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The Perfect THICK Steak
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Egg Fried Rice - CHIBA Japan
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  • Кира Огородная

    Фу как можно есть то что они трогали голыми руками🤢

  • Kevin Salazar
    Kevin Salazar 4 hours ago

    $3500.00 MXN en un trocito de carne

  • Joel Nagy
    Joel Nagy 5 hours ago

    I am watching while eating a fried chicken tv dinner

  • 呂學斌
    呂學斌 6 hours ago


  • Ronald Condes David
    Ronald Condes David 6 hours ago

    I miss chahan

  • 呂學斌
    呂學斌 6 hours ago


  • haquu _
    haquu _ 6 hours ago

    fact: you did not search for this video

  • odon
    odon 6 hours ago

    Jesus! Just a piece of fatty meat. In Japan where there is no land to raise a cattle, obviously cows are rare and eating real meat is just an affordable and luxury thing for riches! It is paradise compare to the different insects they eat from polluted oceans.

  • Christopher Benk
    Christopher Benk 6 hours ago

    There is no such thing as a perfect well done steak.

  • Peter Devlin
    Peter Devlin 6 hours ago

    Oil and pepper and spices and cut to tiny cubes and more oil and spices and garnish...holy cow, just grill the dang thing.

  • Алексей Горчаков

    Продавец жизненной энергии, позитива и вкусной еды!)

  • Sombra S.
    Sombra S. 7 hours ago

    Brazilian food it's very better!

  • Joe Keable
    Joe Keable 7 hours ago

    Did he just make a steakwich with Japan's most expensive steak? Surely it should be onion rings and a field mushroom.

  • Big Styx
    Big Styx 8 hours ago

    Man who walk through door sideways Bangcock!

    OMPRAKASH MEENA 8 hours ago


  • Raymond Racoma
    Raymond Racoma 8 hours ago

    I would have died in hunger just waiting for the first chef to finish cooking the fried rice in front of me

  • BA A
    BA A 8 hours ago

    Chef should do asmr

  • Anmol Thapa
    Anmol Thapa 8 hours ago

    Anmol thapa

  • Нурбек Сарсенов

    Не понял зачем вообще было жарить,надо было сразу хавать

  • Eric Lindal
    Eric Lindal 8 hours ago


  • Prescilla mendoza
    Prescilla mendoza 8 hours ago

    Before cooking : rare meat After cooking : looks like meatloaf

  • pani kan
    pani kan 8 hours ago

    In Japanese, "well done” is translated bose as ”well gurilled" and as "good job” A5 Wagyu "good job" ??????

  • っw w
    っw w 9 hours ago

    Kobe beef is better than salt bae's meat

  • RaiDer Bro
    RaiDer Bro 9 hours ago

    Кто то пытается выживать месяц на тысячу, а тут человек просто пообедал за 14к

  • Canh Nguyen
    Canh Nguyen 9 hours ago

    Ngon quá

  • g1vemeshelter
    g1vemeshelter 9 hours ago

    forced feeding foie gras and live shrimp cooking ...

  • Aquila
    Aquila 9 hours ago

    Why well done? Its like ruining a steak

  • Laljee Yadav
    Laljee Yadav 9 hours ago


  • DarwinHD
    DarwinHD 10 hours ago

    I would have used butter instead of oil

  • Marcelinho Oliveira
    Marcelinho Oliveira 10 hours ago

    Pais comunista o povo padece que país miserável.

  • Boogy Man
    Boogy Man 10 hours ago

    Probably the best unintentional ASMR video I've seen

  • MICHL GameR
    MICHL GameR 11 hours ago

    The rarest garlic in the world

  • manabu yajima
    manabu yajima 11 hours ago


  • Rojan Chhantyal
    Rojan Chhantyal 11 hours ago

    Plz glove used

  • Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller 11 hours ago

    Cold veggys with your main? 220?

  • محمد صادق
    محمد صادق 11 hours ago

    Is a fish

  • tashi kun
    tashi kun 11 hours ago

    Ur gonna poop it anyway..

  • Lady Easter ZACHI
    Lady Easter ZACHI 11 hours ago

    You are a delight to watch

  • Charlie Dreams
    Charlie Dreams 12 hours ago

    This Salvadorean 🇸🇻 wants to travel one day to Jamaica 🇯🇲

  • Armaugedon Arma
    Armaugedon Arma 13 hours ago

    It’s sad how much money they charge for meat it’s robbery

  • Numb Gamer
    Numb Gamer 13 hours ago

    Maybe next time serving such ' luxurious ' meal, how about cut the shrimp's head first so you won't torture a life?

  • Khalid Alali
    Khalid Alali 14 hours ago

  • 1958PonyBoy
    1958PonyBoy 14 hours ago

    Well, there wasn't much question if the seafood was fresh.

  • Punk1019
    Punk1019 14 hours ago

    You could probably eat that bitch raw it's such high quality and clean

    CAPITAL DBUZ 14 hours ago

    Because piking the shrimp through the head and killing it before cooking gives it that much less flavor?

  • Prakash Marbate
    Prakash Marbate 15 hours ago


  • Don gatoton
    Don gatoton 15 hours ago

    Recomendación nunca prepares en fuente de metal. Por el limón

  • Nurul Aini
    Nurul Aini 15 hours ago

    Yang orang indonesia like

  • Onur Zincircioglu
    Onur Zincircioglu 15 hours ago

    Looks like their portions are much bigger than their European counterparts.

  • شفيق الابيض
    شفيق الابيض 15 hours ago


  • Jhon Dumaop
    Jhon Dumaop 16 hours ago

    Video : street food tamagoyaki Comment : two women can't use chopsticks.

  • Yadin Maca
    Yadin Maca 16 hours ago

    guess what... chef made bank😅

  • Rooee02 Rooee01
    Rooee02 Rooee01 17 hours ago


  • lori sims
    lori sims 17 hours ago

    Can't wait until my September trip!😁 eat and eat more...

  • TT Pillster
    TT Pillster 17 hours ago

    I like the shrimp with marijuana dish! Devine

  • MrRandomhugo
    MrRandomhugo 18 hours ago

    I can hear the buzzing from the light bulbs in the restaurant.

  • Terry Wilson
    Terry Wilson 18 hours ago

    Ok that little fuckers still alive not cool

  • Marfot Sk
    Marfot Sk 18 hours ago


  • John Dicks
    John Dicks 18 hours ago


  • MrYutbe57
    MrYutbe57 18 hours ago

    If there is anyone in this comment section who actually prefers their steak well done to medium or rare then you can go. Leave. And never return.

  • Rollin Cat
    Rollin Cat 18 hours ago

    정말 맛있어 보여요~😍

  • Jason Baylor
    Jason Baylor 18 hours ago

    Thees eez the rarest esteak... PAUSE... In the world (any grand tour fans out there)

  • Chryon
    Chryon 18 hours ago

    Aden stop we’re sorry

  • Valentino Perrucci
    Valentino Perrucci 18 hours ago

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  • Travis Holbrook
    Travis Holbrook 19 hours ago

    I like my steak a med rare, but shit ,that one was still had the horns

  • Kim Broussard
    Kim Broussard 19 hours ago

    It looks. Like spam !the most unappetizing steak I have ever seen

  • James Harding
    James Harding 19 hours ago

    A well done steak on almost all your vids I've watched lately. 😬😬😬😬 at least do medium rare

  • Kim Broussard
    Kim Broussard 19 hours ago

    Is it frozen?

  • rusty
    rusty 19 hours ago

    If a vegan ever asks you for proof that eating animals isn’t wrong show them this video

  • Jesse
    Jesse 19 hours ago

    How much does this steak cost?

  • ed phaze
    ed phaze 19 hours ago

    So you paid $300 for a meal with perfect shrimp and over cooked steak? Why do they chop the steak into oblivion and then cook the shit out of it? What am I missing here? Am I just an ignorant stooge that knows nothing about Asian cuisine?

  • Miniharti Harti
    Miniharti Harti 19 hours ago

    Is way kai dor mai iss

  • Show Time !
    Show Time ! 19 hours ago


  • Drax Shoter
    Drax Shoter 19 hours ago

    Cambio el tamal que me estoy comiendo por uno de esos ramen. Intercambio gastrocultural le llamo

  • Gabriel Santana
    Gabriel Santana 20 hours ago


  • Jaziel Meraz
    Jaziel Meraz 20 hours ago

    I waaaaaaaaaaant sooooooooooome

  • gilberto pineds
    gilberto pineds 20 hours ago

    Well done! Chef Ramsay would spit on your grave for this

  • Tavionna Marshall
    Tavionna Marshall 20 hours ago

    I honestly can't imagine how much it costs

  • Jorge forastero 7
    Jorge forastero 7 20 hours ago

    Que puto asco 💩y esas son comidas milenarias no bueno 🤮

    FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA 21 hour ago

    4:45 Best by far But 11:00? Is that Raw Pork Sausage?

  • dios del tiempo
    dios del tiempo 21 hour ago

    Latinoamericanos deja tu like ;)

  • Ju Cud
    Ju Cud 21 hour ago

    Who taught him to cook a steak 🥩.... slap that man

  • Vaiom Acom
    Vaiom Acom 21 hour ago

    No way that meat is cooked from inside

  • horsebrass
    horsebrass 21 hour ago

    alot being thrown away? bone fragments on the cutting board?

  • safaa alabudi
    safaa alabudi 22 hours ago

    I think it’s worth every penn if you got the money!

  • Zach Johnson
    Zach Johnson 22 hours ago

    He's using a Takayuki knife. I have one ☺️

  • た た
    た た 22 hours ago


  • Martin Reid
    Martin Reid 22 hours ago

    Spam fritter

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 22 hours ago

    Sebepsizce ara ara kendimi bu videoda buluyorum.

  • Phantom4545 45
    Phantom4545 45 22 hours ago

    When people feel empathy for something that can’t feel . BIG BRAIN TIME

  • littleclay
    littleclay 22 hours ago

    more evidence - eat the rich

  • littleclay
    littleclay 23 hours ago

    1st one - MasterClass!

  • Kyle Saettel
    Kyle Saettel 23 hours ago

    4:21 is when what you came for starts

  • Snuggle Bottom
    Snuggle Bottom 23 hours ago

    Honestly wasting so much flavour by throwing all the juices into the trash

  • Mandy
    Mandy 23 hours ago

    The garlic is the real star of the dish here

  • 乃木坂かずぽん
    乃木坂かずぽん 23 hours ago


  • Ray Vinagro
    Ray Vinagro 23 hours ago

    This is so depressing to watch being Italian living with celiac disease fml 🤦‍♂️

  • Edilson MPereira
    Edilson MPereira 23 hours ago

    Tava vivo tadinho ;-;

  • Shannon Malinchalk
    Shannon Malinchalk 23 hours ago

    about 120$ steak if anyone else wondered

  • Shannon Malinchalk
    Shannon Malinchalk 23 hours ago

    the old fine dining 3 types of salt trick