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We are leaving for a bit.
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  • Leila Akami Suzuki
    Leila Akami Suzuki 4 minutes ago

    I still like the game even if 60% of the haters hate it

  • Emmanuel Nwankwo
    Emmanuel Nwankwo 21 minute ago

    are all games for the switch lite digital

  • Assassin Panda
    Assassin Panda 38 minutes ago

    My hand just sliped on to the like button and i'm not regretting it

  • Maël St-onge Arseneau
    Maël St-onge Arseneau 51 minute ago

    Hate the comedian « talent »

  • lindseyhunt1090-GarageB

    ugh the xbox one s isnt 4k at all.. stop!!! lol

  • Indy Ronchi
    Indy Ronchi Hour ago

    Mario Maker 3 will go along side Mario Maker 2 on the switch as Mario Maker 3D

  • Ellen
    Ellen Hour ago

    2 points: Pokémon go has actually made a decent way to make coins. For each 8 hours you hold a gym you get 50 coins. So for getting items it is a lot more possible to get things without paying real money through normal play. I mean it is worth noticing that incubators are given out like candy when you first start playing but that stops fairly quickly. They give almost every other premium item through gifts or stops but not that. Not saying rate tampering is ok, just that I like games that actually give you ways to earn the pay currency which a lot don’t (or they drip feed it to the point it’s useless). Which is my second point. Animal crossing pocket camp. When that game first came 0ut leaf tickets were for a few premium items and speeding things up. But it really feels like they’ve changed that. Now almost every aspect of the game feels like it’s pushing leaf tickets. Every time you boot up the game before it lets you play you have to see the new fortune cookie loot boxes. One of my favorite things about animal crossing were the holiday events. All of the actual furniture, decor, and camp themes are behind leaf ticket walls. For the loot box items it’s 50 tickets for a single chance. Which is more than $2 worth of tickets? For a random item for a set that can still give you duplicates?? The seasonal camp sets are even worse with those being almost $10 per piece and the full set is 5 pieces. Yes the game gives you some tickets through level ups but I’ve saved tickets since I first started playing and wouldn’t even have enough to try for a whole set. That and the new garden pushes leaf tickets, the treasure trails, gullivers ship. All of it feels like it’s pushing you to buy leaf tickets. I don’t know if these changes were gradual since I only really just picked the game back up but it feels bad. Like the way they are monetizing it feels very against what animal crossing is. It supposed to be kinda chill and relaxing. I’d be fine with slow build if every single loot box set release didn’t remind me very log in “only available for x days. Get it now!” So yeh that’s my 2 cents

  • Randall Gilbert
    Randall Gilbert Hour ago

    Hey BeatEmUps here is my switch friend code sw-1635-7010-4051 I'm getting pokemon shield

  • Screw_Potato
    Screw_Potato 2 hours ago

    from just pokemon go ALONE you could get 2,325,581,395.348837 bean burritos from taco bell that's crazy BUT for all of the games in total (except for mario kart tour because you don't say what they made from that and i'm too lazy to check) you could get 2,591,550,387.596899 bean burritos!

  • MarcMarioMaster
    MarcMarioMaster 2 hours ago

    Played Pokémon GO for half a year. The concept idea was neat in a way but in my opinion it's more like some odd treasure hunt thing with a badly designed game behind it. I honestly feel like the only reason that it boomed was for that people like Pokémon that much and the mobile crowd is easy to hook on. The most fun stuff was for me to try out a raid with other people. Though would rather get together and play...Pokémon Stadium minigames (not really a competetive Pokémon player). <X3 Same with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I played it for a while and enjoyed it but for me things repeated too quickly and the odds to get the characters and stuff became more and more off over time. It was neat and I hope that at least people will consider getting the actual Animal Crossing games after having a go. I didn't like Dr. Mario. It is so vastly different from the usual games plus the whole waiting and stuff...nah. I rather take out my GameBoy game. Never played Dragalia Lost nor Fire Emblem Heroes. There also was Miitomo for mobile which I honestly found really fun. Had some amusing minigames in there and felt random and amusing. Lastly, Mario Kart Tour. I don't care at all for ingame purchases myself and have no problem with just taking the game at its core. I like it. I enjoy a bunch of the aspects and new things like grinding coins to buy new stuff in a shop, reaching new levels through EXP. and foremost, the game got reversed tracks and X versions which are like turn-any-track-into-"Excite Bike Stadium", adding ramps everywhere. There are little mini mission levels, you get to unlock stuff on an achievement board and also have daily missions. Such are pretty cool. I also don't mind it too much that people who pay might only rack up more points than myself because they got better stuff. I take my time and don't mind to not come out at first in some rankings. I just enjoy the game casually and if anything, I get happy for whenever I get to do some cool combo on a track and break my own highscore or simply get a Frenzy! with rare items (from which some are even new). I see it as a fun entry in the Mario Kart line of games and would happily see some of the positive elements found here applied to Mario Kart 9 or 10. More variations of race tracks, possibly free DLC that gives more missions and the such. I liked it already with "Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled" how there are always new Championships with characters added. In the end, I surely hope that no things like monetizations and that stuff will ever come to Switch and other Nintendo console games, will keep on having fun with the game and hope that aside from that multiplayer mode that they wanna intigrate yet that they might have some good ideas yet like including more new characters like Pauline (I don't want any more variations of Mario & Peach, Nintendo. <X3) or perhaps more types of challenges and possibly even extra options yet.

  • Zenmo
    Zenmo 3 hours ago

    I tried the first knock off Pro controllers. I would assume it varies between manufacturers but the ones I have have significant delay compared to original controllers. It's pretty much negligible in single player but can get a little annoying in multiplayer. It's still fully playable and I'd say worth it but there definitely are trade offs beyond the amiibo

  • jiggling86
    jiggling86 3 hours ago

    Oink oink

  • The Entitled Gamer
    The Entitled Gamer 3 hours ago

    Didn't buy those, because those games are obviously crap. The *"you need to play before you can tell"* logic is bullsh*t.

  • xx spacii xx
    xx spacii xx 4 hours ago

    Anyone get a Nintendo Switch ad before the video? Lol

  • Timexdistance
    Timexdistance 4 hours ago

    Seeing it in your hands when you opened it made me realize its much smaller than i initially thought. I really like that and i might need to get one eventually kinda reminds me of a gameboy!

  • Crusix Angel
    Crusix Angel 4 hours ago

    I stopped 6 hours into dragon ball because of that damn bar. On the normal and online play it's fine. But on the harder difficulty and they "extra" story mode I found the computer rubber banding so that 9 out of 10 times the CPU won the button press and when I looked into it I was right. They were called out for "rubber banding" and claimed it was to "make the experience more enjoyable and less boring". No DBH. No. That's called cheating. Literally in every sense of the word. Cheating to prolong the game play. This has forever turned me off to DBZ games in general

  • J.C. Ingledue
    J.C. Ingledue 4 hours ago

    I'll speak as someone on a budget who doesn't have a switch yet and wants one, this doesn't really appeal to me. Part of the appeal of the switch is playing smash with my friends over, and that isn't really possible on the Lite. Hopefully it sells well though. Good point as being a Gameboy replacement

  • Mic Dooleys
    Mic Dooleys 4 hours ago

    I wish you reviewed more non-switch games. I would watch more videos.

  • Straw Berryx
    Straw Berryx 5 hours ago

    Should I play xenoblade 2 before getting this one?

  • Shane Chipman
    Shane Chipman 6 hours ago

    IMO 1. Ocarina of time ( arguably the greatest game of all time) 2. Majoras mask ( the darkest in the series) 3. Link to the past ( first Zelda game I ever played) 4. Wind waker ( gets a lot of hate for cell shaded graphics but unbelievably fun) 5. Breath of the wild ( breathed new life into the series

  • Ginoo
    Ginoo 7 hours ago

    Other than this... RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!

  • Picasso Black
    Picasso Black 8 hours ago

    If the game is going to scale to my level...then what's the point of leveling up?

  • Mikhael Leadain
    Mikhael Leadain 8 hours ago


  • jj is me
    jj is me 8 hours ago

    So we drove them to making Mario Cart tour the way they did... *WE SUCK*

  • joesaiditstrue
    joesaiditstrue 9 hours ago

    this game is incredible, I havent had these kind of sleepless nights from a JRPG since FF6

  • Connor Baldczus
    Connor Baldczus 9 hours ago

    That was so funny and it was cute how happy you were about so simple things 😂 I actually want to see more of it 😁👌

  • Luigi Gamer
    Luigi Gamer 9 hours ago

    Are you gonna do switch lite Wood?

  • אופיר לב
    אופיר לב 10 hours ago Share this with everyone you know

  • Ran Mouri
    Ran Mouri 10 hours ago

    I played Deamon X Machina demo 2x already but I'm never gonna get the real game cuz there are lots I dislike about the demo version

  • Harsh Vaghela
    Harsh Vaghela 10 hours ago

    Nintendo is letting die hard fans down.

  • ill kid
    ill kid 10 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me what kind of pop filter that is ? @beatemups

  • Derrick Ngo
    Derrick Ngo 11 hours ago

    Hey, I was wondering if you could do a video about which games you should get for a Switch lite

  • Mónica Pastor
    Mónica Pastor 11 hours ago

    Esta super interesante el tema y veo tu punto, lo unico que no me.gusto para nada en Mario tour fue saber que juegas contra nombres de jugadores generados automaticamente 😔 #disappointing....Por ultimo aunque la estadistiga diga que tienes 1% de chance de conseguir a Mario, en realidad no son tan complicados de obtener no necesitas 100 disparos, en mi caso en la primera semana que jugué acumule los diamantes hasta tener 45 y usar los 10 diaparos. Lo que mas obtuve fueron personajes casi no tengo sliders y consegui a Metal Mario que esta super cool, no gaste nada 🤷🏻‍♀️.

  • Biohybrid _
    Biohybrid _ 11 hours ago

    I remember when you had 14k subs and now you're exploding!! It's crazy! Lol

  • lisa wunder
    lisa wunder 12 hours ago

    The oven mitt is the worst accessory lol

  • Black Rose Duelist
    Black Rose Duelist 12 hours ago

    18 x 60$ = $1080 = gamers dealing drugs to support their nasty addiction

  • Cheery Blossom
    Cheery Blossom 12 hours ago


  • Excalibur01
    Excalibur01 12 hours ago

    Needs to port ALL the Fire Emblem games that haven't already been ported and the 2 from the Wii We need ports of Wind Waker and Skyward sword And I would LOVE Mass Effect 1-3 as a bundle with all DLCs

  • Excalibur01
    Excalibur01 12 hours ago

    Pretty sure Tokyo Mirage session IS gonna be ported

  • evaders doom
    evaders doom 12 hours ago


  • Some random person’s account

    But chibi robo ziplash wasn’t fun.

  • Nicholas Bersito
    Nicholas Bersito 13 hours ago

    Great video 👍👍 this was very helpful if your getting get the new switch model

  • Livingamer29
    Livingamer29 13 hours ago

    8:48 Anyone know what game that id

  • Livingamer29
    Livingamer29 13 hours ago

    What game was he playing in this video

  • Nicholas Bersito
    Nicholas Bersito 13 hours ago

    I feel like it’s a Nintendo switch with tiny improvements added to it for the same price you can see Nintendo didn’t make this look much different so you know when your buying it your not getting much over the older model

  • Radioactive supersavage

    I'm not getting it because I'm gonna be a joycon boy for life.

  • Gavin Walker
    Gavin Walker 13 hours ago

    nice video!

  • Tamaki Kakashi Asakura Suou

    Dear Wood, i bought Dragon Ball heroes purely because i love dragon ball and because the special edition came with the Physical cards for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game (Awesome Gogeta cards), the thing is, while i don't really understand the game to be honest and i play it when i'm in the go (You can play it enterily by touch screen), the game being so chill that is nice just to have that strategy out there... But here's the thing, the story mode is the EASIEST of modes in the game, i've read guides to understand the game, and both of the guides i read were entirely to have a chance to beat the other modes since Story Mode, and i quote, "It's pretty easy and intuitive, you just have to be careful with stamina and that's it, in the other modes every move counts"

  • Omega Killer
    Omega Killer 14 hours ago

    I have a msi laptop too 😍

  • Ian Santiago
    Ian Santiago 14 hours ago

    Yeah,that voice chat thing in dbd with friends is dumb.

  • Payton Sherron
    Payton Sherron 14 hours ago


  • Victor Guadarama
    Victor Guadarama 14 hours ago

    He acts like PewDiePie but in his original way (I like that)

  • Qaddosh
    Qaddosh 15 hours ago

    I am wondering what you think of Dragon Quest XI S. I personally love it.

  • Gonzalo Android
    Gonzalo Android 15 hours ago

    Don't forfet that mario odyssey WANTS you to do glitches if you do glitches mario odyssey rewards you with a TON OF COINS like they knew you would do this and breath of the wild didn't do the same thing Though i love them both

  • ACWells13
    ACWells13 15 hours ago

    Honestly, the Amiibo cashgrab was pretty upsetting to me. To get every amiibo on BotW (plus a switch) was like £900. I can't afford a switch- I could probably stretch to the console but not with another £50 per game and no backwards compatability. I used to get all the games on release- but I've given that up. I was also quite upset when BotW was delayed, allegedly because it wasn't ready, but eventually it became apparent that they were just holding it back to be a switch release title- a move which I didn't appreciate as the inventory and sheikh slate were clearly designed to be used with the Wii U Gamepad. Plus with the advent of online games, pre-owned games aren't declining in price, and Nintendo are still pricing 10 year old releases at full price on the online stores :( I'm priced out of it, which is a shame, because Zelda and Mario are pretty much my favourite games, as well as stuff like Animal Crossing.

  • unelune
    unelune 15 hours ago

    Your videos would be a lot more interesting if you would stop acting the way you do. You may think that this clown behavior is what makes your channel great but it doesn't. You would have a lot more people following you if you would stop acting like a clown. I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm trying to help you.

  • TurtLe Comic Reviews
    TurtLe Comic Reviews 15 hours ago

    majority of Dead by daylights community is toxic. Not all of them. Most of them.

  • John Ronel Gomez
    John Ronel Gomez 15 hours ago

    I want to support Daemon X Machina. So we can have more games in that Genre. I miss playing AC with my cousins.

  • Patrícia Graça
    Patrícia Graça 15 hours ago

    I'm sad I just saw this video right now. I can't believe I turned on TheXvid to see reviews on Nintendo switch lite and ended up seeing this. You're amazing. Don't you ever stop! I just wished I could had donate. Thank you for the support! Not quite happy, but I'm getting there and you just gave me more hope. Thank you again and a big hug from Portugal for you and kim

  • Z Vlogs & Gaming
    Z Vlogs & Gaming 16 hours ago

    Before it showed that you got sponsored, I actually thought you got scammed.

  • R.O.B loves to hack N64

    You can get official different color joy-con straps

  • Piga Chu
    Piga Chu 16 hours ago

    If Nintendo followed sony steps it would be way more sucessful not having voice chat and themes is really stupid

  • Piga Chu
    Piga Chu 16 hours ago

    See i beleive there are games for every one like he likes league of legends and i totally hate moba games

  • MR. COCO
    MR. COCO 16 hours ago

    10s comments challenge 😁

  • Dino Plays
    Dino Plays 16 hours ago


  • Sharky Playz
    Sharky Playz 16 hours ago

    Zelda is way better but Mario is still great

  • JimH
    JimH 17 hours ago

    Wanna get easy incubators for technically free? Use Google Rewards. Get free money there. Done.

  • Olivia Elizabeth
    Olivia Elizabeth 17 hours ago

    You should absolutely play the Blue Lions route. I have played all 3 of the house leader routes (haven’t played church route yet) and Dimitri is just the most interesting character in the game, of course in my opinion. He’s not always the most happy fun time character (which is something I love Claude for, he’s just not as serious and doesn’t have as many heavy issues as the other 2 leaders) but dimitri’s journey is SO interesting. And the scene with him at the immediate beginning of part two is just heartbreaking. One of my favorite and most impactful moments in a game I’ve ever played.

  • nike fan308
    nike fan308 17 hours ago

    The Switch lite would be better if it didn’t drift :(

  • Die Farron's
    Die Farron's 17 hours ago

    this is not a Clone , Fanboy Idiot, They only use the same graphic , you complain even if 2 cups has the same material ?

  • icessoup
    icessoup 17 hours ago

    Nintendo also doesnt allow any of these games in certain countries, like mine. Im 2 hours from UK - There are quite a few countries that for some reason are blocked. I know i wouldve bought Mario Run and played most of those games, if i could

  • Piga Chu
    Piga Chu 18 hours ago

    This is not exceptable Wtf just rip off

  • Daniel North
    Daniel North 18 hours ago

    I think it was great to hear about other games on different systems. At the end of the day I watch your channel because I enjoy your sense of humour and take an interest in the games you review, it doesn’t matter to me what system it’s on.

  • DonnyM78
    DonnyM78 18 hours ago

    Yeah see I felt the opposite I like dead by daylight better than Friday the 13th are both good games but

  • Paradox Gaming
    Paradox Gaming 18 hours ago

    Bruh i can get a switch for 99 cheaper

  • Gpcas9
    Gpcas9 19 hours ago

    I have played Mario Kart Tour for the last 3 Weeks and it was fairly obvious that it is pay to win. I manage to win nearly every race with a perfect 1st. But that is not enough. You have to make more points to progress. And that poinst are not debendent on your skills. The dependent on your multiplactors. And you can only achive thes bonus points by getting a top tier Driver,Kart,and glider. But a view of the top tier drivers are the 1% ones. No alternatives! And when you got lucky and got some of the top tier drivers in the first tour, the add another bunch of drivers in the second tour and your 1% top tier driever aren´t worth anything anymore!!! I´m a grindy type of player and still get some fun out of unfair playsystems (mostly I get my kicks out of beeing quite OK without paying any money) but this does it for me. Thie sis so on the nose, it´s no fun to support such a game with even my playtime. I stopped today.

  • Frank Lavoielacté
    Frank Lavoielacté 19 hours ago

    polices in canada do this also it hapenned to me same kind of thing with a false proof.

  • Deion Greenaway
    Deion Greenaway 19 hours ago

    I try orange and. White 2dsxl with mario Kart 7 on that😒💢?

  • Deion Greenaway
    Deion Greenaway 19 hours ago

    😒and you tell me this because and i ready white

    WPG’S MUSIC 19 hours ago

    Play a game on Apple Arcade and pair a controller. I want to see his reactions to thee quality of the games

  • Anigeek 1246
    Anigeek 1246 19 hours ago

    Hi past BeatEmUps you should get the switch, trust me.