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J. Tek - Denim Genes
Views 346Month ago
Dot Demo - Fettuccine
Views 1.5K2 months ago
Sh3llz - I Gotta Know
Views 2.1KMonth ago
Camnintey - Cold World
Views 1.8K13 days ago
SAY - Wicked Eyez
Views 3.6KMonth ago
J. Tek - Olympic Laps
Views 2.6KMonth ago
Dot Demo - 3:33
Views 4.3K2 months ago
DrexCarter - OS47S
Views 2.6KMonth ago
J. Tek - Temperature
Views 3.4KMonth ago
Michael Da Vinci - Exhale
Views 2.7K2 months ago
Ajani Jones - Come Alive
Views 3.1K2 months ago
medna - MR. NEGATIVE
Views 2KMonth ago
Sh3llz - Overtime
Views 7K2 months ago
Ajani Jones - Quicksilver
Views 1.8K2 months ago
Boooka - Until The End
Views 4.5K2 months ago
Option - Modus Operandi
Views 3.7K2 months ago
Ya$i Kash - Noisy Freestyle
Views 2.1K2 months ago
HeyeYella - God In Ruins
Views 4.2K2 months ago
Dot Demo - I Need You Around
Views 3.4K2 months ago
ILLU$TRIOUS - Piece Of Mind
Views 4.8K4 months ago
Thobani - Simple Thingz II
Views 2.2K3 months ago
29192 - Trippy
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HeyeYella - 20 20
Views 3.1K2 months ago
29192 - Alchemy
Views 3.7K3 months ago
HeyeYella - Top Floor
Views 2.4K3 months ago
Ajani Jones - Dutchmasters
Views 2.9K3 months ago
Dot Demo - Slight Of Hand
Views 4K3 months ago
LayFullStop - Cherries
Views 2.1K3 months ago
MikeyyRokks - Drowning
Views 3.1K4 months ago
Samsonyte - Hear Me Out
Views 4.7K3 months ago
HeyeYella - Worldwide
Views 3.2K3 months ago
Devy Stonez - Switchblade
Views 4.7K3 months ago
Lonny X - Hold It Down
Views 3.1K3 months ago
MikeyyRokks - Aye Dizzy
Views 3K4 months ago
Osvany Proenza - Proelium
Views 2.1K3 months ago
Mikeythefist - Bradley Cooper
Views 3.1K3 months ago
ILLU$TRIOUS - Crack Lips
Views 3.8K4 months ago
Vision - Skrr
Views 2.8K4 months ago
MikeyyRokks - On My Own
Views 3.8K4 months ago
Curci - Pressure
Views 3K4 months ago
Ya$i Kash - No Trespassing
Views 4.8K4 months ago
Views 1.5K4 months ago
ILLU$TRIOUS - Everything
Views 4.8K4 months ago
Stevo Burns - Ova Ya Shoulder
Views 2.7K4 months ago


  • Indican Blazin
    Indican Blazin 3 hours ago

    TheXvid Algorithm did me well for once. Fire song, subbed!!

    HFIWH 3 hours ago

    the beginning of the song gotta be the best

  • İbrahim -SO
    İbrahim -SO 4 hours ago

    Türkiye'den sevgiler.

  • Robin Orio
    Robin Orio 8 hours ago

    Siiiiik man ! I love it (fr)

  • Matheus Pinto
    Matheus Pinto 8 hours ago

    soo good

  • Inma/Nevermind
    Inma/Nevermind 11 hours ago


  • First in Flight
    First in Flight 12 hours ago

    Refreshing. 🌊

  • hoesfucker
    hoesfucker 12 hours ago

    Get out the crip ❤

  • Abaddon The kitten killer

    Always I lotus position.. Lean forward newer back.... Not a lotus nature to resist flow... Leaning back is break in my existence .. Forward is riding the currents.. I am programmed by my older self can't bypass program of source...

  • Lucian Bardan
    Lucian Bardan 13 hours ago

    Thirst you're best

  • Abaddon The kitten killer

    Water dew drops on spiderwebs.... Sparkling twinkling in the morning sun.. Stars...

  • איינאו זריהון


  • İbrahim -SO
    İbrahim -SO 17 hours ago


  • Josh Schulz
    Josh Schulz 21 hour ago

    Can't stop coming back to this track. Nothing sounds like it.

  • Tre Miller
    Tre Miller Day ago

    This is so good

  • Clay G.
    Clay G. Day ago

    charley crockett in here

  • Shad 23
    Shad 23 Day ago

    The Game - Letter to the king 🎶

  • Jalz
    Jalz Day ago

    Fuckin high while listenin to this 2019 wus gucci

  • Lem Crow
    Lem Crow Day ago

    Very good beat, likee

  • Marcos Galindo

    stole the exact drums from yonkers iykyk

  • Lalo -
    Lalo - Day ago

    Everything but the dodgers jacket... Go Nats!

  • Shehkig Channel

    send me the link to the beat ?

  • Gabe boy
    Gabe boy Day ago

    Oh my fucking god thats good

  • Deeper Forest
    Deeper Forest Day ago

    You gotta crush some weed dats all im sain'

  • Cindy Mell
    Cindy Mell 2 days ago


  • Phu Le
    Phu Le 2 days ago

    glad I'm subscribed, you got a good taste in music

  • Lem Crow
    Lem Crow 2 days ago

    Nice 🔥

  • Ramūnas Virbičianskas

    Daamn this song gave me soo good chills. Long time ago felt that chilled

  • Dwayne Smith
    Dwayne Smith 2 days ago

    Need more joints from mikey

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb 2 days ago

    Research flat earth

  • Dylan's Profile
    Dylan's Profile 2 days ago

    This is the one. Go Dylan

  • Cindy Mell
    Cindy Mell 2 days ago

    All the amazing people Froat thanks

  • Cindy Mell
    Cindy Mell 2 days ago

    Sweet vibe

  • Walter Clark
    Walter Clark 2 days ago

    No more regular rapping. Hard times made dudes snap like a plastic knife. My rhymes live throughout the centuries. Hold your head up and overcome obstacles head on. I'm a man of many hats trades in this game of life I played the cards God dealt and held ace's. Ppl pretending to be your friend will never ever be real. I'm a like famous painter how paint pictures with words. I'm so complex but i'm trying to be more than just a lyricist with incredible vocabulary.

    MISSING U 2 days ago


  • Hold'em High
    Hold'em High 2 days ago


  • lord X
    lord X 2 days ago

    Doctors: u only have 2:41 left to live Me:

  • Fre4kz
    Fre4kz 3 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what music genre this is? Is it just LoFi-hiphop?

  • Cortez De Killer
    Cortez De Killer 3 days ago

    Good shit

  • Fido Dido
    Fido Dido 3 days ago

    nice 💪👍😎

  • beenine
    beenine 3 days ago


  • JJ The Enlighten One

    🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  • Bryce Mithcell
    Bryce Mithcell 3 days ago

    What the hell!!! This shit sound straight out the gates of heaven

  • Simfc
    Simfc 3 days ago

    This is dope!

  • TRockMan
    TRockMan 3 days ago

    He’s 6ft away from life

  • Boogie Nape
    Boogie Nape 3 days ago

    Got this on repeat!

  • Aaron Paris
    Aaron Paris 3 days ago

    This is all for the stoners

  • Anat Nafurtat
    Anat Nafurtat 3 days ago


  • Bin Juice Records
    Bin Juice Records 3 days ago

    This shit hard

  • Nicolas Bra
    Nicolas Bra 3 days ago

    Real shit 🔥

  • rj Napier
    rj Napier 3 days ago

    Straight fire!

  • syvl
    syvl 3 days ago

    This has such a sick vibe!🔥

  • ftw_ime
    ftw_ime 3 days ago

    Bruh i was in my kitchen and heard this and just had to replay, i was "OH SH*T WHAT IS THIS?". Copped on the spot.

  • Daniel Egger
    Daniel Egger 3 days ago


  • Kendrick Hall
    Kendrick Hall 3 days ago

    If I had a pear of wings you would never see a nigga. I be flyin round chilling with the broken toys that missed Christmas.

  • logic gurung
    logic gurung 3 days ago

    Here before logic drop his motivation song from no pressure album.

  • Jh2000 Underground
    Jh2000 Underground 3 days ago

    i dont understand the lyric cause i braziliam, but the beat is fuckin dope

  • Cristian Hinojosa
    Cristian Hinojosa 3 days ago

    Fire realist shit I've herd in a minute most these rappers rap about that fake shit real life shit is crucial keep riding them waves my people stay up never fall

  • El 47
    El 47 3 days ago

    What Is Hip Hop to you

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 3 days ago

    His music is just chill as fuck. I fuck wit the vibe

  • prietomoses30
    prietomoses30 3 days ago

    This was my go to since jr in hs. Theres nothing much to fall back to like this tunes..

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 4 days ago

    This guy n Leroyce need to make an album together n that’s facts ✊🏽💯

  • anewkindofmedia
    anewkindofmedia 4 days ago

    That hairline tho

  • Bistha
    Bistha 4 days ago

    This reminds me of my G Nate.

  • Ricky James
    Ricky James 4 days ago

    Quit all yal bullshit an give it up. They real hip hop kool it. Lil bit outkast ,j dilla there too, def some slum an some nappy roots but they them

  • Hip Hop Fanatic
    Hip Hop Fanatic 4 days ago

    Every morning when I wake up, uh, money on my mind Good times and get caked up, uh, sunshine coming through my blinds I’m living but, really though, it’s never enough 10 milli on, that's a must,

  • Eights
    Eights 4 days ago

    i know this can be said for any weed song but why wasnt curren$y on this

  • gazou ALPHABET
    gazou ALPHABET 4 days ago

    wakin bakin to that got me thinkin that you sound like Nate Dogg

  • CannibalSoul
    CannibalSoul 4 days ago


  • Sh3llz
    Sh3llz 4 days ago

    Thanks for the support everybody sub to my channel for more music, shout out to FROAT thanks for the upload bro Stream this song on Spotify and Apple Music:

  • Ryan Alvarez
    Ryan Alvarez 4 days ago

    Always at therapy with this music

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward 4 days ago

    This should do bang. anybody know some good band camp artist thats similar to him?

  • Phillip Wichman
    Phillip Wichman 4 days ago

    Fire much love from New Zealand 💯💯👌👌🤙🤙

  • Phillip Wichman
    Phillip Wichman 4 days ago


  • Italo Aguilar
    Italo Aguilar 4 days ago

    when I listen this song I feel happy because the real rap still alive

  • Wallace Rosa
    Wallace Rosa 4 days ago

    This nigga

  • Wowthatscool1324
    Wowthatscool1324 5 days ago

    Sixth comment 🙏 been here since the jump Illu$trious 💯

  • Daniel Shake
    Daniel Shake 5 days ago

    I love this channel! Showed me a lot of dope stuff!

  • Cindy Mell
    Cindy Mell 5 days ago

    I Know pray seek and love your peeps nice jam

  • Ese Luh
    Ese Luh 5 days ago

    My brothers keeper is a dope album . A bit different than the delirium and the Obe but still dope

  • King Khang
    King Khang 5 days ago

    How did I just discover this gem? It's like expecting a 20 dollar bill and finding a diamond ^_^

  • Tateur69 Tateur
    Tateur69 Tateur 5 days ago


  • Robin Orio
    Robin Orio 5 days ago

    I really like man !!! Keep this good vibe (fr)

  • Nico Almagro
    Nico Almagro 5 days ago

    Love from Spain and London.

    SOLLY IS A LEGEND! 5 days ago


  • tai doscuatro
    tai doscuatro 5 days ago

    I like and follow all this rappers you put on your page, keep going bro! this is one of my songs. I hope you like it! Just an Argentinian rapper!

  • love muffin
    love muffin 5 days ago

    First like shits litty

  • South Wayne
    South Wayne 5 days ago


  • Liam Ashton
    Liam Ashton 5 days ago

    This should blow 🐐🤩

  • Melissa Ybarra
    Melissa Ybarra 5 days ago

    Damn! Sad & ashamed to say I am barely discovering not just this song but this artist or group!?. BUT excited to listen on and let EVERYONE know what the fuck real music sounds like! Keep it up

  • Kenzo Topgay
    Kenzo Topgay 5 days ago

    Glad to hear something fresh compared to all the mumble rap crap these days.

  • Reefoldfiveteen Channel


  • KushAnd0J1
    KushAnd0J1 5 days ago

    they recommending this song to ya cause i play this shit on the daily and i know wasss good, you welcome lol

  • Zandrea Woods
    Zandrea Woods 5 days ago

    Finding songs from Cole I ain't heard is like literally walking along the beach and finding gems in the sand.

  • Christian Walls
    Christian Walls 6 days ago

    Im just tryna be I'ma genius, ya damn right

  • Online HartzerKing
    Online HartzerKing 6 days ago


  • Sean Warren
    Sean Warren 6 days ago

    Where did this dude come from lmfao out of nowhere

  • S2DIOfficial
    S2DIOfficial 6 days ago

    How do you go from "Mind Level" to this goofy shit?

  • Black Man
    Black Man 6 days ago


  • sy-fy SEF
    sy-fy SEF 6 days ago

    Back on another, FROAT GANG BISH 👌👽🖤