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  • Nusons Videos
    Nusons Videos 3 hours ago

    ksi 6ft jake paul 5.10 or 5.11

  • Nirusdee Kulaila
    Nirusdee Kulaila 3 hours ago

    Logan the winner 🏆

  • Dave Chavis
    Dave Chavis 3 hours ago

    Fricking low blows are cheating. DQ

  • Miguel Guerrero
    Miguel Guerrero 3 hours ago

    Oscar’s cringing is out of this world 😂

  • yo Nismo
    yo Nismo 3 hours ago

    Quinten Hangry Jackson

  • yo Nismo
    yo Nismo 3 hours ago

    *Rampage at the Buffet Jackson*

  • RIKKI Joe
    RIKKI Joe 3 hours ago

    Fight with canelo round 1 tko,😂😂

  • jelly07100
    jelly07100 3 hours ago

    U need a lot of work papa lol

  • Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart 4 hours ago

    Derevyancheno's face was busted up. Vision impaired in both eyes.

  • Freddy Elias
    Freddy Elias 4 hours ago

    Maybe a few more fights till GGG or Canelo

  • Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart 4 hours ago

    referee did not do well.

  • jackmerks
    jackmerks 4 hours ago

    Logan got more jabs

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 4 hours ago

    Wow what happened to Rampage? That’s not the Rampage I remember. Both excellent fighters. I wish Rampage the best.

  • jackmerks
    jackmerks 4 hours ago

    2:04 shoulda kneed him in the mouth

  • Dado Lee
    Dado Lee 5 hours ago

    They should have a rematch so lil Holyfield can knock him out legitimately...

  • Arjay Torres
    Arjay Torres 5 hours ago

    “Julio Cesar Dela Hoya” Both quitters

  • Hammy Ham
    Hammy Ham 5 hours ago

    1:14 knowledge “TRUTH” integrity 😂 *strength*

  • `` Raspberry ``
    `` Raspberry `` 5 hours ago

    Why are 80 year old men refereeing y'all are gonna break the poor man's back!

  • Mountain Biker
    Mountain Biker 5 hours ago

    No me gusta la canela pero lo que sea de cada quien, no está listo Munguia todavía

  • keithdavidkeith
    keithdavidkeith 5 hours ago

    Highlight real starts at round 8.Morons.

  • teller12
    teller12 5 hours ago

    I read the comments first and thought it might be interesting. I was wrong and this is a joke. Neither one of them should be taking up video time

    DOMINICK 5 hours ago

    Jake KO 1st

  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Boxing is not a joke or a game. Idek who these 2 guys i hope they arent more youtubers. Dazn kinda mocking the sport way too much. People die in the ring...

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin 6 hours ago

    This kid looks sharp.

  • Bubble0seven
    Bubble0seven 6 hours ago

    Great lip syncing skills

  • Cereal Killa
    Cereal Killa 6 hours ago

    Raspberry jam Jackson

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 6 hours ago

    You can’t throw a sparrow into a rooster fight.

  • suarezschou
    suarezschou 6 hours ago

    canelooooooo alvarez!

  • eric parra
    eric parra 6 hours ago

    I'm just here to read the comments about 'he ain't ready'

  • Raul Gutierrez
    Raul Gutierrez 7 hours ago

    Cuando eres cabron eres cabron desde Morro Salvador Sanchez fue campeon a Los 21🤔🤔🤔

  • Zone
    Zone 7 hours ago

    i cant wait to see jake lose then cry again its gona b my ringtone jus like hin cryin to logan is my current ringtone lol

  • 2010hellomoto
    2010hellomoto 7 hours ago

    Why did the ref get infront of Inoue when he hit him in the stomach?! Donaire was on his feet running around the ring and the ref just stops Inoue's momentum? that was just dumb

  • Big A's Boxing
    Big A's Boxing 7 hours ago

    Still think Logan should have won that fight he out fought ksi and the 2 point take away was retarted

  • Jose Carrillo
    Jose Carrillo 7 hours ago

    Canelo would mop up the floor with munguia 😁

  • Diego Olguin
    Diego Olguin 7 hours ago

    GGG was ill in this fight that's why he lost

  • YT_Jimenez
    YT_Jimenez 7 hours ago

    put with him rayan garcia

  • Aron Figueroa
    Aron Figueroa 7 hours ago

    Paisano Ignorante

  • daniel lugo
    daniel lugo 8 hours ago

    I can't believe Mayweather made Canelo look so bad

  • Andy Phelps
    Andy Phelps 8 hours ago

    i like watching fights without commentators makes a big difference

  • Maenza Gold Gold Silver

    It shouldn't be allowed to fight with a beard like that.....

  • Robert Pagan
    Robert Pagan 8 hours ago

    Was it me or was that a 10 count. Am I missing something. I thought the fighter has to be up by the count of 9.

  • Guillermo Serrato
    Guillermo Serrato 8 hours ago

    che mariguanosay not to drugs

  • The Aviation Channel

    trump doesn't always win

  • Josue Gonzalez
    Josue Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    GGG TRAINED LATELY FOR THIS FIGHT. Shouldn’t have done that

    SAVAGE BOii 10 hours ago

    Play the video half the speed at 13:28. Incredible !

  • Nathan Hawkins
    Nathan Hawkins 10 hours ago

    The both of you are fools

  • Zach Van Dyk
    Zach Van Dyk 10 hours ago

    I like KSI now but only cuz logan paul is trash in literally every sense of the word

  • sumowcrs Crs
    sumowcrs Crs 10 hours ago

    Who is watching this after the fight

  • Yung Dame
    Yung Dame 11 hours ago

    Rampage “Chicken Sandwich” Jackson

  • Lauin YT
    Lauin YT 11 hours ago

    He wants to knock out Ksi bruh Ksi will f him up😂😂

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 11 hours ago

    Que no mame

  • cuadrahtx
    cuadrahtx 11 hours ago

    Elite or not, he still considered a kid. I’m pretty sure he’s a lot younger than most of the names that are bf thro around in the same conversations as his.

  • Jram1292
    Jram1292 11 hours ago

    He’ll get slept

  • Vergansio Pitoloco
    Vergansio Pitoloco 11 hours ago

    Mungia estas muy verde para pelear con CANELO, en el 3ro te irias a dormir agusto. tranquilo no te desesperes por ganar mucho dinero.....

  • Vergansio Pitoloco
    Vergansio Pitoloco 11 hours ago

    We get paid to fight not run around.....hit and don't get his is B.S , boxing is about hit and get hit but win....every boxer will get hit at some point that's what boxing is all about..

  • Barrier Boy
    Barrier Boy 11 hours ago

    puddin pop jackson

  • Darren Fry
    Darren Fry 11 hours ago

    In this division fighting like that Kelly ain't going anywhere near a world title belt

  • Froylan Mendoza
    Froylan Mendoza 11 hours ago

    Jaime Munguia es un peleador bastante bueno, demasiado bueno, es un peleador de la vieja escuela. Es de los aguerridos, de los que suben a pelear y no a correr, un peleador completo.

  • ramiroreyes370
    ramiroreyes370 11 hours ago

    Ramirez is going to run over u...sorry

  • Monika saini
    Monika saini 12 hours ago

    In the face of logang, worst family on TheXvid

  • Mexico Mexico
    Mexico Mexico 12 hours ago

    Primero Dale en su madre Al Chavez y despues al paquiao buey

  • Cristal Baltazar
    Cristal Baltazar 12 hours ago

    That's a bad "HOMBRE" right there

  • Punny Master9000
    Punny Master9000 12 hours ago

    Uhh anyone here from Jatie vlogs?

  • bryan garcia
    bryan garcia 12 hours ago

    Let’s go shaolin 🗽

  • SoulPhoenixMC
    SoulPhoenixMC 12 hours ago

    This kid Ortiz is the future guys. His style is so exciting, not only is he's skillful but he throw with bad intentions and hits like a truck too.

  • Rodrigo Carmona
    Rodrigo Carmona 12 hours ago

    Ramírez destroys both

  • Collel Hogg
    Collel Hogg 12 hours ago

    Kelly doesn't impress me 😒

  • STOP
    STOP 12 hours ago

    Knowledge STruth Integrity Sees legit

  • Rico Toor
    Rico Toor 13 hours ago

    Vidal shut Jake down

  • Hoodie Boy
    Hoodie Boy 13 hours ago

    Jaime give us 3 or 5 more fight an you’ll be ready for canelo an ggg

  • eddie b
    eddie b 13 hours ago

    Ruiz is obese don't see how he beat anyone

  • Samuel Breithaupt
    Samuel Breithaupt 13 hours ago

    Song in the background is "dahotgirlflute" Y'all welcome

  • Thomas Henrique
    Thomas Henrique 13 hours ago

    50 CENT...KKKKKK.....COMÉDIA.....

  • Elton Matos
    Elton Matos 13 hours ago

    derrotou o palhaço do Page parabéns Douglas lima

  • Rets ‘
    Rets ‘ 13 hours ago

    5:30 pause the vid. And look at ksi s forehead😂 (no hate I’m with ksi)

  • Cubyson Andrews
    Cubyson Andrews 13 hours ago

    These guys sound more like Carroll's cheerleaders than announcers ; Farmer fought Carrolls fight and clearly outclassed him . Dudes are funny.

  • Hungary
    Hungary 14 hours ago

    1:37 1:37 1:38 1:39 there is Gib bodyguard.

  • Luis anibal2
    Luis anibal2 14 hours ago

    Ggg vs murata after that mandotory fight he has against kamil. Why not go to japan and fight ryota murata

  • Greené Deuxes
    Greené Deuxes 14 hours ago

    Gib attacks Vidal with hysterics* Critical Damage 14:42

  • Landon P
    Landon P 15 hours ago

    Ryan Garcia stiff arms🤜🏻

  • RegTarg011
    RegTarg011 15 hours ago

    "From Saudi Arabia, but representing England" ..sounds about right.

  • Joseph E Scott
    Joseph E Scott 15 hours ago

    Dude got rocked by a guy with fashion nova on his shorts...

  • Salvador Juarez
    Salvador Juarez 15 hours ago

    Esta función de box me llamó la atención.. porque pelearia el Rey Martínez....sabía que se llevaría la noche...es una bestia para lanzar golpes ..en hora buena...otro campeón para nuestro Mexico

  • Htx_D _mxc
    Htx_D _mxc 15 hours ago

    What about Ryan Garcia?

  • Jaxson Middleton
    Jaxson Middleton 15 hours ago

    Logan Paul should have won

  • george anthony
    george anthony 16 hours ago

    Joshua running Mayweather style . go to a running track not Boxing

  • Тревор
    Тревор 16 hours ago

    This many people buy tickets to watch darts?

  • Kotic Boss
    Kotic Boss 16 hours ago

    It’s sad to say that these were more entertaining than the actual fight.

  • Transformers
    Transformers 16 hours ago

    You not ready bro. Stay your lane

  • J. Rosado
    J. Rosado 16 hours ago

    Logan Paul should’ve won.. those 2 points deduced decided the fight

  • Renaissance Dad
    Renaissance Dad 16 hours ago

    These announcers either really dislike Farmer or really like Carroll

  • Eugene Freeman
    Eugene Freeman 16 hours ago

    Looked like dancing with the stars. No winners in this one.

  • I Dowhatido
    I Dowhatido 17 hours ago

    He ain’t ready💯

  • HYPE Beast
    HYPE Beast 17 hours ago

    Vidal looks fresh bruhhh

  • Henry Bawi
    Henry Bawi 17 hours ago

    I wanted Logan Paul to win but sadly he lost.

  • Ksi Win
    Ksi Win 17 hours ago

    Ryan Garcia was so biased

  • alex macias
    alex macias 17 hours ago

    Creo q ee hora de entender q él boxeo no es para él pero mientras le pagen él continuara haciendo él ridiculo

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 17 hours ago

    10 ounce gloves, no headgear, somebody’s getting knocked out

  • Carrdiss Whiteside
    Carrdiss Whiteside 17 hours ago

    Y’all see my partna recorded 🥊💯

  • Yung Slimzy
    Yung Slimzy 18 hours ago

    logan lost anyways 😂