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  • Aizen Acalud
    Aizen Acalud 7 hours ago

    His coach opened a wrong cage.

  • Matthew Bearpark
    Matthew Bearpark 7 hours ago

    I think PAC can beat Spence

  • Zac
    Zac 7 hours ago

    Good man. Hope Tyson will fight well.

  • A 1
    A 1 8 hours ago

    This man an addict.

    EDZ FATZ 8 hours ago

    Have to agree with Angel Spence ain't no killer but neither is Danny

  • Razr sliQ
    Razr sliQ 8 hours ago

    Wilder doesn't like to be roughed up. Yes he has power but doesn't like coming forward brawlers. If Fury can switch styles and becomes a brawler then I guess he can shock Wilder.

  • Kinkisski Fluellen
    Kinkisski Fluellen 8 hours ago

    I can take loosing video games that's no big deal but when you loose something as big as a Championship belt I be crying all over the place slinging snot everywhere so I feel his pain

  • TheOne&Only LF
    TheOne&Only LF 8 hours ago

    Do the interviewer wanna talk or listen to Angel???

  • Robert Ng'ang'a
    Robert Ng'ang'a 8 hours ago

    I think Spence has been properly tested. It's about time he receives the credit due to him. Amazing fighter.

  • Frank Stein
    Frank Stein 8 hours ago


  • Billydutch
    Billydutch 8 hours ago

    That was and is incredible... anyone that boxes will know how hard it is to get that pace, rhythm ... just wow

  • GalaxyZ
    GalaxyZ 8 hours ago

    Danny bout to fight my cable guy while Errol wupt the dude who beat Danny’s ass. These Philly dudes been getting their asses wupt lmao

  • Jaye Boss
    Jaye Boss 9 hours ago

    He's havent been tested?? Wtf, who writes this shit.

    YT- VENOMOUS 9 hours ago

    I can do better I will beat him and I'm younger wach ima make a name for my self and beat him

  • gRim rEapeR
    gRim rEapeR 9 hours ago

    when youre about to shake hands but instead he gives you a tip saying thank you... good heart Manny

  • Jd Vlanka
    Jd Vlanka 9 hours ago

    Porter exposed Spence bad

  • G1Main
    G1Main 9 hours ago

    Birdman. Birurrrr!!

    MOSES ADEBOYE 9 hours ago

    Lol how can u knock wilder out??in second round??? DELUSIONAL 🤣🤣🤣 if anything AT ALL WILDER WILL KNOCK YOU OUT IN 1st round loool what a jokeeee

    ROBERT ROLAND 9 hours ago

    Sitcho Assk Down SomeWhere! #DannyGetsStoppedByErrol #ManDown

  • jean do
    jean do 9 hours ago

    Marcos... you need to practise interviewing,,, you are annoying.. Let the boy finish speaking.

    TRAP SOUL 9 hours ago

    Porter and Brook are fodder now? 🤣🤣🤣

  • The Tactician
    The Tactician 9 hours ago

    A lot of quacking but no fighting. Crawford would wash your son and Spence

    • Quentin Williams
      Quentin Williams 8 hours ago

      Lol who Crawford beat so far Him and Danny 1-1 against each other in the amateurs

  • Евгений Сорокин

    Loma number one, you loser

  • Wesley Young
    Wesley Young 9 hours ago


  • estaocupadoYahawahbashamYahawashi

    Garcia Always Speaking his Mine never holding back 💯💯

  • Gemini
    Gemini 9 hours ago

    Fury trolled the shit out of him.. Wilder just wanted to chill and smile. Lol. Fury is a troll. Lol.

  • brewske marial
    brewske marial 9 hours ago

    Haha didn’t Danny lose to Shawn? I like angel but he’s definitely buggin

  • Anthony Gonzalezs
    Anthony Gonzalezs 9 hours ago

    Lights out all of them old timers

  • Bill Murray
    Bill Murray 9 hours ago

    Filthy demonic old fart

  • Biggest Upset
    Biggest Upset 9 hours ago

    They grew balls to bark shit against Spence after his las fight with Shawn. lmao

  • Claudio Gabriel Cao
    Claudio Gabriel Cao 9 hours ago

    Davis lost with lomachenko

  • jody highroller
    jody highroller 9 hours ago

    New Tito Trinidad

  • Jedi King Pudge
    Jedi King Pudge 9 hours ago

    Now suddenly " he ain't no killa " when Danny ducked him to date

    • Tigre Joe
      Tigre Joe 9 hours ago

      They were scheduled to fight but Error went eviel knievel on us 😂

  • Kinkisski Fluellen
    Kinkisski Fluellen 9 hours ago

    Tony PussyCat Harrison doing all that damn dancing trying to be funny and talking all that shit on what he was gonna do to Jermell and ended up getting his cornball ass tore up lol

  • Westside of Corpus Christi


    • Y Petersen
      Y Petersen 9 hours ago

      lmao boxing don’t need Westside of Corpus Christi

  • Hurricane Carter
    Hurricane Carter 10 hours ago

    😑 What are you talking about Angel? Wtf are you talking about?

    • mayakaahlaga
      mayakaahlaga 9 hours ago


  • xX Mr Kasper Xx
    xX Mr Kasper Xx 10 hours ago

    Let’s be real we all click on his videos to see what other nonsense he comes up with lol

  • gurnani ji
    gurnani ji 10 hours ago

    Dont dare to talk this shit in front of jc... Then people will say.. Once upon a time A fool named Connor MacGregor poked the legend John Cena.... And it was his last and the biggest mistake.....

  • Fly Ty Blizzy
    Fly Ty Blizzy 10 hours ago

    Tf Angel smokin??

  • Xavier
    Xavier 10 hours ago

    Shawn did expose errol it could have gone a draw

    • Mr Smith
      Mr Smith 9 hours ago

      Errol wasn't exposed.. that's a stretch, it was a close fight because Errol fought shawn's type of fight to prove he could beat him that way too

  • M
    M 10 hours ago

    Porter not a test na? Deluded nonce

    JEWELS OF LIFE 10 hours ago

    Spence ain't no real killer but almost K.O'd Porter, Something your son never did 😂 I like Danny Garcia but his Pops Mouth is bigger than his damn head 😂

  • Isaac Santos
    Isaac Santos 10 hours ago

    Porter tested that man wtf this dude talkin bout

  • Danrell Calumpong
    Danrell Calumpong 10 hours ago

    Ryan garcia in boxing , stephen curry in basketball

    FIGHT IQ 10 hours ago

    This is TRUE ... Too bad DANNY GARCIA is SLOW and Boring Or He could KO Spence if he had a Superstars Mind/ IQ

  • slim silk
    slim silk 10 hours ago

    Are you suppose to let a guy hit you flush, to pass a test? Or did sweet pea, Mayweather, lights out, Ali, canelo, work in the gym to avoid getting hit and definitely flush hits. I don't remember

  • Gaming Mango
    Gaming Mango 10 hours ago

    Bro he went farther than Ryan lmao 😂

  • Walter Manglona
    Walter Manglona 10 hours ago

    Porter tested him, if it weren't for that knock down, he could have pulled off an upset.

    • Biggest Upset
      Biggest Upset 9 hours ago

      Yeah, but it's boxing comeon

    • Westside of Corpus Christi
      Westside of Corpus Christi 9 hours ago

      Facts bro that shit was closed,Porter got sloppy and Spence caught him off guard and he got the knockdown.

  • buttabean28
    buttabean28 10 hours ago

    But Danny is the only real killer huh. yea right!!

  • buttabean28
    buttabean28 10 hours ago

    There go dumb Ass Angel talking stupid..

  • Leelthereal _
    Leelthereal _ 10 hours ago

    He had a few tests, what this dude talking about...

  • Y Petersen
    Y Petersen 10 hours ago

    Stay of the crack Angel Your son just a cherry picker 🍒🍒

    • Loniekyle 2017
      Loniekyle 2017 10 hours ago

      Y Petersen dont worry brother pac will kill hes son 😂

  • Steve Stinton
    Steve Stinton 10 hours ago

    “Forgive your Neighbor ““Being Humble ,Listen to that voice deep inside your soul and never give up no matter what ,is the real Deal! These two Heavy world Champs are blessed by Jesus Christ to show the world that you never give up! Two rivals who wanted to kill each other years ago ,to where they are now Friends is truly being HUMBLE! Life has its up’s and downs but the Holy Spirit can make you never quit ,to push your self to the very limit and most of all can make two people be on the same page! Two the two champs that change the course of Professional 🥊 Boxing Congratulations! Thank you Iron Fist Steve Stinton

  • DJ
    DJ 10 hours ago


  • Fight Hub TV
    Fight Hub TV 10 hours ago


  • International Boxing Boxeo Internacional

    J Pebbles 🤣😭😂

  • Diki Bayor
    Diki Bayor 10 hours ago

    So setting perfom

  • Madeardo S
    Madeardo S 11 hours ago

    The king of "instagram", I see No talent!

  • Westside of Corpus Christi


  • Wade Ashley Fice
    Wade Ashley Fice 11 hours ago

    We're in for a real fight if fury goes after wilder

  • Nelson Libe
    Nelson Libe 11 hours ago


    KKK MMM 11 hours ago

    K-1 Super Feather Champion!!

  • The Purposeful Messenger

    I always thought that conors manager and paulie were the same person Lol

  • Sayon Coley
    Sayon Coley 12 hours ago

    Zab has the voice of Mike Tyson, Russell Simmons and DMX

  • blackflag 321
    blackflag 321 12 hours ago

    That boxing trainer is a JOKE . He shouldn't be teaching.

  • Kal-EL Israel
    Kal-EL Israel 12 hours ago

    He turned purple i hope dude is ok

  • Allen  Warren
    Allen Warren 12 hours ago

    Floyd trying to show the young buck the game .Its obvious that’s how he made it to 50-0 he picked and chooses his fights.Call it running or whatever he left the sport rich and undefeated I can’t argue with that.Im not even a Mayweather fan but he is the blue print on the fight game

  • Meticulous Wampeers
    Meticulous Wampeers 12 hours ago

    Suit up cowboy

  • Julien LEVY
    Julien LEVY 12 hours ago

    Feigenbutz is not a bum, let’s stop watching only hypejob guys from US, it’s a KO machine, hopefully he will KO Caleb Plant.

    STEPHEN SEQUEIRA 12 hours ago

    All SNAC fighters loosing streak

  • Tracy Jackson
    Tracy Jackson 13 hours ago


  • Anthony Matthews
    Anthony Matthews 13 hours ago

    Slammed him like Jax on Mortal Kombat 😅😂😂😂

  • A K
    A K 13 hours ago

    Who’s here after Connor won?

  • hasnun haseng
    hasnun haseng 13 hours ago


  • hailem hailem
    hailem hailem 13 hours ago

    Stop comparing yourself to males woman

  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith 13 hours ago

    Pacquiao is so hypocrite... He now wants to fight Mcgregor...

  • Isac Herrera
    Isac Herrera 13 hours ago

    Banana strong AF

  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith 13 hours ago

    Pacquiao is so hypocrite... He wants now to fight Mcgregor...

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 13 hours ago

    This fucking dude is terrible as an interpreter. The kid never said anything about The sacrifice of the family. I mean he’s just a terrible interpreter😡😡

  • Baby Hikari
    Baby Hikari 13 hours ago

    Is Floyd GayWeather have a Grand Arrival like this??

  • Lovein meeh Babie
    Lovein meeh Babie 14 hours ago

    William your a nobody now

  • pinman1955
    pinman1955 14 hours ago

    It had NOTHING to do with hand wraps! Vargas was just NO match for the great Tito Trinidad.

  • David Palafox
    David Palafox 14 hours ago

    What’s that song that starts at 12:15 ?

  • Venom Killerx20
    Venom Killerx20 14 hours ago

    Respect from a legend who is passionate for Boxing and hes speaking facts for Canelo and his son 💯👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Gus Martinez
    Gus Martinez 14 hours ago

    who ever telling sr these lies need to get slapped

  • Gus Martinez
    Gus Martinez 14 hours ago

    whoever said he conor been ko has to get a Stockton slap

  • El Hombre Negro
    El Hombre Negro 14 hours ago

    Sí Jeison Rosarío es campeón todavía el guerero es más duro

  • Free World227
    Free World227 14 hours ago

    He gonna lose that belt quick

    • ekoflow77
      ekoflow77 13 hours ago

      And here come the never fails

  • jofre sierra
    jofre sierra 14 hours ago

    Like a real life Igaki or Miyada

  • WHC & Associates
    WHC & Associates 14 hours ago

    damn ....He looked deep into his soul like that and got stopped.

    FACTS 1ST 14 hours ago

    Fights aren't won on paper. Respect to both boxers for risking their lives for our entertainment

    • Miles Joyner
      Miles Joyner 12 hours ago

      Facts first indeed!

    • Yah Son
      Yah Son 12 hours ago


    • Candyslim501
      Candyslim501 13 hours ago

      Real talk brother. Mofos quick to call somebody a bum just cuz they ain't heard of them. Rasario came to fight and ppl making excuses but he might just be the wrong style for J-Rock!

  • Donald Simpson Jr.
    Donald Simpson Jr. 14 hours ago

    Damn JRoc you got to get that strap bac from him bruh

  • Real boxing News
    Real boxing News 14 hours ago

    I think this kid will stop canelo

  • miguel Algarin
    miguel Algarin 14 hours ago

    J Rock didnt look like himself This kid Left Santo Domingo Hungry 16 weeks training Camp that's very strict They came to fight J Rock got Relaxed Good Win for Bananas Big upset

  • S L
    S L 14 hours ago

    The boxing world has been shook once again #anythingcanhappen

  • EL HEX
    EL HEX 14 hours ago

    Latino 🇲🇽🇵🇷

    • Real boxing News
      Real boxing News 12 hours ago

      Guido Pion al a sudden u support him too ?

    • Guido Pion
      Guido Pion 12 hours ago

      Viva Los latinos 🇩🇴🇲🇽🇵🇷🔥🥊

    • Real boxing News
      Real boxing News 14 hours ago

      EL HEX all a sudden U support him ? Lol

  • Tarik Smith
    Tarik Smith 14 hours ago

    Way to seize an opportunity

  • Archreikage
    Archreikage 15 hours ago

    See what that Allah kabba shit get u huh boy worshipping rocks u get stopped #andthenew

  • Jeric Crisostomo
    Jeric Crisostomo 15 hours ago

    Asar talo hahaha

  • Armani Rivera
    Armani Rivera 15 hours ago

    *Wow Jermell Charlo should just make a fight with Patrick Teixeira and TopRank if that fight can’t get made just move up to 160 and pursue a fight with GGG*

    • Donald Simpson Jr.
      Donald Simpson Jr. 11 hours ago

      @Fly High big ole facts

    • Yah Son
      Yah Son 12 hours ago

      Kernel been chasing canelo and ggg coward asses they running scared with there tails in they ass

    • Fly High
      Fly High 14 hours ago

      @Donald Simpson Jr. lil g want zero smoke with tough competition

    • Donald Simpson Jr.
      Donald Simpson Jr. 14 hours ago

      We all know the triple g fight won't happen his brother can't even get it