber
    Sir Escaber 3 hours ago

    His nose reminds me of a ghost from Halo.

  • John Haigh
    John Haigh 3 hours ago

    This guy is an absolute clown,wtf does he bring to boxing everyone knows he’s just floyds shadow and a pbc sycophant..Take Anything this moron says not remotely serious

  • Fittech 77
    Fittech 77 3 hours ago

    He can smell different countries from America 🤣😂Floyd moves and pedals though 🤣😂

  • Straight Talker
    Straight Talker 3 hours ago

    Paulie officially on crack with these comments XDD

  • Max
    Max 4 hours ago

    This guy is the biggest clown

  • noel delacerna
    noel delacerna 4 hours ago

    thurman vs crawford thats a fight.

  • bit-a dis bit-a dat
    bit-a dis bit-a dat 4 hours ago

    Aj could never fight ruiz toe to toe he would get smashed. So they devised a plan to jab hold and skip away. Boring fight. Deep down aj does not feel like he fought with ruiz. He played the scoring game to gain the belts back. However it was not a fight. Boring heartless stuff.

  • Chin Gigante
    Chin Gigante 4 hours ago

    Wasted the biggest opportunity of your life now making excuses u knew AJ was coming back for them belts no way u should have been fucking around 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Lenard Torres
    Lenard Torres 4 hours ago

    Its all over for Ruiz. Theres no next time. You won the first time, second time your suppose to prove that your a champ. Why tf would you take it lightly?

  • Heavyy Wurkk
    Heavyy Wurkk 4 hours ago

    You cheated

  • Jay Dub
    Jay Dub 4 hours ago

    American boxing fans doesn't want to see AJ, but the UK and overseas love him

  • Faheem I
    Faheem I 4 hours ago

    Keep your nose out of the sport.

  • academyofself
    academyofself 4 hours ago

    Y’all gay as shit.. keep judging another man looks...

  • Dank Bank
    Dank Bank 4 hours ago

    I don't think there's going to be a 3rd because you fucked up son real talk could of should of would of all I'm hearing from you I was really rooting for you bro and you let alot of people down you suck fool go buy a car and party you're millions away

  • jackie boy boy jackie


  • Paul Lowery
    Paul Lowery 4 hours ago

    It was a set up from the first fight... This guy gets an Oscar, cause he played his part to a T...

  • Thomas Arthur Tollendal Lally

    Jealous Motherfuckers

  • Adam Lees
    Adam Lees 4 hours ago

    That music was shit.

  • Chevy Chaze
    Chevy Chaze 4 hours ago

    I had Ruiz down for winning the 2nd fight also !! Until he turned up looking like Butterbean's Ugly sister's fat best friend (`-') Sorry but the guy & His whole team before the fight claimed That they had trained & Worked hard to squash A J's upcoming jabbing style ?? Total B S !!! O K It's up to Ruiz & He can come in however he wants, But don't lie just say you didn't train

  • The Script Writer
    The Script Writer 4 hours ago

    He's playing 💯%.

  • MrChav81
    MrChav81 4 hours ago

    His a disappointment and his a sell out. He came in at 284 pounds what a shame. I'm going stop watching boxing it's a disappointment. This Boxers are getting paid too much not to show up. I'm canceling my DAZN it seems like DAZN got fights fix. Andy got paid to eat and loose the fight.

  • KWF
    KWF 4 hours ago

    Ghetto at its finest. Just a ignorant group of negros. Don't know how to act. Its shameful. Him, his camp and his family, JUST GHETTO!!!! And this, along with his dumb decisions, cost him millions. Go back to eating off those streets with your ghetto, stupid ass.

  • Mark Rodrigue
    Mark Rodrigue 4 hours ago

    Nose look like something printed off a 3d copying machine

  • Mansa Joka
    Mansa Joka 4 hours ago

    Not hating but he really not ready he’s only s puncher boxer like Danny he’ll get a belt from comey but as far as mikey Garcia fights Crawford fights tank or Devin he loses

  • Criz Park
    Criz Park 4 hours ago

    ilove manny true legend

  • Cheron Carter
    Cheron Carter 4 hours ago

    Hand Wilder over those belts please he would destroy A.J in 9 rounds.

  • Edward Hawkins
    Edward Hawkins 4 hours ago

    This,mothfuker don't sound to convincing,i don't know if he's delusional or what,but he damn sure don't talk like a pound for pound fighter!!

  • Barry Hearn
    Barry Hearn 4 hours ago

    Suction on that snozzle would give Dyson a run for their money.

  • James Lake
    James Lake 4 hours ago

    Fury is shake n bake lol. We will see about that

  • Chris Hawkins
    Chris Hawkins 4 hours ago

    He has a post fight dance planned? Lopez is thinking about what dance he is going to do...the week of the most important fight of his career? Wow...let's see if he is truly special!?!?

  • Khun Ran
    Khun Ran 4 hours ago

    And manny will gonna fight loma in any weight lmao.

  • James Lake
    James Lake 4 hours ago

    wilder is inactive for reason he only needs to clinch and jab n paw then wait for the right moment to KO

  • Mei. Kanzaki
    Mei. Kanzaki 4 hours ago

    Ruiz lost so much weight that he came overwheight like 40lbs =) Well done !

  • Patrick Modilim
    Patrick Modilim 4 hours ago

    Really!! Americans want to see people knocked out? How come Americans are not coming to watch Denotay's fights. Poor PPV, poor ticket sales. Americans are not coming out to Denotay fights in numbers because he picks and chooses opponents he is convinced he would knock out. Denotay will gain more respect when he fights credible opponents who are capable of giving a fight, people like Dillian, Ruiz, Parker, AJ etc.

  • James Lake
    James Lake 4 hours ago

    its not a fitness competition its a boxing match

  • daniel lamb
    daniel lamb 4 hours ago

    Get on DAZN! he deserves more money and the best fights DAZN is the only way! Lets go crawford!!

  • Truth Man
    Truth Man 4 hours ago

    clock bait

  • Edward Hawkins
    Edward Hawkins 4 hours ago

    Terrance "of course " Crawford? When you going to fight a legitimate welterweight," of course" man foh. Wit the bull chit.

    SG. BOXING 4 hours ago

    His nose looks like the new Orleans saints logo. He spoke the truth tho.

    SHOOREEK FOOKS 4 hours ago

    Wilder got knocked out in the amateur boxing. Usyk is going to beat wilder.

    SHOOREEK FOOKS 4 hours ago

    Nobody wants to see Davis vs gamboa at 37 years of age either.

  • Gabriel Baring
    Gabriel Baring 4 hours ago

    I have not yet seen a video of Leonard Ellerbe where his nose is not mention in the comments =D

  • Isaac Leal
    Isaac Leal 5 hours ago

    Pac will destroy u, period....

  • So Cool1
    So Cool1 5 hours ago

    I'm a wilder fan but what if AJ just rush him and knocks him out?

  • roddi733
    roddi733 5 hours ago

    Do you think the sunglasses came attached to his stick on nose?

    KEN KOBE 5 hours ago

    This retarded fellow with half his brain in his nose and the other half dead is still out here talking. He need to g back to licking Floyd’s ass hole this man is truly disgusting

  • kiks kikan
    kiks kikan 5 hours ago

    He is fuckin bitch

  • Andrew Reeder
    Andrew Reeder 5 hours ago

    This comment section is really the bottom of the barrel for human existence.

  • Manny Guzman
    Manny Guzman 5 hours ago

    Schaub is just to fake.

  • Dan Don
    Dan Don 5 hours ago

    So Floyd be taking these broads to plastic surgeon but ain't taking his man to a doctor to help him fix his broad nose

  • Boylo2492
    Boylo2492 5 hours ago

    Nothing against Ellerbe but he's talking complete bullshit. Joshuas fight vs Ruiz gained way more traction than any of Wilders fights. It was AJs first fight. Wilder cpypd walk down the street in New York and barely anyone knows who he is.

  • Kyle Tomey
    Kyle Tomey 5 hours ago

    Talk is all they do in America as they don't go watch fights

  • Ryan
    Ryan 5 hours ago

    I can't stand this fuckin goof

  • Leo Lion
    Leo Lion 5 hours ago

    Usyk gets a title shot after one heavyweight fight? O.o