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Our $70,000 Experiment
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Things are about to change
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Finally... WILL SMITH!
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The IRON MAN of Music
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  • Vicky Scura
    Vicky Scura 2 hours ago

    Figuranding por todos los paises

  • Vicky Scura
    Vicky Scura 2 hours ago

    Aguante argentina papa

  • Beau Sinklear
    Beau Sinklear 2 hours ago

    I wish this would have been more about the pyramid.

  • qelbu
    qelbu 2 hours ago

    “And if your not offended your not American” Burritos can’t from Mexico not America

  • Michael Snell
    Michael Snell 2 hours ago


  • Franco Romero
    Franco Romero 2 hours ago

    I love u bross

  • Jenny Vlaar
    Jenny Vlaar 2 hours ago

    You guys should hike the west coast trail in British Colombia

  • Occlusion
    Occlusion 2 hours ago

    thats why you wear tight hiking boots and thick socks

  • Ashenka De Silva
    Ashenka De Silva 3 hours ago

    😹😹😹😹 you guys are the best

  • Chadd M
    Chadd M 3 hours ago

    21:28 that was an epic drone chase I've ever seen. just WOW.

  • Ethan Unrein
    Ethan Unrein 3 hours ago


  • John Miles
    John Miles 3 hours ago

    Shouldn't "Finding the Lost Largest Pyramid in the World" actually have something to do with the people who actually found it over 10 years ago? Cool "Guide takes us to the Largest Pyramid" video though.

  • Dylan Nguyen
    Dylan Nguyen 3 hours ago

    This almost made me cry like if you almost did too

  • Juan Guillen
    Juan Guillen 3 hours ago

    I'm from Guatemala and I couldn't be prouder of the Documentary you just did. WOW! What a story. What an Inspiration. The Synchronicity and good feeling that took place while you guys where there, it's so palpable and heartfelt. It's impossible to not feel rapport, empathy and positive vibes from everyone that was involved in this project. You guys made me feel like I was there with you! AMAZING PRODUCTION!

  • Attarsanah Resources

    If you want to climb the Pyramid of Giza, just go and climb it. Never ask for permission.

  • OrANg GAk JeLAs
    OrANg GAk JeLAs 3 hours ago

    I Feel Bad For Ammar

  • Lyrical Genius
    Lyrical Genius 3 hours ago

    I love how us aussies were the only ones that were swearing

  • Ale Acedo
    Ale Acedo 3 hours ago

    These are the kind of people who have the right to wear Patagonia

  • jasmine ramos
    jasmine ramos 3 hours ago

    my guatemalan self is geeked they made a video about this beautiful place 💕.

  • Destiny Dilworth
    Destiny Dilworth 3 hours ago

    This was an absolutely breathtaking video. I feel sometime we get so use to letting others make decisions for us that we forget the power and joy that comes with living our truths even of they are off the beaten path.

  • waw power
    waw power 3 hours ago

    THAT ASS THO!!!!

  • JeffNotes
    JeffNotes 3 hours ago

    Every yes theory video, especially this documentary, was simply amazing. I didn't even realize that I've been watching this journey with you guys for an hour now, I thought it's only been a few minutes. Truly inspirational you guys, simply amazing. Keep bringing us this spark to our hearts! =)

  • jon nonyas
    jon nonyas 4 hours ago

    Too much DRAMA. don't know you and don't care! get to the POINT!!!!!!!! should have been a 10 min vid geez.

  • rose191991
    rose191991 4 hours ago

    nice to see the kids and ppl can speak english in slovakia... :)

  • Gordon Andersen
    Gordon Andersen 4 hours ago

    I am commenting because i feel guilty for not paying for this documentary

  • Aljohn Chua
    Aljohn Chua 4 hours ago

    I just found you guys and happen to just subscribe because of your video of that pyramid. And here I was trying to find about you guys more. And Ammar just said "trabaho". That is the Filipino language for job. And that's it. I'm from the Philippines by the way.

  • Heng WJ
    Heng WJ 4 hours ago

    They deserve more subs and views

  • Robert Ordonez
    Robert Ordonez 4 hours ago

    How are you guys so dense??? Friend zoned himself?! Lmfaoo. Nahhhh. Ammar is GAY. He has zero interest in smashing. He even said this looks good culturally but I’m looking at this as more of a friend thing?? I’m not trying to hate and I can only imagine how hard it must be in his case but I used to be in the closet and MAN this dude is in the closet.

  • Sideno
    Sideno 4 hours ago

    best video ever!

  • Mohammed Al Rayyan
    Mohammed Al Rayyan 4 hours ago

    London UK

  • AJ Goodman
    AJ Goodman 4 hours ago

    This is my Avengers Endgame. The cross over is impeccable.

  • Art Johnson
    Art Johnson 4 hours ago

    In 1974 I was 24, my hippy girl friend and I hitch hiked through Honduras and Guatemala. It was a trip I cherish to this day. We experienced the Mayan ruins in both countries. It's so sad that today in 2019 you couldn't possibly do this in this very dangerous world of Central America. Back then it was a very friendly and warm place with such nice people, we were never in fear of anything.

  • Karl Pascua
    Karl Pascua 4 hours ago

    Nothing but love in here.

  • BossATron
    BossATron 4 hours ago

    bruh i would just ride my dirt bike down the trail easy solution

  • melbido
    melbido 4 hours ago

    i love this. so. much.

  • Mason  Pilkington
    Mason Pilkington 4 hours ago

    sooooo cooool OMG

  • Rose Risley
    Rose Risley 4 hours ago

    You guys truly are amazing!

  • Mason  Pilkington
    Mason Pilkington 4 hours ago

    we love you ammar i am praying for you you guys so inspiring you my favorite youtube channel

  • Liquid Flames
    Liquid Flames 4 hours ago

    So, basically, screw the Air Force, as usual. 9:52

  • Gerald Gordon
    Gerald Gordon 4 hours ago

    Why would there be ads on a video that has been demonetized?

  • Jessica Marie
    Jessica Marie 4 hours ago

    That guy was the cutest omg 🥺

  • Jackie Palencia
    Jackie Palencia 4 hours ago

    seeing a video based on my home country makes me soooo but so very proud. Guatemala is known for the heart of the Mayan World and you guys exploring it just brings tears to my eyes. When I saw Chelsea post an Instagram story/post of you guys I kept wondering what you guys were up to. had absolutely no idea it was this huge. congrats!

  • Happy Miner Zebra
    Happy Miner Zebra 4 hours ago

    Why in the beginning of the video there is a book with the f word

  • Lorin Lankins
    Lorin Lankins 4 hours ago

    Did you just say biggest, and not tallest? Is it taller or is it wider? Lol...

  • pierceston jackson
    pierceston jackson 4 hours ago

    When they say we’re going to try and “Sneak” in they really mean go get a permit .

  • Govert Duindam
    Govert Duindam 4 hours ago

    This is sincerely one of the few times that I watched a documentary from start to finish, no breaks all in one sitting. I am fascinated by video content creation and you guys absolutely killed it. Yes Theory has a set of mind, a vision and a look on life that I always have. I feel so incredibly supported to see that I am not alone. This documentary made me very emotionally. I cried/weeped, I had moments of pure joy and moments of incredible gladness. Ammar his story touched me the most. Ammar I really hope you see this. My father and I have had no contact for around 4 years now since we have deeply seated issues which cannot be resolved. Ammar you are not alone and I would like to know that I as a simple Yes Theory Fan am there for you. Even though it's maybe only in thoughts. Me and everyone from the Yes Theory Family is with you. Much love, Govert from the Netherlands

  • Harvey Ignacio
    Harvey Ignacio 4 hours ago

    Because of Yes Theory I will try to add few dollars for the blockbuster

  • My username is actually just this !!!!

    I’m not offended and I don’t want to be American they nasty

  • Jessica Jacobson
    Jessica Jacobson 5 hours ago

    Idk if this is good or bad but I’m tearing up watching this. Wim is a legend

  • Oceanic
    Oceanic 5 hours ago

    Do ariana grande next 😂

  • Aaron Barnes
    Aaron Barnes 5 hours ago

    I am lost for words...this is incredible

  • Matt Urrutia
    Matt Urrutia 5 hours ago

    The whole time I'm thinking about the movie "The Ruins" don't trust the Guide ! Turn back! Don't listen to talking vines they'll kill you! 😆

  • James McKee
    James McKee 5 hours ago

    i didnt know logic and kris london had a rap group?

  • sanakausar ughratdar

    When Thomas said it's -3, i just went "that's it??". i was expecting so much worse, since he said its a very bad weather. I live up in Canada, and the start of winter is -3. We get happy when we start seeing -3's at the end of winter, since we live in -15 or worse during the winter

  • ThA MAN C MAcK
    ThA MAN C MAcK 5 hours ago


  • Gag Magician
    Gag Magician 5 hours ago

    **lands in north korea**

  • Amy Yumi Kim
    Amy Yumi Kim 5 hours ago

    Totally worth 1hr

  • Fernando_
    Fernando_ 5 hours ago

    “If you’re not offended, you’re not American” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Sandra Coffie
    Sandra Coffie 5 hours ago

    No sand dunes, only vegetation

  • Sandra Coffie
    Sandra Coffie 5 hours ago

    South America has won the war over Egypt 👏👏👏👏👏👏bravo to the brave boys and girls on top of the man made world

  • Sandra Coffie
    Sandra Coffie 5 hours ago

    South America has the most largest pyramid, Egypt might mock because they are empty, but the flora fauna and vegetation and the farmers harvest is way much more in comparison with the gold found in the pyramids and tomb of the faraos, to stop a young boys dream to climb a few steps, everything will perish so we humans and the pyramids, nothing absolutely nothing will be forever on the face of earth nothing nothing 😐

  • Grace Walker
    Grace Walker 5 hours ago

    I never question why I subscribe to this channel- this gives me hope!

  • Jitzi
    Jitzi 6 hours ago

    nobody noticed us. fbi agent: am I a joke to you?

  • Dax tries to sing
    Dax tries to sing 6 hours ago


  • Joe Olley
    Joe Olley 6 hours ago

    shout out to luke for being an absolute warrior

  • Kian O'Donoghue
    Kian O'Donoghue 6 hours ago

    This video is incredible, I am absolutely speechless!

  • ThA MAN C MAcK
    ThA MAN C MAcK 6 hours ago

    Dude this is so rad. Wish I was there. Great stuff. Much Love.

  • ZAC
    ZAC 6 hours ago

    WOW !!!!!!

  • Zach Edwards
    Zach Edwards 6 hours ago


  • xHĚŘO x
    xHĚŘO x 6 hours ago

    A lot of hookers and cocaine

  • Shaq Attac
    Shaq Attac 6 hours ago

    This is not only about the pursuit of childhood dreams but of the importance of friendship. Admiral William H. McRaven said in his famed Commencement Address, "In the world alone, you will need some help. To truly get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues, the goodwill of strangers, and a strong coxswain to guide you. If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle." I am only 16 years old, but I'm starting to understand the importance of true friendships. I dreaded going to school all my life, and in 9th grade, I finally left my district I hated so much because I had "lost all my friends". I got to my new school and immediately made amazing new friends that changed my whole life. I realized who my real friends were too late. My new ones were there to support me when everything was going wrong in my life. My old friends had done so from the background, and I failed to recognize it. There is little chance Yes Theory is going to see this, but I want to thank you for all the people you've inspired, including me. It's amazing reading everyone's stories in the comments.

    MAGIC MYLES 6 hours ago


  • Laady Bee
    Laady Bee 6 hours ago

    Ahh the piazza, thats when it really hit me that I was in a totally different country. Loved my time in Venice.

  • Jitzi
    Jitzi 6 hours ago

    " they will like come up and check you guys out, and you'll probably see their fin" me having thalassophobia: jumps off the raft, bounces of each of the sharks. grabs a ride from a whale back to land. runs all the way to the farthest point you can be away from the water. lives there the rest of my life in solidarity.

  • Chung-O's cereal OFFICAL

    Is no one going to tell them 2k upvotes on reddit isn't actually that much?

  • Liquid Flames
    Liquid Flames 6 hours ago

    /rolleyes dial it back a few notches, folks. The dramatic music was so loud you needed subtitles. What I got out of this is Matt and Thomas can move on with their lives now that they finally helped this guy climb a pyramid.

  • Tanner Van Dera
    Tanner Van Dera 6 hours ago

    Wow I paid for this

  • Justin U
    Justin U 6 hours ago

    This is incredible. You ALL, collectively, deserve a show on Netflix that is on par with David Attenborough's "Our Planet"... I wish you all the best in your future careers x

  • Raja Roberto Masonicic Lopez

    these guys are filthy rich

  • Coen Venema
    Coen Venema 7 hours ago

    Guys, don't really know how to put this.. But it is sick, even sent it to my mom to show your adventure and what you're been doing. Anyhow, great thanks from the Netherlands!

  • DSNIV 806
    DSNIV 806 7 hours ago

    Um...he said no when you asked if he can see through the blindfold

  • Matthew Rickey
    Matthew Rickey 7 hours ago

    This video is more than just finding a pyramid in the middle of a jungle. It’s so motivating how you guys really show a different perspective of family, nature and the world around us. Keep inspiring others to go out there and do things. 🙏🏼

  • Ericka Alena Castillo

    THEY WERE IN PANAMA AND I DIDN'T KNOW. I just started following them this year. I can't believe they were here AGH. Also, where is the Abandoned In episode?!? Tom said he did one in Chile too and never released it either.

  • Harris Avan
    Harris Avan 7 hours ago


  • MistaUnicorn
    MistaUnicorn 7 hours ago

    Okay I know this was made 2 and a half years ago but am I the only one that's still afraid that someone's gonna die in this video? Just started the video and this looks like bad news.

  • rose191991
    rose191991 7 hours ago

    im bench watching these your vids ~ and i sweater if i meet homeless person i will always try give money or food!

  • Danielle Alphonso
    Danielle Alphonso 7 hours ago

    Tana ex

  • malangope
    malangope 7 hours ago

    So in the end, at the bottom line, regardless if you want it or not, everything is about money. Even this channel.

  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang 7 hours ago

    "There are no humans beyond this point", enters a village half a day later...

  • Jazz aboy
    Jazz aboy 7 hours ago


  • Rayna
    Rayna 7 hours ago

    wait so is most of the pyramid hidden under ground?

  • Lorenzo Bono
    Lorenzo Bono 7 hours ago


  • Yusef Murad
    Yusef Murad 7 hours ago

    I just loved it

  • Ja.Cr3w
    Ja.Cr3w 7 hours ago

    does anyone know where the diving spot in the end credits is??

  • danny-lee cooper
    danny-lee cooper 7 hours ago

    I love you guys ! wish I had a group of friends like you . anyone feeling the same ? I think it's time to change our group !

  • Redeemed
    Redeemed 7 hours ago

    Wow, this was shockingly very, very good ;) I hope his dad can see this and be happy that he reached his dreams. ;)

  • Autumnrainer
    Autumnrainer 7 hours ago

    This is one of the best videos I've ever seen.

  • Raja Roberto Masonicic Lopez

    the problem is ammar is in the closet. cause his dad would kill him if he came out so hes gotta live this farse

  • King Storm
    King Storm 7 hours ago

    The 1st person drone shots are amazing!

  • Leilani Hall
    Leilani Hall 8 hours ago

    Yes doesn’t even look like a word anymore