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    KILROY WAS HERE 5 months ago


    • Gabriel M
      Gabriel M 4 months ago

      Dwight Schrute isn’t gay.

  • Sage S. Adoren
    Sage S. Adoren 5 months ago

    gimme Scarecrow... GIMME SCARECROW!!!!

  • L N
    L N 5 months ago

    Well in the case of Joker's Voice......I can go with it

  • My Vices
    My Vices 6 months ago

    I hope they do Arkham asylum a serious house on serious Earth next!!!

  • Grungus Jarvis
    Grungus Jarvis 6 months ago

    Goooooooooo Jason O'Mara As Batman.

  • Indeed Adventure time
    Indeed Adventure time 6 months ago

    Ew. This looks really bland. Like all the other DC movies. Why'd they also have to throw in Damian? Of course they'd do it to hush. Why wouldn't they.

  • Josh Feliciano
    Josh Feliciano 6 months ago

    Welcome back Jerry O'Connell & Jason O'Mara

  • Radschach 0103
    Radschach 0103 6 months ago

    I'm disappointed and annoyed that this movie couldn't just be it's own thing, instead they have to shov it into this animated new 52 movie universe even though the Hush story isn't apart of the new 52 and is actually Post-crisis instead

  • Cunning Smile
    Cunning Smile 6 months ago

    For those are confused about Damien's voice, its been two years since Judas Contract

  • Absolute Carnage
    Absolute Carnage 6 months ago

    It gets more beautiful every time i watch it also I dislike the Joker voice.

  • Hibiki AMV
    Hibiki AMV 6 months ago

    Could Jason Todd make an appearance🤔

  • Luis Felipe Costa
    Luis Felipe Costa 6 months ago

    I love Batman and superman back the clássic costumes again since flashpoint.

  • Marc Belo
    Marc Belo 6 months ago

    is this real, is this REAL! holy shit! YES!!!!!

  • Ancy. J
    Ancy. J 6 months ago

    I really wish they gave up on these mediocre New 52 universe films. I was hoping this would be as epic as Under the Red Hood but seeing Damian replace Tim (who sadly gets no love from DC) and them bringing that awful voice for Lex as well, I don't expect this to be any less than mediocre. Not to mention them not bringing in Conroy and Hamill since both of them were interested in voicing a Hush movie.

    • james Little
      james Little 6 months ago

      @Nastia Wow this is in the continuity of the New 52 movies like JL: War-Dark, Son Of Batman Trilogy, Teen Titans films, Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay and The Death of Superman 2-Part... That is sooo cool plus I love Damian Wayne....It seem like the actor that voicing the character all grown up now!!!

    • Nastia
      Nastia 6 months ago

      I really adore Damian... So I don't really mind... DC tends to destroy him as character.... 😟

    WMH WHM 6 months ago

    Damian:"You are romantically involved with a criminal now?" Me:"Seriously? Considering your biological mother is one well-known assassin and almost destroyed Gotham?"

    • darsigov
      darsigov 3 months ago

      @AnotherDrummingEnigma that's Damian Wayne you tard.... Tim's robin time has long passed

    • WMH WHM
      WMH WHM 6 months ago

      Phantom Stories A better question could be "Which romantic partner or girlfriend of Batman doesn't have?"🤷‍♂️

    • WMH WHM
      WMH WHM 6 months ago

      AnotherDrummingEnigma I know in comics it's always Tim because Damian wasn't even officially introduced at that time. However, as much as I want it's Tim, obviously they replaced him with Damian. (Which I'm not a fun of it by the way )

    • My Vices
      My Vices 6 months ago

      Can't blame bruce she had a nice ass

    • AnotherDrummingEnigma
      AnotherDrummingEnigma 6 months ago

      0:55 Its Tim Drake

  • 7felipe14
    7felipe14 6 months ago

    Gosh, I hate that stupid blue costume with underwear for Batman. I loved that black suit that he used during all these movies since War, I'm gonna miss it. At least, it's great that we are seeing the Joker for the first time in this universe.

  • Selina Calabrese
    Selina Calabrese 6 months ago

    This will be the best Batman animated movie of all time!!!

    • Ghost 1990
      Ghost 1990 6 months ago

      Irena Dubrovna after mask of the phantasm under the red hood and return of the joker

  • Elvira Zavala
    Elvira Zavala 6 months ago

    I can't wait for this movie it gotta be awesome

  • PrinzessinUGK
    PrinzessinUGK 6 months ago

    The mass of exclaimation marks in this title are 100% adequate.

    • Nastia
      Nastia 6 months ago

      😂😂 thanks ❤️

  • fufv fufvv
    fufv fufvv 6 months ago

    They'll fuck this up somehow.

  • Michael Brent
    Michael Brent 6 months ago

    Marvels Is way behind on the animation movie part. I would love to see marvel pull off a Avengers Animated movies,Moon Knight, The Sentry,Daredevil,Squadron Supreme animated movie!I want to see the death is Gwen Stacy storyline adopted in a marvel animated movie and Daredevil yellow.

  • Géczi Kristóf
    Géczi Kristóf 6 months ago

    Bane will replace Croc?

    • Ghost 1990
      Ghost 1990 6 months ago

      Géczi Kristóf I don’t think he will as we see croc in son of Batman

  • Filip Ferković
    Filip Ferković 6 months ago

    thanks but can you post quality of 720/1080p

    • Nastia
      Nastia 6 months ago

      It was from the original video dc uploaded... I just cropped it... So I don't know... I'm sorry 😟😟

  • Dylan the56
    Dylan the56 6 months ago

    I’m not a fan of the Batman or Joker voice

    • Amitai Katz
      Amitai Katz 6 months ago

      @Deathstroke Clan Rules puberty

      ULTIMATE GOKU 6 months ago

      You'll get use to it.

    • Deathstroke Clan Rules
      Deathstroke Clan Rules 6 months ago

      Speaking of voices, did they replace Damian's or is going through puberty?

    • Onyx :D
      Onyx :D 6 months ago

      Dylan the56 God they Did it Again First They gave lex luthor an awful voice actor and then they did the same with joker DAMN IT

    • Frank G
      Frank G 6 months ago

      i don't like joker voice

  • life its badass the
    life its badass the 6 months ago

    So ivy mind control superman and makes him fight batman without holdong back amd he eventually loose against batman so these days superman looses to even IVY and batman??? SICK AWESOME! btw, ivy is T H I C C!

    • life its badass the
      life its badass the 6 months ago

      @WMH WHM well, i must say to my shame that i didn't read batman hush yet...i don't really read batman's comics that much, but it really looks badass and made well and i will try to read it today

    • WMH WHM
      WMH WHM 6 months ago

      life its badass the Have you read comics? Batman didn't win. He only hold Superman long enough so Catwoman can have the time to kidnap Lois for forcing Superman to wake up.



  • Tyler Miller
    Tyler Miller 6 months ago

    How did u get this

  • Smurfito Brigante
    Smurfito Brigante 6 months ago


    BEN KENOBI 6 months ago

    Wow ! Thanks for the upload !!!