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Our $70,000 Experiment
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Things are about to change
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Finally... WILL SMITH!
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  • Sardor Oston
    Sardor Oston 3 hours ago

    elon musk is a super hero in the 21st century, hope you will find him and meet with him one day.

  • Sebastian Anderson
    Sebastian Anderson 3 hours ago

    5:33 damn that’s cool

  • ovidije Jakucioniene

    Omg 2020

  • sid uzumaki
    sid uzumaki 3 hours ago

    I'm genuinely happy and I'm definitely not crying

    ILOA AMITUANAI 3 hours ago

    I know I’m hella late 💀 but it’s pronounced “TOO-VAH-LOO” .

  • Jonathan Ratzon
    Jonathan Ratzon 3 hours ago

    I died when they edit in music and then you heard sweet caroline

  • Simau Kareem
    Simau Kareem 3 hours ago

    Very quality content

  • IDK what 2 do
    IDK what 2 do 3 hours ago

    Physics am i a joke to u

  • Logan Forde
    Logan Forde 3 hours ago

    Only 3 on a year?

  • Bacon Axolotl
    Bacon Axolotl 3 hours ago

    When you actually knew about the country, *obnoxious big brain*

  • Simau Kareem
    Simau Kareem 3 hours ago

    So much like my country, only more beautiful people. Maldives

  • judah Hur
    judah Hur 3 hours ago

    U can see last day of her face.. Really tired getting bang.. Maybe ammar brutally bang her since he know that night is a last day for them.

  • João Vitor Barone
    João Vitor Barone 3 hours ago

    fucking amazing!!!

  • Juan Carlos Cortés
    Juan Carlos Cortés 3 hours ago

    Hey Thomas, did you get paid for those 3 seconds? Or it was just accomplish one of your dreams? Nice video btw

  • Olivier Drees
    Olivier Drees 3 hours ago

    Y’all saw the number plate with GAY on it😂😂

  • ki๓ j̸o̸n̸g̸ U⃨n⃨


  • ki๓ j̸o̸n̸g̸ U⃨n⃨

    *_WHEN YOU SEE YOUR HOUSE_* * confused noises *

  • ki๓ j̸o̸n̸g̸ U⃨n⃨

    dude you guys have 1M dollars i think you would be allowed to go mate

  • Tomix26
    Tomix26 3 hours ago

    A really nice video!

  • panda 789
    panda 789 3 hours ago

    i love how wholesome every video is, involving people of all gender, race, age... its so lovely seeing how you also bring elder people some fun and excitement into their lives

  • Mr. Abdelali Khaldoune

    People Trying To Change Something Is The Best Thing

  • Gameflix
    Gameflix 4 hours ago

    The worst thing that could happend on an aciddent is lose memory. <3 I feel so bad for Luke

  • Rollercoasters Worldwide

    This touched me so much emotionally. I'm absolutely amazed by this😍😍. Congratulations for this accomplishment!

  • Alex Zhao
    Alex Zhao 4 hours ago

    why did you not invite me I live there

  • Yoonmin infires me to have jams •

    At least he doesn't eat corn cobs like a burrito-

  • Mary
    Mary 4 hours ago

    This video made me tear up. I love our small town people so much

  • aishwary verma
    aishwary verma 4 hours ago

    Everyone living in tuvalu is literally on vacation for their whole life. They are living the dream.

    AB FABE 4 hours ago

    Now whats

  • Ruslana Popal
    Ruslana Popal 4 hours ago

    Why is no body asking me if i want to go? 😂😂😂 so many places i would love to see... great job you are doing guys. Love the videos.

  • Rodger Playz
    Rodger Playz 4 hours ago


  • Kathy Borthwick
    Kathy Borthwick 4 hours ago

    Stop the Climate change BS! There is no crisis! Climate changes everyday and the arrogance of so called educated people is disheartening! Start with a real crisis- cleaning up waterways, sanitation and clean water! Yes we have to care for our environment but not by lying! The UN and EU is propaganda! KBC BScMScDSW!

  • Saurabh Sen
    Saurabh Sen 4 hours ago

    Your Videos Makes me SMILE :-)

  • ioseb morchadze
    ioseb morchadze 4 hours ago

    he is even Canadian

  • kabir Singh
    kabir Singh 4 hours ago

    She looks like charlie d amelio 10:34

  • Akash Sharan
    Akash Sharan 4 hours ago

    it doesn't matter what you use to cover yourself. It is about what is under you. You need a decent floor.

    ROCKY M 4 hours ago

    9:00 what a boomer

  • Archi Arch
    Archi Arch 4 hours ago

    10 minutes left imagine someone asks him, wanna do it again?

  • What
    What 4 hours ago

    Its been tough recently and this channel helps soo much its crazy

  • Polina Dan
    Polina Dan 4 hours ago

    Should it be Vatican City? Though I understand why you can’t come there, because it’s a Catholic “country”

  • HAISxx Xd
    HAISxx Xd 4 hours ago

    3 different cities? Ok then

  • Mohamed Aziz
    Mohamed Aziz 4 hours ago

    Elon musk

  • Cyfenix
    Cyfenix 4 hours ago

    3:47 TF was that ammar why u put ur hand there BRUH

  • Russell James
    Russell James 5 hours ago

    How I wish someone give me a travel like this, even just a domestic flight here in the Philippines huhu.

  • Electric Electro
    Electric Electro 5 hours ago

    I have an idea! Why dont you tell your parents to come to your house?

  • Anthony Ricci
    Anthony Ricci 5 hours ago

    These guys would've been the worst experience of the bus ride.

  • Sadad Muzakki
    Sadad Muzakki 5 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta until luke tells his backstory

  • nick jambro
    nick jambro 5 hours ago

    “Don’t worry we’re not gonna take advantage of this” *goes to the zoo and universal*

  • Pfirsich Affe
    Pfirsich Affe 5 hours ago

    young, dumb and broke, but still got love to give

  • MyDashcam
    MyDashcam 5 hours ago

    that was awsome :)

  • Neorai Shnaider
    Neorai Shnaider 5 hours ago

    Wow amazing

  • Aubrey Sunglao
    Aubrey Sunglao 5 hours ago

    This is so inspiring

  • Matthieu Induni
    Matthieu Induni 5 hours ago

    Those secret agent clips made it hillarious to me XD

  • Emilio v
    Emilio v 5 hours ago

    Saludos compadre. From Texas as a whole! You’ll find a good 5 continents with us. Cheers brother!

  • Whalix
    Whalix 5 hours ago

    alright men, i have decided to stop eating and drinking for months

  • Ddrewthefirst
    Ddrewthefirst 5 hours ago

    That's definitely not my house I must say

  • panda 789
    panda 789 5 hours ago

    my heart. this is so heartwarming. the guy who knew yes theory was epic " Yo! Yes theory's on the boat" omg 😂

  • Swaymus
    Swaymus 5 hours ago

    I love when Thomas is being awkward/weird - best ever haha :D

  • deere3321
    deere3321 5 hours ago

    I'll stay in rural Indiana where people are friendly and mind their own business.

  • Leo Kovačić
    Leo Kovačić 5 hours ago

    That thumbnail though, worth a report misleading

  • Madhav Daga
    Madhav Daga 6 hours ago

    He prolly smashed

  • Madhav Daga
    Madhav Daga 6 hours ago

    6:48 what just happened ? :]

  • Benjamin Ferrara
    Benjamin Ferrara 6 hours ago

    I actually had heard of this country before.

  • M Miel
    M Miel 6 hours ago

    Just found your videos! Such fun and great adventures! New favorite Chanel!

  • MyDashcam
    MyDashcam 6 hours ago

    guys, I love this channel :)

  • aue sonam
    aue sonam 6 hours ago

    Omg after watching this video of my country i had to subscribe your channel. I understand you becoming emotional I always do that when ever I visit Taktsang.

  • Vineeth
    Vineeth 6 hours ago

    4:16 he didn't zip up his pants lol

  • Mr. Night Parrot
    Mr. Night Parrot 6 hours ago

    People with Hyper-hydrosia be like “Brah.”

  • Alecu Urzica
    Alecu Urzica 6 hours ago

    When can we expect a new one ? :(

  • ay Wa
    ay Wa 6 hours ago

    Love this video. Showing us small midwest America is not so boring or different. It’s all about people and bringing people together!

  • •ᴗ• Mela Olímpica

    So funny 😂

  • Madhav Daga
    Madhav Daga 6 hours ago

    This was not what i thought when the title said _(Spicy Q&A)_

  • Lisdany Conde
    Lisdany Conde 6 hours ago

    Imagin when they have kids and they find the youtube channel

  • Gilbert Gutierrez
    Gilbert Gutierrez 6 hours ago

    Visit in the Philippines

  • Jasper Official
    Jasper Official 6 hours ago

    18:00 at this moment my eyes knew they fucked up.....

  • Godfrey Rotich
    Godfrey Rotich 7 hours ago

    I'm actually gonna pull out knives and stuff ???

  • JanaGardi
    JanaGardi 7 hours ago

    Hope you're still friends with Luke and Travers!

  • nuruddin asyraf
    nuruddin asyraf 7 hours ago

    whats the song in beginning

  • Datsoon
    Datsoon 7 hours ago

    6:03 does anyone else recognise the voice hmm shut the voice its like the girl in google translate

  • nitrox
    nitrox 7 hours ago

    **Spins Globe** Lands on Iran Yes Theory: well, you see....

  • Denden
    Denden 7 hours ago

    7:42 that smile, ugggh

  • SEGA
    SEGA 7 hours ago


  • windu
    windu 7 hours ago


  • Gustave N'Co
    Gustave N'Co 7 hours ago

    How did you manage to speak french like that !!

  • ki๓ j̸o̸n̸g̸ U⃨n⃨

    soo i don’t have to pay my rent yea???

  • Bumblebeetuna Youtube

    5:00 Radiation

  • Ha
    Ha 8 hours ago

    Congrats to all those Tesla and SpaceX critics. They proved to the world how short-sighted and pathetic they are😛

  • norliniminim
    norliniminim 8 hours ago

    tu-vah-luh not toovaloo :-)

  • Kyle Odonnell
    Kyle Odonnell 8 hours ago

    How happy was that guy :) #sayyes

  • Brett Bataller
    Brett Bataller 8 hours ago

    who's here after watching the movie and finding his line got cut

  • youmni mounajed
    youmni mounajed 8 hours ago

    who can imagine that the whole town watched this video and it was only 800 views :D

  • Ashish Chandra
    Ashish Chandra 8 hours ago

    Ammar looks like bigdaws tv guy son

  • Asif Iqbal
    Asif Iqbal 8 hours ago

    Media cheats us.... We cheat the media. Gotcha!

  • Liaccemis World
    Liaccemis World 9 hours ago

    He found the perfect people

  • Doina M.
    Doina M. 9 hours ago

    I've fuckin' enjoyed that!!! That is awesome,i will surely join Wim some day! All the love,all the power!! ❤❤❤

  • Mateo Braida
    Mateo Braida 9 hours ago

    6:56 i scared

  • broken skull
    broken skull 9 hours ago

    They just live according to what God provides...

  • InnIlax _
    InnIlax _ 9 hours ago

    it landed on Iran

  • Universe Is Awesome
    Universe Is Awesome 9 hours ago

    I feel like I just came out of a movie Theater 😇

  • Andrew Tang
    Andrew Tang 9 hours ago

    Nice video

  • Jacxtin. B
    Jacxtin. B 9 hours ago

    Jaja wtf