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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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  • Anti Hate
    Anti Hate 6 hours ago

    153 million!!! Not to mention all the other purses he’s won and sponsorship and endorsement deals! He has insane money. Seems Conor has changed his tune... seems like khabib himbled jkm!

  • Tom Parker
    Tom Parker 6 hours ago

    what a joke, so fixed and fake and very bad acting

    MASTER DOAN 6 hours ago

    both their reacgions are great and absolute understandable. and u feel alot of respect from both sides. well tony had won anyway. well it happens. its nothing to be mad about. great fight guys. u both are fighter. there is no sorry needed.

  • Blaze Btw
    Blaze Btw 6 hours ago

    Full Fight thexvid.com/video/OY2KSsRg1x4/video.html

  • Blaze Btw
    Blaze Btw 6 hours ago

    Highlights thexvid.com/video/OY2KSsRg1x4/video.html

  • Charles Duvall
    Charles Duvall 6 hours ago

    fixed fight! ! Conor brings too much money to ever lose this fight.. cowboy took a bribe to make Conor look amazing and make the money men even more on the next fight.

  • Jibis sibis
    Jibis sibis 6 hours ago

    connor is right he just dives and hold on to the legs for dear life

  • nathan k
    nathan k 6 hours ago

    On his back like a woman. Can't stand and fight for shit he ain't no man.

  • Connor Lehane
    Connor Lehane 6 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, Masvidal looked terrifying when the camera cut to him! He doesn’t like being patient.

  • Barla
    Barla 6 hours ago

    1:44 that Khabib look is fuckking scary man

  • Matt Judy
    Matt Judy 6 hours ago

    "And again the leg kick"

  • Alex Z
    Alex Z 6 hours ago

    Коннор, давай продолжение !

  • Kadir Topak
    Kadir Topak 6 hours ago


  • Diogenes
    Diogenes 6 hours ago

    fake fixed dive boxing wwe shit ive ever seen.

    LEAPARD DRAGON 6 hours ago


  • Larry L
    Larry L 6 hours ago

    Joe's anus has been stretched

  • Batuhan Avcı
    Batuhan Avcı 6 hours ago

    His reach is huge advantage for his weightclass

  • Anthony Harness
    Anthony Harness 6 hours ago

    Come on back GOAT

  • Moon Pigeon
    Moon Pigeon 6 hours ago

    Was he charged or pay a settlement for that stupid shit he did? Cant argue with results

  • Larry L
    Larry L 6 hours ago

    No Rogan 4 ft milker

  • Erika Johnson
    Erika Johnson 6 hours ago

    Gross that people get pleasure in watching other people hurt other human beings

  • TurbanatorGamer
    TurbanatorGamer 6 hours ago


  • Rich God Scrilla
    Rich God Scrilla 6 hours ago

    His wrestling is going to win him the heavyweight title

  • вася форточкин

    thexvid.com/video/K0RnFpaPoOw/video.html 💣

    DKG DAVE 6 hours ago

    Hooper has the shittiest stand up game I’ve ever seen in a contender fighter

  • Evan Judge
    Evan Judge 6 hours ago

    Can I get a full translation?

  • Zahra Kobi
    Zahra Kobi 6 hours ago


  • Adrian Varga
    Adrian Varga 6 hours ago

    Cowboy is very mature, good person! Must be a great dad as well. Great attitude! All my respect!

  • Юрий Коржан

    когда был бой

  • Yung Slimzy
    Yung Slimzy 6 hours ago

    how does this have 14 million views ? 😂 other ufc fighters mad they can’t pull views like him or khabib lol

  • European Infidel
    European Infidel 6 hours ago

    The king is fookin back but mass respect to cowboy legend the sport

  • personM4N
    personM4N 6 hours ago


  • IllinoisBoy85 !
    IllinoisBoy85 ! 6 hours ago


  • Yung Slimzy
    Yung Slimzy 6 hours ago

    why did he just dodge tony like that 😭 I feel like tony gonna beat him though but not conor and I’m a huge mccgregor fan

  • Amanda Laschola
    Amanda Laschola 6 hours ago

    I watch that fight she was way over hyped and needs to calm the fuck down. If she fights another girl that has more Talent than that one she will get knocked out.

  • Arnes 98
    Arnes 98 6 hours ago

    So fake

  • j bone
    j bone 6 hours ago

    he lost to a boxer lol

  • MonsterBaby's Channel

    Conor fanboys must've stopped watching after the first half of the second round was over. Because this was a close ass fight that could've went to either guy. A rubber match is definitely in order!!

  • Aaron Gooch
    Aaron Gooch 6 hours ago

    Lol Connor ducking Joe’s question about who he wants to fight next and goes right into a whiskey promo😂 The look on Joe’s face when he realizes he’s not going to get that answer is priceless.

  • Evgeny Kleymyonov
    Evgeny Kleymyonov 6 hours ago

    Cowboy ! Out ! Fiction man.

  • Vante Ellison
    Vante Ellison 6 hours ago

    After All His Bullshxt And To Come Back And Do It In The Most Professional Fashion He Is One Of The 🐐’s

  • Hada Lamyaa
    Hada Lamyaa 6 hours ago


  • Savage
    Savage 6 hours ago


  • Nerlyn Funez
    Nerlyn Funez 6 hours ago

    She got her butt kicked last weekend !! All the hype went down the drain lol

  • Evgeny Kleymyonov
    Evgeny Kleymyonov 6 hours ago


  • Byron Mcdonald
    Byron Mcdonald 6 hours ago

    He’s being real careful with his words.

  • Jacek Nowak
    Jacek Nowak 6 hours ago

    Imo Khabib really is the best, but he's not very spectacular in his style and this is the reason why he'll never be as popular as Connor

  • Chris Chart
    Chris Chart 6 hours ago

    1:45 Welcome to what now?

  • Ryan Threlfall
    Ryan Threlfall 6 hours ago

    Conor's hair hasn't even been touched 😂

  • Victor Sturdivant
    Victor Sturdivant 6 hours ago


  • Nicolas Toziat
    Nicolas Toziat 6 hours ago

    Pure natural african power

  • highview seeker
    highview seeker 6 hours ago

    she creeps me out

  • Kippax123456789
    Kippax123456789 6 hours ago

    shit fight was glad when it was over

  • E
    E 6 hours ago

    2:30 why did I think this was midget fights

  • Victor Sturdivant
    Victor Sturdivant 6 hours ago

    Well done Nate!!!!!

  • Jace Rason
    Jace Rason 6 hours ago

    Im just tryna promote this guy. thexvid.com/channel/UCCAMx8lwfuq4lKYlvyUOJmQ

  • SkemeKOS
    SkemeKOS 6 hours ago

    Usman pretending he is isn't impressed or jealous lol Ain't fooling NO ONE!

  • Charles Broderick
    Charles Broderick 6 hours ago

    Two classy fighters

  • Victor Sturdivant
    Victor Sturdivant 6 hours ago

    Diaz is the better man. He'd kick Connor 's ass in another round.

  • Pain
    Pain 6 hours ago

    I thought khabibs been on a win streak his entire career.

  • Daniel corcoran
    Daniel corcoran 6 hours ago

    People saying khabib made him humble,Conor McGregor is humble in victory or defeat what makes u think one loss from khabib makes him humble look at the nate story conor was 2 cocky and didnt care so he lost 2nd fight he took it seriously wanted to prove something and he bet him so khabib is a good fighter but let's be honest a hungry mcgregor would hurt him look what he did to cowboy nobody ever did that to cowboy and the same to alvarez

  • SkemeKOS
    SkemeKOS 6 hours ago

    3:28 Conor at Jorge on the big screen "Look at that fool in his bleedin house coat, the stupid (hick?)"

  • Adam B
    Adam B 6 hours ago

    Con McTappout king of Chicken

  • Эля Гасанова

    Азербайджан . Магрегр 😍♥️🔥werever

  • Sarah Gaming
    Sarah Gaming 6 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/TuL5eHOkzmE/video.html Watch the best goal of mine in FIFA

  • Sarah Gaming
    Sarah Gaming 6 hours ago


  • cubeincubes
    cubeincubes 6 hours ago

    That was a lame fight

  • Ruta Vitello
    Ruta Vitello 6 hours ago

    Corner I been watching you I 3 years ago but now GOD he makes you though this year in Jesus name Amen Amen

  • محمدعلي الشلاه

    حبيب ماكميدوف سحلك سحل ⁦🇮🇶⁩⁦✌️⁦🇸🇦⁩

  • Justin Garner
    Justin Garner 6 hours ago

    Andre Fili looked like a fucking dork this entire clip

  • OttGring VEVO
    OttGring VEVO 6 hours ago

    Okay guys if you are a Connor mcgregors fan Suscribe right here if you are not then I don’t know you

    FUHQTUBE 6 hours ago

    And that gold digging bitch wouldn't have given him the time of day without the money. Good for you Forrest.

  • Dislike my video challenge

    Most fighters in post-games: Thank their team, family, god Connor: “My whiskey brand released a new size”

  • Dislike my video challenge

    Most fighters in post-games: Thank their team, family, god Connor: “My whiskey brand released a new size”

  • Dislike my video challenge

    Tony fergeson the type of guy to have eddie alvarez's wife as an alarm clock.

  • Dislike my video challenge

    Rogan: "Conor, you just won in 40 seconds of the first round. HEY JAMIE, CAN YOU PULL THAT UP REAL QUICK ON THE BIG SCREEN?"

  • Toe chaser
    Toe chaser 6 hours ago

    both great fighters they both didn’t give up, respect ✊ ‼️

  • Africanknight88
    Africanknight88 6 hours ago

    The man is happy because Mayweather blessed him with a new level of wealth. He’s the richest UFC fighter in the game. Money 💰 in the bank 🤑

  • Omar Hussain
    Omar Hussain 6 hours ago

    Um that's not a Diaz win?

  • HolbergEM
    HolbergEM 6 hours ago

    Nah...This sh*t looks rigged. The guy almost didn't even defend himself - just took the beating like a punching bag. I would LOVE to see this shit-talking punk being screwed up by the Khabib. One more time.

  • huhhuhhuh
    huhhuhhuh 6 hours ago

    turn down the background music

  • Shumayel Khan
    Shumayel Khan 6 hours ago

    ANY OF THESE FOOLS CAN GET IT... *whispers* except khabib.

  • theartplaza
    theartplaza 6 hours ago

    It's always good to have an attractive chic interview Conor and help him pretend he never raped anybody. Look at the list of enablers so that later when everything comes to light it is with Epstein, you can remember who enabled a serial rapist, promoted him and turned him into a kids action hero. In a couple of years you will see these same enablers saying they didn't know anything when the news is spreading like wildfire.

  • Paul Bee
    Paul Bee 6 hours ago

    Till vs MCgregor would be a fun fight

  • John Culjak
    John Culjak 6 hours ago

    I wonder if they mic'd Connor wireless. Megan sound very natural. I think he definitely was mic wireless. Maybe modulation distortion? Someone not checking the carrier? Bad transmitter?

  • Brett Bayley
    Brett Bayley 6 hours ago

    One word. The fight was "RIGGED"... Sorry, that's four words, I guess?

  • T...........1717
    T...........1717 6 hours ago

    lol who didn’t see this squash match coming? Cowboy does the job and the old face of the company is back

  • أناقتي samira
    أناقتي samira 6 hours ago

    nice video thexvid.com/video/w7Wdq_6RUSI/video.html

    SHAQ THE DIESEL 6 hours ago

    cameraman: shows usman for a second Inner Usman: Quick, do something cringe worthy

  • Ariel Adrian Juárez

    Crack Friends 💪

  • kilic Mo
    kilic Mo 6 hours ago


  • Frankie Joseph
    Frankie Joseph 6 hours ago

    Stipe is a surgeon with his shot placement.

  • Victor Sturdivant
    Victor Sturdivant 6 hours ago

    Connor is a absolute jerk personally but a brutally effective fighter. Maybe the best ever

  • Esteban Errecé
    Esteban Errecé 6 hours ago

    re-educated by khabib

  • Fabio lima
    Fabio lima 6 hours ago

    Why they all got fucked up ears 👂🏼

  • space man
    space man 6 hours ago

    cringy ass fake yawn. usman is gonna get WORKED by conor

  • Christian Arrizon
    Christian Arrizon 7 hours ago

    Conor is a showman idiot 😆 😆 but at the end of the day he is as humble as they get

  • space man
    space man 7 hours ago

    wish they didnt show kamarus ugly face. ruins the clip.

  • James Rodrigues
    James Rodrigues 7 hours ago


  • IPTV Dubaiking2019
    IPTV Dubaiking2019 7 hours ago

    It’s really funny show UFC NO KHAHABIB NO UFC