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Logan Paul’s Ring Walk
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Bellator 232 Weigh-Ins
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Bellator 231 Weigh-Ins
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  • LucusL
    LucusL 13 seconds ago

    I have already seen this like 12 times and my heart still pounds watching the end 😂

  • Macho Alpha25
    Macho Alpha25 17 seconds ago

    It’s just fcked how everybody was downing Ruiz. That’s the raza right there. Canelo Y Ruiz los campeónes del mundo!!!

  • Jesus jimenez
    Jesus jimenez Minute ago

    Im just waiting for him to upload

  • TheBlackoppsfan
    TheBlackoppsfan Minute ago

    Ksi had the better entrance and definitely deserved to win the fight. 10 year olds come at me

    NOGARA 4 minutes ago

    Knowledge, Struth, Integrity. 🙏

    NOGARA 6 minutes ago

    Knowledge, Struth, Integrity

  • suspicious glitch
    suspicious glitch 7 minutes ago

    Your here for 5:39

  • Павлин Владимиров

    logan paul🔝🔝🔝

  • Mike Allen
    Mike Allen 7 minutes ago

    Why did he stop the fight????

  • Andrew Dysim
    Andrew Dysim 8 minutes ago

    cant belive this was on dazn pretty dop tho

  • Tomb_ Kaoutsos
    Tomb_ Kaoutsos 8 minutes ago


  • Diyan Iqbal
    Diyan Iqbal 9 minutes ago

    GGG looks like an earth science teacher, but kills people in the ring on the low

  • Stutter of the House
    Stutter of the House 11 minutes ago

    Joshua was absolutely gassed. He was done his body language said it all.

  • Claire Beatty
    Claire Beatty 11 minutes ago


  • luis gomez
    luis gomez 12 minutes ago


  • Yvan Pacis
    Yvan Pacis 13 minutes ago

    This dude just said knowledge TRUTH integrity

  • Bajasurfer
    Bajasurfer 13 minutes ago

    Andy ate a HUGE right after getting off the canvas....and then clobbered AJ. He was off balance for the first knockdown and he seemed clear while sitting down. The way he took that hard right was amazing.

  • Dan and Lilly’s Beard Product Reviews

    Ppl complaining about an early stoppage and it was deff an early stoppage, but let’s face it, that was probably the best call because that dudes brain was gonna be mush lol

  • free thinker
    free thinker 21 minute ago


  • John Robert
    John Robert 22 minutes ago

    Boxing's ain't for p*ssies.

  • doctor for youtubers
    doctor for youtubers 22 minutes ago

    Those teeth are brighter than your future

  • mos fan
    mos fan 23 minutes ago

    who is that chick behind ksi i need her @

  • 1Ephraimite
    1Ephraimite 28 minutes ago

    No matter who’s on the opposite side of the ring, you never.....I mean never underestimate your opponent.

  • Kyle Gushue
    Kyle Gushue 28 minutes ago

    Pat is wack.

  • Orestis blue Electricity caka

    Knowledge truth integrity

  • Stizzy 47shhh
    Stizzy 47shhh 31 minute ago

    Logans a meme im so ded

  • The Joker
    The Joker 31 minute ago

    0:36 watch this penguin walk

  • majde nejim
    majde nejim 32 minutes ago

    can't wait for the rematch against Ruiz 🤗🤗

  • Willie Pearson
    Willie Pearson 33 minutes ago

    I was torn on this kind of thing but I'm impressed.. (not with the results) but with the skill these guys showed. Both guys clearly trained for this. And if it brings exposure to boxing... keep going boys!! That was a decent fight.

  • Christian Layne
    Christian Layne 33 minutes ago

    This kid hits so fast and so hard it’s automatically ko if he gets you more than 1 time

  • Spccky _
    Spccky _ 33 minutes ago

    i'm laughing.

  • ThatOneGuy xd
    ThatOneGuy xd 34 minutes ago

    Shannon Briggs after the fight: “Let’s actually go champ.”

    I AM WHAT I AM 36 minutes ago

    He's been improving before that he's a work in the making. Floyd Mayweather couldn't knock them out Floyd Mayweather's not a real fighter he just likes to make money the easy way a true fighter is not afraid to die in the ring.

  • Stizzy 47shhh
    Stizzy 47shhh 37 minutes ago

    I love how logan says he wants ksi to be a meme by knocking him out but logans been a meme sense vine and now he a bigger meme for losing all the pauls are a straight up meme

  • Sebastian Kroteck
    Sebastian Kroteck 37 minutes ago

    Shannon: "He miss.. he miss........." Shows the actual knock down.. Shannon: "............."

  • Jose Acosta
    Jose Acosta 37 minutes ago

    Bieber boxes now

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment 37 minutes ago

    Yoo I can land a plane in ksi forehead

  • Pixxels Vlog
    Pixxels Vlog 39 minutes ago

    I was happy for ksi but let all be honest Logan Paul was the under dog right

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole 40 minutes ago

    What a badass ring walk! Loved his costume and the song! He's already won

  • Lolnation360
    Lolnation360 41 minute ago

    I feel bad for the people who paid for a whole fight 😭

  • Alexis Zapata
    Alexis Zapata 42 minutes ago

    Chávez JR a sido una vergüenza para su padre y el boxeo mexicano pero quien diría que con una buena preparacion no podria hacer una buena pelea con Jacobs, lo que pasa que es muy indisciplinado.

  • tsigr
    tsigr 42 minutes ago

    That uppercut.

  • Utopian Dreamer
    Utopian Dreamer 43 minutes ago

    I peed myself. Haven't did that since I was 9. I'm struggling. I've stood up for Tony. He's striving. Callum. You're doing so well. I love your success. Keep knocking them out. You are an amazing boxer. Keep it up, m8. But, always remember. Road work is EVERYTHING!!

  • jamil ahmed
    jamil ahmed 44 minutes ago

    I don’t care if I am a 9 year old I don’t care if I’m gonna be hated for life but..................Logan Paul deserved the win not ksi

  • Tony
    Tony 46 minutes ago

    Neither one know how to fight

  • Nimco Saalax
    Nimco Saalax 48 minutes ago

    ksi nice look eyes

  • Wish I Was Sleeping
    Wish I Was Sleeping 50 minutes ago

    Joshua is a joke. Logan Paul is a bigger draw than this clown.

  • Akash B
    Akash B 53 minutes ago

    What song is this called? Someone pls reply me, thx :)

  • branchyapple
    branchyapple 55 minutes ago

    Likes = KSI Comments = Logan Paul

  • Zayed Ali
    Zayed Ali 56 minutes ago


  • Tom Shaw
    Tom Shaw 56 minutes ago

    One question. How have they got commentary from the DAZN team on this fight when DAZN only started in October 2018.

  • mano gralb
    mano gralb 57 minutes ago


  • Honkees
    Honkees 58 minutes ago

    1:36 Looks like Santiago's head is the bell and Devin Haney is ringing it 😂

  • Kav
    Kav 58 minutes ago

    Ksi is a dogshit boxer tbh

  • Zweihander
    Zweihander Hour ago

    Ksi lowkey becoming a celebrity

  • Kyle G.
    Kyle G. Hour ago

    “Mom can we get KSI vs Logan Paul?” “No we have KSI vs Logan Paul at home.” *KSI vs Logan Paul at home*

  • BigmacYT
    BigmacYT Hour ago

    ksi if he had a lisp: kti knowledge truth integrity

  • alibabazs
    alibabazs Hour ago

    Crowd chants: Treepull Gee! Treepull Gee!

  • Nosh Master
    Nosh Master Hour ago

    I loved that they hugged

  • Manny V
    Manny V Hour ago

    That’s exactly what Batista was looking for. a way out

  • Oliver Albert Jensen

    I love that JJ shut the mouth on Shannon. He didn’t sat let’s go champ😂

  • Striced
    Striced Hour ago


  • Mike Clinton
    Mike Clinton Hour ago

    That's what you called black privilege

  • ramsay coronado
    ramsay coronado Hour ago

    Thank you Dazn for posting this, what a great fight!! 💪🏻💥👊🏻

  • John Tan
    John Tan Hour ago

    TheXvidrs boxing match... cool

  • Deexy Loftin
    Deexy Loftin Hour ago

    That's oak cliff fighting style right there

  • Kylar Shaw
    Kylar Shaw Hour ago

    I think 2 points was just a tad much, should have been 1 point. But if it was 1 point it would have been a draw.

  • Azazel
    Azazel Hour ago

    didn't one of the Paul brothers say the n word

  • joergen
    joergen Hour ago


  • d n
    d n Hour ago

    no one talks about the moves 3:51 from the referee?

  • Sarbu David
    Sarbu David Hour ago

    Logan might be a jerk but i feel bad for him

  • Joel Lundqvist
    Joel Lundqvist Hour ago

    1:15 "Knowledge, truth, intergrity" Man like KTI 😂

  • GS Gaming
    GS Gaming Hour ago

    All the Ruiz comments on an AJ top 10 make me sick I know on the 7th gonna shut some mouths back and after that we gonna see the real champ the big names Wilder and Fury against Antony

  • Shuraim 2004
    Shuraim 2004 Hour ago

    Ring walk DEAD AFK .. NO RYTHM

  • Human Pig
    Human Pig Hour ago

    Wow its such a free views and subs to upload it

  • John
    John Hour ago

    And Logan destroyed

  • Karma :D
    Karma :D Hour ago

    Wait they minused one point for a swing to the back of the head from the KSI vs Logan Walmart. But they minused two from a tap at the back of the bed from Logan?

  • Ethan Pippinger
    Ethan Pippinger Hour ago

    KSI: Knowledge, Truth, Intelligence. Thats the acronym. im pretty sure truth doesnt start with an S

  • N greene
    N greene Hour ago

    Logan DEFINITELY could have won. But he just was not very aggressive, like he really was not punching that much. But he was definitely getting hit because he would not keep his hands up. He relied on movement to keep from getting hit.

  • OverNoct
    OverNoct Hour ago

    His outfit is so badass, i wish he could send it from wish xDD

  • Kartier White
    Kartier White Hour ago

    Tyson Fury is a smart Champion,,,Well spoken,great deal of common sense!. He is truly the best well rounded Heavy Weight, of this era.

  • Alain Morales
    Alain Morales Hour ago

    Wouldve been a better match if donaire was in his prime

  • SkullTr00p
    SkullTr00p Hour ago

    Why did i hear the beggining of sweet caroline at the end

  • Daltira
    Daltira Hour ago

    Man he sounds dumb.

  • TheMlg1012 XD
    TheMlg1012 XD Hour ago

    5:15 Logan Paul spoke Arabic he said 2tfo 3leek

  • Sweaty_Marko
    Sweaty_Marko Hour ago

    He won because he was training on a wii.

  • nicolas agustin morales

    Just a lot of steroids

  • Alex
    Alex Hour ago

    Next fight: Mrtop5 Vs Logan Paul

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva Hour ago

    Round 1:Logan Paul Round 2:Logan Paul Round 3:KSI Round 4:Logan Paul Round 5:Logan Paul Round 6:Logan Paul Btw im not a fan of either

  • Bleach
    Bleach Hour ago

    CSI vs Logan pool

  • Hugo Nongbri
    Hugo Nongbri Hour ago

    I wonder if Logan would've done the same ..or just continued to trash talk ...if he was in JJ's position

  • N greene
    N greene Hour ago

    But he still hit him in the back of the head.

  • gamebred26
    gamebred26 Hour ago

    Boys will be boys.

  • Cody Villa
    Cody Villa Hour ago

    Take out the people that don’t know anything about boxing and put in real boxers that truly know, at least if you’re not fully gonna show their training unlike 24/7.

  • Jake Stumm
    Jake Stumm Hour ago

    These are getting kinda lame they should have done kick boxing

  • Edding R19
    Edding R19 Hour ago

    That woman in the background siriously neder help

  • senseo
    senseo Hour ago

    Respect to Logan for going up to him and showing respect.

  • Gee Santini
    Gee Santini Hour ago

    What a pathetic person. Total loser lol

  • mary jane
    mary jane Hour ago

    Hope his son learns how to manage money. Too many black athletes end up broke after the spotlight is gone

  • 7NEO
    7NEO Hour ago

    no one: absolutely no one: TheXvid fans to DAZN channel: Your irrelevant now