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  • Lisa Hardy
    Lisa Hardy 6 hours ago

    manager is a clown. hasn't got a clue

  • Ox Kruno
    Ox Kruno 14 hours ago

    Why is he there tho ?

  • Ginger Scholes
    Ginger Scholes 20 hours ago

    Tottenham Phoenix were piss poor, and should have been hammered.

  • DF27 *
    DF27 * 23 hours ago

    Embarrassing cringey team manager is clueless and knows zilch about football or tactics repeats same rubbish every week what level has he played in football and what coaching badges does he have?

  • Dean Harrison
    Dean Harrison Day ago

    Watching this reminds of me of why I was far happier playing rugby than football... Everyone on the refs case, people coming on the pitch giving it the billy big bollocks when they don’t like a tackle and cunting each other off.... Could never go back to playing football!! By the was the tackle was late but fuck me it wasn’t that bad!!

  • Ox Kruno
    Ox Kruno Day ago

    Who's worth 1 mil ? 👀👀

  • Billy Boom
    Billy Boom Day ago

    The chairman looks like trevor Phillips

  • Gags D
    Gags D Day ago

    Sherri absolute baller

  • Tm 22
    Tm 22 Day ago

    Audio is really quiet

  • Jack Smitthy
    Jack Smitthy Day ago

    Someone get the chairman a shaver for Christmas

  • the Magot
    the Magot Day ago

    That game should have been reffed by the Feds some of those tackles were GBH

    J1MBO SL1CE Day ago

    Go hung 😂 thought it was gun ho 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • Leeban Hassan
    Leeban Hassan Day ago

    "My man just did construction he just shift finished his construction shift" loooool 0:42

  • Ox Kruno
    Ox Kruno Day ago


  • Ox Kruno
    Ox Kruno Day ago


  • Trap Giddy
    Trap Giddy Day ago

    Alex looks exactly like Leon Bailey 😂

  • Silas Almeida
    Silas Almeida Day ago

    People talking about how Justin always complaining, bro this man is a coach he’s supposed to be the one to critique his team when they do bad and point out what they need to fix when they do good. That’s a coach

  • Tegan_YT 11
    Tegan_YT 11 2 days ago

    Keep on going boys🤜🤛

  • King Kante
    King Kante 2 days ago

    Wallahi that’s the best half of football I’ve seen in Sunday football. In terms of quality. You need to start playing on good pitches!

  • JayLaw
    JayLaw 2 days ago

    Justin, how much do you achieve by screaming at your players pal? Poor management.

  • the Magot
    the Magot 2 days ago

    The ref was a legend at the end luv that

  • Teniola Time
    Teniola Time 2 days ago

    WHAT TIME IS IT !! TENIOLA TIME coming with more goals !! stay locked in people !!

  • Joe Morton
    Joe Morton 3 days ago

    Justin is a wasteman, fully clueless

  • Mckell Celaschi-David

    I would love to know which level coaching badges Justin has..none

  • GDB 15795
    GDB 15795 3 days ago

    you man should show us the league table before and after each game the only way I know what position teams are in is if you mention in during team talk or sutin. I have no idea if Tottenham phoenix or whoever else are top or bottom. so if u win 5-0 I don't know if u played well or they were shit. I wrote this before I watched by the way incase u get spun 0-4

    • GDB 15795
      GDB 15795 3 days ago

      yo the table is there am I mad . don't tell me you been doing that from the start n I miss it everytime . fkin ell

  • Dale Chester
    Dale Chester 3 days ago

    Justin’s team talks at half time is always a mess. No structure just says loads of pointless information

  • Phil Scorpion
    Phil Scorpion 3 days ago

    Musti is like he is not even playing

  • Nadine J
    Nadine J 3 days ago

    This league is mad, lol Baiteze has only played 5 games and most teams have played 9-10 games?

  • Vald Verd
    Vald Verd 3 days ago

    Sherry looking like he just signed up to AA meetings

  • Lester Dale
    Lester Dale 3 days ago

    couldn't any of you tell the gaffer he had something around his mouth eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Bloom
    Bloom 3 days ago

    You man, Never play like that again

  • MrSarajcity
    MrSarajcity 3 days ago

    What a trash football omg..

  • sergorti
    sergorti 4 days ago

    OH SHITT😹 new striker looking elite tho👏🏽

  • Sam Darqua
    Sam Darqua 4 days ago

    Justin : “Big man relax its your first weekend” FUNNY GUY U KNOW

  • Yusuf Hashi
    Yusuf Hashi 4 days ago

    Bill's a legend! Baiteze is the hardestttt

  • Devin Nicholson
    Devin Nicholson 4 days ago

    Would hate to play for Justin, I think it’s 10 negatives to 1 positive when all the team need is confidence with the amount of ball players on the pitch. He’s talking about winning over everything but you can do that with actual management and not making every player belittled for a bad touch or pass. Baiteze can grow so much bigger but not with Justin unfortunately.

  • Travis LS
    Travis LS 4 days ago

    (8:27-8:29) (9:21-9:27) My favourite parts of the vid 😂

  • Lightning JimmyJoeJohnson

    “ay do me a favor, GET UP” -joel 2019

  • Omega Owmega
    Omega Owmega 4 days ago

    I'm jealous of how fast Bizlo's hair grows Like bruhhh, what??

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV 2 days ago

      He can give you his secret just ask him

  • Jack Lawlor
    Jack Lawlor 4 days ago

    Bizlo/Charlie is my POTM can you get this to the top please cause I know bizlo

  • Jack Lawlor
    Jack Lawlor 4 days ago

    I know charlie and he’s been solid so he’s my POTM for me I know him from future youth zone

  • dbigdog79
    dbigdog79 4 days ago

    Damn theo is an absolute baller! Well done lads....much better than last week

  • 10Gears
    10Gears 4 days ago

    Happy bday Quincy.. better

  • jeffrey osei
    jeffrey osei 4 days ago

    Theo is world class

  • David Santamaria
    David Santamaria 4 days ago

    cmon boys!!! All I say is, Theo and rash and imed used to have some flair when they played.. will we see again?

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV 2 days ago

      Of course, just a rough patch that's going to be overcomed

  • Mohammed Amine Tajni

    theo needs to get signed

  • Ls
    Ls 4 days ago

    Camera man is too funny

  • Jacob Reiswig
    Jacob Reiswig 4 days ago

    Well done getting the scoreboard sorted out. We appreciate it

  • DylanJ
    DylanJ 4 days ago

    theo player of the month for november with 2 apps

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV 2 days ago

      The people vote, that's the beauty of it. We'll see!

  • Hadley Lomas
    Hadley Lomas 4 days ago

    Good vid well done editors

    JSBOXINGPLANET 7 4 days ago

    Well done chaps 👌

  • TITUS 3V5
    TITUS 3V5 4 days ago

    Hbd quincy a week later

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV 2 days ago

      Appreciate it! Keep watching

  • Alexandru Gavriloaia

    Did Baiteze had a game today??

    BLXIII 4 days ago

    Terry really the goat

  • Jay Knight
    Jay Knight 4 days ago


  • Quincy Egbejale
    Quincy Egbejale 4 days ago

    Glad to be back

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV 2 days ago

      Glad to have you back skipper

  • Zain Khan
    Zain Khan 4 days ago

    Where was the over head kick on the thumbnail?

  • Theo Ola
    Theo Ola 4 days ago


  • say less
    say less 4 days ago

    You’re missing a role model in your team, someone needs to command and control your games, keep it up tho moretime

    • say less
      say less 2 days ago

      It’s not serious enough

    • say less
      say less 2 days ago

      A A not even that uno, just a Ryan Palmer to keep them motivated, I feel like there’s too much talk about weekends and what they’re doing off the pitch, like they’re not enjoying it or taking it seriously enough

    • A A
      A A 3 days ago

      say less need a big g to motivate them

    • Mahfuz R
      Mahfuz R 3 days ago

      They need a manager that knows how to manage, keep everyone happy, look at SE Dons they play good coz all the players are happy, they play for each other. Baiteze just look like a bunch of individuals with a manager whose favourite catchphrase is "embarrassing"

  • Brosse
    Brosse 4 days ago

    I wanna see Baiteze smack up DTFC. Will it happen?

  • Brosse
    Brosse 4 days ago

    You make this league look like ligue 1 lol

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV 2 days ago

      It's infact the Premier League

  • Mark Chapman
    Mark Chapman 4 days ago

    They might have won 2-0 but tbf I thought they didn’t turn up today

  • Mark Kavanagh
    Mark Kavanagh 4 days ago

    Cleano & 3 points, we love to see it!

  • Jack W
    Jack W 4 days ago

    Sherri really does look like Cantona now.

  • Philemon Kwasi
    Philemon Kwasi 4 days ago

    Yes boys love that 👌

  • whywhywhyyy3 Games
    whywhywhyyy3 Games 4 days ago

    joel came tru looking like J Hus

  • Don AA
    Don AA 4 days ago

    New signing applying pressure 🔥

  • Jamal Mohamed
    Jamal Mohamed 4 days ago

    Quincy back clean sheet defence looking more clean 🌟 happy birthday

  • Jamal Mohamed
    Jamal Mohamed 4 days ago

    Let's go Baiteze 3 points ⚽️🔥debut goal for Teniola keep it up 💯

  • Muhammed Ahmed
    Muhammed Ahmed 4 days ago

    Theo is in gear two and still miles ahead of everyone on the pitch. Absolute class

  • Malachi
    Malachi 4 days ago

    Content gets better every week. Big up the cameraman and editors🤝

  • Uncle Melanin
    Uncle Melanin 4 days ago

    Justin needs to relax with complaining. Baiteze is a team that needs motivation, not constant complaining. That’s jus my opinion anyways.

    • Cup of Qwarffee
      Cup of Qwarffee 3 days ago

      He shouts a load of redundant stuff. Cross it! Head it! F'ckin 'ell man! Ref! Ref! Ref! He's like a supporter not a manager.

    • Mahfuz R
      Mahfuz R 3 days ago

      Good managers keep their team happy, this guy just shouts at all his players thinking complaining is going to make them better joke man

  • Teriyaki_Blue
    Teriyaki_Blue 4 days ago

    Waiting for Sherri to come back 😈

    EA .MONEY GRABBERS 4 days ago

    filthy enjoyin that freedom lol

  • Chris Legend
    Chris Legend 4 days ago

    man like teniolaaaa

  • MK 75
    MK 75 4 days ago

    Clown manager, running on the pitch like a five year old every time they score, complete penis deserves the centre half to two foot tackle him.

  • Chris Legend
    Chris Legend 4 days ago

    18:50 we need afgan bruv , ibi could never

  • Teriyaki_Blue
    Teriyaki_Blue 4 days ago

    Why have some teams in the league played like 10 games and some 6?

    • Ayy D’One
      Ayy D’One 4 days ago

      Teriyaki_Blue Because some enter cup competitions etc and some don’t. So the other teams play more league games

  • John Overend
    John Overend 4 days ago


    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV 2 days ago

      We need to keep winning and working hard on & off the pitch. We move!

  • Jj Jj
    Jj Jj 4 days ago

    The new guy on the sidelines with the durag is bare talking. Some any random lol

      EA .MONEY GRABBERS 4 days ago

      @Jj Jj ur a wet wipe thinkin you know who someone is from youtube. twat.

    • Jj Jj
      Jj Jj 4 days ago

      You are probably the guy. You are moist

      EA .MONEY GRABBERS 4 days ago

      you wouldnt say that to who face once u find out who he is

  • abraham bakayoko
    abraham bakayoko 4 days ago

    When Sherri back

  • ross midgley
    ross midgley 4 days ago

    Imagine your coach saying dont go for 50/50s

  • Ultimate Tekkerz
    Ultimate Tekkerz 4 days ago

    Come baiteze

  • ethan king
    ethan king 4 days ago

    What does joel know about kidulthood..wasn't he in year 1 when it came out.

    • Mo
      Mo 4 days ago

      Joel Mensah fam I was baffled

    • Joel Mensah
      Joel Mensah 4 days ago

      Kieran C man said 14 🤣, no way I’m older than you think 🤔

    • Kieran C
      Kieran C 4 days ago

      @Mo im in the vid g of course i know, mans 14 you know hes just tekky

    • Mo
      Mo 4 days ago

      Kieran C nah he can’t be are you sure

    • Kieran C
      Kieran C 4 days ago

      @Mo 14

  • hoody broke
    hoody broke 4 days ago

    someone should tell the coach that shouting is not going to help you keep your job mate

  • Pacyguy
    Pacyguy 4 days ago

    Ur dog crap stop hiding from se dons 😂😂😂

  • YM Fifteen
    YM Fifteen 4 days ago

    Justin : “Big man relax its your first weekend” Donny : “Bit overwhelming” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mo
    Mo 4 days ago

    nah u man mocked it man called him nadia rose

  • C J
    C J 4 days ago

    Hopefully competition inspires dedication and hardwork in the team ! Lets get back to winning ways boys

  • AptDesmond1234
    AptDesmond1234 4 days ago

    baiteze baby

  • Lee Howard
    Lee Howard 4 days ago

    First comment

  • Naj 05
    Naj 05 4 days ago


  • Dxasho Channel
    Dxasho Channel 4 days ago


  • Fo real Dough
    Fo real Dough 4 days ago

    Shame ya teams Dead😑😬

  • cle agie cas
    cle agie cas 4 days ago

    Much love for whoever edited this video

    5IVE GUYS FC 4 days ago

    These are great guys . Keep em coming

  • T Diddy
    T Diddy 4 days ago

    Wait so Bill and Quincy are the same age???? Rah I swore him and Justin were around the same age

  • Don AA
    Don AA 5 days ago

    Good interview, real talk ❌🧢

  • wisdom odin
    wisdom odin 5 days ago

    “A very big god ooooo”😂😂😂😂😂

  • Don AA
    Don AA 5 days ago

    Big Bill coming in with the tactics for baiteze 🤝