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FIFA 20 Review
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NBA 2K20 Review
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  • Ethan Crompton
    Ethan Crompton 40 seconds ago

    The thing game from early 2000s, I was so amazed!

  • AJ
    AJ 3 minutes ago

    We bitch when a game is too short, we bitch when a game is too long. Stop it and don't play it.

  • hitlord
    hitlord 5 minutes ago

    I'm surprised the link suggested in the video isn't on the description just for click greed.

  • Tony Martinez
    Tony Martinez 5 minutes ago

    I bet a million dollars it's a lie

  • Lewis Carter
    Lewis Carter 10 minutes ago

    Most important is online mode

  • Sweet Tart Tartin ass
    Sweet Tart Tartin ass 11 minutes ago

    Lisa always being behind you is fucking nuts lmao

  • GiSS
    GiSS 12 minutes ago

    You put Jill ahead of Birkin....wat

    APOCALYPSE DOWNFALL 17 minutes ago

    Just a matter of time before we can buy new guns with cock point

  • Neary XCIV
    Neary XCIV 18 minutes ago

    Removed until all of the reviews are in

  • Cyan C
    Cyan C 19 minutes ago


  • Jim No
    Jim No 21 minute ago

    I don't personally care if it has it or not. I still have my PS4 Pro and also on the subject I don't care how much it costs 500-700... buying it either way

  • Giorgos Abso
    Giorgos Abso 21 minute ago

    Persona 5 literally has a 90+ hrs MAIN STORY. Not complaining though, I'd still enjoy it, had it been twice as long.

  • Lucas Johnson
    Lucas Johnson 22 minutes ago

    So basically everything made by EA.

  • Asmodeus
    Asmodeus 22 minutes ago

    Skyrim is one of the most boring overrated games of all time. Also, It's a stupid reason to dislike Mafia III "it's repetitive" isn't that 90% of video games though? It doesn't take away from the story or fun factor. Some of the best games are "repetitive" I never understood the hate for Mafia III, get it together.

  • Ed WeTodd
    Ed WeTodd 23 minutes ago

    Yes of course they are going to add them in later. That has been their plan and why I sold bo4

  • Optamizm
    Optamizm 23 minutes ago

    I had a super Gameboy... It was cool being able to play Gameboy games in different colours.

  • Sterling20073
    Sterling20073 23 minutes ago


  • VisedNormal
    VisedNormal 24 minutes ago

    TheXvid Andrew Yang.

  • VisedNormal
    VisedNormal 24 minutes ago

    TheXvid Andrew Yang.


    This is some new people

  • Optamizm
    Optamizm 25 minutes ago

    I have a prediction... The PS5 won't be backwards compatible because "it's too hard" and then someone will hack the PS5 and get PS4 games playing on it.

  • 3 Possums in a Trenchcoat

    ...okay but why is the crow on here? does the ai do something clever or something, and you just didn't mention it? because it's not really an "insane detail", just an easter egg.

  • Daniel Payne
    Daniel Payne 27 minutes ago

    I love the Gutter personally. God bless opinions and thier... beauty...

  • Eric Fellner
    Eric Fellner 28 minutes ago

    I don't think CTR applies to what you're saying at all. As you said, everything is unlockable for free. I play about twice a week, and I only ever "miss" the final Grand Prix reward each time. Transactions are totally to skip progression, but you're not held back if you abstain.

    • Eric Fellner
      Eric Fellner 27 minutes ago

      I've actually thought to myself every Grand Prix, "This is the best post release service from a game since the first couple years of GTA Online."

  • Prigu
    Prigu 28 minutes ago

    If they bring back the lost balloons I can guarantee you I'm gonna be watching them float away as I swing on. That was one of the most annoying parts of Spider-Man 2 🙄

  • Mike The Brummie
    Mike The Brummie 29 minutes ago

    Lying cunts

  • wacky jacky
    wacky jacky 29 minutes ago

    The microtransactions will came back at full force. With a lot of B.S.

  • JJ C
    JJ C 29 minutes ago

    We’ve been hearing developers say no micro transactions for the past 4 years😴

  • Deji D
    Deji D 29 minutes ago


  • sher singh
    sher singh 30 minutes ago

    You forgot MAFIA 2

  • CC_2617 TV
    CC_2617 TV 31 minute ago

    My first play through of ME3 and I reached the final choice. I literally put my controller down for 5 minutes contemplating what to do. I’ll never forget that moment.

  • Bancho Beard
    Bancho Beard 32 minutes ago

    Already beat critical and revengeance mode...

  • Phantom Krieger
    Phantom Krieger 33 minutes ago

    This won't last, they will just add it back in after everyone gives it good reviews. We've been fooled before by Activision.

  • The Atomic Jim
    The Atomic Jim 34 minutes ago

    I mean the fact almost 350 books and well over 300 diaries and notes were written for Skyrim is a fair bit of detail or flavour text at the very least

  • Bhupesh Rai
    Bhupesh Rai 35 minutes ago

    If they mess up cod this time they are going to lose majority of the og fan base cause MW means the world to us...

  • Mitsurugi2424
    Mitsurugi2424 35 minutes ago

    Clive Barker's "Clive Barker's Jericho" ...by Clive Barker.

  • Ayden Hewes
    Ayden Hewes 39 minutes ago

    It's because of a secret new system they're working on. Now supply drops are now locked behind supply drops.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 42 minutes ago

    Apparently also in Spider-Man, the car headlights feature the various types of headlights used in cars -- LED, halogen, incandescent, etc.

  • KestrelDC
    KestrelDC 44 minutes ago

    Also in PT, if you stand under the blood drip from the fridge and look up, the blood will splatter on your camera/eyes

  • Mistah FTM 7394
    Mistah FTM 7394 45 minutes ago

    the game lags. dunno if its because Im a targeted individual, so intentional fucking with my gaming. Also being put on teams that actually hate I is retarded.

  • random n stoned
    random n stoned 45 minutes ago

    The amount of things Lance has found in games is nuts. Didn't know that PT one, knew about the bath though so this gives it way more context 👏🏻

  • sparedCUPiD
    sparedCUPiD 46 minutes ago

    2:09 all Joel can't disclose that info cuz activison need to allow them to release a statement or announcement which he stated in that edit post they will later this week so idk how this is his fault exactly

  • TheTwisted869
    TheTwisted869 46 minutes ago

    Days Gone 2 needs a multiplayer!!!

  • Stephen Swales
    Stephen Swales 49 minutes ago

    Activision removes loot boxes for the first month only. Activision have done this before and they think we’re stupid.

  • devdutt jadeja Jadeja
    devdutt jadeja Jadeja 49 minutes ago

    How can you say that details nobody noticed when you did

  • Grant Elder
    Grant Elder 51 minute ago

    Why was the giant crow on this list🤔 doesn't even fit in to the category.

  • Humperdoo
    Humperdoo 52 minutes ago

    EA did the same thing with SW BF2. Then they reappeared.

  • Rosalinda Rogers
    Rosalinda Rogers 53 minutes ago

    I love all of these games. wot

  • xBE4N z
    xBE4N z 53 minutes ago

    Im no getting MW till a month after as long as there is no loot boxes

  • John Henry Dela Cruz Pangilinan

    lol thx for the tips and tricks

  • Balto Wolf X
    Balto Wolf X 56 minutes ago

    The bird is actually the witch

  • Jerome Nettey
    Jerome Nettey 58 minutes ago

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to enjoy the CAMPAIGN.

  • Abdul Qareem
    Abdul Qareem Hour ago

    The combat sucks. It's the truth. And the ending sucked as well. I have a Platinum Trophy 🔮 in this game. So I've covered pretty much all

  • Karim
    Karim Hour ago

    Not a single entry from mgs3!!?

  • Lucky
    Lucky Hour ago

    Is it a reupload ? I feel like i've already saw it

  • Inayalator _
    Inayalator _ Hour ago

    What a beautifully heartfelt ending, thank you for that

  • Nanork
    Nanork Hour ago

    I know I will never finish the game after the Arkham knight pulled out a drill while I was driving

  • Lord Skeletor
    Lord Skeletor Hour ago

    They ain't gone they'll be back in a month.

  • matthew Young
    matthew Young Hour ago

    Oi cod 3 imo is like the best campaign ever so dont you dare put it at the bottom

  • Julien Tanner
    Julien Tanner Hour ago

    Me in my friend played the first bioshock we had a huge fight cause i kept harvesting the little sisters

  • Tamara Guy
    Tamara Guy Hour ago

    Omg you guys do it to, call to all farcry 5 fans boomer is a dog and not In days gone he's boozer love it

  • RIOTx 420
    RIOTx 420 Hour ago

    I really did want to play this title but I can’t justify supporting activision. Also being an XB player I feel insulted that we don’t get the entire game.

    • shawn gaines
      shawn gaines Hour ago

      RIOTx 420 as a Xbox player my self were you just gonna play survival i mean i get it it’s a game mod that Should be in there for us but out of all the game modes and things to do in the game I’m not going to let one thing that literally I’m probably going to touch 2 to 3 times stop me from enjoying something I know I’m going to have fun in wide and I are self happiness to be stuck with boredom because of one thing especially something you might only Touch 2 to 3 times plus everything in the trailer for spec ops we still get it’s not like we’re not getting spec ops and it’s entirety one game mode from spec ops don’t give me wrong I feel it but if the game is good why trip

  • Nicholas Peters
    Nicholas Peters Hour ago

    So the Court recruits young circus performers eh? I see what they did there.

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen Hour ago

    i just wanna see how violent it is. if it's not as expected, i will show that one journalist what real violence really is......I expect cringe worthy gore...

  • Tina Belcher
    Tina Belcher Hour ago

    Am I the only one who has 2 more ad blocks than there was a few weeks ago?

  • Elder Horcrux
    Elder Horcrux Hour ago

    Twin Snakes voice acting was the worse. Gray Fox sounded way better in the original, and Snake running across a missile is just dumb.

  • Mark_Slams
    Mark_Slams Hour ago

    I doubt they were even ‘removed.’ They’re just time-gated until after the reviews come out. Gaming journalists with integrity will wait until the first major update before dropping their review.

  • Sam Mitchell
    Sam Mitchell Hour ago


  • jaggernut -123
    jaggernut -123 Hour ago

    Will digital content and digital downloads be backwards compatable?? Because i got days gone on digital and i really want to continue it on ps5

  • James Jordan
    James Jordan Hour ago

    I'll give them a month after launch. Jjust enough time for the reviews to come out

  • Raymond Terwilliger

    I what to play trover save the universe on the ps5

  • Shadow Phoenix4552

    If you couldn't figure out the water temple without looking up a guide, well yeah... Sure, it was difficult as hell to get through, but it wasn't a completely brain shattering temple

  • Luc Wijngaard
    Luc Wijngaard Hour ago

    L.A. Noire was also very detailed, an underrated masterpiece

  • Benchiheub Hocine

    Who finished the game 100%

  • Luc Wijngaard
    Luc Wijngaard Hour ago

    I loved Spider-Man PS4 and I was so amazed by the realistic reflections in the buildings and every detail!!!!

  • Hayden Divine
    Hayden Divine Hour ago

    I enjoyed 6. 5 was the one I wasn't a huge fan of

  • Scott Hayes
    Scott Hayes Hour ago

    One fantastic idea formed at the pub was "From Dusk til Shaun". Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are quoted as discussing it a few drinks down at the pub. Unfortunately it hasn't quite formed ;(

  • gruffy snuggles
    gruffy snuggles Hour ago

    Saying that Activision will "remove" microtransactions is like saying white chocolate is real chocolate. They might launch without some, but will implement them after the holiday season when the copies have been reviewed and sold en masse.

  • gfear24
    gfear24 Hour ago

    The stuff talked about at about 5:30 is a prime example of why I wait 8-12 months after release before buying any game. If microtransactions are going to get added, they'll be added within the first 8-12 months. If they get added, I refuse to buy the game...no matter how interested I originally was in it. I have yet to buy or play a single game that has them in it.

  • The Earls Renegade

    Correction: Removes until all the big reviews are in and everyone has bought the game.

  • Joshua Rodriguez

    I agree with you guys 100%

  • Matt Groves
    Matt Groves Hour ago

    Wouldn’t people have noticed these things since you guys made a list about it?

  • Dominus Mammon
    Dominus Mammon Hour ago

    I have 0 faith in Activision. Normally I wouldn't care about loot crates if they were only cosmetic but I'm just not getting MW because I dont trust them to change it at some point

  • Paul D
    Paul D Hour ago

    i could listen to your voice all day long...lol

  • ozz
    ozz Hour ago

    I understand you have to make content but this is just ridiculous maybe I'm an exception but I never get mad that there's to much game for my money like days gone was near perfect for me I loved every 2nd of it and I was happy every single time I got more of the game rather than after pay for DLC to get more of it like complaining about something likeis only a reviewer problem because they have to get their review out

  • Pushpak Bhole
    Pushpak Bhole Hour ago

    Removed untll reviews are out

  • Jake Whitwell
    Jake Whitwell Hour ago

    Pls whatculture gaming, stop uploading 9000 videos a day.

  • Man nennn
    Man nennn Hour ago

    everytime I open a whatculture video I pray it's not Scott Tailford

    • I D K
      I D K 14 minutes ago


  • Cody Muller
    Cody Muller Hour ago

    I hope maybe they do the bo2 thing where they release a bunch of camos for $3 each and you can just buy the ones you want or just buy none

  • TriggaMan 99
    TriggaMan 99 Hour ago

    That slow music sounds like ‘Germlins’ Mogwi song lol

  • TheKawaiiPandaYT

    Good the microtransactions where p2w

  • Andrew Cotton
    Andrew Cotton Hour ago

    It's pretty good but got nothing on pubg

  • laxpaint
    laxpaint Hour ago

    About eight years ago, I spent $10 on micro transactions for a mobile game. I felt dirty and never ever spent one extra dime on any of the games I play, mobile or console. Never will and I hope devs get the message soon.

  • whiteangelskys
    whiteangelskys Hour ago

    No Metal Gear Solid games? Who can forget about the ice cubes melting.Or shooting the flour and dust come up. What about some of the gadgets he had a part 3?

  • Austin Daniels
    Austin Daniels Hour ago

    Mines mass effect

  • Mutt Hatter
    Mutt Hatter Hour ago

    No love for the Penn and Teller fight in Borderlands 3? That crap sucked, but then was so satisfying once it was over

  • Tommi Jyurro
    Tommi Jyurro Hour ago

    In GTA V, I try to make it through the story without even a car accident now for a challenge, and liberal use of the horn generally makes pedestrians jump out of the way like Superman

  • Jonathan Webster

    What? No Star Citizen?

  • a10miletooth
    a10miletooth Hour ago

    4k 60fps in Days Gone? BAAAHAAHHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! ... good one.

  • Burning Heart Photography

    Days gone in my top 10 went to the length of dialating pupils yet decided to have a 360 torch.....