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GET TO KNOW | Devin Haney
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HIGHLIGHTS | Bellator 226
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Bellator 226 Pre-lims
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TALK THE WALK | Ryan Bader
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Bellator 226 Weigh-In
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Bellator 225 Weigh-In
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  • Christian Fuentes
    Christian Fuentes 38 minutes ago

    People just don’t understand how great this win is. If you ask me one of the most historic fights of recent times.

  • ogts 13
    ogts 13 47 minutes ago


  • Immanuel Shiweda
    Immanuel Shiweda 55 minutes ago

    So Canelo is now a heavyweight Damn!!!

  • Ricksta 777
    Ricksta 777 Hour ago

    he has a point, i haven't heard of those little fellas before.

  • Prince of Darkland

    I got Canelo on this one, although I know Sergey is one of the best light heavyweight but I feel like Canelo is unstoppable right now and he is never been knockdown. I base this in all his past fights, even though I'm a GGG fan and think that he lost those fights with GGG or either way. I think Sergey is prone to be KO'd right now because of his age. If not, it goes to decision for Canelo.

  • Ed the Sock
    Ed the Sock Hour ago

    Chisora exudes the class of a banged-up, wonky-wheeled shopping trolley dumped inside a high-end swimming pool! Bellend!

  • leonardo navarrete

    Spence wants to act all tough fighting damaged fighters and smaller guys.

  • Evelyn Hunt
    Evelyn Hunt Hour ago

    Is that Hayes beside him

  • Thunder Forever
    Thunder Forever Hour ago

    Can't even believe that one year went by this fast. DAZN is one of the best move that stepped up the entertainment regarding combat sports especially boxing! Hope to see more good fights next year DAZN.πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Danny Hernandez
    Danny Hernandez 2 hours ago

    And Anthony joshua wants to fight deyonta wilder

  • Ninja-Wizard
    Ninja-Wizard 2 hours ago

    Boxing is so corrupt how would you know that Joshua didn’t fix the fight?

  • Majesticjkr
    Majesticjkr 2 hours ago

    Fury is a dosser, he's another loud mouth Wilder talks about knocking everyone out but never fights any of the top fighters, dosser

  • Lukeor
    Lukeor 2 hours ago

    News flash. GGG is an undefeated mega star who beat canelo twice...... ok.... continue.

  • edgar q
    edgar q 2 hours ago


  • J P
    J P 2 hours ago

    Thank you DAZN

  • Sudev Kumar
    Sudev Kumar 2 hours ago

    Gennady was born for this

  • ya Boy Jonez
    ya Boy Jonez 2 hours ago

    DAZN blowing the fight game up one upload at a time πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ˆ

  • bep 2
    bep 2 2 hours ago

    he beat ggg, without backing up, shit why not canelo

  • Andrew T
    Andrew T 3 hours ago

    Best cards in boxing and now the most profitable. The PBCs assholes are squeaking so bad πŸ˜‚

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight 3 hours ago

    Tyson Fury the biggest twat in sport!

    TRUMP UNIVERSE 3 hours ago


  • book of Eli
    book of Eli 3 hours ago

    Slave wage

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 3 hours ago

    DAZN!! Enough said.

  • Mugiwara Sanji101
    Mugiwara Sanji101 3 hours ago

    Ohh man kovalev is soo good and BIG. Hats off to canelo he is too brave for taking this fightπŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Toufik Yacoubi
    Toufik Yacoubi 3 hours ago

    I dont think Hearn will let him fight against Loma, he got a new superstar in his busniss and he is bringing him slowly.

    COMPA LENTES 4 hours ago


  • Spills51
    Spills51 4 hours ago

    I think George is special and in his prime I personally believe he would beat Khabib because I think he would stop the takedowns like Tibau did to Khabib. But unlike Tibau Goerge then has an entire arsenal in his standup along with a wicked shoot. BUT...After seeing him fight Bisping I don't know if he could do it at his age. He beat Bisping but his shoot WASNT THERE. The two takedowns he had had no explosion and were pretty hobbled and labored. In the past George would of set Micheal up, explode, and literally uplift him through the air with a pounding slam down. The George I saw fight Mike is still a great fighter...But not the Phenom he was of the past. Maybe it was rust...Maybe it was the added Weight...Or...Perhaps he lost a step...which in all honesty is completely normal for someone over 35 and THE MOST LIKELY REASON. George has many tools but he separated from the pack not only cause he has IMPECCABLE TIMING...But because he had massive torque and a awe inducing EXPLOSION FOR THE TAKEDOWN. Explosiveness is one of THE FIRST THINGS SOMEONE LOSSES AS THEY AGE. I feel like he could still win cause George to me is the only person who could throw kicks at Khabib and not be paralyzed by the fear of throwing them or not throwing them because of a takedown. But again...at his age...It very well may not play out like that at all. Add to that if he actually had to drop to 155 and you have another issue. If they do fight I would like to see a catchweight for a more fair playing field...Meet in the middle at 163. Just an opinion.

  • london washingtonovich

    Canelo took first part of fight. Even 7th round he won.

  • kiss pink
    kiss pink 4 hours ago

    Vasilgay nomatchengco

  • Moses Kibuga
    Moses Kibuga 4 hours ago

    Great fights but improve on commentary

  • Javier Cecilio
    Javier Cecilio 4 hours ago

    Who the fukk is dunno? I dunno no i don't know seriously

  • Иван ΠŸΠ΅Ρ‚Ρ€ΠΎΠ²

    Man! Kov looks so big for Canelito.

  • Gregory Larry
    Gregory Larry 4 hours ago

    I thought Chisora was going to punch Prograis then put a mic up Hearn's butt.

  • Boot united
    Boot united 4 hours ago

    DAZN had a real good successful year. Hers's to many more!

  • Toney Parker
    Toney Parker 4 hours ago

    Lmfao you guys are tripping! What makes him deserve a fight with loma!!! He hasn't fought anyone worth mentioning yet! He needs to fight collazo, linares, rigo all of them before he gets a chance at Loma. Yall tripping talking about he the next big thing! 🀣🀣🀣🀣 know boxing before you speak! Loma not only beats him he destroys him point blank!!!

  • Jonerri juseppi
    Jonerri juseppi 4 hours ago

    Andy utilized what God offers him=the Earth for preparation and training,the love &obedience for God for allowing him to prepare to ko his opponents & create history & love for the people.!!!πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ€›πŸ€œπŸ‘Š

  • Jesus Cesar Keepin It Real

    What a beautiful man

  • cruz936
    cruz936 5 hours ago

    Cinnamon boy will get punished, he actually lost to GGG once but got away with it

  • Cindy Mchenry
    Cindy Mchenry 5 hours ago

    Give Brook credit tho he fought GGG then Spence the next fight dude got balls man much respect to both these warriors

  • Silverstone Serenity

    Dazn promotes American hehe. The name's everywhere. Pretty good channel tho.

  • Sosa Pelon
    Sosa Pelon 5 hours ago

    Dazn πŸ”₯

  • The Professional
    The Professional 5 hours ago

    Well deserved Andy

  • X Swift X
    X Swift X 5 hours ago

    First of all great job dazn ! Lets bring us the fox ppv cards

  • francisco medina
    francisco medina 5 hours ago

    dazn really want Canelo vs ggg 3

  • Desert Storm
    Desert Storm 5 hours ago

    DAZN picked up the torch HBO left behind

  • Antonio Vazquez
    Antonio Vazquez 5 hours ago


  • steve from mars
    steve from mars 5 hours ago


  • Allan Martinez
    Allan Martinez 5 hours ago

    Canelo got dark quick . Too much sun lol

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    Logan Paul vs Ksi fight of the year don’t @ me🚫🧒

  • Hi hi
    Hi hi 5 hours ago

    that man can box

  • Raymond
    Raymond 5 hours ago

    Canelo is the star of DAZN

  • Raymond
    Raymond 5 hours ago

    Dazn is on their zone

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 hours ago


  • Shawn Lilo
    Shawn Lilo 5 hours ago

    GGG won!!!

  • SaTuHsFy 714
    SaTuHsFy 714 5 hours ago

    3:40 those scores are a bit wide πŸ˜₯, or do I need to go watch the full fight .?

  • D Berd
    D Berd 5 hours ago

    That was AWESOME by Lima!!!

  • Kenneth Cho
    Kenneth Cho 6 hours ago

    Jesus Christ.. Why Nov 2nd?. Nate Diaz fight is also a must

  • SaTuHsFy 714
    SaTuHsFy 714 6 hours ago

    the exchange at 1:58 was done perfectly at the last second πŸ‘Š .

  • Ealon Wallace
    Ealon Wallace 6 hours ago

    Canelo out boxed G3.... Major counter punching success for Canelo, which means either your opponent is very slow or you're super fast...

  • ChrisMisc1
    ChrisMisc1 6 hours ago

    Has De La Hoya always spoke like he's had 10 pints of beer?

  • commander4465
    commander4465 6 hours ago

    Great fuckin app! I am Tired of paying for cable premiums + ppv to watch a decent fight outside of DAZN.

  • Edwin Tapia
    Edwin Tapia 6 hours ago

    Canelo at 168lbs looked like a buff pitbull imagine how he gonna look fight night after rehydrating.

  • Ty S.
    Ty S. 6 hours ago

    When showboaters get knocked out, everybody wins

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon 6 hours ago

    People want to hate on DAZN so bad but they are literally the best thing for consumers. Multiple HUGE fights in multiple sports and none of the BS ppv prices? Idk how anyone can say anything wrong about it

  • C4 Taurus
    C4 Taurus 6 hours ago

    πŸ₯ŠWhat Makes Getting Your First Loss On Your RecordπŸ‘Š As A Boxer Very Easy To Accept?..The Same Loss Put On Your Record By A Boxer That Hasn't Any!!!!!πŸ₯Š

  • Willie Fea
    Willie Fea 6 hours ago

    I would love to see him get smashed by Nate Diaz

  • drathth3 invader 666

    I fuck men I do feels good

  • luis vargas
    luis vargas 6 hours ago


  • Rocco Motown.
    Rocco Motown. 6 hours ago

    Some great fights this year

  • Steven913 Lemus
    Steven913 Lemus 6 hours ago

    Do y’all think Canelo can know be able to defeat Erislandy Lara

  • H mm
    H mm 6 hours ago

    Anthony Joshua was looking for a cashier to buy some time. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Should've been boxing instead of trying to dance. People don't Stanky leg any more.

  • alvis gujju
    alvis gujju 6 hours ago

    hey dazn upload the ramirez vs hooker full fight

    • IntelBoxing
      IntelBoxing 5 hours ago

      alvis gujju it’s in the app

  • A- ROD1299
    A- ROD1299 6 hours ago

    Look at Ruiz's arms when he first got dropped 2:36 man has heart bro & people are really doubting him?

  • jose619 diaz
    jose619 diaz 6 hours ago

    What a card man πŸ”₯

  • not bias just a boxing fan

    GGG vs Derevyanchenko Canelo vs Kovalev Garcia vs Duno Ruiz vs Joshua 2 Woahhh what a time too be alive its gonna be a great 3 months for boxing Thanks DAZN!!!

  • Yea Ight
    Yea Ight 7 hours ago

    DAZN commenters suck tho

  • Marco Osiris
    Marco Osiris 7 hours ago

    Why would so many dislike this? This is inspiring .

  • Pretentious Bear
    Pretentious Bear 7 hours ago

    DAZN sucks you cant even cancel their service, it 404s out its garbage in all aspects

  • Heavy D
    Heavy D 7 hours ago

    And they said it would never work....

  • Comrade ANTHRAX
    Comrade ANTHRAX 7 hours ago

    You know what I like about DAZN? Its high resolution super fast highlights post fight. I dont have to wait days to rewatch the best moments of a fight. Good shit bro good shit!

  • richisamindset01
    richisamindset01 7 hours ago

    The ref looked at the Irish dude like "I'd love to knock this fu*king punk out my damn self." πŸ˜…

  • KayWalkZ
    KayWalkZ 7 hours ago

    Happy birthday DAZN!

  • Rene Garcia
    Rene Garcia 7 hours ago

    Dazn all the way!!

  • Mariq Stigler
    Mariq Stigler 7 hours ago

    Ok fine I'll re subscribe

  • Efren Lopez
    Efren Lopez 7 hours ago

    Better not make my bill higher.

  • Cole Huesca
    Cole Huesca 7 hours ago

    Dazn has become a must have for me, kinda like Spotify and Netflix, and Amazon.

  • Isaiah Alvarez
    Isaiah Alvarez 7 hours ago

    Damn that fucking sucks 🀐

  • eeekay nine
    eeekay nine 7 hours ago

    Ufc 243 and ufc 244 and hopefully dec we see tony vs khabib Rip boxing..

  • random name 123
    random name 123 7 hours ago

    If anyone hasnt watched the fight yet, Watch this with the audio muted and base your judgments off that. Often Commentators can sway people's judgement without us knowing

  • realboyzian
    realboyzian 7 hours ago

    I hate to admit it because of eddie hearn. But dazn had done a pretty good job so far. Especially making fights happen between other networks like top rank espn.

  • jenny gore
    jenny gore 7 hours ago

    Go steal a caravan

  • Nelson Sanchez
    Nelson Sanchez 7 hours ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜œ...peace of cake.

  • TheNeighborNicky
    TheNeighborNicky 7 hours ago

    Hey let me know when you're gonna go up to 30 bucks a month. Probably by the end of next year yeah? You called an end to PPV but you are just going to become them. Smart ploy actually because where people were buying a few ppv shows a year, now they pay you every month. You're actually worse see?

  • Ben Logan
    Ben Logan 8 hours ago

    Some of those cards are a bit what’s the word...mismatches in the record department?

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez 8 hours ago

    Gesus inoue got heart of steel

  • Mahmoud D
    Mahmoud D 8 hours ago

    LOL, dude, Khabib is the BEST. Zero loss

  • Oscar Vasquez
    Oscar Vasquez 8 hours ago

    Mma is gay

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez 8 hours ago

    You cant teach a Mexican defense its not in our blood lol

  • Gozos Guerrero
    Gozos Guerrero 8 hours ago