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  • Exo- L
    Exo- L 7 days ago

    Don't touch a single hair on my body Very D.O thing to say Only Kai can touch him 🖤

  • korean film exobts
    korean film exobts 15 days ago


  • lil haokip
    lil haokip 16 days ago

    i love both of them...

  • Nabia Saher
    Nabia Saher 17 days ago

    Such a nice edit ❤️

  • beyza .gorur
    beyza .gorur Month ago

    shindong is fat

  • نهنوك خوخه

    Shindong oppa the best 😉💙


    I don't know why but everytime Won Deuk(Kyungsoo)says ''OHO'' I laugh so hard XD

  • maria medina.
    maria medina. Month ago


  • Rara Syah
    Rara Syah 2 months ago

    Funny and handsome

  • Bellanna Rośe
    Bellanna Rośe 2 months ago

    I am a ELFs from twins and iKONICS from WIN! Proud fan here!

  • edella yk
    edella yk 3 months ago

    Whoa Shindong!

  • beekyoon
    beekyoon 3 months ago

    'jigeum namanbulpyeonhanga'

  • Joshua Cruda
    Joshua Cruda 3 months ago

    Am i the only one who feel uncomfortable??????

  • Fasilatu Yacubu
    Fasilatu Yacubu 3 months ago

    Friend is about to take my chip Me :*slaps hand * Oho

  • Erikdinha Vargas
    Erikdinha Vargas 4 months ago

    Cuando llevas preparando tu talento durante semanas y luego llega Shin King con su free style jajajaja 💙💙😍🇲🇽

  • Ajie Afianto
    Ajie Afianto 4 months ago

    my new Idol....Shindong Suju!!!!!!!!!

  • Snow Choi
    Snow Choi 4 months ago

    That's our beloved Shin DongHee!! ☺💙

  • E.verLasting
    E.verLasting 4 months ago

    Shin DongHee rocking the stage 😂😚💙

  • Pearl Pink
    Pearl Pink 4 months ago

    Dat y SM choose him..:)

  • Yasyifaa Kalyca Risaputri


  • R. Tee
    R. Tee 5 months ago

    June in his 20s and Shindong on his 30s 🎉🙌👌Uri Shindongie never grows old. I'm an ELF who's very fond of iKon as well. iKon are really talented boys. Just like our SuJu ajusshi. SuJu & iKon fighting. 💙❤️

  • elsie dimot
    elsie dimot 5 months ago

    Awe dearrr😂😂

  • sOOaDOrable KyuNgsOo
    sOOaDOrable KyuNgsOo 5 months ago

    I miss Kyungsoo 😭 😭

  • christina finas
    christina finas 5 months ago

    i love 🤣🤣🤣

  • GeometryDash Ternity
    GeometryDash Ternity 5 months ago


  • Kyu Min
    Kyu Min 5 months ago


  • manasa settivari
    manasa settivari 5 months ago

    Always best shinding best one can't beat him

  • zl249
    zl249 5 months ago

    Kang ho dong being proud of suju members as always

  • noza.
    noza. 5 months ago

    I never knew I could fall in love with a person just with a single "oho"

  • Jho Vita
    Jho Vita 5 months ago

    OHOo lucu beuuud... 😂😂

  • Janet Wong
    Janet Wong 5 months ago

    Shindong dances much better with more emotion on it

  • Yhe Elf
    Yhe Elf 5 months ago

    Shindong ♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍 shin shin shin

  • ahn nah mi
    ahn nah mi 5 months ago

    Suho brought me here again🤣🤣🤣

  • Tiyas Widya Septiana
    Tiyas Widya Septiana 6 months ago

    what is the show name?

  • 3ple C
    3ple C 6 months ago


    MERCEDITA RANOCO 6 months ago

    Shindong the best

  • Eugene Zevanya
    Eugene Zevanya 7 months ago

    shindong show even fat people can dance very well same like me iam been mocked because iam fat but i show the that i can do alot thing

  • Nur Efsan
    Nur Efsan 7 months ago


  • Benjo Benjo
    Benjo Benjo 7 months ago

    And thats haw i become an exo fan.... Yup kyungsoo's charm

  • Don't Mess Up My Kyungsoo


  • Phuong Tong
    Phuong Tong 8 months ago

    Donghee oppa >< love him

  • rose prk
    rose prk 8 months ago

    One dislike from D.O, "He feels uncomfortable".

  • Akuro Hu
    Akuro Hu 8 months ago

    How about Master Park’s “That’s extreme” line?

  • Noha N
    Noha N 8 months ago

    junhee WASTED lol people really under appreciate shindong

  • Madam Nour
    Madam Nour 8 months ago

    Thank you so much. I love it!

  • EXO-L, ARMY Forever
    EXO-L, ARMY Forever 8 months ago

    Idiot, indeed

  • arhoniJongdae'wife jungio

    Am I the only one feeling uncomfortable here?? 😂😂😂 I guess no.

  • Tae tae
    Tae tae 8 months ago

    I need full ep uncomfortable complication. 😂

  • Sj forever SJ
    Sj forever SJ 8 months ago

    Shin king

  • Rayene Bns
    Rayene Bns 9 months ago

    So good 😍😍

  • Fyfaa Khairuddin
    Fyfaa Khairuddin 9 months ago

    the first thing i missed right after the show end 😂 thanks for the compilation

    KUNWI CODE 9 months ago

    บังอาจ!!! คำนี้นางพูดอยู่ทั้งเรื่อง 5555

  • Mel
    Mel 9 months ago

    Junhoe destroyed

  • Fatimah Syahputra
    Fatimah Syahputra 10 months ago


  • ELF in N-City
    ELF in N-City 10 months ago

    People tend to look down on shindong as a dancer a lot, but I'm telling you, he is not a person to be looked down upon! He can blow you away with his talent!! Junhee did great too!

    • john tran
      john tran 5 months ago

      ELF in N-City cause they based on his appearance only

    • kurogane2kuromine
      kurogane2kuromine 5 months ago

      Which is weird to me. He's one of the best dance in SJ, along with Eunhyuk. Also, it's amazing that he could dance with that kind precision, considering his mass

  • Kimheechul Super Junior


  • MeOo MeOo
    MeOo MeOo 10 months ago


  • Sandra Darko
    Sandra Darko 10 months ago

    I love dat statement soo much 😀😀 everything and everyone is always making him feel uncomfortable 😂😂

  • Fatima Dominique Nazareno

    ❤❤YoonTeuk always ❤❤

  • Rhu Riv
    Rhu Riv 10 months ago

    wow the effort ... i cant move on hahaha

  • KingSoo O.O
    KingSoo O.O 10 months ago

  • Selina
    Selina 10 months ago

    Best video on the internet 😂💓 The second must be ‘OHO’ video 😂

    • Kpop Shenanigan
      Kpop Shenanigan 10 months ago

      Selina check my channel, already uploaded the 'oho' compilation 😊

  • Ann
    Ann 10 months ago

    I was looking for this but I never expected to have a compilation.

  • oshlaus
    oshlaus 10 months ago

    Kyungsoo so funny shsjs

  • Ariana Berry
    Ariana Berry 11 months ago

    LMAO Im glad for whoever made this!! I will watch it everyday to make me smile. Lmao he said it again in episode 14 by the way

  • Mimi assez
    Mimi assez 11 months ago

    I like this part hahaha...😂😂 everything uncomfortable😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pak Sheet
    Pak Sheet 11 months ago

    kim heechul plus the cow hahahahaha then the chicken happen hahahaha

  • D M
    D M 11 months ago

    Thanks so much for uploading this! Do you know what the name of the show is?

  • Indah Sinarwahju
    Indah Sinarwahju 11 months ago

    D.O. soooo cute

  • Marivel Gozo
    Marivel Gozo 11 months ago


  • kyungsoo _01293
    kyungsoo _01293 11 months ago

    This line is really uncomfortable😁😍

  • Novita Sijabat
    Novita Sijabat 11 months ago

    😂the iconic line "uncomfortable" become famous word

  • A_mira aris
    A_mira aris 11 months ago

    Before we had "whats wrong with secretary kim" and now we had "why the crown prince is the only one who felt uncomfortable" 😂 yeah the drama should be name that instead of 100 days my Prince just kidding.....

  • Mega Parura
    Mega Parura 11 months ago

    This makes me uncomfortable in a good way

  • ahjumma 321
    ahjumma 321 11 months ago

    Most famous line in this drama😂😂😂

  • Serenay Işıklı
    Serenay Işıklı 11 months ago

    Please make oh-hos too😂😆

  • Prila Arizki
    Prila Arizki 11 months ago


  • Silly For me
    Silly For me 11 months ago

    Lol lol lol

  • kristina -
    kristina - 11 months ago

    every time you say "oohh" and "yes" "wow", i'm hearing something else. i'm so perv HAHAHAHHAHA

  • endlessjoy
    endlessjoy 11 months ago

    Donghee oppa, fighting!!!