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  • Eva Ker-ramsay
    Eva Ker-ramsay 6 hours ago

    I love this love you your biggest fan is here

  • Ella Propella
    Ella Propella 6 hours ago

    OMG 😱 Cool 😎 i Love you Wengie 💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💕💗💓💞💝💖🖤

  • DaphneGhostpuppy1122 Wheretheteaspills

    2:19 did anyone notice that Wengie turned into Wendie ?

  • Ailah Thorne
    Ailah Thorne 6 hours ago

    yay I know japanese :3

  • Winterstar2468
    Winterstar2468 6 hours ago

    Yess It’s out!!! And those r some sick shades btw

  • Amanda Zhen
    Amanda Zhen 6 hours ago

    Sooooo cuteeee~!

  • Izzy YT
    Izzy YT 6 hours ago

    TALK TALK lol

  • Anisah T
    Anisah T 6 hours ago


  • Sabeeka Ahmad
    Sabeeka Ahmad 6 hours ago

    Who's here before 50k views?????

  • Gekotune Yuka - British Virutal Youtuber

    Now she better do a collab with Hatsune Miku

  • Isauvok
    Isauvok 7 hours ago

    I cant hear eill ...

  • ⊙CloudyLilac⊙
    ⊙CloudyLilac⊙ 7 hours ago

    It is amazing, even though I can not understand japanese

  • Alveena Khan
    Alveena Khan 7 hours ago

    Omg I’m so early

  • WinterJazz
    WinterJazz 7 hours ago

    So cool! Also, I love them sunglasses 😍

  • Наtty Ville
    Наtty Ville 7 hours ago

    Yup new fav song right here

  • mckenzie 123
    mckenzie 123 7 hours ago

    This is basically kpop but in english sooooo Yeahhhh a kpop song I can actually understand

  • Twinkle Chandra
    Twinkle Chandra 7 hours ago

    Mom: what are you watching? Me: somthing educational Mom: *looks at the video* THAT ISNT EDUCATIONAL Me: it has wengie in it.. Mom: OOOH YAY CAN I WATCH

  • Avia Eliav
    Avia Eliav 7 hours ago

    Love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Meztly Escobedo
    Meztly Escobedo 7 hours ago

    i like this song becuse wengies dance moves she is the best dancer she copes my dance moves

  • Polina Gorlova
    Polina Gorlova 7 hours ago

    I love this version!

  • Ben Ramey
    Ben Ramey 7 hours ago

    I love the pink

    MICHELLE CHEN 7 hours ago

    I LOVE (G)-idle and wengie

  • Ishrat Najibah
    Ishrat Najibah 7 hours ago


  • linmeini
    linmeini 7 hours ago

    Max will not like these outfits 😂😂 Ilysm Wengie!

  • DarkLight
    DarkLight 7 hours ago

    Her japanese is soooo good, ありがと ウェンギエ-さん

  • Yisus
    Yisus 7 hours ago

    Que cuuuute♡

  • Juniper Playzz
    Juniper Playzz 7 hours ago

    I <3 it! Like if you do too :3

  • Lily Does Gacha
    Lily Does Gacha 7 hours ago

    OMG I love it So cool Love you Wengie!

  • Ashley Xu
    Ashley Xu 7 hours ago

    Beautiful... rainbow... cotton.. candy.. Beautiful. Kawaii. Places!!!

  • Sivanithy Paran
    Sivanithy Paran 7 hours ago

    *when you don't what to comment-*

  • void77 for life
    void77 for life 7 hours ago

    The girl with the bangs looks ugly🤮 that I almost vomited

  • Classic Claire
    Classic Claire 7 hours ago

    Me: Japanese is very similar to English Med in second half: 😅

  • Lily-Rose Hill
    Lily-Rose Hill 7 hours ago

    It's really cool 😎

  • Heather Barron-Galvan

    I see Kawaii Monster Cafe and I died

  • Kylee Truong
    Kylee Truong 7 hours ago

    We need a korean version for peoples K pop addiction

  • Jovi Johnson
    Jovi Johnson 7 hours ago


  • Dayle Malacas
    Dayle Malacas 7 hours ago

    2:22 DAEWANG frm PINK FANTASY!🐰😂

  • Ellaaa_ Armeee
    Ellaaa_ Armeee 7 hours ago

    Aww she’s so cute

  • D.T. Guerrero
    D.T. Guerrero 7 hours ago

    This video was really good, and cute!

  • LaTasha Person
    LaTasha Person 7 hours ago

    Wengie what have u come to a inappropriate person like if you saw that one second she half twerked

  • Silent Potato
    Silent Potato 7 hours ago

    Most Japanese versions of English songs is Half and Half. unlike Korean where its mostly Korean and less English. Super Kawaii thooo☺️

  • Bethany D'Souza
    Bethany D'Souza 7 hours ago

    I've been subscribed since 2015-14 and I miss old Wengie. Now to me she's som j or kpop wannabe. :(

  • Kona Cole
    Kona Cole 7 hours ago

    She gives me black pink rosé vibes 😂

  • I'm your blackjack venus

    I think your plan is singing in every language

  • Sherlyn Aguilar Perez

    Who is watching this in 2019

    JASMINE JIANG 7 hours ago

    I thought it would be in Japanese like empire

  • James Flanagan
    James Flanagan 7 hours ago

    Ooooo I like this music vid Wengie ♥️

  • Greed
    Greed 7 hours ago

    Okay but can we talk bout dem glasses? DEM GLASSES FIRE 🔥

  • ChiChi Lashley
    ChiChi Lashley 7 hours ago

    Who else saw the shirt that said no sexual services? No just me.... Ok

  • Shalaura Tyson-Griffin

    It's catchy!🎄☃💖

  • Leana Santos
    Leana Santos 7 hours ago

    Why did I actually think the whole song will be japanese like 🤔

  • Kathy Land
    Kathy Land 7 hours ago

    Oof I'm dead

  • Just Cats22 The Once

    First Korean sing now Japanese song.. Wengie is now a Kpop idol!

  • Darry Hatley
    Darry Hatley 7 hours ago

    Loveeee itttt --------------------

  • Avakin Familia
    Avakin Familia 7 hours ago

    this is one of my favorite songs

  • Ava Waddle
    Ava Waddle 7 hours ago

    Wengie had a beautiful voice

  • Rebecca Armstrong
    Rebecca Armstrong 8 hours ago

    omg im a big fan ps. this is rebeca daghter

  • Gabriella Lazarus
    Gabriella Lazarus 8 hours ago

    Wasn't this already a song Wengie? I'm hella confused

    • Gabriella Lazarus
      Gabriella Lazarus 7 hours ago

      @Amber's Art AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Thanks

    • Amber's Art
      Amber's Art 7 hours ago

      Yes, it was. She just wanted to make a Japanese ver.

  • Nail Husayn
    Nail Husayn 8 hours ago


  • Haylee Uren
    Haylee Uren 8 hours ago

    Wengie's clip:CHILL Meh: NU I GOT LIFE AND HYPE! YeEt Hey wengie,on you're main channel can u pls play roblox? PWEASE? Just one video? Okie fineeee I know she won't see dis but I want to see her play roblox or Minecraft! 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Amora Xox
    Amora Xox 8 hours ago


  • 주진
    주진 8 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Jeon Jungkook's Kookie

    I'm not first I'm not last But I am early enough to tell everyone that you are special and be yourself

  • Kara Le Roux
    Kara Le Roux 8 hours ago

    Earlyyy! Wengie pls reply❤

  • Esmeralda
    Esmeralda 8 hours ago


  • nyanxbabie 4
    nyanxbabie 4 8 hours ago

    Omggg uwu

  • Tsinari Khmiadashvili


  • Blanka Tuznik
    Blanka Tuznik 8 hours ago


  • Snowy
    Snowy 8 hours ago

    I’m legit crying over this. Everything about this is amazing. Wengie ~ you are so inspirational and I love you so much 💕 💗

  • Kitty gamer girl
    Kitty gamer girl 8 hours ago

    I was to busy dancing to this than watching 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Coups' Girl
    Coups' Girl 8 hours ago

    We stan a Multilingual Queen! ❤️👑

  • Viktória Szük
    Viktória Szük 8 hours ago

    My favourite song 🤩🤩

  • GalaxyCat naz
    GalaxyCat naz 8 hours ago


  • Farzana Islam
    Farzana Islam 8 hours ago

    Wow this is so amazing! I think you should make a Chinese song too. It would be great too.😍

  • Mick BB
    Mick BB 8 hours ago

    She looks sweet but badass at the same time 🔥

  • Sumiah Chowdhury
    Sumiah Chowdhury 8 hours ago

    Love the Japanese version of talk talk

  • Mariyam Faiha
    Mariyam Faiha 8 hours ago

    .............. im speechless

    BTS ARMY 8 hours ago

    Now all we need is Max to react to this:)

  • A cup of tea with some suga And a kookie BTS army

    Who wants max to react to this ?

  • Joy T
    Joy T 8 hours ago

    Can you do another Chinese song (╹◡╹)♡

  • Sakshi Kabra
    Sakshi Kabra 8 hours ago

    Omg.....the outfits are so good!!!

  • Monicah Gikknyo
    Monicah Gikknyo 8 hours ago

    This or empire can't disid

  • DustinePlaysRoblox HD

    I honestly almost forgot about this!!!

  • Musfirah Atif
    Musfirah Atif 8 hours ago

    Omg I didn't know it was coming wengiee

  • Ksushi Lul
    Ksushi Lul 8 hours ago


  • B Cuadra
    B Cuadra 8 hours ago


  • GIE Red
    GIE Red 8 hours ago

    Here’s proof that you were here before 6m views l l V

  • Krishanth Sujee
    Krishanth Sujee 8 hours ago


  • Julnar Alaga
    Julnar Alaga 8 hours ago

    I’m late but that is cool keep it up 😊

  • Sanskriti Bhatia
    Sanskriti Bhatia 9 hours ago


  • Sniper Smoothie
    Sniper Smoothie 9 hours ago

    I love it also you and the athother girl are so pretty

  • OMG! I’m not Wengie!!!

    Loving the hair Wengie! Can you do an English version of Oh I Do?

  • Veda Vathi
    Veda Vathi 9 hours ago

    Awww..... You guys look so cuteeee! This is on the same level as the original probably better And wengie how many languages do you know?

  • Royalty Royals
    Royalty Royals 9 hours ago

    Wow amazing

  • Melissa Phelps
    Melissa Phelps 9 hours ago

    OMG this was so cute😊❤️😍

  • Madelynn Le
    Madelynn Le 9 hours ago


  • Rori Strick
    Rori Strick 9 hours ago

    That. Yellow bunny looks like Pikachu melted

  • _Cookies & Creams plays_

    Wengie spoiled us a :')

  • Gabriela Chang Ping-Nions

    The mv so aesthetic ✨💕💖