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  • HRSerious Sam
    HRSerious Sam 7 hours ago

    7 of 9 still looking good to bad for data fat android lol

  • runsInThe Forrest
    runsInThe Forrest 9 hours ago

    I wish this was on Netfix instead of Discovery.

  • Mr Blueberry
    Mr Blueberry 9 hours ago

    TANZ industries 2.0

  • Pranit Gedam
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  • Kathrin Buchborn
    Kathrin Buchborn 15 hours ago

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  • Kathrin Buchborn
    Kathrin Buchborn 15 hours ago

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  • Adam king
    Adam king 16 hours ago

    1:13 is that the traveller?

  • Azat Yuldashov
    Azat Yuldashov 20 hours ago

    Holy Fly Spaghetti YES!!!!

  • donnie soza
    donnie soza 23 hours ago

    Jeff Bezos could play the part of Jean Luc

  • Jeff Light
    Jeff Light Day ago

    Can't tell if this is going to be terribly disappointing or the best Star Trek series ever...

  • Dee Tee
    Dee Tee Day ago

    Love this show... But the guy with the hook is just ridiculous. I could easily see anyone in the show kicking his ass.

  • Deniz Kendirci

    i'm so hyped about this. especially after the discovery disaster.

  • Romulan2469
    Romulan2469 Day ago

    From Star Trek: The Next Generation to Star Trek: The Older Generation

  • Zohar Uzuki
    Zohar Uzuki Day ago

    Can't replace the original characters but that rule #2 in here part was pretty funny

  • Will Be
    Will Be Day ago

    @1.09 Why is there a Discovery style shuttle?

  • The Sn1p3rT
    The Sn1p3rT Day ago

    "Would you like to finish it captain" - thats so deep Data...

  • Matthew Thomasson

    2:03 .... what is he doing...👀

  • Time Traveller

    please, oh please: No time travel, no alternative Jar Jar Timeline. Just good ol' fine Trek as Generations before have loved it. No lensflares, no vulcan genocide, no Nero and other crap. Move forward, not backwards... any chance, we we could also get a look on the USS Titan ? XD

  • kat tod
    kat tod Day ago

    i legit busted out crying as i watched it, and i am at work at the moment, lmao. don't wanna have any expectations to avoid any disappointment, but dear lord, i am so waiting for this. for *them*.

  • Scarecrows Hook
    Scarecrows Hook 2 days ago

    I wished that I knew and watched this Interview before I'd seen the Man Of Steel Teaser back in 2012 ):

  • Phony1000
    Phony1000 2 days ago

    This actually happened in the lyear 2019 somewhere in space. So true Story.

  • MegaStan316
    MegaStan316 2 days ago

    Patrick iam a bit disappointed in you,you seem like a man who respects democracy so seeing you in London today protesting to stay in the EU when 17.5 mil ppl voted to leave you should all respect the outcome of the boot was on the other foot you would be telling us to be quite so come on be quite stop moaning you lost leave means leave so let's get it done

  • Jason Bodhi
    Jason Bodhi 2 days ago

    Seeing Riker again was both heart warming and amazing. He should have had his own show. I can't wait for this one though!

  • Jason Bodhi
    Jason Bodhi 2 days ago

    Had they commissioned the movie alongside Picard and Discovery (and if you throw in the Orville) 2020 could have been the year of Trek!

  • polite critique
    polite critique 2 days ago

    They made Picard character a GAY in his elder days cos he realised its reason he never married. After data death he was sad drunk in a bar and he met a male gay rigellian ect ect

  • Horatio Moonraker
    Horatio Moonraker 2 days ago

    Is that Patrick Stewart or Professor Farnsworth?

  • Mike Grayson
    Mike Grayson 2 days ago

    Can't wait for the final season.

  • zid mizarz
    zid mizarz 3 days ago

    And I dont see wolverine

  • Jan Smith
    Jan Smith 3 days ago


  • Prime Video UK
    Prime Video UK 3 days ago

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  • John O'Connell
    John O'Connell 3 days ago

    I am Really looking forward to this.

  • csx296
    csx296 3 days ago

    @2:03 I'm not entirely sure what Riker is doing into the kitchen sink....

  • Prime Video UK
    Prime Video UK 3 days ago

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  • Prime Video UK
    Prime Video UK 3 days ago

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  • Kamila Szczyrba
    Kamila Szczyrba 3 days ago

    This film will be in my birthday 😊

  • Mihai Antropov
    Mihai Antropov 3 days ago

    I love how the metro trains are colored in red. Just like the regular S-bahn nowadays.

  • Daniel C Treidene
    Daniel C Treidene 3 days ago

    and now because im having a cold, feeling bored and want to help picard get over the bad breakup or whatever it was, and because star trek needs some non sciencey stuff that were home in their universe too, not just in a sector they knew a whole lot about, a relative to the beta-zoid, gamma-zoids that is :P :P :P -- reading celtic spread Star Trek Picard (work) focus.

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 3 days ago

      oh and before I forget, try to be inclusive instead of exclusive, a past version of you ended because of such a folly.

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 3 days ago

      please dont fire me into the sun, I am bored and just picked out some cards and wrote what they said.

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 3 days ago

      Questor king of swords (no doubt thats picard himself, or Xavier for that matter) 2. you are; 2 of wands 3. this crosses you; the hermit (upside down) 4. beneath you; the queen of swords (upside down) 5. behind you; 8 of pentacles 6. Crowns you; the hierophant 7. Ahead of you; knight of cups (upside down) 8. you fear the most; 4 of wands 9. Those who surround you; 5 of pentacles 10. your hopes; 3 of wands 11. the final outcome of your efforts; 2 of pentacles You are a bold mature individual and a housekeeper. You are being crossed by imprudence and incorrect advice. malice, fantasism amd vengeance is beneath you. Modesty,effort and frankness is behind you. Your crowning feature is alliance and servitude. ahead of you is fraud or a sly or possibly cunning person. You fear romance, harmony and the fruit of labour. Those who surround you are destitute and have material trouble. Your hopes are practical knowledge, strength, enterprise and trade. The final result of your endavours will be diffulty in launching new projects, new concerns and preoccupations.

  • Renat Nurlyev
    Renat Nurlyev 3 days ago

    I am a STAR TREK fun, but... Picard and others quite old, don't you think so? Eh...

  • Barbarian Bira Gaming

    The greatest Captain in humanity History! 💪😎👍

  • Jayjay
    Jayjay 3 days ago

    Everything must come to an end.

  • Cmd DATA
    Cmd DATA 3 days ago

    待っていました! expectation.

  • RAFCOM1982
    RAFCOM1982 3 days ago

    yes yes yes and motherfucking favorite captain in startrek

  • TOK150
    TOK150 3 days ago

    Are we going to get Starships hands?

  • B. K.
    B. K. 3 days ago

    Why the trailer song is useless peace of pop shit? it is not related at all to what's happening on a screen.

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 3 days ago

    Very nice work on Brent Spinner as Data. Makeup today can do wonders. This movie will be a total blockbuster.

    • MadScientist
      MadScientist 2 days ago

      Movie? Fine Sir, I'm here to inform you it will be a whole series!

  • Marcus Crassus
    Marcus Crassus 3 days ago

    So, why the dislikes? People crazy

    FRANCESCO OBINO 3 days ago

    Jery Ryan... I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :-D

  • jean chen
    jean chen 3 days ago

    is that Meryl Streep? @1:07?

  • The Game Archiver
    The Game Archiver 3 days ago

    1:59 Duel-wielding two big laser rifles doesn't seem like a very practical idea.

  • JoJo
    JoJo 4 days ago

    Made better for the chinese

  • Dusko Djukic
    Dusko Djukic 4 days ago

    Seven of 9 😘

  • Mouthy Brit
    Mouthy Brit 4 days ago

    What the actual fuck is that Data make up? Looks more like Kryten than Data.

  • Starchy
    Starchy 4 days ago

    I'm definitely... Skipping Discovery

  • lamia1956
    lamia1956 4 days ago

    Oh myyy, they are all back, nearly: where is Geordie, (mr. Wuff-)Worf, the doctor, and her son, (shut up-) Wesley? That wine farm, is it the same location as in the orig series, where Jean-Luc visited his brother, bevore he get the message that he died, in the first contact movie? And his grandson! Shit, i am a trekkie! Oh, myyy 8D

    • lamia1956
      lamia1956 2 hours ago

      @Nemesis I'm pretty sure that was Brent Spiner in the trailer, so who is he acting? Datas brother Lore? Can't remember what happened to Lore in tng, after his taking lead of the borgs. Or they played again with the time line and get Data them from the past 🤣. Or, the federation finally decided that Data is not representing a lifeform and started creating "Data's"! Nooooo 😅 Oooh myyy (George Takai) 🤣

    • Nemesis
      Nemesis 3 hours ago

      @lamia1956 , unfortunately, he sure did.

    • lamia1956
      lamia1956 Day ago

      @Nemesis hey nemesis, didn't Data died in Nemesis lol 🤣

    • lamia1956
      lamia1956 Day ago

      Wesley Crusher is now crushed out of his human being in a existence beyond our understandings in the 7th dimension, beyond the dr. Chaotica's 5th dimension, beyond the Q-Continuum. Even the Q's could end thir existence, but Wes is now a angry god and is pissed about that what he did become because of Picard. Maybe Kes (voyager) can join him? Just kidding. In fact i really believe that Will Wheaton is the only person who can save the world in times of climate change, capitalism, terrorism...🤣 Seriously the star trek series, not the (popcorn) movies at all, changed my personal development In a positive sense. J. - L. Picard was my idol in younger ages. I want to thank all the actors of all the star trek series, also the people behind the camera. But mostly Gene Roddenberry for creating this saga. Thank you. (Where's my Oscar 🏆😂) But now my idol since several years is Jacque Fresco, the creator of the Venus Project. (This is not official but they say that Gene R. did get his visions from this great mind J. F.! 🤫🤐🧠✍️). Live long and prosper. By the way: didn't Data died in star trek nemesis? 🤔

    • Nemesis
      Nemesis 2 days ago

      Wesley Crusher is exactly where is supposed to be: totally out of the picture!!!

    mATHETICS 4 days ago


  • mayorofthenonsense
    mayorofthenonsense 4 days ago

    Also, Jeri Ryan still looks INCREDIBLE.. Daymn..

  • Andy
    Andy 4 days ago

    After STD I thought star trek was over...this actually looks like it could fingers are crossed.

    • Edward Baker
      Edward Baker 16 hours ago

      People who don't like STD clearly haven't seen Anson Mount as Captain Pike.

    • LGranthamsHeir
      LGranthamsHeir Day ago

      Otherwise, we have to start subscribing to Hulu and watch 'The Orville' next year....

    • kat tod
      kat tod Day ago

      you just took words from my tongue 🤝

  • Drew Lyddon
    Drew Lyddon 4 days ago

    Looking good, but there's something wrong with the audio, zero bass!!!

  • Golden skeptic
    Golden skeptic 4 days ago

    I really, really hope that Q makes an appearance 😁😁

    • LGranthamsHeir
      LGranthamsHeir Day ago

      "Well well, Jean-Luc. It must've been twenty plus years since we last saw each other? Come, let me take you and your motley crew to a galaxy no one has gone before!!" (Snap his fingers and Picard and his ragtag new ship disappears from space)

  • Ppp Ppp
    Ppp Ppp 4 days ago

    Data: hold my cup Picard.

  • John Syzlack
    John Syzlack 4 days ago

    TBH I'm rooting for the Nazis.

  • Tounushi
    Tounushi 4 days ago

    WHY are the swastikas and reichsadlers censored? And what's with all the soviet wargear?

  • R
    R 4 days ago

    You know what..Wesley Crusher should appear on this one. Plot : After his downfall on the academy, Wesley become the captain of a rusty and wreckd cargo ship dealing illegal objects in the Ferengi sector. His crew is formed by a bunch of lowlife misfits most of them the life was destroyed by the academy standards. lol

    • R
      R Day ago

      @Time Traveller I always thought they had some kind of bromance going on ..But I forgot Wesley shows up in Nemesis also

    • Time Traveller
      Time Traveller Day ago

      you know that Wesley left Starfleet cause he joined the Traveller after the Episode "Journey's End" in TNG

  • Tibor Õsz
    Tibor Õsz 4 days ago

    0:20 thank you for not pulling out the drawer fully.

  • Brendon Kruze
    Brendon Kruze 4 days ago

    Please be a movie with coherent story and with the charm of the series. Please. PLEASE. OMG PLEASE.

  • Tepid Tuna
    Tepid Tuna 4 days ago

    Holy crap that looks good. Let's hope they keep the teen angst out of it.

  • Sindy Julieth Mendoza Rodelo

    Yo creí que era X-Men😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂

  • Helle Fyre
    Helle Fyre 4 days ago

    Every show I see that involved Mexicans makes me hate them incrementally more each time.

  • MCP/ChronicBuzz
    MCP/ChronicBuzz 4 days ago

    Oh captain my captain... so looking forward to this

  • Nera Ratkay
    Nera Ratkay 4 days ago

    All the Trekkies out there, hold onto your R. gene, The Orville might not be the last of his legacy. Here is hoping to All good things...and the sky's the limit.

  • pyke
    pyke 5 days ago

    Picard: baldly going where no man gone before

  • Felipe
    Felipe 5 days ago


  • Logica do Saber
    Logica do Saber 5 days ago

    Looking forward to it!!!!! :) :) :)

  • Nic Tanghe
    Nic Tanghe 5 days ago


  • Mat Cooper
    Mat Cooper 5 days ago

    This season best have 40 episodes! 1 More little season is not enough!!!

  • Federico Marín
    Federico Marín 5 days ago

    2:00 Rocket propelled, machine gun defended Nazi monorail. Your argument is invalid

  • Maxim Gwiazda
    Maxim Gwiazda 5 days ago

    What's wrong with Data's eyes? They didn't look like that in TNG, did they?

  • Spagg Trait
    Spagg Trait 5 days ago

    Hope this doesn't get ruined by Political correctness.

    • Taka Etono
      Taka Etono 4 days ago

      sure wont... fucking klingons!!!

  • Hoganply
    Hoganply 5 days ago

    My question is, why does the trailer to a spin-off from a sci-fi adventure series feel and look like a generic action drama?

  • Lynch85
    Lynch85 5 days ago

    This show never reached it full potential.

  • camparikiller
    camparikiller 5 days ago


  • Eden Bremner
    Eden Bremner 5 days ago

    omg i am so excited for this 😆

  • Nicky Nacky Noo
    Nicky Nacky Noo 5 days ago

    The best superhero series ever made - only downside is that 8 episodes is a joke. There needs to be a lot more. I miss the 90s where every season was 24 episodes on all series

  • Rickardus
    Rickardus 5 days ago

    Now this, has real emotion in it. How good does it feel? It's genuine, cant wait!

  • Mfundo Nkosi
    Mfundo Nkosi 5 days ago


  • Mfundo Nkosi
    Mfundo Nkosi 5 days ago


  • Mfundo Nkosi
    Mfundo Nkosi 5 days ago


  • Mfundo Nkosi
    Mfundo Nkosi 5 days ago

    Miles O'Brien?

  • Juha-Matti Pitkänen

    This is how you bring old group back on screen, lucasfilm+disney did fail in that.

  • Taka
    Taka 5 days ago

    Picard basically became old Ezio Auditore

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 5 days ago

    Bloody hell 😆

  • Canal de Soujin
    Canal de Soujin 5 days ago

    Data? Data died saving Picard, so if he returns, it wouldn't be Data, it would be B4, right?

  • Emanuel Alanis
    Emanuel Alanis 5 days ago

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  • LochMorar
    LochMorar 5 days ago

    There’s something not quite right about Data’s face...

    • Brendon Kruze
      Brendon Kruze 4 days ago

      You can hear on his voice that it's older. But on the next sentence he says like he's young again.

    • avocado pictures
      avocado pictures 4 days ago

      Eye color is too plain and saturated, the hairline is CG, that's what stood out for me. This might be far from the final version of course.

  • Jeffrey Tan
    Jeffrey Tan 6 days ago

    January 23, 2020? Make it so...

  • Prime Video UK
    Prime Video UK 6 days ago

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  • Lone_Puppy
    Lone_Puppy 6 days ago

    Looks like somebody has managed to reverse engineer Soong type androids and are mass producing them. Looks like as servants.

  • grimjim666
    grimjim666 6 days ago

    please dont be shite like STD XD *fingers crossed* *prey*