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  • ResCyn
    ResCyn 48 seconds ago

    I'm not the sort to buy merch as it's usually cheap Chinese crap, but if I was... doing it this way and showing that you support a local business would be the way to go (hopefully the shirts themselves are locally made rather than shipped in as well).

  • TheMAGICFARTSSG Andersson

    I love your vidios but you only uppload like onca a week it would be Nice IF you upploaded little bit more often

  • Benjamin Summers
    Benjamin Summers 3 minutes ago

    Hi am love you’re bikes so muck here in the uk it hard to get good bike s can you Gide me in the right direction I love jumps bikes

  • rok
    rok 11 minutes ago

    Last night I had a ride of my life with my new fleshlight.

  • Arthur Feitosa
    Arthur Feitosa 12 minutes ago

    Bike shops are dying, I bought a road bike from bikesdirect for a considerable cheaper price, bike came mostly assembled and I learned a lot by putting the rest myself. I'll now get a gravel bike from the same site for 600 bucks and when I went to my local bike shop (trek) expecting to find something 100 to 200 more for the same thing it was TWICE the price with inferior parts. I also have to hear the bs from the sales guy about how bad it's to buy a bike online when I've already done it and still have the same damn bike working fine. Bike mechanics are getting paid the same as an actual car mechanic and that doesn't make any sense and I won't be paying for it, it's over priced.

  • Richard Mcginnis
    Richard Mcginnis 30 minutes ago

    wow never seen a carbon frame built, but then i'm old fashioned and my newest bike is a giant attraction no front shock no disc brakes but it does have a rack and a phone holder, and my oldest is a rudge 3 speed all original with fenders and a front hub that's a generator

  • Tijd voor ACTIE
    Tijd voor ACTIE 48 minutes ago

    awsomeI think ima oder some b.t.w can you upload a video which is just a day of trail riding

  • boat cow
    boat cow Hour ago

    I love the old swearing seth ❤️

  • Sap Brahh
    Sap Brahh Hour ago

    I feel bad, I luaghed when you screamed in agony

  • TOM 233
    TOM 233 Hour ago

    That's perfect for a road bike

  • Extrusive Vids
    Extrusive Vids Hour ago

    Does this count as the video this weak?

  • Ph0enix
    Ph0enix Hour ago

    I am 8 and was going moutain biking with my dad and then I fell off and was bleeding very fast and I didn't even cry

  • Nathaniel Pauly
    Nathaniel Pauly Hour ago

    I thought this was a berm peak trail build

  • Braiden Moss
    Braiden Moss 2 hours ago

    Seriously no 69 jokes

  • GingerWithUhJ
    GingerWithUhJ 2 hours ago

    2:57 IM DEAD!

  • GingerWithUhJ
    GingerWithUhJ 2 hours ago

    Bruh, He is only running for food! Drama is like if I was a dog


    Hey Seth i noticed that your backyard bike trail builds are very similar to a channel called "Backyard Trail Builds" thought seeing his stuff might help you out.

  • yeah
    yeah 2 hours ago

    I don't mountain bike or have any ambition to but I still really love your channel. For some reason it's just really interesting.

  • Jhett Kemp
    Jhett Kemp 2 hours ago

    When’s your berm peak video coming out

  • Paweł Pila_x
    Paweł Pila_x 2 hours ago

    Aw man i wish i could buy it but im too broke😭😭😭😭

  • Nestor Merced
    Nestor Merced 3 hours ago

    I have been looking for one of those toppers for my truck a long time ago dude. thanks and the price is not bad at all !!

  • Jozef Kiss
    Jozef Kiss 3 hours ago

    Very nice job.... like all time.... :)

  • Roman Medina
    Roman Medina 3 hours ago

    Reverse mullet bike! 27.5 front and 29 rear! First youtuber to do it wins!

  • Willow Games
    Willow Games 3 hours ago

    I hope drew wins

  • Cam Hood
    Cam Hood 3 hours ago

    I don’t even ride MTB. Just can’t stay away from your videos man. Would love to see you bring back the bmx into your yard some how?

  • johnnybikesalot
    johnnybikesalot 3 hours ago

    Building tip: sheetrock screws are a poor choice for structural use. They have very poor sheer strength and the'll likely start snapping if this ramp starts getting used hard. A construction screw would be a better choice. Or even framing nails, but screwing structures together is much more fun than hammering them.

  • kudosbudo
    kudosbudo 3 hours ago

    3:29 nah your just not got the leg muscles for it!. I could get my BMX up all sorts back when i used ti ride everywhere. Mots of my routes had some climbs and i'd sprint them as much as I could. if you spend most of your time on a geared bike you don't develop single gear climbing muscles...Watching the rest of this I think your main issue is your just not used to the BMX. I would say though taking it over rocks is definitely not a BMX thing but that twisty section, you have to throw BMX's into corners on trails like that, its doable but really you need at leats a rear brake, the no brake BMX thing is bloody stupid. Oh god I just realised you used a BMX with the tiny front disc... yeah if your not used to BMX even thats not gonna hjekp you up hills (mine was race geared).

  • North island Adrenaline

    Hey Seth can you explain the different sizes so I know what one to get

  • McTwistyFlop
    McTwistyFlop 4 hours ago

    nice you know they are good because they are using plastisol ink i think

  • James Schneider
    James Schneider 4 hours ago

    That is so lame someone is going to steal your shit I bet you never even used that peace of shit

  • Spy
    Spy 5 hours ago

    Can you make a black t shirt I want to buy one but I like black

  • TTV -RoyalTryHard
    TTV -RoyalTryHard 5 hours ago

    mabye better wood on that sign xd =)

  • Aaron Hammer
    Aaron Hammer 5 hours ago

    so he made a fixie mtb fuck yeah

  • John Youker
    John Youker 5 hours ago

    Seth, I love your stuff - keep up the posting. Bought a shirt today, man. Love to ride as well - I just need to get my skill level up to you all!

  • Slo Nanizanke 3
    Slo Nanizanke 3 5 hours ago

    You The Best

  • chaboy mitchy
    chaboy mitchy 6 hours ago

    I'm gonna go order mine right this instant

  • Johnny Russul
    Johnny Russul 6 hours ago

    They look nice I want one 👍

  • Swift Bull
    Swift Bull 6 hours ago

    I want her shirt.

  • Madbrown Tv
    Madbrown Tv 6 hours ago

    can i have the old one please

  • Rock Subhra
    Rock Subhra 6 hours ago

    Ar prize

  • Your Favorite Cyclist

    Sweet! Might need a berm peak shirt to match my berm creek shirt!

  • Wild Thing
    Wild Thing 7 hours ago

    I had to cop

  • luis
    luis 7 hours ago

    Anyone:I bet you can't build a super cool bikepark Seth: hold my selfprinted shirt

  • Swpa 87
    Swpa 87 7 hours ago

    Atleast you won’t have to deal with mud! That place looks like a ton of fun, nice soil and rocks... although I bet those bushes have thorns lol

  • Hayden Jackcson
    Hayden Jackcson 7 hours ago

    That big wall ride is like ten minutes away from my house and my buddy did the same thing you did

  • Roger Ostrander
    Roger Ostrander 7 hours ago

    Just bought the gray !!

  • j en
    j en 8 hours ago

    and here i was thinking baby oil was made out of squished up babies!! yet another reason to watch this channel!

  • Caitlyn Brooks
    Caitlyn Brooks 8 hours ago


  • j en
    j en 8 hours ago

    you talked me out of tubeless tires! no way i have the arm strength to wrestle tires on and off. too bad. i have arthritis. i see no reason to abandon tubes. i rarely flat. 20,000+ km per season average.

  • Mark Crocker
    Mark Crocker 8 hours ago

    Sadly shipping and the exchange rate for Canada rules me out but good luck with the fund raising. M

  • Peter Cull
    Peter Cull 8 hours ago

    I would've checked those rear spokes too! 0.0

  • Frank Simental
    Frank Simental 8 hours ago

    Hey brother awesome video! I’m a first time subscriber and camper/hiker myself and that was a badass setup you made! I have a 2002 Ford F-150 with a 5.5 bed and watching what you did with your Honda Ridgeline gave me some great ideas on the shelf’s since I’m thinking of using a truck tent setup. So tell me your thoughts on that. This is Big Boy Frank from Texas Peace out ✌🏼

  • I got your mother in the back of my truck

    Are you going to sell the sticker pack by itself at all?

  • 1spiders1
    1spiders1 8 hours ago

    Just get Stans race sealer , it has xl particles

  • Ricardo Vazquez
    Ricardo Vazquez 8 hours ago

    How much does all this cost?

  • Garrett Imfeld
    Garrett Imfeld 8 hours ago


  • honeydewbunson
    honeydewbunson 8 hours ago

    Aaaaand that’s how you ruin a bike .. salty groupset is worthless now ya chuckle nut.

  • j en
    j en 8 hours ago

    this is the second vid of yours i have watched and i like it. the frame tape tip sold me. killer deal. thanks! keep up the good work !

  • RobinsonHendry
    RobinsonHendry 8 hours ago

    Fastest I've ever bought a shirt. Thanks for putting out so much great content!

  • Pete
    Pete 8 hours ago

    Well you got me Seth, sticker kit coming my way!

  • austin temple
    austin temple 8 hours ago

    Just picked up a shirt!

  • BabyApple
    BabyApple 9 hours ago

    you should sell a berm peek flag like the one in your garage.

  • Geekster
    Geekster 9 hours ago

    3:27 MissOUri?

  • Kimn Wieboldt
    Kimn Wieboldt 9 hours ago

    done. Cannot wait for the new shirts and the stickers

  • Ryan Gilchrist
    Ryan Gilchrist 9 hours ago

    Easily the best way to do merch are. Way better than plugging them in videos cheers Seth

  • M. Perfekt
    M. Perfekt 9 hours ago

    "Leave a five star review and I'll leave you one too, can't knock the hustle" -Weezer

  • Funk Skunk
    Funk Skunk 9 hours ago

    no womens XS?? bummer

  • C Lockhart
    C Lockhart 9 hours ago

    Bought two😄

  • caden3ds
    caden3ds 9 hours ago

    Could you do another bike tips video?

  • Firebugnana
    Firebugnana 9 hours ago

    “and that concludes this hack’s video.”

  • Arjay Calicdan
    Arjay Calicdan 10 hours ago

    Is this available here in ph :)

  • .
    . 10 hours ago

    When you say every 2 garnents, do you mean any piece of merch, or just shirts, or just berm peak shirts?

  • Taegan Brennan
    Taegan Brennan 10 hours ago

    Ayyy 1:23 is Lynn valley North Vancouver thrash where I live

  • OS Upbeat
    OS Upbeat 10 hours ago

    The local skatepark you refer to is literally a 1 minuet bike away from me.

  • Anthony Benitez
    Anthony Benitez 10 hours ago

    Just ordered the hoodie!

  • Cameron
    Cameron 10 hours ago

    That was incredible! Glad I found this video!

  • Finn Atwood
    Finn Atwood 10 hours ago

    What kind of name is ike?

  • Rodrigo Gutierrez
    Rodrigo Gutierrez 10 hours ago

    You had me at hello.

  • jetythe2nd
    jetythe2nd 10 hours ago

    I live around Atlanta as well and I mean... Stone Mountain park?? It’s a big rock and would be fun for a trail

  • Nicholas Chiti
    Nicholas Chiti 10 hours ago

    I love your whistler videos and the ones where you work on your trails

  • mirror tape
    mirror tape 10 hours ago

    7:00 that's florida

  • amarjit sondh
    amarjit sondh 10 hours ago

    Can be buy it from India

  • The Phoenix
    The Phoenix 10 hours ago

    Hey Seth, just letting you know I have my firs mountain biking race Friday, wish me luck

  • Tori Brace
    Tori Brace 10 hours ago

    You should go to Ray's MTB in Cleveland

  • J.J.D.R _FILMS
    J.J.D.R _FILMS 11 hours ago

    Not that this isn’t a good video, but I hope there is still another video coming.

  • dorde
    dorde 11 hours ago

    i call it rear transmission

  • Raspy Frogg
    Raspy Frogg 11 hours ago

    Got my two. Can’t wait to see the finished product of Berm Peak! Thanks for the great vids

  • Matthew Mahoney
    Matthew Mahoney 11 hours ago

    I think u should put lights on a trail for night riding. Run an electrical conduit out there for a bunch of stuff.

  • Goldkiller259
    Goldkiller259 11 hours ago

    Is this the video for the week

  • Adam S
    Adam S 11 hours ago

    Where's the free shipping for the boys up north?

  • Ryan
    Ryan 11 hours ago

    Best vid yet. More bmx stuff

  • Jack Billy
    Jack Billy 11 hours ago

    So you better make another video this week

  • Patriot1
    Patriot1 11 hours ago

    Seth - smart man i was definitely with you saying oh hell no!

  • Evan Farnes
    Evan Farnes 11 hours ago

    I'm loving the metal you added to the video.

    CR81 MTB/RC/FIXIT 11 hours ago

    Those look amazing, definitely gonna buy a few, if not a sweater and t-shirt keep up the great work, love the channel!!

  • Shooster
    Shooster 11 hours ago

    Mongoose are junk

  • Giuseppe Edwards
    Giuseppe Edwards 11 hours ago

    You should make a shirt that absorbs your sweat ( basically a fitness shirt ) and place your logo or any of your designs on it!

  • Roman Marino
    Roman Marino 11 hours ago


  • Ryan Cloes
    Ryan Cloes 11 hours ago

    I bought a shirt

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 11 hours ago

    As much of these videos that I watch, I'll gladly buy a tshirt.