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  • arifdoudo1989
    arifdoudo1989 47 minutes ago

    Indonesia jelek banget, busananya maupun gerakan menarinya. Memalukan.

  • Jeddah Alworood
    Jeddah Alworood Hour ago

    Amboring NG host😂 na lalaki..

  • jef santos
    jef santos 3 hours ago

    italy and samoa hhhh

  • Jace Beleren
    Jace Beleren 4 hours ago

    The fact that Canada used our national anthem as our song is kinda funny to me

  • clifford ortiz
    clifford ortiz 5 hours ago

    Shite! No African even though they’re more appealing 🤭

  • anant garg
    anant garg 5 hours ago

    This year usa deserved to be in miss universe

  • Liz Gunda
    Liz Gunda 7 hours ago

    Ganda nya mukha sya latina, puede pang Miss U material..

  • Alexis Khoo
    Alexis Khoo 10 hours ago

    Racis racis and very very racis people on the world you wild to be nombor 1 for racis

  • Roru Loru
    Roru Loru 10 hours ago

    China and Japan . was Sad to see :(😭😱😫

  • Franz Lopez
    Franz Lopez 12 hours ago


  • Sharon Evans
    Sharon Evans 12 hours ago

    ireland for sure but everyone was amazing. czech repub guy too

  • besma baudour
    besma baudour 15 hours ago

    Il y a pas tout le monde de Mister c'est quoi cette arnaque !!!!de plus il sont pas terrible c'est n'importe quoi?????

  • Cesar Cazalli
    Cesar Cazalli 20 hours ago

    Ohh wow it appeared that some didn't event knew what to do on stage- sad.

  • apong kim
    apong kim 22 hours ago

    hindi ba pwedeng pag nag lagay ng crown eh,sigiraduhing hindi natatabingi,pra hndi din tabingi ang pag sungkit ng corona in international pageant...

  • Bart Greenberg

    Lots of facial hair but not a single chest hair. Sadly, very cookie cutter view of male beauty.

  • ******
    ****** Day ago

    meh... next!

  • khooshall serial

    South African hadn't win because he have not respond the question that megan asked him the question was what legacy would you like to carried from rohit.. His answer was really nice but the answer doesn't match with the question

  • Dalisay Moral
    Dalisay Moral Day ago


  • Iván Fuentes
    Iván Fuentes Day ago

    Canada and England the same hehehe .

  • Adrian Gomez
    Adrian Gomez Day ago

    El que daba con el título si. Duda Inglaterra ...muy bien elegidos...futuro James Bond

  • Evelyna Cruz
    Evelyna Cruz Day ago

    Africa merece un lugar !

  • showmebear
    showmebear Day ago

    Spain....all damn day!

  • James Pacheco
    James Pacheco Day ago

    Country beijing China ang angel wings

  • YVR1975
    YVR1975 Day ago

    ENGLAND??!! 🤮

  • silvia lopezmiranda

    Muchos comentarios de hombres, no es por nada, oh bueno si es por algo pense encontrar esto lleno de comentarios de chicas, estare decadente?

  • jaime de sousa

    So many opportunities lost, but Colombia can get it! (despite the futbol outfit)

  • jaime de sousa

    why, in 2019, is that the "walking out" song?

  • Dj Nicolas
    Dj Nicolas Day ago

    todo bien, pero ese mexicano debio tomar unas clases de baile.

  • Radgie lo
    Radgie lo Day ago

    Nailed it Michelle Dee

  • Nimisha Khadka

    Nepal 3:50

  • Nandi Birbhadra
    Nandi Birbhadra 2 days ago

    Megan is growing more beautiful day by day 💖🧚

  • Letlotlo Sibanda
    Letlotlo Sibanda 2 days ago

    Cambodia? Wwtt?

  • hatemediocrity
    hatemediocrity 2 days ago

    ang CHAKA ng bigote ng lalakeng host. SARAP PUTULAN NG BIBIG ampotah... feeling gwapo

  • Gerardo Alamilla
    Gerardo Alamilla 2 days ago

    Y sus florecitas, y su corona para esos chicos jugosos, donde quedaron.

  • tankura
    tankura 2 days ago

    _+_ I love P'Bui

  • Blueflower L
    Blueflower L 2 days ago

    omg! mr world pageants are gong shows!

  • Jewel Ysmile De Leon

    Bat si Ion Perez nakikita ko, parang bagay siya diyan? Hahahah

  • taha olyaee
    taha olyaee 2 days ago

    Just Columbia

  • Dustin Trice
    Dustin Trice 2 days ago


  • len710
    len710 2 days ago

    I’m sure they have other talents.

  • Ky Thong
    Ky Thong 2 days ago

    I wished they had more personality and I was more handsome

  • Felipe Carrillo
    Felipe Carrillo 2 days ago

    England ? Mexico got robbed ! from the top 5 Mexico was the best. what a joke !

  • polemeros
    polemeros 2 days ago

    God, how silly.

  • Orlando Araujo
    Orlando Araujo 2 days ago

    Cameras 4K to recording 2020 Please! The BOYS deserves it!

  • sergio lopez
    sergio lopez 2 days ago

    Pura Estupides........

  • KediVzla Oficial
    KediVzla Oficial 2 days ago

    Que alguien me explique qué fue eso que hizo Nicaragua?? Estaba matando chiripas???

  • Orlando Araujo
    Orlando Araujo 2 days ago

    POOR QUALIT Recording!!! Where are the FULL HD Cameras ???

  • Manny-22 Enjoy-life

    RACiSM !!!! No Africa ?

  • Miros Ttas
    Miros Ttas 2 days ago

    QUE PU... RITOS cuentos!!!!!! jajajajaja 😂😂 jajajajaja.

  • العـنقود ٰٓ

    in terms of enthusiastic dance african countries always win

  • Jeyramel Morales
    Jeyramel Morales 2 days ago

    I like all boys for beautiful men gays :) 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍 handsome

  • zanthus7
    zanthus7 2 days ago

    I was surprised and happy to see that the United States rep is a Native American.

    • H Polo
      H Polo 2 days ago

      just one guy in a costume

  • nyg1984
    nyg1984 2 days ago

    I work and live in NYC. Every day is a Mr World Dance pageant. Hard to concentrate 😍

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez 2 days ago

    England?? South Africa??🤮🤮🤮🤮🤦‍♂️

  • Joseph Hill
    Joseph Hill 3 days ago

    Just when u thought it couldn't get worse there was a part 2

  • Joseph Hill
    Joseph Hill 3 days ago

    Some of these dances are absolutely retarded

  • Epitome Stylist
    Epitome Stylist 3 days ago

    mas maganda camera angles nila kaysa sa bbp.

  • Mario Japhta
    Mario Japhta 3 days ago

    That's a lot of them 👌 How many countries represents Mr. WORLD?

  • جزايري صنديد

    And no Arab country ? I feel so sad

  • Rael fitnnes
    Rael fitnnes 3 days ago

    Enseriooooo ingland, joder tío había mejores candidatos

  • ํPatt Chn
    ํPatt Chn 3 days ago

    WOW >>.Poland !!

  • ํPatt Chn
    ํPatt Chn 3 days ago

    Canada so cute

  • Rael fitnnes
    Rael fitnnes 3 days ago

    Ecuador le colocaron música ecuatoriana y no tenía idea ni como verg,,,, bailar so das☹️

  • Czar Thair
    Czar Thair 3 days ago

    Name of song pls... 9:33

  • Dc dapawole
    Dc dapawole 3 days ago

    Ternyata Indonesia juga ikut.... ayo Indonesia....

  • Jorge Batani Castro

    Why África Is out. I'm not agree!!!

  • guillermo ortegon
    guillermo ortegon 3 days ago

    ¿Qué pasó? 🙁 Colombia 🇨🇴 sabrá jugar fútbol ⚽ y con las que sale!! 🤩

  • R CH
    R CH 3 days ago

    4:36 Anyone knows the name of Bulgaria's song?

    • R CH
      R CH 2 days ago

      @Czar Thair Oh dear thank you so much <3

    • Czar Thair
      Czar Thair 3 days ago

  • Tiago Moreira
    Tiago Moreira 3 days ago

    Costa Rica heim nossa que riqueza 😍

  • Tiago Moreira
    Tiago Moreira 3 days ago

    Top Austrália é um príncipe 😍

  • Sergio Ramirez
    Sergio Ramirez 3 days ago

    Racism why not africa. WTF

  • Victoria Ibekwe
    Victoria Ibekwe 3 days ago

    Africans and Latinos didn't come to play, they had the best dances.

    • July Raugust
      July Raugust Day ago

      When all the other countries are doing virtually nothing, hats off to Africa and Latin America for keeping it fun

  • AJ
    AJ 3 days ago

    ooh those Africans!! They know how to move it move it!!!!

  • Jeeradet Choothawat

    Thailand Handsome #thailand🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  • Hervé Greg Kabonte

    Mr. Venezuela has it all for me 😍😍😍

  • hellio ringos
    hellio ringos 3 days ago

    Luxembourg does the miss universe wave lol

  • Cynthia lee
    Cynthia lee 3 days ago

    Is tat boby tonelli...?

  • Terry Turner
    Terry Turner 3 days ago

    The English, Irish and Northern Irish entrants were pathetic. Particularly disappointing were the Irish. It isn´t not manly to dance....

  • mlouwagie
    mlouwagie 3 days ago

    very nice video....02:57 best outfit..mexico..... samba? woof puerto rico 07:22....cutiest person and performance tonga 11:22

  • mlouwagie
    mlouwagie 3 days ago

    just when you thought this was made for tweens and scrubbed of any adult sexuality (above the belt camera shots of the dancers)( men in tight clothes)14:31 sandcastle penis

  • Gustavo Rodriguez
    Gustavo Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Hubieron muchos papás e hijos !

  • Silrus Lee
    Silrus Lee 4 days ago

    Northern Island was a joke

  • Miguel Angel Suárez

    India Inglaterra y China = SOBRIEDAD.

  • Yanet Flores
    Yanet Flores 4 days ago

    Peru un poco mas de suin♡♡♡

  • Shirley Bradley
    Shirley Bradley 4 days ago

    This is such a joke. The Native American Halloween costume is ridiculous and insulting. Samoa represented what is actually his culture, good job. Why not have all these guys come out and actually dance? Many were just walking. Have them wear what they want not a contrived costume and dance their own style whatever that might be.

  • Euredice G.
    Euredice G. 4 days ago

    Ang gagwapo pero nakakatuwa ang mga sayaw

  • FREEDOM IS A NATURAL RIGHT" Thomas Jefferson.

    Brazil & England were my favorite.

  • Rey Manahan
    Rey Manahan 4 days ago

  • Wesley Btunned
    Wesley Btunned 4 days ago

    WTF Cambodia photoshoot?

  • pipilika pakhi
    pipilika pakhi 4 days ago

    🇧🇩 ❤❤

  • afic10
    afic10 4 days ago

    Dances? 😆, maybe two actually danced.

    • D M
      D M 2 days ago

      We all thought it, but you said it.

  • Jackson Rouse
    Jackson Rouse 4 days ago

    EW as an Australian can I just vomit here for a second at the way an extremely Anglo (and botoxed) -looking white man is using bits and pieces of Aboriginal culture. Yuck.

  • Robert Rodriguez De La Cruz

    Cringe level 100

  • Pat Ford
    Pat Ford 4 days ago

    Hello Lebanon 💋 And love Puerto Rico’s shiny white tights and his generous masculine thighs. ❤️

  • darius
    darius 4 days ago

    awww i can imagine fun on hotel room ,good for them

  • plumeria66
    plumeria66 4 days ago

    The European men don’t even know their own native dances!

  • Octaviano Vargas
    Octaviano Vargas 4 days ago

    This is a shame, I can't believe it. In 21 century still exist discrimination and racism against black people. MFuckers. Black people have the best natural bodys without a lot exercise. You like it or not.

  • Brianscoff Photter
    Brianscoff Photter 4 days ago

    Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 Also Lebanon

  • plumeria66
    plumeria66 4 days ago

    Why do they all look alike? Are they brothers and cousins?

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