UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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UFC Vancouver: Weigh-in
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UFC 242: Weigh-in Recap
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UFC 242: Weigh-in
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UFC Shenzhen: Weigh-in
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UFC 241: Weigh-in Recap
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Nate Diaz Top 5 Finishes
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  • Asheru
    Asheru Minute ago

    They don't make em like Lil Heathen anymore...

  • Anthony Nellon
    Anthony Nellon Minute ago

    I’m afraid to buy modelo at Whole Foods now. Wrestling always over powers jiu jitsu it seems.

  • Mr Kolboth GaminG
    Mr Kolboth GaminG 2 minutes ago

    He make popular in sport❤️

  • Mr Kolboth GaminG
    Mr Kolboth GaminG 2 minutes ago

    Conor the most entertain mma fighter I know ke lose but I still love him❤️

  • Pin Nip
    Pin Nip 2 minutes ago

    I was thinking the back breaker... by way of body triangle. Who landed it? Karo Parisian?

  • /// AMG
    /// AMG 4 minutes ago

    Gracie Hunter

  • The Genghis Ken
    The Genghis Ken 7 minutes ago

    And the ref goes to the winner first before checking in on the downed opponent.

  • The World
    The World 7 minutes ago

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  • cenahater5002
    cenahater5002 8 minutes ago

    Jones should be number one

  • Gama Isora
    Gama Isora 12 minutes ago

    Those Mexicans are no good.

  • TheKojak13
    TheKojak13 12 minutes ago

    Turcios is disgracefully weak, it's like watching a 14 year old vegetarian

  • TheKojak13
    TheKojak13 16 minutes ago

    And why the fuck is he sitting backwards on the seat??????

  • TheKojak13
    TheKojak13 17 minutes ago

    I think Turcios mistook the cage for a tapdancing class... I've never seen so many weak strikes in a fight ever, not even even as a kid, not at the end yet but I predict Turcios getting caught HARD

  • BOX
    BOX 17 minutes ago

    왜 눈물이 나냐..

  • D K
    D K 19 minutes ago

    Brock is from Canada?

  • KmL KmL
    KmL KmL 23 minutes ago

    Jeremy strong but I think Yair is fast too. if Yair lands a wheel kick or spinning kick, Jeremy is done

  • Martin Gonzalez
    Martin Gonzalez 25 minutes ago

    I wonder if Khabib knew Conor’s foot was a ballon

  • Volodia Arnaud
    Volodia Arnaud 29 minutes ago

    Lol what new era are you part of Yair? the type of era to get wrestle f**ed and G&P by Frankie after saying he's part of the old era?

  • Cooper
    Cooper 37 minutes ago

    Serra is blessed. He should kiss Dana's tip every night.

  • Morr. Games Morris
    Morr. Games Morris 37 minutes ago

    My wife caught me cross dressing, so I packed up all her clothes and left

  • Smith-Mundts Modernization Act (Look into it)

    Who da fook is that guy!?

  • TheKojak13
    TheKojak13 45 minutes ago

    It wasn't like he met an amazingly talented super striker and you could see the knockout coming a mile away, unless he wants to be knocked out a hundred more times I think he should change professions, I almost didn't like watching it because his brain was gonna be turned into scrambled eggs, we all love a good knockout but that looked like lasting damage

  • kapil rawat
    kapil rawat 47 minutes ago

    English is not my first language so stipe is talking alien to me

  • If you laugh you sub!
    If you laugh you sub! 54 minutes ago

    Cody luke Rockhold chin would sleep mcrapist

  • Scotty Mav
    Scotty Mav Hour ago

    2:16 How I am like every time i cum!

  • VagrantStory
    VagrantStory Hour ago

    Rodriguez will win easy.

  • Pen Wednesday
    Pen Wednesday Hour ago


  • The surrenderer
    The surrenderer Hour ago

    I am shocked to see the interviewer is asking that do you belive khabib is fake champion?

  • Bud Borne
    Bud Borne Hour ago

    Eshay! Hahaha

  • Marcelo Vital
    Marcelo Vital Hour ago

    😂😂😂 fool said “preiciousous sueiñous” nobody uses that expression in Spanish. He could’ve said “dulces sueños, yair” or “buenas noches, yair” or “hasta mañana, yair” or “descansa en Paz, yair”. Who told Jeremy to say that shit, I wanna talk 😂 I appreciate his Spanish attempt, nevertheless

  • Collin Saick
    Collin Saick Hour ago

    Go Bro Adesania💯🔥🔥

  • Алёночка Вафина

    Conor is an absolute champion

  • irgi pahlevi
    irgi pahlevi Hour ago


  • Arnaud Arnaud
    Arnaud Arnaud Hour ago

    What's going on with that bad quality picture and the banding ?

  • Jopied UG
    Jopied UG Hour ago

    Audio guy deserves some credit for muting the abnoxious sound.

  • MMAorNada
    MMAorNada Hour ago

    Someone who visits Mexico often, and lives in Rosarito... Respect to the UFC for going to Mexico City considering how over-the-top violent it is right now

  • Davis Kil
    Davis Kil Hour ago

    Goat post game interview

  • Paschan TOPs
    Paschan TOPs Hour ago

    5:25 That girl has one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen in my life!! OMG!!!

  • Matthew Bowman
    Matthew Bowman Hour ago

    why are you ruining the fight with the stupid titles, just type free fight and the names, expletive dumb.

  • Mulaxo'ja Xo'jayev

    i love the fact that the commentator was praising valasquez and boom kO

  • Saaed Yousefi
    Saaed Yousefi Hour ago

    You are a phony. A fake. A fan boy😂😂😂😂 those words...

  • Pigs In Da 6IX
    Pigs In Da 6IX Hour ago

    Jorge masvidal currently 1 on this list

  • XxxVueXxx
    XxxVueXxx Hour ago

    He tried committing suicide

  • G h Z
    G h Z 2 hours ago

    Oboje su dobri borci ja lično ne navijam za nikoga vidjecemo ko će pobjediti.

  • ragnarlodbrok
    ragnarlodbrok 2 hours ago

    11million views!!! Damn!

  • ragnarlodbrok
    ragnarlodbrok 2 hours ago

    Most viewed post fight interview ever!

  • Tounsi Behi
    Tounsi Behi 2 hours ago

    Mc gregor is a clown

  • Tounsi Behi
    Tounsi Behi 2 hours ago

    Khabib the killing machine Mc Gregor the taping machine .

  • EbEye
    EbEye 2 hours ago


  • Boris Arrieta
    Boris Arrieta 2 hours ago

    the dillashaw choise hasn't age well

  • Leandro MMA_BJJ
    Leandro MMA_BJJ 2 hours ago

    This guy really think he can be competitive in there with Khabib, based on speculation about his wrestling ability that we have hardly seen in his career. Knock out McGregor first mate and then you have a chance for a shot

  • Karson Fenton
    Karson Fenton 2 hours ago


  • The MaddawgMar
    The MaddawgMar 2 hours ago

    Tony is the type of guy to make a P4P list and name himself in every category.

  • Alberto G
    Alberto G 2 hours ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy God sends when the Parca takes the day off

  • Noname
    Noname 2 hours ago

    KİNG= Khabib Nurmagomedov ☝️🙏

  • Charlie Martinez
    Charlie Martinez 2 hours ago

    Paul felder called it that they were going to see something of yael at the end of the round!

  • lino brusco
    lino brusco 2 hours ago

    Dc slam of barnett was even more impressive becouse of the weight of the opponent

  • Dhiar Syahputra
    Dhiar Syahputra 2 hours ago

    Yair "Uhh" Rodriguez

  • If you laugh you sub!

    I'm glad mike picked himself lol

  • exhortingone
    exhortingone 2 hours ago

    Damn, neither of them mentioned Cain vs Dos Santos 2

  • Hugh Joel Caulk
    Hugh Joel Caulk 2 hours ago

    If I were Jeremy Stephens, I'd wear a t-shirt that says, *"I'm THAT Guy!"* lol

  • Rafely Sumampouw
    Rafely Sumampouw 2 hours ago

    Mannn thatt shittt was magicallll fuckkk mannn

  • Henry Yeoh
    Henry Yeoh 2 hours ago

    nice promo

  • James Walkington
    James Walkington 3 hours ago

    Did I miss Mighty Mouses' flying arm bar?

  • tselios tube
    tselios tube 3 hours ago

    music background?

  • Jack Shite
    Jack Shite 3 hours ago

    Dana White is without a doubt the greatest promoter of all time. Don King was a sleaze and destroyed fighters lives, even with all the controversy you hear on Dana White he elevated the sport because you have to be absolutely elite and create a following to make big money. You have to work for it and that's why the product quality is now so amazing!!

  • Didier Depardieur
    Didier Depardieur 3 hours ago

    Zombie should never have stopped at the end. Once you’re in the ring, you don’t stop to fuck around. He paid dearly for being stupid.

  • Omar Sheikh
    Omar Sheikh 3 hours ago

    Yair has a little bit of Nate and Jon's moves in his skill set.

  • The Zant
    The Zant 3 hours ago

    Yair Rodriguez is the type of guy to show Tony Ferguson a new technique.

  • Hugh Joel Caulk
    Hugh Joel Caulk 3 hours ago

    U.F.C. (Ultimate Floor Cuddling) and now a quarter of a century later we have the reigning Cuddle Master "Khabib Nurmagomedov" keeping this gay tradition alive. Little known bonus fact: Ken Shamrock was rock hard for an astounding 35 minutes of this match! 🍆 🍆 💕🦄🌈🌸

  • saechun park
    saechun park 3 hours ago

    This fuck can’t do nada witout eyepokin

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan 3 hours ago

    Khabib Only Miya Bhai💪💪💪

  • Sanny TheOriginal
    Sanny TheOriginal 3 hours ago

    Jeremy has the power, Yair the flash! Nice fight!

  • daRude 90
    daRude 90 3 hours ago

    Цыган его не очканул а нгану очканул

  • Anthrax
    Anthrax 3 hours ago

    that first time in the world gentlemen, that sumo guy get kick right on his face

    SEBLAK BANDUNG ATAS 4 hours ago

    Not in khabib level

  • sqrone1
    sqrone1 4 hours ago


  • Death Devil
    Death Devil 4 hours ago

    khabib is a proud man for islam

  • klay sumpson
    klay sumpson 4 hours ago

    H bomb

  • neo sam
    neo sam 4 hours ago

    Connor talked the talk but he did not walk the walk

  • Sonam Dhondup
    Sonam Dhondup 4 hours ago

    😱🤯 🤐

  • Amazing Talents Videos

    What a fight! Such a skillfull and crazy fight! Accidentaly KO though. Very Entertaining!

  • Aaah aaa
    Aaah aaa 4 hours ago


    LION KING 4 hours ago

    1. McGregor winning at UFC205 2. McGregor beating Aldo UFC194 3. Bisping beating Rockhold 4. Garbrandt beating Dominick Cruz 5. Holm beating Rousey

  • Hoyjin Jeung
    Hoyjin Jeung 4 hours ago

    이런..마지막 10초 남기고 적의 두손번쩍 장난질에 집중력 풀려버린듯... 그때 그냥 이단옆차기 했어야하는데... 우리 잘 싸웠지하는 제스쳐에 반응하다 아이고 내 텃이야 ㅠㅠ

  • Joe
    Joe 4 hours ago

    Paul felder vs Edson barboza

  • Jack and Amy Lee
    Jack and Amy Lee 4 hours ago

    No way..... 😔

  • muhammad El miahi
    muhammad El miahi 4 hours ago

    Khabib is a monster 😍

  • Alexis Newmai
    Alexis Newmai 4 hours ago

    Jon Jones the GOAT

  • Hardy30680
    Hardy30680 4 hours ago

    The thumbnail is totally misleading.

  • Slobodan Lang
    Slobodan Lang 4 hours ago

    God Bless You Matt. I love you.

  • manh nguyen
    manh nguyen 4 hours ago

    cặp này tính ôm nhau hạnh phúc đến trọn đời hả

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 4 hours ago


  • Jacek Czoh
    Jacek Czoh 4 hours ago

    Who the fuck is jeremy?

  • ReverendXero
    ReverendXero 5 hours ago

    love you Matt!

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 5 hours ago

    😢 Matt's story reminds me of the movie, "Regarding Henry".

  • Avi
    Avi 5 hours ago


  • Jonny Ripper
    Jonny Ripper 5 hours ago

    1.khabib 2.tony 3.brock lesnar(if he ever fight again) 4.zabit 5.conor vs old man

  • Elijah Woodard
    Elijah Woodard 5 hours ago

    6:29 my fav

  • luis anaya
    luis anaya 5 hours ago

    Felder you wish you could fight like that you sorryass