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  • Marco Lopez Jr
    Marco Lopez Jr 4 hours ago

    She just threw up east side

  • cokeera87 DopeSauce
    cokeera87 DopeSauce 5 hours ago

    Old ass bitches stripping 😒

  • honey
    honey 5 hours ago

    love your energy Nicki!

  • Legendary Pokemon
    Legendary Pokemon 6 hours ago

    London's young ghost

  • Fadil M
    Fadil M 7 hours ago

    Nakedness 😂 nudity?

  • Andrew Webster
    Andrew Webster 7 hours ago

    Literally what the actual fuck??! The future of this country 😂😂😂😂.

  • Leroy Patrick
    Leroy Patrick 8 hours ago

    Top Boy crossing with the Crown!? That would be madddd uno! imagine, Jaq shotting white to some snobby Duke of Kettering or sutn 🤣🤣🤣

  • しピヹWinter Heart

    First lol

  • Laian 1323
    Laian 1323 9 hours ago

    Evie and spider man 🥺 Sofia and tom ♥️

  • Sophie May
    Sophie May 9 hours ago

    So kissing ur ex bf who u still have chemistry with us now been a slag when she was never with bobby fuck off mate

  • Adia M
    Adia M 9 hours ago

    Literally as soon as I feel A TWINGE of a cramp I pop like three ibuprofen and hope for the best

  • O'lynn M
    O'lynn M 10 hours ago

    Damn she is really good on stage

  • Amaya Roy
    Amaya Roy 10 hours ago

    I’m here for J lol and Lizzo and Lili Reinhart

  • Marc Saldivar
    Marc Saldivar 11 hours ago

    Lizzo can u please push Juice. This should be a number 1 single

  • Toni-Ann Mills
    Toni-Ann Mills 11 hours ago

    One of little mix's best collabs. I love how the girls section so innocent then nicki's verse come and the camera changed to see her grinding and all Nicki is a queen PERIODTTT

  • Chloé Elizabeth
    Chloé Elizabeth 11 hours ago


  • Robin Beekley
    Robin Beekley 11 hours ago

    Idk why but when I have my period I never have cramps or anything no pains at I just crave donuts or like steak or something but no nausea or anything....

  • nora 노라
    nora 노라 11 hours ago

    0:49 I cried when Luke said “when you sent uS oN tHe bOaTs.”

  • Fabiola Olvera Aldana
    Fabiola Olvera Aldana 11 hours ago

    it´s really sad see her face.. is just ... I can't say it.

  • Rebecca Fogle
    Rebecca Fogle 12 hours ago

    “Shut your crooked lips up” I’M DEAD. 😂

  • Monet Victor
    Monet Victor 12 hours ago

    Ummmm yes

    XCI NINETYONEZ 12 hours ago

    These deekheads need a punch

  • Kuron Vernon
    Kuron Vernon 12 hours ago

    The dancer fell😂

  • Gabriel Nascimento
    Gabriel Nascimento 13 hours ago

    They invented cock and ball torture 😳

  • Draw With Leejan
    Draw With Leejan 13 hours ago

    I wanna smash Betty

  • Alex Armijos
    Alex Armijos 13 hours ago

    Nicki minaj la verdadera reina del rap😘😍👑👑👸👸👸👸👸👸

  • Kaylee Kitchell
    Kaylee Kitchell 13 hours ago

    Beavis the world is ours sorry I comment so late

  • Kaylee Kitchell
    Kaylee Kitchell 13 hours ago

    I love beavi s in butthead show

  • Kaylee Kitchell
    Kaylee Kitchell 13 hours ago

    Wow I love this show so much!!! Lol 😍

  • Margarita MilitaryPolice

    Es que la Voz de #Zabdiel 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘🔥🌹❤️ Diosssss

  • decarya andrews
    decarya andrews 14 hours ago

    Wtf she counting for? She's not your child and that man is weak putting his hands on a girl. 😆

  • luca
    luca 14 hours ago

    those girls are lucky they got to put their hands on nickis ass

  • Milk Man
    Milk Man 15 hours ago

    “WE’RE ON YOUR PROPERTY! Standing in V forma-tion.”

  • Karen Kelly
    Karen Kelly 15 hours ago

    That’s my girl

  • Caleb Mendez 7
    Caleb Mendez 7 15 hours ago

    The best version of Stitches

  • the Jason and pals show

    Wait comedy Central?😐

  • Amz Tmg
    Amz Tmg 15 hours ago

    top boy season 3 was wow

  • H E N R Y
    H E N R Y 15 hours ago

    can't stand the over censorship ! Love this song but MTV has totally butchered an amazing song for what?

  • Laura Nwogu
    Laura Nwogu 15 hours ago

    7:18 By Order Of The Peaky BLINDERSSS💯💯💯factss factss!! Tommy Shelby is a ggggg!!

  • SSO doggy 11
    SSO doggy 11 15 hours ago

    ahh yes im out of those girl were the cramps are so bad they throw up and im 12 and the grown ass men, this makes me laugh

  • Georgina Mrd
    Georgina Mrd 16 hours ago

    Solo vine aqui, para verificar porque Taylor Swift en -London boy- dice q ama los ingleses. Hahahaha Ahora le doy todaaaa la razon!! Hahaha

  • Matthew Carter
    Matthew Carter 16 hours ago

    Whats wrong wit the audience? They so stiff.

  • Kaitlyn 234
    Kaitlyn 234 16 hours ago

    Is this a bad movie for someone who is 17

  • Jared Collins
    Jared Collins 16 hours ago


  • James AraSmith
    James AraSmith 16 hours ago

    My preferred pronouns are your majesty, your highness, and my Lord. I associate with being a king and I DEMAND everyone submit to my delusions!!!!

  • black panda
    black panda 16 hours ago

    She's so beautiful 🙌🏿♥️

  • James AraSmith
    James AraSmith 16 hours ago


  • Ryana Francisco
    Ryana Francisco 16 hours ago

    I can't believe that cardi b , Jennifer Lopez and lizzo is in this movie ❤️❤️❤️

  • Leticia
    Leticia 17 hours ago

    Loved the movie! Just saw it last night

  • badcaseofhilary
    badcaseofhilary 17 hours ago

    I'm having period cramps right this second

  • Olivia Person
    Olivia Person 17 hours ago

    “and she never made me a scarf” I’m dying at that

  • Olivia Person
    Olivia Person 17 hours ago

    my best friends

  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy 17 hours ago

    I used to wonder why the British and Jamaicans use some of the same slang. Then I remembered my dad teaching me that prior to Jamaica’s independence, they naturally took some of the slang or words used by the British.

  • Faisal Yahya
    Faisal Yahya 17 hours ago


  • elydamnit
    elydamnit 17 hours ago

    No wonder Jess was so doubtful about his feelings towards her, I thought she was just being harsh but damn he’s just trash.

  • Mozart Herbert
    Mozart Herbert 18 hours ago

    Who's the guitar player? He's handsome :B

    TFAPCDU 18 hours ago

    To quote Jake here “ These identities are vast and unique to each person”. In other words - as this kind of practice evolves people will be defining their gender based on their own personality traits that may in some way reflect their sexuality - therefore there could end up being 1.5 billion different genders. That only includes those whom speak English. How selfish is it of someone to expect others to change their perception of you to suit yourself? You’re asking them to change the way they see the world, to suit the way you see it. How selfish is it that you feel you need to be labeled something so specific? If you’re offended, It’s not the fault of people addressing you, it’s your inability to judge the intent of what was said. Focus less on the words and more on how they are said. Concepts like these need to be quelled before they damage the very foundations of our language and societies.

  • Miles .M
    Miles .M 18 hours ago

    Little Simz is mad peng I can’t lie😍

  • slyfox 104
    slyfox 104 18 hours ago

    Stop making them do this twice a month

  • Shiven Pathuri
    Shiven Pathuri 18 hours ago

    Is it just me or does it always seem like Sebastian Stan is always riding on Anthony mackie

  • slyfox 104
    slyfox 104 18 hours ago

    Sneezing while in the classroom while on it

  • Nikaya Sitts
    Nikaya Sitts 18 hours ago

    Why the hell are you laghing

  • slyfox 104
    slyfox 104 18 hours ago

    Link question: would you be brave enough to try this? Me: I'm dealing with this every month

  • Agatha Silva
    Agatha Silva 18 hours ago


  • slyfox 104
    slyfox 104 18 hours ago

    Have them try it with like fake blood and have them sneeze

  • WatchNo Face
    WatchNo Face 18 hours ago

    Lol Man said that’s more Jamaican.... as if all the fucking video wasn’t based on Jamaican slang, 90% of Uk Slang is Jamaican and then next 10 is definitely West African Ghanaian/Nigerian 💯

  • Ariana Lilac
    Ariana Lilac 18 hours ago

    mikey has such ariana similar humour

    • hmm
      hmm 12 hours ago


  • Cypha Maniak
    Cypha Maniak 19 hours ago

    Constance of my life!

  • Gas mask Lad
    Gas mask Lad 19 hours ago

    So is cardi b being charged or what

  • Nameundefined Name
    Nameundefined Name 19 hours ago

    she is so flipping hot man

  • Fabbe 124
    Fabbe 124 20 hours ago

    Damnnnn, my man Jamie needs a haircut

    • C A
      C A 18 hours ago

      EGBERT.V9 oh yeah, didn’t think of that

    • EGBERT.V9
      EGBERT.V9 19 hours ago

      Fabbe 124 growing it out for his release

  • sadicoman BG
    sadicoman BG 20 hours ago

    Little pennywises = clown gremlins ( from Dark Deception )

  • sheed izi
    sheed izi 20 hours ago

    a private boeing plane with beds.. when i cant feet my legs in economic class

  • Kaiaya.
    Kaiaya. 20 hours ago

    my daddy put HIS HANDS AROUND MY NECK!!! Pfahahahaha. America desperately trying to protect the image of guns has me weak.

  • pebbles987
    pebbles987 20 hours ago

    films mtv cribs.....without a crib

    ZINNY VLOGS 20 hours ago

    These lot are just gonna keep growing I love ittt

  • mandaboo smith
    mandaboo smith 21 hour ago

    Her daughter should be taken away from her

  • Rosa Marulanda
    Rosa Marulanda 21 hour ago

    Por que mierda le quitaron las VISITASSSS!!!!? Esto es pasarse de malas personas. 😡😡

  • Boricua Mamy
    Boricua Mamy 21 hour ago

    Bri mouth is weird 😂

  • Julia Eger
    Julia Eger 21 hour ago

    She is just the most beautiful person in the world, Love her so much❤😍😪

  • Dumebi7278
    Dumebi7278 22 hours ago

    Little Simz is wifey

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen 22 hours ago

    "Top Boy"... thanks

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen 22 hours ago

    Check me if am wrong...

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen 22 hours ago

    Over all the show, series fantastic... I just allways feel some kinda way when I see black for lack of a better terminology.. "black drama" even in the U.S. so don't expect me to watch much... it's just heartbreaking to this day. And racism in London ? Why am I surprised

  • Copyrightbreaker22
    Copyrightbreaker22 22 hours ago

    If she tried to be less Lady Gaga lite she might have a good career before her.

  • kleet monger
    kleet monger 22 hours ago

    i agree to every single tweet in here

  • Lorna Zubek
    Lorna Zubek 23 hours ago

    I would freak if they did a Downton/Sanctuary crossover but that’s never going to happen.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 23 hours ago

    💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 GTFO

  • Регина Антонова

    У Дилана очень сексуальный голос!)

  • João Ricardo
    João Ricardo 23 hours ago


  • Alexandra Siegel
    Alexandra Siegel 23 hours ago

    "I've never done sex scenes. I can't do them, and--no..." Three years later, Kate likely ate her words as Alma Lane in the third season of Mr. Mercedes. 😆 But she did so in a way that told menopause to f**k off like the champ she is! You're welcome, Lea!

  • da biz
    da biz 23 hours ago

    Yea fuck this movie. Ill watch it when the make 1 to celebrate niggas drugging n robbing bitches

  • helen jasmin
    helen jasmin 23 hours ago

    Ava:singing Man:just doing my stuff! Ava:puts jacket away!

  •  23 hours ago

    O my god u sego porra

  • Morris Jordan
    Morris Jordan Day ago

    This is why women don't get no respect.

  • Being Smart BSBSI

    I was laughing whole video

  • Tish Ortiz
    Tish Ortiz Day ago

    I luuuv amber 🤣 💙💙💙💙😘👍🏻

  • Christian Tidde

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  • Alight Gamer
    Alight Gamer Day ago

    Oh no Brendon, your no autotune voice have a little bit mess up but it's ok than

  • Daniel Anderson

    2019, where women criminals are brave heroes