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Auction Drift Car Is Back!!!
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  • Dustin C
    Dustin C 11 minutes ago

    "Radiator fluid's topped off..." Lmfao

  • B6jfkmx
    B6jfkmx 16 minutes ago

    All I can think about is that zip tie on the driver headrest. lol

  • Adam Blue
    Adam Blue 17 minutes ago

    All chargers have that issues

  • lipout100
    lipout100 20 minutes ago

    You know after you guys are finished having fun with this po lice car you might consider donating it to your local police dept. Might help when you are racing around town in the Lambo or The Ferrari Just a thought Keep on building

  • Michael Hatch
    Michael Hatch 23 minutes ago

    Got to love the harbor freight plastic welder

  • Jay D
    Jay D 24 minutes ago

    Man you 2 have a lot of cars what are you going to do with all of them? Registration and licensing has got to be a pretty penny! Not to mention insurance.

  • Kris Hermanowski
    Kris Hermanowski 25 minutes ago

    It’s pronounced like this. New matic air gun

  • Noah Lapanne
    Noah Lapanne 26 minutes ago

    I think they should do a 69 charger next

  • Matīss Putenis
    Matīss Putenis 27 minutes ago

    I think this car will get you in trouble...because it's very police look alike :D

  • Mad Mechanix
    Mad Mechanix 30 minutes ago

    Goonz of hussell county!!!

  • Justin Love
    Justin Love 35 minutes ago

    Your natural at everything yall impressed..keep up the great work....keep vidz lit for sure..make that shirt a super fan..

  • A Rae
    A Rae 41 minute ago

    "This called a wig wag." -Billy

  • Bob Shearer
    Bob Shearer 46 minutes ago

    fix it

  • B6jfkmx
    B6jfkmx Hour ago

    Did he say “NOT OEM” @ 8:35?😱 I thought those words were not part of the Goonzquad vocabulary....🧐

  • David Young
    David Young Hour ago


  • Blake K.
    Blake K. Hour ago

    Take a heat gun to the stickers

  • Rajdeep Das
    Rajdeep Das Hour ago

    Hey goonz guy's... Big fan buddy.. and i want to be a part of your new garage worker.. plz plz plz hire me ... plzzzzzz 🙏....

  • lawnboy81SMS
    lawnboy81SMS Hour ago

    It's a COPART facility it looks like. Im a shipper and deal with them regularly. They wont do jack about any damages they cause since most locations wont let you load it yourself in the yard. I've seen them cause damages right in front of me and they didn't do anything about it. They're also picky about pick-up. God forbid you show up at 4:31 on a friday and they stop releasing at 4:30 they wont do it (They can if they so choose, but very rarely will they still) and leave you waiting til the following monday since most aren't open weekends. I personally hate Copart and will never buy anything from them. I wouldn't even pick up shipments from them if I didn't have to, but unfortunately then I'd just be losing out on money if I denied shipments simply because they're from Copart. However I still am not a fan of them one bit, also the "corporate" phone number gets you no where. I'm a much bigger fan of IAA, way better people, way better service, AND they have an actual corporate number that you can call to get what you need without attitude.

  • Wave Gang
    Wave Gang Hour ago

    You should just go with the hellcat front bumper so it can match up

  • François
    François Hour ago

    That car is a beast. Yeaaahhhhh

  • quinn
    quinn Hour ago

    U should put a hellcat ducktail spoiler on the awd Cruiser

  • Tony Black
    Tony Black Hour ago

    I'd sure like to punch you and your brother lol

  • Tracy Trimble
    Tracy Trimble Hour ago

    I think love the bumper you won't notice it with the push bar unless your really looking for it I didn't see it till it was pointed out just my opinion tho

  • sarim adil
    sarim adil 2 hours ago

    Dodge viper Ferrari 458 Ferrari 458 Lamborghini huracan Nissan gtr Dodge hellcat Mustang Police interceptor Chevy pickup

  • Spainhower00149
    Spainhower00149 2 hours ago

    You guys need to build a bad ass boat next!

  • Equinox
    Equinox 2 hours ago

    Better remove the decal before u guys get in serious trouble

  • Kuba F
    Kuba F 2 hours ago

    why didnt you take bumper from donor car and just paint it? it's OEM so gaps should be perfect...

  • Co Co
    Co Co 2 hours ago

    You really didn't notice the hellcat hood to fascia gap when the hood was black. Now that is white it stands out more.

  • Prince tony
    Prince tony 2 hours ago

    hows a job there . im south Africa . willing to learn anything

  • JImbord
    JImbord 2 hours ago

    I’m hella hyped for these guys to expand they give out quality content.... quality and quantity type of content they deserve all the success they can get 💯

  • MicSwagger Vlogs and Games

    are you gonna put the bullbar on it?

  • Griffin Grant
    Griffin Grant 2 hours ago

    Who was the kid holding Thomas the 👨‍🔧

  • Griffin Grant
    Griffin Grant 2 hours ago

    Rebuild a Saleen s7 turbo I think it is

  • Vincent HERRERO
    Vincent HERRERO 2 hours ago

    That's a crazy russian hacker reference!

  • Carter Speed
    Carter Speed 2 hours ago

    LEDS 4 the headlights auxbeam etc

  • Griffin Grant
    Griffin Grant 2 hours ago

    When did you get the other one ☝️

  • Mrs. Phyllis Stephens

    Oh by the way Boys...All Wheel Drive is NOT like Four Wheel Dive. Two Different Beast. Going on Dirt Road..Please Keep Your All Wheel Vehicles on a Paved Road...But when Snow Falls, by all mean use it then!

  • Minislayer2010
    Minislayer2010 2 hours ago

    That's a seriously ill fitting bumper. It spoils the work that's gone into it

  • Evilpimp
    Evilpimp 3 hours ago

    I've reported this video for impersonating an officer.

    • nitroxide91
      nitroxide91 2 hours ago

      They taped up all the poleetz marking

  • Justin Briggs
    Justin Briggs 3 hours ago

    Hahaha dudes that is so bad ass!! Man you guys are pretty cool dudes had to subscribe I like the content

  • Eric Ruhlmann
    Eric Ruhlmann 3 hours ago

    You should name the bug Susan.

  • Lastige Rasta
    Lastige Rasta 3 hours ago

    Dear Goonzquad boys .. I watch your channel ... I'm from Suriname .. I love the work you guys do .. BUT i have one problem .. please wash stuff before you put it on the car .. like dirty parts .. or when your done sanding and stuff .. wash the area first before like putting on a bumper of a side skirt ... that's the only thing thats troubeling me

    • Gary Packwood
      Gary Packwood 36 minutes ago

      Greetings from a long way from the USA. I remembered that you are known as the Republic of Suriname which is a country on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. People here on special occasions, buy Orchids from your country.

  • Luvo 89
    Luvo 89 3 hours ago

    Please remove the sibtie in the driver seat

  • Morgan Höglund
    Morgan Höglund 3 hours ago

    SRT bumper and paint it the same as way as the original bumper

  • mack man
    mack man 3 hours ago

    where is Thomas the tech ?

  • Steve Rivera
    Steve Rivera 3 hours ago

    I've never used that mesh stuff before so not sure how good it works but shouldn't you epoxy the crack anyway on the headlight to keep moisture out?

  • Alex Dang
    Alex Dang 3 hours ago

    You guys should do HID retrofit on the headlights.

  • conaero
    conaero 3 hours ago

    Regarding the Cop Car front bumper, I deal with Maseratis and you see the same issue with the OEM bumper after they have been off for paint. What it is, is when you pull the bumper there are shims that just fall out and get lost so my suggestion is to get/make some shims or washers and pack them under the fixings till its right. Should be pretty simple. Matt |

  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley 3 hours ago

    Now all you need to do is find some fat pig to put behind the wheel. Shouldn't be too hard in your neck of the woods.

  • Jack Little
    Jack Little 3 hours ago

    So just read something in the comments that Thomas is dead?? Is that true or just trolls? You have a lot of followers and Thomas has been well liked. Please let us all know.

  • Max Hammontree
    Max Hammontree 3 hours ago

    For Fuck sake! You were just given 2 brand new PU-NAMIC river guns ant there you are using a manual one🙄

  • Diaa Kotton
    Diaa Kotton 4 hours ago

    That moment when he put the hydraulic on the quarter panel made me like 😱😱

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young 4 hours ago

    Replace the sheriff decals with “Poleetz”

  • blakejb30
    blakejb30 4 hours ago

    Hi guys. Got some video of my father's 5.7 rwd cop car at the

  • حيدر الحسيناوي


  • Take a stride or Step aside

    Why aren't you wherein seat belts driving to the property?

  • Kazuki Matsumoto
    Kazuki Matsumoto 4 hours ago

    berry good😊form japan

  • Nick Kat
    Nick Kat 4 hours ago

    These guys talk like hillbillies

  • dave2676
    dave2676 4 hours ago

    Breaking news in Chattanooga today two brothers in a ex sheriff's car hit a gas pipe line while joy riding and cause a HUGE explosion.the authority's are still trying to get the situation under control will be advised.

  • EmilioLEANDRO Todo
    EmilioLEANDRO Todo 4 hours ago

    you Pay more for the Build, if you Buy a new lambo!!!!

  • Take a stride or Step aside

    A police interpreter is a ford crown vic

  • Henry Jr Echiverri
    Henry Jr Echiverri 4 hours ago

    Wear your seat belt bro...

  • Will Pittenger
    Will Pittenger 4 hours ago

    I keep finding myself thinking you'll try the lights, siren, or public address system in public. Do that and you might find yourself locked in the back of another cruiser. Such actions might be treated as impersonating a police officer. I'm not a lawyer but I think you should be careful.

  • Taha Shabbar
    Taha Shabbar 4 hours ago

    Get a hellcat front bumper and install the push bar on that.

  • Andrian Cantos
    Andrian Cantos 5 hours ago

    Put the parts car's hemi v8 to the 370z

  • shane solomon
    shane solomon 5 hours ago

    You should make some merch that reads finally she rips

  • JPKB H
    JPKB H 5 hours ago

    Ive heard you can use the soldering iron to melt cable ties/zip ties to plastic weld cracks. Not sure how strong it is but I think it is the same plastic.

  • Donato Lucari
    Donato Lucari 5 hours ago

    musty is hier pich corvy lower tune but louder

  • TJ Bagaoisan
    TJ Bagaoisan 5 hours ago

    I wish to be a part of your zquad 🙏

  • TJ Bagaoisan
    TJ Bagaoisan 5 hours ago

    I wish to be a part of your zquad 🙏

  • TJ Bagaoisan
    TJ Bagaoisan 5 hours ago

    I wish to a part of your zquad 🙏

  • shubhan rai
    shubhan rai 5 hours ago

    Let me come work for you💯🤤

  • zoing ovung
    zoing ovung 5 hours ago

    House tour pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee...

  • Will Pittenger
    Will Pittenger 5 hours ago

    Maybe when this car is finished you should call up the Russell County, Virginia sheriff's office and offer to meet a deputy somewhere for a track day. VIR would work great.

  • Team svängande bakparti

    Keep the car like it just came out of (police) factory hahah

  • Boosted Damo
    Boosted Damo 6 hours ago

    I haven’t seen Thomas in awhile, did he start his own channel?

  • jose torres
    jose torres 6 hours ago

    Or you could just hold the brake and and the traction control for 5 seconds

  • Jack Shepherd
    Jack Shepherd 6 hours ago

    Do you guys have the ZL1

  • simon norup
    simon norup 6 hours ago

    fuck xenon get led bulbs

  • Chevy Silverado 6.0
    Chevy Silverado 6.0 6 hours ago


  • Chevy Silverado 6.0
    Chevy Silverado 6.0 6 hours ago

    Pussy. Run the son of a bitch. Y’all are a bunch of noobs.

  • Dennis Megarry
    Dennis Megarry 6 hours ago

    You should paint it according to your local law enforcement colors and donate the vehicle to them.. Not only will you feel great doing such a nice thing for them but also a nice tax write off. What are you going to do with a police car anyway? It is illegal to have those blue lights on the roof of a private citizens car..

  • Dan Wingo
    Dan Wingo 6 hours ago

    Try shimming the back edge of the bumper . It should flex enough, I've had to do it on aftermarket Pontiac bumpers.

  • its every thing
    its every thing 6 hours ago

    Put thé 2017 rims on 2018

  • Pawel P
    Pawel P 6 hours ago

    Guys, when Q&A session ?

  • Christina Skiba
    Christina Skiba 6 hours ago

    No Thomas...No Subscription!!! Unsubscribe until Thomas comes back all !!!!

  • Christina Skiba
    Christina Skiba 6 hours ago

    No Thomas...No Subscription!!! Unsubscribe until Thomas comes back all !!!!

  • Command What
    Command What 6 hours ago

    Y’all do incredible work. Looks great but, I would say you should have went with the HellCat hood.

  • Nathaniel Mathies
    Nathaniel Mathies 6 hours ago

    It's not that it's got too much traction, it's because the front wheels are spinning you're getting massive understeer. That's why it won't donut

  • Sarg Spudguts
    Sarg Spudguts 6 hours ago

    The front bar from the donor didn't look to bad. Just fix that and use it

  • Like No One Else
    Like No One Else 7 hours ago

    Drive it like you stole it

    DAVID EM 7 hours ago

    God bless you guys with more success

  • vikingrinn
    vikingrinn 7 hours ago

    WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?! there are no loopholes in tennessee, not for private ownership, not for off-road use, not for fun, notta. no exceptions. none. zilch. you can blame some imposters, rapists, and outright murderers for you not having the freedom to own the lights & sirens (bells & whistles) in the majority of the country. 55-9-414(a)(1) (a) (1) Except as provided in subsections (b)-(f), it is an offense for anyone to install, maintain or exhibit blue flashing emergency lights or blue flashing emergency lights in combination with red flashing emergency lights, except full-time, salaried, uniformed law enforcement officers of the state, county, or city and municipal governments of the state, and commissioned members of the Tennessee bureau of investigation when their official duties so require as defined by §§ 38-8-106 and 38-8-107. and listen up - you could get your deputy pal unemployed in an twitch if ia etc catch wind so don’t allow him to become part of this in any way his employers may feel he aids and abets - SO WHY UNNECESSARILY DRAW UNWANTED ATTENTION? lol, sheesh; IT IS ILLEGAL TO EVEN OWN THE LEO LIGHT BAR/SIRENS IN TENNESSEE, LET ALONE MOUNT THEM BACK UP! PAY ATTENTION BOYS, NO NEED FOR TROUBLE YOU CAN FULLY AVOID FROM THE ONSET! 👊🤪👍 (btw, since you’re probably wondering, cleetus lives in florida, very different... each state is sovereign and can approach the topic differently - but generally speaking, this has become a sensitive topic nationwide and thus usually approached similarly...)

  • Pulcer
    Pulcer 7 hours ago


  • Austin Perreault
    Austin Perreault 7 hours ago

    Hey I love the charger build can’t wait to see it done the front bumper looks really good it lines up nicely with the hood I think it looks pretty good

  • hadesiaczek 24
    hadesiaczek 24 7 hours ago

    Wait Wait Wait why is wrecked police car on back? 23:17

  • Bitch Lasagna
    Bitch Lasagna 7 hours ago

    Needs new rims immediately

  • Jon De Guzman
    Jon De Guzman 7 hours ago

    Put the dodge engine on the kit car

  • Robert Perks
    Robert Perks 7 hours ago

    🚔 🚨🚨🚨 I noticed the gap on the front bumper right away .... after market body parts never line up like OEM . 🚨Take my advice Don’t install the cage in police car . They restrict the front seats and ruin the interior of the car . Most police departments don’t use them anymore or keep it to a few cars in their fleet to haul around out of control perps. 🚨 Keep up the hard work. Can’t wait to see the building project videos 💪🏼

  • TimoTruBlu
    TimoTruBlu 8 hours ago

    Got to get the OEM bumper guys. The cheap one makes the front end look nasty.