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The Manning Hour | FOX NFL
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  • Sean Ferree
    Sean Ferree 5 hours ago

    You can really tell how big these guys are when walking next the staff wearing hoodies

  • Young Papi
    Young Papi 5 hours ago

    What happened? Refs weren’t on their side? 😂

  • Ibrahim Barry
    Ibrahim Barry 5 hours ago

    NFC West own Arod in the NFC championship

  • MiStEr 1990;s
    MiStEr 1990;s 5 hours ago

    Remember when XFL was supposed to be the major football league in Schwarzenegger's "The 6th Day?"🤔🙄😂

  • Farm Life SD
    Farm Life SD 5 hours ago

    Is this in anyone else’s suggested in 2020

  • Korie Creson
    Korie Creson 5 hours ago

    Don't cry Packers...the refs helped you get there so its not your fault, you didn't belong there anyways.

  • Yoseman1
    Yoseman1 5 hours ago

    This looks pretty dumb...

  • Brad Dillon
    Brad Dillon 5 hours ago

    The 49ers own the Packers lol

  • John Froelich
    John Froelich 5 hours ago

    This Bear fan enjoyed this!!

  • D Mills the Lion troll

    How cute! The punter and the place kicker walked out together.

  • Tim Barnes
    Tim Barnes 5 hours ago

    👋🏻 Go Pack Go! Pack ya bags Bye! 😂😂 Nothing brings me more joy as a Bears fan!

  • julio guzman
    julio guzman 5 hours ago


  • Fire Woman
    Fire Woman 5 hours ago

    Definitely a Missing 411 case.

  • billy batts
    billy batts 5 hours ago

    Walk of shame lol

  • Sheez Nutz
    Sheez Nutz 5 hours ago

    Aaron's walk of shame!!!,😂

  • Sheez Nutz
    Sheez Nutz 5 hours ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!😂

  • Kevin Stephenson
    Kevin Stephenson 5 hours ago

    Kinda like watching paint dry.

  • jessica lovely amor
    jessica lovely amor 5 hours ago

    Packers sucks underrated in NFL History

  • prezbige
    prezbige 5 hours ago

    So I clicked to watch people walking

  • Clayton Wolfer
    Clayton Wolfer 5 hours ago


  • FishyFLCL
    FishyFLCL 5 hours ago

    The overtime rules are the only things that are weird to me

  • scarlett O
    scarlett O 5 hours ago

    Love my boys!🥰🥰🥳

  • Nivk Hardy
    Nivk Hardy 5 hours ago

    Safer more exciting and better than the NFL. Just need to sign some star power

  • Big Chody
    Big Chody 5 hours ago

    My favorite video on earth

  • Mae Nan Ellingson
    Mae Nan Ellingson 6 hours ago

    Still love them. Love goes on.

  • Adam Green
    Adam Green 6 hours ago

    this makes no sense

  • Jiyxr YT
    Jiyxr YT 6 hours ago

    Bear down baby GO BEARS!!!!

  • Jim Watson
    Jim Watson 6 hours ago

    Stick a Fork in Rodgers.

  • Brysen Wilkinson
    Brysen Wilkinson 6 hours ago

    What about Tom Brady he won a super bowl in his rookie season

  • RBK2
    RBK2 6 hours ago

    This is the most excited I've been about a Super Bowl in a long time.

  • Josh
    Josh 6 hours ago

    If wentz isn't in your top 4, you shouldn't make lists

  • David Rivera
    David Rivera 6 hours ago

    Loooser 👎🏼 0-3

  • ricardo flores
    ricardo flores 6 hours ago


  • magic carp
    magic carp 6 hours ago

    And to think this dog was 13 when he did this

  • Art P
    Art P 6 hours ago

    Packers need some major defensive adjustments!! The offense has a lot of potential.

  • Navdog Deluxe
    Navdog Deluxe 6 hours ago

    Can we just admire how smooth the officers handshake was. (unexpected)

  • Robert Hoovan
    Robert Hoovan 6 hours ago

    Will it be on tv

  • Llll Lll
    Llll Lll 6 hours ago

    How Does It Feel To Lose Cheese D*cks

  • Sling_ _Sh0t
    Sling_ _Sh0t 6 hours ago

    Nice to know I'm good friends with tommy and he's from my home bowling center 🤙🤙

  • Vladpryde
    Vladpryde 6 hours ago

    Play like losers, leave like losers. Seems appropriate to me. Green Bay fans deserve a LOT better than what they got.

  • kelvin akinde
    kelvin akinde 6 hours ago

    49ers must win in Miami they must do it for themselves and more importantly Kyle!

  • Jimbo da Street minista

    They don’t look that sad, almost as if they knew they were going to lose..

  • JohnnyDog
    JohnnyDog 6 hours ago

    I still couldn't be happier with such a tremendous and fun season. Great job boys!

    THE CLARENCES 6 hours ago

    Love it!!! Sounds fun!!! xoxo The Clarences

  • Khajalik Campbell
    Khajalik Campbell 6 hours ago

    I think dak should of been in there

  • JAU41
    JAU41 6 hours ago

    A little melancholy running rampant in that group.

  • Hariel
    Hariel 6 hours ago

    This is stupid.

  • Tyler Nersinger
    Tyler Nersinger 6 hours ago

    Watch the XFL and NFL be around 20 years from now. The NFL will be the premier league while the XFL will be the secondary league but still just as important.

  • Ignacio Nachito Hernandez Jr

    Same old bs every year

  • Paul Hashem
    Paul Hashem 6 hours ago

    It's wild that Tate blinked like 4 times in an hour

  • Steve A
    Steve A 6 hours ago


  • Spencer Lewer
    Spencer Lewer 6 hours ago

    What is XFL?

  • JoMama123451234
    JoMama123451234 6 hours ago

    2:14 the trash can strikes again lol. Probably telling him which questions to answer and which to pass on

  • Jo Will
    Jo Will 6 hours ago


  • Cameron Semelka
    Cameron Semelka 6 hours ago Please give me a listen if you have a spare few minutes, any support or hate helps❤️

  • Angel Diazzz
    Angel Diazzz 6 hours ago

    1:56 you can hear the crowd singing “don’t stop believin” and it just gives you chills listening to it and the packers being sad.

  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    This team still gets no respect, let’s demand it by winning feb 2!!! Let’s go niner empire!!!

  • clealxo
    clealxo 6 hours ago

    Cheer up! How many teams with a new head coach make it one game short of the Super Bowl, real fans stay to the bitter end 😤💚

  • Dro Montana
    Dro Montana 6 hours ago

    It kills me that rodgers is a diehard niner at heart but plays for the cheeseheads 🙄 #fortyninerfaithful #questfor6

  • Zaine Ridling
    Zaine Ridling 6 hours ago

    Oh, this is going to be GOOD. Tired of belichick cheaters and all the losers like Cleveland!

  • Random Studios
    Random Studios 6 hours ago

    Better than nothing during Feb to april

  • Brandon GoPro Vlogs
    Brandon GoPro Vlogs 6 hours ago

    Didn’t come to play at all

  • Brady Ehrich
    Brady Ehrich 6 hours ago

    I’m calling it seton hall is going 25-5

  • Michael Tamares
    Michael Tamares 6 hours ago

    the defense so young,,, haven't peaked yet... they so scary for next few years.

  • Glaze4K
    Glaze4K 6 hours ago

    So why didn’t you do this for the Titans?

  • Brian Biehn
    Brian Biehn 7 hours ago

    That's a GREAT GAME SKOL NATION 😂🤣😁😋😋😋😋

  • Tony Harlow
    Tony Harlow 7 hours ago

    I've had Border Collies for 10-11 years now, best friend anyone could have, love to ride, eager to learn and oh yes - don't forget the frisbee!

  • Don W.
    Don W. 7 hours ago


  • Habeev07
    Habeev07 7 hours ago

    Congrats Tommy. 20 titles in 20 years in 2020. EPIC!! HOF'er!!

  • Jonah Webster
    Jonah Webster 7 hours ago

    Obviously kidding, plz no one take that seriously

  • Jonah Webster
    Jonah Webster 7 hours ago

    Trubisky isn’t in the list???

  • Bc
    Bc 7 hours ago

    Lol Mr Rodgers walk of shame

  • Dave TheRave
    Dave TheRave 7 hours ago

    Ahhhh, so Aaron’s ‘complaining’ that this result was because of a new system for the entire season. Seriously?????

  • Anoche News
    Anoche News 7 hours ago

    what a good thing hes a nice man

  • Banana_Jesus_931
    Banana_Jesus_931 7 hours ago

    Mr Rodgers, I don’t feel so good...

  • Dennis Everett
    Dennis Everett 7 hours ago

    The better team won

  • Adam Elkhairy
    Adam Elkhairy 7 hours ago


  • Dave Claar
    Dave Claar 7 hours ago

    Is this going to be available on Apple podcasts app?

  • um me
    um me 7 hours ago

    lol at people who thought they had a chance. cheese head fuks ha

  • Neil Clauser
    Neil Clauser 7 hours ago

    Did y’all know Vick use to torture animals?

  • mrxexes
    mrxexes 7 hours ago

    Think about this, the Packers went 14-4 this season, meaning that the 49ers were responsible for half of their losses (I wonder if this has ever happened), not only this but they were destroyed in both games. There is no way anyone walking down that tunnel could have thought we should have been going to the SuperBowl instead of San Fran. But the ones who should feel bad are the other 14 teams who the Packers beat (Chiefs not included of course).

  • LDN
    LDN 7 hours ago

    I'm excited

  • Frank3434 E
    Frank3434 E 7 hours ago

    I see nothing but Yankees and Dodgers hating on the Astros watch when they play again they are going to still make alot of home runs

  • Zan Sip
    Zan Sip 7 hours ago

    These guys commentating should be on a list😂

  • Mike Walton
    Mike Walton 7 hours ago

    Trolling “go pack go”

  • Troy Cline
    Troy Cline 7 hours ago

    No Terry, Howie and Michael, it's not there freedom to protest while they are working for an organization that has historically supported our nation, veterans and flag. They can protest when the are not working and on their own time. Careful your ideologies just might bankrupt the sport wise guys, wake up!!!

  • Aaron Allums
    Aaron Allums 7 hours ago

    Sherman seems like a nice guy off the field. But on the field i just want to see someone knock him out. But its just a sport no hate

  • mrxexes
    mrxexes 7 hours ago

    The way I look at it, it's way better losing the way they lost than to lose to a team that you should have beaten, due to a fluke play, bad call or a turnover. At least you don't have to wonder the whole offseason worrying about what could of and should have been.

    • Deez Nutz On yo chin
      Deez Nutz On yo chin 6 hours ago

      I wonder what could have been if dpi was called at the end of sea sf week 17

  • Anakin Cloutwalker
    Anakin Cloutwalker 7 hours ago

    No way you can hate this if you're a fan of the sport . Yes its not NFL but its cool seeing a alternative and giving chance to top Athletes who couldn't make it in the NFL

  • Thryllos
    Thryllos 7 hours ago

    was this before or after you killed 10+ dogs?

  • dtdtdtdtification
    dtdtdtdtification 7 hours ago

    Love of the Game vs. Love of the Fame LOLOL! drop the bag baby

  • #1 Juggy
    #1 Juggy 7 hours ago

    Packers were frauds all year I knew It‼️‼️

  • Here's_Johnny_237
    Here's_Johnny_237 7 hours ago

    As a Niners fan I say you guys did great this year

  • Lucio Betancourt
    Lucio Betancourt 7 hours ago

    The way they played in this game, you'd think this is the way they walked in, (already defeated)....NINER EMPIRE.

  • Gerrod Richardson
    Gerrod Richardson 7 hours ago

    NFL stop sending your minions to hate on the XFL

  • J Goth
    J Goth 7 hours ago

    I wish the outcome was different, but no hate for niners. Very impressive win and I’ll be cheering ya guys on in the Super Bowl. Hopefully this sparks positive growth for my Packers

  • Phillip Muskelly
    Phillip Muskelly 7 hours ago

    David duke is underrated

    MINDYANEK 7 hours ago

    packers always been soft af

  • Periculum Esse
    Periculum Esse 7 hours ago

    Hey Jose - Jeff and AJ were FIRED BECAUSE OF YOU. Yes, you cheated, they ignored it and lost their jobs. Hey Jose - the MLB whiffed on you. They did not know the pitch, like you did. Hey Jose, when will you be a leader - and admit you did it.