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  • Israr Shah
    Israr Shah 5 hours ago


  • Singthai Srisoi
    Singthai Srisoi 7 hours ago

    Hey, check out my new beat

  • anisbfd 7
    anisbfd 7 9 hours ago


  • George Stephenson
    George Stephenson 9 hours ago

    This was a flex on the scene he easily spent more than 100k on this

  • Ahad Malik
    Ahad Malik 10 hours ago

    Nines says I got to much pride and says I won’t let any violation slide so when he got stabbed in the face none of his boys rides back and he probably still chills with them

    • Don Killa
      Don Killa 5 hours ago

      Ahad Malik this is how I know you live in slough

  • dzinooo 99
    dzinooo 99 11 hours ago

    Didnt this guy get stabbed about i dont lwt violations slide.🤣🤣

  • Mos
    Mos 13 hours ago

    saw this in a ad i loveeee

    • roouit patan
      roouit patan 8 hours ago

      I can’t lie this is a different level of flex

  • Taz
    Taz 14 hours ago

    This is COLDDDD🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Pankaj Joshi
    Pankaj Joshi 17 hours ago

    wow i like the video @t

  • Who Got Heat TV
    Who Got Heat TV 18 hours ago

  • roouit patan
    roouit patan 19 hours ago

    Brudda really was gone till November ☔️

  • Josh.c101
    Josh.c101 22 hours ago

    Ynw melly getting stabbed on my profile ‼️😭 giveaway at 100 subs ‼️🙏🏻

  • R10 VP
    R10 VP Day ago

    Man said "now i come through racing in a Lambo" but was in a Rari

  • 1
    1 Day ago


  • Steven Kiyingi

    That's what happens when u think ur bad guy yet ur skinny fam

  • Likkle LZ
    Likkle LZ Day ago

    North West and dat, nah but I'm from Dollis Hill, Willesdenish

  • Fardil Hussain

    Yes niggas❤

  • OMJ
    OMJ Day ago

    if you like song click link

  • Ice Spike
    Ice Spike Day ago

    Nines loves LVs 😂

  • GELATO no sour diesel M

    Don’t wear those boot cuts man they swallow your kicks

  • Azmatic45
    Azmatic45 Day ago

    i cant stop listening WTF

  • Browns Allround Bullys

    I'm guessing he got the fuckers that clapped he's chain before!? As that would be some BiG VioLaTioN too let SLiDE💯

  • Burner Beatz
    Burner Beatz 2 days ago

    Raaaaaaah Nines got fuked up badd, look at those scars @1:51 , But what a recovery Legend 🔥

  • njb337 243
    njb337 243 2 days ago

    Every time in listen to it the song get better it’s mad!!

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui 2 days ago

    I can’t lie this is a different level of flex

  • SimplicityTunes
    SimplicityTunes 2 days ago

    Hi, I’m just a random music account trying to slowly grow. I’d appreciate if you could check it out and maybe subscribe! :) - SimplicityTunes.

  • Oliver Buxton
    Oliver Buxton 2 days ago

    What’s the tune right at the start

    ILIKEFYRE!!!! 2 days ago

    this shit is why I hate music and have given up on nearly all of it!

  • Punja
    Punja 2 days ago

    My dumbass thought the song got taken down cuz of the new thumbnail

  • Reaper MORTALZ
    Reaper MORTALZ 2 days ago

    When you finally remember that password you forgot

  • Haza Rixa
    Haza Rixa 2 days ago

    THIS video is UNMATCHED to any other on sooooo many levels

  • Eman Khan
    Eman Khan 2 days ago

    Pure flexing throughout the whole song, That nigga nina can never fall off

  • Saud Yusuf
    Saud Yusuf 2 days ago

    Nines is our No1 Rapper

  • robert bailey
    robert bailey 2 days ago


  • shawn ray
    shawn ray 2 days ago

    Ain't taking tekaski got what in da whip, the nine back to busting

  • Henry Hemmings
    Henry Hemmings 2 days ago

    This would be more believable if the postman was wearing shorts

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty 2 days ago

    Lool Nines be lookin like a GTA online character and really living the lifestyle

  • Buom Kunen
    Buom Kunen 2 days ago

    We all know uncles like that😂

  • ImTriks ™
    ImTriks ™ 3 days ago

    Nines fresh out of the can

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf 3 days ago

    5 Mill views by end of the year

  • A1 Tv
    A1 Tv 3 days ago

    People need to understand this is not a track it’s an statement

    • Cari One
      Cari One 5 hours ago

      You niggas dumb . Smh .

    • y tkz
      y tkz 13 hours ago

      @A1 Tv trusss

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty 2 days ago

      Is he all about gay pride 🏳️‍🌈?

  • Masab
    Masab 3 days ago

    this is a next level of flex

  • Masab
    Masab 3 days ago

    1:05 when you beg ur mum to go out and she says no

  • HGsoul4ever
    HGsoul4ever 3 days ago


  • Blasticoone F47
    Blasticoone F47 3 days ago


  • Lloyd Mizen
    Lloyd Mizen 3 days ago


    • Lloyd Mizen
      Lloyd Mizen 3 days ago

      Possibly a feature could you imagine

  • Posh Thug
    Posh Thug 3 days ago

    Don’t know why but I’m happy he got to 2mill in a week 🙋🏿‍♂️👍🏾🌹❤️

  • Siddesh Thumati
    Siddesh Thumati 3 days ago

    Mans so chill

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure 3 days ago

    Brudda really was gone till November ☔️

  • Fused
    Fused 3 days ago

    There is not a song more average that this

  • Tom Cartridge
    Tom Cartridge 3 days ago

    Should be AJ ring walk

  • GTA6 Billionaire
    GTA6 Billionaire 3 days ago

    Nines again. nines is the under boss to blade. K trap the under boss to nines

  • I
    I 3 days ago

    This songs gets better everytime I listen to it

  • MrMaroc 1hunnid
    MrMaroc 1hunnid 3 days ago

    Sounds like ksi- on point

  • bagovpricks
    bagovpricks 3 days ago

    Is he all about gay pride 🏳️‍🌈?

  • zayd
    zayd 3 days ago

    Whoever edited this video needs an oscar or sumthn

  • Nathic nature
    Nathic nature 3 days ago

    Your jobless 😂when dude is working for Royal Mail

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy 4 days ago

    I can’t lie this is a different level of flex

  • TheLonleyFly
    TheLonleyFly 4 days ago

    Nines sounds like what 21 Savage would have sounded like if he stayed in UK

    • Claire Allen
      Claire Allen 17 hours ago

      TheLonleyFly bgt Zz🥶🚟🚞🚃🚃🚃🚃

  • jon doe
    jon doe 4 days ago

    Follow the drip follow the drip 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • FearBlanco
    FearBlanco 4 days ago

    nines is the only guy who could go ghost for a year and get bare views

  • ThatFlyPigeon
    ThatFlyPigeon 4 days ago

    2 milli already 🎾

  • Bxcsss
    Bxcsss 4 days ago

    No one talking bout when crop circle 2 coming out?

  • LICH Lewis. LICHy
    LICH Lewis. LICHy 4 days ago

    G bk on that’s wave 💯😎

    GMRZ QAIS 4 days ago

    "stepped in shit left my louis v kicks on the floor" and "baby thats ur man but that nigga's my worker"[1000%] favourite bit hahahaha

  • Marny J
    Marny J 4 days ago

    I KNEW IT BRO...NINES, YOU WOULD HONESTLY BE A LEGEND IF YOU DIED TODAY....Now you back with the drip likee💯💣

  • mr J
    mr J 4 days ago

    beat is repetative

  • mr J
    mr J 4 days ago

    average for nines, beat is shit

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue 4 days ago

    This is how many hours nines was gone for 👇🏾

  • Brian Fernandes
    Brian Fernandes 4 days ago

    Rahh man dont know to play tennis

  • Boxing Knowledge uk

    I’m actually buzzing right now 👊🏽🙏🏾🥊💪🏽 my guy nines is back with a bang pure legend

  • Adil Shahid
    Adil Shahid 4 days ago

    Yes nine waki and juglar

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue 4 days ago

      This is how many hours nines was gone for 👇🏾

  • De brizzy
    De brizzy 4 days ago

    got to bop ya head to this

  • eath nowen
    eath nowen 4 days ago

    Your dream videos and your rentals are nice music sounds like you smoked to much of your weed mong

  • Ashley Harfield
    Ashley Harfield 4 days ago

    Would love to hear Benny banks on the remix

  • BLAY
    BLAY 4 days ago

    You will be rich & have any car/house u want *like to activate*

  • Nadia King
    Nadia King 5 days ago

    Fresssssh beat fresssssh flow. Say no more. Pukka

  • Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd

    What is this shit? Sounds like dystopia

  • Zazzy99Gang
    Zazzy99Gang 5 days ago

    this is shitttttt am sorry i tried to like it😁

  • Zain Prince
    Zain Prince 5 days ago

    Nines is a boss kids post a snap of them in his car so he went and put 10 of them in his new vid some rwal shit

  • Abir hussen
    Abir hussen 5 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥 back 👌🏾

  • Boondocks
    Boondocks 5 days ago

    Niggas saying nines don’t make p are lost cuz on google it says he makes $1m-$5m and that ain’t including he’s trap money he’s defo a millionaire

  • Masoom Shafi
    Masoom Shafi 5 days ago

    Easily spent 15bags on cars there

  • K Nessa
    K Nessa 5 days ago

    Nines always coming with a bangers 💯❄️❄️🔌🔋

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir 5 days ago

    This is how many hours nines was gone for 👇🏾

    • M J
      M J 3 days ago

      Lol beg

  • JT BALLER 101
    JT BALLER 101 5 days ago

    Lol the city boys love their tennis

  • G Baby
    G Baby 5 days ago

    Follow the 💧!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bakernator
    Bakernator 5 days ago

    Workers moving mad again

  • designn choice
    designn choice 5 days ago

    Something real happend to nino this track is banger but have different energy than previous tracks

  • designn choice
    designn choice 5 days ago

    Nino knows how to stuck a song in mind

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 5 days ago

    Shakur is from new York then moved to cali

  • JackOfAllSales
    JackOfAllSales 5 days ago

    My most played Spotify artist 🌊

  • Nas Kabeer
    Nas Kabeer 5 days ago

    Nines always hot steppin in his videos with no where to actually be

  • R Day
    R Day 5 days ago

    This fire an I'm not into grime but this hella lit !!!!!

  • Jord Asl
    Jord Asl 5 days ago

    Shout out Bugzy 😂

  • Mister BanQa
    Mister BanQa 5 days ago

    Find yourself someone that looks at you like this 2:01


    Up up real street!!!

  • Abdi Jama
    Abdi Jama 5 days ago

    What’s the song at 7:54

  • mavicjoe
    mavicjoe 5 days ago

  • vTHE_HiTMANv !
    vTHE_HiTMANv ! 5 days ago

    That's how u deal with the haters jump straight back on your A game and hit the trap twice as hard! Nines is a legend man 💪