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Our $70,000 Experiment
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Things are about to change
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Finally... WILL SMITH!
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  • Choco Pinky
    Choco Pinky 2 minutes ago

    Thats how you prank the whole world 😄

  • Diana Guzman
    Diana Guzman 3 minutes ago

    Who else is watching this with a blanket over their head?

  • Maarten Peeters
    Maarten Peeters 4 minutes ago

    This is an awesome movie

  • Teevy
    Teevy 6 minutes ago

    it almost makes me tear up how beautiful everything is at Tuvalu. Just looks like a place for good vibes

  • Grand Junction Guy
    Grand Junction Guy 7 minutes ago

    WoW SoO iNsPiRiNg

  • TheMinecraftSkillz
    TheMinecraftSkillz 9 minutes ago

    I just found my home

  • Aryan dalal
    Aryan dalal 9 minutes ago

    Now i wonder why does white meat taste so good!! for us its not a travel video but a food blog

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu 10 minutes ago

    The fact that they have internet and electricity on that island itself is mind boggling

  • cecelinemo
    cecelinemo 11 minutes ago

    OMG you walked past my neighbor village😍😂

  • dancing hippo
    dancing hippo 13 minutes ago

    If I had a whole day to do anything I would go on famous youtubers channels and yes theories channle and shout out my youtube channle,I would like to pet a bear a wolf and an eagle I would like to see mr beast in person and eat a lot a lot a lot of good food and then go do stuff that I wasn’t strong enough to do before like go clif jumping swim or swim with the sharks

  • Kyara Thursday
    Kyara Thursday 14 minutes ago

    These videos connecting people together make me so happy :3

  • Shawn F
    Shawn F 15 minutes ago

    With a map this large of course a state/city in the middle would be'd have to purposefully throw the dart at a weird angle to choose something else. This would have been much better if the map in question would have been more similar to the size of a dartboard. However, this concept is still pretty cool.

  • Noxilla the God
    Noxilla the God 15 minutes ago

    The first guest was from davids vlogs O_O

  • TheMinecraftSkillz
    TheMinecraftSkillz 15 minutes ago

    This country is gonna get way more visitors now

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu 10 minutes ago

      THE ENTIRE Yes Theory Crew should go spend 9 days in Tuvalu in 2020.

  • cecelinemo
    cecelinemo 16 minutes ago

    I can not anymore a saw a friend of mine in the video😂

  • Vivien Barsi
    Vivien Barsi 17 minutes ago

    HERO FIENNES TIFFIN OH MY GOD I'm just shook....

  • Phantominious BeastzGamez

    Is it just me or when the people had to guess what tuvulu was they said something and it actually sounded like one like a girl said band and the rest were like movie or disease lmao tuvulu disease.

  • Dariuzsd1
    Dariuzsd1 19 minutes ago

    The only thing that discomforted me was that got in the middle of the screen for most of the episode. It feels like the mouse in the middle of the screen when in class and the teacher doesn’t;t move it.

  • Nissi Icasiano
    Nissi Icasiano 19 minutes ago

    Damn? He friendzoned himself? Dude... P.S. she resembles Gal Gadot 😛

  • Alexander Malutin
    Alexander Malutin 19 minutes ago

    u still alive bro?

  • TheMinecraftSkillz
    TheMinecraftSkillz 19 minutes ago


  • Ano Nyymi
    Ano Nyymi 20 minutes ago

    l have visited tuvalu many times beacuse my mom is from there lol

  • kawaiiiturtlee
    kawaiiiturtlee 20 minutes ago

    Lmaoo why does everyone here in the comments know the people in the video😂😂

  • Carissie1221
    Carissie1221 21 minute ago

    This is a normal thing in Wisconsin. It’s called the Polar Plunge. I think it’s for a fundraiser.

  • Steven Attila
    Steven Attila 22 minutes ago

    Thank you for this video! It made me smile. It is good to see such nice people even on a tiny island.

  • Juan Pablo Carrasquilla Gomez

    just four words, this video is awesome

  • Nicholas Bran Tovar
    Nicholas Bran Tovar 23 minutes ago

    Im still anoyed that people still think of Colombia as a very dangerous place when actually we have moven past that. Its a very beutiful place which I recommend to go. PS That giant rock they climbed is called "El Peñon"

  • YungOZ 760
    YungOZ 760 24 minutes ago

    This video is so fucking cool

  • Neiral
    Neiral 25 minutes ago

    this country seems so filled with poisitivity

  • Samir Ali
    Samir Ali 26 minutes ago

    when you studied Tuvalu as a case study for Geography-

  • Mas Rifqi
    Mas Rifqi 27 minutes ago

    i’m very happy to know that luke and travis got chosen

  • Manasi Pardeshi
    Manasi Pardeshi 28 minutes ago

    BC was on late late live tinder with James Corden!!!

  • Manish Gurung
    Manish Gurung 28 minutes ago

    Guys spend 24 hours in the hood 😮😮😮

  • NiftyTheLynx
    NiftyTheLynx 29 minutes ago

    This is like the ultimate networking gig

  • Ed Salna
    Ed Salna 30 minutes ago

    This guy single handedly brings in thousands of tourists to the country because of the video Tuvaluans: Shocked pikachu face

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 30 minutes ago

    Bro! Just subscribed love your channel! Hopefully some magical adventure could happen for me soon and I truely appreciate you opening peoples eyes. I’m from South East la n we aren’t open to a lot of situations and a lot of us are used to our comfort zone of not leaving out of town so it’s inspiring

  • Frank Michlick
    Frank Michlick 30 minutes ago

    I have heard and read about Tuvalu, but mostly because the .TV domain name has quite a history and is their domain.

  • Korn Fed Boys
    Korn Fed Boys 31 minute ago


  • G.O.B
    G.O.B 31 minute ago

    Am anfang Werbung über den ICE Man und dann Video über ice man

  • Korn Fed Boys
    Korn Fed Boys 31 minute ago


  • Moa K
    Moa K 32 minutes ago

    Tänkte la de, du är fan svensk!❤️

  • xander cage
    xander cage 32 minutes ago

    From 2019: so glad you didnt let adversity get the best of yall. Look at what yes theory has accomplished since! Keep it up guys love yall!

  • Abigail Zawadi
    Abigail Zawadi 32 minutes ago

    I'm from Kenya and I love you guys so much but showing those signs are wrong Believe in God

  • Husain Saria
    Husain Saria 32 minutes ago

    Hi.. have you ever tried new country to visit, I want you to travel & explore this country's 1) Eritrea 2) Djibouti 3) Rwanda 4) Burundi 5) Kenya 6) Tanzania & 7) Uganda I hope you will reply me soon.. God bless you Regards Husain Saria

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 33 minutes ago

    This island reminds me far cry 3 map

  • ken4yaya
    ken4yaya 34 minutes ago

    THE ENTIRE Yes Theory Crew should go spend 9 days in Tuvalu in 2020.

  • Arshbir  Janagal
    Arshbir Janagal 34 minutes ago

    This dude will single handedly change this country's tourism.

  • M Kismerienn
    M Kismerienn 35 minutes ago

    This video is not only fun but also beautiful and meaningful! Honestly, thanks for sharing :O)

  • Victoria Bayley
    Victoria Bayley 35 minutes ago

    This was posted on my birthday!

  • Alfie Staines
    Alfie Staines 35 minutes ago

    This is incredible. Favourite YT channel ever..

  • Brianna Aquino
    Brianna Aquino 36 minutes ago

    Donate to MrBeast 1💵 =1🌴

  • Drew Vogrin
    Drew Vogrin 37 minutes ago

    Camp At Morgan Freemans House & Have Him Read You All A Bedtime Story.

  • Prasenjit Biswas
    Prasenjit Biswas 39 minutes ago

    You are a begger

  • the dragon knight
    the dragon knight 40 minutes ago

    4:24 how the fuck do you get tooth paste on your nose???

  • Mas Rifqi
    Mas Rifqi 41 minute ago

    there must be a meaning of giving necklace for saying farewell. i hope we got to know it..

  • belen tain
    belen tain 42 minutes ago

    When Wim Hof says: there is cold out here Me: I think i should not go out

  • lewandlo
    lewandlo 42 minutes ago

    Nice camo guys??? You sneak into a place with no camo on?? SO FAIL

  • Brian Van Grunsven
    Brian Van Grunsven 42 minutes ago

    It's stuff like this that gives my faith in humanity.

    CONNOR MOON 43 minutes ago

    and if u wanna go to kato make sure it's the one in minnesota

    CONNOR MOON 44 minutes ago

    like fr have you never been to a small town? Ones even smaller than this are all over every state.

  • Ivatarek
    Ivatarek 44 minutes ago

    Communism actually working?

  • Jess and Camz
    Jess and Camz 48 minutes ago

    Love it but being a women does not symbolise being weak in anyway but oh well

  • ManlyTorch
    ManlyTorch 48 minutes ago

    comment #1 please lower the price of the shipping I live in California it shouldn't be 7 bucks

  • Akhil Sheelam
    Akhil Sheelam 50 minutes ago

    1 whole week in India and I'll take care of the rest believe me

  • burning veins
    burning veins 50 minutes ago

    funniest part about this: i did a school presentation which included Tuvalu last week

  • Julio Tzoc
    Julio Tzoc 51 minute ago

    Hippie grandma giving Matt a blowy

    CONNOR MOON 51 minute ago

    fuckin city slickers

  • sa as
    sa as 51 minute ago

    I think this type of videos are intended to create a lot of buzz , but in reality , and if you really can fly without paying a dime, what are the chances of 7 persons flying in the same aeroplane 3 times for free by just asking to be a "stand by person"??!!

  • Akhil Sheelam
    Akhil Sheelam 51 minute ago

    1 week in India believe me I'll take care of the rest

    SRSOBE 52 minutes ago

    Fake news. That" ex drug dealer" born in new york. Got hired by those guys to talk massive shit on their video

  • NikJikPik Animations
    NikJikPik Animations 53 minutes ago

    2019: Ice Man 2020: Fire Man

  • Chris Vejerano
    Chris Vejerano 55 minutes ago

    So awesome! Great Idea!

  • LGoIF13
    LGoIF13 55 minutes ago

    why does honey sponser so many people

  • Elizabeth Witsken
    Elizabeth Witsken 55 minutes ago

    All the Kansans in the Comments like myself: *TRIGGERED*

  • Lara Samad
    Lara Samad 56 minutes ago

    i love thomas but when you fast you should not curse like he did😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yaudy Carcamo
    Yaudy Carcamo 57 minutes ago

    5:33 “You just got randomly selected? Welcome to my life.” LMFAOOOO

  • Marlboro Hunnids
    Marlboro Hunnids 57 minutes ago

    now that they have 1m ig followers this would be alot more successful

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 59 minutes ago

    I want to see the helicopter or drone that is up in the air filming all of this.

  • Salty96
    Salty96 Hour ago

    This. Is. Amazing.

  • Mace's Media
    Mace's Media Hour ago

    It’s crazy people from Cali don’t realize that the south is the best place to live!!!

  • Denitsa Ilieva
    Denitsa Ilieva Hour ago

    What's the name of the song at 10:23

  • Awesome Dragonz
    Awesome Dragonz Hour ago

    14:30 -My entire life

  • JM TM
    JM TM Hour ago

    That was an incredible journey! Thank you!

  • Merv Almuqahwi
    Merv Almuqahwi Hour ago

    When I saw the koshari my heart skipped a beat

  • Made To Make
    Made To Make Hour ago

    4:22 great transition

  • Catherine York
    Catherine York Hour ago

    This is how many people want to visit Tuvalu Don't worry, you don't have to like my comment. Just agree.

  • keen99
    keen99 Hour ago

    Wow imagine going to the least visited country in the world and still gets recognized. Meanwhile, people don't know who i am on the floor that I've been working for 3 years lol sad...

  • Social Flipper
    Social Flipper Hour ago

    15:16 GOLDEN NUT!

  • Reshma P M
    Reshma P M Hour ago

    Why why I don't know why anyone would do this?

  • Anupam Raj
    Anupam Raj Hour ago

    We r gonna go to the moon

  • Willow Mistrider

    The people are so adorable

  • Michael Boland
    Michael Boland Hour ago

    Singapore was a very bad place to try this is because they’re notoriously insanely strict

  • Easy mE
    Easy mE Hour ago

    Amazing , surounded by water and still have Asphalt road, island looks amazing and people all friendly , i would defianately go there

  • Madis Konsa
    Madis Konsa Hour ago

    Damn and i thaut that Estonia was not visited much

  • Harry S. Truman
    Harry S. Truman Hour ago

    Didn't this channel have 100k subs like a month ago

  • ShejkenJunior
    ShejkenJunior Hour ago

    Holy shit this was a good video

  • Cobski Gaming
    Cobski Gaming Hour ago

    Imagine this country being less visited than north Korea

  • AstroMagic
    AstroMagic Hour ago

    fuck kansas

  • Kaasplankje5678
    Kaasplankje5678 Hour ago

    "You want that pizza bro?" I'm SHOOK

  • Gabriel Marques
    Gabriel Marques Hour ago

    Soccer, beautiful beach and just good people... That's like Brazil without bad politician hahahah