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  • Cathy Cook
    Cathy Cook 18 minutes ago

    I see why Meghan wants to get away. The comments below and what she received in England are disgusting!!!

  • Karel Vermylen
    Karel Vermylen 19 minutes ago

    4:10 "money can't buy you hapiness but you can definetly rent it" Ethan said this in a more sidemen video

  • fur king el
    fur king el 26 minutes ago

    sick of seing this idiot

  • SunnySideUp Brown
    SunnySideUp Brown 51 minute ago

    Nahhh, I wanna see what I saw in the beginning for 5 minutes and 52 seconds

  • doomsday. jpg
    doomsday. jpg Hour ago

    Wow it’s crazy how much personality Iggy has.

  • Josh
    Josh Hour ago

    Guy swings himself every time on the curl up lol

  • RyanElite
    RyanElite Hour ago

    The Worst popsinger ever....

  • Pedro Pig
    Pedro Pig Hour ago

    KSI needs a stylist. He doesn't really have any drip for being a millionaire.

  • Dannie Granados
    Dannie Granados Hour ago

    He kinda cute😘

    ROVI DOMINGO Hour ago


  • Cactuscobbler I
    Cactuscobbler I 2 hours ago

    I will never do a deadlift I feel like I'd break my back

  • Ddlala63
    Ddlala63 3 hours ago

    I tired all of these and this shit works and makes you sore af, especially the damn hyperextention

  • Nicholay Volkov
    Nicholay Volkov 3 hours ago

    Nothing better then burpees

  • Buck Forte Cervant
    Buck Forte Cervant 3 hours ago

    also great genetic at play :))

  • jgoodman75
    jgoodman75 3 hours ago

    What a badass mutha fucka!

  • Wingman1977
    Wingman1977 3 hours ago

    Almond milk? How do they milk almonds when they don’t have nipples? Jessica Simpson

  • Wingman1977
    Wingman1977 4 hours ago

    He should have answered the door saying “what”? When the person replied, he should have said “who are you”?

  • Kiera Shan
    Kiera Shan 4 hours ago

    I swear my finger moved on its own and clicked on this video.....

  • Antisocial Injustice Warrior

    Who cares? He's small.

  • Dezmon Ballard
    Dezmon Ballard 5 hours ago

    Legit everyone in america knows you dawg.

  • Darryl Griffin
    Darryl Griffin 5 hours ago


  • I Comment
    I Comment 5 hours ago

    He should make David dobrik Vlogs that he blocks out bad words and stuff so he makes more money and gives away more

  • Carole AL Madani
    Carole AL Madani 6 hours ago series ever..very witty...great cast...great it

  • Leon Zakharyan
    Leon Zakharyan 6 hours ago

    Mr. Schwarzenegger is that one man who can come up with an ancient speech in 5 seconds from the whole Galaxy's furthest alphabet while staying funny.

  • Nick Gurrs
    Nick Gurrs 6 hours ago

    Set 8

  • Leon Zakharyan
    Leon Zakharyan 6 hours ago

    *I put a little bit of that against sore, just don't say anything to my doctor.*

  • Zachary Rojas
    Zachary Rojas 6 hours ago

    Fuck modern male gender norms. Go into the gym dressed like a warrior. Nothing but a loincloth like Conan the Barbarian, Kratos the Ghost of Sparta and Spear the Caveman!

  • Alex Finn
    Alex Finn 7 hours ago

    Amazing video. Thank you for keeping it short!

  • Lillie Adams
    Lillie Adams 7 hours ago

    Dudes got better body then he's coach

  • V Ham
    V Ham 7 hours ago

    U know through it all ...u never lose ...the fat on the back of your head 🤣..only joking, keep on keeping on 👍.

  • navodith shankar
    navodith shankar 7 hours ago

    He didn’t even mention his lambo...

  • Kevlin soatrome
    Kevlin soatrome 7 hours ago

    Idc about the money. It’s men’s health... not how people waste their money.

  • Tyler Zang
    Tyler Zang 8 hours ago

    275k to 2k? TheXvid is a legit scam. They know damn well David has a HUGE impact on their website. Smh

  • CuteChannel
    CuteChannel 8 hours ago

    subscribe to my channel and stay healthy folks

  • Steven Esguerra
    Steven Esguerra 8 hours ago

    ThE mOnEy FrOm ThE fIgHt Is GoINg To ChArItY

  • Jan Franquesa
    Jan Franquesa 8 hours ago

    5:10 Now that’s the famous face of the devil getting angry, you just need your eyes glowing red

  • Booqr Doit
    Booqr Doit 8 hours ago

    The crazy thing is, Arnold is so deservedly arrogant that he would probably not give anybody his true trade secrets. He probably took some sort of rare sea urchin in his competition days but he'll never tell

  • MagnumMemes
    MagnumMemes 9 hours ago

    Just got runners high yesterday I’m so hooked

  • David Hale-Mowry
    David Hale-Mowry 9 hours ago

    Lmao he legit posted on his Instagram story earlier this week where he was touring 5 million dollar houses😂

  • Phoenix Lasas
    Phoenix Lasas 9 hours ago

    What's that song called that started playing at 15 or 16 seconds

  • Myra Edgar
    Myra Edgar 9 hours ago

    dave : spicy Jamaican beef patties me : yess sir

  • Vankai
    Vankai 9 hours ago

    back of his head... is as epic as his music

  • Fl3x_ LightingBoiii
    Fl3x_ LightingBoiii 9 hours ago

    Well Jj have 10 houses... I so f*cking poor af xD

  • Testo & Anabolika
    Testo & Anabolika 10 hours ago

    this nigga has more money than tyga and is still humble. tyga walking around like he has 200million on his bank but the reality this nigga got saved by a single track named taste.

  • Sebastian Perez
    Sebastian Perez 10 hours ago

    New season?

  • 662 Productions
    662 Productions 10 hours ago

    This nigga stupid funny💀😂

  • ShrekGoSickoMode
    ShrekGoSickoMode 10 hours ago

    Dont care

  • Entertainment junkie
    Entertainment junkie 10 hours ago

    Been locking out for 4 years no injury. The moment that I didn't on the squat. I fucked up my knee lol...

  • Gabriel frost
    Gabriel frost 10 hours ago

    He’s getting cuter and more handsome as time goes by, LOVE YOU AUSTIN!💕

  • A L
    A L 10 hours ago

    0:42 my man is 100% real in camera

  • mateo ramirez
    mateo ramirez 10 hours ago

    Eddie Hall drinks 4 liters of liquid Also Eddie: feel a bit dehydrated

  • Vops
    Vops 10 hours ago

    I just want to know what hoodie he has

  • GenericOpinion
    GenericOpinion 10 hours ago

    Tarantino did a bad job with the Bruce Lee scene, even if it was supposed to be a parody., bad writing....

  • Erica
    Erica 10 hours ago


  • Not Available
    Not Available 10 hours ago

    Is he really at the Venice Gold's Gym every morning? I gotta go one of these days, but damn Venice is hella out of the way.

  • takktakterakk
    takktakterakk 11 hours ago

    he is the most polite coach ever. "allow me to show you".. swoon!

  • DomesticNarwhal
    DomesticNarwhal 11 hours ago

    When JJ said my main goal the first thing I thought was "Too blow up and act like I don't know no body"

    DIAMONDS N LIONS 11 hours ago


  • Yung Thug
    Yung Thug 11 hours ago

    It’s funny how people get so many likes for commenting stupid things 😅

  • Jv Castillo
    Jv Castillo 11 hours ago

    This dude is so chill, I saw him going to tacos 1986 in downtown la. I have to say he’s not on keto anymore.

    G AUSTIN 11 hours ago

    USA been fw KSI he has a good fan base over here before the fights

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 11 hours ago

    Money can't buy happiness, but it buys freedom and freedom unlocks happiness

  • Tristan Groenewald
    Tristan Groenewald 11 hours ago

    Hey everyone! Friend and I are going to do a drunk case opening @ a Local LAN, if anyone would be so kind to pass on some cases, it would be much appreciated. Here is my trade link:

    AYOOLUWA ADEGOKE 11 hours ago

    Lol nigerians always love investing especially rhe elders

  • Warrantedspeaker
    Warrantedspeaker 11 hours ago

    For someone who is so strict about diet and having a gym, he's shown like zero progress in the last 8 years he's been around...

  • Daniel
    Daniel 11 hours ago

    Meanwhile I’m living off of £300 a month. Black privilege is real.

  • Amara Grey
    Amara Grey 11 hours ago

    He’s that guy from doctor who

  • Pelle Lindbergh
    Pelle Lindbergh 11 hours ago

    I really think it would be a better workout with long platinum hair.

  • christs chin
    christs chin 12 hours ago

    I'm wanking away

  • toby srey
    toby srey 12 hours ago

    Should have been free

  • Treycoyne12
    Treycoyne12 12 hours ago

    I heard he makes 800k a month just on merch

  • Fernando
    Fernando 12 hours ago

    such a cool dude

  • ulises carrillo
    ulises carrillo 12 hours ago

    200k to 2k, TheXvid is a piece of 💩

  • Realist Naqvi
    Realist Naqvi 12 hours ago

    Stop boosting his ego ffs

  • J.A. D.B.
    J.A. D.B. 13 hours ago

    what a nice guy my father's name is also Arnold and they are both good people :)

  • joshua dutczak
    joshua dutczak 13 hours ago

    🥊💲🥊 💸💶💷

  • Lucas Bomber
    Lucas Bomber 13 hours ago

    "How many life times would you need to achieve what Arnold has achieved...... I'm on my 3rd try at Rosetta stone!" -Bill Burr

  • Husam Metalsoul
    Husam Metalsoul 13 hours ago

    Iggy .........what's your butt hole problem?

  • Abdullah Qumper
    Abdullah Qumper 13 hours ago

    he looks shy and humble man... beside he don't need a trainer , I mean come on! he is Superman and the Withcer

  • fabio costa
    fabio costa 13 hours ago

    He's the man

  • Joe Knight
    Joe Knight 13 hours ago

    Ksi and logan paul was youtubes biggest benders having a slap off

  • fabio costa
    fabio costa 13 hours ago

    I love myself but if I could be anyone else, I would be him. Don't know why I admire this guy so much.

  • Lmg god
    Lmg god 13 hours ago

    Who has abs here

  • Shaun Letang
    Shaun Letang 13 hours ago

    Anyone know what tracksuit that is? Feeling it for real. Props to KSI though, can't knock his hustle.

  • y/n leaks
    y/n leaks 13 hours ago

    Love him uggghhhh

  • Koen Keizer
    Koen Keizer 13 hours ago

    imagine uploading a video where the audio music isn't 1000% louder than the dude talking.. jezus christ learn to edit

  • Kristy Kabui Daughter
    Kristy Kabui Daughter 13 hours ago

    I respect the hussle, man's come a looonnnnnnggggg wayyyyy, never gave up and still going strong. Well done JJ, i remember my brothers always watching your uploads and always thought, what the bloody hell is making them laugh like silly boys, they 21/24 years and still your crazy best friends in their heads. Much love and respect.

  • Allan Art
    Allan Art 13 hours ago

    Love his advice about spending your money on experiences. Not "things". 1000000% agree.

  • chendaddy
    chendaddy 14 hours ago

    Bruce Lee, that's the best answer I've heard so far in this series.

  • Agera R
    Agera R 14 hours ago

    SHUT UP YOU DID NOT DEADLIFT 225KG ❗️❗️❗️ If you said 225 pounds (102KG) then I would believe you but 225KG? Nobody can deadlift that

    • chazlevyy
      chazlevyy 7 hours ago

      Agera R bro people can deadlift 225 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • peter-john kobbie
    peter-john kobbie 14 hours ago

    Dude what’s up with his eye

  • Maddy Todd
    Maddy Todd 14 hours ago


  • AB
    AB 14 hours ago

    I can sense his ego in the first 10 seconds of the video.

  • Cassandra Williams
    Cassandra Williams 14 hours ago

    👍 Great job !!!!!!!! You have inspired me to know that it can be done when you put your mind to it.

  • chendaddy
    chendaddy 14 hours ago

    What workout does he do to get the back of his head so swoll?

  • Vesperin
    Vesperin 14 hours ago

    that haircut though.... CLEANNN

  • now slam
    now slam 14 hours ago

    I hate how KSI thinks Logan represents America or Americans side of TheXvid viewers. I just wish KSI would realize that he has viewers and supporters that are American like me. I’m American and I watch the sidemen stuff. I have no beef with people in the UK.

  • Pablo Pachino
    Pablo Pachino 14 hours ago

    They finessed you on the Berus chain bro

  • Monk Doppelschwanz Siamese

    This is a very dangerous excercise. Never rotate your spine, you will get snapped instantly. Use very light weight (maximum 30lbs) and use a 15-15 Tempo just to be safe.

  • Glad Mara
    Glad Mara 14 hours ago

    fuck ksi