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The Future of FaZe Jarvis
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Fortnite is HERE - CHAPTER 2
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  • OGBlondie
    OGBlondie 3 minutes ago

    Jarvis counting:197 4seconds later: 57

  • Fraz Mack
    Fraz Mack 3 minutes ago

    I dont think you changed your rhyme once it was just chain change and day

  • False_ Nano
    False_ Nano 4 minutes ago

    Well that’s 3.10 minutes of my life wasted

  • опасный kikno
    опасный kikno 5 minutes ago

    Blaze is the next pornstar 🤣🤣🤣

  • Samysosa100
    Samysosa100 6 minutes ago


  • ggh gty
    ggh gty 9 minutes ago

    You do not talk like that smh we all know that

  • beqa GM
    beqa GM 9 minutes ago

    I dont know why this kids are rosting you jarvis but your song is fire man

  • LL1ZZY
    LL1ZZY 12 minutes ago

    Wait So It Means That Blaze Is Your Boyfriend?The Title Doesnt Makes Sence At The End

  • X-Treme_ Flamez
    X-Treme_ Flamez 12 minutes ago

    yo this vid is uploaded on my bday

  • Cole.cullen
    Cole.cullen 13 minutes ago

    anyone notice the girls laugh heheheheheh

  • Galactic Pug
    Galactic Pug 15 minutes ago

    Holeeeeeee Jarvis You Made A Music Video

  • Kyle Berlin
    Kyle Berlin 20 minutes ago

    Stick to games

  • Perkhs
    Perkhs 20 minutes ago


  • ICC PVt
    ICC PVt 21 minute ago

    At least he is apologising

  • Slavik Junge
    Slavik Junge 22 minutes ago

    Make a NEW account

  • joku_ 123
    joku_ 123 24 minutes ago

    Jarvis and his ex are still friends am I right?

  • Elin Karlsson
    Elin Karlsson 28 minutes ago


  • Mori Wade
    Mori Wade 30 minutes ago

    bruhh i feel sorry for jarvis in this video they making him feel sad like i dont know how to explain but like they putting him on the spot bruhh but just stay doing you jarvis and they all finna be running right at you man!!!!!and i bet she was cappin about wanted back a ex

  • lolaren
    lolaren 31 minute ago

    If you want too be unbanned... this is not the way. Its like if someone murders another one if they say sorry they will still be in prison

  • Kane Dowell
    Kane Dowell 31 minute ago

    Lucas keep it in your pants🥕

  • Muhanad Hassan
    Muhanad Hassan 32 minutes ago

    How is being banned for life is a good thing

  • Kayden Richard
    Kayden Richard 34 minutes ago

    BRUH!!! 3:22 Just Gay

  • Mist Snipz
    Mist Snipz 36 minutes ago

    who is watching this after Jarvis got banned Like if you are

  • Mori Wade
    Mori Wade 40 minutes ago

    lol manz said he tried on his mums cloths,then says is that weird 🤣🤣🤣bruhhh

  • lets make a deal grumble stilkstion oh yeee

    this music is ass

  • Mr Caiツ
    Mr Caiツ 42 minutes ago

    Jarvis wished it was him and her

  • Imprint Ace
    Imprint Ace 44 minutes ago

    This is so dogshit😂

  • Lucia Lpz
    Lucia Lpz 45 minutes ago

    So fake

  • Grumpy
    Grumpy 47 minutes ago


  • Stormus
    Stormus 49 minutes ago

    Love it !

  • Radda Radda
    Radda Radda 50 minutes ago

    Blazekin is nasty for dating his ex

  • ッShadow1x
    ッShadow1x 50 minutes ago

    7:19 look at the guy to the right

  • Striking ;3
    Striking ;3 50 minutes ago


  • papapetros
    papapetros 51 minute ago

    Who else thought he had a boyfriend lol

  • Moofin
    Moofin 51 minute ago

    Blaze is fucking crazy he gots to chill on the lady

  • AlzzyyyFN
    AlzzyyyFN 54 minutes ago

    You gay

  • Superbad Cincinnati
    Superbad Cincinnati 55 minutes ago

    Did you tho

  • Jokezz
    Jokezz 57 minutes ago

    U can clearly see that Jarvis ex girlfriend likes Jarvis more than her boyfriend

  • kruppa _brdy
    kruppa _brdy 59 minutes ago

    Play Fortnite

  • Suns -
    Suns - Hour ago

    If you didn’t subscribe and press thumb up, then make subscribe button gray and SLAP A LIKE!!!!!

  • DavidTheIdiot YT

    No way jarvis soomer ray likes brawadi

  • ShyTheG2D
    ShyTheG2D Hour ago

    bruv you speled someone somone

    SADIK Hour ago

    Autotune holeeee

  • BhaiSeriouslyMatLenaOk -

    Dear Fortnite apart from hacking now his terrible singing and lyrics are another reason for a permanent lifeban....

  • x2double pumped
    x2double pumped Hour ago

    So cringe and akwArd for jarvy

  • 2SIK Shadows
    2SIK Shadows Hour ago


  • Diego Angel
    Diego Angel Hour ago

    Sígale jugando al vergas

  • Diego Angel
    Diego Angel Hour ago

    Te banearon por pendejo

  • Richard Crespin
    Richard Crespin Hour ago


  • iiiOmqItsDapro
    iiiOmqItsDapro Hour ago

    Nice i like it when u suffer

  • Deshniblah
    Deshniblah Hour ago

    this i how much he said mate I

  • Achintya Rawat
    Achintya Rawat Hour ago

    Òooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooyyyyyyyy

  • 10k LuhJosh
    10k LuhJosh Hour ago

    This shit is hottt assss

    TSM NUGETTI Hour ago

    Jarvis gay?!!

  • Mrtop5 FangirlUwU

    Plot twist: jarvis is dating fortnite

  • Dead Fellow
    Dead Fellow Hour ago

    I'd rather listen to the sound of my shit hitting water tbh

  • GHOST Clan
    GHOST Clan Hour ago

    The title!?

  • SnowFlame DROWZI


    MAKS FUN TV Hour ago

    Make another account

  • Jack Huether
    Jack Huether Hour ago

    9:40 blaze be happy bruh way to happy 😆

  • Harley Reynolds
    Harley Reynolds Hour ago

    I thought jarvis did aimbot in season x so y is he playin in chapter 2

  • FaDe_Juice
    FaDe_Juice Hour ago

    Um that sex thing was awkward?!?!!!? Life if u agree

  • Mr_Alex GG Bro fortnite

    f in the chat

  • lol beyks
    lol beyks Hour ago

    Pause…did I read tht right?

  • Cristiano Arrogantaldo

    Never have I ever went to jail Jarvis:Never Me:he didn't go to school

  • I'm Giovaaa -team A.I.M

    What day jarvis got banned? I don't know

  • JT_109
    JT_109 Hour ago

    what a garbige

  • Jnx quixv
    Jnx quixv Hour ago

    She a gold digger, yes indeed

    MAKS FUN TV Hour ago

    How can you edit other people’s walls

  • ツLukaBTW
    ツLukaBTW Hour ago

    Jarvis play Strucid on Roblox its basically a Fortnite But you wont get banned for playing it. TRUST

  • Solar
    Solar Hour ago

    This mustve been awkward for thm

  • Dr Karma
    Dr Karma Hour ago


  • AtLas
    AtLas Hour ago

    Tf is this broooooo you're not insane bro this is so baaaaaad

  • VC Mistaken
    VC Mistaken Hour ago

    The words that can describe this.... HOLEEEEEEE

  • Joseph Small
    Joseph Small Hour ago

    They are discussing

  • djangonoob 123
    djangonoob 123 Hour ago

    jarvis is freaking third wheeling, feel bad

  • beto cisneros
    beto cisneros Hour ago

    You forgot aimbot hack #999,999,999 v-bucks +aimbot+ epic games ban bro (FYI) I kinda noticed aimbot on that ballon hack I'm bout to tell epic life

  • Theo Good
    Theo Good Hour ago

    This guy will use this for his intro probs

  • dominikus terebeiza

    I have three words Pure hot garbage

  • Oby Toms
    Oby Toms Hour ago

    R.I.P jarvis. mate I'm sorry

  • Smart 11 Productions

    Why does Carrington’s laugh kinda sound like JANICE from FRIENDS at 11:27

  • Jose Romano
    Jose Romano Hour ago

    So im going to delete TheXvid now

  • Ricardo Bonilla
    Ricardo Bonilla Hour ago

    2018 your Insane Jarvis 2020 your banned jarvis

  • Oby Toms
    Oby Toms Hour ago

    Lucas chill

  • King Boi654
    King Boi654 Hour ago

    When Blaze said he didn't like a lot of girls I paused it and as soon as I unpaused it it didn't seem weird

  • got u
    got u Hour ago

    Totally real content 👌

  • Nerv
    Nerv Hour ago

    His hole career got aim boted

  • Jacey Caygell
    Jacey Caygell 2 hours ago

    Wait do you have a boyfriend

  • Aarnav Devarapally
    Aarnav Devarapally 2 hours ago


  • Odyssey
    Odyssey 2 hours ago

    Jarvis dated carington? Sry if u spelt her name wrong lol

  • Code: euge in the item shop #ad

    Why aren't jarvis and Carrington still together 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Tøxic_ Luis
    Tøxic_ Luis 2 hours ago

    Imagine being this addicted to fortnite 🤣, just move on to gta or sum 😂

  • ツItsUrBoyJoe
    ツItsUrBoyJoe 2 hours ago

    Syle like drake Highkey

  • Treshawn La Bonne
    Treshawn La Bonne 2 hours ago

    me was bout to be like exposed he by it would't matter tho

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez 2 hours ago


  • SD7
    SD7 2 hours ago

    The amount of time carrington lied in this video

    YL TWST 2 hours ago

    I play fortnite but this is fucked up unbanne him epic games is messed up

  • Flexy ツ
    Flexy ツ 2 hours ago

    13:07 Thank me later

  • Lil super jerry
    Lil super jerry 2 hours ago

    Stop trash