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What is Beggars' Night?
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  • Cara Crabtree
    Cara Crabtree 2 minutes ago

    Most research and development is mostly paid by taxpayers

  • abby s
    abby s 34 minutes ago

    This woman makes you cry

  • Maria Bourquin
    Maria Bourquin 37 minutes ago

    please vote Andrew Yang in the Democratic Primary. The Freedom Dividend is the first step in a long journey towards peace and prosperity for all the people everywhere in the world. Andrew Yang2020.

  • Daryl Tung
    Daryl Tung 53 minutes ago

    Shocker that she chooses the old white guy with infererior policies and losing his marbles

  • alphatrion100
    alphatrion100 57 minutes ago

    This man needs to be president 👍

  • MandM
    MandM Hour ago

    I made a comment that Yang would be the best President the very first time I heard him right after he was introduced. I have since listened to full interviews... and still believe he is. The PROBLEM is that he has NO coverage. He needs to use the social media and every viable way to get his message to the public. How can we help Andrew Yang???

  • randal gibbons
    randal gibbons Hour ago

    With our help this man can deliver change and get this country moving in a direction that most of us have thought would be impossible. Let get him to Washington so he can impose his will on the few descent politicians left and work towards making Donald Trump a bad memory.

  • c johnson
    c johnson Hour ago

    I don't know how this guy can sit here and say student loans aren't an economic apocalypse when the student loan bubble is approaching the levels of the mortgage crisis. I'm really sick of uniformed being allowed to vote.

  • Charlzz95 g
    Charlzz95 g Hour ago

    This is wholesome 😃😅

  • access
    access Hour ago

    Be Best!

  • X Her
    X Her Hour ago

    Yang's got so much fucking swag!

  • Live for God
    Live for God Hour ago

    Andrew knows whats up. Yang2020

  • Justino Castillo
    Justino Castillo 2 hours ago

    I have never been registered to a Political Party- I am about to register as a Democrat just to vote for him and I'm encouraging my family, relatives, friends and anyone else I can to do the same!!

  • R D
    R D 2 hours ago

    Pete is a Manchurian candidate!

  • Mahmood Shuvo
    Mahmood Shuvo 2 hours ago


  • Mahmood Shuvo
    Mahmood Shuvo 2 hours ago


  • Me me
    Me me 2 hours ago

    Great speech this time Evelyn!!!

  • Policies Matter!
    Policies Matter! 2 hours ago

    "They might say that to me but they aren't going to say that too my ag"

  • lotus 1023
    lotus 1023 2 hours ago

    As a special needs mother doing it alone, I have so much hope in this candidate. This is the path forward. #YangGang

  • Jung K
    Jung K 2 hours ago


  • dylan caderao
    dylan caderao 3 hours ago

    so many great ideas in this conversation. demilitarize and train the police on deescalation/mental health awareness. so proud of the young autistic activists in the crowd. this is truly the future. andrew yang 2020

  • M K
    M K 3 hours ago

    👏 Andrew & Evelyn are amazing.

  • Gigi Yang
    Gigi Yang 3 hours ago

    Just returned from oversea trip through JFK airport, even US Custom and Immigration officials are replaced by automated passport control kiosks.......

  • musicspinner
    musicspinner 3 hours ago

    Please read "The War on Normal People" Michelle 😁👍 very worth your time.

  • Ancient Kid
    Ancient Kid 3 hours ago


  • musicspinner
    musicspinner 3 hours ago

    Incredible. This candidate has it ALL!! 😮 Yang(s) all the way!! 😃👍

  • CFStudio
    CFStudio 3 hours ago

    We need leaders to be like him.

  • priscilla moriente
    priscilla moriente 3 hours ago

    Make shoning eligal in religion

  • Much Mach
    Much Mach 4 hours ago

    Normies: all that metal is is about death Maggots: *cries too much*

  • Nathan Shinholt
    Nathan Shinholt 4 hours ago

    Yang needs to adjust his crowd/debate voice a bit. He projects too much as if the mic isn’t working and comes off robotic. He sounds so freaking great on podcasts, lectures, and smaller interviews.

  • rmendoza1337
    rmendoza1337 4 hours ago

    I'd like to see her practice her speeches more so she speaks like yang where she isnt reading it.

  • Ryan Burchett
    Ryan Burchett 4 hours ago

    I loved watching Bernie deal with this interview so patiently.

  • Revolutionary Thinking

    Whichever idiot came up with the stupid welfare rules that keep struggling people down and not being able to improve their lives should be beaten to a pulp.

  • Dino Zaur
    Dino Zaur 4 hours ago

    Any idea why Andrew is going after Iowa specifically?

  • Fleece Johnson
    Fleece Johnson 4 hours ago

    I voted for Bernie in the primary. When the nomination was stolen from him he rolled over on his back and peed all over his belly for Hillary. He is a spineless worm and I'll vote against him in 2020.

  • SpiritsBB
    SpiritsBB 4 hours ago

    The room's atmosphere is a little different than the others.

  • nonchalantd
    nonchalantd 4 hours ago

    Evelyn has such a nice voice.

  • so amazing
    so amazing 5 hours ago

    Bring our troops home first.... lost my vote and Bernie lost my vote.

  • Tuan Le
    Tuan Le 5 hours ago

    What a beautiful couple. Don’t fuck this up America.

  • Steven
    Steven 5 hours ago

    The only way Andrew Yang can fill a stadium is to pay people $1,000.00 each, to attend

    • mon senor
      mon senor 2 hours ago

      You are delusional. This was meant to be a more intimate setting. Watch his LA rally.

  • Rocio Vita
    Rocio Vita 5 hours ago

    Our next first family! Love them! Yang2020!

  • None terrestrial Far away

    Nothing against yang . I think he’s a pretty good person. But please join our movement we can do this together. Latinos for Bernie 2020

    • Michael 2197
      Michael 2197 2 hours ago

      To put things into perspective, Ronald Reagan was the oldest president to serve and he was 77 by the time he finished his second term. At least Biden is smart enough to say he's only running for 1 term.

    • Michael 2197
      Michael 2197 2 hours ago

      Bernie is 78 years old. SEVENTY EIGHT. Which means he's going to be 79 by the time he's in office and will be 87 by the time he finishes his 8 years. THATS 22 YEARS PAST THE AGE WE PAY PEOPLE TO STOP WORKING. He already had a heart attack this year while campaigning. And you want him to do the hardest job in the country? You better be extra careful about who's vice president because that person is probably gonna be taking over before Bernie even finishes his first term.

  • Wayn Kerp
    Wayn Kerp 5 hours ago

    Sounds like she has no idea what she's talking about

  • Citizen Harrison
    Citizen Harrison 5 hours ago

    I hope they do another one of these. Important discussion on ASD.

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man 5 hours ago

    He had a good run, but Bernie is our next best bet

  • SpiritsBB
    SpiritsBB 5 hours ago

    The applaud at the beginning destroyed my ears.

  • Matt Vemich
    Matt Vemich 5 hours ago

    I just love the kid crying in the back and how the speakers and host just TOTALLY ignore it 😂 There's a parent back there just letting their kid cry 😂😂😂 Cheers mate

  • Shawn Lee
    Shawn Lee 5 hours ago

    Yang Gang 2👌2👌

  • Dhalsim25
    Dhalsim25 6 hours ago

    Is it just me, but does he call Evelyn baby . That seems sweet in this public and critical campaign life

  • Seraph909
    Seraph909 6 hours ago

    America is always waiting for Godo.

  • Fabian Mier
    Fabian Mier 6 hours ago

    I've been following Andrew Yang since early May of my Junior year in Highschool. Even when he was barely polling 1%, I was telling my friends, "This guy is the first 'politican' I'm into." No other elected official has caught my attention like Yang, and a Democrat no less (I lean libertarian right). Fast forward to a week ago, where I just turned 18. I donated $10 to his campaign and bought a MATH hat.

  • Maxgotthetracks
    Maxgotthetracks 6 hours ago

    "Yang gang Yang gang Yang gang Yang gang "

  • Wagner Wong
    Wagner Wong 6 hours ago

    Banner in back says 0% black vote! 🤣

  • chedda 3000
    chedda 3000 6 hours ago

    If we vote Andrew Yang in the White House it’ll show the vote of the PEOPLE still matter. Because that’s who is going to get Yang in, is the PEOPLE, not the mainstream media and NOT the big corporations. Let’s go Yang Gang!

  • Postal Reptiles
    Postal Reptiles 6 hours ago

    I like Bernie. With that said though, I like Andrew Yang more. The freedom dividend would be better for businesses and workers than raising min wage to $15 an hour. It will also help put another $12k a year into the hands of people on social security, something that $15 an hour min wage will not. It will also expand our definition of work. Right now stay at home parents and stay at home caregivers and others are not going to benefit from increasing the min wage, but with the Freedom Dividend they will. I want the money to go directly into our hands and not into more government programs, increasing the size and power of government. Another big reason is that Automation is going to be an inevitable obstacle in our near future (just ask the 4+ million factory workers that lost their jobs). If Yang does not win, I can bet you the Government is going to add a tax on automation and instead of giving that money to the people, they are just going to use it for more inefficient government programs and make their salaries bigger. $1k a month to every one. The VAT is a brilliant way to fund this. Give the people the money directly. Good for people. Good for business. Good for innovation. Good for America. #Yang2020

  • Colby Gilsenan
    Colby Gilsenan 6 hours ago

    Yang! :)

  • MessyHandsBeautifulLife

    I am 100% YangGang but I just don't understand why he doesn't discuss his democracy reform plans more? To me, these are *huge* reasons to support him. Democracy dollars. Ranked choice voting. Term limits. Is it just not sexy enough to talk about these things?

    • Michael 2197
      Michael 2197 Hour ago

      I guess those things won't really impact Americans straight away, more long term goals. There's more important things to do first.

  • Jimmy Jimmy
    Jimmy Jimmy 6 hours ago

    bad fucking audio.

  • Shashwat mishra
    Shashwat mishra 6 hours ago

    bernie 2020

  • Jim D
    Jim D 7 hours ago

    300,000 Californians

  • chedda 3000
    chedda 3000 7 hours ago

    Real people who really care about other people. He’s got my vote.

  • Volluble
    Volluble 7 hours ago

    Nice rally

  • UhOhItsJoe Swanson
    UhOhItsJoe Swanson 7 hours ago

    YANG 2020

  • Larry Peiser
    Larry Peiser 7 hours ago

    Good luck Joe

  • AAA P
    AAA P 7 hours ago

    Sadly the Deep State MSM keeps supporting Joe Biden and Bloomberg (MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, WaPo, Huffpo, Bloomberg)

  • AAA P
    AAA P 7 hours ago

    1000x more people than Joe Biden's 12 supporters

  • sd mods
    sd mods 7 hours ago

    Imagine we would once again have a coherent and intelligent first lady!

  • bj820
    bj820 7 hours ago

    boring... boo

  • bj820
    bj820 7 hours ago

    boring.... booo.

  • Blahblah
    Blahblah 7 hours ago

    Genuine guy my vote

  • 7 hours ago

    I found it interesting when they dug in on some of the issues. On insulin and the idea of the government manufacturing drugs, using the AG to attack the pharma companies on price fixing grounds as well as antitrust grounds and even taking IP / patents from certain companies as punitive measures.

  • MrLuckyMuffin
    MrLuckyMuffin 7 hours ago

    Rip headphones

  • Coral Titan
    Coral Titan 7 hours ago

    13:42 The meat dairy and egg industry act the same way as the tobacco industry did! The information was there since the '60s!

  • Spring Craft Gamer
    Spring Craft Gamer 7 hours ago

    Pete's policies are a mix of stolen ideas from Bernie, Tulsi, and Yang, combined with some anti Trump rhetoric. Lord help us if this snake oil sales sharleton gets nominated

  • Wrds Mth
    Wrds Mth 7 hours ago

    I have to say, right out the gate, the first question is substantive and engaging. Would this gang please write the debate questions?

  • Ahmad Fauzi Ramli
    Ahmad Fauzi Ramli 8 hours ago

    The greedy and evil establishment and corporations will try to destroy Bernie in whatever ways and means. Those greedy corporations only care about how much more money they can rob from Americans. They don’t care whether you die or unhealthy. They are inhumane.

  • Nowhatamsaying
    Nowhatamsaying 8 hours ago

    Lmao at all you socialist think Wang has a shot. Didnt you brainwashed sheeple learn from 2016. The DNC doesn't care about your vote. They already have their candid. It will be biden or Hillary if they stay out of gitmo. Tic tock. MAG KAG BUILD THE WALL AMERICA WILL NEVER HAVE A SOCIALIST PRESIDENT

  • Ryl
    Ryl 8 hours ago

    Everytime I see Evelyn, I forget that it’s winter and I’m seasonally depressed and demotivated because she is literally the embodiment of radiance and a First Lady. She’s amazing.

  • papillon
    papillon 8 hours ago

    There is no Presidential candidate out there as genuine, smart, compassionate, and forward-thinking as Andrew Yang. I would support him not just for President, but for anything he decides to do after that as well!!

  • Johan Zahri
    Johan Zahri 8 hours ago

    Mr Andrew Yang, I like everything that you mentioned except for the Nuclear energy source. We should remember Chernobyl and Fukushima. We have a better alternative energy source -> ocean waves! Greener and safer! 3/4 of our earth surface is under ocean waves that can be tapped!

  • Pino Kio
    Pino Kio 8 hours ago

    lol she didn't copy someone else's speech and spoke proper english

  • Keisha Allen
    Keisha Allen 8 hours ago

    #FemaleVeteran #DisabledVeteran #Caregiver #SingleMom #RetiredMilitary #Yang2020 #Yang2024 #YangGang

  • Tertiary Adjunct
    Tertiary Adjunct 8 hours ago

    This brings warm feelings to my heart.

  • Bardomatic 34
    Bardomatic 34 8 hours ago

    Andrew is the man and Evelyn seems like she could win miss universe if that’s what she wanted to do. What a great family

  • blowing trees
    blowing trees 8 hours ago

    Just put yang in the white house I'm tired of trump 😭

  • Tamara Bossler
    Tamara Bossler 9 hours ago

    Mr Andrew Yang USA 🇺🇸 !!!! if and when he gets the democratic nomination - it will be a “ Done Deal !!!! “ Humanity 1st !!! Let’s get him on that stage !!!! 👊

  • Kristen Nerison
    Kristen Nerison 9 hours ago

    Once in a lifetime candidate. Let's get out and vote for Bernie in the primary!!

  • Tamara Bossler
    Tamara Bossler 9 hours ago

    Yang 2020 - Let’s have it ! 💃🕺🏿💃🏽🕺/ Guys - ‘“ he’s doing the MATH 🧢 “ , we can do it !!!

  • 9 hours ago


  • Young Gun
    Young Gun 9 hours ago

    1000th Like!

  • do phong
    do phong 9 hours ago

    I get a lot info of each candidate out of 1hr local news interview than 3hrs debate of corporate media.

  • sonicprop97
    sonicprop97 9 hours ago

    Such a lovely lady. This gone be a crazy 2020 election guys.

  • do phong
    do phong 9 hours ago

    Seattle only give 25$ to each voter at the scale of population much lower. That's why the total lump sum of 10k voters is only 250k which is nothing to Amazon who donate millions to bad politician.

  • S R
    S R 9 hours ago

    So. Incredibly. Fake. Please do not vote for this person.

  • Arnel Delinila
    Arnel Delinila 9 hours ago

    Thank you DMRegister for giving Andrew Yang a voice. A voice that America needs to hear.

  • Bradly Brad
    Bradly Brad 9 hours ago

    there is still one.. one who can bring balance to the nation. It has been nearly 4 years since the Russian bots attacked. It seems the last president vanished in a time when the world needed him most. But my brother and I have found a new candidate, and I believe, Yang can save the world

  • jingkun72
    jingkun72 9 hours ago

    Talk about the real challenges. Don't just bury the challenges and just praise how great your son is. I'd relate more on human level if you are more open about the reality rather than sugar coat the problem.

  • ExireHG
    ExireHG 9 hours ago

    Saw this on DMRegister website, then clicked here too. Just trying to spread the word on Andrew Yang and good journalism one click at a time.

  • Mike HT Li
    Mike HT Li 9 hours ago

    Thank you DMRegister for posting this speech from future President and First lady of USA #YangGangMediaShoutOut #HumanityFirst

  • jingkun72
    jingkun72 9 hours ago

    Don't hide your eye behind your hair, Evelyn.