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  • Ricky Cooper
    Ricky Cooper 12 minutes ago

    Wasn't this man just at chicken joint

  • paulo louzada
    paulo louzada 12 minutes ago


  • Jorge Romera
    Jorge Romera 13 minutes ago

    The sense of humor is the last thing a human being must lose. Arnold knows that fact, that's why he's so magnetic.

  • Chris Heckert
    Chris Heckert 16 minutes ago

    *I just trow da hole egg in dere..*

  • Joe Carey
    Joe Carey 18 minutes ago

    Look like that or have big penis.... I dunno

  • John Davis
    John Davis 23 minutes ago

    Lmfao over there is exit, don't say "I'll be back".

  • thedragonlee76
    thedragonlee76 26 minutes ago

    Somewhere,Bill Walton is saying.. UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Grom Enawer
    Grom Enawer 29 minutes ago

    Mucho te cuidas para lo malo que eres Kevin!

  • Joeseph Badawi
    Joeseph Badawi 36 minutes ago

    He is soo bad at being scripted...Alexa can pull off a better act than this clown

  • Максим Конев
    Максим Конев 39 minutes ago

    Arnold looks very Sad 😔...we know way RIP 💪🏼Franco Columbu🙏

  • indah mukaromah
    indah mukaromah 39 minutes ago

    hey arnold!! old are you now??

  • Leonidas I
    Leonidas I 41 minute ago

    Kinda sad he's getting old :(

  • Sharon Walters
    Sharon Walters 56 minutes ago

    Kevin Gates that's what's up being conscious about your health disciplining your eating goes a long way Sharon from Pittsburgh that's what I do 4 days a week planet fitness since 2015 faithfully handsome you look good all day long keep up the good work.

  • miskeyp
    miskeyp 57 minutes ago

    That’s not the fridge we want to see into, it’s the "emergency pack" he used during his years of Mister univers lol (and the medic who followed him in the process too) lol

  • Christian Fuentes

    Terry crews a mark ass nigga

  • Abhishek Rampalli

    He lost me at "break dance"

  • Everything
    Everything Hour ago

    "The muscle doesn't see what you're holding in your hands" Damn nigga

  • Tyson Byzon
    Tyson Byzon Hour ago

    Much respect to my brother Kevin Gates

  • Dante9006
    Dante9006 Hour ago

    Oh good, so I can have Cheetos on my chest day! Felt like I couldn't for some reason.

  • vibes
    vibes Hour ago

    100M dollar house but still not a gym in your house..

  • 910AM Superstation Funnies

    Every time I see him now, all I can relate to him now, is when he cheated on his HOT wife, by screwing his maid!!

  • Bill Franklin
    Bill Franklin Hour ago

    "I sometimes put in the schnapps, I sometimes put in the tequilla"

  • Insane Cuckooman

    well i see he didn't get smarter lol. full of dietary misconceptions.

  • Amy and Scott
    Amy and Scott Hour ago

    I don't like that he drinks alcohol. -Scott

  • ilmas ashraf
    ilmas ashraf Hour ago

    Whole eggg wtfff

  • Yfnty
    Yfnty Hour ago

    He’s spiritually awoken 💪🏽

  • Daniel Paul
    Daniel Paul Hour ago

    Damn had no idea he was half white. Wonder if his dad or mom gave him that pretty blonde hair.

  • jesusbonnie
    jesusbonnie Hour ago

    Now do one of his nutrition.

  • Graviti Fitness
    Graviti Fitness Hour ago


  • IMRO R/C stuff
    IMRO R/C stuff Hour ago


  • Zac Redfield
    Zac Redfield Hour ago

    When he throws in the whole egg 😂😂😂

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker Hour ago

    klati kat berbati? ili koi go kaza tva pak- ? ne sum slushal samo edni ama verno - ne znam haribo li se kazvaha ili kennen si dass mit dem haar im auge?

  • kyzee truthahn
    kyzee truthahn Hour ago

    on the eggshell there is Salmonella and chickenshit... wtf

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker Hour ago

    can i guess some more ? -kool muu diiiiiii kon4e vihrugon4e

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker Hour ago

    don't forget - when u get to 96 - do zer0 from the milkyway ! -ellane got a lane off heer own i guess ?

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker Hour ago

    arnold is just showing off.. again

  • Jeff Wingham
    Jeff Wingham 2 hours ago

    Obesity at its best.

  • Shakthi Dhasan
    Shakthi Dhasan 2 hours ago

    Love the beard

  • ranger L
    ranger L 2 hours ago

    Cheetoh's/old spice commercial? ....i can write it. Come to me sweety

  • ranger L
    ranger L 2 hours ago

    I was hoping he was gonna say he's friends with the cheetah cartoon character from the cheetoh's campaign........this marks the first and only time I have been disappointed with terry

    LP SNEAK FREAK John 2 hours ago

    Nigga answered the door looking like Gucci Mane😂😂😂😂

  • Conscious Calisthenics

    No 1: Tren + Deca No 2: Clen No 3: Test

  • Clown World
    Clown World 2 hours ago

    I’m scared to look at his eyes too long

  • Human Bean
    Human Bean 2 hours ago

    respect to anyone improving their lives

  • heymisterderp
    heymisterderp 2 hours ago

    I've been surprised over and over again in recent years how sound Arnold's fitness/workout advice is. Here again his dietary advice is very good. This guy knows what he's talking about. Love the sense of humor, thanks for the tips!

  • Bel Amour
    Bel Amour 2 hours ago

    I can sit on his face all day and he can get all the nutrients he needs😩💦💦💦

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 2 hours ago

    Love this man, this man does everything and has it all, man that dessert looks like heaven that peach thing with vanilla ice cream man I gotta try it if ever get the chance. You the man Crews

  • Myles Mcgee
    Myles Mcgee 2 hours ago

    I’m not even hungry anymore

  • Dmitry aka Health & Beauty guide

    *Arnold refused to eat meat* 😰 *OK. America's next president - Lincoln* 👌

  • x
    x 2 hours ago

    2:48, hahaha..that arrogant look got me laughing. Love Arnold!! He is too smart and yet too funny.

  • Weapons Education
    Weapons Education 2 hours ago

    Arnold , just shave your face please.

  • Buck Russell
    Buck Russell 2 hours ago

    What a fucking butthole.

  • dfdfdffd dfdf
    dfdfdffd dfdf 2 hours ago

    no one mentioned steroid...

  • Gohaan taye
    Gohaan taye 2 hours ago


  • cipherP9
    cipherP9 2 hours ago

    How could a person who literally lives with a gym have so much dad bod?

  • Arthur S
    Arthur S 2 hours ago

    Yo, what does a fully tattooed gangsta rapper have in his fridge and eat. I'm soooooooo interested in his lifestyle and diet, NOT!!!!!! This is from Men's Health???

  • CC Paul
    CC Paul 3 hours ago

    His belly is so flat, I'm jealous

  • tom thorn
    tom thorn 3 hours ago

    I was just thinking. Arnold has been attacking President Trump. Arnold decided to stick his little steroid penis into his Mexican maid. How does that work? Pot, kettle? He has made me protest the METOO Movement. As far as I know they never investigated him and the Mexican maid. Did he force her to have sex with him for the job? Yes? No? He got her pregnant and continued to bring her around his family!?!?!?!!? Even after she gave birth he made it a point to bring the baby around his family. How sick is that? Did he get off on rubbing it in their face without them knowing it? Did the police investigate his behavior with women? Was he committing sexual acts on other women or men? Maybe he is bi-sexual? I do not know but shouldn't the MeToo Movement and police look into that? This man was a huge actor. Did he sexually assault or harass women or boys on the movie set? Is it right to give him a free pass because he is a movie star and he is rich?? Is that the way it works? Felicity Huffman gets a slap on the wrist for being a D list actress and he walks free for being an A list actor? Why has the MeToo# movement not fully investigated Arnold? If they have why haven't we heard about it? Is he just another rich celebrity who is above the law?

  • TheDiabethick
    TheDiabethick 3 hours ago

    When Arnold dies, i will buy a plane ticket and fly over there so I can tend the funeral. No matter the cost. If there is a god, that will be lika a hundred years from now.

  • Who da Fook
    Who da Fook 3 hours ago


  • DeathMagneticM
    DeathMagneticM 3 hours ago

    CO2 emissions country wise US China Shaw Hall

  • Dreamz Only Count Ent. -Uptown Kid Fletcher

    🗣️Walking in a serene filled country side does give you a total different perspective than a environment infested with improvished conditions. You can tell bro is in a good space mentally.💪🏾

  • Elsje Massyn
    Elsje Massyn 3 hours ago

    Arnold is not a vegan 🌱 Should not have been parred with Game Changers movie ?

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker 3 hours ago

    i za tui samo tila tequila i drugi takiva pro=ta. koito iska da ZAPOVQDA - spine over blatter asswhooooo

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker 3 hours ago

    skr - pa -pa - neva ... cold

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker 3 hours ago

    no stfu and MOVE my G fore i gotta come and get u off your feet.

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker 3 hours ago

    aide sa diii diii konche vihrugonche.. da ne te podgonq az maina - stavai lqgai prav pruv trump card all day - who showed u all the card of the deal - jimmy fucking hendrix with his teeth or some prepared assk hooooooooole fire in the flash bankkkkkk

  • TheDieHardWWEAddict
    TheDieHardWWEAddict 3 hours ago

    He may be 72 years old but damn sure doesn't look it. STILL THE MOST BADASS AND GREATEST ACTION HERO OF ALL TIME

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker 3 hours ago

    shallom i chaoo chao za sega bella mi vasul - devastator-a si e nai-dobre kakto sum kazal AZ - familien sagen sie mal - apchihuuuuu sohooo - always been W and it don;t stand for BABiedoll darling - dilaila...

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker 3 hours ago

    ze good old zhitnaq shnapppps du das mith dem maul oda wahr das andersen wie die gebrueder GRIMMMMM hans ko stana braaaaa

  • ChefGiovanni
    ChefGiovanni 3 hours ago

    Great smile and positive vibes here. He eats well. Check out our #Chefs videos !

  • William Crawford
    William Crawford 3 hours ago

    Watermelon, strawberries, best detox, n excellant for skin

  • Flightof2Owls
    Flightof2Owls 3 hours ago

    So eat the typical American diet. According to this every American should be a strongman, but we’re not we’re dying of heart disease from all these animal products.

  • William Crawford
    William Crawford 3 hours ago

    The cow is not ure mother. Stop drinking that shit.

  • 02stampede
    02stampede 3 hours ago

    I like Arnold. But let's be honest. He was nothing more than freak genetics coupled with steroids. It also happened to be a time when steroids weren't widely known outside of the hardcore bodybuilding community. He was a much different person in his younger years than portrayed. Good for him on capitalizing off his strengths though.

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma 3 hours ago

    The only Legend

  • p Sndkfmf
    p Sndkfmf 3 hours ago

    I feel like Im watching a sim

  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden 3 hours ago

    Since when do Muslims eat only one time per day? This guy’s a total 🔔 🔚

  • Hayden Bray
    Hayden Bray 3 hours ago

    Arnie is a cuck.

  • Coburn Karma
    Coburn Karma 3 hours ago

    *Steroids probably contributed to his heart surgery. Good thing it kept him alive for a few more years of entertaining the world.*

  • Grant Kiple
    Grant Kiple 3 hours ago

    This might just be the whitest man alive

  • BullRed94
    BullRed94 3 hours ago

    Just because he says he stays away from animal proteins/products doesn’t mean he cuts them out completely, all that shit can take a toll on the heart as you age

  • Andrew Budden
    Andrew Budden 4 hours ago

    This can’t be healthy

    • Flightof2Owls
      Flightof2Owls 2 hours ago

      It’s not, the meat and dairy industry pay a lot to put out this propaganda

  • Luis Huitron
    Luis Huitron 4 hours ago

    Arnold Rocks

  • Adil Zameer
    Adil Zameer 4 hours ago

    Omg My Fav is Radler Too.

  • Tekashi Mushi
    Tekashi Mushi 4 hours ago

    He looks like a Black Ricardo.

  • Win From Within
    Win From Within 4 hours ago

    Kevin gates looks like rock people in Zelda called "goron"

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth 4 hours ago

    Arnold, where are you going? We’re not done filming. “I be back !!”

  • Scott Fuller
    Scott Fuller 4 hours ago

    Yeeeeuuhh Arnie!!

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker 4 hours ago

    lol :D it's like tweety making a joker sometimes

  • Derrick Lang
    Derrick Lang 4 hours ago

    So many processed foods in that fridge but I'm happy for you that you turned things around.

  • Cameron Playz
    Cameron Playz 4 hours ago

    U know every dislike is from haters

  • Ozzy Ozrude
    Ozzy Ozrude 4 hours ago

    Arnie is much smaller without the roids.

  • TechMetalRules
    TechMetalRules 4 hours ago

    I stay away from red meat and I love to cook steak.

  • Venk tesh
    Venk tesh 4 hours ago

    "Don't say I will back." was great ending.... :P

  • Mansoor Haque
    Mansoor Haque 4 hours ago

    Terry is such a funny guy.

  • PiscesPrincess87
    PiscesPrincess87 4 hours ago

    He is entertaining as fuck.

  • Jimmystarr21
    Jimmystarr21 4 hours ago

    I would legit be sick if I ate all that food in one day

  • Island Mike
    Island Mike 4 hours ago

    Umm a banana isnt protein Arnie..

  • david Frazier
    david Frazier 4 hours ago

    I used to be fat and I’m telling you making excuses why not to take your shirt was hard