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How to Spot a Terminator
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  • David Geffen
    David Geffen Hour ago

    Whistle blower Eric Ciaramella is probably hiding at his parent’s house here: 21 Horizon View Prospect, Ct 06712

  • Ananyanarayan Dhanabalan

    Preordering Buy My Book now.....

  • RockHoppr3
    RockHoppr3 Hour ago

    An actual quote from the Ukraine transcript: "Gimme the doodoo on Biden!"

  • Christopher Hinds

    Hello is this the president of Ukraine 🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • styler one
    styler one Hour ago

    Anna's expression at 1:38. Hilarious and shows what a fun person she is.

  • Jack Sprack
    Jack Sprack Hour ago

    This video is actually very important.

  • l' M
    l' M Hour ago

    Trevor should marry Anna!

  • Carl A
    Carl A Hour ago

    Hits the nail on the head. One not only funny but great entertainer who teaches us at the same time.

  • Aplus_Nerd
    Aplus_Nerd Hour ago

    Technically they got a place to stay for 6 months.

  • Red Daniel
    Red Daniel Hour ago

    Trump 2020

  • BSING 2U
    BSING 2U Hour ago

    There should be an ongoing poll of which book is selling and which aren't.

  • Krupa Pandit
    Krupa Pandit Hour ago

    "I don't know who any of you are , but i got SO invested." Same Anna , same.

  • Guy Curwick
    Guy Curwick Hour ago

    I hope you have some good ideas. I'll buy your book the day after he loses. However he'll claim election fraud and try to stay in office. I have a feeling he'll have to be forcibly removed. Preferably by his own Secret Service team. He is so stupid though that you could use a trail of mcnuggets to lure him out.

  • Nimish Chaini
    Nimish Chaini Hour ago

    And she took the photo on an iPhone 5S!

  • Varun Eachappa
    Varun Eachappa Hour ago

    I bet Trevors book is the book to rule them all.. THE BOOK OF SAURAN & MY PRECIOUS!!

  • Brenda Magadla
    Brenda Magadla Hour ago

    They make a great team.

  • W B
    W B Hour ago

    Lol when she mentioned the TheXvid beauty guru drama 😂

  • girlgreenivy
    girlgreenivy Hour ago

    Melania wrote that book.

  • MyQueenFreddieMercury

    Did anyone see trump Junior and his girlfriend get TRIGGERED at an event? It’s so sad that the irony is completely lost on them.

  • Tetsu Hatano
    Tetsu Hatano Hour ago

    It’s like the top wants to lean forward, the middle is trying to go back and the bottom doesn’t know what it wants to do

  • niyaz ahamed
    niyaz ahamed Hour ago

    Man, I love Anna Kendrick

  • nightlightabcd
    nightlightabcd Hour ago

    Would dumb ass criminal Trump's book club be limited to his level of intelligence, like Dr. Seuss books?

  • Red Nitro
    Red Nitro Hour ago

    Bloomberg will destroy trump if he runs

  • Nakul Nakul
    Nakul Nakul Hour ago

    Anybody here for a pizza

  • Logic and common sense

    "The country is more divided than ever". Hmmmm. I seem to remember learning something about a certain war....

  • Petite Eclair
    Petite Eclair Hour ago

    "Did Anna Kendrick bomb a village?" "No, but NEXT time-" My village people better watch out. Anna is coming for you 😂

  • DarkSchneider
    DarkSchneider Hour ago

    Again everyone, these 3 years are definitive evidence for why we shouldn't let a reality TV clown run the country ... 😥

  • Sandy Beaches
    Sandy Beaches Hour ago

    Rosie's the Robot from The Jetsons.

  • Matthew Pool
    Matthew Pool Hour ago

    I at least trust that Warren would do her absolute best to make this country better for the average person, and she's more than smart enough for the job. Maybe some of her plans wouldn't work because of lack of cooperation in Congress, but she's obviously committed to them. I think she'd be a great President. I do also love Bernie, but I'd really love to see a woman as President, and I think she's more likely to win than he is.

  • Nachos n Cheese
    Nachos n Cheese Hour ago

    I like how the first f-bomb is censored and the second one isn't

  • Erich Severs
    Erich Severs Hour ago

    Am I allowed to say I thought this wasn't funny without being called a Trumper?

  • N Esco
    N Esco Hour ago

    What!!!!! She says they should of told the president instead of telling her fuck face. This fucken bitch should of help save our country. FUCK THAT BITCH!!!!!!

  • Hanyuan Huang
    Hanyuan Huang Hour ago

    I Llove the way he says 'bye-bye'

  • Jade Hagan
    Jade Hagan Hour ago

    Of all the disgusting crimes taking place in Vegas (human trafficking, etc.) you’re really going to use your time and resources going after homeless people and say that they’re committing a crime by existing !? How about you work on creating a society where no one has to sleep on the streets ??? Give me a fucking break.

  • Sudipta R. Biswas

    Who's here after watching her second appearance on Between the Scenes?

  • Megar_ Potato
    Megar_ Potato Hour ago

    Welcome to the thunder dome.

  • Cindy Lloyd
    Cindy Lloyd Hour ago

    Personally speaking, “Everything Trump Touches Dies” by Rick Wilson, resonates most! Followed by “Whose Boat Is This Boat?”

  • Deborah Blackshear

    The books, and money. Trevor I love it.

  • Trollman Niquelapolice

    LafargeHolcim financed islamic terrorism in Syria !

  • Kiana Max
    Kiana Max Hour ago

    But where can I buy Trevor's book?!

  • Ananda
    Ananda Hour ago

    *John Kelly did nothing wrong!*

  • Zetta
    Zetta Hour ago

    Did America memed on its government or did they really wanted Trump to be their president? I know his opponent was not crystal clear but.

  • Maartje van Caspel

    💙 well done!

  • celticwolff
    celticwolff Hour ago

    Sorry Gibson, Anna Kendrick is the real Authentic.

  • Ivan Hernandez-maya


  • That Man
    That Man Hour ago


  • Candace Phillips

    This is one of the reasons I wrote my novel, Brutality The Third Eye. God bless this family and their pain. Here are the links: B&N B-A-M Walmart iTunes Google Play

  • Eric len Jordan
    Eric len Jordan Hour ago

    No more training is needed!!!!!! We need better Officers and remove the ones who see the world where this is needed!!!!

  • Mey
    Mey Hour ago

    I subscribed... good consistent content, you deserve it!

  • BaronVonSTFU
    BaronVonSTFU Hour ago

    Buy my book! Buy my book! Buy my book! Buy my book!

  • Jai Kumar
    Jai Kumar Hour ago

    Joker in cheif.

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan Hour ago

    Wait, were some cursewords bleeped, but others not? XD

  • Tasrif Amin
    Tasrif Amin Hour ago did no one catch the fact that she is still rocking an iphone 5s in 2019????

  • Linda PS
    Linda PS Hour ago

    She is Playing both sides as She has Eyes on 20/24. Wont work With Sane People. She must Confuse All of us with the Koolaid Drinkers. My Money is on Anonymous, It's more In alignment with my Observation. I Believe my own Eyes and Ears.

  • MrSlatra
    MrSlatra Hour ago

    Anna Kendrick is absolutely awesome.

  • Ms Lavender
    Ms Lavender Hour ago

    America is a sad case. These fake patriots don't give a damn about America. They care about lining their filthy pockets. Don McGann, John Bolton and a host of other fake patriots who wrap themselves in the American flag always pumped to send the real patriots off to some conflict. Lindsay Graham is the worst.

  • Sumiran
    Sumiran Hour ago

    "Huhuhuhuuhuuu Oohuhuhuhuhuuu" (≧▽≦)

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan Hour ago

    GAWSH, she is just... yummy!

  • Jennifer Braud
    Jennifer Braud Hour ago

    With a Zuckerberg running mate.

  • Frank Butler
    Frank Butler Hour ago

    Don Knotts doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. It's not 50 people, it's 50,000. Beirut? That was like 300 Marines, wasn't it? Not 50,000... As for socialism... there's been white affirmative action in the Western Hemisphere for the last 500 years.. giving away other people's land, other people's resources, stealing other people's body, exploiting other people's labor, committing genocide against all sorts of people for the benefit of whites who moved here. They redistributed the wealth of others to get what they wanted. It wasn't simply capitalism, it was outright theft to apportion to themselves... and calling it capitalism... fine, they stole somebody else's stuff then resold it to others for 100% profit + the original theft.. then taxing that stuff to redistribute it to other whites basically. The meritocracy being spoken of here is a relative falsehood. It ignores racism, sexism, and other isms that allowed people on top here to get there by using segregationism and favoritism, social connections to get ahead. You look at the Homestead Act, all of the mortgages backed by FHA/VA during the 1940s-1970s... when black folks couldn't get it. That's socialism. That seems to have done whites very well, overall... you should do that for all Americans here... since it worked so well. What these people really don't want to admit to is that they benefited for that kind of socialism... and that if it were to be applied to all Americans, it would be distributed back to other folks and they wouldn't have as much wealth as they have. Venezuela has an embargo on their oil, anyway, so capitalism is the problem there, no socialism... and really, it's Communist, anyway, not socialist. Democratic socialism is not Communism. When people are stupid, the confuse all of these things. Republicans are so full of shit. Their answer for everything is low taxes and free market, but when you show them instances where those things don't work out well, then they claim it's all about (crony) capitalism and then claim that the taxes will magically be increased by unpredictable, always fleeting "growth".... There's never been anything but crony capitalism, then, because when have rich people never done kickbacks to each other or fought for each others' interests? It's nonsense... and the economy never grows enough for the taxes to use for infrastructure and services never goes up quickly enough to clean up the messes caused by defunding government. These people are fast-talking swindlers, every last one of them. By the time you catch them, they've already robbed you blind.

  • Buhari Muslim 174

    I'm indonesia like subscribe and comment👍👍👍

  • raptorgod77
    raptorgod77 Hour ago

    Isnt it kinda fucked up for hillary clinton to laugh like he knew epstein and this guy makes a joke about it idk kinds fucked up

  • Sillystephy S
    Sillystephy S Hour ago

    I love Trevor Noah’s hands

  • Mour
    Mour Hour ago

    Humm...have a feeling these two hum hum

  • Jane Jones
    Jane Jones Hour ago

    Off trump topic-Trevor Noahs book Born a Crime is actually a good read. I cheated though with the audio version from the library but it’s better because it’s read by Noah

  • Troy Hoggard
    Troy Hoggard Hour ago

    I admire Trevor style nevertheless I never here so much bullshit from someone full of shit

  • Jiraiya Sama
    Jiraiya Sama Hour ago

    Have you seen her nudes? Lit.

  • Promise Thomas
    Promise Thomas Hour ago

    hillary 4 prison!!!!

  • Buhari Muslim 174

    I'm indonesia (jawa timur Bondowoso) like subcsribe and comment👍👍👍

  • seriela
    seriela Hour ago

    "Did she bomb a small village?! No, she creased her sneaker." 🔥🔥🔥

  • AL- BOT
    AL- BOT Hour ago

    That Bolton book cover was disturbing.

  • Jeremy Sallgren
    Jeremy Sallgren Hour ago

    Say what you will, Rand is still better than 99% of politicians.

  • Yaya’s Living
    Yaya’s Living Hour ago

    That book cover, good grief

  • TheJamesthe13
    TheJamesthe13 Hour ago

    That dress tho.... 🥳

  • Mike Venturino
    Mike Venturino Hour ago

    The CIA & NSA are probably reading all the comments hello CIA NSA

  • Ricardo F
    Ricardo F Hour ago

    I think she is sexy. At :20 is sexy when that tongue comes out.

  • morganne d'arcourt

    What is the interest of this book ?? everybody know who he is. Most of his best of are declared duringing speeches. It makes me laugh when someone told me "poor Donald he s the target of mying media" What media ?? he said behind HIS elector that he will build a wall with mexico money, and another one in Colorado. Commander in Shit.

  • Buhari Muslim 174

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  • sai742
    sai742 Hour ago

    Get fired ... write a book to make money

  • Mike Venturino
    Mike Venturino Hour ago

    Edward Snowden a true American hero He sacrificed his life for ours

  • Kate Coombs
    Kate Coombs Hour ago

    Haley says they should have been asking the president... you mean the president who won't listen to advisors because he knows more about everything than anyone and is a stable genius with the biggest brain? Haley's sucking up because she's hoping to get on the cabinet now (next time Trump dumps someone by tweet) and maybe run for president in a few years. It makes me sick watching her act all "dignified and loyal" while supporting the corrupt crazy man in the White House as if he could be trusted not to sell us out to Putin, Erdogan, and any other dictator who wins his heart. You've joined the Lindsey Graham squad and lost all vestige of honor, Haley!

  • Kate Coombs
    Kate Coombs Hour ago

    Haley says they should have been asking the president... you mean the president who won't listen to advisors because he knows more about everything than anyone and is a stable genius with the biggest brain? Haley's sucking up because she's hoping to get on the cabinet now (next time Trump dumps someone by tweet) and maybe run for president in a few years. It makes me sick watching her act all "dignified and loyal" while supporting the corrupt crazy man in the White House as if he could be trusted not to sell us out to Putin, Erdogan, and any other dictator who wins his heart. You've joined the Lindsey Graham squad and lost all vestige of honor, Haley!

  • Tesha Galaxy
    Tesha Galaxy 2 hours ago

    Yep, I would like to see this movie.

  • Gill Rocky1988
    Gill Rocky1988 2 hours ago

    Nikki haley can suck a donkey dick for all i care, she badly wants to be vp now

  • KennyG881
    KennyG881 2 hours ago

    Anna actually seems like a cool person to hang out with.

  • Alison Diaz
    Alison Diaz 2 hours ago

    Pretty much each and every book written has about the same thing: "this clown is a whack job and should have never been voted in." Except for those fools who worship at the feet of clay. And the only ones to blame are each and every single person who marked on their ballot an "X," filled in the bubble, tapped the video screen, and any other way that said "vote for the stupidest person to be in the white house because I am so scared of Hillary Clinton." And, of course, the electral college, who again picked the wrong candidate. It is clear to me that, they again, failed us by not going with the popular vote as they have done in the past. Look, if you are part of the electral college and are reading this and the thousands of comments re: your failure to go by what, WE THE PEOPLE voted for, next year in 2020, if we americans vote for the popular vote - go with that person. We do not want another POS in the white house. We want the correct person in it, a person who will REPRESENT ME and THOSE who want to reduce the deficit. B. Clinton left a surplus, bush 2 spent it and left a huge debt. Obama decreased that deficit, the orange menace and his cronies increased it by a huge amount and created a huge tax loss by voting in a tax break to idiots like him and corporations. This has increased the deficit and a tremdeous loss to social programs that need that income. Boy, I bet there are alot of people who are regretting that mistake. For those who still think he is "just the greatest!" (said sarcastically.) You need to read the consitution again.

  • oopkiki
    oopkiki 2 hours ago

    I haven't read any of these shittin books and wont . its quiet idiotic to have spent a dime on these people's book

  • Alex Pusher
    Alex Pusher 2 hours ago

    🍑 Fuck 🍌 Face 💦 Book

    MUGODA SIMON 2 hours ago

    Trevor and Anna make a spicy Hot couple!

  • Rich Nitchals
    Rich Nitchals 2 hours ago

    Omg the asshole needs to shut up and stay out.

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen 2 hours ago

    y'know there's a part of me that _really_ wants to believe that OJ is genuinely trying to turn over a new leaf here...

  • Ernie Manning
    Ernie Manning 2 hours ago

    Yup, this needs to be a thing, Anna Kendricks and the Daily Show.

  • Gill Rocky1988
    Gill Rocky1988 2 hours ago

    Hey Nikki haley if you so fucking offended by kelly and rex Tillerson of part of the resistance then why the fuck did you quit your job? You fucking slimy bitch

  • Kip Learning
    Kip Learning 2 hours ago

    God, imagine if they did not ignore Trump.

  • lpmw12
    lpmw12 2 hours ago

    Hahahaha I’m totally buying Trevor’s book

  • Savon X
    Savon X 2 hours ago

    Didn't know vaping was a crisis, I did it years ago to stop smoking, now I vape and smoke 🤯

  • Shinjini Mukherjee
    Shinjini Mukherjee 2 hours ago

    Will 'Buy My Book: A Book I Want You to Buy' be available as an audible in Trevor's voice? Because who knows what works.

  • Aye Shubayli
    Aye Shubayli 2 hours ago

    I want to be looked at just like she looks at him

  • Crystal Dunkin
    Crystal Dunkin 2 hours ago

    I got a real kick out of the presidential twitter library!

  • Muhammad Afghanzada
    Muhammad Afghanzada 2 hours ago