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  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 16 hours ago


  • Everlasting Truth
    Everlasting Truth 2 days ago

    Voldemort was a better villain because he could not feel love or affection, don't think twice before killing anyone, he was simply willing to do anything to be immortal.

  • Everlasting Truth
    Everlasting Truth 2 days ago

    Chill out peope, in a proper fight, Voldemort would've defeated him. Tom and Albus are the two greatest wizards of all time. Dumbledore could defeat Ginderwald but he couldn't defeat Voldemort.

    • erik bray
      erik bray 2 hours ago

      Everlasting Truth actually go read the books, and rewatch the order of the Phoenix fight. dumbledore rapes him twice. He didn’t kill Voldemort because he knew he’d just come back with the horcruxes.

  • Alan Onyx1
    Alan Onyx1 2 days ago

    Apa bodoh wak masa scene lebay bodo kontol terbang pake sapu ajalah :v

  • Baguette
    Baguette 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that Karathen (The leviathan) is somewhat inspired by the Sea Emperor from Subnautica?

  • Destiny Flicks
    Destiny Flicks 5 days ago

    3:22 the music is just amazing in this part

  • HUNK
    HUNK 5 days ago

    "You can take my army! But you WILL NEVER HAVE MY ALLEGIANCE!!!" That one line made me love the Brine King.

  • JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??

    Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook The Perfect Lobster

  • Kuroro Luxifer
    Kuroro Luxifer 5 days ago

    Even on land, being able to control animals would be a really OP power..they're countless billions, and they vary in size and "skills" so much, that they could take on pretty much anything.

    • Hellfire Heroes
      Hellfire Heroes 3 days ago

      Only sea animals. On land that becomes like... Crabs and lobsters? Maybe an octopus until it suffocates?

  • Bolbi145
    Bolbi145 6 days ago

    Fun Fact: the Brine King is voiced by the guy who voiced Man Ray

  • Gladiator302
    Gladiator302 7 days ago

    The fight already is cut by the producer. Its not you job

  • arifin kusuma
    arifin kusuma 7 days ago

    Aquaman movie quite good The movie plot not bad To be honest this battle scenes really make me laught , full with weird imagination.... Fighting under water like that i can't imagine the tsunami wave on the surface 😂😂

  • Andy Hernandez
    Andy Hernandez 8 days ago

    0:36 Rotty says this when refusing to board the rocket...

  • Max Slagle
    Max Slagle 10 days ago

    ocean master (dun dun dunnnnnn)

  • 2000rayc
    2000rayc 10 days ago

    love how AQUAMAN kills hs own people

  • daustin8888
    daustin8888 10 days ago

    Sharks with laser beams on their heads. This will make someone very happy.

  • alberto mascaro
    alberto mascaro 10 days ago

    venom didn't die guys

  • Kenneth Tuazon
    Kenneth Tuazon 13 days ago

    phoenix wizard

  • Ari Jappendi
    Ari Jappendi 15 days ago

    PETA hates aquaman. He brainwashed poor fish to do banzai. Sacrifice a lot of fish species to do his dirty work. This guy is bassicly acting like Stalin at great war. Sacrifice million brainwashed commie to save Stalin's coward ass.

  • Sweaty Fox
    Sweaty Fox 16 days ago

    Meanwhile at the surface “Sir we have a lot of sonar readings in the Atlantic”

  • LilAndres X
    LilAndres X 20 days ago

    Fuckin love this movie

  • slenderman7676 Rblx

    0:22 RIP ALX400 ????-2019

  • Max Frankow
    Max Frankow 21 day ago

    Meanwhile some fisherman is at the surface, wondering why nothing is biting.

  • Zage
    Zage 21 day ago

    2:26 They recreated the Draco and Voldemort hug 💀

  • Spacers Lament
    Spacers Lament 22 days ago

    People talk about riot but venom actually had a riot shield

  • Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan 23 days ago

    I came for the elder wand

  • A C E
    A C E 25 days ago

    Imagine getting killed by a protego spell

  • Rosemary Crone
    Rosemary Crone 26 days ago

    >_> pretty sure I heard the sound of bowling pins when the pillars were knocked down

  • Timo Tay
    Timo Tay 27 days ago

    All I ever wanted in my life was an underwater Star Wars and Pacific Rim crossover

  • Johannes Hjortshøj
    Johannes Hjortshøj 28 days ago

    3:31 "Kick ass boys!"

  • Steven Harper
    Steven Harper 28 days ago

    So why do they make Arthur king after he slaughters half of his own people? That’s like super bad.

  • Johannes Hjortshøj
    Johannes Hjortshøj 29 days ago

    Orm, you may not like him. But you have to admit, your brother know how to make an entrance.

  • Murlidhar Sharma
    Murlidhar Sharma Month ago

    Who is more stronger 1Voldemort 2👆Grindelwald

  • The Guardian Medivh

    thats not HD

  • Dan Illahi
    Dan Illahi Month ago

    Okay I did not see the trench fight so I did not think he control it so now I understand thank you for me to changing my mind.

  • Dan Illahi
    Dan Illahi Month ago

    Ha those two soldiers backs her up good for them.

  • Alexander Medina Martínez

    What would've everything ended up, If Voldemort and Gindelwald would've work together?

    • Proud Ravenclaw
      Proud Ravenclaw 10 days ago

      Then Harry, Dumbledore and the rest of the wizarding world is doomed

  • Oh no no Party
    Oh no no Party Month ago

    Can’t wait until the next film

  • TheShinShoruken
    TheShinShoruken Month ago

    R I S E ! ! !

  • Eseosa Erhunse
    Eseosa Erhunse Month ago

    This movie is so damn good. Better than some marvel movies

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark Month ago

    I want to join grindelwald

  • Alexis Hernan
    Alexis Hernan Month ago

    If poseidon ever show up... All of them would be dead

  • Yuuki161
    Yuuki161 Month ago

    *_Meanwhile, deeper in the ocean..._* Godzilla: "What is going on up there?"

  • Micheal Chythlook

    today we unite our kindoms? well that was a quick enough Mandela effect today we unite atlantis tomarrow we scorch the surfice

  • JC Gam1ng
    JC Gam1ng Month ago

    Problem with films like this including Endgame Godzilla king of the monsters And others are they suck watching them at home instead of a big screen in theaters it takes away the epicness and cool visuals and scale(minus a bit from endgame cgi got worse in the final act)

  • Penguin *04
    Penguin *04 Month ago

    Even though grindelwald is more powerful than voldemort I still find voldemort scarier

  • ItsRatchet Omg
    ItsRatchet Omg Month ago

    This is POETIC!!

  • Hellogo 105
    Hellogo 105 Month ago

    Even though Voldemort is stronger, I’m more scared of Grindelwald

  • Julian Ortega
    Julian Ortega Month ago

    How do those two still have their sharks?

  • Wesker JHG
    Wesker JHG Month ago

    Grindelwalt > Voldemort

  • Robert Kenny
    Robert Kenny Month ago

    Riot used too much of Carnage's abilitys in this fight,

  • Andrew Denker
    Andrew Denker Month ago

    The cations 😂

  • Mike Andersen
    Mike Andersen Month ago

    Is that Julie Andrews as the leviathon?

  • Raine
    Raine Month ago

    1:51 yeah theres no way they would be able to hear eachother through that glass while a freaking ROCKET is blasting off

  • adam bump
    adam bump Month ago

    This is cool but it's not as chillingly epic as Avengers Assemble or Wonder Woman's theme because that kicks ass.

  • adam bump
    adam bump Month ago

    "The Hills Are Alive With The Sound OF YOUR DEATH!"

  • Nathan Eric Dolloso

    Many innocent lives died because this sibling argument.......

  • Jeffrey Francis Oakenshield the 1st

    Number of fans like moi who are going to see this opening night. 👇

  • Muhummed YOUSSEF
    Muhummed YOUSSEF Month ago

    1:25 what a masterpiece and incredible scene wow how all Arthur creatures charge through wow what a beast scene.

  • Slayer X
    Slayer X Month ago

    3:05 When u go Captions English and it said "Lol Godzilla's cousin?"

  • huggin muggin
    huggin muggin Month ago

    South Park rip off

  • Chris BK
    Chris BK Month ago

    People have always made fun of his fish talking ability. But since the new 52, and aquaman movie. This ability is the most majestic power of aquaman.

  • HBK zesser
    HBK zesser Month ago

    Think this Thor hammer hey

  • Hazard Hazard
    Hazard Hazard Month ago

    Ok.Call him the hitler of dark magic but who was afraid to say Grindelwalds own name in Harry Potter.

  • Austin K
    Austin K Month ago

    You know your badass when you have 6 Kingdoms charging at you. While you and your army just walk calmly towards them.

  • Jeremiah Imoniruwe

    Wet Thor.

  • Sub 2 LazarBeam
    Sub 2 LazarBeam Month ago

    This is the real reason that caused overfishing

  • Sub 2 LazarBeam
    Sub 2 LazarBeam Month ago

    "Call me daddy"

  • Alphonsa Nicholas

    man thanos looks pissed with micro missiles

  • Zedfinite
    Zedfinite Month ago

    Aquaman is such a stupid hero, they said. Movies about underwater are boring, they said. Talking to fish is such a lame power, they said. Won't make billions, they said.

  • Brody Marsh
    Brody Marsh Month ago

    Kunal Nayyer: Aquaman SUCKS!!!! Jason Mamoa: Hold my trident 🔱

  • butchdeadlift10
    butchdeadlift10 Month ago

    Kinda summarizes my problem with all Superman movies: Superman is NOT an overpowered alien weirdo in OUR world, he is a dude just powerful and strange enouth to deal with a RIDICULOUS DANGEROUS world around him. If they started putting Superman in more War of the Worlds, Disaster, Kaiju, Meteor, astronauts exploring a black hole, volcano, grey goo, psychic god children, or broken time machine movies, he would fit right in. Put him up against The Daleks or Godzilla and you see he if just balanced enough to face threats THAT BIG!

  • Mr_KingPin
    Mr_KingPin Month ago

    Subtiles at 3:04 - 3:26

  • Murali Dharan
    Murali Dharan Month ago

    All due respect to Tommy boy, but Grindelwald at his prime seems to make him seem like a little chump.

    • Mafia
      Mafia Month ago

      Murali Dharan Voldemort is legit stated as the strongest dark lord ever...effects make it seem grindelwald is stronger.

  • Nolawi Negussie
    Nolawi Negussie Month ago

    This wasn't a fight this was a massacre

  • Danny TR
    Danny TR Month ago

    I know everyone is here for 0:32 but 1:03 is funny

  • SteveLiuyatchee
    SteveLiuyatchee Month ago

    Thanos , is u can see , the avengers are not only 3 pupil , they are the best and better then u , they always win even if u have all the infinity stones

  • Dustin Lao
    Dustin Lao Month ago

    0:13 Godzilla: Hold my beer

  • Dustin Lao
    Dustin Lao Month ago

    I never thought I'd live to see a movie where there are lasersharks!!!!

  • Grim Bones
    Grim Bones Month ago

    ...I hate Paris........

  • Mamboo007
    Mamboo007 Month ago

    3:08 (Lol Godzilla's cousin?) Put the subtitles on.

  • TheMaster 177276
    TheMaster 177276 Month ago

    Star wars reference join me or die

  • Austin K
    Austin K Month ago

    America vs Russia

  • Helen Zheng
    Helen Zheng Month ago

    Just making sure, this all existed BEFORE Harry Potter, correct? I mean like the timeline

    • Helen Zheng
      Helen Zheng Month ago

      Fracklo oh okay, thank you!

    • Fracklo
      Fracklo Month ago

      Yes, way before the age of Voldemort

  • Dulio Tejada
    Dulio Tejada Month ago

    Venom Get In The Rocket.

  • Andrei Playz
    Andrei Playz Month ago

    Slimey venom and riot

  • Dumb Dumb
    Dumb Dumb Month ago

    Pathetic with all the cuts. Don't bother watching. You'll get dizzy.

  • MillerTime East
    MillerTime East Month ago

    No one will ever know who is more powerful between Grindelwald and Voldemort endless JKR announces who because she made the characters . All they have in common are that they both fought almost evenly against the most powerful wizard, Dumbledore

  • Carsen's Life
    Carsen's Life Month ago

    Well turns out Godzilla’s cousin was hiding in the sea the entire time!

  • Dominik Sharp
    Dominik Sharp Month ago

    I feel bad for the guy at 1:57 who got killed by a school of squids lol

  • Alexis Hernan
    Alexis Hernan Month ago

    Little do atlanteans know that king atlas is also a half breed too Half god half human

  • etheralshroom -
    etheralshroom - 2 months ago

    Black manta looks like a fucking monster from Godzilla or powers rangers

  • tamrinto
    tamrinto 2 months ago

    The starforce got what they deserved.

  • martin kullberg
    martin kullberg 2 months ago

    First its the mon calamari vs the quarren, later its unleash the kraken😁

  • SlenderKiller Assur
    SlenderKiller Assur 2 months ago

    They have mosasaurus

  • I don’t know What I’m doing

    Release the Kraken

  • Jess
    Jess 2 months ago

    Watch this video with the subtitles and thank me later.

  • sauercrowder
    sauercrowder 2 months ago

    I'mpick- you up no- Oh hey guy- tesseract?

  • Michael Buchan
    Michael Buchan 2 months ago

    Good start part with healthbars

  • Just a random dude
    Just a random dude 2 months ago

    I just realized that when venom and riot merged Eddie merged with them also, so there were 2 hosts