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Tom Pemberton Farm Life
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I’m off to Ireland!!
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  • Paul Irving
    Paul Irving 6 hours ago

    mark the drain locations on the fence posts

  • Allan Gibson
    Allan Gibson 7 hours ago

    As someone who puts a lot of care and love into looking after your animals how do you feel if they end up in a Halal slaughterhouse and barbarically put to death do you have any control how they are slaughtered

  • Wiktor Jablko
    Wiktor Jablko 7 hours ago

    Kto z polski jesteś

  • Gaines Arnold
    Gaines Arnold 9 hours ago

    Excellent video. Loved the calves cavorting. Always fun to see.

  • guanobucks
    guanobucks 11 hours ago

    Ginger efficiency, sounds like a tshirt to me lol

  • Lee Lovell
    Lee Lovell 11 hours ago

    Amazing to see the bullock has done well, well done tom , I had a new born carf with a broken back I could not put it down so me and the vet made a special brace to hold is back straight I slept with him for a week to keep an eye on him till he was strong enough . I had him for 11years it was like having a dog he followed me every where I was on the farm love your videos keep up the good work .👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • lorraine york
    lorraine york 13 hours ago

    Love your videos but wish u switched off your machinery when not in use, u know save the planet and all that xxx

  • Jeannie patterson
    Jeannie patterson 15 hours ago

    Heidi is too adorable...

  • ironwolf16alpha
    ironwolf16alpha 16 hours ago

    hey tom could you do a pro/con on brexit for us folks in America concerning what it will mean for farmers in the UK and also on the agriculture rules/regulations/laws in the UK ver America ?? here in the U.S we can not do the same milk practices you guys have over there witch suxs honestly

  • Anna Huard
    Anna Huard 19 hours ago

    Awwe filmed on my b day

  • DianeThomson1960

    Oh that muck must be frustrating

  • George Middleton Jr

    Tom I love that song favorite shade of rose this is the first time I have heard it thank you

  • Daymian NightBear

    Thanks for making milk it's a life saver for people like me with lupus who have vitamin d deficiency

  • dairy farmer
    dairy farmer Day ago

    Great video

  • AW James
    AW James Day ago


  • Ted Purschke
    Ted Purschke Day ago

    What they don't show you is the beastiality raping of female cows to impregnate them. What they don't show you is how the babies are taken away from their mothers shortly after birth. The male baby cows are killed, because they're useless to the industry. The female baby cows are isolated from their mothers and fed anything but their mothers nutritious milk. The raping, birthing and infanticide process occurs every year to keep the milk flowing from the mother cows. After 5 or 6 years the mother cow will not produce enough milk to be profitable, so she will be shipped off to the slaughter house to be brutally killed. The female baby cows will be raised until they're old enough to be raped and will be forced to live the same cruel existence as their mother. What a disgusting industry. All this vile animal cruelty and suffering for a product that is unnecessary and unhealthy. Atherosclerosis, from saturated animal fat and cholesterol, causes heart disease, stroke, dementia, alzheimer's, arthritis, obesity, diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Oh yeah! Don't forget about cancer! Animal agriculture is destroying our health and mother earth. We need to do our part and take animal products off our plates!

  • Jonas Vuorma
    Jonas Vuorma Day ago

    You could use a less dusty saw cuttings. Much better for you and the animals. Great vids, from Finland

  • James Morris
    James Morris Day ago

    Even if u bought a 4-5 foot link box for the small tractor

  • Laura Poli
    Laura Poli Day ago

    Go vegan

    • alistair clement
      alistair clement Day ago

      yeah, that makes total sense, then this calf wouldn't get any help.

  • Colm Kennedy
    Colm Kennedy Day ago

    Good video Tom 👍🏻

  • Henauder Titzauf

    There is that mis-nomer something is going to run me over? That is so stupid, the bull doesn’t want to run you over anywhere, but if he gets a head of steam, he can run, as the bull is running, correct?, he can run over you, as if he hits you and knocks you down, he will run over you, since he will be over you. But, I can see that the bull is trained, he may let you mount him and he will run you over to the feeder, over to the store, over to the car wash, etc. but as this is written, he doesn’t have the capability to run you(as chase you) over anywhere. Geeeezz people!

  • Devonian
    Devonian Day ago

    I got an ad for Farming simulator 20 half way through this, why would I want that lol when I have the real thing?

  • John Powell
    John Powell Day ago

    Nice video,always knew northern men were tough guys,brave the cold anyhow. Hope highland soon recovers and is well again

  • Linda McLean
    Linda McLean Day ago

    Don't the cows have horns too?

  • MegaNatasha13
    MegaNatasha13 Day ago

    What's TB?

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown Day ago

    Keep up gd work mucker

  • Single Date
    Single Date Day ago

    who reads this in 2019 put like

  • Fatal3monkey0
    Fatal3monkey0 Day ago

    All I got from this is your a really hard worker

  • James Grennan Grennan

    What do u think is wrong with her

  • Steven Fraser
    Steven Fraser Day ago

    The weather app is called windy stupid auto correction lol 😆 stay safe

  • Jackie Manley
    Jackie Manley Day ago

    Did your wormer cover Fluke as well Tom?

  • chris myren
    chris myren Day ago

    tom why don't you put a permanent gate behind your crush instead of using pipe all the time ?

  • Little Bull
    Little Bull Day ago

    Aup lad, looks like May isn't grazing by look of her back end compared to the other highlands.

  • Susan Marsh
    Susan Marsh Day ago

    Tom there’s a great weather app titled Windythat gives lots of details re approaching weather. Ideal for farmers.

  • peter humphries

    Great bit of filming, by the lead star, Heidi, there and we could actually hear her voice, hope the teddy calf gets well soon, great video all round,..i didnt know you were allowed to administer medicines though, i thought only vets were allowed to do that,...Proper job..

  • Jayne Price
    Jayne Price Day ago

    Hi am I right in thinking that laminitis can kill if not treated properly the horkshire vet was on about it tonight he said it can be fatal to horses

  • peter humphries

    Why has heidi got underpants on her head,hahaha, aww, She,s a Muppet baby,,Cute a s a button bless her,...

  • Tom Cleghorn
    Tom Cleghorn Day ago

    The ginger warrior would have used his finger too open that drain he was so mad .....always amazing too learn from your dad. Thanks for sharing and we will see you in the next one

  • Freedom of Speech

    Heidi needs her own hat or t-shirt - Boom - Farm Girls Rock :)

  • James Smith
    James Smith Day ago

    Why do u have hylands do they make u money

  • edward toner
    edward toner Day ago

    Your father is a very knowable man , look after him .. best of luck

  • edward toner
    edward toner Day ago

    Scrap £30 a ton ..

  • edward toner
    edward toner Day ago

    Landrover discovery defenders are sh1te ..

  • edward toner
    edward toner Day ago

    Shoot the ducks in the drain .. taste beautiful..

  • Patrick A
    Patrick A Day ago

    Best of luck for your cow. I had to bury a calf yesterday, I'd hate to see you have to as well.

  • ubatracker1976

    Awesome video Tom !!

  • D She
    D She Day ago

    9:30 He's calling a heartfelt farewell

  • Pat Kelly
    Pat Kelly Day ago

    There is a bit of a Highland in Des I think, a hardy piece of a man:):)

  • Scott Strzadala

    I'm still wearing shorts to work 👍😂

  • marc bestley
    marc bestley Day ago

    What more do I want for my 30th Tom and the highlands, hope the cow gets well soon

  • Gerry Days
    Gerry Days Day ago

    The highlands look nice 😀

  • toby topp
    toby topp Day ago

    Probably something I shouldn’t ask, but do you have your vet and med? Because for farm assurance you have to have it now to inject and drench your animals. I’m looking to get it now.

  • Richard Llewellyn

    Is Des warm because he's doing all the hard work?

  • MichaelJ ORegan

    Could u do a q and a

  • Jimmy Johnstone

    Muddy shit all ways.

  • Andrew Davies
    Andrew Davies 2 days ago

    Were is the can am? Love your vids

  • Dave George
    Dave George 2 days ago

    Des, the man so cool he doesn’t feel the cold 🤣

  • Tom30
    Tom30 2 days ago

    Excellent video tom well done good luck with may you all do a excellent job on the farm .

  • Deb Shep
    Deb Shep 2 days ago

    Hello Heidi! And Dad and Tom! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards 2 days ago

    That guy in this video sounds just like the guy from that 1990s band The Proclaimers who sings "5 thousand miles" and "I'm on my way". I don't just mean that because they both have Scottish accents, his very particular voice sounds just like him.

  • Nooce Miller
    Nooce Miller 2 days ago

    You should have dove through the tree bagger funnel, Tom, for the video & comic effect! Maybe next year!

  • Rhys O ayy Judd
    Rhys O ayy Judd 2 days ago

    Who taught you to give injections? Love the videos!

  • Nooce Miller
    Nooce Miller 2 days ago

    Poor little May. Hope she feels better soon. I'm very fond of your Highlands from across the Atlantic!

  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards 2 days ago

    0:04 - 0:24 - those lambs are sure being affectionate with you, what friendly animals. 0:29 - 0:32 - another friendly peaceful little lamb. Please please please please please don't send animals so pure, affectionate, and peaceful to slaughter. If money's an issue, can't you just send some of the less friendly lambs to market instead? Can't you spare thosr peaceful lambs and either raise them for breeding and/or wool production? I know that not all lambs are sent to market because they need to be kept around for those reasons. Keep the kind ones. What wonderful animals

  • HardlineToe 586
    HardlineToe 586 2 days ago

    Thanks for another fantastic video Tom 👍🥳

  • Leo Manterfield
    Leo Manterfield 2 days ago

    Another great video tom always learn so much I’m very keen to learn as much as I can because I’m not from a farming family but my grandads friends all are farmers and I’ve always wanted to be every since I can remember and I’m saving up for land btw I’m 12 just got the farming bug

    • Leo Manterfield
      Leo Manterfield Day ago

      Devonian thanks

    • Devonian
      Devonian Day ago

      Land is like £10,000 acre good luck, just get a small holding and a job that isn't so hard.

  • lordof Howell
    lordof Howell 2 days ago

    As always. Brilliant video! 😁

  • zgillette1
    zgillette1 2 days ago

    Hey Tom great videos. Are you able to ship your merchandise to the USA?

  • Trevor Jarvis
    Trevor Jarvis 2 days ago

    Great vid Tom - keeping cows etc certainly keeps you busy!! I never realised how involved it could be!! You can clearly see how much you love your job!!

  • Alex the Dutch Dairyfarmer


  • Andrew Drummond
    Andrew Drummond 2 days ago

    Great video

  • DingleZilla
    DingleZilla 2 days ago

    Quite a bit of Pneumonia going about in young livestock at the moment.

  • Jamie O Driscoll
    Jamie O Driscoll 2 days ago

    Why is one black

    • terrynstasha
      terrynstasha Day ago

      Because the male that breed the Hylands that year was the same beautiful solid black color. Meg got her beautiful coloring from her father.

  • Sam KCA
    Sam KCA 2 days ago

    I know it’s a bit late but I am have been watching your older videos. Congrats on winning you must have proven so many people wrong. Have to say love your dad dancing at the end he has some legendary moves

  • Sue Henry
    Sue Henry 2 days ago

    Tom Heidi is a delight keep her around

  • joshua corlett
    joshua corlett 2 days ago

    You should get a Masterject so you do not have get the cow in every time you what Inject them love videos tom

  • Rommel Saint
    Rommel Saint 2 days ago

    Can you not get one of those spinny roundy brush things for the cows to rub against?

  • mick hedges
    mick hedges 2 days ago

    i was a farmer , once had a bet not to wear jumper / jacket all winter 1969 year i was 17 never done again, it was cold

    • mick hedges
      mick hedges Day ago

      the bet was £10 2 weeks wages then

    • Devonian
      Devonian Day ago

      Haha how much did you win? 69 was a cold year as well wasn't it? lol crazy times the year a man landed on the moon.

  • Sunnydays 1942
    Sunnydays 1942 2 days ago

    Love watching this channel..

  • Rommel Saint
    Rommel Saint 2 days ago

    The Hoof GP has said he would come and do your cows get in touch????

  • Dulcie Margaret Colton

    Hi Tom. Love ur videos. I really like life on the farm..... my mother worked on the farm for years..... Regards my fave are highland cattle.

  • Valtra 6400
    Valtra 6400 2 days ago

    Well that antibiotic job would have been a no go in the netherlands, wide spectrum antibiotics without knowing what the problem is is illeeeeegaaaaaaal anyway good job tom

    • Jimmy Johnstone
      Jimmy Johnstone Day ago

      Agreed. Dishing out wide spectrum antibiotics is what is accelerating the evolution of new strains of resistant bacteria.

  • Seamus MURPHY
    Seamus MURPHY 2 days ago

    Well done Tom hope calf gets better hopefully wormer will do its job 👍

  • Robbie Parker
    Robbie Parker 2 days ago

    Hi tom love your videos and I think you should do a farm tour about your farm for a special day

  • David Nicolson
    David Nicolson 2 days ago

    Hi Tom the highland that has the horns coming inwards like a bull well I would watch her at calving as highlands that have horns bending inwards have a tendency to not produse as much milk not saying it will happen but just keep your eye out

  • Aaron Lennon Corcoran

    Des is very warm in himself 😂

  • Dana Carter
    Dana Carter 2 days ago

    The Hoof GP sent me.

  • Reuben Beattie
    Reuben Beattie 2 days ago

    Do you watch the hoof gp

  • If shes not blue she'll not do

    "So as you can see Heidi is driving as I can drive drones" not the best track record tom not gonna lie.😂 also if you shave their backs 1 strip down the middle and 1 on either side and pour on the worker then it tends to work a lot better as it's in direct contact with skin

  • Michał R
    Michał R 2 days ago

    Dobry film

  • Kelvin Russell
    Kelvin Russell 2 days ago

    Tom I know someone that's been wanting to give you a pure bred highland bull calve it's name is Murray of Bute

  • Towanda Thedriver
    Towanda Thedriver 2 days ago

    Tom. Have you ever done a Q&A vlog? That would be cool. Like how many acres do you have ? Are you married? What is your favorite meal? Who flys your drone? Love those highland cattle. Thanks for the video.

  • Córdova ,S William.

    Blessings from méxico🍀

  • Brendan White
    Brendan White 2 days ago

    Would you think of feeding some of the hilands for killing for the shop

    • T.J. Mack
      T.J. Mack Day ago

      The GW suggested one time that Highland crossbred with Angus (I think, but probably wrong) made for beautiful meat -and Tom gave out a wee wimper at the suggestion. Safe to say Tom loves the wee hairy coos. So do I. Besides, they're probably worth more as landscape ornaments than as beef.

  • Jane Toon
    Jane Toon 2 days ago

    As they say in Derbyshire Tom she's got her lugs down still work in degrees F 101.8 is our normal any signs of rapid breathing??

  • Brittany Becker
    Brittany Becker 2 days ago

    Farming is a very hard job but it has perks, like scritchies for a fuzzy highland cow. Edit: Oh baby calf, I too get medicine by injections so I empathise.

  • G S
    G S 2 days ago

    Best video in a long time young man. Tell me if you could please. What was the fluid you sprayed on the back of your highlands?

  • Joe Stender
    Joe Stender 2 days ago

    Did you take a listen to her lungs with a stethoscope to rule out pneumonia?

    • Tom Pemberton Farm Life
      Tom Pemberton Farm Life 2 days ago

      Joe Stender I didn’t but the loxicom and norodene should hit it if it is that

    • Jane Toon
      Jane Toon 2 days ago

      I agree especially when temperature went back up slightly

  • Jesper Lindfors
    Jesper Lindfors 2 days ago

    Nice video tom! Where do you get your music from?🤔

  • meghan stein
    meghan stein 2 days ago

    Love those highlands, they are so sweet and so fluffy........